The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1955 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1955
Page 17
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BLYTHBT1LLB (ARK.)' COCTtlBR THURSDAY, MARCH M, 19M OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl. OUT OUR WAY , y,?u HIM WTMA me OH, AMBROSE; COME AN' TAKE SAST60/ WHILE A RICH FIMAHCI6R VIEWED Mv AIR-CONDITIONED CHAIR.' HI* SY£3 LIT UP UK6 A CARNIVAL H6 4t*t! IT"~HE OWE TMR6C- , SOT ALL He WOULD PUT ~ " no INI CASH WAS POMV *io SILL/ THAWER&, OR BE FROSTER& OR WHAT EVER VDU CALUUM-- ITS 'SPRIMS MOW: CAPS vJuesl FORM TM6 tio<ee- TAP6 , PARADE/ HIM OS "rue SIPE- Y'KNOW, SLUG/MATS WHAT I ALWATS WOJDERED/ GOSH.WHY HE WAIT TILL THEY FINISHED THE" PANAMA CANAL? HISTORY /s TOUR. WEAKEST SUBJECT, SO WE'D BETTER. START WITH 1HAT.UW3' WHAT; WERE COLUMBUS' REASONS FOR. DISCOVERING AMERICA PAGE |y J. R. William* NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year 1955 will be hold in Mississippi County District No. 55 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on Saturday. March 19lh, for the purpose of electing school directors, voting on school tuxes and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at sold election. The polls will open at 8:00 A. M. and close at 6:30 P. M. at the following place: Bonds Store. GIVEN THIS 23rd DAY OF February, 1955. H. T. BONDS, President. LEWIS BONDS, Secretary. 2/24-3/3-10 EASTMAN KODAKS Movie Cameras KIRBY DRUG STORES new way to buy salt! ioofc /or (Ats package. Packed 3 to a carton. Iodized or plain. New MORTON SALTERS Ready-filled shakers for stove and table Disposable Morton Sailers are elegant enough to grace your family table... plastic- wrapped, colorfast, sturdy, moisture- proof ... with plastic shake or pour tops. 3%" laH. Holds 4 01. salt. THE RIGHT STEP to HALTER'S for shoes like New! HALTER'S QUALITY SHOE SHOP 1Z1 W. Main Ph. 2-2732 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2115 YES! WE TAILOR-MAKE SEAT COVERS GILBERT'S AUTO UPHOLSTERY Hiway 61 N. Ph. 3-6742 WE HAVE MOVED! E. T. Hubbard Clothing Store How located at 112 E. Main (Next Boor To Paul Byrum Imp. Co.) _^ __ COPYRIGHT 19M BY FKAHK GRUHK- DBTIJIUTIP »Y HIA SMVltt. ( XXXII .CAM gave up the idea of riding i into Manhattan by train. He I walked through a little village and found himself upon a winding macadam road. There he found a marker that told him Now York Was only 31 miles. He started resolutely down the road. He walked a mile. A single car whi/./.ed past him without even slackening speed. He walked another mile and an ancient car came chugging along. Sam stepped out as far into the road as he dared and waved violently. Brakes squealed and the car stopped. "For the love of Pete, mister," Sam cried, "give me a Ji7t. My dogs are killing me." The driver of the ancient jalopy was a white-haired man [crowding 70. He said, "Get in!" I Wearily, Sam got into the old | car. "Where you going, mister?" Jlhe driver said, "God's country, New York.** ! The elderly man smiled slight- •ly. "First time I ever heard New York called that. You don't like the country?" Sam shuddered. "Not me." i "Nothing much ever happens tout in the country," the driver jwcnt on. "In the city there's ell sorts of trouble, all the time. I had the radio on just a minute ago and they were telling about some fella back in Pccksklll who • broke out of jail. A real clcsper- • ndo. shnol-'cm-up typo." Sam jwished that he could shrink to jhnlf his sixc. "Yep," the old man 'went mi, "a real killer, they say, ,Tho police are setting up road- Jhlot'Us all around." i "Roadblocks!" exclaimed Sam in consternation. I The driver pointed ahead. "Wouldn't be a bit surprised If thai was one up there." A New York Stole highway patrol car was slewed across the toad, blocking moil of *. Th« driver began braking his ancient car. A state trooper waved him down. Sam made a complete mental surrender. He knew he was going back to Peekskill—and this time he would remain there. He was gone, finished, done. "What's the trouble, Carl?" the old man was saying to the trooper. "Usual stuff, Judge," the trooper replied courteously. "Jailbreak. Some two-gun man they picked up shot his way out of the Peekskill jail.' 7 Oh, they'll get him, all right," said the man beside Sam. "I'm sure they will," replied the state trooper. He scarcely looked at Sam as he waved the d river to continue on past the police car. * • • FOR s ful! half mile Sam could not say a word, then he asked weakly, "You're a judge, mister?" "A justice of the peace, that's 1," was the cheerful reply. "I've lived up here in the country all my life and the neighbors wanted me to have a little income in my old age, I guess, so they voted me in for an cosy job, Nice chap, that trooper. Most of 'em are good boys." 