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if THE GLOBE shot no from 24 to 26 Vk. and everything else improved sympathy. direction of John A. OShea, assisted by tli Choir of St. Josephs.

West End. The proceeds will be used bv the ht Josephs Conference of the 8t. Vincent de Raul Society in aid of the poor. tached the New York New England locomotives in Connecticut, after business hours, aud crippled the public service of the company for a night and a dar. What might not have become of the New England if the movement to adjourn wi hout election, made the day previous, bad I en earned? Who now owns the Goldsmith suits? Closing Transactions.

-New York, March 18. Money on call has been easy, rang ng frpra 2to8 percent, last loan at 3, and closing offered at 3 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 6s 7 per cent. Sterling exchange is strong, with actual business in bankers bills at $4.85 a 4.85V for 6o-day bills, and o4.87 for demand: the posted rates are $4.85 24.87. Vt.

and commercial bills liar silver 83c, Government bonds bare been steady. Railroad bonds quiet and firm. bpeculatiun at the Mock Exchange after 11 oclock developed, gi eater strength. There were libera) purchases of the industrials, notably Sugar, which advanced to 10.1. The grang rs, the coalers.

-Missouri Pacific and Northern Pacific preferred were all in demand at advauctng tigurea The change iu sentiment was due to the unexpected increase in the bank reserves. The maiket closed strong. Closing Prices of Stocks in New York. New York. March 18.

The opening, highest, lowest aud closing bid and asked prices of the principal stocks are as follows: railroads. ti DROPPING, GENTLY DROPPING. Money Rates Growing Still Easier A Favorable New York Bank Statement. rfoney easier. The general monetary outlook is decidedly improved, and is reflected in todays clearing bonse rate of 5 per cent and the lower rates in New York.

Sterling is quiet but somewhat firmer. Net rates are: Cables, $4.871 demand, CO days sight, commercial 60 days sight, $4.83. The usual quotations follow: Call loans 5Vi6 percent. Iliue loans per cent. Clearing house rate ViSo percent.

New Yoik fund. LarittlOe. premium Bank exchanges Bank balance 1.6S7.188 Kew York exchanges 143.887.483 New York balance 7,160.8118 Treasury debit at clearing 817,361 Boston exchanges for the week were against $89,269,256 Corresponding day Iasi year. Balauces for the week, $9,868,458, against $10,760,338 corresponding day last year. The New York bank statement follows: March IS.

1893. Increase. Loan and discounts. $439,304,000 03.47 1,300 Set deposits 441.901.100 3.248.200 0,813.100 33.300 flpecle 72.142.600 210.800 Legal lenders 44,389.000 204,400 Kea-rre held llfl.532.400 83,800 Kejerve required 110.490.276 1.312,030 0,042,126 1,396,860 Kecrease. Total clearing house returns to the Financial Chronicle for the week ending March 18 show gross exchanges, $1,282,362,853, against $1,250,646,468 last week, and tne corresponding week of last year.

The Chronicle figures a loss of in the movement of bank moneys for the week ending March 17, 1893. Sales at Auction. 25 Markst National Bank 1001g 6 National Bank of Commerce 180 5 lilackstone National Bank 9931 SO National Bank 105Jjl04ya 4 Framingham National Bank 127 5 First National Bank, Concord, N. H. .379 25 Everett National Bank 9Vi 10 South Knd National Bank 99 6 Wtnlhmp National Bank.

120Va 23 Traders National Bank 974 10 Great Fall Elig. Co mtoffim 1 Factflc Mills .1716 1 Mouadnock Mills right 280 10 Manchester Id Ills 137S4 15 d. 137 2 Nashua Maiiiifncinrlug Co CbO 30 Bosion Belting Co 188 14 Naumkeag S.exm Chiton Co 11 914 6 Bates Manufacturing Co 3 ocheco Manufacturing Co 405 5 Cotton Mills. 108010a7V2 7 Wamsutta Mills 1104 10 Michigan Central losia 0 Old lonv 197 Vk 4 Boston A irondene g86 100 Chlesgo A West Michigan 43 70 Bur. A Quincy It 936'a 26 Mtchliurg It.

piei OllD 60 I os.on A Maine K. pref 1461A 67 Concord A Montreal R. class 1 165 2 Bosion, Kevere Beach A Lynn R. .1204 1 Concoid A Mont. class 136 63 McKay Metallic Fastening Aaso 10s SOS a lit A Co 1221m 60 do I2014 45 State Street Exchange 108 Vl 60 lieece Buttonhole a chine Co 143,4 20 do 14-V 0 McKay A Bigelow H.

M. As-osiation. 41s 1 Boston Real 1. slats Trust right 4 5 do 4 6 Boston Investment Co 90 3 Boston Tow Boat Co 10 Ci 1 do 104V8 15 Edison Electric Illuminating Boston 146 33 Asian wall Land Co 7 40 E.ssex Co 141 10 Dwelling House Insurance Co 884 4 Lombard Investment Co IHV 1 National Tube Works pref 102 2 Charlestown Gas A Electric Light Co. 9b8 $1,000 Fremont, Elkhorn A Mo.

VaL ft. cons. 6s 1933, unstamped I20Vg $1,000 MILA St. Paul 6.Diib.dlv..l920. 11614 82,000 Union Pscltio K.

6a, 1896 105 $2,000 do, 8. 1894 ...100 500 Keal Estate 1st 6. 1363, guar 84 Ex-dividend. BOSTON STOCK MARKET. Boston, March 18.

Following were opening, highest, lowest and closiuz prices today BONDS. Sate. Open. High. Uchlasn 4.....

81 81 do 2iz. cUn A. 63 63 Bos Cq Um c. im 6i. Cb, A 3d 6 at deb dJ IjOW.

tn 13 Bid. Asked. tkl to 100 Ot North 157 Orn bay. Hiking Valley do pref fllmoia central. loa Central.

do pref Kansan A Texas do pref Lake A West, do pref Lake Shore. .129 Lon Louiev NashT 73V? A dChie. Manhattan LI. IftiebtganCentT. Mum A Louis 16 do pref 44 Missouri Pacific 624 Mobile A Ohio.

Nashya Chat. -N 3 116Vk Norfolk A West do pref North American 0V4 Northern Pacific do pref 428 110 Vi 110- do pref 105 105 10454 NY. Chic AM dulil nref do 24 brer. NYA North pref 26 NT 26V4 6usq A do Ohio A Miss Ontario A West 17 Oration Short L. 138 140 111,4 12 27V4 24 68 8 24 70 99 10 131' jsi 236 24 21-4 i 75 7ti 125 1251 107 110 4V4 7 4 22 A 23 l.VOL 1604m 103V 10 4 V.

16V 17 4 Vk 1 5 iia S3 34 6 86 1157 Xfy I 9 3214 33 9 9V 16V4 16 Vv 43 43 liOl4 111 140 141 1043 105 17 174 OS 1 31 36 2 tty. 27Vr Z'Va 2ia 171 174, 678 684 I 17 18 17Ml 19 ID observed St Patricks day with a ball in Town Hall last evening. It was largely attended. The grand march was led by Mr. George Hayes and Miss Alice McNabo.

