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Thursday, March 10, 1955
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT HORTHEABT ARKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, L—NO. 293 BlythevlUe Courier Blythovlllo Dally Newt Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1955 EIGHTEEN PAGES Published Dally Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS SWEATING IT OUT — Business nloiiR Main Street was at a virtual standstill this afternoon as management and employees alike Ijent ears to radios to catch the play-by-play description of the Chicks' state tourney quarter-final game with Green Forest. Shown sweaiing the Chicks out are (left to right) Dick Shanks, Ray Hall, Sam Owens and Eddie B. David in Mr. Owens' drug store. (Courier News I'holoj Democrats Prepare For Partisan Debate On Income Tax Cats By JOE HALL WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats prepared for sharp, partisan debate on tax relief today with a plan to offset income tax cuts with revenue from other sources. leader-*—. Assembly Adjourns After Killing Sales Tax Hike B ///«„„„„,, *^ * [ Byrd's supporters down to LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The 60th Arkansas General Assembly adjourned "sine die"' six Democrats. Hdeoi ^ st ^ e1 ^ 1 ^ shortly after noon today after rebuffing the administration of first term Governor Orval Fau-! j^^g™°n s t f° income ^ax^cut. bus in his last major bid for legislation — the one percent sales tax increase. Thus, these'sources said, the out- Gov. Faubus 1 bitterly fought bill io increase the state sales tax by one per cent for 13 come will depend on whether many months died an anti-climactic death in the House late yesterday. Republicans will desert the admin- The Senate Democratic ship unveiled its own income tax cut plans yesterday as a substitute for the House-passed $20-a- person reduction for everybody. The House provision, an annual $2,200,000,000 cut, had seemed doomed to defeat in the Senate. The substitute would give 908 million dollars of annual relief, nearly all of it to low income families, at the rate of $20 for the taxpayer and S10 for each dependent except his wife. But it would repeal other benefits for corporations and higher income taxpayers which Democrats contend would more than offset that amount. Their chances of putting over ihe substitute did not appear too bright. Two powerful Southern Democrats on the Finance Committee, Byrd f Va>, its chairman, and George (Ga>, said they would not go ^"-Better Than House Bill" (sion is studying plans for a 60- c-eorge said "it's better than the j mile four-lane divided super House bill" but added "i do not j highway to replace the presen think it is likely it will change --'• -• - - • my position." Byrd said "I do not think it will change things on the Senate floor." Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson <D-Text declared he believed the substitute "will appeal to a majority of the senators." Other Democratic sources, however, only enough switched Four-Lane 61 Highway Requested It Would Run From Missouri State Line Arkansas Highway Commis- Reds Said Moving Jet Division to China Coast Nationalist Newspaper Claims Invasion Threat Being Beefed Up By SPE.VCER MOOSA TAIPEH, Formosa (AP) — A new Communist jet air division from Manchuria is being moved to the Formosa Strait area for possible assault on the offshore islands, an unconfirmed Chinese Nationalist report said today. The English language China News credited the report to Nationalist intelligence sources, but the Defense Ministry said it had not heard about it. The report said Red China was* ,. bringing down the division "to beef j County Fund Receives $54,000 from Sheriff Highway 61 from the Missouri state line to Lake David in up its invasion threat against FreeI China." The Defense Ministry said it had heard nothing about this. The newspaper said a Cornmu-1 [ nist air division has up lo 75 planes ; i including MIG17s, "the latest So-j j viet improvement on the high-fly- j ing, heavily armored MIG15" j which was the main Red air weap- j The Sheriffs Office has turned $50,448.94 over to the on in the Korean War | coun (y j n t h_ e f orm O f excess f ees anc i ne t cas h fines from op- Earner reports haTVtated the' ei<atio « of the office during 1954, according to the annual re- Reds were preparing for expected, port filed by Sheriff William Berryman. * The figure represents the high- Speaker Charles F. Smith ruled that anything the House might do would be a "nullity" — legally invalid — becnuse legislative action on the hill couldn't possibly be completed before final adjournment at noon today. Therefore, he said, there was no point in the House acting on the bill. The holding: undoubtedly WHS a welcome relief to .some representatives on both sides who had no a