The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio on January 25, 1945 · Page 5
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The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio · Page 5

Piqua, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1943 New "Dies Committee 99 Head Urges "Sane, Sober, ImpartiaT Hearings THE PIOUA DAILY CALL By DOUGLAS LA*SEN . NEA Staff CtnofMuieBi ! Washington, Jan. 2S-- First job of the House of Representatives' Committee on Un-American activities is to decide on just That constitutes "un-American Activities is to decide from there, says its new chairman, Democratic Representative Edward J. Hart of New Jersey. The genial, 51-year-old, heavyset Congressman with almost-gone red hair took the ever-present cigar from his mouth and said: "Just because something is done or said that doesn't exactly agree with what I think, isn't going to make it im-A.Tn«Tif«Ti That's for " the committee, y^* n g as a whole to decide. Sanity, soberness and absolute impartiality wfll be our watchwords as we get into this problem. We wfll try to operate in a dignified, thorough manner. j He promises that procedure in hiring* will be conducted as dose- ly as possible to actual court pro-! ceedings, with the accused given! ample time to prepare a defense; and present it. I Each member of the committee, i he promises, wfll be urged to make j no references ~or revelations of the] committee's activities until com-: pleted reports are released. These reports, he says, will always include full statements of persons involved. The principle that an accused person is innocent until proved otherwise will be strictly adhered to, he promises Supports Labor Native and citizen of Jersey City, his friendship with Mayor Hague is well known. "Mr. Hague I recognize as the Democratic leader of the- State of -New Jersey and I am the Democratic State Chairman," is his only comment. Regarding the Political Action Committee of the CIO, which supported him during the last campaign, he says: "The PAC did some good work during the recent campaign. As far as I know now, it did nothing that could be called un- American.** Hart says he has met Philip Murray, CIO president, ones or twice, but doesn't know him personally. He says be is a good friend of William Green, AFL president. His record shows him to be a staunch supporter of labor. In explaining why he voted against establishing a permanent body to investigate un-American activities when its creation was voted on after a cagey parliamentary move by Representative Rankin OD-, Miss.) at the opening of the 79th Congress, he says: "I merely voted against its permanency. We certainly need such a body now, but after the war I am confident the country win be so unified un- American activities wfll be negligible.'' Representative Harts' record in Congress shows he has closely followed the New DeaL He is an able orator and extemporaneous speaker and well liked personally by both Republicans and Democrats. Most of his activities on the hill have been in connection with his membership on the committee of Merchant Marine and Fisheries. His No. 1 interest, he claims, however, is to see that the cities are adequately paid for the land and facilities ta- ken from them by the TJ. S. Government during the war. L«oks T« Fvtare "It is not for me to dwell on what has been done by the former Dies Committee," he commented. "We will study and evaluate its files and records, and make use of such material as we see fit. but now I am looking to the future." Following his Jersey City grammar school days Hart attended St. Peters prep school and college and received a law degree from Georgetown University law School in Washington, D. C. First job after law school was secretary of the Excise Commission in Washington. H- left that to become chief field representative of the Internal Revenue Bureau. His last official act in that job, he relates, was to check the receipts of the Dempsey-Carpentier fight. After a b*ief spell of practicing law he became Assistant Corporation Counsel of Jersey City. He entered Congress in 1935 with the ) support of Mayor Frank Hague's ; organization. He is married but has no children. TO HOLD EDWARD WIRRI6 MEMORIAL RITES SIMMY Memorial