The floor director was Mr. John Carney. The aids were Messrs. Dennis Mullane, Thomas Hughes, George Hayes, Michael Shea. Charles Hayes, Owen Carneau.

Among those present were: John Riley Chaplin Miss MoCardle Grace Cook MarkI Gnuley James Hughes Frank Molioy Nellie liilov Grace Welle Mamie Folejr Nellie Foley 3ilss McKenney 31 rs MoAFI Nora Gnrraitty Annie Reel Frank Kneeland Clarence Atlanta William Reynold Mav Maroney Fannie Galloway Ahble Clark Nora Mullane Mary Mullane Webber and wife Jules Roy Clark Edward fTujrheff Jennie Kimball Joseph Hayes Katie Murphy Lizzie Moan 3lav Dooley Emma Hetgion Peake David Haves Stella Good a Id William Welch John Collins Lulu Pemberton Fred 31cGauley Michael McGantev Mamte McCauley Katie Hare Alice McXsbo Miss Haskell Edward Barry Lizzie Diuani Alice La Barge John Carney and wife George staektnan Hattie Messenger Mamie Cnuley Rose Hughes Katie Dermody Maggie Derinody Delia Dermody Mageie I oiey Charles Brown Fannie Hughes THEATRICALS IN GLOUCESTER. Entertainment by the Children of St. Annes Sunday School. Gloucester, March St. Patricks day was appropriately observed here by an entertainment at City Hall given by the yonng people of St.

Annes Sunday school, under tbe immediate supervision of Rev. Father Regan. The hall was crowded by an appreciative audience, and the various parts were excellently assumed. Following was tbe programme: Cantata Garden of Singing Flower Roze, Ml Maggi Fanning; l)aiy. Mu Mary Voza; Sunflower.

Miaa Katy Smith; Buttercup, Ml Nellie Nugent; Man in the Moon, John OBrien Gardener, Dennt Moore. Flower girl, Laura White. Lawn tennis drill, Lizzie K. Healy. Maggie Gibb, Seddle J.

McAoley, Annie Ryan, Kitty A. Smith, Nellie Nugent, Mary J. Brian, Etta Ureenleaf, Minnie B. Chlzhohn, Maggie O. Fanning, Etta M.

Gibbs, Hattie M. Greenleaf, Mary William, Annie McDonald, Dora West, Winnie White. Song. "The Bell-Buoy, John OBrien. A few momenta with our oli-tlme favorites, Cunningham and West, In their original creation entitled "Gentlemen of Leisure.

Iiennl Mulcshy, Hugh West; ex-Jmtlce Hilhoullban, John J. Cunnningham; Bother, Mulcahys Trotter; Trouble, Hllhouhhans Facer; Mis Somebody, Nora Burn; Mis Nobody, Ger-tie White. Sewing Circle Lilly Fitzpatrick, Katie McAuley. Lana Thomas, Florence Shlverle. Lizzie Mclnnli, Augusta llundran.

Stella Riggs, Nellie Landry, Margarett McEachren, Minnie Jolinstou. Chorus, "Dear Little Shamrock" company; Mlsa M. E. J. Roche, accompanist.

THp NATICK HIBERNIANS. They Made Speeches, find Sang Danced and Dined, and Natick. March 18. Division 27. A O.

it. celebrated tbe day with a banuuet and dance. It was tbe seventeenth celebration since its organization. Besides tbe divis on hall, which served as a sort of annex, Red Mens banquet and dance halls were engaged for tbe occasion. Dancing was kept up till 12 oclock, after which supper was served.

After supper the party adjourned to tbe division ball, across tbe street, where there was speaking and singing. President John F. Burke presided. The following were among those present: Mr John burke Mr Kichsrd Brown Mr Daniel Green Mr Daniel Green Mr Brennan Mr Timothy Burn Mr James Brennan Mr Martin Donahus Mrs Enin Mr Callahan MUs Cols Whittier Mr Luks Shannon Ed ward Dealy Miss Kails Deaiy Mr Dennis Sullivan Miss Bridget Donovan Mr Michael ORourke Miss Della Doherty Mr Fierce Butler Mr Edward Garvin Mis El aggie McCarty Silas Bridge Konan Mrs Eaton Mr Timothy ole man Sir Barntele Silas Brennan Mr James Collins -Mr Luke Linnehsn SI is Hannah Buckley Mrs Hugh Cullen Sirs Michael Driscoll Mis Mamte Lynch ill C'h'irle Klim and Hr Michael ilagerty Miss Annie Donovan Miaa 'I Illy Downs Mr Johu Avers Mr Robert Evans Mtss Celia -latnln Mr Janies Shannon Mis Maggie Barks Mr Murry MrJ A Kelly Sir William A Sullivan Maggi Mr Peter A King Ui Mr Thomas Mullen Mies Katie Mullins Mr William Daniher Mrs William Daniher Thomas Commons Elr John Sheehan Mr John Conley Miss Annie Gleason Mr Michael Delaney Mr David Murphy Mrs David Murphy Mr Patrick Ahern Mr Patrick Costello Mr Dents .1 Maloney Mr William linn Mr John Brennan Url'H Donovan Mls Manella Abera Mr William Green Miss Reagan Mr WUllain Fair Mrs William fair Miss Nellie Doyls Ml Celia Doherty Ml Katie Mmonds Sir Moynehau SI re James McNeil Mr aweeney Mies Si ary Ahern Mr John Heany Mr Moran Sire Moran Mr John tv halen Sir John Fatr Mr Joseph Fair Mr Thomas Fair Mrs Thomas Fair Sir Jeremiah Foley Mr James Hart Sir Jpremlah Sullivan Sir Stephen Sugrue Mr Michael Fahey Mils Maggie Knach Mr Patrick McCarty Ettas Minnie Riley Mr Carroll SI Con Cohan Mr Patit'k Driscoll Mm Keeley Mr OBrien MrsT OBrien Mr Edmond Ryan Mr Edmond Rvan Mr Michael A suillvan Mr Maurioe Gleason Miss It Riley Mr John Ahern Mr Michael Carey Sir Knee Mr George Dupree Mr George Dupree Sir Whalen Mrs Whalen Sir Sflcliae! Mullen Mr Fair Mr Daniel Wnalen Sire Daniel Whaler Mr Patrick Shitnlev Mr Patrick Doherty Mr Ja nee O'Keefe Mr James Power Vim Lizzie Fltzgtbbons Mr Aleck Sweeney Mrs Aleck Sweeney Sir James McNeil Sir Patrick Hayden Mr John Jennings Mr Anthony Kenny Mle Nellie SIcGrath Mr John MeaftlMr Sir Con StcCarty Sirs Jeremiah Foley Mr David Finn Mr Edward Fini. Mize Slnrv Kennedy Mr FltzelbboM Mr Sfartin Hall Mr James She MrTJ Doherty Mla Craig Mia Mmnle Williams Sir William Hughes Mr O'Brien Miss Moran Mr James Daniher Sirs James Daniher Mr John Dnggtn Sir Georgs Everett Mr Walter Evans STAR OP THE SEA.

