The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 19, 1890 · 2
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 2

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, September 19, 1890
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i 1 i I I 10,0 Ad -,0 .,)-?1,,,!,,,,,. I A or, , z .1,,a 1, ..... ! , ,-4, .......'- :,,,,-, .::,1 (4,7;,64.4....... .31 I i --, ,, ,.... ...1.11r, fi --wi.... 1. ' '''. 1 '--- - r , -- '''' -'- ,, t r----ritriser , 4 -0- . ,..., . ;,,,... ,, ,7! ......- , ... , c. t -,...- ..,..40,7,,2::,,,,,,,,,,,40,4, ,.-) Is- ,.,. ., ,,, . .; iy . - .,, i .. ,-,-.00.7-.4,4 ' tird,r1---, i -p.- --,---'411,-,;-:::)41:,! ::,-,',,,,.. , 41 1 '' ',... ,I'N, ,...,;'' 00 1 .iv' V A 1 1 , I ' ' '..1 .i,'4' 1 ',,..7 I ; I) S , 1 :1,....t .'? "," -1,4 r. . .1 I I I - 't 11 ' ' -4' ' . --,04.; .,;-; - 7:47 .' I et , , , , , , - 4,, 4 111.' A ,t-,...4......-, , 4.0 e' 4.; :1;;;;;i1 ., . 1 .4 2 C .., d it 4. rot. It , ..; 4,1ti . , ,. .... a. -1,,,..1 I al- VI ' liA, ... it, rime. Elaine. re-enforced by cuaT and liarrisou. 4,, a.scoe;c1-' iti-11411.:'41444,-ite t ' , make it untimely. N. a l. C. writen in the ,.,. w.,.:.,,,,,,,,,,,,-d .,1 , .-.7:::-,:, -North American Review upon The that the article le from the pen of the ' -----: --- ''''''''i'''. --;";;--- 44vt Ii1Till Tte:r ropes be Wrecked on the l'Intker's "ref." Reed. ID the tell belief Premier. anewers it. Elaine gives dignity .. . - , . Collor torthip Reefs. ,. . , to it by a denial. . , Discouraged I - -9 , , . . .,., In this way le the aporoaching conflict outlined. tVith heed's surcess Editor ,Isse. Dtsiteartensigh. De . pressed! Doutelie expects the mantle of a senator. Peereavn. Sept. 1$1.Tbe loud acelaime Wattles Aws, I ss vow anId o, siine, otply listrAno vow Deqv nime which . t ailed Tom Reed's triumphant in- saki Yeer ewe wet, tine yntir Pawl sel""; l'.- dnesamost nave not yet Ceased their raVari. May never test the fight before the people. reit etas revises oisecte, were) tired. rid 1SISS - - - - -- - 111,1i1 it is strange to hear men who but a ser van. 'mow 11S41 snap; you wr. or.o.y. d., berat th ci ione. but man Y of e ti7ens who but short time ago would pull Out their tongues MI. 'se have a IMMO 14 111)11)411y. Or I orete,4113, yeatereay awoke the echoes of their native rather than tweak any worda but those of , are diseoursised, Dot becme roe ascs sea, forests. are today in doubt as to whether c. Praisb for the autocrat of Augusta now I your well you knew that there weed to be their cheere did flOt d'stitra the Serenity et declare that the cabinet officer would have mimes t.f, United States Senators Frye antiliale. and coomired to bumble Reed if he had dared " y4,e wail. "I bees teed no rillthr thing' attracted the attention Of no less a person- j dose. Wed." Ina frowor41 v.v bah. I tied than Premier Blaine himself. Such are the rewards of politick OF ts haw. StmalY Bono bask The Elaine men are not talking very e ss Shout for the triumph of the State ticket freely. liver confidence in their ieader is and the lungs of every hepublican are at ocultittek awl bri,Shilid yott bag ',Wail lei lint 'extreme. That he will take care of Reed sta core lic... joie. dt,men 'mom, ilms your eispoltal. I wheu the time COLIICP is their mile boast . ke oaf toftig gostsi tn the world la Is tho purs Shout for Tom heed and a hesitating and How will be collector or Harrison ' walla lime se wh w, en ;we r an. seet t 00.4. hecae's co.operation is extended. will feet that uneasy ineeed is the head that wears a crown. What itsle ls Cl ease. le giro OP hoO , tid to,osol 4 Le conditioner affairs is Maine today is they could have done with heed. they say. "4 .114""nlii" 111"Plf twel"" 16 bottle of not likened to anything that, has Immo-sled is shown by the way they tixed the parr a hot flit of ttoit,of it doetof lefe Of a doPlot 1 tO ties dominant party in that State sinee ticular Reed man who was on the legisft ihet to ,-iire its birth. - lame ticket in this city. All the rest of the ticket had 1500 plurahty. while he was t..111t. 616.1 6.. ''''' " 6.1'664 "re' bill 'Ilia conquerers of Monday are the factions beaten by nine votes. If the premier had I anis Snot rows pineal,. GI Tuesday. ' said the word. Reed could have been 'ago It oho or Ito. highest attributes and Tice centre er the roming fight la right similarly knifed. is IS flO111,1S 1101111 ha Wir11111 as 414,1,0114- bare in this. the most progressive city of lien .Iiresident Harrison gets back to ,ot, ia roorayoone Or non-eotireseous soul t" flu, lit" taat,. Washington another effort will be made to it mackes us men or Wee. Palmer k red a. liow and Groevir W. F. settle the collectorship. No president has i"ivi the "'rid"' lirLie" of ihe worl,1 load Milliken are esnirants for the colleetorship bad a harder task. 'Haag. In me long end bitter hours or their GI lii pore Eut thev are sinner figure- That drama in which Conkling end Platt totoinsoolt ?winos. our rest Inventors, beads unner which the war between she and Garfield took the principal character is olisteries on very Land. allowed their leaders is being wavelet. mei which was so frightfully ended by the 0s 11S1111111 14) droop Wall ateocuraso ra Pr. tot. I iew has been ensured by the senators madmaii tIniteau may be reproduced with c-scu edging, ttio tplrgraph or M. 14.1.1itodut end by Sir. Elaine that the onice which he the madman omitted. seeks shall teen to him. and vet Reed's ob- Again do the States of Maine and New gwrolyrriii! 14tipeoss the teamed owtrcoloors. lections have ile.d Coitector Anderson. York approach each other in Political his-tog the sates nista atter algid through well' l'rirrittirilt Cleveland's mippointee. in office tory. toot heroine hopeltitat, dlaheartoomil. dis-live motiths aftr his term has expired. ihe fight today is .lust as national In im- e eot wt.'s arsydaiinn bemoan a known Inca! It Is loot a htleatioll bet WOrtit How and penance as that conflict was. Then it was cidolimehle will to try and gst wail is ail ima alliii k rue It is the Ii fleeted results from a President iiartield and Premier Elaine vs. ley. svost ,a ow fa,a of a soodr,osiaq,,,a PaCeedittul demetistration of who wielue the Senators Coukling and Platt. Today it is ,serass sails orolp prow, your Power in Militia poetics. In the solution ot Premier Blaine. Senators Frye and Hale vs. the difficulty are involved: Tom Reed. .i lc. tart itr-ttnoinP's ItOqitiiira from Tour drug. Elaine, the utaguetic; Be the New York col lectorship fight Mr. ,Osi know what it is the greatest and grandest am avta,,,,,,i Blaine is said to have lost the Presidency. si Sivievery of the ago, the pure. irogotobto 1 he Spenaer's vereenality pervades all Witt the priee pard for this second fight for roe bruin. the oirogiliener of nerves, the in things down this wav. slid he is only faintly a collectorship be the lots of the presidency tot of icheca and body. sue hued tor yourself Shadowed tor th premier hinetelf. alaine also? herr, a illW power, a COW "Igor. melt believe that hula a Man of tlestiny with The mutterings In Maine do not promise the ',residency within sight. They Kee him well for icepublicall unity. I mirswo Is Pero Cr.. reitehitig for the throne. and the niture Reed may win. and Boutelle may win; ter, y,,, I W , of lb. most mfism,1,1t which atotin blacks the way is the gray- and what then? haired statesman who for eu years has held Ask a Dow man. and he will answer: lel. I had indiestion and nervotis dyspepsia, mains as his 40roth4,11. lieventre, tool I at oliaigt41 with my siolliaiiii, mocha' itiaintes friends realized this very pond- Ask a Milliken man. and he will answer: eontrressional election. President Thomas B. heed. i icco. to ',gra el flotteirioN of lam heart, I wits war hoore this Nog Ittroidt at all timing-41W feet and fistula and yet heed's success was made certain by . Wiemax TAYLOR. JR. pAkr--:- titan. Dtsitsartonodle ISooressod I lior la oar nomald to pi y barons. vont aor volt los atasia; your Orton Wad, sand 'nor bond anion; twItootoo rem Pria teenage Mean, wart( tiro'. land bays tool vest amt. weer try ond snap; you wr. 0,kolny, de, proosod. and haws sons '14 analogy. t,o Yon at e d soot; rioted , DOS r,n "to se k tar in your oral you is sealer that tilers ortiOit to ha Nemo tow) tf fin, tftb" yoe wail. "I hays trtol Ito many thins' and fatiod." rye er,seeer41 pee.i huhu! Your so novo stmols' Boort bank on Wat DO you filtek that beeanea you bay fetitol to find tam Vislit aorta bal. Lwow. etomen boos. Inas thsts twolSoll good In Ms workli S. It Ma part et a nob, littaiten soul, winos hosith. happtevoe.t. Itto traoIt Is Wale, to siva