roll call vote, One of Three The sales tax rejection was one of three rebuffs suffered by Paubus in the last full day of the 60th General Assembly. The other two: 1. Administration backers in thp Senate weren't able to get a House- approved bill to increase the state income tax laken out of committee for a vote.. round reinforcements in the Foo- chow area .opposite Formosa. Official Nationalist circles wel- rvuf j /-• i TT- u corned wholeheartedly Secretary of Cuttenden County, Highway| state Du , !e s'. speech Tuesday night on his Asian tour. They said he! made clear that the United States • would maintain a .strong position. against communism in this part, of the world and would meet force : with force. Wen Hua-ling, a former Communist naval official who deserted to to the Nationalists last December, told The Associated Press the Reds were determined to invade Formosa but first would try to seize the offshore islands. May Atack Fleet Wen said he was convinced the Communists would try by diplo- U.S. Director Herbert Eldridge said yesterday. Also programmed by the commission for more immediate activity was 51,800,000 in construc- said that it was likely that | tion work on the present Highway «- votes would be . 61 route Jn Mississtppl and C ritten- t°,_cut den Counties. In Overall Plan j This latter project was included j in an overall plan tentatively pro- j gr.-imrning $17 million for highway consrtuction throughout the state. The commission authorized study of the previously proposed plan for Ike Tells Allies U. S. to Maintain European Forces Ministers Assured Of Support 'As Long As There Is Threat' WASHINGTON Eisenhower told President America's Euro- est sum ever turned over to the county from operation of the office. It Is SJ52.05 . more than the amount turned over last year. Net income over expenditure* of the Sheriff's office always constitutes one of the largest items of revenue for the county, next to i axes. Eight-Year Total According to figures submitted by Sheriff Berryman, his office has turned $277,449.42 over to the county since he took office in 1947. The turnback has shown an increase every year except one, increasing from 514.812.06 in 1947 to the present S50.0QO figure, Fees allowed the office for operating expense totaled S84.812.02 allies today the United States' for '- ne year. These were for corn- desire to bo put on the record by i 2. The governor's friends in the Osceola Lands Another Industry OSCEOLA — This South Mississippi County seal has just landed another industry. Mayor Hen Butler and Chamber of Commerce President Elliott Sartaiti yestmlay announced that .1. T. Parsons Cabinet 1 meawjres taken construction of a building for the firm, which is to employ about 75 persons by the end of the year. Italy, Luxembourg and the Nether- 15 million dollars a year on the basis of most recent collect ions- would have gone mainly to public .schools. Opponents of the proposed tax apparently had the bill all but beaten yesterday morning when they forced a delay in consideration until a batch of appropriation measuros;—most of them routine—were acted on. Sperail Business The tax bill was made a special order of business after were i the budget 1 of. Kiwanis Plans Teachers' Day Dr. Caldwell Will Be Speaker at May Dinner Session I960. No date was mentioned in connection with the plan yesterday. Listed for immediate improvement in yesterday's programming | were 24.2 miles from Osceola to j the Missouri state line, estimated at about SI million, and 18.6 miles | from Lake David to Wilson, estimated to cost about $800,000. The structure will be located on the blacktopped rood which goes to the giant Osceola Finishing Co. It will be situated just south of Federal Compress Co. J. T. Parsons, head of the firm, tolci Osceolnns this week he is closing out his firm in Kansas City and will move II to Osceola. Will I'.ny HiiildiiiK Hie firm eventually will purchase the building from (he Chamber, officials pointed out. The building is due to be ready for occupancy in June. Three executives are to accompany the move. All arc stockholders and members of the family. Other persons Warson Awaits Jury Action Osceola Councilman Asks Grand Jury OSCEOLA - Carroll Watson, City poimcilinan of Osceola. who has ] been cited for murder in connec- I lion with the fiilu! shooting of an i Osceola Ncm'o, waived preliminary ; hearing yesterday to wait action of : tin.' Mississippi County Grand Jury i which cnnvciit.