The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on March 3, 1926 · 7
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 7

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1926
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1) THE BOSTON GLOBE-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 192(5 i w f rr - . T. Slattery Co. ACCORD ON LAWS OF MEXICO NEAR s Final Agreement Likely, President Believes Try a shrimp or crab-meat salad with a cocktail sauce made by adding a little horseradish to Blue Label Ketchup. Kellogg Confers Willi Envoy on Oil and land Statutes '-Announces That All Notes Will Be Published Drawn Work Hand drawn work, at present very important with a designer of note like Vlonnct featuring it. Sleeve Interest Cheruit, Cyber often call attention to the sleeve. Hero embroidery and slashing cause interest. Jumper Frocks of crepe de Chine , for women 29 .50 Jean Tatou classifies tho influence of the new Mode as twofold. Under his second heading falls tho jumper frock, which Is shown in all the important collections. There is a youthfulness about the Jumper Mode that there is no denying and one may bo glad when one finds crepe de Chine Jumper frocks like those sketched above in bois de rose, green, white, 29.50 154 Tremont St. Opp. Boston Common PHELAN GIVES UP ON CURLEY PACT Continued From the First Fnjte. Public Utilities Commission to revise its grant of genoro.1 schedule Increases last Summer to the telephone company. Mr Deland and Mr Sullivan, being two whole-souled Republicans, are getting along swimmingly together on this Job, and attorney Sullivan may hope to see the fight through to the finish on hit SIC. Ofb fee but the laurels of victory, if one comes, will bo for the Nichols brow rather than for that of Mr Curley, it Is now assured. All the signs and portents, too, are that the Nichols administration has put completely overboard the Curley administrations Idea of a $380,000 Nubian bathhouse on the L-et bench, in Place of the present wooden structure. Overhauls Station Plans Mr Nichols likewise Is overhauling the Curley plans for a central tire station over the subway aperture at Shawmut av and Tremont st, and the Curley plans for a $S OoO.ono thronic hospital on Parker Hill. Then, the irrnnnol of the Curb y-appointed first batch of 100 of the Boston Tercentenary Committee la being closely checked up. From time to time, Mr Nichols 41 Winter St., I. J. FOX, 4th Floor1 SLIGHTLY USED YOUR CHOICE Hudson Seal Alaska Seal (Dyed Muskrat) Muskrat Beaver Trimmed Raccoon Squirrel Trimmed Caracul m b, t.'CVAb 1 Tf yawwcT 4 Ready Wednesday Your opportunity to purchase e high-grade used fur mat at this remarkable low price. All In good condition. Come early. Take Elevator 41 WINTER ST. "picks off" a Curley departmental hold-over, albeit his ravages among the "Kjve and Ten Thousand Dollar Beauties have been extremely tame, to date. Under supervision of tire trustees, the White fund manager cares for 13 buildings, two of which are office buildings, the remaining 11 being leased for more or less lengthy periods. There is much detail work on leases, upkeep, and rentals. Manager Phelan s Letter Mayor Nichols and Pres C. G. Keene of the City1 Council were the only new trustees brought Into being by the change of administration. Yet Mr Phelan, In his letter to the Mayor, points out that the suggestion that his Curley-made contract be breached came not from them, but from two trustees not connected with the city administration. The Phelan letter Is as follows: "In September of last year the trustees of the' White Fund Pres Roland N. Boyden of the Chamber of Commerce and Pres George R. Nutter of the Bar Association dissenting entered Into a contract with me for services as manager of the fund for the term of seven years from Sept 1, 1925, canceling, at that time, my original contract, which would have expired on March 31, 1927. "At the recent meeting for reorganization of the trustees, incidental to the new city administration, Mr Boyden and Mr Nutter while especially complimentary of me and of the character of my services spoke of their embarrassment, because of my continued service under the new contract and suggested that I relieve the situation by waiving the new and reestablishing the original contract. Denies Any Impropriety "I am unwilling to concede any lm- propriety in the making of the new contract feeling assured that the majority of the trustees who signed the same were prompted, as was I, by an earnest endeavor to conserve the best interests of the fund. I am advised, on competent authority, that the contract was legally prepared and executed. "Still I regard my first duty to be mindful of the generous and broadminded character of the bequest made by the late Mr White, In establishing this fund for the benefit of the citizens of Boston, and of tho high character of service which, under the terms of his will, he summoned for Its administration. I am conscious also of our relative positions in the rendering of this service, the trustees being specifically named In the will and charged with its control and management and I, acting as manager for them, under their direct appointment. "The trust created by him is too sacred and its responsibilities too