Children of the Church Celebrate the Day in Stirks Hall. St. Patricks day was observed by an entertainment in Stirks Hall last evening by the children ot the Star of the Sea church. The programme was: Opening chorus; declamation: Kobe Emmets address to the Irish patriots just before their intended uprising; The Nursery Maids Drill: solo, Kissing Papa Through tbe Telephone; tambourine bolo; recitation, Tue Centenlal Boy: George Washington's Bodyguard: operetta. A Merry Company: vocal duet.

Katv Did and Katy Didnt; concert recitation. The Childrens Crusade; dialogue. Irelands Glorious History; "Little Quakers, "Four Little Curly-Headed Coons. THEY CARRY THE UNION JACK. Borne at the Head of the St.

Patrick Procession in Toronto. Toronto, March 18. A notable feature in connection with the parade of tbe Irish Catholic societies in celebration of St. Patricks day was the fact that it was headed by the union jack, it being the first time the history of such psrades here where this has beau the case. The change is due to the Irish American societies having visited Canada and marched in the procession with American and Irish flags, and ignored the British flag, thereby creating disturbances, 'i he carry ing of tne union jack was made compulsory upon all processions carrying Hags.

CELTS OP SOMERVILLE. The Day and Its Signification Covered by the Toasts. The "Celts of Somerville observed St. Patricks day with a banquet at Hawkins Hall in the evening, about 100 members sitting down to a beautiful repast. The hail was tastefully decorated for the occasion with flags aqd bunting and a very enjoyable evening was spent by those present.

After cigars had been lighted, the company was rapped lo order by Viee-Bresident J.yonS, in the absence of President James F. Davlin. who introduced Mr. Charles A. Mongan as toastmaster.

The following toasts were responded to; Thu day we celelnme. Ex-Alderman J. J. Lyons. The United States.

William IT. Flynn. Home Knle. Patrii-k Sersfleld FarrelL The Commonwealth of Maasai'ltiisett. Ex-Aidetman S.

W. Jaynes. The Iriah Exile. Peter Cavanagh. The City of Somerville.

Ex-Alderman T. C- Dwyer. Mythology of Ireland. Prof. James Lacey.

The Star Spangled Banner. John Buckley, Jr. Sister Societies. Edward A. Davis.

The Press. Thomss J. McDonnell. The Ladles. John H.

ONeil. An original poom was read bv Mr. Charles Mongaii. and the speeches were inter-rrse with vocal selections by Messrs. White.

Sheeran. Higgins. Daykin. Bowen. Fitzgerald, Sullivan and others.

Prof. John r. McKenna presided at the pinno. ok John r. McKenna presided at the pinno.

1 he gathering broke up at a late hour, the company joining together in singing Auld Lang Syno. MEDFORDS PHILO-CELTIC CLUB. They Hold Their First Annual Banquet on the Saints Day. Medford, March 18. The Medford Phiio-Celtic Club, a new organization composed of native Irishmen ana their descendants, held its first annual banquet at the Medford House last pvening.

plates being set for 42 persons. John Crowley presided. and after a few informal remarks introduced Nicholas White a the first speaker, who responded to the toast. "Ireland and Home Rule, O. G.

Plunkett, spoke for the "New Ireland in America; John Duane, for "I he Faith of Our Patrick H. Byroo. for Civil and Religious Liberty; Peter E. Donahue, for the "Old Irishmen: M. Dwver, for the Young Irish Americans; Councilman W.

H. Casey for City of Medford: John J. Crockwell to the toast. The Ladies. Addresses were also made by Dr.

John B. Mahoney, who soke of the progress of the lrish Tace, John Lynch. J. A. Gaffey.

Patrick Dwyer, John A. Donahue, William B. Uellar and Daniel Spillane. SPl The following oiiicers were elected for the ensuing year: Nicholas White, president; John Duane, vice-president; Johu J. Crock-well, secretary: Peter E.

Donahue, treasurer. Ladies Night at Poplar Club. The Poplar Club celebrated St. Patrick night at their club rooms last evening by' entertaming their lady friends. Vocal and instrumental music was rendered by Miss Minnie Connell, Miss Mamie Scott, Miss Mamie Layden.

Mr. Marcus Allen, Mr William A. Hearn. Mr. Frank J.

Scott, Mr. C. F. Ford. Mr.

John Murry and Mr. Frank Leslie. Among those present were Mr. Robert Walsli. Mr.

I). King, Mr. Ed Doherty. Mr. M.

W. Brick, Mr. J. Mahan, Mr. Tom Armstrong.

Mr. Gus Miller. Mr. Wu-Ham Mullulv, Mr. J.

Duggan, Mr. J. Magee, Mr. B. Collins, Miss Lizzie Clifford.

Miss Mamie Clifford. Miss Nellie Ford, Miss Mol-lie iscott. Miss Vine Muilaiy. Miss Minnie Murphy, Miss Mnlloy, Miss Kittle Coakley, Miss Katie Connolly. Dance of the Shamrock Club.

The Shamrock Club of the South End held their first Si. Patricks day party in Dudlev Hall, Koxbury, last evening. The Shamrock Club was organized a short time ago by the ladies connected with the Pastime Social Club of Boston. The hundred couples present were taken in charge of bv the committee of arrangements. The floor was under the management of Miss Mamie Lawler, assis ed by Miss Mamie Clancy and the following aids: Miss Kittle Miley, Miss Maggie Clancy, Miss Sadie Higgins, Miss Mamie Joyce.

Concert at Norwood. Norwood, March 18. -Village Hall was crowded last night to listen to the St. Patricks day concert, given by the choirs of St. Catherines church, nuder the direction of Mrs.

John Uilooly. All were encored, the efforts of Mr. Charles Dunn and Miss Elizabeth Murphy being received with much favor. Social of Division 3. Division 3.

A. O. Board of Erin, held a social in Kossuth Hail, Tremont last evening. There were 75 couples in attendance. SEVEN OUT OF EIGHT.

Whole Family Died of Consumption, Except One Daughter. Baltimore, March 18. Tbe news of the death of Waring Gale at Sonora, discloses tbs fact that of tbe Gale family of eight members seven have died of consumption. All except the father and mother have died between the ages of ID anS 23. and all in this city except Waring Gale, wbo went to California and worked in tbe mines in tbe hope of restoring bis health.

Levin Gale, the father, was a prominent lawyer, and associate of ex-Gov. Piukney White. Levin Gale, followed his father. Mrs. Gale was next to die.

She was Sail! Waring, sister of Chief Justice Dorsey of Howard county. Dorsey Gale, Charles Gale, Samuel Gale and Waring Hale followed in the order named, leaving only one of the family, a girl of 17, now alive. PERFECT HUMAN FORMS. Figures Now Being Modeled Into Clay to Be Sent to the Worlds Fair. Dr.

