The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 14, 10SS BtYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Stalemate Means Defeat To Nationalist Air Force By FKED SPARKS NIC A Stuff Correspondent TAINAN AIRFIELD, Southern Formosa - (NEA) The water buffalo slowly rubs his moldy flanks against the steel edge of the new American tank, indeed a better scratching post than the thin trees in this orange grove. The Nationalist tanker on guard in the turret sleepily watches the buffalo. They both twitch but slightly as jet after jet whooshes 50 feet overhead to land on the adjacent airstrip. Man and beast are already used to the eerie screams of the new sky-fighters now returning over ancient pndd.y fields from another mission against Communist invasion craft in the East China seas. It is a futile assignment. For despite minor success, they simply cannot halt, can barely hesitate, the calculated, lumbering sweep of Red China's Wooden fleet down the coast, gobbling along held nationalist offshore islands one by one— the Tachens, Pishan, Nanchishan. The ground crewmen swing then heads with each arrival like spectators at some grim tennis match and chant each landing pilot's name: "Chiang.. Ho ., Wu . Ling. ." All returned! A happy landing in sharp contrast to the previous mission when a fine young ace, with gay almond eyes and a bird's instinct for air-travel, was absent. His engine was shredded by Commun- nist flak. Flung free by automatic ejector, his chute failed. He splashed in the freezing waters as his friends circled once in farewell In the squalid, odorous surrounding streets, in paper-windowed hovels, pilots' wives, cooking over open fires or washing in public troughs, also note the sounds of arrival — and worry and wait. Their lives are wretched, waiting things. Though their husbands fly the Thunderjet—a quarter-mll- llon-dollar U. S. gift—they bring home hardly $25 monthly. The pilots scamper down aluminum ladders, file toward the briefing room chattering in Chinese— but using both hands to indicate recent plane movements in the lighter pilot's international sign language. In their gray over-all G-suits, yellow Mae W ests, brown parachutes and checker-board painted hemiets they resemble Chinese school kids playing at war. Few weigh over 130. Lt. Wu Sheng Shan is 24, weighs 114 pounds, stands five feet four in size five shoes and looks 14. (When he trained last year at Luke Field, Ariz., co-eds he tried to date giggled and offered him candy.) The briefing—line the field Itself—shows how complete is U. S. influence. There are cheery cartoons In English on flying safety and snaps of U. S. air generals who visited here. On If a wmbw shot FACE OF FORMOSA'S AIR FORCE is typified by Lt. Col. Tong Pci Chong, veteran of more than 100 combat missions. Trained in Arizona, he flies for Chiang In Thunderjet, gift of U.S.A. Red Party Leaders Are Told- Quit Meddling with Courts By TOM WHITNEV NEW YORK IB — The Central Committee of the Communist party IMS ordered local party leaders to slop meddling In Soviet courts. A decree to,this effect is revealed in.a copy of the magazine-Kom- munist received here from Moscow. The decree forbids local party organs from telling Soviet judges what decisions they are to hand t r down. So far as con be discerned j O r~farmer"5esse"oox"on a"charge the decree says nothing about in- j of flrsl dcgree mur der in the slay- terference by organs of the Central I Communist party, however. ! The Kommunist article by Kon-| stantin Gorsheinin, Soviet justice, minister, says: j "Violates Independence" j The Central Committee of thci Communist party in a decree j Murder Trial Of Jesse Cox Opens Today LAKE CITY, Ark. f/P) — The trial ing of a policeman will open in Circuit Court here Monday. Cox is accused of the fatal shooi- of 70-year-old [constable Sam Thompson last spring. Thompson was slain by a blast from a 12- Kauge shotgun as he walked toward adopted last year pointed ouT^j Cox's ' a ™ hot " e , ea f ° f ^"^ the interference of local party or-1 The offlcer had gone to Coxs gans in the decision of judicial I home to serve a c ' vl1 summons on cases violates the principle of m-| tne farmer, dependence of judges established by the constitution and their subordination only to the law, under- Chancellor Lee Ward will preside over the trial. Ward and Circuit Judge H. G. Partlow have ex- mines the authority of the judge, changed circuits for the week, disorients the judges and encour- j Partlow disqualified himself to ages them to adopt illegal deci- j hear the Cox trial because he was sions, deprives judicial organs of j prosecuting attorney when the their independence and plants in | charge was filed against the de- them irresponsibility," " ' fendant. Gorsheinin also revealed a ma-1 Cox has been held in the Craig- jor Soviet legal reform will be j head County jail at Jonesboro since promulgated shortly by the Soviet | the shooting last spring. government. He said the entire! USSR legal system has been over-! !TS BEGINVING hauled and that the results would! " be made public In the near future.; Natchez, Miss., began its his- New measures Gorsheinin de-1 ^ry in 1700, when the French set clared, would "intensify the 5trug-i«P a trading post on the bluffs against such crimes as trea- j which later became famous dur- son, espionage, diversionary aetiv- j ing the Civil War. ity, banditry, murder, and theft. On the other hand, he wrote, certain punishments would be soft- :ned under new laws — for offenses of custody polygamy in Moslem areas, for example, and viola- Jons of an economic or state service character. In some cases crim- .nal