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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 4

The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 4

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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Tomorrow Mat. Klrhellen. Tomorrow Nlarht, MarMli. Board of Overseers Makes District 5 Board Picks! William F. Presents Hit Arabian Night's 8pectacla ALADDIN AMI THE WONDERFUL LAMPf 25c to $1 TWICE DAILY 2318P.M.

8:18 P.M. Special MinaltMI-dran' Ptrformanoa 10:80 A. Elllatf nt CCa Draftees for Service Him Exchange Man Cheese eKtVL Lb. 3 1 Extra Fancy llvvwv Cm WIU. www Formosa Oolos EniJhh 'Our Pries sik Ml.nri Par Lb.

39c r- last, tureen, aw aaas miw i a. I Vales Coffee Award Several Scholarships and List Announced by Chairman Dr Thomas F. Harrington Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea, Lb. 49c Fellowship for 1917-18 MAJESTIC I III I Dlrertion ni 30c n.vr.,. Lb.

2 1 1 40c Coffee Lb. 32c "lrniai iritnHllr Mrnion, DANICL ROHM AN Prosonts The Board of Overseers of Harvard University yesterday elected Edward I sMsh Bote," Rich Blend Old Coffees "Mm CcHss Psrfsctlon I Mnml Sale i 8c I Flour Gold Medal 14.50 Sag 1.79 Bag 93c W. Taylor '88, Professor of Neurology mi Mm huh nailer Ionian. FIRST TIME IN AMERICA THE LATENT I.OMIDV Knn A Modern MilUnrv M. The EASIEST WAY To act thrill ta to witness Eugen Walter's Melodrama THE KNIFE Emory Leon Chaffee '08 was appointed Assistant Professor of Physics.

Percy Rogers Howe was appointed Assistant ioc sii u-lg. oat own nnearaieiced. I SEATS NOW Professor of Dental Research. The following fellowship and Bchol arships were awarded for the year 1917 18: Nelson Robinson, Jr, Travelling Pel lowship to Laurence Eldred Mowery Austin Scholarship for Teachers to A ICrlstto 1-Lb. Can 25c Standard Milk Can 15ic ShretVdetl Wheat Pkf.

11c I PARK SO. ftlat. Torn. Peas Can 15c ToroatBes "SSTS Can 18c Entiie Wheat fflceLlis. 25c Prunes Lb.

1 5c Tomorrow Pew's Par. 1-Lo. 4. C. Kllnger, University Scholarships to Good! last 3l Steak Cod anea I Codfish XZZ a i H.

S. Bovd '17 and B. C. Clough '11: the University Scholarships in Architecture Ivorv tfoap 5 Bars 27c Mimes to R. Roudehush 1 S.

A. and F. Kingsbury 3 S. L. A.

It was voted to appoint James Haugh- I a SHUMKT "SunstihkV' Biscuits Box 29c NEXT MON. SCATS NOW ton Woods, 87, exchange proiesaor to France for the first half of 1917-18; El- rort a week oni.v SEI.UTN CO. sre.rnt wood Idell Terry, '07, visiting lecturer on forestry from Colorado College for the second half of 1917-18: Wallace JANE COWL Clement Sabine, '91, acting director of 1 Irtysto, ejrsej, Ft- West Pofasts is usss-v orssrs Ciratr ESjn SI 1 C9, ma. Seat TratBflnt St 2 Week. Starting Next Monday SEATS NOW the Jefferson Physical Laboratory for the year 1917-18; Herbert Sidney Lang-field, acting director of the Psychologi "LILAC TIME A olav of Imc and aiirlnetliri by linir liml mill lni.i- 'I IS Canal St.

"Igrl Wfcinitefi Si 45 Browf ield 31 rr mi lasasi 1 tnKliiti'4 44 T. Ct I I cal Laboratory for the year 1917-11. The following appointments were also made: Maclver Woody, '07, as Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine; Carl Wallace Miller, David Arnold Keys, Robert Franklin Field and Elmer Raymond Schaeffer, '13, as Assistants in Physics; Arthur BHsb 8eymour as Assistant in the Cryptogamic Herbarium; Earnest Henry Wilson as Assistant at the Arnold Arboretum; Leslie George Wright, Ralph Henry Price and James Fair-bank Smith ae Austin Teaching Fellows In Chemistry; Sumner Cushlng Also 4-0 Suburban Stores Selling Groceries Only jMTaeeeaBe aal aTaeeaM aMHBBBM i John, 101 Broadway AHin.j- i 2 job aassasH DISTRICT 3 BOARD HOLLIS Tss? NEXT MONDAY NIGHT MAT. HAT. and TOLt MBI A DAY CHAtterTON With Bruce Mr Hue and Original I a at la COME OUT OF THE KITCHEN Direct from 31 Week Bun In New Yark ton.

i 1141 Woodw ard, Oart Kingston. 2400 Anders! n. Olaf. Nantucket. rtm 1 Indian Rpnnt Pl.TTini' SaECTS MOKE MEN 2ltlPHoriey.

Joaeph. 17 Portsmouth at, Ci bridgt i 2814 Duggaa. William Fall River. 31lrt Perrauit. Ameo.

Holyoke. Dr Thomas F. Harrington, chairman of District Board 5. which baa jurisdiction over Brookllne, Cambridge. Chelsea, Everett, Lynn, Newton, Salem, Somerville and Divisions 23, 25 and 31, lias sent out the following liwt of young men ordered to report at Ayer Oct 5.

DIVISION 1. LYNN Shea. Timothy. 23 Uongreas at. HtnchlHTe, John 12 Whiting at.

Worth. Charles 600 Western ar. Bettinget, Ralph 37 Sherbrook pi. Clark, Douglas. 139 SprlnKdale v.

Bratton. Frank 17 Llovd St. Harron, William, 16A Bedford at. Bewail, James, 18 Church st. Wonnatead, Robert 5 It holes bt.

Bleauvelt. John 143 Maple at Nelson, Walter 5 Classical terrace. Warren, John 91 Harbor St. Scott, Charles 530 Western av. Smith, John 27 Congress at.

PortiMci, Settlmic, 15 Aborn pi. Luddy. William 42 Pearle st. TJ'fBla, Gracomo. 63 Andrew St.

O'Shea, William 332 Western e. Vasslon. James. 88 Pleasant at. P.ernard, Jack, 53 Shepard at.

Harbey, Fred 11 Holly av. I'omhue. Frank C. 52 Waverly at. Barron, James 80 Bachettof St.

West, Lawrence 17 Lloyd St. Murchlson. Roy 21 Whiting at. Iindregsn, John 63 Henry at. Garduer, Harold 51 Parkland ar.

Donovan, John 6 Ward at. Kuniu, Louis, 149 Summer st. Hanson, Carl 32 Edgemere at. Collins, Frank 528 Western av. Raffalo, D'Amato, 134 Blossom at.

Fader, Everett 12 Ford st. Coombs. William 20 Great Woods rood. Burrows, George, 805 Boston at. Humphreys, John Jr.

