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THE BOSTON OLOBK- FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1923 18 Five Ex-Boston Pitchers Arc Doing Most to Carry Along the Yankees at Their Furious. Winning Pace I lr KILBANE WORKS TO GET UP SPEED For a Nice Graduation Gift Buy Your Boy the Famous Pope Bicycle THEIR RECORD IS 77.4 PERCENT Massachusetts Twilight League Just Formed YESTERDAY'S BASEBALL NATIONAL LEAGUE RESULTS Brooklyn 6. Boston 2 ICinclnnatI 8, Chicago 2 New York 4. Phlla 1 ISt Louis 4. Pittsburg 1 "I REMEMBER" Says Charley White This Day in Baseball June 1S95 Roger Connor made six hits in six times at bat, playing with the St Louis Nationals.

June 1, 1910 Miller Huggins, St Louis N. was at the plate six times and received four bases on balls and made two sacrifice hits. June 1, 1916 Jud Smith of Cincinnati was caught three times when he tried to steal second. DON'T FORGET That BoeTiler, the new Pittsburg pitcher, won 39 championship games for Tulsa in 1923. Things for the Golfer Standing of the Clubs Pet .30 11 .732 .24 16 -6f0 Pet Cincinnati ..18 20 .474 Chlcura 18 21 BOSTON 23 .410 New York Pittsburg Brooklyn St Louis.

..21 18 .538 .20 22 28 .300 ON CREDIT AT THE RATE OF AMERICAN LEAGUE RESULTS New York 8. Boston liSt Louis 8, Detroit 3 Cleveland 5, Chicago 4 1 Standing of the Clubs Pet St 17 20 .459 Washington 14 21 .400 Chicago 14 22 .380 13 21v.3S2 Pot New York. .20 10 .741 22 17 Philadelphia 20 16 10 21.475 HATSot Uht welht Whits Jean with green under-brlm. Very much In demand. 91.25 STOCKINGS wTIen 'a product of Scotland.

In large check effects and overplalds. In conservative and gayest colorings. 12.50 FINE OOLEN GOLF STOCKINGS with fancy cuffed tops. 1 I and 92.25 KNICICF1ii Of Imported Linen. i-f i MM and $7.25 SWEATERS ln weight.

Noat treating neat effects, back and sleeve plain. U. 4 Tt-'fi'- Sleeveless style. But- orrcUMa contrtLStln EASTERN LEAGUE RESULTS Waterb'ry 4, War' tor 1 8, Albany 2 Haven 11. Spring'- 3 'Hartford 5.

Pittsfleld 3 WILLIAMS CUP GAME FOR SOCCER FANS By GEORGE Ml COLLINS Charlestown will hold the soccer crowd tomorrow, the Vikings and the team meeting ln the Williamson Cup series at 3:30. The Vikings are going to make a special try to oust Charlestown. and Manager Anderson says that, with a little luck, his boys will win. Capt Jimmy White of the "Nook" team expects to make the next round without any trouble. With that new front rank playing up to form Charlestown outrht to be able to put the kibosh on the Vikings.

Now that the team is eliminated from the league race Manager Irvine Is bending all his efforts to produce one that will win the Williamson Cup. The Viking players are Just an confident that they will be the winners, and with their new goal-scoring center forward in line a regular Cup tie battle ahoeld be staged. WEEK Standing of the Clubs I fronts. 1 Qiffr ti mill. Pet Hartford .23 10 .688 New Haven.

20 11 .045 SnHnfffleld .17 12 .580 tOWKKT I'KICEH. KA-IKST TERM OUR EASY TERMS "MAKE BUYING EASY" Prt Albany 14 18 .438 Worcester ..13 18 Bidreport ..11 18 Pittsfleld 10 20 .333 few "over style. White, fine mercerized oxford. Waterbury ..16 10 FOR SALE IN BOSTON ONLY AT OUR THREE STORES CLYDELLA FLANNEL SHIRTS GOLF SUITS Coat in pUm aack styles. EXTRA KNICKERS tweed" LEATHER BLOUSES Vd chmy days- SHOES Rubljer soled or spiked.

