The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1931
Page 3
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x Cooler High lo Graduate Class of '13 May 21 si COO'IKR, MO.---Thirteen incm- I'-cri of the .senior class of Coo'.ci 1 I'lHh i.L'linol wil receive their dip-. J=mas Thursdiy, May 21. The ba.eahut'vale sermon will be de- Ihereil Sunday. M-.iy 17. by llic Rev. Elmer Peal of CarulhersviDe. The b:icc:ilauii'nti' day program v.'ill Include si'Jeclions by the file.? clul) niul 11 snxeulir.iic duet by the Mteej Darker and Holly. The Rev. E. O. Steulieiisoii will (live the- Invocation and t'v: lijiieillflton will be pronounced liy the Rev. O. Ij. anil. The commencement address • tlie fnllnv.liiv; Tlinrsd'tv 1 will lie given liy Professor A. S. lloiu-'ncr of Cape G^ard.e;in. Dr. L. K. Coop?!- will lire.sent the diplomas. Nellie Simmon 1 , will rive tlie salutatory aci- <lre:is nnd Vc-rna McKay the valedictory. ' Members of Hie graduating chss nic Evalvn Biggail. N.?llie Sim- nicns, Mary liaker, Mary Lilllc. Mrn-y Rediikk. Ey;:e:ic Colenian Pcrrest White, Johnnie Ccpc-land Nora HalCord, loin Caslmau. Vernn McKay, Be;-.s'.e Buys and Hub; Brooks. nLYT-TTKVn.LM. (ARK.) COUUTEri NFAVS Hayti SociR'.y—Personal A lire occurred about 10 o'clock Saturday cvtnlnj at.the Whiz Han store. Practically all the merchan dise was ruined by fire and water Mr. ShiiiU-iy. the inar.:r:er :hou=,b the fire was caused from a deiec llv,' wire. Mrs. U. C. Owens aiii sister Mildred AlM-lc-'; of Memphh vi; iteil tlieir mother. Mis. Myrirl over Ihe we?k-end. Mr TT. r>. Bcslor spent (he week end with Mr. - and Mrs. W. N Rankin. Jehu Wilson, a former re-sii (if this city, was here Monday al •lending in bii.Oisrs. Hc> lefl ~Mon day evening fcr his homo al D Scto; Mo. Mr. siul Mrs. F. X. Shumaclic and family mo!ored to £n Smiriay to visit Mr. Herbert Hoi? lies nnd mother, Mrs. G. C. Hrxl*- Mr. :nd Mrs. C- O. Hi'.tKkifor Mrs. T. H. Rubenstein and son Tommy, all of Memphis, nrz vis illna In the home of Mr. and Mr A. O. Allrn. D; • W. Cranforl, Jr.. is visitin hi.-?-father. Mr. D. W. Cianford Dr>J6.;Ark. Alt' and Mrs. J. W. Golden an dr.iishter Louise and son. J. W Jr.{;-1mUorc:l to Rector, Ark.. sp<*iu] ths day witli Mr. ft Mr F. j£p. Mack and family. Mr Mack is a si=tvr.ot Mr. Golden. -y . '•"*'. Park Lw.itien Sludicd BRANSON. Mo. (UP)—A <blr.; lion..(rom liio senrral committee . theL'National Parks Association w come' here late this month to toi the* Shepherd cf the Kills ai I-akj: Taneycomo Ossrk mounta country with a view to locating national park. This section v; mq8i> famous by Novelist Harol' BelijWrljht. Reunites i;Fom-Horsemen New Christian Science Publishing House TTTURl' D RIDGE tilt hastened in acco'.'d with llio hi- UIK! i:rivaU ln:i!din:j pjojuim which M'tjc-r James M Ciiri-'y of IloMon Inis been urjlny in COIMHIC- lion vllh l'r:s'd nt Hoover's r-i-cm-1 ll:::'ciioi]?. iMHidallcns for relief of un. me nt. I5OSTOM. Mass. — Continued <:«-ih of !h» activities cf Tlie !iris:bn Science Publishing So- (ly has necessitated expanded cili'.ies. To meet Lh!s eonnil'.on lie Christian Science Huard of ii-<ctui-.s of Th2 Mother Church, lie I'lrsi Church of Christ. Scicn- sl, iti Jieslon, MassaC'luiM 1 !^. will vet. us soon as plans ;u:d nr- ingenic tits are completed, -i new utiiihinj HOUE?. Ik-re provision will be inatk 1 for :; rreds cf 'llie Clnisli:,n Science lonltor. lh? Christian Sciesior or.raal. llie Christian Science S."i-, nc! nnil all other !it"r.iture pub-; Wil " shed by tl:e Rcde.y. ; The mi bl!siii:ij; buildlnj will be 'lh? nsvv building, which v.