14!) Blossom St. Brown, George, 39 Kerawood Drive. Kelley, Patrick, 72 Church at. DIVISION 2, LYNN Scopelttls, Argyrlcs 4 Oxford st. Spinney, Herbert, 75 Silsbee st.

Ireland, Jr. James, 9 Estes st. Childs, Fred 76 Fayette at. Romons, Pretro, 50 Michigan av. Cantrell, Fred 185 Chestnut at.

Dorward, Richard, 5 Seaside terrace. Harry. 75 Silsbee at. Danlelson. Cecil A 17 Stephen at.

Martin, Augustine 21 Bayview av. Welch, Arthur 7 Lilly at. Smith, UowHrd 190 Fayette st. Tateltns, Caltaa, 237 Union at. Moffett, Herbert Empire at.

Gagnon, Ernest 64 Kacuem st Glaaaup. Cbas. 11 Crescent at. Lutes, Frank 1 Addison at. Caaey, Jamea 48 Roc ka way st.

Leslie, John 12 Freeinont st. McAneney, James 52 Newhnll at. Hartnnford, Samuel. 5 Seaside terrace. Delahanty, James, 15 Rockaway st.

Hayes, Edward 52 Lewis at. Schwartx, Benj. 16 Newhall at. Kane, Jobn Joseph, 126 Adams at. Stephen, Ernest, Nabant st.

Jervenes, James 10 Oliver at. Owens, Robert 262 Eastern av. Cheney, Henry 66 Pearl st. Fowler, David, 8 Fayette et. Polonaisky.

Nathan, 18 Ireson st. Twomey. Charles 43 Scwell st. Bailey, Geo. 2 Preseott road.

Soukiaaian. Hinynk. 68 Central av. Pun-has, Geo. 14 Ellis at.

Rayfuse, Laurler E. 93 Hollingswortfa st. Uerardi. Joe, 198 Williams av. Curtsy, Christopher Engine House, Broad at.

Carroll, Michael 23 Sagamore at. Noonan, James, 54 Chestnut st. Grlffen. Leo. 43 Clark St.

I.aPrlore, A. Mlcbcle, 47 Wardwell av. LaPlante, Ernest 51 Newhall at. Braekett, Chester 12 Chatham st. Haley, Stephen 84 Violet at.

Carson, Lawrence 4 High st. Rvans. Boy 38 Smith St. Costley, John 92A Union st. Newth, Frank 13 Sherman terrace.

Mills, Francis 12 W. Baltimore St. Culleu. Jos. 10 McKlnley terrace.

Fay. Paul 16 Sagamore St. Kyprioti, Arthur, 138 Liberty at. Blodgett. Frank.

145 Chatham St. Hines, John 29 Lincoln at. Flynn. Edward 80 Burrtl! av. O'Leary.

Francis 48 Hollingaworth at. Sears. Francis 7 Beckford ct. Howes. Paul 16 W.

Baltimore at. Connery. Frank 22 Mtidge at. Dunn. Harvey 101 Eutaw Bt.

Dally 2 and 7:46 Phone Baach 17! ALL-STAR BILL ADELAIDE HUGHES MISS PERCY HASWELL FELIX ADLER COMFORT KINO MME. CHILS0N-0RHMAN FORD SISTERS 6 MARSHALL I 37W Hoiuosixko. Konstantl. Lawrence. 3787 Buckle John Lawrence.

List of Future Soldiers 3111 Ilotton. Herbert Medford. 3149 Stamatii Emanuel. New Bwlferfl. lAenprl at.

hawrfinrft 3i4-chraias laral.a inioes. dculwu. timer. James L. New Bedford.

OAUTTER'8 TOY SHOP, BRITT WOOD. 8150 Pacbeco. Eruest New Bedford Former Harvard gridiron star is stationed at League Island, THE GERALDS. PATHK-HEAR8T. 3422 Calder.

Chester Newtouvtlle. 3421 Dowd. Clieater West New ton. anH I nuroll nnffooc Aro i AUgUS. lo -MinOl Dl.

Brooks as Research Fellow In Tropical Medicine; John Wilson, '00, aa Instructor in Modeling; Christian Nus-baum, James Beeber Brlensmade, '18. Irvine Clifton Gardner, '12, aa In" structors in Physics; Philip Quincy Wright as Instructor In International Law; Frederick Slmonds Hammett as Instructor in Anatomy. Frank Hunt as Instructor In Medicine; Charles Howard Walker, '90, as Lecturer on the History of Architecture; Elmer Raymond Schaeffer, '13, aa Assistant Director of the Jefferson Physical Laboratory; Joseph Wright, aa Superintendent of the Library for Municipal Research; Willis Arnold Boughton, '09, as Auditor of the Harvard Dining Halls; Leon Dupriez. as Visiting Lecturer on Government; Laurence Shaw Mayo, '10, as Assistant Dean of Harvard College; Moris Gray. Jr, '06, as Secretary for Employment; Francis Welles Hun-newell, 2d.

'02. as Secretary to the Corporation; Roger Pierce. '04, as Secretary to the Corporation and Business Director of the Medical School; Edward Deshon Brandegee, '81, as Regent. The President reported that Charles Astri had been appointed and accepted as Exchange Professor from France for the first half of 1917-1918. liBioimii mm S.WWIIII muiiv Giovanni.

Plttsfleld. 1673 Maecegooj. Antonio. FltteOcKl Thi i mu Romervllle. 2t Ca liana.

filter Inciucad Among Number 3SS His 47il Kevcs. Francis. 6 Dynamo st. Somervlle. Smith.

LlO-vd Qtrtncy. PHILADELPHIA. Sept 27 Eddie Ma-han is getting back into his old activity in sports while training for service in the United States Marines. The other day he pitched the Marines' ball team of the League Island Navy Yard to a victory over Connie Mack's Athletics, and now he is a football coach and is busy making a real eleven out Of the Marines at his station. Eddie is now a corporal.

The accompanying cut has a familiar look except the uniform. 1 Kraae. rl urroe spnnsni ia. SirUil Dlapatch to tfce GNekc Qjarle. WrincBeM.

I ijttfmi alter. tii Inafleld. LAWHEN'flE. Sd 27 The IMsOiet 4inrt-ll Keur ttb SnrinsOeld. TREMONT THEATRE Eves, at 8.

Mats. Wed. and Sat. at 2 The Greatest of Laughing Hits Direct from Week at ttslety Theatre. New Vsrk.

Original Oast and Scenery. ppl Board for the 3d Maeeaclniaetta I StWAi ZtESm. Uivtrict lias begun Its third list off ear- iM7 Mills. Kreiy Yorceater. tifl cat ions for the selective draft army Mid the following have been indorsed PLATTSBUP.G ARTILLERY Itr return to the division boards: BACK FROM TWO-DAY HIKE STATE DIVISION 21 I pLATTSBURG.

