The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1955
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWI PAGE IETEN US Has Never Used Law Outlawing Communists By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — In the six months since Congress "outlawed" the Communist party, the government has not cracked down on the party under that act in any way. The Justice Department is investigating some independent labor unions — unions in the AFL or CIO — and may in time try to prove they are Communist-run. Otherwise the party has not been*— , — penalized in any way under the 1954 act. The Eisenhower administration wax worried about that law, even before It was passed. It feared it would mess up other laws under which the government was moving against the Communists. The government has two main laws for moving against the Communist party: 1. The Smith Act, passed in 1940. Under this the top party leaders have been tried, convicted and jailed for conspiring to teach violent overthrow of the government. 2. The McCarran Act of 1950. Under this the government is still trying to force the party to register as a Moscow agent. This wouldn't outlaw it. The government has been working since 1950 to carry out the McCarran Act. The case is in the courts now. There will be no final answer until the Supreme Court gives it. And that may not be until 1956. The outlaw act. passed last August, overlaps the McCarran Act in a number of places. The Communists now, in their court fight, are arguing the McCarran Act is unconstitutional. The 1954 act was a hasty piece of legislation, thrown together on the floors of Congress just before the lawmakers quit for the year and went home to face the voters in last November's elections. Even though it says right at the start that the purpose of the act is to "outlaw" the party, the act iseif provides no machinery for doing so. What it ,does say is that the party is not a political party but a conspiracy to overthrow the government and therefore is "not entitled to any of the rights and privileges" lhat can be claimed by "legal" bodies. What rights and privileges? For one thing, the act said Communists could not appear on the ballot In an election for federal office. That apparently was not a problem in the 1954 election. Under the act a union found to be Communist-run can be deprived of the benefits any union has through action of the National Labor Relations Board. Rhode Island never ratified the Prohibition Amendment, [ORTVGAl 1ORTVGAL ttttmt IORTVGAI STAMPS HONOR KINGS—Nine new stamps issued by Portugal honor early kings of that country. The stamps tome in emerald green, turquoise, green brpnze and magenta. Monarchs pictured at top, left to right, are: Alfonse Henriques, Sancho and Alfonse, II. Center, left to right, are: Sancho, II; Alfonse, III; and Deniz. Bottom, left to right, are: AUonse, IV; Pedro, and Fernando. Johns Hopkins Wants Its Provda BALTIMORE The Johns Hopkins School of Adavnced International Studies ,in Washington hasn't been getting its Russian- language newspapers lately, and Sen. Beall R-Md says he will investigate the situation. Recently, the Post Office Department has been enforcing a 15-year- old regulation lhat forbids dissemination of foreign propaganda in the United States. Included are the ACTIVITY IN ANTARCTICA—With mission accomplished, the U S S Atka has left the Antarctic continent and is en route home to Boston The Navy expedition's purpose was to find and survey the most suitable base for future exploration They found the old base. Little America (1) destroyed by ice breakup- The new base (2) was named in honor of Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd, USN A British expedition from the Falkland Islands Is surveying ,n base site on thf Palmer Peninsula (3), and under consideration te a daring plan for two English-Australian-Ncw Zealand parties to cross the trackless wastes of the South Pole by land vehicles. The Australia-New Zealand party would strike out from a hasp on McMurdo Sound (4) and aim to link up with the English expedition traveling from Vahset Bay on the Wedecl Sea (5) Soviet newspapers, magazines and other publications used in the graduate school's courses in Soviet affairs. Many of the school's graduates go into such government branches as the State Department or the Central Intelligence Agency. The librarian at the school reports that only two copies of Pravda out of a scheduled 60 have been delivered since the first of the year. Beall said he would "approach postal authorities on behalf of the university and try to get to the bottom of the trouble." He added, "I am against anything that would restrict our freedom of thought or information." Two U.S. College Men Tour India with Bankroll of $100 By EUGENE LEVIN NEW DELHI (» — An eight- week tour ol India for $100? Michael Hammond, of Menasha, Wls., says he did it with Brlce Claggett, of Washington. D. C. The two men, both 25, are in India