-ill cos: related In Architectural slUc to i the neighborhood of S3.0CO.OCO. The Mother Church, and its d:sisn .ill occupy approximately 5C.OOO lias Ijetn inllncnced by the fact Chinch. It will be an all-sione buiklin^ of Ihe Kalian Henal.s- sanie lyiw, Kic lower story lo be of pi:inili; and Ihe upjwr sloiies of Cinilui-t l-.ave enough defensive :itien;lh lo isicp the cipponcnls, from iinliie ' y.'Mtw. '['lu-ivloie. all oiiv.iril iij.i', | m;:tk.< bills. They nuamnli'i.' n i Ion:, .siron;< (i-;mi]i suit, bill lllt'.e '.or no defensive ttreiiBlh. They :ne I iniuli' on hands thut contain elylil.."; ! probable Irlcks and jmrlner IIHIM j iriiu'inljer lluil with no addltl-Hial v.ilui'.s In his hinut the original blil- iler lully ixiv.'cts lo BO down Iwo j loss llian ii slioifg slx-cnrd Irunip i HI!'.— iiri'fiTiibly seven. Minor units ! should bn cuii stronger ns 111 • mi it cn.-.i-s llic only successfiil mlinr ull pic-i'inptlve bid Is one of five. \<>. 2118 P.Y H'JI. i-:. ;:u> Amuic;in Jli'ld^f rca^uc ipk- inv;lvi'd in IIIT-L ni- ls thai they uiv ni.uli> th pui]ose uf prcveiulnj U'.c; n ins fioiii roiichln^ a dccliiriition, Cipcchilly u H i \on hind cLiiUiins a loux lnm;» suit and no defensive • livmili. Him.lure h muuriill,' hi!- ! iik-ki> us he'is nclverlisinj an o\er- '.hat iir;-i i iii|)Uve bids must b^' : bid. hi:;li rnuiiuh lo -sluil out ll'.e op- ' Tlu bi".hinir at contracl Is niorj Liiit 10 iibiise pre-eni]>livc (t nicinlji'i- lhal the expci-l leni very .seldom—there Is a b:.tli:r L-lil la llic hand. 1ml >inir parlnpr out just y::n I'.ave u limn trump suit, i'.ny be a bellcr dechinilion ecinljlLiL'il ^J ciud. 1 ;. tr . Lo™i.-.. "' ' \ 1 ' NEW ELIXIR FOUND .'.'•'*. ;,• SI'OCKHOLM, (UPJ— Cnrrctln «•-.-'. Ihe coloring matter In carrots, may '*''•'• be (he principal rejuvenation ellx- 'C ir of the futun;, accordlnu to Pro- •'.' fr;;:or Hans von filler, Swedish '. ^lentisl a:ul co-winner cf the IWJ ' Nobel Prize In Chemistry. It hai been found, he claims, lhal the basis of Vlumtn A Is Carrotln; - v;)ilcli has a tendency to liaslcit^ llie caiisiiinptlon process of t'lii* ! Courier Mews Want Ada Pay. The sinjcture \\ill have a va:y- iii-^ lu-ii-'ht. I'he Ma.ssaclmsrt's Avenue end of Ihe biuldin;, which w.ll . l;o usrd for oflicos. will be nine ! ptoii?.s in lu.'i'.,'hi, v:l:ile Ihnl pail which is opposiic Tile Mclher Church edifive will be three and kicr slories in height and in scale edifice. quate ret of around bounded by \Ias£acliuselli Avenue, Norway, "almoulh nnd Cler.rway Slrcci's. sr.c'i Bay. Operations arc to ue lhal in llio future it probably will become cue of n group of buildings which will surround and form a fitting architectural melting fcr the StnhWreher. Laydcn. Crowlcy ar.d Miller—il't' "Four Horsemen of Kotre Dame." pn the famed 1024 football team—wi'V be reunited ivl'tn one of their nimibcr, Dnn ^^llier, mariies Mifs ^^ac Lynch Terrc Haute. Ind. Miller, no a clevclnnti attorney, will have (he olher Irree of the famous t.uartct as ushers. He nnd M's; Lynch arc shown above. u's \\ ^ Shown in Pagcanl by Wilson Methods r n it- ir 01 rutting Up WILSON. Ark. — Al the May i-.-lin-; of the Wil:on Cioperative •lub Ihe eiglilh grade home ceo:i- miics girls prjsented a pageant of -be home — a series cf tabk-aiix '•owing the ("fvelopmcnt of \vo- i?n from urimitive to mcdern life. Ihe chief characters were Spir- ts of the Home. Service, Carolyn "ullam. and Opportunity. Jewell ::>unli;. Mary Knthryn Tl.cmnson •ceoinpan'.^l each tableau with •ppvopiiate music. Tablcati 1. Included a group of :rls drescd as Indians to riiire- . •jjil fircHiakcr. pottery maker, waver of baskets, .skinning and - hcs?i!is. .w;lns skins, grindinf; or rinhing crsin, and shelter. Tlie 'ndians were Bcniice l.anson. Mith Alexander, Ruby Marlindale, ,'irpinia Jajnes, Bobby Lou D^ug- "ass, pl-iilvr. C!