95.00 to 910.00 NEW AND NOVEL TIES, IMPORTED FOULARD KERCHIEFS, GOLF GARTERS, etc. BOYLE BROS. Boston's Greatest Credit Houic 853 WASHINGTON STREET (Open Every Evrnlna) By MELVILLE E. WEBB JR Five ex-Boston pitchers, Joe Bush. Sam Jones, Herbert Pennock, WaH Hoyt and Carl Mays, have been carrying the New York Yankees along at their fast and furious pace in the American League.

Bob Shawkey has done some winning, but it has been the prowess of pitchers who formerly wore Red Sox uniforms that has sent the ITiKn-landers so far ahead ln the' American League race. These five players, who have been traded or sold to New York by Boston This shows Johnny kilbane, world's featherweight champion, who meets Eugene Criqui, the French champion, in New York tomorrow, boxing with Al Ziemer (at left), one of his sparring partners MEN'S DEPT. STREET FLOOR SAFE OR OUT KEILTY'S Credit Specialists 765 WASHINGTON STREET (Open Saturday Kvrnlnc) have won 24 trames this season, while losing only seven, having- a .774 ratinasH Br nrABLlS I. WHITE SOCCER SNAPS Fore River had all plans made to visit Shawsheen Village tomorrow for the semifinal of the Cup competition, but the committee postponed the game until June 9 so the Quincy boys are looking for a game. Call Braintr'ee 0085-J, or Granite 3200.

Rush, the new forward on the Charlestown team, is a very clever player and with Christie, another newcomer to the Sullivan-sq section, he put pep Into that front line. Abbot Worsteds are itching to get that State Cup final game played. Some of the players want to go on a vacation, but It looks as if they will have to wait until after June 16. Thfl Amprlffln Rfinia whereas the club itseir has a point ord of .744, on the basis of 29 games won and 10 lost. close the Crimson's season UPto the final series with Yale.

Yale and Princeton are now due to play the first of their games. The Tigers are by no means the favorites they were following the latter part of last week's game with Harvard and their defeat last Saturday. Tomorrow also the Andover and 'Exeter nines will meet at Andover in their annual game. This is the great gan.w for those who can make a road journey and want to sae baseball played by youngsters at "high pitch. 344 WASHINGTON BOSTON 1HOVIIIENCE CAMBRIDGE WORCESTER EDWARD'S Shopping Check House 8 WINTER STREET (Open Saturday Evening) manage the Fitchburg team; Dan Sullivan, Dean Academy coach, the Fall River team; "Goldle" Bowler the Ware team, Robert McCarthy the Gran-itele team, H.

L. Dorval the Lowed team, Roy Lemouix the Woonsocket team. Jack Barry will probably be the helmsman of the Salem team when the Holy Cross season closes, and "Lefty" Tyler, formerly a Boston and Chicago pitcher, probably will be manager at Lowell. The schedule of opening games, June 16, includes Fitchburgat Woonsocket Ware at Salem, Fall River at Gardni and Graniteville at Lowell. The circuit is surely a strong one, and the league in everv way will take the Place of the New England League, which never should have been abandoned.

The. club owners In the league are John F. Kernan, Fitchburg; Sam Marks, Fall River; John Abbot, Graniteville; Mr Lincoln, Ware; Frank Donovan, Salem; John Leamey, Gardner; William Marcotte, Lowell, and Rev Fr Morin, Woonsocket. The officers of the league are M. K.

Webb Jr. president; Frank Donovan, vice president; W. H. Taylor, secretary and treasurer. plonship hangs on the Coats-BethiehenlJ I -J Rhode Island will rejoice.

