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Advertise Real Estate Mmp (lifti In tomorrow's Globe. During the Ssriod January 1 to November 30 the lobe printed 110,953 Real Estate advts. i VOL CVI NO 162 BOSTON. TUESDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 9.

1924-28 PAGES-TWO CENTS COPTRlOH'''. 1924. BT THB GLOBE NEWSPAPER OO. 7:30 FINAL-CLOSING STOCKS SHERBORN FARMER SHOT DEAD BY YOUTH HE HAD BEFR1EN 20 Anti-Quigley Men Set Free by Judge MURDERED AS HE LAY IN HIS BED Lad He Took Into His Home Ran Amuck After Drink Wins $25,000 For Peace Plan FALLING SIGN HITS THREE IN CAMBRIDGE DEMOCRATS HARD HIT BY REDRAFT OF WARDS SCORES BROTHER OF THE MAYOR "Attempt to Interfere With Chelsea Election" All Injured Slightly Gale Tore 30-Foot Board From Top of Manhattan Market Lose Six Seats in House Boston's 26 Wards Cut to 22 by G. 0.

P. Subcommittee Plan Eg mm Swm I I held at the City Hospital for X-ray The struggle between Mayor Lawrence F. Qulgley and Joseph A. Tyrell, running for the Mayoralty in Chelsea, Is continuing with great bltternesj today. This morning 20 men who were arrested al suspicious persons by patrolmen Thomas Qulgley, brother of the Mayor, and Arthur Blake, friend of the Mayor, In the early morning hours, were released by Judge Albert D.

Bosson In Chelsea District Court. Judge Bosson scored the action of the police officers In arresting the men. "This is a disgraceful proceeding." he said, "and It looks to me like a deliber. ate attempt to interfere with the election. If any these men desire to swear out a warrant against the police officer or officers for assault with a revolver I will entertain the complaint." DR DAVID HTAKR JORDAN, The president emeritus of Leland Stanford University, has been awarded the prize offered by Raphael Herman, manufacturer, for the best plan calculated to maintain world peace.

Two men and a woman were injured this morning when a gale ripped out the supports of a big wooden and metai nign on top of the Manhattan (Market at Centra! sq. Cambridge, and hurled it to the sidewalk. The big plate-glass window of the market was smashed. The sign is 20 feet long. The corner of it struck Mrs Bridget Cox of Tine st, Cambridge, in the back, Mrs Cox escaped serious consequences.

The sign tore her coat off her body, but aside from the shaking up and fright ensuing from the accident, she is apparently little hurt. An auto took her to her home. John Andeson. 144 Harvard st, Cambridge, received bruises and is The number of wards in Boston will be reduced from 25 to 22, and Democratic Boston stands to lose six seats in the House of Representatives, if the tentative redraft of the ward lines of the city, made up by a subcommittee of three Republican members of the special Legislative dedristicting committee. Is adopted when the subcommittee presems the redraft to fche commission at its meeting tonight at City Hall.

From sources that cannot be disclosed, the character of the redraft was learned this afternoon. Some startling surprises for the local Democrats are contained in it. Appointed by a Republi ney) has three members, and Ward 7 (Innes), are individual wards with three seats apiece, under the existing arrangement. Each of the prospective new 22 wards will have two Representatives apiece and the balance of Democratic strength will be weakened by the loss of six seats, while the Republican power will be increased by that number under the projected new dispensation. As the Democrats will lose power in the House, they will lose It also in the new City Council, which will be made up of 22 members.

The act creating this commission empowers It to create any number of wards up to 36, and the gen examination. William Burns of North Cambridge went to the City Hospital to see hin family physician there for treatment and then departed. There were many people in the vicinity at the time of the accident and It i.s believed remarkable that more were not caught in the path of the falling signboard. The sign, was attached to the roof of the Manhattan Market by two braces. The high wind this morning simply dragged them out and sent the mass of metal and wood hurtling to the ground.

