Daily News from New York, New York on August 1, 1923 · 38
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Daily News from New York, New York · 38

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1923
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f AO ZIEGFELD TAKES J. HUSSEY INTO "FOLLIES" FOLD The management) of "Not So Fast," with Taylor Holmes and Marian Mears, announces that re- i port that the I piece would; close were pre- ; mature, and i says the show j will be contin- ( ued indefinitely. ' Jimmy H u a-sey, who was featured comedian in "The Fashions of 1124," which 1 o s e d at the Lyceum Saturday nijrht. has joined the Zieg-f e 1 d "Follies." He will mak his in the revue next A Juvenile Triangle I' ,." Marion Meais 1-.4 'rpX'"' - T THE POOR GIKL in this picture (Ruth Shepley) has such a difficult time to choose between these two ardent suitors (John Halliday and Allan Dinehart) in "Two Fellows and a Girl" at the Vanderbilt that she tosses a coin and abides by the result. No, you'll have to go to the show and learn for yourself which one wins out. first appcai :u. i-Monday nih;. Joseph Wafrstaff, a Cousin of Mrs. Patric 1; Campbell, will make hut first appt'.trance on the stae tonight as a member of the east of "The Passing Show of 192;$" at the Winter (iurtlen. Mr. WaifstatT, who is twenty-two years old, was "horn in l)etro't of Knjjlish parents. He is a graduate of Detroit University. Harry Travers will have an important role in "Windows," by John Galsworthy, which opens at the Garrick Oct. 6. Walter Hampden will take possession today of the National Theatre umler a year's lease, thereby becoming New York's only current actor-man-ager - producer, lie will Ix'gin rehea r s a 1 s at once . for "The Black Flag," in which Pedro de Corboba and Carroll Mc-Comas will have the principal roles. The fi r s t offering of the new producing firm of Mekee and Stevens will be "Brook," a new play by Thomas I. Robinson, who also wrote the Harvard prize play, "The Copy." There are seven characters in "Brook." JAZZ AGE'S PEP LAID TO FLAPPER DIET OF TODAY (SiMH ial t DAILY XBWSI Chicago, July 31. Jazz considered by so many to be very, very naughty ought logically to have a very naugnty V- - t - source. Ninety"- nine per cent, of the prominent people of the nation have been interviewed o n the subject in recent months and have given various reasons for the jazz age. Some have said synthetic-gin. Some have bla:.ied the war. Some have laid it to the saxo-nhone. But they're all wrong all wrong! The jazz age, the flapper, the slinker, the lack of corsets, the rolled sticking, the mean cacoph- Mrs. Ida B. Allen Carroll McComas THEATRE NOTES Ruth Gordon and Gregory Kelly have returned from a visit to. Mr. and Mrs. Booth Tarkington at Kennebunkport, Me., and have started rehearsals of Tarking-ton's comedy "Tweedles," in which they will have the leading parts. The piece will open at the Frazee Aug. 13. Lou Lock e 1 1 and Margaret Ross will intro-duce a new dance called the Adagio in the second act of "Adrienne" tonight. Ruth Gordon fOID WHEN CUPID HANGS BY A CHANDELIER, THEN CAREFUL, GIRLS The Shuberts applied yesterday to Lloyd's, London, for insurance bo protect the production of "The Passing Show of 1123" against the withdrawal from the cast on account of marriage of any young women who appear in the living chandelier scene. The application for insurance was prompted by the recent marriage of Sidney Nelson, whose place in the scene was difficult to fill. LOVE'S BRIEF RULE BRINGS 400 GASPS Society folks were surprised to learn yesterday that Mr. and Mrs. James McVickar, who move iir the eJite circles of New York, Newport and Philadelphia, have separated after a wedded life that lasted only eight months. Mrs. McViekar, registered at the Hilt more as "Miss Rachel Ie McViekar," confirmed the report but refused to discuss the trouble. GAIL KANE IN "BREAKING POINT" Gail Kane will have an