services will be conducted at 2 p. m, Sunday at the Oakland Church of the Brethren, north of Gettysburg for T/5 Edward Wirrig, 27, nephew of Mrs. . _ John Westfall, route 3, Pitjua, who'. ration periods, will be good on Jan- was killed in action in Germany j uary 28, OPA said. ' Red stamps that will be good that day for meats-fate, each worth 10 points -- a total of 60 points -- are BED, BLUE STAMPS TO BE VALID SOON Six more red stamps will be good OP. January r? for obtaining meats- fats, and five more blue stamps v be good on February 1 for buying rationed canned goods, the Ofiite of Price Administration announced today. Since the February rationing period will last five weeks instead of four, beginning January 28 ace ending March 3, six red stamps instead of five, given for four-week LENA CONOVER on January 4. A member of a unit of a tank division, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. August Wirrig of Greenville, Y5, 25, A2, B2, C2 and D2. lonner residents of Piqua. He en-! Blue stamps that will be good on tered the armed forces in January February 1 for processed foods, each was sent overseas in worth 10 points -- a total of 50 points -- are H2, J2, K2, L2 and 1942 and March 1944. He attended Spring- creek and Gettysburg schools. M2, a total of 30 blue points. Mrs. Elden Reed will be hos'.ess to ·.he members of the Home Arts club rriday afternoon at her home west of Conover. Mrs. Forest Neff will entertain the Civics club members Saturday eve- ' rung at her home in Lena. " j Mr. and Mrs. Glejic Keck and children. June and Jean, of Dayton were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.. Charles Sipe and family early this week. They came especially to see' their nephew, Pvt. Frank Sipe, who. is home on furlough. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Birkhold entertained at dinner recently for Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Buroker and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Meek and son, Don of Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. James Caven and Lee Putnam visited earlier this week in Columbus with Mrs. Putnam, who is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Carter for a few months. Mrs. Carl Biesenfelder has gone to , Norfolk. Va.. to visit her husband, who as in the navy. Mrs. Elizabeth DeWeese, who is · a pauem at Mound Park hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., remains ser- · iously ilL according to letters received from her sister, Mrs. George Baldwin. NOTICE! Our Service Man wfll be in your city MON. FEB. 5th If yon hare a sewing mx-hin^ in need of repair or one TOO wish to sell PHONE or WRITE SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. IT X. Fountain Are. Phone 7781 SPBINGFIELD, OHIO. GONOVER MAN, HOME FROM C.-R, SERVICE UPON GUADALCANAL The life of a Seabee overseas is not an easy one, for while as a rule they are not shouldering guns or digging foxholes, they must follow close on the heels of invasion forces, ready to bund up what enemy and friendly fire has destroyed, and must do it quickly so as not to hamper the progress of the war. Darwin D. Ralston, CM 2/c, now home on a 20-day leave with his brother, Gene Ralston of 228 Gordon street, was a natural for the Seabee outfit, for before entering service, he conducted a housing contracting business at Xenia. So, in the early part of 1942, he enlisted, and from August 31, 1942 until January 6. 1943, was stationed /m Guadalcanal. Attached to the Krst Marine division, which permits him to wear the uniform of that corps, he has been in American Samoa, Pago Pago, New Hebrides, Guadalcanal, Tulagi, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Pearl Harbor during his 27 months of overseas .service. He has bunt everything from roads, bridges and houses to airports and gas supply tanks, for what ever the Marine division needed, his battalion of Seabees were alwavs on hand to see that they got it. life No Picnic The work for Ralston wasnt exactly pleasant, for once, for a period of three days, sea lanes were tied up to such an extent that it was impossible to transport food into the island the Seabee outfit was then building up. For three days Ralston and the other men lived on Japanese rice left