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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 70
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 70

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE -ATGTTST 5. 1923 70 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Peas, Beans, Beets Cheap Glut of Peaches Tt was an unsatisfactory week for producers and distributors of native grown beets and beans. Consumers apparently have tired of these vegetables. A a result, prices have had a downward tendency for several days and are now on a basis which leaves little profit for anybody. The market for carrots also is very much lower, but is not Is nearly demoralized as is that fdr ty-ets and beans. Bunch carrots a week ago were and cutoffs 13 strong, whereas yesterday sellers were to get 40ac and respectively. In fact, the market for most kinds of vegetables appears to be suffering from inertia. Receipts of potatoes declined sufficiently tho past week to warrant, under normal conditions, higher prices. The market has failed to respond to diminished supplies, however. Green corn, usually selling briskly at this Um of tin; year. Is comparatively inactive. New Connecticut Valley onions, outdoor grown cucumbers Jsuromer squash and tomatoes are going mighty slowly. Maine and York State peas were cheaper and difcult to move Friday and yesterday, sr; at reduced prices. Of all the many different kinds of vegetables hand.ed locally the past week, only one was in sufficient demand to absorb an advtpo in price cabbage. Buyers of ege'sbies have maintained that prices are higher than the quality of offerings warrant. This may be true in some but generally the quality is up to standard. Trices, on the other rand, are down to an unprofitable basis for the farmer. But there apparently is a limit to prices buyers will pay for eatables, as was demonstrated in the fruit as well a the vegetable market, California cantaloupes were In shan supply. Efforts by receivers to raise prices on limited supplies were unsuccessful. In fact, the market for 6uch melons In standard A MIGHTY BARGAIN-EVENT THAT IS BREAKING ALL RECORDS Even if you don't need any home-furnishings now, you are bound to see something here, priced so attractively, that you are bound to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity. But don't wait come while all stocks are still complete. Every item in every department must go! Come and investigate compare prices compare quality compare assortments see for yourself what wonderful values are offered here. This sale is worth your while Don't miss tt! WE SHOW HERE ONLY A FEW TYPICAL VALUES HUNDREDS OF OTHERS! Annual Clearance of Parlor and Living Room Suites We have assembled another lot this time it's 113 Suites, divided into 3 lots Prices drastically cut for immediate removal to make room for Fall merchandise. LOT NUMBER 1 Consisting of 21 tapestry suites modern style, spring seat cushions and back. Several styles, including a few Italian Renaissance Peri6d Suites, comfortable and durable. Values up to 517 5. Priced for this August Clear- ance at OaJ crates actually is about 50 cents lower than a week ago. There was a glut of peaches Friday i LOT 3 Consisting of 60 suites, exceptional bargains show pieces of the store, richly upholstered in coverings of choice color and design, pillow arm and other styles. Spring seats and loose cushions. Some high-grade velour-covered suites among them. C70 Priced to go at. LOT 2 In this lot are 37 floor samples handsome overstuffed suites, exquisitely designed and upholstered in beautiful coverings of choice patterns and colors. Spring seat and back, durable construction. Values up to $250.00. Priced for this August Clear- $1 O.SO ahce at See our wonderful display of 'Home Outfits in the Sum-merfield Mansion. Three-Piece Queen Anne Chamber Suite Bowfoot bed, dainty dresser and chiffonier. $V50 69 Another Clean-Up of Upholstered Chairs and Rockers Priced for this August Clearance at Liberal Credit Arranged on Any Outfit Floor Samples and Discontinued Patterns LOT No. 1 Consisting of 12 Chairs, some with shapely frames. Values up to S45.QO. $00-50 