D. A Sargent of Harvard has been engaged for some time on a most Interesting talk. As a result of long labor on bis part, two remarkable figures have been brought into form, representing types of tbe perfect man and woman. These figures are the result of careful measurements taken by tbe most approved anthropological methods of no fewer than lo.OOu persons. Five thousand Harvard undergraduates have been measured for the male statue, also a number of professional athletes.

About 5000 measurements of ladies have been taken, from Harvard annex. Smith, Vassarand Wei The measurements have been going on since 1880. Sixty-five measurements have to be taken of each individual, including the head, neck, trunk, arms and legs, and many other special dimensions. The two figures are now growing up in clay in a Boston studio. This Is the first attempt made to represent in sculpture the typical forms of a whole people.

The faces are taken from composite photographs. Some 400 faces wil represented in each figure. These figures are for the Worlds fair, and before they are sent on to Chicago they will proabably be exhibited in Boston. QUINCY. A concert of Irish and miscellaneons music was given in the basement of St Johns church last evening.

There were also stereoptioon views representing In-terestng features in Irish scenery. The local talent consisted of tbe iuvenile choir of St. Johns church, and Masters William and.James McConartv in violin duets. St. Patricks dav was celebrated at the church of the Sacred Heart.

Atlantic, last evening, by a musical and theatrical entertainment. Those who took part were: Mr. E. Shea. Miss M.

R. Sullivan, Miss Miriam Hayward, Mr. Joseph Callahan. Miss Mary Mahoney, Miss K. T.

Hastings, Mr. B. A. McLane, Mr. J.

F. McKenna. Mr. J. J.

Me-Closkey. Mr. J. Mahoney. Mr.

J. Mlllette, Miss K. Haves, Mr. E. Miller, Mias M.

K. Su livan, Mrs. G. F. Hardy.

Miss Elizabeth Maboney. Treasury Gaining Gold. Washington, March 18. The Treasury Department is receiving offers of gold for small notes in sneb numbers that it cannot accept them all. It today accepted an additional offer of $1,000,000 from Chicaga It is thought that by next week the free gold in the treasurv will aggregate between $0,000,000 and A gain of in gold was made at New York yesterday.

Local Lines. In a general order issued by tbe bonrd of police U-t evening the resignation of Patrolman Patrick H. Burke of station presented while charges were penning against him. was accepted, and he was discharged. The Salvatiou Army is arranging for a special auxiliary- meeting to be held next Wednesday evening in tbe Y.

M. C. A. Hall. Boylsion and Berkeley sts.

The meeting will lie presided over bv Mrs. Brewer and will be attended by perhaps a hundred or more Salvationists. Ensign Edith Marshall, who has charge of the Auxil ary League in the United States, will be present and speak UDon this branch of the work. Ivilborn, Whitman furniture manufacturers, 4B Canal st, an 1 Ian Mammae at, with faetorv at Ckelsea, have assigned to Levi S. Gould 53 State room 613.

The Womans Christian Temperance Union of Fields Corner, Dorchester, will hoid a service in the Parkman Street M. E. church tomorrow evening at 7.30. A chalk talk will be given by Miss Merrill ol Ash-m ont. Why is Cutter whiskey so popular? Because it is known to be absoln.ely pure.

AFTERNOON Unclassified Small Ads. LO ST)d 3i arch 17, a fold watcb.ln Cambridge-port, between Portland and Clark u.ton Mam name on tbe caee K. R- Rom, 2.722,947; reward, 61 WMbiiitftop Cambfldgeport. SSu STOCKS FIELIHG BOLLY. Everything Goes Today, and Goes IJp, at That.

New England Stock Still Sugar Booming. Rising- Money Growing Easier Bank Reserve Increage Clearings. Stocks were up. A Bull and a Bear met in front of The a Globe office this afternoon. v' 7 Ah.

tdere. said the Bull, as he adjusted his claw-proof boxing-gloves; I thought you told me last week that you was going out of the business? So I did." growled the Bear, but I believe in Holding on to a Good Thing when Ive got it. This is my last Week on the Street, however; Im going ud Country after maple sugar, and may not return until next fail. So glad. renlied the Bull, as he gave bim a Punch behind tbe Ear; its about time you got nd of tbe Idea that yon own the whole Earth.

Moral: Ex-Gov. Ames and several other gentlemen who know beans when they see them are now said to be laying in stocks for a rise. Todays market was one of the most promising tor many weeks, and the "bulls had their own way with about everything on the list. in Boston about the only notable exception to the rule was Old Colony, which declined I v. to i 98.

On the other hand, the much maligned New England scored a net. advance of I5, to 6L.the closing price being the highest for the day. Even Burlington, wh oh has fared rather badly at the hands of the "bears of late, advanced a full point. The conviction is apparently dawning upon the Hhorts at last that "too much of a good thing or a bad one is good lor nothing at all. and they are coming to realize that natural conditions cannot be held in check much longer by artincml means.

It is. any rate a very reasonable supposition that prices have now got about as low as they can go and still retain any tiling like in ti ins value. Therefore, the swinging ol the pendulum in the opposite direction may now be looked for with a reasonable devree Of certainty. I be biggest gam todav was in Sugar common, which ach anced 103, the preferred going up IV, to 97 This is a net loss of 14 for the common for the week, but a gam of 11 from the lowest point touched. The ways of this erratic stock are utterly beyond finding out, auu there is no safe rule to apply to Its goings and comings.

New England divided honors witii Burlington as a feature in tbe home market, opening at 25V and running right unto 20V. this represents again of 51 from tbe lowest of tbe week, and the lowest since 85. Reading has been very steady during the past week, and has been utterly shorn oi irs recent sonsatonnl features. It looks as if the enemies ol Mr. McLeod had finally come to the conclusion that thev cannot hone to do more arm to Reading than they have already accorapliflied.

They may also find that they cannot make ni ch more capital out of their new target. New England. either. Reading closed today at 23V up Vs. Burlington was ud 1.

to 93i Boston Albany advanced 3, to 219. Boston Maine declined Vz. to 173Vk. Atchison was up to H2Vt. IVibt End Band gained V.

to and West End railway edvanced Vi. to 69Vi. General Electric fell off 3, to 101 7. Bell Telephone was unchanged at 198. Total sales in Boston were ll.c.35 listed and 7612 unlisted shares, and $23,625 bonds.

This is the signature which, attached to a "pass. will carrv the holder from Ebiladel-phla or s-cranton to Portland and return, or to anv point on the 390.) miles of the coin Lined Reading, xsew York New England and Boston Maine systems. The Anaconda mines started np on March 5. and are now in full operation. It will probably be two or three months, however, before any copper from these properties will be ready to market There have been reports of late that the Vanderbilt interest control about 00,000 shares of Fitchburg railroad preferred stock, but we understand, prettv recti', that such report is not true, and that now less than 25 shares of Fitchburg stock is in the Vanderbilt lamily, says the Boston News Tbe market on the 17th looked as if St.