as lotto. to tetettma WHIR nd dawtottriWod limply boosts a bottio of on a bot flit of that, of a tittetof bore Of P. doelbar thtei failed be e eiret Cantrell it, woe ere Not st,L- bemeeet bat harm orals, toot nous pine's. Colorise is oho of ibo loslioat ttribute. and bottlins Is onteatif OlitPWO Iha WPialt WIZ as 14.1.0111r5gern.tI, Pio eostrasootts or noweotirageoua aord is what make us men or wino. Plitititoss Iie tontettleal rtgats of the world bad lost eralraVe in ths long and Intim, hour of their elleappoinimenial enoposo our Firma inventora, anoailtt.g vitiator:as on vary Land. allowed thaw isroid(0, 141 droop wait Olaeourasomsnt ore tho slams anions. Lb lob-graph or tint telephone Wats dmeottrotit aliptioar na trartowl motircolonters. osrebing Ms stoats nistit after night through Wary 'tars 14..4 1,0,P11,11 bonettaal, dlaheortortod. dtsottragati teel"re yraymoion bemoms a known fern! An Indomitable( will to try and gmt wall Is all you Itiftint le tr, even 5 tee fare of herviree 11(W fired sod otler11 swill sorrily 'roosts your alerts. tart Int,I;roano's raervitra front trona drug. istst,yon know, what it is tato sroatest and grandaet, nottifyil alleaoviary of tho aso, the pots. vogotaitto taram for rosin. that sirosti.snor of nervas, Ina in. ontoralor t.1 bitstd and body, and build tot yourself a Saw hot vo, a tiro lamor, a now vigor. torawo Is Irons or.. ror two roue I anion. of 'ha moot nilearetble of' piatik nob I had nroligoetion and nervotte dywensia, elven rituals atti tilois toad with My at otiittott, tainted ina to have a not tering of Ilia heart. I was very trerrona at, all limeamold Met and bawls. nelralese nittIns, 4111,I III taxi, was erankir and ngly. till, U tow 4 miaeemble ristflero for tee unlit g sowed Dr. 00000 no's itioronro. Allot, trying all ()that remedies that I Over know or hoard loll of, slid attar stains lip all hope of setting euroJ, I Son. i WoOld try Ir. tlrowine's Nervora. After Sokmo two &Miro I tovrto to fend the ettocts tet it ae,t tosetifeetell smell I tooselrlisrod mysall onfr0,1 I had now no more indassation or naalop,, ala sty Wove' woit strong. no more troubto with my Ommitelt of fintiorins of his boort; no cold fart or hands:. I sloop well and pat op refreshed; er. fart. I left I tiiit mvort 'Nem, al I aline So ley. eleyaspet's aloyyttra. Any ono trouble(' with Ilia saran dom.'s. who gives It a fair trial. I am positive will to boticlitvl by It, . i'llA S. A. l'ITTISWOItrif. 143 'fill It., Jersey City, N. J. no- far. Croono of $4 Temple pl.. tioaton. Alarm. She snenumful soonialist, in the nitre of all forms of mrayous and rhroote (bootee. eon be consulted free of eon yr, personally or by tether. EVERYBODY'S MUSIC. Among the obuttdmtt trottottms or -our, immense ot.kok o,oe to omo 14) imt oilltod. Picts tio lime uttr otittuuttati tittiottt 10,444" fr,itiriel.fatier poop,' it41 iA ' 'EM PC It A NICE nilIDE; (35 etc 113.(0,14.) nooson A Moor& TEM IEst IirE All.I.VIN44 SONGS. (35 tut. rt.uo es.) A. null. Nair Voice Chita will fake Eat etwoliei ABACl VOICE AAEMPO. FIE die ) MLItesolk,41 MALE VOICE cnoutti, (hoc, vhdz.,) rtrc or,wi Army setll , ' A II &SAGA. (11) ors. 1486 'di.) llovt abt acr ko,,ing. wall 1o19 '- (111,1.11411: SION 4,141. rit songs, (50n.) sear 00otk) old. 44,-Akoor Traciters cannot help liking the three "woks of 00 etc, 4neta.. I es !4 4A MLAL. I bo vie ,t13.04.20, !Emerson. (is.) l'aine Teachers wall We, very mach, as the beet companion la ant, Inarartion Bank 41101 04 VOITEM 04" TECHNICAL Enr.ratelkvs (1,26411) 17,1.4 ...towers triii liAl 1.11C4iNgin 11 litONCI, (40 ete 0440. de.) JAorrion. , Lettere of Inquire etleorfulls answered. Hooke mailed for itttail price. t LIVER DITSON COMPANY, BOSTON, 1 WIKNI3tit 610 ARE THE STrICHIGEST PIONCOINAMAIEWITHOUTroteetaLAIIEL Tito VA 'loiter to fletit of All. Pit strorlymn 1,4 DS Mel by itall room EA pevivi t .41441114.10 in all iltritt. Olio Titan. amp eh Vier aqvies noRk ierne il)ratkoto, ori it t aa ( it 'I hr. IleI yeti Plait bur.... Ar rytto Toot tu:bri Raker. e ,01;1, u et Sanwa irpt'atipp h tfris43kOS ii)thms 1' art. tho-oeu. fitA firm oitobto I. otota Ili poi regiTt h 1 otroits fur iturbtlei.r 4,4 IItrpe I (Sets ars it Snip lir till tipsier. Thy, din,tiwnit ,," Imo okte.hown thy, tiot ti Hoak 11, Pilch 'oil tilkol Pt trlor ?runt ',our firewr. OO Our tr. lf your 'tooter doer.' not houttio ,tooll to., ',true t.. th Motn.iftieltirors, $' AA a Ett Ottflittt, IMMV 0 Tho Absolutely irlre-proof Park Avenue Hotel fd land 33d $tr. NEW YORIC rourth ot llealava Arsons ears pafra the door. AMERIC AN MAN. GEO. 8. Alla IN, Ilauseer. d4ti:Ot CO ;77 .W.. LATES n k 1i:,,4 it 4.1 il 0 1 u I 0J- tkk )Q11.1AR . MIT ".. NOW Is ME '11:1 To Gott socomi haskt toroiSoro, oarpotikoso, 14,10,1,4 Aott It, sante to otittes not ohm& So wall tor itootom rotor-tut, N. M. HATCH, Auctioneer, rialtsitoNT T. Tr It 69 FISTULA trammed witrotit two of knife, or tim.nUots train bustnaaa, a na okI other diboao. bt Roettra1 . suarsalaaL lion r 4. Kr. A lw NI, 114 Hary,,,,1 AP. at& Tromoont OIL, mimeos: coul. Si live, Pond tor pansokloc. Aaltoot likumali, It a- Um. 60 4 P.,1,110 6a4 ko4s ra PILES - eopusg.4 -at is milk& 1 S T 0 F a A I E iPaaTeriar tram taa ae ta ruedital 'mg. earl7 esai, aatataa olka Seek Pr Riaaaloo,d. eat I aid aaaa .a,aaala Ifvaalla toys ed. oetaataing tikit parta-atata ter bent. oars. FREE Dt tbarto A brat,taata aboaseal week t milkmaid La read by every wftrireWl INA aebtlitaartt. Atlanta at rag. W. C Now ILE.Its Movdi a soCoan $all wad , -----d4' (;1 15) tt't ty l..i L iv76zt-1 m eS 4i-, u el 41:r) Id LI c?, NtiElr to.. BLALN -11 1, b tkov ( v .. I-KI ,f9f riri nu 1 tifq4 , 6))1 4111 mut i :T&I UILL SO O MAINE REED BLAINE. -: - ., S tate Too Small for Their , Ambitions. state l'oo mall tor ineir b , ,, , Ambitions. ' , ,, , , ,, , " ,- .. , les E for tho rresideney Sure - ,, .L ,, ,.. t o Come. . will The'a ropes be Wrecked on the , - Collectorship Pods. PoeYeasto. Sept. 18.Tbe loud acelaime which bailee Tom Reed's trlurophant indorsement bays not yet ceased their rowerlierstione. but man Y of thoo citizens who but Yeaterday awoke the echo ems of their native foreitts. are today in doubt as to whether their cheers dal not d'stista the serenity of Untted States Senator Frye andliale. and attricted the attention Of no lees a personage than Premier Blame himself. ebout for the triumph of the State ticket and the lungs of every eepublican are at your clammed. Shout for Torn heed. and a hesitating and uncertain co-operation is extended. 4 he conditioner affairs in Maine today is nut likened to seething that, has happened to the dominent party in that Stete sine its birth. 'the conquerers of Monday are the factions of Tuesday. Tile centre n f the eoming fight le right Bare in 'les, the most progreesive cite of tee tiii 1re ewe. Palmer k red a. Dow and Groevir W. F. Milliken are erinirionts for the colleetorship of itie port. hut they are simme figure-beads under which the war between the leaders is being waireti. t, of. I HIIV has been tonsured by the senators and he Sir. latent) that the onice which he seeita shall repine to bon. and yet Reed's objections hams beat Coilector Anderson. President Clevelanti's att)t)011itee. in office five mobtlis after his term lias expired. It. is tea a titiestion between Dow and Mention. it in the tat fleeted vaults from a euccesstul denionatration of who woolen the Power in Simile politics. In the solution ot the difficulty are involved: Blaine, the inageetic; aleti the aggress' ye. 