PLANS FOR NEW TUNNEL STATION eral assumption was that the numbef' mmmmmWmmmmwMtNmmfilP mm wr wife fJSMaW riifyjftttifriaS VSjlB jM.B mwm 9 MMHMIHMMHWHBHBNMBiMHHMMMMMHIBMHMHHHMHmMH DIES OF STEPPING ON HIS SHOE STRING Sunday Globe all sold out in many places last Sunday. Order next Sunday's Globe in advance from your newsdealer or No Evidence Against Them tdi ii mi isfwar jiiMBliiiPiww 4 o'clock this momlhg; most Report on That at of them can Legislature, this Special Commission Is dominantly Republican. Consultation 'of the special act creating the commission discloses the fact that Its authority Is final, so far as the Legislature Is concerned that It must file its final decision with city clerk James Donovan and with the Secretary of State. This meahs that any Boston Democrats who don't like the way In which this Republican commission Is redrawing Democratic Boston's ward lines, must appeal to the courts for any redress they may wish. of wards would be Increased, ratnet than decreased.

At the next city election, November, 1925, when a. May City Council and School Committee are to be chosen, however, the election will be pn the basis of the present ward lines, rather than on the proposed new ward lines. The act stipulates that the new lines shall not become effective until Jan 1926. and Cambridge Sts Enroll Today bj Quigley and the rest by Blake. Ex-Mayor Melvln B.

Breath, appeared for the men. He declared they were engaged In the perfectly legitimate work of putting up posters, hanging banners and doing other advertising work for Tyrrell. Many of the men, stated Mr Breath, had been arrested at the point of a revolver by the offiaers, especially by Qulgley, who In some cases leaped on the running boards of automobiles and held them up, he alleged. dw. Cassidy Fell Down Stairs, Breaking Spine PAWTUCKET, Dec 9 Edward CCassidy, 40, stepped on his shoe string when visiting friends here Sunday.

He fell down stairs, fractured his spine and died in the hospital today. New 22 Wards Plans for the station on the Cambridge tunnel system of the Boston Elevated at Cambridge and Charles sts, authorized by the legislature at this year's session, have been completed. Today 1925 they were forwarded by the Public Util- Christmas Club' The commission's report must be filed with the city clerk, and, strangely, one of the tentative plan's most startling a4s Is to wipe Mr Donovan out of business as a political factor, since It even divides the ward he has always dominated, at present Ward 6 (South End), about equally between the Lomasney bailiwick and Ward 12, th old Curley ward in Roxbury. THE WEATHER Judge Bosson, when he first started to hear the case, wanted to know where policeman Qulgley was, and was informed that he was on duty at the polls. The judge ordered the police to bring Thoto by Cokell Studio I Under the tentative redraft of the city vvard lines, as made by the commission's subcommittee comprised of the commsi-slon chairman, Senator Henry S.

Clark of Dorchester, Representatives Carroll L. Melns of Roxbury nad Davis B. Kenniston of Ward 7seat of the Innes power), all thre of them Republicans, the composition of the new 22 wards and the number of regsitered voters ascribed to each, are as follows: Ward 1 The present Wards 1 and 2, East Boston, 14,000. Ward 2 The present Wards 3 and 4, Charlestown, 13,00. Ward 3 The present Ward 5 and all of the present Ward 6 up to the line of Waltham st, and that section of the present Ward 8 on the line of Arlington st over to Arlington sq, 10,60.

Ward 4 The present Ward 1, 1,00. JAMBS Li. MORTIMER NOW ADMITS SHOOTING BURKE SUFFOLK SAVINGS RANK Seamen UHI1H an- others inc. 1833 Assets $50,000,000 TREMONT BOSTON United States Weather Bureau forecasts: For Boston and Its Vicinity and for Southern New England: Fair and much colder tonight and Wednesday; strong westerly wind, gales on the coast. The minimum temperature fn Boston will be near 30 tonight.

For Northern New Engl and: Generally him Into court. When patrolman Qulgley appeared Judge Bosson severely censured him for his action, saying that It was unfortunate he had assumed surfh a position considering his relationship to the Mayor. The policeman had no. evidence against the men, other than saying he thought they were repeaters brought in from outside the city. The polls had not opened at the time of the arrests.