Priced for this August Clearance LOT No. 2 Consisting of 18 Chairs and Rockers. Five distinct styles. Classic lines and $07.50 designs. Regular $60.00 to $70.00 values. Priced for this August Clearance designs. Reg or Single Article Offered in This Sale LOT No. 3 2 4 in all. Overstuffed Chairs and Rockers. Stylish, roomy and comfort- 9 A 65.00 to $80.00. Priced for this August Clearance at able. Values reft OtV 1 and yesterday in this marKet. ana prices fell to a new low level for the season. On those two days there were peaches from Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Delaware to eelect from. Supplies of pineapples are gradually shrinking, but prices do not reflect this fact. The demand for apples has dropped off recently, largely because of the Inferior quality of offerings. Orchards in certain sections of Massachusetts are in the grip of a ne.w pest. It is called an apple leaf skeletonizer and made Its first appearance In any great degree in Connecticut last year. Where the pest attacks leaves, the apples mature early and drop from the trees. A. large percentage of recent apple offerings look as though they came from infected orchards. Local Jobbing quotations on fruits and vegetables follow: FRUITS Apples No. 1 natlv transparent bx. No. 2 Jiai.25: WiUlmn No. 1 fMSO bX. Tfo. 2 early sweet Southern Williams bskt; Western tpples S2.2Wg2.75 box. Banana-Central American yellow SVjQOc lb; Ted 0c. Berries Blackberries bx. blueberries bx. raspberries 15ig25c strawberries 20 28c bx. Cherries California brands a box. Grap M'laca crt. Grapefruit $1.6 box and $2 aO'ijfe it box: Florida tox: Par.o i.60fr.:50 Lemons Dmsllc marks $3(29-25 box, foreign ST.SoSW bx. Melaas Ss-rcut cautaloupes $530 a stand-id eras a Cat crate; Maryland suodari er ponr crate, flats $1.50 rtp: watermelons, large 5075c each, small 30 OraBces California marks $150ffl560 a box. with a few estr 'sncy at $6.50. Reaches Oeorcla Elbms a crate extra fancy crat; Pennsylvania $1.25 3 a crate: Noub Carolina a crate; Delaware $1.251. 50 a basket; California 75c4 INwrV-ahfonila BarUttr a box; Florida sllitraMr S3 per Pineapples Porto Rtca $5V8 a crate: Costa Rica 14.50 crale: Florida $4.505.50 a crate. Plums Green $232.50 a crate, red a fcrate, blue $1.502. VEGETABLES Genuine Reed Rocker 1 Auyust. Clearance of 200 Surplus DinJnsr Chairs-Only one or two of a kind. TUu will have to Bet here early Monday mornlne If you want one. Choice from $0.75 to $0.75 Eight-Piece Mahogany Queen Anne Dining Suite Oblong Extension Table, Buffet, two Side Chairs and four Arm Chairs, with cane backs and leather seats, combination mahozany and other hard wood. Very unusual suite. Must be seen to be appreciated. 1 A .50 147 far August Clearance Price for the complete suite China Cabinet Extra Values $8.50 to $13.50 .5 yrice ust 62 rost --hs Bed Davenport Parlor Suite dear- Handsome -tonne upholstered back and loose cushion seat. August Sale Upholstered in Chase Imitation Leather I Ivmo Room bv Dav Sieeuinflr Room by Night c. WaW" droo" Three Dieces. as pictured. Very popular' style. Davenport .50 Price fS3f" vtlce- ivorr ntAroor 67 1.85 n-Z s9 Sofa Bed, Rocker and roomy Arm Chair. Priced for this August Clearance at Cedar Hope Chest These Cedar Chests were held up by the railroad embargoes, and now they go in the August Sale Made "5:" Ciee1- ece 5ptlee tace 1 'a Mall Onlem 26.V 6 Beans String. $reeD a standard box. wax 75c'ftl: No- 1 shell beans No. 2 lima beans. a basket. Reoti Native bunch standard MfJBBe CB uet ete fcax: cutoffs, 1.7.'j22 2i. Very High-Grade Walnut Bedroom Suite Consisting of Bowfoot Bed, full sire Vanity Case, large handsome Dresser and modern style Wardrobe. Combination walnut and other $0 .50 selected hardwoods. Regular value 5375.00 All four aasaOO pieces marked at this August Clearance Sale at of selected Tennessee mothproof cedar. Copper trimming and hinges. Marked for this August $1 Clearance at M. Worth nearly double. PHONOGRAPHS The largest variety of portable, upright and console models at reductions Up to 50 Prices range at $8.50, $14.50, $17.50, $19.50, $27.50 and up. Cabbage Native a barrel and 76c JS1 a standard box. Carrots