Y. Sept 27 As chip- AorUtlo-Andow (A. Norta Andbrer ih. -amn U'rln. SOME SCHOOLS MAY BE CLOSED Continued From the First Page.

Ye WILBUR A It Direction of Messrs. Shubert A Uiddleton Georgetown (G). Top- tlons in the public schools as shown by the appointment of one lower In the Hat shall retain the places they reached upon their respective lists during their absence, and on their return from service shall be appointed, upon application, to permanent positions as vacancies occur, regardless of the results of examination during their absence and the consequent revision of lists. It was ordered that all junior assistants whose reappointments would have been made to take effect Sept 10, 1917, who enter the military service, he an. aVid (T.

Ballard ale iB ipawica onnre-; ffay morning, tne students oi cne ieia Eves, at 11:13, S1ATINF.F. TOMORROW PLYMOUTH A Direction of Messrs. Hhubert Bowley (Bi i nan ifwrd 'l. at. ad.

Itaalel 31 Mid 1 Cbartea Uieblaiid rd. M. The Smartest and llrlBrhtrst of All Musi, ni Comedies Mats. Than. Mat, at 3.15 Eves.

8.15. Ijaait ZUB b'itton at. a. Two WcoltBJ James. Sft BBS at.

A. ranaltn "The buildings are cold and damp, and Artillery Training Regiment returned shortly before retre-at tonight from the two-day practice march with full equipment. Under a neiw arrangement Col John H. Hammond, in command of the artillerv. will continue these practice marches until Monday, but by battery instead of regiment, one battery going out for over night each day.

EMMA DUNN SHereB. George ST. CI Htshaaad rd. A. wtiuam siBia in.

tt. Leoter B. even with the thermometer registering 58 or 60 degrees there is a vaultlike chill in which few persons can sit many hours Baw--aaBSaSBavMaBatarfftVBa JKmi Jk x. Cnarl 33 Joenaoa a. 3.

OLD LADY 31 (Hln 1- Mapie ar. a. 1 9th WEEK Boston's Biggest Hit DEATHS COLBEKT In Arlington. 8ept 27. Ellen (nee Robluson), wife of John Colbert.

Funeral from her late home, Kensington pk, off Pleasant st. Saturday, at 8 a m. Requiem services at St Agnes' Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. COLLINS In Everett.

Sept. 27. Ida Isn belle, widow or Frank H. Collins. Funeral services will be held at her late residence.

29 Franklin st, Saturdey. Sept 29, at 3 m. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend. DANIELS In Totedo. Sept 26.

Edward H. Daniels, 44 yrs. Formerly of Somerville. Funeral at 50 Spring st, Somerville, Saturday, Sept 20, at m. DEASY In Roxbury, Sept 27, Thomas beloved son of William C.

and Mary Deasy (nes Lynch), 20 years 2 moe, of 6 New Heath at. Funeral notice later. DRISCOLL In Somerville. gent. 27, Francea EL, beloved infant daughter of Daniel H.

aim Margaret V. Driscoll (nee O'Brien). Funeral from parents' home, 8 Taunton Friday. anUea. rar.

fa. II The infantry regiments are still at the III trench digging, having put in 11 trail "The best American play of the our-rent year and one of (lie heat plays of recent neasona." i Vogue) Dee. 18. Cttrv Hov U. 47 Warmer St.

A. BBMnaoo. Arthur, Perry M. A. Bntwrta, Joaepb.

18 Cbeytnat at. Ore. SaUth. Pnl K-. 391 Main St.

Gro. Uniim Piul I- EL B. without serious results. Economy and efficiency must not ignore the human element, which is by far the most important part of the school system. In view of these facts, may this order be trenches ffom the front line to the first reserve today.

The discharge, on Mon- day, of John Curtin, Brooklyn, has been rallft? GOSQDGd Kucrene i. Ibm. Joaa 84 HaTeYhtn at. A. a aSBBBL --farSBBBBJ BBBSaW rescinded; and in the interests of the BMim.

Arthur. 45 Ferry at. aBBBBBBBBBBWA BB Matinee Tomorrow gSJ HENRY JEWETT greater economy and conservation oi pointed on their return as vacancies occur regardless ot the results of examinations during their absence and the consequent revision of lists. A petition was received from Italian residents of South Boston for the establishment of language evening classes in the district, in which they desired an Italian teacher who knows Well both English and Italian. The committee refused a petition to open the bath in the Copley School for general public usage because of the lack of coal.

It was pointed out that the nubile baths on Lexington st, nearby, were open. A hearing was given on a proposition to consolidate the tune South Boston elementary school districts into three. Asst Supt Frank V. Ballou spoke in favor of such consolidation oil the ground of a steadily decreasing school population in the district, due to increase of industrial plants, the moving of the population and private schools. the health of all concerned, may we not revoKea.

Me is to corrxinue intiiiiii in the 11th Company. Leslie Harding Steele of 8omerville. a member of the 3d Battery, New England contingent, and Carl Arthur Wainwright of Albemarle Chambers, Boston, a member ot the 7th New England Oo, were discharged today at their own request for business reasons. 1 1'f ifH 'M'f GORDON KMIKID ft O. Other New Acts ROY STEWART In "The Oell Itodgers." Sept.

28, at 2 p. m. Relatives and friend invited. Yun. Yee, 31 BulTum st.

O'Conneil. Cornelius 30 High at. Phillips. V. AT 8 Morrill pi.

Bambini, Fustino, 40 Elvier st. DIVISION 3. LYNN Weisackas, John. 17 Court at. Ryan.

Francis 851 Weatern av. PLAYERS In the GREAT WAR PLAY Eves. 8.15. ESTES In Everett. Sept 27, Nellie wife I SSawke.

Fred 42 Oreat Fob re. N. A. fieiTenport. BeajamiB 8..

B. -i 124 MiUc at, K. A. Hwalck. Oeoree.

ft Kimball at, I. Tack. Iir.nard B. Hamiltoe. Andrew P-.

6 HIS A. Bowell. Horar 97 DwlBBelh at. Ore. Saunders.

John R- OBlllBs. William 8 PearaBB a. A. Frost. BdwlD G-.

37 Merrfmar at. I. A. MelTin. James 715 Salem at.

Gro. Robert. 70 Masaebusett at, N.A. Moaes. Ja.ob 30 Central at.

I. Saaitb. Howard Blver road. A. Newman.

PenIaBto. 11 Market st. I. have fires in all the buildings where needed "Also, in the schools where the heating apparatus is not in working order, may the classes be dismissed at the discretion of those in immediate authority in any such districts?" or William if. Bstes, on yrs.

runerai ser vices will be bold at the chapel of J. Henderson Co. 484 Broadway. Everett Saturday, Sept 28. at 1 m.

Relatives and Mats. Sat. st 2.15. Heats Down Town at Fllene'a and Jordan's COLUMBUS DAY DESIGNATED SWEATER DAY BY RED CROSS friends are Invited to attend. B0VYD0IN SQ ea ub ate.