great for me to permit the embarrassment, row existing in the trustees, to continue, if it Is in my power to dispel the same. Therefore In the interest of the fund and In an endeavor to avert any possible impairment of Its usefulness, as administered bv the present board of trustees, I defer to the judgment of the trustees as to the wisdom of my waiving the existing contract for services as manager and the reestablishing of the original contract, feeling assured that the trustees action, in connection therewith, will be prompted by a similar impulse and that the cordial and friendly relations now existing between us may thus be permitted to continue. UNITED STATES FAT MENS CLUB DINES Ranging In weight from 191 to 310 pounds, 50 members of the United States vt Mens Club dined at the American House last night. Nicolo Carlone, 191 pounds, the lightest member, as well as the latest acquisition, managed to squeeze in, being Just one pound over the minimum required. Burkey Bent, tipping the scales at 310 pounds, took charge of the entertainment. G. K. Stackpole, secretary of the club, sent his regrets at not being able to be present, but he said he wasnt able to get his shoes laced up, as no one was home to assist him. WASHINGTON, March 2 (A! I) The prolonged controversy between the Washington and Mexico City Governments over enactment of the new land and petroleum laws by Mexico, 6aid to affect American interests In that country adversely, appeared tonight to be 'close to a final and mutually satisfactory adjustment. President Coolidge was represented as believing that the retroactive and confiscatory features of the two laws, as generally understood by the public, did not appear at this time to warrant serious apprehension. On the contrary, ho felt that tho differences between the two Governments would oe satisfactorily composed. After a conference with Secretary Kellogg at the State Department later in the day, Manuel C. Tellez, the Mexican Ambassador, expressed confidence that the controversy would be ended in a short time. "I have bad a most pleasant conference with the Secretary this afternoon, the Ambassador said. 1 am confident that it will be a matter of a short time before the question will be brought to a mutually satisfactory close, and that there is nothing to suggest a difference of misunderstanding or conflict." At the same time Secretary Kellogg announced that he had given a copy of his reply to the latest Mexican, note to Ambassador Tellez. A statement issued by the State Department said: "The Secretary of State announced that he . had today delivered to the Mexican Ambassador a copy of a note addressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Mexico City in reply to the last note of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, dated Feb 12, 1926. "It was generally agreed between the Secretary of State and the Mexican Ambassador that the written memorandums, aldes-memolre and notes between the two Governments will be published simultaneously In Mexico Pity and In Washington. The Mexican ' Ambassador will telegraph to his Gov-' eminent the last note, and as soon as he has received instructions the date of publication will be arranged. CITIZENSTOAlD ON EMERGENCIES Continued From the First Page, This Book Leads You to a Successful Future! T tells how to own your own business or take a position doing pleasant work at a high salary. Call or write for it today its FREE. 35 Instructors 87 Medals Call, telephone ar write for this 1 luttrated hand-book of R-auty Culture. of HAIR andV EAUTY CULTURE 494 Boylston St, BostonMass.. Adjoining the Brunswick New York KENMORE 728S Brooklyn Creation of a committee of 55 of the citys leading professional and business men, to be known as the Citizens Committee on Municipal Emergencies, and which Is to work cooperatively with the Board on Municipal Emergencies, composed of municipal administrative chiefs, was announced last night by Mayor Malcolm E. Nichols. Thus Is launched an organization, a pioneer of Its kind In the United States, which Is to keep an eye to the hazards of existence In large cities and to plan for the public safety In emergencies such as would be produced by conflagration, earthquake, explosion, famine, flood, panic, pestilence, riot snowstorm, windstorm or any such violent visitation of nature or Industrial dislocation. This representative gToup 'of citizens will serve as a contact division of the whole movement. Its members being in touch with all phases of activity In Boston, and It will from time to time report to the board tho actual and potential problems of the populace with relation to its physical safety in time of unusual distress. Rourke Head of Board Those on the board of municipal chiefs are: Building Commissioner Rourke, chairman: Acting Fire Commissioner T. F. Sullivan, Public Works Commissioner J. II. Sullivan, Corporation Counsel F. S. Deland, Health Commissioner Mahoney, FoLice Commissioner Wilson and Dr Hollis Godfrey, engineer, who has made a special study of this line of work. The Mayor Is chairman general of the whole movement. Dr Godfrey, who will direct the educational activities for the general spreading of intelligence, is president of the Engineering-Economics Foundation. Chairman