Patrick had an antipathy to bears as well as other vermin. remarks the Boston Commercial Bulletin. The report that the General Electnc Company, which embraces the Thotnson-Houston and Edison companies, bas issued stock to such an extent that the value of the securities lias been materially weakened, is uot borne out by the annual statement ot the corporation, which will be presented to the public within a month. The Boston News Bureau publishes this rather interesting comment on the recent "tie-up of the New ngland moi in the Legislature of Massachusetts to investigate the attachment of the New York New England Railroad Companys engines in active service Connecticut, mav amount to nothing more than to give prominence to this last attack upon the New Enz-land property, unless it covers a broader field, l'he New Haven road has thereputa tion of running evnrv thing in Connecticut, including the Legislature and judiciary, and there is sti i some ob ectton In Massachusetts at tbe present time to the annexation of southeastern Massachusetts to Connecticut by the absorption of the Old Colony into the New Haven system. What would Massachusetts legislative mauiry into railroading in Vermont have amounted to 10 yeais ago Of course the New Haven road did not attach the New York New England engines.

Tbe president and the vice-presidents of the New Haven road went up and down State Thursday, protesting they did not Know anything about it until after it was done. They didnt seeui to like it either when one broker extended till congratulations, or whnu another broker winked, while another shrugged his should- "They wanted to see Mr. McLeod and settle up affairs, but they didnt think his Scotch blood was sufficiently cooled to warrant their inviting negotiations, so they met Traffic Manager Randolph and continued the Sound Line agreement for 30 days. Then, as the Alt Baba company had left town with the ungle, I Think 1 Heard homebody Ijtugb. they departed for Connecticut for home consolation.

"Of course the New Haven people in Connecticut knew nothing about this drive at New England until afterwards. hey never knew the Old Colonv was so'd to New Haven, or the Housatonic. or any other of tbe roads the real owners of New Haven nave been gathering in, until after the pub-lie prints informed them. Wall st. knew it was to bo at 1 and Bold tbo stock off as a preliminary.

But it mav have been tbe Pennsylvanias turn to strike this time. It mav be the New Havens next time. The ciuspiracv against the New York New England, would make it the prey of financial vultures. is set forth, in the beginning, upon pages Jl. 12.

13. 16 and 17 of the New York New England annual repoit. just issued by President Parsons. On these pages, which the newspapers have not republished, is stamped lor the record of the future, many of these glaring outrages upon a public. "President Parsons did his duty and set forth the facts; then be voted his salary at tbe last meeting of the board, which was perfectly proper, and resignet.

Next appeared the Goldsmith movement to adjourn tbe annual meeting ana leave the company without a head: its president resigned and its vice-president ill bed. lhe motion was defeated. 142,000 shares to 5500 on stock vote, and the McLeod ticket was elected by 167.000 votes, against only a few scratches. "President McLeod told Mr. Goldsmiths counsel privately at the recess that he could have everything proper to be had at that meeting, and could talk all night if he wanted to.

hut that anything improper he could not have and later the Goldsmith motion for an investigation was promptly seconded by Mr. McLeods counsel, and passed without opposition. "We understand that Mr. McLeod will, a few days, appoint as distinguished an investigating committee for Mr. Goldsmith as cun be induced to serve.

"Upon the day following the annual meeting the men wbo are reputed to have matle $24,000,000 selling Pennsylvania coal nd largely in New England territory, at FITCHBURG. Peter Kielty, while hunting near North Leominster, yesterday, shot two birds. They dropped on the ice, and he walked out to pick them up, when the ice broke aud he was precipitated iuto the water. For a time hispos.tion was perilous. Being alone.

he had a hard time gelling to terra tirma. He finally managed to land on an island, where he remained some hours before bis cries were heard by a passer-by, who socurea a boat and brought in in ashore. DEATHS. BEETT. In Chelsea, March 17.

Mary widow of th lata John Brett, aged 64 yrs. 7 mot. Funeral from her lata rezidence, No. 15 Marlboro Monday morning, at 8 oclock. High mass at St.

Rose church, at 0 oclock. Relatives and friends ars lnvited-BCRKE. In East Boston, March 18. Mary Elian, daughter of 1 homos J. and Mary A.

Burke. moo. 25 ds. Funeral from parents residence, 86 London th, Sunday, March 19, tat 2 Oclock. Friends and relatives requested to attend.

CONWAY. In this city, March 18, Michael Con-way. Funeral from the residence of his ooutin, John Feeney, 364 Hanover Monday, At 8.45 a. m. Requiem high mass at St.

Stephens ehnrch, at 9 oclock a. m. Relative and friends Invited to attend. New York papers please copy. DALEY.

in Sohtb Boston, Match 18. Elizabeth, beloved wife of Patrick P. Daley, 49 yra. Funeral from her lata residence. 249 Gold SL, Monday, March 20, nt 8.15.

High mass At 1. Augustins church at 8 oclock. DREW. In Charlestown, March 18, Herbert A. Drew, 19 yra Funeral Tuesday at 1 4 PL, from 67 Green st.

FLANAGAN. Tn this city, suddenly, March 17. Edward J. Flanagan, 45 yrs. Funeral nolle later.

HAYE8. In South Boston, March 18. Edward J. Hayes, 48 yrs. Funeral from Ills lata residence.

No. 45 1 mlor Monday morning nt 8 SO oclock. High mass at Our Lady of the Rosary ehnrch, at 9 oclock. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to atiend. HENDERSON.

March 17, Mary wife of Alexander Henderson. Funeral from 803 Boylston Monday. 1.30 p. m. HARKINS.

Ill tbl city, Mnroh 18, Fannie Harklne 63 yrs. Funeral from 74 Ferron Monday, at 6.30 o'clock a. m. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend. JACOBS.

In Charlestown. March 17. Lorinda, widow of the lata Gaorga Jacobs. 66 yrs. Funeral 011 Monday at 2 p.

m- from 20 Pleasant st. JONF.S. In this city, March 17, Evan 6. Jones, 19 yrs. 10 mos.

27 nephsw of Thomas J. Fhslps, No. 182 Cambridge st. Funeral service from Bu Andrews ehnrch, Sunday, March 19, at 1.30 p. ni.

Friends and relatives ars Invited. LYSOTT. March 17, Nellie Josephine, 18 daughter of John and Johanna Lynot, nt her lata residence, 1083 Washington st Funeral at 3 p. Sunday. Province paper pleas copy, MURPHY.

In New York, March 16. Mary Anne, belored da ghterof Andrew and Sfzry Mdrpliy. 21 yrs. Fuuernl from her late residence, IT Henchman Boston, Sunday, at 2 o'clock p. m.

Relatives and rends are respectfully Invited to attend. McKF.NNA. In thl city, March 17, Catherine, beloved daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth McKenna, 3 mos. Funeral from her late residence, 68 Chambers Sunday, at 2 oclock. Relative and friends are respectfully Invited to attend.