there and fish heads, which rats and maggots had overran. Ralston was recently discharged from the hospital in San Leandro California, where he has been hospitalized for three months, due to injuries received in New Caledonia in a bomb dump explosion which occnred just 200 feet from where he was working. Since his injuries were slight, he wfll report to Camp Bidicott, Davis- vffle. Rhode Island at the expiration of his leave for six morths of limited duty. Following this, he may be sent overseas again to continue to his construction work. Ralston, a graduate of the Lena- Conover high school with the class of 1931, entered service February 28, 1942 and trained at Great Lakes 111., Bradford, Virginia, and Gulf port, Tilings are running fine on the Silesian frontier -- especially the Germans. PAGE FIVE For Civilian Protection and Morale KEEP RADIOS IN REPAIR It may be a long time before you will be able to bay that Radio. So please keep the one you have in good repair. Let Us Solve Your Radio Troubles. HOKE'S RADIO SERVICE PICK-IT AND DELIVERY SERVICE 606 S. Downing St. Piquo, O. Phone 413-W *8f!S**JESS BOOSTERS"--CALL CLASSIFIED MODERN 29V. tat cpp/le* f« all p.rcft.,. s of Teitef Article*. U.gog. emd Jewelry, im addition to tke prices CHOCOLATE F O R S C H O O L , O F F I C E OR HOME of 50 BBS SALT » 10 Hi. Bulk 30* VICK'S SALVE New Standard Webster's Dictionary 60,000 entries, brief accurate, modem definitions. Clear, easy to read type. 1.SO 35e Srze Gallaher's Babv Castile Johnson Baby Pow«L Baker's Liquid Milk 14% or. Six* MENNEN BABY OIL ·onto'*! MEMO MILK Caraofto* 5 t. MALTED MILK Easy To Us* DIAPER WHTE ForBofcr EAGLE BRAND Gorbcr-s A BABY FOODi) for MELLIN'S FOOD 63 C Large--Masai's COD LIVER OIL Hoi-lick's Malted Milk Clapp's STRAINED VEGETABLES JOHNSON'S BABT OIL AIR WICK 69* WATER PEPTO BISMOL 47* ABSORBING JUNIOR $135 . Size 69* Adlerilca Evacnant UARY DRUG EEDS Size 89* PISO'S For Coughs PATCH'S Kondremol sfo $1.20 Size 95* NATURE'S 23* AGETO CAMPHO Compound Caps. Relieves headaches due to colds and serves as a mild laxative. Works quickly and simply. 50c SIZE Sal Payne Caps PKG. OF25 Allunin Tabs. 2 GAL AUNT SUE £qf 4fe 4* Dry Cleaner 1'O9 3 OZ. SIZE Bisodol Powdei AQUEOUS NOSE MOPS 97* 20 MULE TEAM--1 LB. Borax Powder large Size 6O* DOAN'S SUNBURST WATER BOTTLE Seamless, durable . . . oil robber . . . for hot «' cold applications, 75c DEVILBISS ATOMIZER H-lp reli*v* yeor cold by sorayifng »h* inf*ef*d err«z» with yovr favorite BO*- and $1.00 ICE CAP Kited with ke if will sooth* bums, braises, headache and nuscolor toHcue. Stepper is lec*- proof. $1.08 DEVILBISS VAPORIZER cated ·COM. Coxiest and 50* $3.00 BIO-DYNE OINTMENT MUHC.,. Taiicw 23* Analgesic Balm cSSrt piaster IS* Citrates and Carbonates AJ-C. Brand 50c Tub. 39* *1.09 BUG-A-BOO Moth Grys. For C/osefi Ayds Reducing Candy $2.25 Bond-Aid Bandages 39t DIAMOND DTE Colon 10* NORITO POWDERS COUGH SYRUP VIORA f*r coegns dve to colds. Relieves congestion and scomiCMts 47c DRAKE'S 6LESSO For throat emu broncfital irritations doe to colds. Qvkfc acting . . . pleas- 45c REM FOR COUGHS It's a real coogh medicine! For quick relief from covghs doe to coldt. 49c MENTHO MULSION For "one dose reBef."* Safe, dependable, palatable and economical. 89c PKG. OF 72 Bayer Aspirin REGULAR 6Sc SIZE Eno Salt FOR THE THROAT Thantis Loz. 91 % BY VOLUME Ultra Rub 59* FOR COUGHS Pertussin 89* TOO CC BOTTLE Pinoleum Liq. 89* KEEP AWAKE--NODOZ Awakeners LARGE SIZE 89 Mnsterole Ointment V~'~-y :y ^ $ ·iwEMLfltf ^ COMHBMO ' C^---- «--*·# i ^rSSTySSTj 5 *-": **.._--,. *"" r · * · ' _ _ ' Gallalier's MINERAL OIL COMPOUND Genrle, easy to take lubricant, b ' not bobit forming. 61* JOHNSON'S GLO COAT Quart Size 98* INHALERS of 10 87* POWDER 29* ,raimiision Chest Colds Bronchi No natter how OMBT aeJiein«* yoa have tried ytro get relief X i-mmM- -mnAl* f^* ^^^^^ _^^^^^^ trotn your coogn txr yovr nmnvy back. SPECIAL FSKB SUS SIZE $108 GROVES B COMPLEX Vitamins GROVES B-COMPLEX VITAMINS · do? to Mpp*ra«n forjr to cwoffow large S.iz* 64 Capsules oKV» . . . tfce 4o*ty ihless Shave Cream * rtofty dFeon, cool SPECIAL $1.00 Size it Rich in natural A ft D Vitamins KTO HZB...SAVT WONCT BBT THE UtSC SCR 49* NUJOL OIL

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