Rourke distinguished himself for work of this general nature while he was engineer in charge of the Cu-lebra Cut division of the Panama Canal. It was out of the experiences of his own long public, career in a variety of pests that the Mayor developed this new Idea for the public safety, which has already taken root in a slightly different form In New York city, and which is bound to be widely copied In congested American metropolises. To Name Womans Group Commissioner Rourkes board will be responsible for putting Into action the knowledge of existing and potential problems which the citizens committee reports, and for securing, through plan and action, the fullest possible pro-i tection of life and property In such emergencies as it Is aimed to meet, should they arise. A womans auxiliary committee is to be appointed later, and subcommittees will be created for special detail work as the movement progresses. To Dr Godfrey and his group will fall the duty of organizing Knowledge of the danger. The Engineering-Economics Foundation in assisting its president will study Boston continuously from the standpoint of the effects various emergencies have upon the citys people and Its buildings. It will particularly consider effects upon crowded sections or districts containing non-English speaking peoples. Teaching Prpgram Planned All the results of these studies are made available to the division of action of the board under Commissioner Rourke. In this division methods of preventing loss of life and property will be worked out in detail and will be made known to those responsible for putting the .program into action. The teaching program is devised also to go direct to the citizens with the knowledge acquired. Pulbllo lectures, radio, the movies and the newspapers will be invoked to tell every man and woman in the city what they can do to protect themselves in preparation for or in any emergency or disaster that might strike Boston. Virtually every branch of business, of industry and of social progress is represented In one form or another on tne citizens committee, which will act as a point of contact between the board and those the latter body should reach and help. . CLOTHING SHOWER OF ST VINCENTS GUILD The annual clothing shower of St Vincent's Guild was held yesterday In the orphanage, Camden st, in charge of Mis Robert Triggs, the pre.Uent. She was assisted Uv Mrs Augustus hite Mrs Ambrose Woods, Mrs John Cuneo Mrs E. J. King and Mrs Mary L. Glynn . - -- Why The flavor of this mellow, savory Ketchup is an important addition to your diet Appetite . is sharpened digestion is quickened and plain nourishing food is eaten with enjoyments a new joy in living GOOD, nourishing food may still lack one vital quality the savor that makes your mouth water, sharpens appetite, quickens digestion. Now science tells us food should be appetizing flavory eaten with enjoyment. Such foods are quickly assimilated because digestive juices begin to flow the moment you taste them. Blue Label Ketchup adds this flavor to plain foods makes an ordinary meal interesting, enjoyable and therefore digestible. A secret blend of tomato flavor with fresh-ground spices In this famous ketchup, there is an incomparable blending of the mellow savor of sun-ripened tomatoes with the stimulating tang of rare spices from the orient. It isin this blending of flavors that Blue Label cooks excel. There is just enough spicing to be delicious but not enough to hide the alluring flavor of fresh tomatoes. The recipe for this blended flavor is our own secret. It has been developed in Blue Label Ketchup during over half a century of experience. Freshens the taste of other foods Because of its rich tomato flavor. Blue Label Ketchup is specially good for flavoring cooked dishes. Add a dash to soups, gravies, stews, or put a little in the pan with a roast. The improvement in flavor will surprise ybu. Serve it on the table at mealtime, either in the original bottle, or in one of the little glass or china jars so attractive for the purpose. Some hostesses prefer to serve a small portion at each place. WAKES UP YOUR APPETITE Blue Label Chili Sauce A zestful blend of tomato, chopped onion, and fresh ground spices. Delicious with cold meats or for salad dressings. Other Blue Label foods are: Boned Chicken large slices of white meat from selected poultry; Table Syrup made from pure maple sap and cane sugar; Preserves made from NewYork State fruits and cane sugar nothirg else; Red Currant Jelly; delicious Red Cherries; Sliced Apples for pies. GAG RULE APPLIED TO BOB WASHBURN Continued From (he First P age. stop It now. I'm too good an American to permit it to continue." There was some confusion some applause and some manifestations of disapproval. Mr Carpenter reiterated his ruling that Mr Washburn should not he permitted to continue with a comparison between the President and Senator Borah. "No matter what the conclusion? asked Mr Washburn. If there is anything detrimental, replied Mr Carpenter. The discussion of politics or religion is not permitted. It really is not fair to allow the discussion to go on. was too independent in his course in the Massachusetts Legislature to make a good candidate for the Speakership, and he was dropped. With a great