AdmUslon 10 canla. Heaerved 10c extra. Douglas Fairbanks In "Down te Earth." Kraal In "The Heiress st Coffey Dan IVsrl While latest Plapd. "Fstal another episode, "lighting TtsII." Hevcn lands-vllle Acta Tonight Hwrgsln Night, extra acts Next Week "The Slacker." uuli TTunlUr flare. FAY In East Walpole, Sept 27.

EI tea A. widow of Otis C. Fay. Services from her late residence. 100 Pleasant st.

Saturday r-saas at 12. Relatives and friends Invited -fvijKi Qupr. Augustine L. Rafter argued as a 1 HUGHES In this city, Sept 27, at Ms late In "The Silence Sellers," In 6 acta against consolidation, saying South Bos ton was "coming back." residence, 62 Auburn st, John Hughes. WM.

8. HART In "Th. Funeral none later. Disciple," in acts HURLEY In this city. Sent 27.

John be loved son of Dennis J. and Mary A. Hurley Mary Desmond, English Contralto MASONIC TEMPLE AT NORWOOD DEDICATED (nee Keere). runerai rrom parents' residence 23 Shaffer at, Dorchester, Sunday Sept 30 at 12:80. services at st ijeo cnurch.

h-s Wade. Fram-i. 84 COnkty road. I. eklnnd.

Prank 102 Pleaaatit st. H. A. Herrik. William refttral St.

O. Wlleoa. Georpe Hbjhland road. A.

Walter 410 Main at, Gre. aatsrns. Benjamin 42 Market st. Green bow. William 120 No.

Main at. A. mil. B. 3 Lenora hottae.

N. A. "rConnelI, Edward 05 Chestnut st, A. "3eGtoler. James 78f Salem st.

Gro. 'Brown. TTarr fl Pond road. G. Gray.

Herbert 2S Columbia at. N. A. JlBrray. Fdwin 8 So.

Main at. I. ii Ml Joseph 11 Sargent st. N.

A. abira. John 704 Salem st. So. Gro.

Flet -ber. Frank B. Talpey. Frank D. 181 Elm st.

A. nwlipft Thomas U. 42 Sannder at. N. A.

ZNP-noIl. ruude 36 Cuba st. A. Columbus Day, Oct 12, has been designated as "Sweater Day" by the New England division of the Red Cross, in an effort to secure the 30,000 sweaters needed for the soldiers at Ayer and other New England camps. Every woman in New England who can knit is being urged to complete a sweater by the day set, to be forwarded to the camps.

Thousands of Christmas bags will be needed for the soldiers, and Red Cross women are being urged to prepare them, according to directions furnished by the society. Appeals are also being sent to all who joined the Red Cross last year to renew membership. The need of funds is said to be even greater this year than last. nVnsh. ft Castle sis.

Viimlrt llle. Photoplays. Ill I'l lll .11 I ll fas "Myatwrlaua Mr. Mst.5c,10r,lAe. Kves.ier.ISi mond st, at 1 o'clock.

Requiem high mass NORWOOD, Sept 27 The new Masonic Temple was dedicated this evening by THEATRE Monday, Oct at a m. Kelatlvea and friends invited. i-eon M. Abbott, grand master of Ma- mtinuotjav In Everett. Sept.

26. Ida wife bons in Massachusetts, assisted by of- THE Hl.ACK RASPUTIN of Gabriel Jacobson, 52 yrs. 6 raos. 18 ds Funeral services will be held at her late real MONK CLOBESTOCXC? Holiday's Dream. Worth Wayten I'onr.

John Mae Burke. Voacarrya. Bill Bell. dence, 1 Laurel Saturday, Sept. 29, at 8 p.

m. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend. y' "lc mi anu iooge. uniy mem-bers of Orient Lodge, by whom the temple was built, and guests were present. A banquet was served.

Orand Lodge officers were welcomed by WM Martin J. Blasenak. Ad- ArhhrVS oWlri-ad, by Grand Master and Worshipful James A. Hartshorn Of Mnrnm rr.i Holden. Elma 8., 878 Western av.

Higglns. Thomas 906 Western av. Curley. Stephen 12 Morris st. Seminatore, Gartano, 39 So Elm at.

Johnson, Godfrey 74A Summer st. Busk wick. John 8 River at. Freeney, Milea, 123 Commercial at. Van Buakirk.

Fred 15 Fenton av. Prendergast. Jamea 427 Summer st. Patchell, William. 884 Weatern av.

Reen. John. 428 Summer at. Kumcewicz, 10 River at. Flynn, Joseph, 20 Abbott at.

Carey, Augustus 785 Western a v. Wlnue, Patrick, 910 Western av. Wahlquist. Arthur, 861 Western av. O'Brien, Thomas 125 Waterhill st.

Yesevinski, Edward 28 Nelson at. M'Donald. Martin 18 Nelson st. Conolly, Peter 41 Mall st. Sundia, Elefaerios, 9'iv.

Federal at. Clancy, Thomas 25 Varnum st. Dunn, Henry 3 Light St. Curran, William 393 Summer st. Tsiorapoulos, O.

9 Ainsworth pi. Mohan, John 51 MaU at. McGhee, Robfert 27 Linden at. Hayes, William 15 Robertson at. Shea, Daniel.

497 Summer at. Wezwlnakl, Joseph, 28 Nelson at. Yeleinienakl, Micbael, 52 River at. Melanson, Harold 37 Sargent? ct. Healy, Martin 8 Echo pL Egan.

John A. 89 Robinson at. OrNell, William 790 Western av. Kelly, Dennis 9 Fuller st. White, Jeremiah, 781 Western av.

MKJlory. William 539 Summer at. Owens, Jeremiah 63 Hood at. TwohiK, Joseph 65 No. Federal St.

Treadwell, Elmer 102 Grove at, Taylor, Stephen 23 No. Federal st. Johnson, Olaf, 23 Mall st. Woodfall, Stanley 80 Kirtland at. Webster, Alman 10 South at.

Anderson, Gustave 47 Elmwood av, Johnson, Louis, 31 No. Federal at. Bowen, Willis 88 Wilfred st. STATE DIVISION 23 Abbreviations: Beverly fBev): Essex Hamilton (Ham); Manchester (Man). IlUard.

Leslie C. IS Kimball st. I. Reply of Committee The prepared reply of the committee is as follows: "School buildings have not been heated during the current term because ol the wish of the School Committee to cooperate in the movement to conserve the coal supply of the country. "Last June the board gave explicit instructions to the schoolhouse custodian to direct janitors of school buildings not to start up the heating apparatus until definite instructions had been received from him to that effect, and he was to understand that before he issued such Instructions he was to consult the School Committee and be governed by their wishes in the matter.

"Dr H. A. Garfield, fuel administrator, has appealed to all Americans as a patriotic duty to assist in the conservation of coal, pc inting out that while there is. plenty of coal in the ground there is a shortage of cars and of labor at the mines. "In his appeal, he states that: 'The solution of the coal problem lies largely with the American people.