'I he epenkees seireenality pervades all things down this wale and he is only faintly SititdoWd4(1111, lb premier himself. Maine "nee believe that belts a man of tlestiny with the ',residency within sight. They Kee him Trete!' tug tor the throne. and the nature which atone blacks the way is the gray-haired stateaman who for 41) years has held Maine as his borough. Betimes friends realized this very pondhilitr before the 114111L conereasional election. and yet Feed's meccas was made certain by a united Dart!. lamninent, liepublicans will openly avow that thsty hated heed. and Vet voted for him. lib; PUCCOSS they speak of as their lieleat cud yet they made that success a certainty. Pieed's Friends tell you. with all the positiveness of 4500 plurality, that even if these very Republicans hail bolted. and that bolt had been led by Premier Blaine himself. Tom Reed would have prevailed just the same, and his triumph would thus have been made more signitleatitDow is one of tee most active and brainy worker's that his party has in the mate. ind.nv close lights he Dam beau the director of heed's campaittne yet be would have beau appointed collector months ago. but that President Harrison has been assured that be was persoually distasteful to Mr. t red N. Dote and his friends have given to this etieme a more positive and convincing power than ever, Some now say they regret that they voted for him. ()there say nothing. Years ago Tom told Dow that he could nnt be the fried of the senators and lila triend also, Dow accepted the alternalive. and Reed is now making what be clai )8 one or the tights of his life. ei 'ow can only be appointed against my earliest and determined Protest." is the Way he puts it. "We want Dow beeanse he is personally distastelul to 'torn Reed," is the way the friends of the senator put it. liiuwiiig anti expecting this result from Mr. heed by -their votes, they tighten the bonds that bind them. if the plurality had been loot; or 150o ail would have been well, but in servitor party they have dents what they most dreaded.' - If the I itenotrace of the district had been in its old-tinie lighting trim, When they held Heed's plurality down to 175 votes, the' friende of the speaker claim - that his opponents would have made a differ-pet tight. There never was a chance of M. P. Frank. the Democratic candidate, who is among the ablest of the upright men of the State. wtnninij. If there had been a chance to defeat Reed. would Clarence Hale, the brother of annator lisle, Fred N. Dow, City Solicitor Ardon V. Coombs. ex-United States tnet Attorney Wilbur F. Lunt ex-Mayor Chapman. dames kc. flawkes. and a host of other prominent men in the Republican party have voted for him. . ) , Main men kitty they would. Reed men say they wouldn't - But Ruch questions apply alone to the past. anti Torn 'teed and his friends are imse with the future. Ills friends speak of the last election as an Uprising of the alltenes against whom nothing could have Prevailed. They now confidently claim that that rising not alone buried all Me Reed's enemies. but also swept the collectorship so far out of the reach of Fred N. Dow that he Can never approach near it again. - That election Monday seems likely to be. come memorable In American Politica. , out heed chngs to a position with huildoir tenacity. In his place, as second in the governmeii t. of this great country, he will insist on his purpose. and yet Grocer Millikeu may be lest in a compromise. It will be between Blaine and heed for mutual edventaaes. seater between Reed and the senators. for he has avowed that such a compromise with them is impossible. lie hate not, spoken to either of them. only when official courtesy compelled him so to do. for years. Miens claims her greatness for the wealth of her tilinintshing loreste her great chits of granite, her mi hoed hay fields, her frozen laLea and rivers. ,but above all because of her isreat men. ',they make her recolds and increase her lame. Answer the smaller of the sisterhood of States yet she euibraces with her brakes the Nation. Tibia is now ber omit, awl may be her sorrow. she is too small to contain the tame and tete of finttn and Heed. Bow happy she would be with either were the other dear coarnier away is apparently a part of the divinity which is shaping her end. Frye anti lisle are Mr. Betimes friends. They are held in power by the perfect machine which the premier constructed aud ,till direct 'I hey ate Mr. Reed's enemiesat least so hEi bas placed theme tie hAs thrown down the gauge. and Mr. Boutelie ban trumpeted toe h the challenge. Will the Plumed huight enter the list? Such a tournament weulti rend the Mate. and the Republicans of allele today breathlessly await the remelt. Iiik11110 is for Dow. Beset is against him. Mame holds the mechine. heed is strong with the meows. Blaine is politic. heed bethearent and determined. Blade made the aeltators. heed would unmake thane Maine ie the Cepuelican leader in the nation. heed toneel. tea heels. Blaine mite be a c:ititlitlat e tor the presidency again. Reed has similar &storm lobe teo these great men are arrayed by their pertisane here ix only one other Staie that by politics may be compelleti to make a choice between ta.otite sotits. LIM" presents two presidential limn. to the eepublicans. Great New York offers the same number to the Democrive In the latter the State oonventiou may make the attit.et1013 for the nettonal convention. In the former the mottoes,' convention mar conipenett to iltkeldes. for while th deiegates at 'MICA may be for the preinter the era and lienielie's district are reeerded as certain for the speaker. U. heed keeps his lenses bent on the Prentiva of th rotor. In 1874. when Fred N. Dow was developing such political strength that he might be-, come a ci ingreesional nominee. Reed checked him. sad in 1876 bewared the nomination for himself. Yuen on the death of Collector Morrill the senators made Dow 1 collector of Lite port. the chief ucilticel office in the Slate, without consulting hint Reed felt that an opportunity for personal power had been taken from him and be has never forgiven the senators or forgotten Dow. t lien Mr. elaine's claims for the premiership eeemeti t. ampardize lila auecess for the sprakernhio as giving to." much of the mottoes' power ta their native State. Reed looked to his own success. even over the Premier's isteure. lii this very connection it is related that when th lienublican caucus selected hen. Me. Reed waited upon Mr. Blaine. but was so coldly estessived that the rays of the told friemeohie caenot even penetrate the sun-lase. Friends of both the statesmen SAY: heed's embattle makes him covet leadership. and les cautiousness makes him wary of a comidant. lie is bait'. and Maine reopie atimire hint. Blaine is kind. cud they love him. heed holds the moot, tolorce the politicians. llama bolds the roliticiana and so controls the -, people. blame's Inends would Muriel the Besieger. while the speaker never Cringe. and : in his Power - threatens A Immocrser. could not best rum. "'Annie. In , the threatening conflict. bas everything to . , lose Keed everything to train. even if door's; SWAM hign There kais been some -skirmishing with Maine well uniier cover. l'ee,1 centres nto with MCKinley forced the tariff 14,11. Elaine 1 he attein ot t he i coon 1. I I! trY by rotiorryits t Pet with I twigs rust les a:ong the foree tilli Name. re-en foreed by fuaT and larrisou. ; make it untimely. .3. 31. t... writes in the k - L. .. .. n newt '.1 VI Mt MAT C EILESS MISEitY. Elk Hunters Climb the Mountains and Make a Discovery. San Francisco News Lefler.) A man who would deliberately play upon the enthusiasm of an amateur deer hunter is a villain. whom it would be base flattery to call a confidence man. or words to that effect. The other day. up at Mt. Shasta, the guests sitting on the hotel porch descried an immense elk standing composedly on the high trail. about 2000 feet above their heads. Bucks were scarce enough, but an elk, Great Scott! Instantly eight enthusiastic sportsmen seized their Winchesters anti began the ascent. I, p the terrible grade they climbed. with the thermometer at tii, until they reached the top. As the foremost crept breathlessly into the trail he met a man placidly chewing the stem of an unlighted you seesee the way that elk went?'? panted the climber. The man pointed to where a group of campers-out were unstrapping a pair of old buck antlers from the head of a mule. "You see." said the man with the pipe. blandly. -we discovered Just now that we hadn't a darned match left in camp. so as It was a leetle hot to go clear down below we thought that 1,erheos if we could decoy some of you fellows up here. as it were. you might have enough in your pockets to see us through don't you see'" And if the sportsmen hadn't all been too tired to breathe they would have slaughtr !rPCI.dialn 917040 avo?ts Ve'61:11C WANTS HER LAND. Eccentric Woman Snubs Relatives to Her Sorrow. ST. Lc,trts. Mo.. Sept. 18.--Mrs.'Elizabeth Kennon), .brought suit today to have set wide conveyances of property to the value of 150,000, mad' by her to Robert P. Waring. The story is a peculiar one. Mrs. Kenner ly is an eccentric widow, very wealthy. About eight months ago she was sick unto death, and living alone with servants in a very large old-fashioned mansion. Her situation was such as to cause neighbors to notify her brother. Robert P. Waring, in Cincinnati, who immediately came hers. tither relatives put in an appearance. but she snubbed them and made a will giving all ler big estate to her brother. Then she thought they might break her will. and to prevent this she deeded him property. Other relatives undertook to stun these proceedings by having her declared Insane. ..