McDonough. In thlt city. March 17, John H. McDonough. Funeral from the residence of his 1 brother, 61 Woodbine Monday, March 20, at 9.

Services at St. Josephs church, Circuit at 10. Relatives and friends ars Invited to attend. Burial at Portland, Me. RUSS.

In Revere, March 17, Charles 1L Buss, 69 yrs. TIMON. At Brookline, March 17, Catherine Tlmon. 75 yrs. Fnneral will take place from her daughters residence.

Mr. Andrew White, upper Boylston Monday, March 20, at 8.80 a. ra. Services at church of Assumption, Brooklins, at fan. Relatives and friends Invited lo attend.

WILLIAM8- In East Boston, March IS, Henry A.bert, son of Francis J. and Minerva J. Williams, 8 yrs. 5 mos. you should 1 happen to get a package imperfect from any cause.

Hornbys Take it back and get your mony again. Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe Railroad Company. 95 Milk Bostok, Oct. 27, 18M. Income Bond Conversion.

CIRCULAR 6S. Holders of UNION TRUST COMPANYS TRUST RECEIPTS for INCOME BONDS deposited eaa now receive new SECOND MORTGAGE CLASS "A BONDS In exchange therefor, upon application at Agencies of Atchison Company: CMOS TRrST COMPANY OF KEW TORK, SO Broadway, Now York, BAKINS BROS. A LIMITED, Itandon, England. For accommodation of holders who have been unable through uncontrollable oircumetances, to convert their Income Bonds, the time fur deposit of some has been extended until further notice, end such bolder can now receive new SECOND MORTGAGE CLASS BONDS DIRECT IN EXCHANGE for INCOME BONDS under terms Of Circular 69, without penalty. The new SECOND MORTGAGE CLASS "A BONDS HAVE BEEN LISTED on TI1E NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, J.

W. REINHART, Vlce-Pfeildezt STOCKS. JIT realize that not nce 1881 has there beea such opportunity for profitable speculation et have enjoyed lhe pas! year. Changes of 6 per cent. In a day have ben common, advances (and decline) of 20 to 35 per ceut.

have been made tn a couple of weeks. There xull be just ae good chances tn the future, aud If you tend for our daily market letter you will vet some pooi Ideas from time io time. Our services as broker cannot be surpassed anywhere. W. H.

Albertson OblstiBoston, NO MORE PAIN: Rheumatism located In any part of the svs. tern Positively Cured by BATES RHEU, ATIC FOOT DRAFTS, Ac. All leading drugging and at VI CURE DlsIKNSARY, 224 Tremont Buttoi TESRHEUM ATIC Button, Maas. Send or cull for Treatise Mallea Free. Collected every here.

Damage claim, art mated RIAII'S I.GUAL AGENCY, 20 SAF -IX THE- Great Boston Fire of Wlarch 10 ieain demonstrate their remarkable fireproof qualities in ureserTins their contents in every instance. It is conceded bv firemen, architects, and other experts that this fire developed more intense heat than any conflagration coming within their knowledge. Notwithstanding this fact, every safe opened up to this date of the above make preserved the contents intact, as the following testimonials Will show. 5 Boston, March 1 7, 1893 Messrs. E.

C. Morris Safe Boston, Gentlemen We had one of your safes in the big fire of March 10th, 1893. Upon opening the safe this morning we found our papers, stamps and insurance policies in perfect condition. We shall want another of your safes at our next place of business as soon as it is ready. Please send us a new No.

18 with inside iron doors. Yours truly, (Signed) Walter S. Barnes. Office of National Fibre Board Boston, March 17, 1893. E.

C. Morris Safe Boston, Gentleman We had one of your No. 22 old style safes in the big fire of March 10th, and found it in the cellar where it had buried a week. It was opened this morning, and we are pleased to say that the contents, including money, books other valuable papers, came out intact. The safe was nearly submerged in water, else everything would have come out in perfect condition, as the only injury they received was being soaked by water poured on to the ruins after the fire.

(Signed) Nat. Fibre Board Co, Stephen Moore, Treasurer. Boston, March 17, 1893. E. C.

Morris Safe Boston, Gentlemen We. had one of your large double-door safes in the fire of March 10th, which de stroyed over $3,000,000 worth of property in this city. The safe was opened yesterday, and the entire contents found to be intact We are well pleased with the result, and wish you to send es at once another of your safes of the same size to our new quarters, No. 18 High street. (Signed) Union Special Sewing Machine Co.

Per D. Sweeney. P. S. This is written on sheet of paper torn from the ledger taken from our safe.

54 Lincoln Street, March 14, 1893. C. Morris Safe 1 Gentlemen We had one of yourNo. 9. safes in the big fire Friday, March 10th, and are Phased to say that the contents ire well preserved excepting rom being wet by water poured into the ruins after the fire.

(Signed) Hathaway, Soule Harrington, Inc. A. Harrington, Treasurer. lessrs. E.

C. Morris Safe Gentlemen We had one of our safes (No. 24, double doors) our store, No. 112 Lincoln Boston, in the big fire of March 10th, and upon opening it this morning (90 hours after the fire) are pleased to find the contents excellent condition. This tes: nmonial is written on one of the taken from the safe.

I skii 'iant anther safe soon, and nail be pleased to use another your safes. Hawkins Machine Co. E.C. MORRIS SAFE CO. 4 4 Sudbury Street.

Og i. con 8a. 106fe 106 Vs 106) KAILKOjAD companies. Atch.Top A 8 e. H2 32 51V 219 216 Boston Lowell.

193ft 172 19 i boaioii 173V 173V hozion te prf. All Honors for the Land of the Shamrock. Their Kalians Glory Their Lastina Faneories. Saints Renown Told Mid Green Mountains. Union Jack Borne in the Toronto Parade.

Observances at Canton, North Easton, Bridgewater. Barrk, March 18. St. Patrick's day was observed at tbs Opera House last evening with a banquet and literary entertainment. under the direction ot Rev.

J. Breli-vet. pastor of St. Monacas Catholic church. The audience was a large one.

and included many business men who came as invited guests. Preceding the entertainment a banquet was served. Alter the Dananet a number ol children, under the direction of Fattier Brellve, rendered several songs and recitations. Mr. J.

T. Callaghan sang, and then came the regular toasts of the evening. Hon. J. Henrv Jackson acted as toastmaster.

tie paid an apDropnate tribute to the late Hiram Atkins, who was a guest at last year's banquet, and was the intimate friend of Father Brel i vet. Father Brellvet urged all to yearly observe the feast of St. Patrick. Hon. Felix McGettnck of St.

Albans and J. W. Gordon were unable to be present, and sent letters of regret. SPEECHES, SUPPER AND DANCING. Flock of Father Bodflsh Celebrate tn the Memorial Hall.

Canton, March 18. Memorial Hall was crowded with members 01 Division 2, A. O. last" evening. An address of welcome was delivered by Mr.