The Government cannot save coal for them; they must save it for themselves. They must not rely wholly upon price fixing, Near Cople 'The Place rDoooeah. Jot.n 11 Sargent st, N. A. JOSSLIN In Sea View, Sept 26.

Lucy W. Josslin, 58 years, wife of the late A. Trtualln of lljmnver Pun oral from ...1.1..... Square Where Yon 1 A PAIR OF SIXES" Next wk: "The Deep I'nrple' EXETER ke. William 9 School st.

Forget Your Sea View, Saturday, Sept 29, et 2:30 28P.M..Tbura..rrl..Sl. Arthur 1K5 Flm st, O. Henry Lawrence Green at. N. A.

avited to p. ni. Keiatives ana trienas in Quartet furnished the musical part of tend. ays- 11 'i' JOYCE In Charlestown, Sept. 26.

Martin K. Wallace Raid in "THE HOSTAGE" Bessie Love in "Persnicketty Polly Ann" beloved husband of Mary C. Joyce (nee Ma Elsie Ferguson In "RAftlMRY Mil I Double I enture I'm tram 5 Vaudeville Actt The reception committee Included Rt WW wnn 4" Hartshorn, chairman, il rTi- wr Lewis Smith loney). Funeral from bis late residence. 18 Meaa sionaay, uct.

at 8 clock. Sol emn requiem nigh mass at St Francis de Sales' Church at 10 o'clock. Relati vea anH luTe-rA Rt Wor BIPllS00f MATlNf tvtsv oav PLEA FOR THE LANDLADIES HIT BY THE ENLISTMENTS Charlotte Smith of the Woman's Homestead Association has wired to Sec of the Navy Daniels, asking him to authorize the Fore River Shipbuilding Corporation to put up boarding or lodging houses and to allow capable women to run them for the benefit of the men employed at the yards. The plea is on behalf of many women who have lost their source of income because their roomers or boarders have enlisted or been drafted. Webb7wpr Elmer" EClaprV, wT gar L.

Bigelow, Wor Ernest EUis "lynn. George 214 Center st. S. Gro. TWek-b.

James 74 Summer at. A. William 02 Washington at. COMl fanvin. Cnrll N.

A. Jlrlnr, James Warren at. I. atk a-ja. Jci 60 Marblebead at.

X. A. STATE DIVISION 29 Burlington B. Wobnrn fWi, Mdford fBed). Concord C).

BUlerica (BID, Car Sale North BUlerica tN Bib. Lincoln (L.1. jembent. Carl F. Arlington at.

B. Jy. Lawrence 22 Carter st. W. rFoUn.

David 44 Winn at, W. James Concord road. Bed. friends Invited to attend. Supreme high chief ranger I.

N. past president Division 1 A. O. past president Charlestown Nest of Julian Eltinge In 111! (Dl I iN owls 14H9, Hrancn Hunker tun N. Boa IHMIMIM, "SLIDING" BILLY WATSON ton lodge or Bias.

Bagley, Wor WilUaw U. Lowden Wor David E. Kill ril' V. Vi'M mil KELLEY In Medford. Sept 26.

Mary Lola Coming Next Monday, A I'll KI IHII). widow or James Kelley. Funeral services Tvr will be held at uudley Medford, Frl- ft? HOWARD aay ar ueiauves ana rrienas are Invit GIRLS FROM JOY-LAND Burlesque, a bunch of beaut, sad vaudeville. Al CASINO en to atiena. oJHackbam.

Earl 3 Fairmont at, W. Saopik. William. 915 Main at. SF.

Byan. John 12 Bllsnore st. C. James L. Atherton, Robert T.

Barr, LaForest rV Frank Walker, Herbert D. Taylor Frank A. Morrill, Joseph Leach and Charles A. Gilmore. The new temple is on Day st, in the center of the town.

It is of brick. Indiana limestone and granite, and is Greek Ionic in design. FOLLIES OF THE DAY KENNEY In South Boston, Sept 26, Marcus son of the late Marcus and Anne fShoritm ways something doing 1 till 11. (Eb); nor upon tne errort to increase production, nor upon the apportionment of coal, nor upon the enforcement of the law. All must "It has been for the purpose of co Kenney.

Funeral from the residence of hla nrotaer. rrenenca w. nennev. 221 t. Frnl 710 Main at, W.

Ieter So. Bedford at. B. Saturday, Sept. 29.

at 8:15. Requiem high MODERN operating in this most important effort MARGUERITE CLARK In "Bab's Diary" FANNIE WARD In "On the Level" Joseph. 1 Mnaketaauid at. C. that the School Committee has directed mass ar si AUKuaune a uurcn Rt a Relatives and frienda invited.

KIMBALL In Maiden, Sept 27, Jamea the opening of schools without the use or heating apparatus. Kimball. 7 yrs il mos 27 ays. Services at Schoft, Harry, 29 Pierce av, Bev. Atkinson, James Crescent av Bev Britton, Willard 268 Cabot st.

BeV. Foster. Henry 259 Essex at, Bev. Mahoney, George 26 Mason st. Bev, Bushey, John Forest av, Es.

Corliss, Le Boy 7 Lyman at, Bev. Wentworth. George 245 Cabot at, Bev Lewis. William 15 Prospect st, Bev. Perkins, Jacob Martin st, Es.

Constantakis, D. 264 Rantoul at, Bev. DcSantoe, Antone, 48 Pond st, Bev. 10:30 to 10:30 -Jfjsjn. "It now appeals to pupils, teachers and the public for their support in this late resieence, v-rankim st, Monday 2:30 m.

I aaH 'i WM. S. HART In "The Disciple." VIOLA DANA In I "The Girl Without a Soul." FAILED TO GET NOTICE, SAYS BROCKTON DRAFTEE BROCKTON, Sept 27-One of the two drafted men from Division 2, who did not report to City Hall to start with the contingent which went to Ayer Friday, has been heard from but the other Adolph Sheputa. formerly of 23 Intervale st. is still missing.

Henry H. Lattinville of East Ashland st reported to the Division 2 Board today he did not receive his notice, which, he claims must have been sent to the wrong address. Sheputa was a conscientious objector. He left the city a few days before the LIND In norehester, sept. 26, Knut Und, 30 most necessary eiiort.

if pupils and teachers will come to school suitably Vefin. Charles Boston road. Bll. Milne Frank M. 21 Pleasant at.

W. -Leir. Eric Main at. Bll. Menilrk.

William Bntland road. Oar. aaCBMi. ott. FrancU Lexington road.

Bll. Molten. BartholOBBew. 54 Salem at. W.

TBBner. Joseph Dartmontb at. W. itVDoberty. Coostantlne.

108 Garfield st. W. iCoo nelly. Bobert 54 Broad at. W.

Andrew 12 Grape sr. W. BiFaater. George 134 Cambridge at. W.

Ball. Albert Boston road. Bll. Massing. Warren N.