Now Him, Ferguson. Fleming and company, member New England it xpectinf nothing less than a draw, do to It' Joe Bush has won seven games, losing four; Jones has had five wins 'and three defeats so far, while Pennock, Mays and Hoyt, pitching 10 games, for which they have been held responsible as a group, have not yet been beaten. Pennock has won six games so far and Hoyt and Mays each have won three games, the going of the entire group being; 3-2 against Boston, 3-0 against Chicago, 1-0 against Cleveland, 3-1 against Detroit. 2-3 against Philadelphia, 3-0 against St Louis and 9-1 against Washington. This is very fair going for a group of pitchers from one club.

The Yankees certainly have the Red Sox to thank for much of their pitching success in the last three years. With the Red Sox floundering about at the 'bottom of the American League pile, and with ex- CHESTERFIELD TAKING THE JUMPS AT WAVENEY FARM Q. Runner is on third and starts for home. He is hit by a batted ball. He says that he is not out because one foot was on fair ground and one foot on foul ground.

What shoull be the ruling? A. As some part of his body was on fair ground and subject to p(ay, he should be ruled on fair ground and out. Q. As the pitcher is delivering the ball to the batter a second ball, which had been in play is thrown into the diamond and rolls near the pitcher's plate. The batted ball is picked up and thrown to first base and the batter is called out.

Should the umpire not have called "Time" the moment that the ball was thrown back to the field? A. It would have been far better had he done so. He did not, presumably, because he did not see the ball or thought it was doing no harm. As it did not interfere in play, it came out all Bauic. xl me xnom can win, or even draw, with the Steel Workers the bunting will come to Pawtuckit, and little AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS NOTES OF THE OLD GAME The Yankees dropped the Red Sox to the mat hard yesterday.

It was Boston's fifth straight defeat in the new Yankee Stadium. The Braves lost no ground yesterday by losing to the Dodgers, as the Giants extended their lead at the expense of the Phillies. Tris Speaker, who has been slumping badly as a hitter for his Cleveland Club, staged a comeback vesterday and won from the White Sox with a home run. i Lee Meadows made his first appearance for the Pirates against his former Twice Daily 2:15 8:15 MAJESTIC CHcscrrs Ave -awrMtravs ipm toil Mats. 25c 30c After 5 Y.

M. (except Bin. Sun.) Warn 50c. Includes lax Boston stars. Scotty, Ruth, Dugan and Schang, in the everyday Yankee It is no wonder that the New Engrlarnd fans resent the gradual breakdown of A LMetro Mcture A Dramatic lilt 1000 Best Matinee Seats ft I All Others Only Bffc Vl Nights and Sat.

50c, SI, SI.N FILM EPIC OF AMERICA VIOLA DRIVEN With a Great Cast Including charles mack elinor fair burh Mcintosh A Beaotlfai Primitive Romance Ir the Hills i. ijuuisi mates yesterday, ana ivicJvecn-nle's boys beat him, 4 to 1. making nine hits. Col Jacob Ruppert is now really the sole owner of the American League chaenpions. Ed Barrow, formerly Red Sox manager.

Is now a director of the club as Well as secretary. He has been the business manager. The "Babe" eoyjd make no homer against Boston yesterday, but his brace of doubles caused considerable damage, IN HER FATAL MILLIONS A Photoplay Replete With Laughs, Thrills and right but "Time" should be called by the umpire at once to protect himself. Q. Player at third base attempts to steal home but gets back to third safely when he fails.

On the next pitched ball, before it leaves the pitcher's hands, the catcher walks four feet the line. He is clearly out of his box and gets the runner. The umpire refused to allow the out. A. The umpire was right.

The catcher was not in his legal position and a base runner could advance safely. Don't argue over baseball decisions or records. Write Charles D. White, care of our sporting editor, enclosing stamped self-addressed envelope for Sarunses of Kentucky LATEST NEWS en.) TOPICS Boston College vs Georgetown The Boston College and Georgetown nines, which will come together at Newton this afternoon, ought to put up a splendid game. The Eagle is not worrying any more about that straight win record, while the Georgetown team in this year has lost only to Holy Cross, just as Boston College has been stopped only by Jack Barry's Worcester team.