important role in Wagenhals and Kemper's production of .Mary Roberta Uinehart's play; "The Breaking Toint," which will open at the JUaw Theatre Au. id. onies of cowbell orchestras all are due to nothing more harmful than carrots, oranges, nice crisp lettuce leaves, milk and other foods rich in vitamines. That's the opinion of Mrs. Ida B. Allen, nationally known dietitian of New York, delegate to the convention of the American Home Economics Association in session" here. "The jazz age," said Mrs. Allen today, "is due to the improved diet of the present day. The world now understands the value of vitamines. "No wonder our grandmothers were not as naughty as the flappers of today! They were often half sick from overcooked food. But the girl of today who is full of vitamines is full o' pep. PRODUCER GONE ON OPENING EVE Los Angeles, July 31. The whereabouts of Henry Duffy, prominent theatrical producer, who mysteriously disappeared on the eve of- a new production here, baffled police today. DulTy formerly was engaged in the theatrical business in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Washington, D. C, Pittsburgh, Pa., and other eastern cities. Hundreds of tickets to "Dust of Erin" were being returned today while detectives checked a clew at Bev erly Hills. The Selwyns have decided to change the title of "Battling Butler" to "The Dancing Honeymoon." The piece opens in Detroit Aug. 19 and will go from that city to the Apollo Theatre, Chicago. William A. Brady's production of Barry Conners's play "The Mad Honeymoon" opens at Stamford i Friday night. ' "Sally, Irene and Mary," with j Eddie Dowling in the principal . part, opens Monday at the Wilbur 1 heatre, Boston- Included in the company are Louise Brown, Kitty Flynn and Marguerite Zender. The R i t z Theatre has been redecorated and overhauled preparatory to the opening of "In Love With Love" next Monday night. ,., , . , Louise Brown 1 rederick Lonsdale, author of "Aren't We All" and the new Selwyn piece, "But For the Grace of God," sails today on the George Washington for England. TAXES SHORT Harry A. Sherman, theatrical man. was held in $500 bail yesterday, charged with failing to pay Federal taxes at Des Moines, Iowa. Permanent "OIL" Wave Bobbed hair In sott clustering ringlets and long hair In rKep Marcl Waves. wbi''ft j!!5" i -titmirwi by men c-rj . - ... . n u m..m r-l"-1- V V ,rr VISOHKH. the Kx- C3 pert. Katahli-lwl Sf ,i.S oer 21 vraw. Unar-anteii for all numtlu to look attractive. Will withstaiui fro-qnent aalt water bat nine. $10 and Up Mme. FISCHER'S gsS 95 SECONO AVE., 4M BROADWAY. Bet. St a. 6th St. Car. 14 id St. Fkaae: Ortnard SS52. Photta Audubea 770 Vhuue tor vour apotntfi.t'ttt at ouceL Ol'fc.V iVtMNGS. THE GOLDEN DOZEN CmTTrmt atttraetliau In New Tork tkeatrea that aare recorded long-eat runav Dramatic. Perform Is am anca. "Abie's Irish Rose" 506 "The Fool" 358 "Seventh Heaven" : 343 "Rain" 308 "Merton of the Movies" . . . 304 "Devil's Disciple" 114 Musical Comedies. "Ziegfeld Follies" 481 "Music Box Revue" , 327 "WildTlower" 200 "Adrienne" 7t "The Passing Show, 1923".. 55 "George White's Scandals". 51 LIGHTS BENEFIT AUG. 18 AND 19 The annual vaudeville shows of The Lights will be held at the B. S. Moss Castle Theatre, Long Beach, and at the Columbia Theatre, Far Rockaway, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 18 and 19. More than forty performers will appear. The proceeds will be used by The Lights in the maintenance of their home for members of the theatrical profession. BLUE LAW SOCIETY HIT BY DISMISSAL A charge of violating the Sunday Amusement law by the New York State Sabbath Society against Will- iam Kerrigan, manager of the Orpheum Thea tre in Brooklyn, and Owen Mc- ,'!Uiveney, an jr actor, was dis-. - missed yester- day by Magistrate Folwell in F 1 a t b u s h Court, who said M c G i v e n ey3 i m personations did not violate dismissal was re garded as a signal defeat for the