-s March 21 Tin* Osceola council man is free I after be inn charged with murder in '"pa'rHo'ii.s i Inforination f ' Ipcl bv Deputy Prosc- ronnectcd • cuting Attorney Henry James with the enterprise will bo drawn! Swift. from local citizens Mr. Parsons 1 XIr - W»tson is accused of the fa- saitj. ; Uil shooting of Eddie Brown, who The firm manufactures different j v/as killed in the dark of a coal types of -sewing machine cabinets, i J'f'i'd on March 3 with a .410-itauge making 14 different models for va-1 shotgun. The Ni^ro was shot as he rious machines. ran from the coal owned by Mr. Dr. John Tyler Caldwpll. president of the University of Arkansas, will be principal speaker when Blytheville's Kiwanis Club pays ho- m*ze to school teachers of the Ely- droned through the appropriation bills that proponents of the tax increase had realized their cause was in vain and that except for i one man, they saw no point in i thevllle School District next May. forcing! a showdown. j The club "has announced that it .. The tacit agreement on both side I plans to designate, the week of May was to keep the House on the budcei. bills until after the Senate adjourned. That way the bill could not be received by the Senate and undergo preliminary "processing" there even if the' House should have passed it. who introduced the bill for the 22-28 as Teacher Appreciation Week in BJytheville and it again iril) sponsor appreciation dinners for both white and Negro teachers of the Blytheville School District. Twin Engagements At the weekly meeting of the The only open dissenter was i dub in Hotel Noble yesterday. Pre- ! previously turned in nine other Rep. W. L. Ward of Lee County, j sident Bob Logan announced that j natures. Dr. Caldwell has accepted an invitation to address white teachers Signatures Reported For Sewer District Signatures are beginning to come a little faster in the southern Blytheville Sewer Improvement District. C. F. McGowan turned in 23 more names today to the Chamber of Commerce. Worth Holder, executive-secretary announced. He has been working on the project for. several weeks and had County Girl Scout Leaders Attend Meeting OSCEOLA—W. P. Ellis, superintendent of Lusora Schools, Mrs. Ellis, Miss Edith McDaniel and Mrs. Inez Permenter of Luxora and Mrs. Maude Hudson of Osceola attended the first meeting of the Girl Scouts' Vo PiiH out iso iim uui The menace is designed to dis- actual formation of the Western European Union. He laid down six points which he recently formed Crowley Ridge said he Wa _ s .. ?]ad {Q af fj rm - win Council District, II at Marked Tree he united States policy when the Western European union arrangements have been ratified: I. To continue active in the North Atlantic Treaty Orcaniza- [ion and consult with NATO members on such matters as "the level -... ., , .. , , , Other item of the turnback, net caph fmes - ^taled $31,252.73 after deduction for the county police commission for radio communica- pel any fears in France or other j tions maintenance and operation. countries that once German power This entire sum is placed in the is added to that of other Western] county genera! fund. nations the United States would | Largest expense items in opera- pull out of .Europe. It is also de-;tion of the office, as shown in the slimed to spell out U.S. policy on ; report, included 535,380.42 for sal- cooperation with the North Atlan- ! aries; SI2.603.13 for jail operation tic Alliance. jiBlytheville and Osceola*; and $7,Technically, the President's I 030.44 for automobile expense. pledge was conditional upon the ' — _ — — ..... — — last night. j .Miss Martha Evans. Girl Scout j 1 executive from Newport, attended i ; and spoke on Girl Scouting and : how it wiU function under the new • ! organization. j ' Mrs. Hudson, who is Girl Scout j of forces" from NATO countries i leader in Victoria, was appointed • io be put under the European Al| temporary chairman for south Mis- j lied Command. | sissippi County, j 2. To consult with a proposed ! Persons interested in doing Girl agency for control of armaments ! Scout work should contact Mrs. j Hudson at Osceola Flames Kill One, Seriously injure Another OSCECLA— A Negro woman was burned to death, and two others were injured, one critically, when their tenem house five miles northeast of here was destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. Ada Flie, a 59-year-old paraly- Mr. Parsons ^ave as reasons tor his move the need to be nearer his sources of supply and a need to be near a plentiful labor supply. Postal Plan Works WASHINGTON i/li — Postmaster General Summcrflclcl .says the experiment of moving 3-cent mail by air when space is available has proved "quite successful" and ho may ask Congress to make the plan permanent. Watson, a Iced, seed and coal dealer. Mr. Watson told officers he caught the Ni-gro stealing coal" and he intended only "to sprinkle him a littlr" to discourage theft from the business. Tea Parties Banned LONDON I*—The House of Commons \vas told that the British Malay government has banned Com- Arab Nations Meet Tomorrow DAMASCUS, Syria M— Rcpresen- tntivo.s from Syrin, Lcbnnon and Iraq will meet tomorrow in Beirut, Lebanon, to discuss ways of avoiding a split in the Arab world, according to well-informed sources. Iraq recently ignored strong protests from Egypt ond concluded a defense pact with Tui;kcy, which i munist-sponsored tea parties there i aligned with the West. Egypt has , *u* ™-..