A win for B. C. over Georgetown would do much to bring back to B. C. confidence for its second game with Holy Cross, which will be played at Braves Field on June 18.

The Brown University nine will play its annual Cam-bridge game with Harvard on Saldiers Field tomorrow. The Crimson won the first game, 5 to 0, behind Young, and Jack Slattery will make every possible effort to pull his team throVigh tomorrow. Next week Harvard gets into the last part of its schedule, having games with Providence and Holy Cross, and the following week come the Dartmouth and Tufts games, which neveruieiess. the Boston club since it won Its last championship back ln 1916. Mass.

Twilight League A new twilight league, the Massachusetts, has been formed with teams representing seven cities in this State and one in Rhode Island. It should have a very successful season. The towns, Fitchburg. Fall River, Graniteville, Ware. Lajvell, Gardner.

Salenv' and Woonsocket, are all live ones, and the managers already have secured the services of a lot of high-class talent. The league season will start June 16, continuing until Labor Day, and it will be possible to play Sunday ball at Tiverton and also at Woonsocket. The club owners and managers have been several months making their plans, but the organization now is perfected and enough high-grade ball players have been brought) into line to assure a high standard of baseball. John F. Kernan of Fitchburg will tjlJrlAMJ PROGRAM AT BOTH THEATRES JtoJ "A revelation." TRAVELER "No description can do it justice." Cushmen, TELEGRAM.

Up to the Minute "Is this a second-hand shop?" "Yeasum." "Well, I want one for my watch." Reel Life. cna trim NM AMUSEMENTS Roach 1724 Week of May 28 at 2 and x. MISS BOBBY FOLSOM Metropolitan Band JACK DENNY Willi. New EnAl anders Emilie Lea MARY YOUNG WAIT WEEK BEGINNING JUNE 18 Solar Photo by Tanagra Studios, Boston) Charles F. Adams on the well-known Irish hunter, Chesterfield, taking one of the high fences on the outside course at the Waveney farm, Framingham, where the MiHwood Hunt races will be held tomorrow.

These jumps are 34 feet wide and are expected to furnish many thrills in the special hunt team races. NEXT ii MAIN STREET" WEEK Btu0CK I I The CHI EFT A IN CAUPOLICAN i. francli-POOLfc-Y "Bfe Leasuei MARTY CALLAGHAN CHICAGO CUBS ARROW (Tpresen fs Tel. Beach 4820 METROPOLITAN DRIVING CLUB HAS GOOD PROGRAM The Metropolitan Driving Club has arranged the following program for its races, which will be free to the public, on the Charles River Spedeway half-mile track tomorrow afternoon: Three-Year-Old Trot Ruby bm, by Henry Setzer, V. C.

B. Wetmore; Hright Sunshine, cm, by Peter Vonia, C. H. Tvaiser; Ruth Sunshine, bm, by Guv Axworthy. C.

H. Traiser. ft SMUBERT nfMMifll mil 11 1 111 1 at 801 Offlti P'lxi Time It Paid to Have Been an Athlete -r William Lloyd Garrison, broker and single taxer, was invited by Dean Lord of the Boston University Business School to address about 900 young women in the Secretarial School. Mr Garrison arrived just before the time set, so the dean had no chance to consult him. Dr Lord evidently had talked to some of the speaker's friends, because he began at once: "Mr Garrison is the namesake and grandson of the famous abolitionist." (Absolute stillness.) "He is the grandson of Lucre-tia Mott, one of the four original and also one of the greatest woman suffragists." (Not a ripple.) "Mr Garrison was the lightest weight man who ever played quarterback on a Harvard eleven ifi Yale game The very rafters rang with the clear-voiced cheering, while the foundations rocked to the stamping feet.

"One touch of athletics makes the whole world kin," murmured the dean. Last Met. Tom'w al Eves. LAST 3 TIMES SAMrTUIaMACMm tff DOUBLE LENGTH IUU n. R.