Sabbath Society, of which the Rev. H. L. Bowlby is president. THIRD MONTH OF "AREN'T WE ALL" Cyril Maude, who is appearing in "Aren't We All" at the Gaiety Theatre, will begin the third month of his New York engagement tonight. The play was produced May 21 and has been seen by more than 75,000 persons. ? Rev. H. L. Bowlby the law. The AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS WINTER GARDEhfeSrr"?, Mat. Tob-w. Beat Seata the world. e. 8 19 The PASSING SHOW . U I CASINO w 81 g:30 klfl I Wk3ir,V' Mta. Today A Sat 9 :-'iO Arthur HanTmrsfein's Msi-i ilit, WILDFLOWER with FniTH HAY awaarat al aS aVi a. aV "BAMBAI.INA." BIO MONTH The hmo that mad JOU-N GOUN Presenta BOOTH TH west uu t m S HEAVEN treninga 8 39. Mats. Today and Sal.. 2:30. REPUBLIC ANNK NK'HOIJS'rt I.AI CHI iA St-Wol B"ay. t. S:.H Mais. TMaj and 8aLaTt J W c; srccF.ss THK I L A YTHA T PET Li IS HLMOK A STilP Theatre. 45 St & 8:30 AolUK ,inee today. 1-.J0. JAMES BARTON DEW DROP IN THE LATCHING HIT. I N N A Theatre Guild Production r ACDirif Taea.. 65 W. SiLh.. Eves. 8:S0 VlAlVall. viata. Tom'w ajid faL at 2:39 Ber.ard TUR .nEVH.'S niSCIPLE Shaw's iv c Weat The il-aVMS ereseut f imes oq. 3 st. -j thk vJVKS $:3.. MATS. L, ( f IH1BS. and SAT. H I Jill, .inn Timwi in V.. Sat.. SeM. 1 By Chaoning Pollock. mm . I71l:l. 33il. E. o( B j. Bra. 8:1 Maxine tliiott s Mata. WrL onij. 1 is So Performance Sat. Mat. or NUdlt in Aueurt SAM H. HABKI9 PreIent runic rrCI C "DAIW 304 JaVrVTAilEi brlUUJ lai nrun TAYLdB HOLMES TIMES MOROSCO, W. 4S St. Eva. 8:30. Mata. Todw & Sat. Ttiu Seasoo'a Ituehinc Hit. "NOT SO FAST" WELCOME STRANGER ! ! ! You will eventually see HELEN OF TROY, NEW YORK "The Perfect Musical Comedy." v. r. Herald. Why not this evening GIRLS LAUGHS TUNES St.l.WYX THKATKK, W. find St., Kvea. 8:30. Mats. Today A Sai. NKW AMSTKRn.AM TRKATBK AT 8:15 POPULAR PRICE MATS. WED a SAT. NEW SUMMER EDITION GEO. mUAN Thea.. B'y. ld 8t Kre. 8:S0 M V.jriAll Matinen Wftt and SaturJajr THK At. MVKKn KUIIIV ADRIENNE RflY b SL. W. of B-y. Kva 8 T ITIUOIV DUA wd and Sal. at 2:15 Sara H. Irvine Berlia'a New Lat i,.MUSIC BOX REVUE Ti7M POPULAR MATINEES WED. AND SAT. BEST SEATS $2.50 GLOBE MERT0H E. of Broa'iwav &1 ft:15. Mats. OF THE MOVIES VVod,0 with 0IJ:NH UT-yTKR-FLOBh-N-CE NASH THIS THEATRE IS 40 St ICE-AIR COOLED EVES. 8 JO. MATS. WED. A. SAT. AT 230. RRADYIN ZANDER U1VA1 1 THK GREAT "!saft bet in town." World. HAIFTY JSroadwav. 46th St. Kva at 8:30 varaiL.a a Mat Wei( nd Satur)lM, at 2:30 "AREN'T WE ALL" CYRIL MAUDE FCNXHiST PLAT IX TOWN. Farl Carroir tuba . 7tli Are., sotb. St. t.an Varrail i rhnne Cir.-le 0060. Kn S -3 mats thurs. (pop.) and sat.. 230 CARROLL'S VANITIES PFXifiV JOYCE. JOE COOK Bernard Uraimlle. Harry Burns. Jimmy Duffy. PrnvinrptnwTI TI,KA Kreninsa at 8:45. MawioiJOil St.. at Washlnston Smare Souta 5th Subscription Fiill THK SKASON'S li!0KST ITTT! ST1I WKKK SUNUP STANDING ROOM ONLY SWEETHEART! GEORGE M. COHAN'S LUCKIEST HIT "TWO FELLOWS and A GIRL" VANDERBILT Popular Mat. Today, 2:20 ST COLUMBIA FOLLIES ATTF. 3 "THE EXCITERS" with EEBE DANIELS and ANTONIO MORENO Mile. Ann CodeeX" Vwic laily, 2:15 A 8:l5jPi!s OF THK DAY with 'BOZO Firewerks Tuesda and Friday Nights Columbia Amusement Park c.i.minl Pool: BMhioO Pjvilioa S.M. Hudson Blvd. (Liaceln Berae. N. J.. ar vi a Accommodates Hiahway). North via 4 2d St. Ferry to Weohawken. Tubes Summit Ave.. J. C- om. W. lis fit. r-errs. Salt Watfr SurrBattiln Many 'ree Attracuotw 8 A M. to 11 jo P.M. LUNA I THK PERFECT POOL PKYOB'S BAND FB.KK CIK4.1S Children with ParroU Free Weekdays DJNDtt-CRIQUI ootiOTvrr ohu-ops PARADISE PARK fre vaudeville RYE 8EACII 300Blavora.d" Daily. EVERY TUESDAY Rye, N.Y. a u s eaents, bathing, daoc LTIEPIICKASB ifc, Thn Funnr Surf A PnI Kttliinr BKtlllhl.VN Co-Starriner BKBK HAXIEIJ. AXTOXIO MOKI.NO Billy Uuches and Lady FricQtla. Others. ETtoSwiI. "theexcTTers1 bmitaV-iSAinBg U.TVIiflSSTOtfSI3

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