Bll. Bell. Maarlce Jr. 57 Pleasant st. W.

yrs. a mos. tmerai rrom vi jsdson Dor Douglas Fairbanks In "Unnn lo K.artb" Hearst I'athe News. Oilier I enurc. Gloucester Insurance Rate Lower GLOUCESTER, Sept 27 Alderman Silva informed the Municipal Council tonight that he had received assurance from the local Board of Fire Underwriters that a new rate of 58 cents would be made on insurance on public buildings.

The new rate will mean a saving of $1200 a j'ear to the city. The old rate was 70 cents. clothed tne starting ot the heating ap Chester, Saturday, Sept. 29. Relatives and White, Carlton Skowbegan.

Me, R. F. paratus may be deferred for several weeks and thousands of tons of coal friends invitea. KING In Cambridge, Sept. 26.

Michael he saved. loved husband of the late Bridget King (nee Heaney). Relatives and friends are Invited HAROLD LOCK WOOD In to attend runerai trom I'lymouth Sat "IN11EB HANDICAP" Vaudeville. urdsy, Sept. 29, at 8 a.

m. Requiem mass at Jowpn 5 I'leaaant at. W. py. Chester Cambridge at.

W. "If coal is not saved now It may have to be saved later on by closing the schools during the Winter season. At that time it may happen that the homes of the poorer pupils will not be heated at all because of the impossibility of St. Mary unurcn at a o'clock. New York ap.n.

Artnnr L. draft contingent was scheduled to go papers copy finstare 41 sturgts at. w. KING In Maiden. Sept 26, Florence (Nlcker- II.

Ralph 14 Coort at. W. SYMPHONY HALL The SYMPHONY CONCERTS Beginning October 12-13 HOIiOISTH: Mabal Garrison, Frlta Krefsler, Ethal Leglnskn, John McCorniack, Joseph Mal-ktn, Madame Melba, Francea Nash. Syl-valn Nnack. Oulomar Nova.

s. (, i 1 erewakl. lrma Seydel, Helnrlch Warnk. Anton Wltek. Efrem Zlmballst.

Tickets for both eertea now on aala at Symphony Mall. DEATHS ton. Kverett XI. 29 at. w.

son) jving. wire oi nawara s. King. Serv securing ruei. fllrkey.

Frai.k 25 Bedford at. W. ai.r.n.lll Ch.rU. 1i "Unless the people are willing to put ices at late resiaence. ueltran st, Satur day.

Sept 20. at 2:80 m. PARSON In Cambridge, Sept. 28, Susan Clark, up with some inconvenience and dis BUSINESS NOTICES CASTOR I A For Infants and Children In Use For Oyer 30 Years TBirglna. I "la ren 16 School at.

W. Wilcox. Dasid 14 Eatoa W. Caeter. Cornellaa.

10 Mt Pleasant at. W. KNOWLES In East Boston, Sept. 25, Mary E. wife of Nathaniel Knowles, formerly of Wakefield.

Services at the residence of hop comfort in the matter of temperature of their schoolrooms and their homes widow of the late r.yivana Morgan 'arson, 8l yrs. Funeral from her lata residence, 10 Russell at, North Cambridge, Friday, Sept. as, at 2:30 p. tn. there will surely be a shortage of fuel STATE DIVISION 27 uncle, rt.

a. warnooK, 107 Saratoga Frl PHIPPS In Freemont, Sept 28. Irving day, Sept. 28, at 2 p. m.

Relatives and during the coming Winter, with all the attendant Inconvenience, economic loss a Abbrertartooa- Saiuwa (Saul. Lynnfleld fL). trlends invitea to attend. I'hlpns, 01 yis 11 mos. i- unerai Maturdnv.

Sept 20. at Unlversalist Church, Wakefield, Mass, at 2:30 m. Relatives and rrlends ceding iR iiftondale Stoneham (Sto), WrhBlsgtOB (Wi. and suffering on the part of the u. 4.

Grant, Silas Washington av, Ham. Ward. John 43 Pond at. Bev. Campbell, Bobert Masconomo at, Man.

McNeil, Frederick 18 Counrfy way, Bev. Stanton, Carl. 21 Cross st, Bev. Connolly, Jamea 11 Beckford at, Bev. Cutler, Charlea 44 Baker av, Bev.

Gates, Roland Addison st, Es. Gllmore, John 17 Lincoln at, Man. Carveth, mt. Box 139, So. Ham.

White, Charlea 25 Cox ct, Bev. Driscoll. William 31 Wallls st, Bev. Frye, Cbarlea. 148 Cabot st, Bev.

Whitcomb. Frank 17 Richmond at, Bev. Lowe, Charles, 32 Simon at, Bev. Hall, Wendell 9 Burton av. Bev.

Jones, Austin 58 Pine ar. Man. Gillls, Peter 18 Highland av, Bev. Burnbam. Frederick 22 Sea Man.

Gosbee, Albert Main st, Rs. Filllpo, Sraife'llani. 136 Park st, Bev. Dugan, Raymo id 23 'A Atlantic av, Bev. Powers.

Bnaaell 68 Dane at, Bev. Calnan, Chaa 34 Ober st, Bev. Harraden. Bridge at, Ham. STATE DIVISION 31 Andrews, Herbert 43 Burnbam st, Belmont EVERETT Shiners.

George 878 Second St. Johnson, William 43 Cross at. Allie. Fred, 48 Main at. Hamburg, Juliua 532 Ferry at.

Driscoll, John 66 Ferry st. Parsons, William 69 Chestnut st. Mulledy, Owen 50 Valley at. LEAVITT In Milton. Sent.

26 Chariot to Elizabeth, wife of Edwin A. Leavltt of fllou- Invited. Always bears the Signature Of Diplomas for Boys in Service RILEY--In South Weymouth. Sent 27, MleUael FENWAY PARK TODAY AT 3 O'CLOCK WORLD'S CHAMPIONS and has not been heard from since. BLAZE ON NORTH STATION ROOF DOES $1000 DAMAGE Flames from a greasy flue in the old Boston Lowell section of the North Station set fire to the roof of the station shortly after midnight this morning and provided a spectacular blaze for a short time.

The flames played about the big tower of the station and to quench them the firemen had to rip apart the roof. The damage was estimated at $1000. 8UNDAY SCHOOL REUNION OF SUPERINTENDENTS OCT 8 The Boston Sunday School Superintendents' Union will have its first reunion of the season on the evening of cester. Mass. unerai services rrom the residence of her sister.

Mrs Levi H. Goldlng. 43 Brook road, Saturday, Sept. 20. at 8 p.

m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited It was ordered "that boys who were members of the graduating classes of Rllev. 83 yrs. uneral rrom late residence. 802 Pleasant st.

Hal unlay. Sept 20, it o'clock, at St Francis Xavler Church at 9:30 o'clock. Relative and frleada Invited. H. to atiena.

LENEHAN In Maiden, Sept. 26, Catherine E. beloved daughter of Patrick and Ro Line-ban (nee MeElwln). Funeral from the familv RTKSKLL In Waverley. Sept li7, Herbert ST.