-die fought them and won in court. anti then she. in a measure. recovered her health and took a notion that she wanted her property back. In order to get it she has bad to tile this suit. , TARIFF BILL LONG LIVED. Conferrees Cannot Predict the End of Measure. WAsntitdrox. Sept. 18.The Republican conferrees on tariff bill held another prolonged conference tonight lasting until midnight. Subsequently it was said by one of the conferrees that some progress bad been made, but that they were not nearly through yet. and that it could not be predicted when a final agreement would be reached. No cOnelttRiOn was reached upon the three most prominent matters now in dispute: viz.. the binding twine duty. the bonded period and the sugar duty. lite senators are firmly fixed intheir de. termination to have the Senate sugar amendment. making the dutiable standard Li instead of id. as adopted by the house. or else to have the Fuger duties as at Present. Thus far they have not succeeded in inducing the House conferrees to yield. Baptist Divine Ordained. Bev. Scott Clark Burrell was ordained last avrang at the Twellth Baptist church on Phillips st, Rev. Peter Smith opened the service& with prayer. Rev. Dr. J. Horatio Carter preached the ordination sermon LOT. J13830 Harold exteuded the right hand ot fellowship and Bev. Mr. NOV fun nev ot Cambridge delivered the chance to the candidate. Bey. Mr. Brooks of Alexandria. Va.. read from the Scriptures. 111:14 Rev. Mr. spillar of Wilmot). Va.. offered the praveroi ordination. he services closed with benediction by the Rev. 11 Burrell. Mr. Burrell sves tomorrow for his home in irgima, vir aere be has been active in teaching and tempersnco work. ' - - Demand Unlimited Silver Coinage. Dexygg, Col.. Sept. 18.--The Republican SW convention here today adopted a platform indorsing President Harrison and demanding the free and unlimited coinage of silver. Hozea Townsend was nominated for Congress and the convention adjourned till tomorrow. Candidate from Londonderry. Drnitv Drror. N. IL. Sect 18.The publican convention has nominated R. M. Corning of Londonderry as senatorial candidate Isom the district. New England Briefs. John Buchanan. aged 9. was killed by the cars at North Adams yesterday. - ..Ernest Wenn. aged 1, WAS drowned at Newbutyport. yesterday. winks bathing. ..The 27th and 3;th ISfassachusette regiMeet hold reunions in z-pringrield today. Haigh Barbisoat treasurer of Colt's Firearms Company or Hartiord for 25 years. has resigned. Burglars tainted the till of the Abbott Grocery Compani. at Keene. Z.. IL. Wed-beadily i!liam Blanchard of Woonsocket was acquitted yesterday en a charge of Henry Andrews. The 22d Connecticut beld their reunion at Hartford yestercay. Cot. G. S. Burnham e as presented with a $100 burs& Fragrant Sosodont Hardens anti invigorates the gums. purities awl Dortemes the nreath. cleanses. beautifies anti preserves the teeth from youta to eiti age. ,t,tagi tog eit drugglsta, an? polities) marhine that opposes him. Ile tbo rising son. and yot there ix no one in Mane wile will It peak of him ne's anti a ettimr. Reed may 1 to said tvi have woo berantie hist own rani. with a dieonganized and unaaaited imme,rrarv. could not beat Mtn bin. in tb tbreatPritng conflict. bas everrhing to TLIE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE-FRIDAY, SEPTIrElt Wt,,, 1890. HONORED ,BY FIREMEN. The Historic Name of Melvill. Int) .a.13 I. 1.1. It; .1111.1.1.1e1 01 ilffir ? Melvin. iTho Core the Name S. loam therist!d n in the Department. , The Venerable Pitcher Now the Property of the City of Boston. For a century the name of Melvin has been connected with the Boston fire department as that of a tire warden. and later as the name of several fire engines. both band and steam. , Maj. Thomas Melvill or 47 consecutive years. from 1779 to 1826, was a fire ward of the town and city of Boston; the last 25 years of that period tie served as chairman of the board of fire wardens, a position of equal importance ins those days to that of chief of department in later years. He was chairman of that board at the time it was legislated out of existence and a board of engineers substituted therefor and Col. Samuel D. Harris elected chief engineer, in 1826. Melvill was born in Poston Jan.15, 1751. His father, Mien Melvill. was the son of a clergyman of Sceone, in the village of Leven. county of Fife. Scotland. where be wai born and lived until 1748. when he came to this country and established himself in a mercantile busitess in Boston. He married Jane, a daughter of David Cargill of Londonderry, N. IL. but a native of England. Thomas Melviii. the subject of this article. was their only son. who sem left an orphan when 10 years of age. and Placed under the care of his grandmother. He was educated in the Boston public schools. and graduated from Princeton College in 176e. To please his relatives be studied for the ministry for a year or so, when his health became impaired and he decided to enter the mercantile business. lie visitee Europe for the purpose of acquiring practical information relative to the Importing business and to establish a correspondence with some leading commereial houses le London and elsewhere. He was in Loudon when the celebrated John Wilkes was expelled front the House of Commons and committed to the Tower for writing the famous 45th number of the Nolth Briton. He participated in the events connected therewith, being an intense lover of liberty and an ardent hater of tyranny. He afterward had a watch made with the figures "45" engraved on the case. in commemoration of that event and his devotion h e nights or Man. He was one Of that immortal band who in December, 1773, boarded the English fleet In Boston harbor and threw their rich cargo of tea into the water. He was an active participant in all the leading events which resulted in the revolution. He was a captain In the first regiment of volunteers raised in Massacnusetts and aselened to a command In Col. Craft's artillery corps. When the British evacuated Busain he was in command of the forces on N antes ket Heights, which watched the movements and hastened the departure of the British beet. lie was in the Rhode Island expedition when the Englist' forces were compelled to abandon Newport. lie was commissioned a major during this campaign. On his return to Boston with his command garrison duty only was done until the close of the war, when lie was appointed naval officer. and when the Federal government was established he was appointed surveyor of the port of Boston and was the first person to hold those two important positions. Afterwards he was transferred to the naval ottice.which position he first held. and for 40 years he was constant in the active and faithful discharge of the duties of that ottice, retiring when nearly 80 years of age. After his retirement be was annually elected to the State Legislature nett his death in 18;12. He possessed many social and domestic virtues and was honored aud loved by all. He was active in all things that would advance the morality. intelligence and prosperity of his teltow-countrymen. His beneficence was universal and be was a large and willing giver to deserving charity. Lie was a true Christian of the olden type. He lived for many years in Green at, near the . old church, now a paper box factory. Always at night. when there was an alarm of lire. he would place a light in his front window, and after he retired from the service he would always coin. to his door. both night and day. and salute the fire company in that section when it passed. He was a most active commander and took a great interest In the Fire Service. When he retired his colleagues on the fire wards board presented him with a silver pitcher. There was a fire in a residence on Green et.. near Mai. Melvill's home. Sept. 7, 1832, et noon. and he took an active part in its extinguishment. more than the infirmities, incident to old age. warranted his doing, but fire enthusiasm was greater than his vitality, and his overexertions resulted in a severe cold, followed by diarriaii a of a violent nature from which he was unable to recover, and passed away at 9 o'clock Sunday evening, Sept. 16. J832. at the age of s I years. He was buried the following Wednesuay with tireman's honors. the Melvin i-ngin company. Li. in charge. His remains now lie in King's chapel burial ground. in Aprii.18;12. 