None of the men are citizens of Chelsea. News of the arrest of the men and of the action of Judge Bosson spread Ilka work to do, Burke brought Mortimer to the isolatedarm. Mortimer, when but a boy, was turned over to the Chardon-St Home. As he grew older, he was farmed out" by the State. Later he was sent Mew) Bohemian Democrats Helpless The special commission Is comprised as follows: Senator Henry S.

Clark, Dorchester, chairman Senator W. H. Youngman, Brighton, and Representatives D. B. Kenniston, George L.

Gil-man, Carroll Meina and Martin Hays. The Democrats, in helpless minority on this Republican committee which is doing such an important job in Democratic Boston, are Senator John W. Mc-Cormack, South Boston; Representatives Richard Walsh, John H. Drew and John I. Fitzgerald.

There are now 50 Representatives from Boston in the House 35 Democrats and 13 Republicans, one Representative with both party designations and one Representative with no listed party designation. In some of the so-called double-districts, there are at present three members of the House. And it is notable that Ward 5 (Lomas- Continued on the Thirteenth Panr. Hop -Flavored wildfire through the city, which Is ex- lties Commission to Mayor Curley. The commission will give a public nearing on them Dec 18.

The commission, together with the Boston Transit Board, was directed by the Legislature to consider the disposition of the elevated structures on Cambridge st in view of the proposed widening of that thoroughfare. The joint report refers to that proposition and the new station at Cambridge and Charles sts and says: "The incline in Cambridge could bo removed, the East Boston Tunnel extending under Cambridge st to Charles st and a station built. there, affording transfer to the proposed Charles-st station of the Cambridge Subway-Dorchester Tunnel line, thereby permitting passengers at this point to transfer to and from the East Boston Tunnel and all points intersecting the Cambridge-Dorchester high-speed lines. "Thus persons using either the East Boston Tunnel or the Cambridge Subway could change cars at Charles st, instead of transferring at Scollay sq atid Park st, the most congested parts of the whole system, and traveling in the Tre-mont-st Subway between these points, as they must now do, unless they prefer to do this via the Washlngton-st Subway at very congested points. This would have a distinct tendency to remove this congestion and would therefore be a highly desirable end In Itself." The commission estimates the cost at $2,500,000.

"A loop also could be provided at Charles st with a stub end for future extension under Embankment road to Copley sq," the report continues, "in- By JOHN J. DONOVAN SHERBORN, Dec 9 A former inmate of the School for Feeble-Minded, while affected by drinking "hooch," early this morning ran amuck in a lonely farmhouse near Farm Pond, in this town, and shot and killed his benefactor. James Mortimer, aged 19, was the boy who did the shooting, and later today was arraigned in the Fram-ingham Court, before Associate Justice Joseph Dexter, and was held for the Grand Jury without bail on a murder charge. Harold Burke, age 26, son of John Burke, for many tremely heated over the election anyway. The news added new force to the flames of the contest.

Puritan Mali Ward 5 The present Ward 8 (Back Bay), 10,100. Ward 6 All of the present Ward 9 (South Boston, and part of Ward 10, 11,10. Ward 7 Balance of the present Ward 10 and part of Ward 11, 11,600. Ward 8 The present Ward 12, intact, and the section of the present Ward 6 from the Waltham-st line out to the present Ward 12 line. If out of town, remember to order your advts for next Sunday' Globe, tnuny.

Read th9 advts in today's Globe. Pull Sized Can Makes 5 fair and colder tonight and Wednesday; strong westerly wind. For Eastern New York: Generally fair and much colder tonight and Wednesday, except probably snow flurries In extreme north portion; west and northwest wind. Light snow has fallen in the Upper Mississippi Valley and Upper Lake Region, and heavy rain south of there, Knox-ville. Tenn.

reporting 1.56 inches, Atlanta, Ga. 1.86; Macon, Ga, 2.5, and Montgomery, Ala, 2.1. Morning temperatures: Northern Maine, 34: Southern New England, 54 to 60: New York. 56. Washington, 54; Norfolk, 62; Atlanta, 44; New Orleans, 56; Chicago, 20; St Paul, Kansas City, lb; Highland Light, 48, thick fog, sea smooth.