John Caf-frey. The Day We Celebrate" was responded to by Dr. Michael Glennon. There was a duet, If England and Ireland Would Only Agree, by Misses Grace, Minnie and Katie McIntyre. The Day We celebrate, in Connection with the Church, was responded to by Rev.

Joshua P. Bodfish. Miss Ellen OLeary sang Little Four-Leafed shamrock, Rev. David M. Roach made an address, and the Misses McIntyre sang The Old Settee bv the Door.

1 hare was a piano solo, by Miss Grace McIntyre: song and dance.rSt. Patricks Day," by Mr. Cor-neiius OLeary; bagpipe solo, by Mr. Pat- try: rick Murray: Irish jut and ree. by Mr.

Jeremiah OLeary, Mr. Cornelius OLeary, Miss Nelli OLeary and Miss Katie OLeary. Mr. Gerald A. Healy was master of ceremonies.

After the concert the floor was cleared, and dancing was continued until 3 Oclock. The tloor was in charge of Mr. John Kelteher, with Mr. William Smith and Mr. Bernard Clerkin for assistants, and the following efficient corps of aids: Mq-isrs.

Florence Buckley, Thomas Dunn, Thomas Crane, Charles Mathews, James Cogswell, Jeremiah Oleary, James A. Slattery, James Ke.leber. James Caftrey, C. X. Meyers, James E.

Scott. Daniel H. Ryan, Thomas P. fticGann. John Caflrey, John H.

Flood, James ONeil, John W. Reilly Thomas J. Delaney. The success of the affair is doe to the fol-lowingcommitteeof arrangements: Messrs. William Smith, Florence Buckley.

Bernard Clerkin, Charles Mathews. John Kelieher, James E. Scott, James Oogsnell, James Kelieher. John Caftrev. Timothy Devine.

1 bom as H. Dnnn and Thomas P. McGanu. Among those present were noticed Rat Joshua bofiflib )r Michael Glennon Mr Michael Keleher Key Roach Mr and Mrs Curry Mr and Mrs ReiUy Mr and Mrs O'Sullivan Mr and MrsTOalllgan Mrand MrsT Dunn Miss Lizzie Mulverhlll Miss Lizzie Flood Mr Dennis Finley Miss Maggie CannUT if las Mary Smith Miss Lizzie Smith MUs Dolly Howard Miss Nellie Drislane Miss Ltsle Brady Miss Nellie Brady Miss Draco McIntyre is Ellen Flanagan Miss Katie Flanagan Miss Maggie Cafftey Miss Louisa Farrell Miss Maggie Smith Miss Nellie Hallabsn Miss Julia Hailahaa Miss May Farrell Mis Bessie Murphy Miss Sarah Quinn Miss Hannah Delaney Sits Hannah Buckley Miss Mary Mahoney Miss Maggie Llovd Jtltss Mamie Lloyd Miss Josie Toonmy Miss Kosie O'Neil Miss Maggie ONeil Miss Ellen O'Leary Mias Maggie Murphy Miss Bridgie Ward Miss Mary Ward Miss Nora Daly Miss Maggie Rogers Mr William Hmith 31 Timothy O'Leary Mr Michael Cronan Mr Darnel Cronan James O' Leary Mr Michael O'Leary Mr Edward O'Leary Mr Cornelius Leary Miss Annie Leary Miss Lizzie McOann Mr Charles Grimes Mr Daniel O'Leary Mr Patrick Cunningham Mr Michael Tierney Mr NeU McIntyre i her Mr James Keleh Mr i airick Leary Mr John Gangan Mr James bucKley Mr Daniel Urenham Mr Michael Crane Mr Dennis Grenbam MrfJohn Curry Mr 'I tmothy Dineen Mr Dennis Connell Mr Patrick Galilvan Mr Florence Keardon Mr James Mr John yuinn 31 James Brady Mr Christopher Myers Mr Matthew Skelton Mr James Hannon Michael Lehan Mr Timothy Coughlan Mr James ti Murphy Mr Michael Ring Mr Thomas Delaney Mr Frank Farrell Mr David Whlttey 31 Timothy O'Leary Mr John Finnegan Mr Jeremiah Leary Mr Thomas Dunn MrJobn Flood Mr Florence Buckley Mr James A Slattery Mr Daniel Ryan James Scott Mr Timothy OuiU Miss Hannah Re rdon Miss Carrie Ward Miss Nellie Skelton Miss Annie Monahan Miss Mary Myers Miss Alice Flvna Mrs John Learv Miss Annie Mullfran Miss Mary O'Leary Mr Michael Roach Mr Matthew Oalligau Miss Julia Mcintlre Miss Mary Lyons Mr James Conley Mr Edward Ward Mr Michael Lehan Mr William Welsh Supper was served in the banquet ball at midnight, FIRST A PARADE THEN A DRAMA. North Easton Young People Appear in Nora Creina.

North Easton. March 18. At 7 oclock last night the members of Division 8, A. O. paraded through tbe streets escorted by a drum corps of 20 pieces.

Later in the evening an entertainment was given iu Ames Memorial Hall, under the auspices of tbe division, consisting of an Irish drama, Nora Creina," with the following local cast: Governor Brady, Charles P. Mullins; Dennis Rooney. Michael F. Heelon; Ned OGrady, Dennis F. ONeil: Roderick OConnor.

Thomas J. Skeliy: Tiniothv Tit, Edward J. Walsh: Nora Creina, Mias Sarah M. OBelrne; Widow Brady, Miss Maggie Donahue. The drama was followed by songs, dances, stumD speeches.

concluding with the farce of The Limerick Boy. Paddy Miles. James F. Burk Dr. Coats.

Henrv McDermott: Harrv. P. K. Riordan Jce, J. ONeil; Keiiben.

Thomas J. bkeily; Fidger, Miss Minnie McMullen Jane. Mauiie OConner. FOLLOWERS OF Fit. MATHEW.

Those in Georgetown Observe the Day With a BalL Georgetown, March 18. The Father Mathew Total Abstinance Society Rev. or. W. 8.

Child, Jamestown, R. 1., writes: 1 have now used your HAKKA CREAM three years, and find nothin to take Ite place FOR CATARRH, nothing that so effectively clear the head, especially in the morning. It aeta agreeably. instantly, eWeetoallv, and IT CORES, oven where all other remedies have failed. Sold by dnszglsw at 80 cents, or mailed on receipt ol price by A.

I. Mass. Ask Tooa Pmsici snoot HOVINIJUt boston A Pro, tent i'UM Cent Mas pref. hie, bur Q. Chicago Junction Cine June uref.

Ciere A Can prel Conn A Filch burg pref. Mexican Central. VAN Kng. AS Kng prf Northern (NH). NY.iSHft H.rtz Norwich A Wor.

0314 99 03A 99 92 99 IS 934 09 mr ro rs JIT or lie, AT I iw. US My tn for ura the wJs dj, nt, ra ng fid nl iff Oregon sh Phil A Beading. Summit Branch. Lnion Pacific, West End West End Wl Wts Cent pref. 18 23 18 234 18 2354 IS 19 864 69V 83s 1D4 691,.