'tepid engine company, 13. located in Leverett et- petitioned the board of engineers. of which T. C. AmOrY was then chief. to change Its name to in Maj. Alelvill's honor. This request was granted. and June 20 this company, of which Charles N. Robinson was then foreman, with a new engine bearing the name of Melvin. paraded the streets. anti in front of Mai. Meivill's house gave an exhibition of the engine and a test of its working qualities. This scene was made the subAct of an oil painting. which now hangs in the old State House with the collection of the Bostonian Society. After the drill Mal. Melvill presented the company with the official staff which he carried to tires for 47 consecutive years. A complimentary banquet was tendered Mai. Meivill that evening by this company. Chief Amory and many other department and city officials were present At the request of Airs.Priscilla officers of the Melvin engine company assembled at her residence on Green St., Jan. 1833. awl received from her the silver pitcher presented to her departed husband, by the old board of fire wards, which he requested be presented to the company bear. ing his name after his death. Airs. Melvin was at this time on her death bed. and it was with considerable effort that she presented the pitcher, with the understanding that it ''be held and enioyed by the present and all succeeding companies attached to refrtos. At a subsequent meeting of the company proper action was taken on the receipt of so valuable a gift. and a compact made to the effect that the pitcher should always be the property of the city of Boston. for the especial use of the engine company belonging to the Melvin; and that when the name Melvin should cease to be attached to any fire company the pitcher should become the property of the Boston fire departmeat. engine, 13.. became Melvill. No. 6, when the department was reorganized in 18;02. and when steam superseded muscle in the early tom the same name and num Der were retained and remained as such until the tire commission came in. in 1874. when the name Melvili was discontinued. as were then all names on apparatus. For 40 years the name Melvin bad been attached to a piece of Boston's fire apparatus in active service. in honor of one who was for almost a half ceutnry one of the bead department officials and for a quarter of a century its chief. In 1874 this pitcher. then deposited inane of Boston s oldest banks. in aecordance with the Presentation agreement, became the property of the tire department, and is probably now in the tire couinnesioners' office. The name Melvin did not cease as a name for an engine company when Boston Reamdoned it in 1874. When the old hand engines were sold the old Melvin. No. 6. went to the town of Southbridee. where its name was retaiued until Ises. when the engine was sold to the Boston Veteran Firemen's Association. which of all bodies was the one most proper to have that engme and retain so illustrious a name as Meivill tn the tire service of Bos- ton. This orgsniyation. however, last year oecided that the name MelvIll should cease to appear oa any piece of tre anparatus, and 67 years after that honored name was first used for an engine. these whom it would be supposed would be the last to send it into oblivion. substituted therefor tee less appropriate name of Boston Vet. Royal Council, No. 1. U. F. Royal Council. No. i. United Fellowsblo of Massachusetts. was instituted last evening at United Fellowship Dalt, 26 Uni-116, Park at.. by Henry Damon, supreme dicta. tor. The following talkers were elected and installed: Royal Past Director. George R. Hamlin; roval director. S. J. Crockett; royal viceeireettw. V arnurn Mott. M. D.: royal M. &tractor. H. J. Zailard; royal treasurer. H. I 11. Wilder : royal secretsrY IL Floret I 1 lbee-iar k J : roval collector. T. J. RIAD: OYU I I guide. W D Wiliam . Baroer; roywarden. Addle S. Fowles: royal sentinel. George H. Gurer; royal chaplain. Mary J. Crockett. I 1 The next meeting will take place in I United Fellowship Hall. Friday. Sept.26. at 8 IL va. FIRST IN THE BAY STATE. Tent of the Daughters of Veterans OrganizedThirty Young Ladies Fat.. rolled as Members. The Bret tent of the Deuzhters of Veterans to be established in this State was organized last.evening at Vie residence of Mrs. Waterman. Draper et.. Dorch. ster. A oout ;30 young ladies of Dorchester and vicinity were enrolled as members. The following officers were elected: President. Miss Alice Bird; senior vice-president, Miss Etta Rowe: junior vice-president. Miss Carrie Bunt; secretary. Miss Lillie Baxter treasurer. Mrs. Waterman: tent trustees. Misses Coward. Wheeler. Wragg. The officers were then installed by the following delegation from John A. Andrew Cemo,146, Sons of s torahs: Cant. F. E. Bolton. G. W. h. nowiton. W. H. Bird. G. H. Smith. E. O. Eldridge. A permanent heanquarters will be de . cided upon at the next meeting of the tent. The credit of organizing the tent is due to Mrs. Waterman; and as the idea is meeting with great favor among the young ladies of the district it is expected the membership will increase rapidly. TRIBUTES TO O'REILLY. Carroll Institute of Washington Adopts a Set of Resolutions on the Nation's Loss. WASHINGTON. Sept. 18.Carroll Institute was packed this evening at the memorial meeting called in honor of the late John Boyle O'Reilly. President D. I. Murphy of the institute presided, and in opening the meeting paid a glowing tribute to O'Reilly's character. Faithful and true to the dear land of his birth, but no less the devoted and loyal of his adopted country. The awful sufferings of his early life were enough to drive the sunshine forever out of his nature. but to the last his writings breathed a spirit of love and sweetest Christian character." Edwin A. Mosely. secretary of the interstate commerce commission ana one of O'Reilly's most intimate friends, said: "It is well-known that thousands have been the personal friends of John Boyle O'Reilly. and it is pride enough to have been one of these. In some relations of life. in the relaxation which men feel in the pursuit of recreation, in vacation days, or in the prac Lice of athletic sports. 1 count myself happier than almost any other man in the coinvanionship of this tenderest and bravest of men. 'It occurred to me the other night that I could most interest you by telling you a few plain stories of these associations." Mr. iliosely gave several illustrations of his tolerance and catholicity. and as an evidence of his tolerance said he would speak of the postmaster-general as a distinguished layman of another creed he met in the company of Bishop Ryan. Short addresses were also made by Mai. Edmund Mallet Capt. Edwaid U. M. Congdon and M.T. Weller, the latter an Englishman. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Whereas, the members of the Carrbli Institute deem it their duty to manifest, on all Mang occasions, their admiration for the ability, their gratitude for the services. and respect for the memory of those who have distinguished themselves by their devotion to the principles which the institute has been established to maintain; and Whereas, within the past month John Boyle O'Reilly, the earnest and able advocate and champion of religions and political liberty, has, by an all wise providence, been called to a better world, the members of the institute and their friends at this, the Srst reunion after the summer recess, desire to place on record their feeling of intense regret at his premaature death, and their appreciation of his many admirable qualities of mind and heart; therefore, be it Resolved, That in the death of John Boyle O'Reilly the church has lost a faithful. devoted and gifted child, ever true to his teaching and imbued with his spirit, and the republic, a patriotic, manly, broad-minded and eminent citizen. proud of his traditions, his greatness and his glory. and anxious for the prosperity and happiness of all her people. Resolved, That in him upland. the land of his birth, for whose freedom he strove so bravely and suffered so severely, loses a chivalrous, warmhearted and helpful son, ever prompt to aid her in all her struggles for Justice and liberty, and the oppressed of all lands, of every race, creed and color, a true friend and fearless defender. Resolved, That by his ability as a literatue, his eloquence as an Orator and his genius as a poet, as well as by his modest manliness and pure unselfish patriotism, he won the esteem and respect of all true men, ri,nd shed fresh lustre upon the faith in which he believed, the race from which he sprung and the nation whose citizen be was proud to be., Resolved, That we tender to his sorrowing widow and orphans the assurance of our deepest sympathy with them in their heavy affliction, and our humble trust that "lie who doeth all things well" will grant them fortitude to bear their irreparable loss with resignation. Ordered, That a copy of the foregoing be sent to Mts. O'Reilly and one to the Boston Pilot and the Church sews. TWO REPORTED KILLED. 