LOUIS Kent at Shaman's. I'll one Hesrh lsHO Ilctirv, beloved misnana or cora l. missell Funeral services from the Waverley Unitarian Church, Sunday, Sept 80. at 2:) m. residence, 192 Belmont Saturday at 8:80 DEATHS BEALS In Dorchester, Sept.

27, Hannah (nee Sullivan), widow of Matthew Heals. Funeral from her late residence, fl4 Bowdoln Saturday, Sept. 29. at 8 o'clock. High mans of requiem at St.

Peter'a Chnrch at 0:45. Relatives and frtenda invited. OAPODILUPO-In the North End. Sept. 26.

SANFORD -In Hyde Park. Sept 2, Mary A Jshnoou. 5 Stanley terrace. Ban. Her.

Ralph Monroe at. L. BetBem. Heary 8.. 29 Mt Vernon at.

B. Hare. Jobn 2S9 Lincoln as. San. Wbttncy.

Oleen Ellis as. B. Hobo. Alton 21 Anbnrn at. Sao.

MrDermort. Tbomaa. 8 Cottage st. Sto. Sla.

k. William 2 Elliott st. MrDatitt. Alfred A 72 Woburn at. B.

Ilaen. Oarar, Baa. DeTtto. Jamea. Eases at.

Baa. Oealey. Cbarlea 16 Boaaaaoo at. Ban. irfelegnber.

Krederi- k. SO A at, Sas. Carlaoo. Henry C. Broadway.

Baa. CBapnaa. Harold Harndsa at. B. Pro- Artbnr 4 Elm at.

B. 'park Domenlck 8 Blctards at. See. belong. Joseph 103 Greea at.

B. Bancroft. Frank Mala at. Sto. Alfred 59 West St.

R. Dorao. Daniel 95 Hares St. B. Le Fere.

Reuben. 190 Ash at. B. Tlrrell. Oscar San.

Doucette. Heary C. Ballardrale at. W. widow of t.eorge eaoioro, in oer Hntn year, passed away at ber borne, 48 Williams av.

Funeral private. Latin and day High Schools in 1917, who left school to enter the military or Naval service of the Federal Government since the declaration of war shall be given diplomas of graduation from their respective schools." Elmer R. Bowker was appointed Junior master In the Public Latin School. John B. Casey was appointed junior master in the High School of Commerce.

Martin J. Foley was appointed submaster of the Lowell District. Leaves of absence for military service SHAPI.EIOH Ih this city, Sept. 27, Edwin 1 I Kill residence 125 Salem Sunday. Scot.

30. at 12 in. Relatives and frienda Invite ed. Sbaplelgn. runerai services at the Waterman Chapel, 2828 Washington Rottmrv.

Saturday, Sept. 20, at 2 p. m. Relatives anil friends invited to attend. Oct 8 in Kingsley Hall.

Ford Building. Aehburton pi, beginning with a social hour from 5 to 6 o'clock. SECRETARY OF WAR HAS POWER TO RELEASE MEN SHERMAN In Dorchester. Sept. 27, James DKATH8 WMNBLOW-lD Roxbury.

Sept. 28. Jamea, la! loved Infant son of Herbert ami BUM Winslow (nee Walsh). Funeral Feosj home, 781 Parker st Prldu) s. al p.

m. Relatives and friends are Invlieil CIMMENM AN In Roxbury, Hcul 27. Marv J. (nee Stlnsonl, Iwloved wife of Frank ri' merman. Funeral front Ibe resldi laughter, Mrs Owen O.

King, 47 lira Psik. Saturday, Sept 20. ni a High luasa of requiem at the Cburrh of tie HJi Sacrament st o'clock, Relatives uil friends kindly Invlieil Woodrow. son 01 jonii ana nusie Miertiian After dinner, which will be served at CARNEY In Charleatown, Sept. 26, John beloved husband of Margaret A.

Carney (nee Ryan). Funeral from his late residence, 28 Joiner Saturday, Sept. 29, at 8:30. Requiem bigli mass at St. Mary's Church, War ren at 9 o'clock.

Relatives and frienda kindly invited. Late member of Hamilton Court. No. 17, M. C.

O. and O'Conneil Associates. No. 799, I. L.

A. were granted Louis J. Fish, instructor in the commercial branch of the High (nee Plitltirlckh 4 yrs 7 1110s. Funeral from parents' residence, fclfl Dorchester Sun diiv. Sept.

80. at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends kindly Invited. 6, there will be music, some items of business and an address on "The Sunday School and the Nation" by W.

c. Gov McCall yesterday received a tele-ram from Provost Marshal Gen Grower that men already mustered into School of Commerce; Ernest J. Hall, Junior master, High School of Commerce; George E. Parsons, Junior mas DRAFT NUMBERS ASSIGNED AT SUPPLEMENTARY DRAWING Additional "red ink" numbers were as- Pearce or Chicago, neia superintendent SNKLLINO In Blue Hills. Me.

Kept. 25, of the International Sunday School As- military service can be discharged by the Secretary of War under his plenary anthnrltv tn discharge men from mili ter. Mechanic Arts High School; Ed CHESTER In the West End, Sept 26, 1917, Washington unciiing, so yrs. 1 mos Fn neral from his late residence, 143 Mt. Vernon aigned at another supplementary draw- sovlatiou.

trig yesterday afternoon, under the dlrec- Following is a list of other monthly tary service, but cannot be discharged ward F- O'Dowd, master, Frothingham School; John J. Daly, assistant, Mary Hemenway School; Lawrence E. Kiely Friday. Sent 28. at West Roxbury.

Relatives and friends Invited to meetings boo HuujeciK aunnc mr om- therefrom under autnoruy or tne He -ikiiiiiii nnmai. neioved wire of the late Angelo Chester. Funeral from her late residence. 244 Cambridge at, West End. at 7am Saturday SepT 29.

Requiem high mass at Sacred Heart Church. North aq, at 8 clock. Relatives anil friends Invited re. ttend. Jr and James ID.

Welch Jr. assistants in tkn of Charles uettemy. director or military enrollment, in the office of the Governor: a. m. jmgn mass or requiem at Church of Sacred Heart.

Main at 9 a. m. Relatives and frienda kindly Invited to attend LEONARD In Somerville. Sept 27. Franklin E.

Leonard. In his 52d year. Late of Rox-hurv. Funeral from 153 North West Somerville. Saturday.

Sept. 29. at 2 p. m. MARTIN In Dorchester.

Sept. 25. Hannah, widow of Joseph Martin. Funeral from her lat home. 27 Abbott Friday, Sept.

28. at 8:15 a. m. Requiem services at St. Leo a Church at 0 o'clock.

MacDONALD In Roxbury. Sept. 26. Sarah Mac-Donald (nee GIHIs), widow of John MacDon-ald. Funeral from her late residence, 81 Centre Roxbury Friday.