- .,.- -i,,- Micmj advocated a neutral stand by Arab because the Reds wcrc usinj to Indoctrinate students. nations in the cold war. administration. The ailing 72-year-old Ward waited patiently at his desk until the Senate had adjourned and the protracted "deliberations" on budget of the district at a special luncheon to be held May 27. Dr. Caldwell will be in Blytheville on that date to speak to the graduating class Ihe School at of commencement exer- bills had been ended. Then lie demanded that House proceed to the special order j under the earlier agreement. j At yesterday's meeting. President Before n hushed, Ward j Logan appointed W. D. Tomuiey as .said he spoke against the express I chairman of the arrangements for McGowan is second only to Bill Williams in the total number of names turned in to date. There are 46 streets in the south- ern district and to date only 19 of TSI, ,*, •)! u'i'^ i tne streets have been worked. H,ph ^^ ^ ^ ^^ f<n . ^ order of his physician and with knowledge that the Senate had adjourned. Kcad 3rd Time The bill was read by title a third time—a necessary formality before a vote may be taken. Rep. Carroll C. Hollensworfh of Bradley County, who favored the tax increase, rase to suggest that anything the House did would be the event. This will be the fourth year for the club to sponsor Teacher Appreciation Week. S620 Xci A report from co-chairman Jimmy Richardson on the club's annual pancake breakfast last week revealed that the club's underprivileged children's fund netted $620.32 from the breakfast. project, which is the only remaining obstacle in the path of Blytheville's new sewer system. a futile gesture because the bill j Tho Rcv - Jnmef: Pomeroy. pastor had no chance of getting through i of the Lutheran Church, spoke to the club yesterday. The Rev. Mr. Pomeroy is a member of the club. Us necessary parlimcntary course in the Senate today. Speaker Smith ruled that Hollensworth was correct, thus ending any chance for sales tax action at the current legislative session. Apparently Ihe governor's non- legislative backers also gave up on the sales tax bill. Faubus' chief lieutenants visited In the House chamber in an effort to obtain approval of the Senate- passed bill for an appropriation Sec ASSEMBLY PARC 5 Osceola Sets Itself Goals for Improvement OSCEOLA — Under lerulership of O.sceola's Junior Service Auxiliary, the city of Oflccolii yesterday look a good long look at Itself and then set about plnnnhiR to do somethlnn about those thliiRs In city life which need Improving. About 25 Interested persons were on hand In Masonic Hull yesterday to offer siiKRestlmis In connection with city beautlflciitlon and Improvement of all phases of public welfare. Here's a quick rundown of some MigKt'.sllons presented: BcauUfication of Florida Park. Krectlon of public restroonis. Beautlflcatlon of Rosenwald School A crack-down on Negro teen-agers frequenting various adult nlRht spots. Tnlllnllon of drlvliiK lessons lit Oscuola Hli;h School. Establishment of a teen-age club. Suggestions regarding Rosenwald School and nsking for policing of the Negro night clubs came from Negro representatives at the meeting. On March 23 at id a. m. another meeting has been scheduled for Oscooln's Masonic Hall after these suuKestions have bee sifted for priority. Work on the clean-up and paint- up campaign Is due to be scheduled and will begin nttcr the March 23 session. Weather NORTHEAST ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy and warm this afternoon, tonight and Friday with widely scattered thunder showers late tonight or Friday. High this afternoon in the .mid-70s. Low tonight in the low 60s. MISSOURI — Partly cloudy and continued mild through Friday with strong gusty southerly winds this afternoon and again Friday; low tonight generally In the 50s; high Friday generally near 70. Minimum this morning—60. Mnxlimtm yesterday—75. 3nnrlHC! tomorrow—0:17. Himsot today— 0:03. Menu lemperiUuro—07.5, I'roclpltfltton IrifiL 24 hour* to 7 p.m. —none. Precipitation Jnn. 1 to (Into—7:35. This. Date l,nM Year Mnxlmum ypsterdny—70. Minimum this morning—13. Precipitation Jfttumry i to d»K — 12.10. Ike Locked Out Of White House WASHINGTON tfi — President. under the Western European Un-! tic. died in the blaze that appar- ion in order to assist "in the I ently started when a 90-year-old A training workshop for Scout ! achievement of its objective of con- woman, also an occupant in leaders has been scheduled for ; irolling armament and preventing; house, attempted to start a. unjustified military preparations within the members of the union." 