price I bought my freedom, said Mr Washburn, "and I am paying the price. Then Mr Washburn announced his text The Turnpike or the Trail a contrast between Coolidge. the turnpike eymbolizing eafety, and Borah, the trail symbolizing discovery. He said that if there appeared to be too much sunshine with Borah and too much shadow with Coolidge, healthy discord 13 the price of progress. Gavin Also Protests I have no desire to press any speech of mine on the Massachusetts society, said Mr Waehburn, and of course I cannot continue. But I want to say that when I was Invited to speak here I took my speech and laid It before an official of this society and asked him to pass Judgment on It. He said, Bob, I will not presume to censor any speech of yours, but this speech Is In entire good taste.' Chairman Carpenter replied that he did not think he had been too critical in ruling Mr Washburn off the platform. He stood by his guns. There was some applause. At this point William B. Gavin, a member of the executive committee of the society, addressed the chair. "I desire to enter a protest against your ruling, said Mr Gavin. 'I think Mr Washburns address has been in entire good taste. I do not think the ruling Justified and I wish to enter my protest." Mr Gavin was liberally applauded and then Mr Washburn got In a final shot. Washburn Adds Jibe "Let me add in a desire to relieve the tension, to what I have already said. said Mr Washburn, "that I was stimulated in the opening of my address by the words of the presiding officer in Introducing me when he said: We al ways love to bear Bob Washburn because he always has something to say. A wave of laughter swept over the audience and when it subsided Mr Carpenter announced that there would be dancing and refreshments would be Mr Washburn started his taJk before the society by stating after he had announced the subject that "the path was paved with eggs but I Will endeavor to walk staccato. Cites Efforts of White He related some amusing Incidents In his own political history, which included the unsuccessful effort, which he credited to Thomas W, White, now, he said, one of the recognized political leaders of Massachusetts, to make him speaker. Mr Washburn eald in substance tbat he Im Not Spokesman He said he is not one of those who ever believed that the Republican party was the symbol of Idealism but that he had always been a supporter of President Coolidge. In this connection he referred to the biography of the President of which he is the author, and which, he said. "Walks the border line of sacrilege." But 1 am not the spokesman for the President, said Mr Washburn, "and the rumor that the President caught his recent cold from me has no foundation in fact. It was at this point that Mr Carpenter interrupted Mr Washburn and the proceedings as related followed. There was no attempt by anv one on the floor, with the single exception of Mr Gavin, to oppose Chairman Carpenter in his ruling against allowing the speaker to continue. Even Mr Gavin made no appeal from the ruling of the chair. What the Vote would have been If such an appeal had been made Is a matter of speculation. While it was quite apparent that many persons In the audience of 200 sympathized with Mr Washburn, the chairman was liberally applauded when he made hjs ruling and subsequently stuck to his guns in the brief discussion which followed. DIVORCE FOB WIFE ENDS SCOTT ACTION Settlement Is Given Her by Congressman Many Prominent Persons Named in Previous Suits M eetlng TTas Feared This meeting of the Massachusetts Society had been looked forward to with some apprehension by those members of the society who are active In politics. Representative Louis A. Frothing-liam, president of the society, was not at the meeting, nor was anv member of the Congressional delegation from the State in attendance. It had been Intimated that Mr w ash-bum might indulge a propensity for sarcasm which would make it embarrassing for members of the administration, if they were forced to sit and listen, and none of them was present. It devolved upon Frank G. Carpenter of Medford, an employe in the Treasury Department and chairman of the executive committee, to preside. He assumed the whole responsibility for placing the society on record as refusing to listen to Mr Washburn. BETTER BUSINESS BOARD CREATED AT NORWOOD NORWOOD, March 2 "The Norwood Better Business Commission" was created by unanimous vote last evening at the monthly meeting of the Norwood Board of Trade in Social Hall. The purpose of the new commission seeks' to establish more truthful advertising. It provides also for the supervision to the extent of giving its sanction of solicitors for advertising and for fund contributions and also of pedlers In Norwood, thus requiring, bo far as local business men are concerned, these persons to obtain a permit from the commission before Norwood business men will contribute or oo business with thGUdwln Nead. chairman, was toast-rrmsier and presided at the meeting. "The Dawes Plan" was discussed by Holland Boyden, former president of th.e Boston Chamber of Commerce. DETROIT, March 2 (A. T.)