CARS ISO PEOPLE 700 iStMiS cnui-a wnane Person each day. 2:28 Trot Vivian Sunshine, bm, by Harvester, C. H. Traiser; Luke Bell, big, by Atlantic Kxpress, C. Young; Peter Carter, fchg.

by Chestnut Peter, H. F. Estabrook. 2:15 Trot Monte Volo, bg. by Binvolo, V.

B. Wetmore; Talmena, bm, by Lee Axworthy, W. E. Newbert. 2:13 Trot Eva Frisco, bm, by San Francisco, W.


misk nn CONTINUOUS IOAM.4ol030Pft continuous PRICES (Admitting to thm Circua, Mnffria mSm he audlcace with tear aid rei with 8. HOWARD, mmg numtman Aauia unon i-t ywan, we ax inco I M. bg, by Harvester, Dr J. D. Tel.

Beaoh 4620 Seats also at Little Bids at But Office Price. Huntington Ave. Grounds N0O.M. Eei. at 8:15 Pop.

Mat. Tomorrow at 2:15 ONTINLol 0:16 A. iM. to mm LIZA "Ensemble dancing of a distinctly superior quality." Nicholas Young, American TT L-A li-J 1, 'A -n Tl A Stirring Paramount Kririiw DOROTHY ALTON In "FOG BOUND" 6 HQ VAUDEVILLE ACTS 1, vi mm i.w MMB STRAWS in Dizzy Dancers, Plantation Singers I and Colored Fun-Makers "A corp. of Al Joltons vldn't have raised more fan." F.

HARKINS. Adtertitar. "BUFFALO BILLS W1LDWE5T WLhMl THEATRE vra. st SMvrn NEXT MT TO PERFORMANCES 2:15 DAILY 8:15 life' 41 a 1 f. M.

STYLE AND QUALITY Reserved Seat Ticket Sale Now at Stleff Piano Store. 146 Boylston St. Same Price An 'On liramnAfi COHAN Thompson Jariy ureams, og, dv ku-bard Earl, A. J. Furbush; Pagan, bg, by Walter Direct.

W. J. McDonald. 2:27 Pace Bessie Direct, blm, by Baron Direct, J. H.

Humphrey ville; Pa-prica. bg, by Peter the Great, J. Wilson. 2:16 Pace Judge Wilkes, chg. by Strongwood, George Norton: Mfrrjr blm.

by Dan ir. B. W. Uovpf Confidence, bg, by Peter Volo. W.

J. McDonald. 2:30 Trot Marie Blngen, bm, by David BIngen, W. J. Furbush; Point Breeze, bg, by Belwin, J.

H. Malone; Molly Forbes, bm, by Onward Forbes, George Lovell. 2:25 Trot Celina Dewey, bm, by Lord Dewey. R. E.

Thompson; Annie Jud-son. bm. by Peter The Great, W. J. McDonald; Foros Maid, bm.

by Foros, H. F. Estabrook. 2:17 Trot Just Tramp, bg, by Justo, 1. C.

Young; Peter Lexington bg. by Peter the Great. A. J. Furbush: Betty by Aqulllan, W.

J. McDonald. 2:19 Trot Sultan Watts, bg. by Man-rico. Geo.

Lovell: Aquillan IX, Mr, by Aqutllan, H. C. Thayer: Burr, bg, by Bingara, W. J. McDonald.

Concord High to Meet Maynard CONCORD, Mass, June 1 The Concord High School baseball team will go to Maynard tomorrow afternoon to play its return game with Maynard High nine, at the John A. Crowe Park. Concord won the first encounter last month. In the first game, George Pearce held Maynard hitlesa and runless. HENRY JEWETT'S REPERTORY COMPANY Mats.

Tues. Thurs. Sat. at 2:30. Eves.