Native bunch 0fi50e a standard bax; cutoffs. $1.7502.25. Cauliflower No. 1. t2.5C!S2.75 a standard box: No. 2, t.15ne.2&. Celery Native, $2.503 a standard box. Com Native white. a standard box. Cucumbers Native hothouse, fancy 1 ust standard dox. -o. and medium -AMI OUtJoor 1.5" a basket. wZZL S2.50ia3.50 a basket. Eggplant soutnern. re ftreens Suinacb. TKiSl a Manriard Kmyt; Queen Anne Dining Suite New style oblong extension dining table, handsome buffet- and four slip-seat nicely finished in imitation wal- i.50 nut. Complete- suite priced for August Clearance at vrlco. Solid Oak Dining Suite Come and see this remarkable value. 6-foot extension dining -8 VW SOU i table (42-inch closed) and two slip-seat dining chairs. .45 Priced for August i kale. 40r6dc a standard box. Mushrooms. $131.50 a three-pound basket. Onions Connecticut Valley a bag. California $11.25 a crate. Eastern shore $1.5082 a basket, native onions $1.50 a stand ard box. srallions a standard box. Parsley- Native, 4050c a standard box. Peas Maine, $1. 50(33 a standard box; York Ktlte a bushel basket. Peppers Southern. $2.252.50 a basket PoMtoes-New Southern, a barrel: sweet 25 a basket. Radishes Native outdoor. 60076c a stand ard box. Tlhubarb (Native. BOttfCc a standard box. Salad Vegetables Lettuce, native 404975c a standard box; Tork State. 50OtJ1.23 a crate; Icebeig. $5.5066 a crate; rpmalne. standard box; escarol. native a standard bx. Clearance at You can rely on anvthine Day Bed, Including Mattress you buy at Summer Re Id's With each phonograph during thla sale we give 6 to 60 record selections and you ny arranga easy terms as little aa SI. 00 per week. Louis XVI Bedroom Suite Four pieces. Bowfoot Bed, large handsome Dresser, beautiful Vanity Case and roomy chiffonier. Pieces perfectly matched and f.50 designed. Complete suite of four pieces priced for this I August Clearance at 9 S'luasi'. Native Crookneck. Sl.Z5fltl.75 a standard box; native Greek Ismail). .60 standard box: Southern marrow. a barrel. Tomatoea Hothouse. 1520c a pound; native outdoor. $5417 a standard box; Cv'ew Jer-eer. $1 25 a crate. Tapestry Bed Davenport Birch, mahogany finished, tapestry upholstering. Specially priced $Op7-50 for August Clearance f. Turnips-Yellow. $2.7533.25 per 100-Ib bag per himd Dag; name wnite. a atandard box. Our er 8 OfKir Kcfrlgct nrir August Clearance price Metal Art Couch by day bed by night. Spring construction, reinforced with steel bands and cable edee SOI .50 Table to prevent sagging; extra quality cretonne covering. Priced for August Clearance 4 .98 mtJL Lamp 11 it Pillows Extra LEONARD Porrelaln Lined a-Dcr Kvfregcrat- or One-plec porcelain, no irimi; cleans like a china dish. August Clearance Price, DRAWS BOYS AND NOT GIRLS Norman Rockwell, Known All Over U. S. For Pictures of Wholesome Youngsters August Clearance of Parlor and Living Room Tables .75 Queen Anne Davenport Tables, marked for Au Equipped for electricity, for parlor or living room. Priced for August Clearance at $.98 Ho Mail Orders '46 Tudor Style Davenport r.85 Tables. gust Clear- ft Living Room Table, with Boak $1 .75 Racks fc. o-iiuti a. BM avam a. Seasonal Clearance of Baby Carriages Divided into 4 Lots Various Styles and Kinds Lot 2 $3 5.00 Car Lot 1 $55.00 Carriages marked for Aug Oak riages marked for Aug An editor once said that public interest in magazine cover designs falls Into the following order: fltat, pretty girls: second, children, and third, animals. If this Is true, Norman Rockwell, who is known all over the country for his covers featuring children, has proved it possible to achieve first-grade NEW STOVES FOR OLD ONES We will deliver, in exchange for your old stove, this Laurel Kitchen Grand, and you can pay the difference on the Summerfield Cooperative Plan. Come and See the 3 -way Laurel Oven a km by conserved heat. Lot 3 $45.00 Carriages marked for August Clear- ance ij ust Clear- $0 7.50 ust Clear- .50 Kitchen Cabinet ance at. ance Lot No. 4 $68.00 Carriages reduced for August Clearance 75 Solid oak, metal table top, Dutch cupboard style. For this August $0 0-50 Sate at iO 48 Maws to I it p.svr ft a Payable ayablf Monthly STORE