«mbe:-l?''i. Pn:rt- JMCC 'ilslandcr, nud Mnttio Iler.- hix. Service, explained lhat the v:o- iien-of the past largely provided .'or the needs of the human :u:.' oori, clothing and shelter. Tableau II. Disclosed n colonial 'vins; room. Service explained :lial the occnpalir.n of women cini- ug this perM included spinning,' vcavlrg, candle makine. embroidery, quiUiii^. lacc-maiv'nj. knit- i ns and cuukin;. The colonial iris -.vere reiiresentcd by Thelma ")ir. Polly Rer.ll, Joe Margaret 7ar|K:ilcr, Thelm.i Bullard, Rulh' vlartinda'e. Cwendolyn Greer, ! larguerile Quinland and Laurine i 'cues. | In Tableau III. Opportunity ex-! Jlained the occupations teamed by > '.he generation of today. Girls! •epresonling hospitality. foods, i •lothin^ conslruction, clothing r,:- j lection, care of the .s-ick r hoi;-)' I iiftiiaseinent and interior decora- i 'ion appeared in a scries cf pi:-1 Other pictures o! nurre. dietician, visiting nur:,e. architect, | tres^maker. milliner, inlerior dee- j •>rator, cook and lioir.eitnker also I •.'.ppeared to illustrate futuro. ser-! 'iccr. that may be performed by j 'embers of the present generation. : At the appearance of the home- | nnker Opportunity read Proverb j '1 to the soft accompaniment of: \va Maria. : Women's Farm clubs throughout Mississippi couniry are bein^ Siven instructions In the canning ol spinach, mustard and turnip yrt.Mis by Miss Cera Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent. At the Special rtllmtion will bo given lo the lii-i.iliniion of modern heallnj and voiiliiiillnj; devices. The central adai ted lo it. wilh an ornamental low; r inclosin-j the slack, (lie lower to be rf and stone conform:n; wllh Hi: bjnuty and symmetry of the uuildlnj. '1 he building now occupied by The Christian Science Pnblli. '„ Society, completed in 1908. will be ns-ed for the administration oftiecf of Th.e Mother Church. T!ie architect Is Chester Limhaj ; Churciilil. and wilh libii is associated Lcckwiwd-Grecnc EiiBinecrs, Inc., of Boston, which will have charge of the planl layout. •men's club and the Clear Lake w . groups held their monUily meetings. Similar gatl-wiugs were held al Manila and Nc-.v Hope Tuesday when the boys and cirls mel and al Shady Grove Monday when both Ihe Women's and 4H clubs held meetings. some aulhorllies favor • bids uf three In n imij- u::il four In a minor. mo;l ol i take al lhi> straight loiclngj p.uim'i' H iiartiur opens wllh nn ovh;huil' four bill, you should not deny Ihls- prr-rmptlve bid unless you are .sure dial your hand will lean nine Irlcks. Wli:n uik'ii.s with n yve-emiitlve k, UNDERWEIGHT bodies; invigorated with NEW STRENGTH ijsli'isi. utree that the uriuliinl | r«ur bid nnd Is ovtrcaih-d by op- lir v bid, as outlined In our pic-' ixmcnis, you may Increase purlnvi's :oi:.s ailicb, has more' value when i pre-emptive bid with one qiiltk i-fd in that iniinnor llian for p:e-!iili-k as II will make n i;i)ocl Eacri- implive puriroses. hlie bid and you would .'ilill Ixi I'l-.'-cmiillvc bills i-huiild nol be. down only two tricks, iiai'e 0:1 hands thai contain de-1 with Iwo milck Irlcks nnd Ihu fi-iu-ive Mieii|!lli even Ilioiyh you' opponents force yon to bid six, you !:i'.ve 11 lonj; Hump siiil. It Is bet--can still cxueul' lo KO down only .er lo .slBi-l the bidding on thorc Iwo tricks for a Bond sacrllU-r. lypi-s uf hands tow in (he hope of, I'ri-einpllvc bid 1 ; shc.uUl never '•I'in: c!oubkd. rspecliilly when you j be nnd,' \Ulh n hand conlalnlni; fe 1>A -*8P^ isBfc^/i. ,.. Colils. flu auj st r l;ness pt^y li.ivoc Ihr rr;l-]j|iii^l-rcllK mil Ilii' lioily llurc- U>fc lu 1 , U-^s if,h(:infi! iii;.ilUbt furllicr [Ibtisr Every Spring Hollow and sunken placet fill out! ••-. Kvory epring conntlcja thousands 1 - > lake S.S.S.