3. "To continue to maintain in Europe, including Germany, such Units of its armed forces as may be necessary and appropriate to contribute its fair sha/e of the Marked tree on March 16 at 10 a.m. Dulles' Report Blasted by Reds LONDON (.<P) — Pravda declared today that U. S. Secretary of State Dulles' radio and television report on the recent SEATO conference and his Far East tour was "calculated to cause further tension in Asia." The Soviet Communist party organ, in an editorial broadcast by the fire the wood burning stove with kerosene, according to Deputy Sheriff Dave Young. Hattio pile, 62, relative of the dead woman, suffered serious see- ond and third degree burns in an attempt to save the invalid from Eisenhower got locked out of the White House momentarily today. He had gone into the rose garden just outside to greet a group of foreign students in this country to study atomic energy technology. When he started to return he found the door had swung shut and locked. With a grin, the President poked a buzzer button and was admitted. • i Moscow radio, said Dulles' re- hostife at- China and Eleanor in London LONDON (ff>)~- Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt lunched today with Prime Minister Churchill. Earlier she called on Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden at the Foreign Office. marks were "full of tacks." on Communist the North Viet Nam government of Moscow-trained Ho Chi Minh. Inside Today's Courier News . . . Chirks Play Green Forest Today in Quarter-Finals of State Tournament . . . Grapefruit and Cactus Baseball Seasons Open Today . , . Sports . . . Pages 8 and 9 ... . . . Federal Reserve System Can I'se Reserve Change as Instrument Against Inflation . . . I,.isf of a Series . , . Page 1C. . . Speck Buys Memphis Harbor Land J. M. Speck of Osceola and Joiner has paid $-100,000 for 2,200 acres of land on President's Island and Sam Morrow's Island, tax paid on records of transfer Indicate. A considerable amount of the prone rty Is located adjacent to the Memphis Hnrbor Project on President's Island. .The only stntement, Mr. Speck would make about the property was thnt It does circle about part of the the city of Memphis for the hnrbor project. He also added that Sam Morrow's Island Is part of President's Island, being land marked by former old beds. Real estate circles in Memphis report that Andrew .1. Florida and Georffe Florida of Florida ,Rros. Co., at Oscooln, are involved in the purchase. Mr. Speck's only comment to this report was "that the report got started because I have had some business dealing.? with the Florida brothers." forces needed for the joint defense ! the flames. of the North Atlantic area while a J Dr. Billy Sheddan, of Osceola, threat to that area exists." The] attending physician, .said the in- President also said that the United : jurcd woman needs plastic surgery States will continue to deploy its ; and said he is trying to get her in- forcea in accordance with North i to University Hospital at Little Atlantic defensive strategy. 4. To help integrate NATO's j Western European forces, inciud-! ing those from Germany, in ac- j See IKE Page 5 i Rock. Also injured slightly was BvaLena | Flip, about 32. The house was on the R. S. Ash' more farm. for LENT By OK. J. CARTER SWAIM Dept. of English Bible, National Council of Churches Written for XEA Service Lent is a season when we remember our Lord's temptation, "A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master" (Matthew 10:34, KSV), and if Jesus had to meet the Tempter, then we cannot hope to escape. What then did Jesus mean when He taught His disciples to pray: "Lead us not Into temptation" (Matthew 8:13), KSV)? Jesus gave this pattern of prayer that it might end vain rcpltition: "In praying," He said, "do not heap up empty phrase*" (Matthew 6:7). The fact is, however, that we so often rush through thts prayer that we've come to speak of "repeating" it rather than of praying III When we stop to think, It is puzzling that Jesus should have taught u* to ask God not to lead us into temptation, especially when we remember the warning in James 1:13 (RSV): "Let no one »*y when he Is tempted, 'I am tempted of God;' for God cannot be tomptal tt'Hh evil .iiul He Himself tempts no one," If God docs not tempt us, why should we ask. Him not to lend u« into temptation? The word translated "temptation" meflnn alao trial, perple.\Mty, testing. It refers to all those experiences of life by which character is tested. We evidently ore to pray, then, that God will not allow us to get Into such circumstances as will be beyond our power to endure. Paul assures us that God "will nnf let you be tfmptod h#- yond your strength, but with the temptation will *i*o provlrt* the w»y of escape" (I Corinthians 10:13). .,,

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