OPEN DAILY 8:30 A. M. TO 5 P. SATURDAYS ALL DAY AND EVENING TILL 9 MEXICAN 122, WALKS 60 MILES bis outatretche "Why should I worry about wnat is going on beyond herer The old man has no rules for long Uf to lav down. "I eat what I like; drink when I fwl like it; eat plenty and sleep Yr! little," be eaid. success with second-place material. Rockwell has no prejudice against pretty girls. Like many who grope about for a medium which will bring them recognition, he happened on child subjects accidentally. For four yoars after leaving art school he engaged in the work which came to him most easily, and it happened to be illustrating stories for certain magazines, all of which required the portraying of youthful characters. It was only natural, therefore, that he should glorify young America when he embarked in cover designing. Norman Rockwell was born in New York 29 years ago, and at the age of 11 had his career all mapped out for him by his mother. the fact that her father and brother had achieved no conspicuous success as artists, she encouraged Norman to draw as soon a he could hold a pencil. much atmosphere came his way, however, that he labored for weeks over an order which should have been completed in as many days. He is now convinced that his Ideas can best be developed by sticking close to his studio. This is easily understandable wlren you visualize his studio surrounded by flowers and trees in the peace and quiet of New Rochelle. Rockwell has no hobbies aside from his work and whereas some would account for their success by tha men Resents Offer of Lift by Autoist Has Daughters 86 and 82 Respectively I relaxation from outside diversion, he t'on was one of amazement that the 70-year-old explorer should have been wedded to a girl of 15. After this initial contract, orders for Illustrating were not difficult to get and before he was of his 'teens the artist found himself in demand toys' magaaines. This work gave no indication of making- him rich, however, and when he married at 21 tho needed stimulus was received which was to put him in the front rank of American magazine artists. Less than o. year after his marriage he sold his tfrst cover to the Saturday Evening Post, and thereupon signed a contract to supply 12 cover designs yearly. His work attracted the attention of the editors of Life and the Literary Digest, and he was shortly under contract to these magaaines also. Then advertisers began to bid for his vork, and Rockwell found himself working 12 hours a day when the light favored to keep up with the demand. Since in this day achievement is large-y reckoned by the financial reward, it should be stated that magaaines think rothing of paying $500 for cover decorations, while advertisers are glad to pay four or five times this for drawing which will attract attention to their products. Rockwell's favorite subject is boys, good, wholesome boys not of the Smart Alec type, and he would rather caw-b some home-going subway rider smiling over the realism of his work than receive plaudits on his technique from a dozen fellow artists. The strangest thing about this realism Is the fact that Hockwell has never done himself what he pictures his boys as doing. And he attributes whatever success may be his to this fact. "If I had been born on a farm i probably would have become so worked up over the fact that I had to hoe potatoes when I wanted to go fishing I never would have been able to find any humor in such a situation today," is the way he explained this point. He believes that too close contact with the things he pictures would cause him to lose his perspective. As an instance of the dangers of too great technical knowledge -he told of a commission to Illustrate a story of Harry Leon Wilson's dealing with life in a motion-picture studio. To acquire aUnosphero he visited a studio. Bo the old man on the road, and asked him if he did not want a lift in the automobile. Silva took the kind Invitation as an Insult to his physical progress. He informed the official that he had been walking tor nearly a century and a quarter, and that he had no use for the new-fangled vehicles that were cluttering up the