'Sure," said Sam, "they sure are." He was silent again and the ittlc car ate up the winding back road miles, After a while the car .urncd into a parkway and picked ip some speed. But finally, as hey were nearing Yonkers, the tistice of the peace said, "I guess ought to tell you, neighbor, the iolicc don't approve of hitch- likcrs out here and they've been arresting a lot of people. But Yonkers is as far as 1 go. If you're in ft hurry to get dome, I hink you'd better take the sub-j way at Yonkers. I'll drive you to! L Uh, could you use • quarter?" j He tendered the coin to Sam. The latter took it "Judge," he said, with deep emotion, "you're the first honest-lo-gosh human being I've met in a year of Sundays. You—you almost make up for what I went through today." WHEN Johnny re-entered the Forty-Fifth Street Hotel, the po- icemen were still on duty in the lobby. And Lieutenant Madigan was still sitting glumly in a far corner. Johnny waved to him and went up to his room. Entering, he went into the bathroom and retrieved the sock weighted with the dimes and pennies he had taken from Jess Carmichael the Third's limping goose bank. "It's here," he muttered. "It's t to be here." He dumped the coins on the bed and began to examine them individually. He wished he had a magnifying glass, but his eyes were good and he studied the coins . wiih elaborate care. Most of therp were worn; a scratch or mark would have shown up readily on them. There was none. We counted the feathers in the Indian's headpiece on the pennies. They all matched. He stud- cd the milling around the edges. There was nothing out of place, lie turned the coins over and studied them. He separated the dimes from he pennies, studied each in turn, A half hour went by and he was no nearer the solution. "It's here," he exclaimed aloud. 'Jess Carmichael was no smarter ,han I am." He had the coins lined up according to their age. The oldest, ic discovered, was an 1860 penny. The oldest dime was an 1862. The next dime was dated 1865. ' Idly, he pushed the two rows of coins together, the oldest Hme, the penny, then—a thought struck him and lie moved swiftly, ;ning up the coins according to .he dates, regardless of their vfllue. The coins' dales now rnn continuously 1800, through ta 939, "That's ill" be " cried. 'Thal'i UP' (To MOVING? Local or Long Distance CALL 3-8928 Beckham Moving & Storage Co. flOfl N. Second NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES AGENT ^'// l S77-T * I <-t, T- *&•'!**} ? r . • vs.-' i - i 9 "Oh, that must be the plumber'$ kit your father bought the year you were born!—I think he used it once or twice—it was one of his money-saving ideas!" "Oh, it isn't supposed to be anything in particufM<— tf» modern art!" WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U B B A R D HARDWARE MOO 1 What "400" Dry Cleaning Means for Your Clothes 40fl's patented "FOOD FOR FABRICS" ingredient restores vital natural oils to every typs of fabric. . . keeping dark shades deep and rich, crisp whites and light tones bright and radiant! Exclusively at City Dry Cleaners Free Delivery Ph. 3-3197 414 E. Main Select Quality Fresh Seeds Plants & Sets Garflen seed In Bulk or Tackage We Have Them! Funk's G-Hybrid Seed Corn BYRUM HARDWARE and SEED CO. Free Parking in Rear of Store 114 E. Main St. Phone 3-3529 RADIATOR WORK • BoiUd Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS IM Cl. L»k« A». Pht. 1-CM1 M«rHA,rfSA wcNDewaA xon irseooo TITLE...JUSTTHESOCTOF ) ENOUGH TO HELP . TUNS TO CHEEB JANICE/ /OAMICE 6ETWEU.' YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, POP! I WANT A REAL ONE) AFTER ALL, A HORSE IS A VERY NEXT WEEK IS MY BIRTHDAY! I HOPE I GET A HORSE) rWO Of M PR5F65SOR\ THAT AIN'T .N s^. ~ „ , ,„ -M **** ^* KNOWN ]«HK.,WW.IWt BUT m SURE ^i THM SCOUNDHEU M«J6 W TAKWS WKE WRONG ASOUTV pgp. ^f.6~/TO HELP YOB ON . JOB PER NIWilES, PAL 1 . VOU NEEP BRMJN TO HANDLE THAT SIS STOS'6 HEKP1 FRIENP5 ARE TO SO. BUT Wi Utl LEST THEY'RE A BIT FRWL FOR. TH£ JOB! ? JM aBERT.MV^SVMjBD THIS WILL KEcP WV CAR FWOW WOLLINS DOWN THE HILL WHILE I CHANSE f I MISHT HAVE JUST [HIYA.FUWSY.I SOT A '- '- '. MOT ON>W OOVXMJS »* TWt V»V\X ern- s to ;nd- how and ded E. aral the aral So- the mid ites les- del- relent la- age 3m- iwa itry de- >nal sed :ter Ni- ian :th- ot 3d- of all art, na, see mt X- ito ISt •k, ke he to at

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