—r/iu jwrc/y vegetable, tunic —lo build back tlieir red-blood- ' : .... cells 'so that tlicy may have that ncif ntrciigtti which makes for a'^'_'•'. l:een nppciitc, Tirm flesh, a clear 1 '.'" ..kin and (jrentcr resistance ogains*. infoction and [li^eanc. You, too, wil! ••• want lo tnkc S.S.S. for tins very r rensnn. Select the larger size as it' liiilda doulilo the quantity' and ret>resents a price saving. OS-S.S.'C<>:"" ' take S. S. S. To n i c • car,;e time Ihe b'.-ys und girls in the 1-M clubs are studying the riddance uf garden tn^c-ct-s upon •\ '.<:':i l!i-ir atieniion is centered this month. J. li. Crilz and S. D. Cui'iitntcr, agricultural agents, are In ol this activity. The Ekron 4H and the I.each- Virgil Greene to Speak Al Liwcra Church Sunday LUXORA—Virgil Orrcne, Bly- thcvillc attorney, will give an act- dress on "Citizenship and Stew. r.rdship" at the Methodist church •':•<! Wo-ui'M's clubs are meeting i Sunday evening. 1:30 o'clock, today nnd Friday the Uoynton -iH . The Rev. C. O. Hall, paslor, has sr.d P.iwhrcu ^]^ Women's clubs j arranged this scrvlra as a part of .:a-.e meetings. \ a sjircinl series of features for Wednesday The Shcnyo \Vo- LI;« . /-.imer months. to Scorn Sun for 53 Years, Says Expert j NORTH SCITUATE. R. T., CUP) -II . v;ilt be mere than 58 years -eforc I!-.: infant planet Pluto Makes ar.cther of its "closest ap- roaches" to the sun. and at. that :me the planet will be about 2.- ;a4.10Q. 000 miles from Sol, Frank S. Seagrave. Boston astronomer vho has nn observatory l-i:rc, has istimated. Scagravcs believes Piuto is a very :old object. di;c to its great dis- '.ance from the sun and Its com- •avativeiy small size—it l.nng only 'lightly larger (hnn the earth. LAXATIVE _ "For fully 30 years i liave, by using it, kisown Dbck-Dranght to be a great medicine," says Mr. A. L. Cone, of Perkinston, Miss, "i found it so satisfactory, I haven't seen any need lo change. V.'hcn I get constipated, 1 feel all out ot eorls, and tired ami sluggish. I take a few doses of Black- Draught. It regulates my bowels anil 1 got all rislit. It will the system anil help you, if you uso it as we have." r«<n BUCK-DRAUGHT IN M£« NSARLY IJO VL.WS DISCOUNT NOW . . . Complete Assortments for Boys and Girls Wrist Wai dies (lo.-.limie Jewelry Girls Purges Diaries Leather Goods Cigarelte (iascs lAxnilain .Pens and Pencils Billfolds Hoys and Girls Kinj^s Mesh Has Buy Their Graduation Gifts Here and Save 20 Per Cent ALDRIDGE JEWELRY COMPANY Don't With Throat rr if ants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Now! Please! — Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. Touch it — your Adam's Apple — Do you. \ know you are actually touchingyour" larynx?— This is your voice box— it ;;.; contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat— ..... your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants — Reach , for a LUCKY instead — Remember, LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette ;,. in America thai 1 through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels : certain harsh irritants present in all ra_w tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers, of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE; and so we say "Consider your ple." Adam's ** ^M ^ | Ti"'c» ^^^^ of*^>^l 1CS tUclotCCl Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows—Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection •— ogainst irritation — against cough

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