Sept. 28, at 7 o'clock. Requiem nigh mass at All Saints' Cnttrch. Roxbnry, at 0 o'clock. Burial at Avondale, N.

S. McGOWAN In Wobnrn, Sept. 26. Rose daughter of Michael W. and Bridget A.

Mc-Gowan (nee Ollron)- Funeral from her parents' home, 10 Sturgls Friday, Sept. 2S, at 8:80 a. m. Requiem high mass at St. Charles' Church at 0 o'clock.

Relatives and frienda Invited. McNALLY Iu Eaat Cambridge, Sept. 96, and denly, Arthur, beloved husband of Isabel Me-Nally (nee O'Neil). Funeral from bis late borne, 840 Vine Saturday, Kept. 29.

at 8 a. m. High mass of requiem at the Sacred Heart Church at 0 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited. MONAGHAN In thla city.

Sept. 28, Mabel 87 wife of Augustine P. Monaghao. Funeral private. O'BRIEN in Canton, Sept 26, Matthew H.

O'Brien. Funeral from his late home. 248 Mechanic at. Friday. Sept 28 at 8:80 a m.

High mass of requiem at St John's ChnrMi at 0 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited. PALMER In BUlerica. Sept 26, Mrs. LucraUl widow of Samuel W.

Palmer, In her T2d year, formerly of charlestown. Services at her late home, Allen road. BUlerica. Friday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.

m. Relative and HT. GEORGE In Cambridge, Nent. 27. Julia CHURCHILL In Somerville, Sept 26.

Martha ine; season: Nov 12, Mrs Maud J. Bald- lectlve Service law. This information win of Chicago will speak on "Religious will help clear up the cases of men sent Education for Dec 10, Oscar I to camp through error. A. Phelps of Hartford, Conn, on "Mis- By this ruling such cases should be Sionary Methods for Sunday School Ed- reported to Mr Gettemy or the Jan 14, 1918, speakers to be tant General, who will forward the re- IN MEMORIAM Arthur Asleep In Jeans.

Illrssed sleep From which no one ever wakes lo weep. In lorlng memory of Austin Llsyft Arthur, who departed this life BaSM X8. 19IS. Mar he rest is peace. Ills wife.

Annie. jjm Hears. Michael, 108 Brook st. Bast Bos ton. dgieKli martin.

John 16 Meridian East Boa too. BIBS Calweno. Natal. 88 Rtanlford at. Boston.

Helen, widow or Algernon H. Churchill 80 yra. Services at her late realdence, 10 Thurston st. Saturday. Sept 29.

at 2 (nee nonauuei, neioven wire or i nomas gi George. Funeral from hr late home, is I'iiIitioo Saturday. Kept. 29, at 8 a. Solemn high mass or requiem at St.

Patrick'! Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited. announced later: Feb 11, Miss Martha quest to the Secretary of War. On or- CLARK In Cambridge. Went 2fi.

BI94 CbristlaB, Nlenota. 46 Orova st. ders from Washington, then, the com 8 Linda II ol. grae Haaell. Joseph of the late Sylvana Morgan Clark.

86 yr. Funeral from her late residence. 10 Rua'aeli Nortb Cambridge. Friday. Sept at STORM -In Bralntree, Sept JT, Henry 84 South John 482 West 2d at.

6f79 Hannoo. yrs. runerai from his lata residence, 8rUl Commercial at, Baaday, Sept 90, at 1 si. Boa ton. Lublaaky.

Joseph. 18 Newman at OORCOBAN-In Dorchester. Sent 37 vr.nntu 14 Galena at. Bos Lennon. William SWEENEY-In Brighton, Sept.

2. by accident, the Samuel Adams bchooi; Kobert R. Houghton, instructor in the Continuation School; Dr Harry Olin and Dr Carl-Isle Reed, school physicians; Charles A. Ranlett, assistant instructor military drill. The following were passed over for appointment from the eligible list because of military service; James D.

Ryan. No. 1 on mathematical list, and James C. Corbln, No. 1 on Spanish list.

William B. Corbett and Walter L. McLean were not reappointed as junior assistants owing to military service. Edward J. Cox of the Lowell District, 34 years and 6 months In the service, was retired on a pension of $600.

It was ordered that all persons whose names appear upon the eligible list, who enter the service of their country during the war, and who, if available, would be appointed to permanent posi- TELEGRAPHED PROMPTLY FLOWERS beloved eon of the late Jamea fa. and Anna R. Corcoran (nee Kraft). 15 yra. Fn-neral from bis late residence, 47 Tonliff at Saturday.

Sept 29. at 815 a m. mass at St Peter's Church, at 8 o'clock Relatives and friends invited K. Lawson or New YorK, "our young People and Religious March 11, Rev F. F.

Peterson, "What Are We Driving at In Sunday School April 8, Prof Edward P. St John, "Some Late Developments In Religious May 13. Ladles' Night. O'Brien Speaks for War Fund William H. O'Brien of the Public Service Commission delivered an address at the noon rally of the Knights of Columbus Campaign Fund Committee on Boston Common yesterday.

Ta All Parts et the Unites State J. Josepn, beloved sun of James j. and Ruse H. Sweeney (nee McCarroa). Servlcea at hla late residence, 27 Braekett Saturday.

Kept. 29, at 2 p. in High mass of requiem at the Church of Our Lady of the Preaentatlon, Monday. Oct 1, at 7:30 a. Relatives ami friends Invited.

mander of the camp at Ayer win send the men back home. RICH PARAFFIN DEPOSIT DISCOVERED IN MEXICO WASHINGTON, Sept 27 Discovery of a deposit of paraffin in Chihuahua, near the American line, is announced in official dispatches received here today from the Mexican Government. The bed, said to be the first discovered on this continent, Is reported yielding S6 percent pure mineral. It has been traced for more than six miles. 124 CROSS In Beverly, X.

ot 25. Marv 2300 Morse. Henry 80 Giandale at, Boston. Stag Markos. George, 44 Market st, Brighton.

370SV Dtoa, Brsssf 23 Park Vat av. Brighton rrer Mordock. Richard, le High Bock way, Boston. S2S7 Dnqoette. CyriUe 8 Otia av.

Wars. I SaOS haeffer. Frank ST Scbofleld av. Dudley, 1773 r-ooney. John.

Plesaaat at, Leominster, Slfts-Bakys. Ce.ll 1 fWilas road. Sauffus. 083 Mullen. Jobu, 3 Jame at, Woburn.

VAN BENTIll' VSEN In this clt Kepi i i re mom 2Zrt Strott unerai aerv Lucy au Ilentliiiysen, 74 yra. Fl Xs t. mos formerly of Jamaica Plain, widow it lohn Cross. Funeral from home of her sister. Mis Arthur Jordan.

29 Butman at, Beverly. Saturday. Pent 20. at 2 anJ lBTfled with out further notice. Frl V.

XI1 luurcn, iianm'j rn aftend 9 m. rrlaaoa Invited to er, Mass, Boston's Flo wsr phons Beach 6900 friends Invited. I 0.

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