Boston observations at 8 a Baroni' eter, 29.57 inches, temperature, 60, highest yesterday, 51; lowest last night, 49; bumidltv, 80 percent, partly cloudy, wind southwest, 15 miles an hour, rainfall 0.30 inch. The Temperature Today The thermometer at Thompson' Spa records the temperature up to 3 in today as follows: 1923 1924 I 1923 1924 3am 52 61 1 52 01 6am 52 60 2 in 52 60 9am 53 61 I 8 in 52 50 12 52 63 i WHAT TO GIVE Continued on the Twelfth Page. Interest Begins Tomorrow OVERLAP DEC. 10 years a resident of Sherborn, was! shot dead. The father of the dead man re-1 cently went to Andover, to be near a real estate development in which he was interested, and he left his son Police Guard Polls So much interest-has been aroused In the Mayoralty fight that about 60 percent of the total registered vote had been cast at 10 o'clock this morning.

The total registration is about at 10 o'clock some 7500 votes had been foiled. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 11,000 votes will be cast. Many automobiles are speeding about the city-getting out every available voter. So keen Is the struggle that extraordinary precautions have been taken to prevent any disturbance or attempt at fraud. The Chelsea police, in addition to the regular detail of 10 officers, one to each polling place, have a special detail, of 17 other officers to guard the polls.

In addition to the local police, members of the State Constabulary have been assigned to Chelsea to Bee that everything is In order. And on top of these measures 20 special election supervisors have been appointed by Gov Cox to watch the polls. At the primaries only about 100 votes separated Mayor Quigley and Tyrrell In a total vote of about 000. We will be open for business tomorrow. Dec.

10. from 0 A. M. to 8:30 M. Interest compounded quar-Jr'T Iq January.

April. July and October. Open every Monday Safe deposit boxea to rent. Bead deposits by mail to this strong-Mutual Savings Bank and passbook will be forwarded. Somervilla Institution for Savings Broadway Branch: Teele Square Komervllle.

Mass. WOMAN WOULD ABSOLVE MAN IN MtVOY DEATH Fannie Marshall Tells Police She Started Elevator-Grand Jury to Probe Tragedy For Colds Father John's Medicine in charge of the farm during his absence. The farm is known locally as the John Golden place. Recently young Burke met Mortimer, who had been having a hard time owing to lack of work and homelessness. In order to give him a place to sleep, food to eat and some Heavy colds quickly.

yield to It. Advt. tersecting the Boylston-st subway at this point. 2 Such an extension, too, if ever effected, would tend to relieve materially the congestion above mentioned and also that in the Tremont-et and Boylston-st subways between Park st and Copley sq. Such an extension, however for the future." The commission suggests that to meet the Increasing traffic through the East Boston tunnel it has been suggested oextend the present East Boston tunnel under Chelsea st, East Boston, from Nine Attractive Sizes Boxes $1.25 to $575 S.

S. PIERCE CO. Owners and Distributors CROSS-WORD PUZZLE PAGE 24 RADIO PROGRAMS PAGE 21 Fannie Marshall, 25 years old, who is a waitress In New (Hampshire in the Summer and in Florida in the Winter, has 'Maverick sq to Day sq, a distance ofl approximately one mile, with provisions for future extension to Orient Heights. The commission, however, at this time has no opinion to express on the proposition. Other Globe Features FACT No.

1 For over 30 years the Globe has been the leading advertising medium in New England. FACT No. 2 During the 11 months ending November 30, the Globe printed 13,182,557 lines of advertising, leading the second Boston paper by 1,828,071 lines. Real Estate For Sale? 'r' Apartments To Let? Automobiles For Sale? Business For Sale? Advertise in Tomorrow's Wednesday Globe Read the Advts in Today's Globe how the accident happened, and he a 1-vised her to go to Police Headquarters and tell just how the man met his death. Supt Crowley called into his office Inspector James A.