1' Heavy Damage by Thunderstorm In Iowa. COUNCIL 13Lurrs9 Ta.. Sept 18.A heavy rainstorm accompanied by lightning visited this section about noon today. Many cellars in this city were flooded. The large volume of water on the stretqs caused a suspension ot travel for over an hour. Several buildings were struck by lightning and three persons severely hurt. A Cyclone struck about four miles south of Manning. la.. at 2 this afternoon. Two men are reported killed and several injured. Damage to property will be heavy. CUT HER EARS OFF. fainnesota Man Commits Murder and Suicides. LONG PRAIRIE. Minn.. Sept. 18.Last night Fred Paul shot Mrs. Louis Bue low at Bear Head. eight miles from here. while she was at work in a potato patch. He then cut off her ears. The little daughter of the murdered woman was the only witness of the affair. Paul went home and shot himself. Will Not Visit Pawtucket. About 20 members of the Barnicoat Association held a meeting at the headquarters of Protective No. 1. on Hamilton at., last evening. It was the intention of the IISIOCiation to visit Pawtucket and take Dart in the Slater Colon centenary. but owinz to the fact that the Veteran Firemen's Association have decided to take part in the celebration the Barniceats voted not to make the visit, as many of the members would have to turn out with the -vets." 'Ike annual dinner will be held Dec. 2, probably at the haver house. Merrimac County Nominees. CONCORD. N. IL. Sept. 18. At the Merrimac County Republican convention today the following nominations were made: So. bettor. R. E. Walker. Concord : sheriff. J. H. French, Penacook register of deeds, Charles IL Ordway. Concord ; register of Probate, J. P. Nutter. Concord; treasurer. E. H. Carroll, Warner; commissioners, G. B. Emmons. Concord ; A. Roble, Hookset; J. I- smith Northfield. Will Ask Senate for Eight Hours. CONCORD. N. K. Sent. 18.--The local branch of the Granite Cutters' National Union has voted to present Senator Chandler a numorously signed petition asking for the passage by the Senate of the House bill to secure back pay under the &ght-hour lave. Many granite cutters now here were formerly employed on government work, hence their peution. Bookbinders rwermized. At a meeting of the joint executive board of the bookbinders and pacer rulers' assemblies a report was submitted from the member of the national executive board in the trouble in A. 1-learn's abop. It was unaciinonsly voted to continue the strike. I he paper-rue rs in the shop are Dow out on strike. with the exception of the torentac. who refused to abide by site vote ot his lises- lvsembil orderine the strtket Clothing Trtelet Vigorous-At the meeting of the executive board of the clothing trade unions last evenmg a label committee of three was appointed. It was decided to vigorously push the agita tion against New York tenement house roads goods. Ways and means to that end were discussed at length and measures were Enaily decided upon which -it waa believed would have the desired effect. 1890. LINENBY SHIPLOAD. McKinley Bill Hurries Manufacturers. Immense Shipments Coming from Belfast and Liverpool Lisbon Declared in a State of Siege. LoN pox. Sett 18.The merchants of Belfast are making every endeavor to place as much linen as possible in the United States before the McKinley tariff bill goes into effect The White Star line steamer Majestic. which sailed from Liverpool for New York yesterday. has one of the largest cargoes of linen ever known to have Peen skiipped. Many shippers are unable to secure freight space. NO INTEREST IN SLAVE TRADE. Herr Schmidt Denounces Reports as Malicious and Untrue. Bontric. Sept. 18.Herr Schmidt telegraphs.officially from Zanzibar that neither at Daressalaam Nor Bagamoyo bas any proclamation with reference to slave trading been issued; that no licenses have been granted to dealers; that no actions against freed slaves have ever occurred on the coast; that the statement that Za,nzibar dealers have gone to the coast to engage in the slave trade is unfounded, and that the recent malicious and mendacious reports were spread for the purpose of injuring the Germans. PORTUGAL'S NEW CABINET. List of Senbors Who Will Manage Affairs of State. Ltsnow. Sept. 18.A new cabinet will probably be formed as follows: President of the council and minister of war. Senhor Chrysostomo: interior. Senhor Casal berio; foreign affairs. Senhor Ferrao: finance. Senhor Martino; justice. Senbor Carve lho; pub ic works. Senbor Ennes: marine. Senbor Neves; education. ts-Unhor Bocage. The Corte s afUourned today after Senbor Serpa Pimentai had announced the resignation of the cabinet. The King has stun.' moned to Lisbon airtbe councillors of state. TWO M. P.'S SUBSTITUTED. O'Connor and O'Kelly Will Probably Visit America. DUMAN. Sept. 18.--T. P. O'Connor, M. P.. and James O'Kelly, M. P., will probably take the berths on the steamer Teutonic which Mr. Dillon and Mr. O'Brien had secured for their Datisage to the United btates. LISBON IN STATE OP SIEGE. Serious Fighting Reported Between Police and Mobs. PARTS, Sept. 18.A report Is current here that serious fighting has occurred in Lisbon between the police and mobs. and that the government had proclaimed a state of siege in the city. Rescued Fifty Slaves. ZANZIBAR. Sept. 18.--Boats from a British man-of-vrar had an exciting chase todav after a 5RISDICi0118 looking dhow. The Arab captain of the dhow. who showed fight. was shot by the pursuers. Fifty slaves wale rescued from the dhow. Expelled Members Return. BELLINMSA, Sept. 18.--Tbe members of the expelled government have been allowed to re-enter their offices. the federal commission in the meantime retaining In the administration. Cable Flashes. - - - Mlle. Samary. an actress of the Theatre Francais. earis. is dead. An earth4nake shock was felt in Eskdalemuir. Damfries. yesterday. The empress of Austria. has arrived at Tangier aboard the yacht Chazahe from Gibraltar. Arthur Arnold denies the report that his brother. Sir Edwin intends to wed a Japanese lady. The funeral of M. Joffrin. late member of the Chamber of Deputies, took place in Paris yesterday. The editor of the Cocardn, the Boulangist orgAn of Paris, has been Imprisoned tor infringing the press law. Typhus fever and dysentery prevail to an alarming eetteut in east Prussia and upper silesia. There have been many deaths caused by the diseases. In view of the recent developments at Tripoli the French government has ordered the Mediterranean and Levant suriadrons to proceed to North Africa. A family of eight persons..consisting of father, mother and six children. has been killed at Pressburg. Hungary. by ignorantly eating the fruit of the nightshade plant. NOT A PILGRIM PRESENT. Plymouth County Mxtolled.However. by Many. BRIDGEWATER, Sept. 18.---The Plymouth county fair was largely attended on this its second day. The annual dinner took place in Agricultural Hall The following made brief addresses: Rey. L. V. Price and Eev. P. A. Warfield of Brockton. and A. G. Boyden. president of the State normal school here. The track events were as follows: 2.50 cksss. $150, divided. Fred Newton, Brockton, b. g. CoL Hooker...1 1 1 Charles Yapp, Bridgewater, b. us. ',Minnie L..2 0 3 H. A. Baker. Rockland, br. it. Joe Moniton..6 0 2 Joshua Wilkes, Braintree. b.s. American 1,,14.3 Daniel Heard. South Portsmouth, cit. tu. Lady Almont 4 5 5 E. C. Gardiner. Fall River. ch. g. Dirk R 5 6 6 T1me-2.4414. Z.4412, 2.4414. - FREE FOE ALL. $400, divided. Chares Yam Bridgewater, b. g. Ciratx....1 1 4 1 8. A. Miller, Middleboro. et. tn. Maud Elanab 2 8 1 N. J. ,ttone. New Bedford. br. g. Bet 3 2 2 3 B. A. Worthlv. Lexington, sp. g. Lexington Chief ..4 4 3 -4 Time-2.314e. 2.2932. 2.273,4.2.29. 2.32 CLASS. $250 divided. N. J. Stone. New Bedford, b. g. John Knott..1 1 1 A. Johnson, Brockton, ch. lg. Amine B 2 3 2 Fred Newton. "Warm. b. m. Minnie K 3 2 .$ Thne-2.381,4, 2.4014, 2.32. HIT AT HUB CARPENTERS. New York Men Say They Work Below Union Prices. NEW Yoak. Sent. 18.k strike of carpenters. painters. varnishers and plumbers to the number of 45. took place today at the residence of Mr. Havemeyer. the sugar rehner. 38th st. and 5th ay.. because of the employment of carpenters who had been sent from Boston and were working below the union schedule. - The strike is not settled and the men say they will not go back to work until the Boa. ton men are sent back to the Hub. HIS LAST SHINE. Bootblack Drops Dead of Heart Failure While Polishing a Shoe. - George Moore. colored. 