on scholarships from Rotary International. They made their tour during the annual college vacation which, in India, is Just over. Claggett is a Princeton University student now at Allahabad University. Hammond is studying at Delhi University after graduating from Lawrence College, In Appleton, Wis. They traveled 5,000 miles from Delhi through south India to Ceylon. "We rode third class trains and buses all the way," Hammond said. "In the heat and humidity of the South, air conditioning would have been swell; but we had to settle for third class — open windows, dust, cinders and all. No Hotels "We couldn't afford hotel rooms and in most of the places we visited there were no hotels anyway. Besides, the weather was nice and it was fine to roll out our blankets on the station platform. "We just went down to the public water foundation, filled our brass cups with water and threw It over ourselves like a shower — and like the Hindus do. "Food was all right, except we had to settle for, the same menu every day, and three times a day. The Indian restaurants supplied us a plateful — I mean a banana leaf full — of rice and curried vegetables. We washed it down with tea and topped it off with fresh fruit. That was the menu: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetable Diet "We never had meat since most of the areas we visited were strongly religious with vegetarian Hindus dominating. "A few people said we were the first Westerners they had ever seen traveling in third class. Getting to meet people—something we hoped to do in addition to saving money by traveling cheaply — was rather difficult. No one was hostile to us. but our fellow passengers Persistent Customer . ST. LOUIS If) — The Dutch Maid GriU has had a persistent customer three times in the past, four weeks. The gunman escaped with $25 from the cash register early yesterday. A week ago he took S195 and on Feb. 20 between $40 and $60. Several iron ore discoveries in the Lake Superior district followed exposures seen under the roots o! fallen trees. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY CODRT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS Charles Seals, Pltf. vs. , No. 12,928 Shirley Seals. Dft. The defendant, Shirley Seals. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Charles Seals. Dated this 26th day of February, 1955. SEAL GEBALDINE LISTON. Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Harrison & Harrison, Ally, for Pltf. Elbert S. Johnson, Ally. Ad Litem. 2'28-3/1-14-21 SARASOTA, FLORIDA Where Summer Spends the Winter Every day is o fun-filled day at tunny Sarasota! Winter home of the Greatest Show on Earth — Ringlinj Brothers -— Barnum t Boiler Circus, Boston Red Sox spring training, Ringiing Museum or Art, jungle gardens, sandy beaches and fabulous fishing. Yes, you will enjoy eventful, exciting Sarosoto — day end night! The Sarosotn Terrece is the fin** on Florida's famous West CMS* — swimming pool, shuffleb«ard courts, excellent dining and cocktail lounge. American and European plan. Guests enjoy privilege* of Lida Beach, Bobby Jones g«H course, including free transport*- ., . .. „ tion to these facilities. "Southern Hospitality SARASOTA TERKACI, t. 0. Bo. 1720, Phonv (tingling 2-5311, SARASOTA, FLA. FARMERS ATTENTION SAVE UP TO $1 PER BUSHEL ON .WHOLE•SALE SOYBEAN PLANT SEED Certified Dorman and Ogden, cleaned and sacked. New 2-bush-' el bags. Qualified lab test for germination and purity. Call . . WALLACE BROTHERS Gideon, Mo. Phone 8-3313 were remote. 'We visited some 300 temples and had a good survey of Hindu art and customs. "There was some unpleasantness on the trip — my camera was stolen, I was pushed out of a seat in a railroad compartment when I dozed off, a few other things — but on the whole it was wonderful." Broken Window Costs Savings EAST PATERSON, N. J. I* — A young ballplayer showed real sportsmanship here this weekend — he busted a window and paid for it with his last pennies. C. E. returned to his home Saturday night to find a broken window and $1.12 in change on his doorstep for it. The money was in an envelope which contained this not* in a childish scrawl: "Dear Sir, . "This is for the broken window, it is all I have. I am sorry and will not play ball again thalr. "Yours turely, "A trend." LITTLt LIZ— The speed-of modern transportation proves there's no such thing os o distant relative, •xu* 4 Killed, 3 Hurt in Wreck SEAGRAVES, Tex. tfV—An empty butane-propane truck and a car crashed on a straight stretch of highway near her* yesterday. Four were killed and three hurt. The dead, all In the car: D. L. Reed, Tahoka, Tex.; Charles Wayne Hensley, 19, Levelland; Mrs Wllma Raye Carrigan, 20, Levelland, and her sister-ln- law, Mrs. Bonnie Lenore Thompson, 22, Levelland. Truck driver James Gober, Lubbock, was hurt. His truck skidded 150 feet and jackknifed. British TV Fans Relieved, Baby Finally Arrives LONDON Iff) — Television actress Betty Lait finally gave birth