-The uncontested suit for divorce brought by Mrs Edna James Scott against Frank D. Scott, Congressman from the 11th Michigan District, was concluded here today, when Judge Dewitt H. Merriam In Circuit Court granted the decree. Mrs Scott requested permanent alimony In her bill, but a property settlement was effected in lieu thereof. Ward Ft. Teck, attorney for the plaintiff, said the settlement was "more than three times what she was almost forced to accept a year ago, The 'quiet movement of today's action was In marked contrast to the bitter exchange of personalties and charges which featured the previous action. Representative Scott filed suit for divorce in 1924, and the hearing was begun in December. He charged his wife with misconduct, naming a captain In the Air Force, a Washington hotel clerk and an automobile salesman to substantiate his accusatiohs. In a cross bill Mrs Scott accused her husband of general misconduct and of gambling' for high stakes. Her attacks named approximately 70 persons prominent in national, political and social circles. Judge Frank Emertck of Alpena, before whom the suit and cross bill were heard, denied both pleas. The rotts were married In Santa Rosa, Calif, in 1911, and Mrs Scott declared she was abandoned in December, 13, .There are no children. RADIO PIRACY iHARGE IS AIRED AT HEARING WASHINGTON. March 2 (A. P.) The charge of piracy of the air In connection with the Zenith Radio Corporations use of a wave length for its Chicago Station WJAZ t without authority of the Commerce Department was aired before the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee today by Irving Herriott, attorney for the corporation. and Stephen B. Davis, solicitor of the Commerce Department. The committee was told by Mr Her-Hott that the Zenith Corporation flouted the rulings of the Commerce Department In order tOf test the aae-quaev of the present .aw 'JIa regu.atlon. If the court which has the case under advisement, he said rules in favor of the corporation. then It will be another argument In favor of the Dill radio regulation bill which the committee Is now considering. MAY BUILD HOTEL 155 FEET HIGH Supreme Court Allows Stober to Go Ahead As a result of dismissal yesterday by the full bench of the Supreme Court of the petition for a writ of certiorari brought by Grenville H. Norcross and other residents on Commonwealth av and Newbury st, William J. Stober may now erect a hotel 155 feet high at the corner of Arlington and Newbury sts. Norcross and the others sought to quash the permit given by the Board of Appeals of the Building Department to Mr Stober. The Building Commissioner refused Stober a permit because the plans were for a building more than 100 feet high. ( The Board of Appeal, exercising its power to make exceptions to the rule In certain cases, granted him the permit to build. CONSOLIDATED INCOME RULING BY HIGH COURT The full bench of the State Supreme Court has decided that taxes on combined net incomes of foreign corporations can be levied by the State only when such corporations, doing business In this State, constitute the entire group filing a consolidated return' of income to the Federal Government. This is decided In the cases of the A. C. Lawrence Leather Company and the National Calfskin Company, who sought abatements of taxes for 1923 of percent of net Income derived from business in this State. The court orders their petitions dismissed. Question was raised by the cases whether when four affiliated corporations, which, with others, not doing business In this State, filed a consolidated return of Income to the Federal Government, elect to be assessed on their combined net Income, a tax can be lawfully Imposed upon one or more of them which earned income during the year, although the group as a whole conducted its business at a loss. PORTLAND MERCHANTS FOR DAYLIGHT TIME PORTLAND. Me. March 2 Portland merchants wi I adopt uajlight sawnS despite the State law f.-rbul. a. ely or town from d"'n so officiary, from April 25 until Sept 16. A vote was taken in which practically every large business house in the city voted In favor of the system. The entire c-ty business district will follow the daylight saving system ard the law wi'l be evaded without violation that would entail prosecution. for Smokers theres nothing like life SAVEns TMt CANDY MINT WITH THt HOLt they remove after-taste. always 5pod taste UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY One of the largest producers and pioneers of Electrical Refrigeration. capitalized at millions, now operating a branch at Boston, is open to consider responsible financial parties interested in taking their Boston interests oyer. Many prominent installations have been made. Both wholesale and retail tales organizations functioning properly, and to those responsible financially an unusual opportunity is presented to obtain a rapidly expanding business without obligations other than value of new stock necessary to run the business. Change is being made due to policy of factory to discontinue operating branches. Factory official will be in Boston until Friday and will arrange interviews accordingly. All replies treated strictly confidential. Reply giving phone numbers. Only those furnishing complete details will be considered. Apply by letter only to E. F. C., Room 7, Globe Bldg.

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