roads. The old man's quaint talk aroused the interest of the official, and he made inquiry concerning hliu when he arrived at' Mazamitla. Not only is Silva 122 years old. but he has two daughters, one 86 and the other S- years old. He cultivates a small tract of land and makes a living for all three. His walk of 60 miles over th mountains recently was due to the sickness of one of Ms grandchildren, who is nearly 70 years old. He has a host of great-grandchildren. For more than 100 years Silva has been the sage of his home community. H-. acquired honor distinction when only 11 years old by running off and joining the army that fought for Mexico independence and against the rule of 'S-pain. That was in 1812. During that memorable period Silva wandered over much of He met many men of great military distinction and -was petted by them because of his youth and ttravery. His adventure covered a period of several years and It was not until he was 20 years old that he returned to hi home in Mazamitla, where he was made much of and hailed as a hero by the people of the village. His valorous deeds became a tradition of succeeding generations. The years rolled by and Silva told and retold the thrilling experiences of his boyhood days. Boys and girls who grew to be men and women, arrived at middle-age and then passed on through life and died, had listened to his stories and they in turn were succeeded by their children and their children's children in listening to the wonderful tales which Jose Ascension Silva proudly related to them. It is Silva's ambition to live through five generations. He says that so far as his own environment Is concerned, there have been practically no changes In living conditions since he was born. He expressed himself as indifferent to what iB going on In the outside world- This is my world," he declared as be swept the mountaln-bouad valley with Had Him There A vegetarian had an amusing experience the other morning at breakfast. His family was ut of town, so he went to a restaurant and took a seat nest to a stranger. The vegetarian took occasion to advertiso his creed by telling the stranger all Meat was Injurious, dnd that the human diet should be strictly vegetarian. "But." replied the stranger, "I dom eat "You Just ordered eggs," said the vegetarian. "An egg Is practically meat, because it eventually becomes a hird." "The kind of eggs I eat never become birds," answered the strange, quietly. A-ood gracious," cried the vegetarian. "what kfnd of eggs do you eat? "Principally boiled eggs, sir." Caloesje Herald and Examiner, awuuula ior nis by the fact lhat he sticks everlastingly at it. But he sticks because he likes It. 'Occasionally someone will Inveigle me Into taking a day off and I'll find I don't know what to do with mvstlf he said. "I usually have to 'sneak back to the studio after an hour or two. There's enough exercise to bo had anyway just walking back and forth ia front of the easel." "How would you sum up the essentials for in your lin of work?" he was asked. i ''Love your work and get married," he answered without a moment's GUADALAJARA, Mexico In the archieves of the old parish church at Mazamitla, this State, is recorded the birth of Jose Ascension Silva, who is still a very active member of that moXintaln community. It shows that he is past 122 years old. The date of his birth was May 16, 1S0L He is a native of the little village where he still makes his home. Siiva came Into public notice a few days ago by maklns; a 30-mile hike across the mountains and back again, all within 48 hours. It happened that a Government official was passing- through that section of the State when he met First Commission When Only 17 lie was started at the New York Art School, making dally trips alone from Alamaroneck, where his family then resided. Several years later he studied at the Art Students' League and at 17 received his first commission to illustrate a historical work dealing with he life of Samuel de Champlam. Having never starved in an attic nor gone through poverty-stricken years before getting this order, his outstanding emo-

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