yesterday to the overdue baby that's had British viewers on tenterhooks for nearly a month. Mrs. Lalt, 26, named her 7H-pound daughter Sarah Mary Catherine. British Broadcasting Corp. cameras had followed the course of Mrs. Lalt's pregnancy on the program Family Affaire. was first expected around March 4, then doctors revised their estimate to reb. 18. By the time the baby arrived, the BBC's roving camera crew had a full schedule and couldn't accompany Mrs. lait to the hospital. Sarah Mary Catherine will make her "live" debut April 6. A Sure Way ST. PAUL PARK, Minn. f/Pj — Police said Andrew Pearson, 53, a construction worker, committed suicide in his garage by placing his head on two sticks of dynamite and igniting them. Officers could give no reason why he took his life. Chicago Youth Revival Starts CHICAGO (fl — Thirty thousand Chicago teen-agers have pledged themselves "to serve God, be a credit to my country and to make my city a better place to live In." They took the pledge yesterday at ceremonies in the International Amphitheatre marking the beginning of a campaign by Chicago 1 ! Youth to Combat Delinquency. Speeches included those of a girl and boy who are inmates of state training schools. The boy, who had stolen a car, said, "Living in an Institution IB tough ... I don't have my freedom anjmore." The girl, a shoplifter, said, *1 can tell you that to be a delinquent is no fun." Indians Are V tier ant CLEVELAND iff 1 ]—The Cleveland Indians, champions of the American League, also lead the circuit in the number of 10-year veteran*. The Tribe has nine. Four are pitchers — Bob Lemon, Bob feller, Early Wynn and Hal Newhou»e*. The others are catcher Jim Hegan, outfielders Ralph Kiner and Dave Philley, and infielders Hank M*Jeski and Vic Wertc. U In Tlw BRANDS D LUMBER Then You'll ow It's Dry and Weil anufactured That's because the SPIB Grade-Mark can only be used on lumber that has been dried and seasoned according to official Grading Rules. And because the name FORDYCE, stamped on lumber, is a pledge to you that this old, established company stand* squarely behind its quality. Remember, too, that PHA and VA insured loan construction requires Grade-Marked lumbw. Your Deafer Can Supply You LUMBER COMPANY FORDYCE, ARKANSAS ITEMIZED WATER BILLS The water bill, whether on flat rate or meter charge, is seldom received with a smile. Water is free to all. yet every month or so along comes a bill with unexplained charges. Why can't the water department itemize the bills? That would be hard (o do, for most items carry no price tag. But if you want to take a shot at it, these items might be a guide to you: Taking Care of the Watershed $ Maintenance and Operation of the Pumps or Intakes Amortization and Maintenance of Lines (o the Plant Filtering, Softening and Purifying of all water distributed Storage to meet all emergencies Authorization and Maintenance of the Distributing lines.. Meter Maintenance and Reading Billing and Collecting Repayment of Capital Outlaj Surplus for further Extension For all these services, the customer pays 10 cents a ton, the low est price for any commodity he buys. And the most essential he buys So much for so little! 'Water It Your Cheapest Commodity" NEW IDEA make fertilizer dollars go twice 'as far FERTILIZER SPREADERS r Patented cam agitator discs assure even distribution, eliminate port clogging. New Idea will spread ANY fertilizer, in ANY condition, In ANY (10 to 5,000 Ibs. per acre) amount . . . uniformly and accurately . . . without clogging or money back. NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Division 1 VCO Distributing Corporation BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. 118 E. Main St. Phone 3-4404 RUSTIC INN Is Now Offering CURB SERVICE Drive Out For A Snack Or Full Meal '/ 2 doz. Fried Jumbo Fantail Shrimp Sl.OO 1/2 doz. Extra Select Fried Oysters $1.00 Chicken 'N the Basket $1.25 HOT DOGS .. 20c eo.-6 for $1.00 Seasoned with our delicious homemade chill. Real Pit Bar-B-Q Pig 35c Double Thick Malted Milk 30c Walnut & Division Ph. 2-2202 ATTENTION LADIES l-39c Pot Flower for Ic With Each ?3.00 or More Purchase! EGGS. Large Fresh 2 Doz. 89o CAXOVA BLACK PEPPER, Pure Ground 4 oz. can 29c Z 8-oz. FLAVORING. 1 Lemon or 1 Vanilla, Reg. 19c ea 25c TURNIPS £ TOPS or COLLARD GREENS lOc SWEET POTATOES Bu. SI.99 5 Ib. Bag 29c POTATOES. No. 1 10 »>• Bag 39c PfRE SORGHUM MOLASSES Qt. 63c !i Gal. S1.19 GLADIOLA CAN BISCUITS 3 Cans 29c Save 75% on Your Garden FRESH CABBAGE PLANTS 4 Bchs. 49c FRESH ONION PLANTS 4 Bchs. 49c SEED POTATOES 100 lb. B^R S2.79 Complete Stock of Bulk Garden Seed & Plants— Also Lawn Seed & Fertilizer! BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. Open till 10 p. m. Every Kight The Finest USED TRACTORS Arc Traded in on the NEW FORD 600 and 800 TRACTORS You Can Buy Them At Bargain Prices-Easy Terms At SNOW TRACTOR CO. 112 N. Franklin Phona 1-1911

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