I Charles McEvoy's Notable Comedy THE LIKES OF 'ER OSIE SENNETS WttAr with "Bon Ton Iry" iff wQm LIU "FBM-ito" (head conforming am eat hands) For straw hat comfort buy no others, made in fine and COPLEY THEATRE Tel. Back Bay 0701. Seat Down Town Filene's. Jordan's and Shepard's Uat. ilr tift Tllfl.

fs 8 Battle and Military Demonstration AT DILBOY FIELD Saturday, June 2d, 7 P. M. Featuring- aeroplanes, tanks, artillery, cavalry in combat. Conducted by 101 ST ENGINEERS, MASS. N.

Q. Tickets on Sale at Parkins Space Adjacent to rleld Engineers Club, 2 Ave. Harding Uniform Reg. 22 School SX Capt. II.

I. Parker. Room'148, State House. Leonard Barrows. 161 Essex St.

I.eavitt Pierce. Harvard Square. All Regimental Armories braids. 2.50 3.50 btats Downtown ilene't Jordan na $2.00 $3.00 mane a fits r- Presents EVES, at 8 SHARP COLOKIAL THE MAN WHO CAME BACK NEXT MATINEE TOMORROW Hour mm JACK DONAHUC ORIGINAL CASfc BEAUTY CHORUS PANAMAS Genuine hand woven natural panamas. There' nothing better for tone 00 WW LEGHORNS Twurr DAlLV St lOa lO GLOBE WANTS GLOBE DISPLAY ADVTS READ THEM TODAY ft untriyiir NT School, and before he left the latter institution he had earned a fine reputation for himself as a baseball player.

He did not confine his athletic endeavors entirely to the Baseball diamond, however, and in football and basket ball he also made his mark. Marty was a left-handed pitcher in those days and many were the bat WESTBOUND looking hat and $.00 BA.y rri i 11 hat I A and tough durable aaitas i s. iHf in. A Arlington St. a Columbus Ave Continuous Kvhlfa 1 to 10 P.

Beach 09C5 LIMITED mATCal SNYDER A HI- SEATS 4 WEEKS AMEA0 LAST 2 DAYS How many residents of Norwood realize that the town possesses ln Martin F. Callaghan, of 97 Broadway, the joint holder of a world record in baseball? Marty Callaghan achieved the distinction Aug 25 last while playing for the Chicago Cubs in a game against the Phlllias at Chicago. Marty went to bat three times in the fourth inning, equalling the world' record for number of times to face a pitcher in one inning. Twice he drove out safe hits and once he struck out. The game itself was a hectic affair and "Yon Know Yon Belong to Somebody PHOTODRAMA OF FLESH and STEEL SYMPHONY HALL (Uvery Night) niun 1 rnumutinis ITREMONT EMPLC A MIGHTY at the Ginter Restaurants is a meal worth looking forward to.

For tempting dishes, served with courtesy, will taste all the better for the artistic surroundings, the excellent music and the reasonable price. Blue Plate CA. Spwial 9 Luncheon aW i Dinner Daily Special Fresh Mackerel, Maitre de Hotel Grilled Tomatoes Boiled New Potatoes Roils Vanilla Blanc Mange With Crushed Fresh Strawberries, Tea or Coffee, Iced or Hot 75c Restaurants Operated by anas The darkest corner of 4 TIMES DAILY 1:30, i-AS. 6:00, 8:15 Popular Price. McPHERSON'S 71-79 Hanorer Street OPEN BYENYNGS "A Hat and Qtov More tar over IS Years ters who paid tribute to his speed and i cleverness by fanning the air.

Marty graduated from Norwood High School in 1918 and he continued his twirling as a member of the Norwood Knights of Columbus team, defeating many of the strongest independent nines in the field. In 1920 Callaghan went to Worcester the porch will los its charm wbea the pleading POPS TONIGHT ORCHESTRA OF g0 SYMPHONY -PLAYERS Agide Jauditu Conductor Popular Programs Re i esii Ha en RAlilDOIN square theatre Jimmie Cooper Black While ww 90 Contlnaoas from 10:30 I CYTP A MIONlttHT SHOW Kl. strain of this fox-trot reach you. The Lania Orchestra have played ior tne iasiern League team p''. "Iluntinsr Uig liame in witnessed the smashing or equaling of i that city, shifting his activities to it into an irresistible Columbia Record.