83 69V 83 691 8S4 70 46 MIXING COMFAKIHSs A uuurt Atlanuc honanzrt. Bos A 31V 314 SIVjl Butte A lO1 in1 10Vg CalAHecla Sl 812 310 9V .30 31C4 10V 310 sc ey fe1 .80 .60 32 104 315 Jit SO 13 Centennial Duitkin Franklin. Nap National oseeola. Qulncv Sant Fe. 8 8 13 13 13 12 do pref STV 8V4 8TVf Consolldat (iss.

120 1211. 120 102 105 87 88 121 Vt 48 81 844 3X7, 691.4 1-2 481 4 82V 25 39 83 60 Cotton 8 do 81 Distillers 34 Lend 3814 do pref 82V Nstl Cord, new B9' do pref 10(114 Natl Linseed Oil 35ia Suvar 9 4 103 60 pref S7V MISCELLANEOUS, Col Fnel A Iron 6y do pref. Del A Hudson. 127 General Kleetn.101 102 Hock imz Laclede Gas do pref Oregon lmorov. Oregon 73 8814 38V4 os 10011 Kiev 36 10274 97 97 36 99 65 105 12V 102 16 20 t8 19 73 24V 19-' 83Va V4 1H 41 9i 66V 110 127 102 17L iv 70 2 74 24 192o 81 27 Vy 104 43 95 12664 101 Factflo Pullman Palace.

Silver eertlf. Tenn Coal A I. do pref 8 Rubber. Western Union. 24V S3V4 254 97 25 94 94 94 Ex-dlvldend.

New York Mining Quotations. New York. Starch 17. Closing quotations at the Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange today; Bid. 1 .85 1 Home ICO Horn Silver.

1 3 i Mexican 1.00 Monte CrUto. 8 6 Onrano 1.30 Oohir.s 1.00 Kid. 8.20 I so 8 1 ..13.50 175 1.30 Ijondon Stock Market. London, March 1812.30 p. m.

The following are tbe quotation: Cons tor money. 98 3-16 New Tork Central. 109 do lor account. 68 7-10, Penn Central. 65 Canadian Pacific.

86' Reading. 12V Era HO'Vsj 8t Paul 78 63Vsl Money. 1AW2 er cent. Rat of discount In the open market for both short and three-insnih' bill la 11 per oem. New York Produce Market.

New York, March 18, Fionr. receipts, 34,774 pkgs; fair demand, firm. Wheat, receipts, 22,475 bush sales. 325,000 bush declined advanced yV4c: moderately active, steady. Corn, receipts, 36,300 bush sales, 65.000 bush dull, easier.

Oats, receipts, 68,250 bush sales, 10.000 bush dull, easier. Beef quiet, weak. Porkquiet. steady Lard quiet, nominal. Butter quiet, steady.

Cheese quiet. Sugar, raw firm, fair demand. Petroleum auiet, steady. Spirits turpentine auiet. easy.

Molasses fair demand, firm. Rice firm, fairly active. Freights dull. weak. Rosin dull, steady.

Tallow dull, weak. New York Cotton Market. New York, March 18. Cotton steady middling uplands. Oc; Orleans.

9Vc; sales, 2902 bales. Futures closed auiet; sales, 62.600 bales; March, 8.73c; April, 8.74c; May, 8.84c; June, 8.93c; July, 8.99c: August, 9.03c September. 8.92c; October, 8.85c; November. 8.86o; December, 8.87c, Cotton Futures at New York. New York.

March 18. Cotton futures opened steady; March. 8.79c offered; April, 8.76c; June, 8.96c; July. y.Olc: August, 9.06c; Sentemher, 8.98c; offered; October. 8.92c; November, 8.90c; December, 8.91c; January, 8.95c.

Liverpool Cotton Market. Liverpool, March 1812.30 p. m. Cotton. limited demand; prices steady; American middling, 4 15 led; sales, 4000 bales; speculation and export, 600 bales; receipts, none; American, none.

Futures steady; demand moderate; Amer lean middling. April and May, 4 62-64d. also 4 53-64d; May and June. 4 65 64d. also 4 66-G4d June and July, 4 67 64d, also 4 56 64d; July and Angust.

4 58-Rld. also 4 69-64d; August and September, 4 57-64d. also 4 58 B4d. also 4 59-64d, also 4 60-64d October and November. 4 C4-64d.

Silver Hill Depot Destroyed. Lincoln, March 18. The depot at Silver Hill, off the Fitchburg railroad, in the western part of the town of Weston, was totally destroyed by fire yesterday al ceruoon. It was a small woodon building and the fire evidently started from sparks from a passing engine. Story and Song to Turn Into Alms.

An Illustrated lecture ou "Scenes in Egypt and the Hply Land will be delivered at Horticultural Hall tomorrow evening by Rev. J. J. McNulty, pastor of the church of the Rosary. South Boston.

Preceding the lecture a concert will be given under the Carlsbad Sprudel Salt is not a mere purgative, it is an alterative and a constitutional remedy. There is nothing just as good when you can obtain the genuine imported article. Do not be imposed upon by unscrupulous dealers. The genuine have the signature of Eisner Mendelson Sole Agents, New York, on every bottle. Wolverine LAND COMPANIES.

A spin Boothbay Boston Bos Wat 2 2 2 Cambridge Field. Camoo hello. Kaa- Bosom. Frenchmans Bv en wav. Maverick.

Newport Penobwot Bav San lllego. Sullivan Harbor. West Knd 17 17 17V4 Inthrou Wollaston 7 7A4 .15 .30 6 2 414 8V 'k Jv 6 4A 1 1.06V .40 lb a .75 telephone companies. Am Bell 198 IPS 196 197 199 46 46 46 45V, 7 Mexican New England. 66r4 b1 68 -H UNLISTED 8HC0RITIES.

Ex-dtvldend. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. Strong Opening in Wall Street. New York, March 18 10.10 a m. Stocks opened strong and higher, especially for Northern Pacific preferred and Sugar.

The first named rose IV. to 43 Vi, and the latter 1, to 100V4. There is a better demand for Northern Pacific preferred, owing to the fact that the contending factions in the management are inclined to be more peaceful. ila. m.

Stocks made a farther advance after 10.10. especially for Sugar, Lead and Cordage, which sold up to lul. 39 and 5974 reg 'ectn ely. Subsequently, however, the traders decided to take protits; and fit the rs UeiiHiBU Ml WHO FIVHWI same time the bears raided the list. A general reaction ensued.

Erie was no-ticeauiy weak, the common declining 4. to 19Vs, and the preferred IV. to 44V4. This was on a revival of the rumors regard to the finances of the company. The the general list were V(a74, the losses in latter in Sugar.

The announcement that a shipment of $750,000 to $1,000,000 gold has been arranged for Tuesday night bad tome influence on prices. Toward 11 clo-k New England suddenly.

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