Dennessy of the homicide department to listen to what' Marshall had, to aay regarding the death of MoEvoy. The superintendent ordered Inspector Dennessy to thoroughly Investigate Miss Marshall's story, which he did. Inspector Dennessy then appeared before Chief Justice Wilfred Bolster in the Municipal Court, where he related the story Miss Marshall told Supt Crowley and himself. In view of the fact that McKenney had yesterday appeared before the court on a manslaughter charge In connection wit hth edeath of McEvoy, the chief Justice told Inspector Dennessy that the woman's story should be presented in every detail to Dlat Atty O'Brien, which baa been done. Now, according to Inspector Dennessy, it has been decided to present the facts of the accident and death of McEvoy to the Grand Jury, It hearing both McKenney and Ml as Marshall as declared to Supt of Police Michael H.

Crowley and to Dist Atty Thomas C. O'Brien that it was she and not James McKlnney, the night watchman at the Beacon Trust Building, on Milk st, who might be responsible for the death of Thomas McEvoy, 26, of Conant st, Roxbury, who was killed early Monday morning by caught between the wail and floor of the elevator. Miss Marshall, who has been working recently at Jackson, called on Supt Crowley. With tears in her eyes she said she was awfully sorry that such a dreadful accident had happened. "I have come to tell you, superintendent, that I read the account of the accident In the newspapers, which say that McKlnney was operating the car, but this is hot true.

I had my hand on th elever and It was I. not Sir McKlnney, who started the elevator." ARREST TWO ON ILLEGAL VOTING CHARGE AT REVERE Dec 9 Much excitement was injected into the municipal election today when State police officers Barrett and Stokes arrested two men at City Hall in the Ward 3 voting plce on charges of illegal voting. The police declare the two men had already voted before their arrest. They gave, the names of Joseph Russo, 24. of 22 Foster st, Boston, and Frank Rlzzo.

22, of 28 Hull Boston. They were taken to the Chelsea Dlstrlot Court and arraigned and their case was continued until Dec 17 for a hearing. Up to the last minute I today it was supposed there was no contest, for Dr John" E. Walsh, having won both the Republican and Democratic nominations, was the only candidate for Mayor on the ballot. At the last minute a Noone sticker put in an appearance.

is not known whether Mayor Thomas A. Noone has any knowledge of a sticker campaign. It is estimated there will be from 7000 to WOO votes cast today. SET RIO OF THAT COLD DR. HILTON'S NO.

3 THE OLD RELIABLE LEO KORETZ A "WHITE WING" STATE VI LLE. III. Dec 9-Leo K-rec. serving a sentence of from one to ten years for swindling in connection with the promotion of a phantom Panama o'l scheme, In which relatives and friends invested $2,000,000, has been made a prison ''white wing." He will th yard of the State Penitentiary for bit of paper and rubbish. Warden Whitman assigned him to the job when informed by prison physlc.ana that the fresh air would be beneficial to the chronic diabetic.

Pace 10. "Red and Black," by Uncle Dudley. "Flyers' Own Story of World Flight." by Lowell Thomas. "The Once Over," by H. I.

Phillips. Vmmr IT. "Teepee Tales." by El Comancho. Pnces SO and Household Deoartment. Paste 20.

A Christmas Carol adapted for boys and girls from Dickens. My Favorite Stories, toy Irln S. Cobb. Dorothy Dtx' letter box. Comic Strips.

Paste SS. Bull-Dog Drummond's Third Round." by H. C. McNelle. "Courting a Widow," by Lucille Van Slyke.

DO YOU BELIEVE THIS? Only 3 men out or 100 reach Use age or 7 5 with wealth. Methodical saving provides ease ror old age. Join the original Christinas Club. KX CHANGS TMMT COMPANY. 1 Court and 184 Boylston St.

Advertisement. Calls on Clergyman Miss Marshall told Supt Crowley that she visited a clergyman, told him Just possible defendants. in.

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