34 years of age. residing at 11 Acton St.. employed as a bootblack at Samuel S.1 Mama' shop. '2,9 Stain St. dropped dead yesterday afternoon while polishing a gentleman's shoes. Dr. Elliott was called and pronounced it a case of heart disease. Jumped Into Charles River. Elizabeth. Taylor. colored. 18 years of age. residing on IN or Lb Russell at.. junined into the Charles river from Burnham' s wharf last evening with the evident intention of committing suicid e. sties was rescued by Vc ii. hoyt of the West Roston bridge. Army of he Cumber!end. Totgrfre. Sept. lEt.The Foctety of the Army of the Cumberland today eIxted these officers: President. Gen. W. S. Rosecrans corresponding secretary. Gen- lieurY N. Cist; record;ng secretary. Col. J ki bteele; treasarer. tien. J. S. fallerton. New High Jumping Record. TORoNTo. Ont. Sent. 18.The horse Rose. berry to-day beat the world's record for hick jumping by jumping 7 feet 1 inch et the exhibition grounds DION BOUCICAULT BEAR I Continuo, from the Tirol raze husband in America. but seized on all his Wave in Emeand and coutrola them teday. Immediate le upon the rendletr of the decree bliss A horndt ti too t the prectintion of having a Dew marriage careuinny performed to Veto sylvanite tnakiug her uow Mr. Boucieault's widow. During the past two years Mr. Boucicault has been In rather unfortunate straits. uptil ' A. M. Falmer. anxious to improve Ms condition. appointed bins to manage his 1 dramatic Reboot. from whose TAI1KS he hoped to be able to continually stteugthen his popular eounnany. To this work Mr. Doncicault devoted his entire attentive up to the time of his death. making the venture a great success. Miss Tborndike and he separeted late'''. and this left him comparatively alone In the world-He was in Boston last week to superintend the placing here of his Tibor "Ilie k lying scud." and then appeared to be in his usual health. so the news of bis death created much surprise and regret in the theatrical world here, for be was a wan of excellent parts. In 1874 Mr. Boncicault. after a long and brilliant season in London. where be . Expentte,1 au Cuormosse Amount of futile laborupon the spectacle of Table and Bijou." in which Miss Helen Barry made her debut as the queen of the Amazons, or some Inzurant part, came back to America, and catching Mr. . ileallack in an unsuccessful season be produced The Shaughraun." Playing himself the part of Conn and turning the ebb of disaster into the full rood of prosperity. tie waa now in the zenith of fame. 'The Shaughraun" was a second "Colleen Bawl)." an i it is said to have netted its author over 3400.000. . Mr. Boucicault.aft,r the amazing succens of this piece. could have retired to his study and given the remainder of iiis liti to 'tee.. ary work. in honor and proste Illy. But the profligate aid e of his nature was too strong and he declined in a double sense. when "The Shaughraun" was shelved. His play of Marriage" was an open defiant claim that he could still write pure comedy. He called it point lace. It was accepted by the publics as red flannel.- Then follow, d a series of patchworx revisions in the theory of conquest which led him as far -Pace as 'Jane Shore" in which Clara Morris failed. He had. It is true. turned "La Temptation" Item French to English and called it "Led Astray." tnerebe saving the fortunes of the Union Square theatre. Ode remembers with amazement his spoiiation of the only beautiful theatee he had erected and embellished at great cost at leid st.. and one recalls with little interest his disasters there. But there is one incident connected with that theatre which has not lost sad interest. It was the reappearance there of Mrs. Boucicault. the once beautiful Agnes Robertson, and the revival of .lessie Brown. But the beautiful Agnes Robertson was no longer Young. and the ale e of Lucknow has been pushed into insignificance. To one generation Agnes Robertson was remembered as the favorite of the past. To the world she stood as Dion Boucicaules wife and the mother of his children. His Subsequent treatment is open history. In the face of mankind and the record. be depied that she was his wife. and that her offspring were his. The only praise that can be bestowed upon Mr. Boucicault here is that Itio Intellectuat Ability outlived by several years his moral sanity. Some glimpses of his conduct had been afforded long before. when. for example, he produced "Formosa" In London, and announced Publicly that he was giving a pathway for the drama through the sewers. and again finding Hie world's stock of ready ideas running short be stole Aueustin DalY's railway scene from -Under the Gaslight." dumped it into "After Dark" and came to America to produce it at Niblo's Garden. Te very last prolesAonal act of Mr. Boucicault's life was to Pervert the very Pretty ideas of a dramatist, and ruin a good play for Mr. Russell.. In this the public saw his hand had lost its cunning. Viewed generously Mr. Boucicault was a singularly endowed man. He possessed. along with the recklessness. the humor and the truculency of the Celtic temperament; Isomething of the gaiety and the nnesse and wit of the Frenchman. 1 But be had no sincerity of purpose in is I mature life. He studied to canle the public, and he succeeded in outliving their consideration. He knew the stage with a rare knowledge. but he mistook the human heart. ; He did not unnerstand that it rememI hers. and he could not believe that it de-IsPises. His knowledge was encyclopaedic . but stwerticial. He was stored with the glittering foam of the French press. and he i talked like a Diderot. not like Bacon. ! He made three fortunes and died penniI less. No one will ever know how much of i his income was squandered in idle specula. tion. He was -denied that judiciousness : which can estimate the value of money. I The geberous tribute that can be utteren ; now where there should be much silence is that - millions who remember the ' "Colleen Bawn" will have a grateful ' thought for the magician who kept the world entranced so long. and other millions who still linger with delight in the roman. ; tic shadows of "Rio Van Winkle," will be! lieve that Dion Boucicault was indeed an enchanter. . NEWS BY WIRE. Items of Interest Condensed for Globe Readers. The steamer Princess Beatrice. 'valued at $54.000. is ashore at New harbor Ledge. N. S.. and is fast going to pieces. Mrs. AdamWeehter. the Whitehall. Penn.. faster. has pa.sed 170 days without food of any kind. She is believed to be near death. Els Couldn't Discover Perpetual Ito- t ion. , tNew York Sun. Christopher Stanley, an old inventor, killed himself at Elizabeth. N. J.. on Mon-(lay. with paris green, because. as it is alleged. he was unable to discover perpetual motion. He bad experimented for years and spent hundreds of dollars. He was 74 years old. a veteran of the FrAnco-German war. and was a tine mechanic but an eccentric character. lie ate half a can of the Poison toll his landlady b was tired of )1le and his struggle for fame. and. giving her S'; 5 to pay tor his funeral expenses, lay down in his bed and tiled. steam Fitters' Delegate. The Steam Fitters' Association ast evening at its meeting in St. Stephen's hall elected Burt E. Stone as the delegate to the third annual national convention of the trade, to be held in Philadelphia Oct. 6. J. H. Gillis was chosen as alternate. A committee was appointed to confer with the two other bodies in the trad on the matter of revising rules so as to have a satisfactory understanding between the different bodies. Sale of Underwear. Messrs. Anathan & Co. of 420 Washington at. announce that they are selling oat their entire stock of underwear at what it cost them last season. The stock consists of jersey fitting balbriggan shirts and drawers, full regular made. Also medium and heavy weight genuine earners hair sui ts. which are very soft next the skin; as well as natural wool. derby ribbed shirts and drawers. Their stay at the above address is limited. Gym for Weymouth Youths. WzymouTn. Sept. 18.Through the generosity of Thomas A. Watson this village and East Braintree are to have a public gymnasium and reading room. Two floori of the building occup:ed by J. G. Worster. on washington sq.. have been leased for a term of years by n. s on. son. Disloyalty Wag Charged. Nircv rORK. Sept. IR.Assemblyman Frederick S. Gibbs of the I th assembly dhstrict. by a two-thirds vote, was expelled from the flepuhlican county committee at a meeting of that organization tonight . upon charges of disloyalty to the party in