punishment for such offenses will be replaced with administrative penalties. Only Cats Need Apply DETROIT (Of— There may b* some Jobs open soon at the new 26 million dollar city-county building here. But only felines need apply. Building Manager Charles G. Oakman says he is considering one or more cats to help rid the sleek skyscraper of rats. One rodent recently wac slain on the 19th floor. Fireman Finds Car Is His P1TCHBURO, Mast. </P) — When the alarm rang in th* fire house, Radioactive Hot Foot for Thief BAST LANSING, Mich. W)— Whoever absconded with a pair of boots from a cowbarn at Michigan State College could end up with a radioactive hotfoot. Richard A. Phelps, of New Ashford, Mils,., a graduate student In dairy management, said someone had taken the footwear he had left at the barn. Phelps said he had been experi- menUnc on cattle with ndloicMv* Iodine. 'Hie boots had not b*»n checked for possible contamination. The hummingbird can fly ward M well at forward. Bladder'Weakness' If worried by "BUddtr WnkBMi" [Otttlaf Op Night* (too lt«qu«nt, fcurninf or itch; IHK urination) or Strom, Cloudy Ortiwl due to common Kidney tad BUddtr Im* Utlooi. try CY6TEX lor «uWt.JL»UW»ff. comforting help. A billion OYSTtX Ubltu uied In pact 35 j*»n pravc Mlttr «* iucccji. Aik drugglat for OY8T13C HD<W money-btct fiikntntie. •*• hiW »•«• btlttr you l*el tomorrow. others—answered the n extinguisher in his who—among call with hand? Firefighter Edmond R. Mayo. And when the fire laddies arrived at Ihe scene of the fire, who was found to be the owner of the automobile that was ablaze? Firefighter Edmond R. Mayo. Read Courier News Classified Ads. dent Chiang Kai-shek, in high, old style collar, a glossy reminder of the past, and a huge relict map of China proper, that captured land, focus the mind on the current struggle. Marked on the map are Red airports active and still building that lace this island fortress, air ports that will surely in the near tomorrow challenge Formosa in a great battle for air control over the Straits that would precede an invasion try. The buzzing hub of praise at Lhe debriefing is a stocky pilot named Hou-Mao-Hsin who snowed a streak of courage too rare in the Chinese civil war. Unlike our fliers, rewarded with Jiggers of whjskey after missions. Captain Huo sips jasmine tea as he explains: A cluster of junks carrying Red troops, shepherded by two gun boats, were spotted in Taishan, a drive south. Daring streaks of flak bursts, he soared down, leveled off at 40 feet above the waves and zoomed toward one gunboat at 500 m. p. h. One hundred and fifty feet away he released his two 500 pound bombs with 45 second delayed fuses. They hit the water and skipped. One went high—over the superstructure. The other pierced the hull above the water line and exploded. Other Thunder jets made strafing runs, pumping 50 calibre machine gun bullets into the burning wreck. The few planes airborne lacked time for further hunting. Their fuel holds saiely for roughly two hours and it's 45 minutes to target. A pilot must watch the gas supply indicator with one eye, the enemy with the other Boat busting is about the only assignment now given Qapt. Huo Owner Burns— Burns Auto SALEM, Mass. \fo — An unidentified motorist drove his 1946 coupe into a blazing dump and stood by while it burned. He explained to the caretaker that he recently out- fited the car with four new tires and a battery, but couldn't get more than S25 for it from used car dealers or junkyard operators. "I've had enough," he declared j as the exploding gas tank reduced ! the car to a heap of metal. 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All mainland China is a sanctuary for communism today — the Red air bases north of the Yalu during the Korean War. As the Free World still prays for cease fire, it pulls us punches. Naturally, flieis are bitter, frustrated, furious. A 'cease fire," a "two Chinas" policy, means the' end of their ticket home—a ticket! they daily swear to purchase with [ ! their lives. Here "stalemate" means j "defeat." j INTO THE WILD RED YON'DER roars a Thunderjet fighter of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force, headed for the Communist coast to hunt the ships that might springboard invasion of Formosa. Wolfe's Books To Be Filmed HOLLYWOOD yp) — Producer Paul Gregory says he plans to start in a few months filming one of three novels by the late Thomas Wolfe. Gregory and William Goldman recently paid over $300,000 for Wolfe's "Of Time and the River," "The Web and the Rock" and "You Can't Go Home Again." Gregory announced he would film one of the novels as soon ns x ho finishes making "ThR Naked and the Dead." The Gregory deal was completed with heirs of Wolfe. SEA EARTHQUAKES Most earthquakes occur beneath the sea. While usually less destructive than those that hit populated land arens, they may wreak havoc through huge sea or tidal waves that inundate coastal settlements. 3 YEARS TO PAY A PAINT JOB Aluminum Screens Let us write specifications and get several bids. and Storm Sash At prices you • can afford. ANEW ROOF of Certain-teed quality. Have M* check room and make estimate. Remodeling Or Repairs of all kinds. Big or little, PHONE 3-4551 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3-4551 Storms are ahead! This is Re-Roofing Time The BEST KOOF is always CEUTAIN-TKED. Proven in actual .service on Blythcville roofs for 40 years. Dress up your home with a new CERTAIN-TEED Roof In solid color or eotor hlenris. Many (o choose from. 36 months to pay. E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 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