V5 3rd SUN.10,,1 Operatic Prog. Ticket 28c, 50o, 75c. 1 (no tast) iinra nigger man a tr.ui.: thrilut von I have oevrr felt. ha. Hav in "The Girl I -ovel." full of aetion an.l rnmanee.

3 audeville Acts. Tonight Bargain Night I Extra Ac ts. Neit For f-rUe a isn 8TABTINO AT MUM- BOSTON, JACQUELINE or BLAING BARRIERS, NR A HARRISON. Brill Wood, Cray Sisters, CMH Rente Moey, La Plair Part la, He tti a number of existing marks. Chicago 0 hls first season in pro-; won the contest by a count of 26 to 23.

efcfut filmed and the 49 runs scored marked a new! five bases. total for modern baseball games. In The next season Martv Dusheri his the fourth inning of the game Chicago batting averageto withbf 10 Dofnta of P-'S -oed home plate times, es- 1 the .30) mark and he dVove out five tablishlng another record for future I nomers. also pilferine 13 sack A ne stod flh among the outer sr. sv way BRAVES FIELD TODAY AT 3:15 BRAVES vs.

BROOKLYN Tickets at Partridge's, 49 Franklin St. SCARS OF JEALOUSY' Mm i i tm-liHlt''. I, lv' HI DOROTHY PHILLIP la "SLANDER TNE W0A' OOUCLA8 i t5It i.lrv( HiiKheH and Marguerite de la Motte. a ura mi era no iook part in im or more Hi! His "elding' average stood at irrorri itnu nnxoii in "a ools an.l uailCTi lUI CAP'V! a A I. of ACTION stealing two bases.

"FOLLOW MIC" Bl 11- W. Newt. 227 HOWfiRB 4 ftorumbega Park Marty Callaghan was born in Nor UBMH Bi with lldur.l His work with the Worcester club attracted the attention of big league and the Chicago team secured him EXETER Kotet. Marshall BmM wood June 9. lsoi.

the son of Mr and Ambassador Seville 41 Winter St. 130 Boylston St Wedgwood DuPoni SSI Wash. St. 40 West St DeLuxe Regina CHAUVE 50URIS ENVC. I II rr I aiin vaiiBKiidii oi a roaaway.

rrom tne Kastern TncrnaT tj 30 people, beat of all colored showa, uuile-rille and pletures. Always sff.rtr.lag doing. 1 till 11. VTT w-mw KINCi TUT I SP Vaudeville. Ha KINO TI Vaudeville.

Tioro.hv rhilllps In "Slaader the Douglas McLean in "Man of Action. BEWUtl CU-GVJS Hand 'neerts. Ktc. 461 Wa.h. St Dorothy Phillips 493 Wash.

St. 'Thtse Rextitiirtii fHBII Blggeat Show 1'1'JlLi 7 big VAUDEVILLE ACT! where Marty continues to make his lefthander, both in batting and in throw-home in the off season. ing; is 50t Win tall, and tips the scale Marty as a youth showed marked at 150 pounds. caie. baseball ability, and early deciued to Marty Callaghan is single.

He has' make the professional game his call- three sisters. He is fond of all ath-! inc. Graduating from the grammar letics, and he has made a fine record in 1 school, he entered Norwood -High many branches of sport Tra Iuj LANCASTER MSB- wm- t- i 5 'SLANDER THE WOMAN" REGINALD DENNY "The Abysmal Brute" Bow O- tbe 6 a THOMAS MEiaHAN VAUDEVIUWE ACT I 1 "BE'tR-DO-W" ANITA STEWART. i.

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