having formed an alliance with Tammany Hall while the last Legislature was in sell-MOLL , Little Maud is Dying. PORTSMOUTH, N. IL Sept. 18.Alter 9 o'clock tonight Maud Heine be to taij . and at a lei hour was said to be sinking slow's It is not deemed probable that she will live 24 hours longer. - Leos' Linea--The Boston Theesnphical Fociety held Its second meeting since the summer vacation last night at the rooms. tit. iioyiston The Verdict Or people who ante llood's Sarsaparilla is positive I t its favor. When need aceortling to threettorts the good elletds of thus, exflletit iste&iteine tun soon felt in nerve tftrenalb resto:ed. Coat tared feeling driven aff. a gala appetite created. headache and (1)spepola reliev iod scrofula cured end all the bad erects of im- pure id overcome. It you are m need of a good blood &trifler Or tome medicine do not fait to try Hood', Sarsaparilla. It ; Otr fOr 118. Prepared by C. L 300D A CO, Lowell. CHICa't1 L-, World's Fair Menel...., by Commissioners. nizily City Ilas Sot Eept Igreement Made gene Congress. Dignity of the Government Mast TA Maintained. CRTC Ann. ilL Sere lg.Breathing tle nuuciations on the unhaProe directors col the Columbian Exposition. hurling oppositioo at the dual site. and relieving themselves of long pent-up disapprobation. the national commissioners of the fair made the gilded chambers of the council roar for hours today. It wa.s with evideut reluctance that th Commissioners accepted the lake front an Jackson l'ark snob last June. and everybod ' knew that a heavy eruption was Deaths Today it burst forth with furl. The storm came when Alternate Mercy of Wyoming offered a resolution that th directors be called upon to render a site i one compact bode: Then with a l voice the alternate from the nest tl clared that the world's fair Drotetaiti as it stands today is a disgrace before people of the world. He warned the c missioner that a dual site such as was templated would mean the expenchtur s2o.000.odo. and this be declared so failure. The speaker was loudly cheer Mark McDonald. the commissiose are from California. supported Mr. cer's resolution. Then Dr. Cochrane of TexaS ro against the lozal board. Senator Sewell of New Jemy else j the previous speakers in roasting Cb for its neglect to carry out its prom's - Congress. and appealing for a rebea on the site question. (lea. St. Clair then got up and prove terrine applause by his assault on the vendous scheme adopted by the too 1 hal He said the local directory was not tr ing the commissioners fairly. and t urged the commissioners to put the where they wanted it. ludee Lindsey was also after the directors with a sharp pointed mice. time." he said. lor this commissi - - unolerstand whether it is merely an adjunc to an Illinois corporation, organized under the general laws of lilinois. or whether it represents the dignity of the government of the Uniteil States, and is bore tO see &hal it is maintained." lhis statement aroused great enthugialsm. and the cheers burst forth again when Mr. Ritchie of I thin rapped the local direetors over the head for their shuttling way of doing business. A motion to give the local directory until Saturday to submit some tangible informs,- tion as to their plans and sites was adopted. but not without a tierce opposition. - The local directory went into executive session early this evening. to name their candidate for director general of the I ig fair. At midnight the directors were still in session with no prospect of immediate adjournment. It is understood that twe hours were pent in discussing the criticisms of the commissioner& Tacgart Nominated for Congress. LAcustA. N. IL. Sept. 18.--The Republican congressional convention for the first New Hampshire district was held today in Moulton Opera House. The t andidates for nominatiou were D. Arthur Taggart of Goffstown. Cyrus A. Solloway of Manchester. Henry E. Burnham of Manchester. and Daniel Hall of Dover. The contest be. tween I aggart and Sullowav was spirited. the vote tieing: Tazgart. 154; Solloway. L19; Burnham. 9; Hall. 3. Trolley Wire Fell to Pavement. A trolley wire broke at the corner of Tremont and Boylston sts. at (3.15 last evening and the ends fell to the Pavement. Fortunately it did not come in contact with any of the pedestrians. and in the course of a few minutes a lineman was on the snot and repaired the damaged wire. The Famed Cocoa of Europe, The Coming One of America. Houselwid Words AU Over Europe. ANHOUTEN'S COCOA luBESTde GOES FARTHEST" Now that its manufacturers are drawing I the attention of the American public to this first and, ever since its invention, the best of all cocoas, it . will soon be appreciated here as well as elsewhere all over the world. All that the manufacturers request is simply one trial, or, still better, a comparative test with whatever other cocoa it may be; then VAN HOUTENIS COCOA itself will convince every one of its great superiority. It is because of this that the English paper Health, says : "Once tried, always used." gay-To avoid the evil effects of Teased Coffee, use constantly VAN tIOCTEN'S COCOA. which is a STRENGTHENER of the iNEILVES end a refreshing and nouriahing bescrele. 42 , Oft ERRORS OF YOUTH. SUFFERERS FROM Nervous Debility. Youthful Indiscrotloam. - Loin Hulloed. So Your Own Phys!dan I Many men, from the effects of youthhtl Imprudence, have brought about stale of weaknom that has reduced the general ayetem so much its to induce almost every other disease and the real cause of this trouble scarcely ever being suspected, they Cr. doctored for everything but the right one ot withAtanding the many valuable remedies that medical 'science has produeed for the relief of this class of patients. none of tho ordinary modes of treatment effect a cure. During our extensive cohego and hoepital practice wit have experimented 'vita and discovered new and concentrated rretoolo. The accompanying preacrionon is offered el & certain and speed y cure ad hundreds of cases in our practice haws bora restored to perfect health by its; use after stli other remerliee failed. Perfectly pore in. grediente must le used in the proparatimi this prescription. IhreErythroxylos 1-2 drachm. Jerubehin, 14 drachm. felonies Itiolea, it dream. Gensemin, II grains. Ext. ignatia &mane (oleoInd)1 27111118 Est. le ntandra, 2 scrupioa I Glycerine, q: L IL ItAk as Wis. Take pill st Sp. au, and ano ether on going to bed. In some ewe It will he necessary for the patient to take two pi Ile at bedtime. making the number three a day. This remedy is adapted to every conditidd of nervous debility end weakness in either sex. and especially In thee canes resulting from imprudence. The recuperative powers of this restorative are truly astonhingend Its use continued for a short time ehantres the languid. debilitated, norvelese eoodluoo one of renewed life and vigor. As we are constant,y In receipt of totters et Inquiry relative to this remedy, we would say to titter, who would prefer to obtain it usi, by remitting & aecurely spiced package containing 60 pile. carefully compounde& will be sent by return mail from our private laboratory. or we win furnish peek ages, which will cure moot eaoso, tog eddroos or call on law Eng larad Marlin! heads, 24 Tremont Row, Boston. Mass. evyyrighS. JSIS. Sy I. B. axiom SHORT-HAND, .. TYPE-WRITINCII fIrY,K-KEEPINiz. 're-. at the flesalrOM IL 0 CM E mot, IA I. COIL ILEIS ig. 6.31P Washington na, corner no) Won et- tail or "end for etreevar NEW YORK STOCKS, SUGAR, ETC. Bought and sold. Reliable correspondents. ted,c4' Bankers and Brokers. 4314 Lain SI. rtac421 & WEST is CO. It PENSIONS An Widows eon Mal:, led Salta-to entited. New laws. W. V. KICK L. Attorney. 610.6Y" L. Waahlagton. D. CAlleZtAIIV .dN 6 TI V are the tior will as N the ufal con eve' the itsel of is I Eng t Coffet ..ftAo.r,oN,Aa,AA.,A4 Asit,-,:tozoicps: 4 2 .1 ; AVVYJ01.1074WMP, :'; ERRORS OF YOUTH.1 -: ,. SUFFERERS FROM 7 dti''..... YaAtreirtulaisnilbeirlolittake. ol. ... i .4e. - Lon ItialthowL - ....11'' 1 4 So Your Own Phys!dan I -. - 1 1 4 ii 10 It 111. 41 a - At ka la it la - a r. ,t , 4 , 0 DU lents. roma if It- ---- ,1411 E -I..--1) 4 , ' I I 1 Leroy it th lite i l it 41 RIC 121' ,r 3 Is IS 0'0 10 IT tiunc under heril mem e &hal !deem n Mr. actor' way of r until !Wars their - la 1 lir e still edistei at, tw ass. , 1001311- first oday in ,tes for art of est brii rttecl lowaV t. Fort with urs of 28 BOot a. 11MMII INNNPO , Is 'ers of his it ere ver ,a !OA )ne It the rs and r the Ding 42 1 . rillalit "'Oil. tip t- ., sr rot. W. C it VI ., . I i i , 11 f a I

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