The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 30, 1969 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 28

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1969
Page 28
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' 1 VT ? " t r r . . V V 28 r ' fhursdoy,-October 30, 1969" The Ottawa Journal "4 4..u: V V vv- , ' " ..V . . vj Below Tfie"HiU T PARKING' INS AND OUTS: In ihis column last wejtk" w told of complaints from low 'truck operators who had 10 turn dowr calls to the parking garage at the National Arts r Centre because their trucks are too high to get in . . . True ; - enough," says Lloyd. Easterbrook, manager of the underground parjurg facilities at the centre. "The clearance is only six-oot-four. But what most people don't seem to realize is that emergency services, many of them free, are provided by : the centre." For example, battery boosters and air compressors are available for quick starts and flat tires. Most services are geared to helping the stuck motorist out of the garage so' he .can get to a service station for help. Also, two garages In' the vicinity have Jeeps at, the ready, in case a ;car has to be, towed out. And with MM cars parked on , 'three levels,,; trouble happens often. "Most common, I sup-pose, are those who park and lock their cars without turning , f ptt the headlights," says Mr. Easteibrook. "But another ! i frequent problem is the person who locks and leaves his icar without shutting off the motor." '."'.' -4- : - ; .... ' CAPITAL CAPERS: Here is why they are called diplo- , mats . . . It was the night of the Speaker's reception when an elderly man emerged from the Centre Block, presumably ' from that reception. Slightly tipsy, but still very dignified, he stood on the steps and waited' for a taxi. Along came -an impressive car; the driver leapt out. puled open a door end saluted atsa man -... friend simply noddedSas he stepped Into the car. When - the .other, inun, a diplomVtried to explain it was his car. - lie rin into protests that it r was first come first served and that, by damn, was! his taxi. iKwould have beeTTslmple - enough to have) the2hauffeur. tossthe tipsy fellow out on his rarT but the diplomat patiently antkdiplomatlcally ex-piainel When it became apparent that wWrtvhe was saying had finally sunk in, he offered to drive tipsytejtow to his destination, ine oner was BANK AND SPARKS: the process of preparing an up,to-date list of ethnic groups land organizations in the Ottawa area and asking all such organizer?; to give them a list of their -officers. A com- " MARMADU KE NJ THE FVVMILYRqPS , TBy BU Keane II K e -X , : .. . -r-? ' - if -VI rTZs& a , --'a i My ,1c i ; 10-30 'v. 1 . ., .iiii. . I ; WUtv4 this wav...Aj Jona es he sift ther "Can't we lust 06 to a few houses tomaht to set - w. tinnd.holf p here!" X . some prdcHt?- - . , iit II n. ' " .'.'' I J (2) Grandes chasses Ait iwnirtTQ " ,k ' et peches , - PS I . " , IV ' ' -- ' - (12) Magic Tom (c) ' nnunu 1 r v xrX I V TWTXB CARDS f I I e5RAN0MA ' I ' 10.00 (5P)-It Takes Two .'.. r (c)- . I I tup RnxES OF V vf ir. A yK AND,.. AND." ifhK VI.. lPB?TiNeCAROS I Vfi-v I IN V7X I h fJvftS) I 1 (2) Science 1 II I &1J I flifll.. il l ..X A. J US S. I I K J -Kv fin 1 I I 10 (:-:.-,:., MARK TRAIL . . .. . '.. - .. 1 . . J . ;.,:rl;, l . . i - ffJT YES, VIC, I ASKED ffl:AND I IEAVE TO V1CTOP UAVGOOD YiV IlL DO MV . I -l ' ' ': VOO HEBE TO READ MP.'- SO, MV ENTIRE ESTATE IN THE J Jf-it BEST, SAM.' JV. i i i. BHINEHABT'S WILL . CERTAIN" KNOWLEDGE THATjHEj f& A Vl'-'"Tr v I. : : , m- is Bewiicnea ... - tc i J rnfiK PARKER :L ''- ' ' ' A "; " 11.53-4 (5, , 11) News I . I (2) Boblno (c) '.., - :- v . : y DAVE MOWN behind our tipsy friend. 'Tipsy accepum. :- Ottawa Citizenship Council If You Wot for the plete brochure could then be put together for distribution to all interested. Contact. Mrs. Peter Dwyer, 1449 Palen Street . i . As Ottawa West Jaycees go about preparing to select 'Two Outstanding Young Men" in the Capital area, they first had to select outstanding judges. This year's selection committee is made up of Don McClymont, manager of the board of trade; George R. Berry,, vice president and general manager1 of Metropolitan Life; Graeme Fraser, vice- . president 'of Crawley Films; -and Cyrille Goulet, president of the French Chamber of Commerce of Ottawa. - ; . SEAT FIGHT: Friend of ours watched this scene unfold at the National Arts Centre Friday. - A man and woman, led by .an usher, found their way to the row directly in front of our frtend They counted down the seats before starting into think those people ere in . asxea: wouia you mina laxing me seaip nexi to mem.' , They didn't mind . . . The show was just -starting when another usher.jytfoNced his way into the row and told the couple they were in the wrong seats and would they please get out of them. The man started to explain but the usher didn't .have time to listen. He left and returned with 'mdre ushers.'1 They led the couple, protesting in hoarse whispers, out of the row and up the aisle, and out. Out friend says he spent most of his time at that-show watching the doors at the back to ' see if the couple .would get back in. If they did, he didn't " see them. . ' . i,V-v,;-. '",; ','... FAMILY FEUD: It seemed like a different sounding name, so when we met Clayton Ivayof 385 Kenwood Avenue the other day, we asked where it came from was originally Iveagh." he said. "But when my greaf-gfand- fathe.- left Ireland to become president of Guiness, the rest of j .. the family that stayed behind objected so strongly that they wanted no truck with great-grandfather. (Nobody seems to . "j" know if they objected td'his connection with a brewery or with. Die English.) So his sons changed the name to Ivay. They' also became Baptists:" W- . .: i-v-i . ' PARTING SHOT: It had to happen after a major car manufacturer announced the bumpers on its cars gave 100 j per cent protection up to 2.8 miles per hour . . The other ; day,' a guy-came straggling'inta thejffice very -late one morning with the excuse: "Got lift in witha guy who was worried about his bumper." " ... . y " DEATH CLAIMS ACTRESS LOS ANGELES (Reuters) Actress Constance Dowling, 49, who starred with Danny Kaye in the movie Up in Arms, died Tuesday of a heart attack. She was the wife of movie producer Ivan Tors and, is survived by four sons, including an adopted Kenyan boy, Alfred Ndewga, 22, who"W .Torses were putting through medical, school. Miss Cowling's; olher film credits hv elude Knickerbocker Holiday I nfcJ r . . - anu DMIIU 3(MH, . - " L. . Drink Limousine our seats." To which the usharJJ i.: '''; ;i ..., 7 "Well it i' ON THE JOB , SUMMERS1DE, P.E.I. (CP) The Prince xEdward Island public works department be lieves Irf getting the job done, and fast.. Summerside Mayor Ross MacKenzie saysthe de partment was caJleUTecehlfy q repair slabs of , concrete sunk be,kwZ.e sidewalk level' ' in Summersi'dflMidthe department repair crew was repairing the sidewalk within one hour of. being::ijotified." tuiiiiuuuuiuiiiiuiMiHfliitiiMUiwuiiiuuwinmatuimuw Channel CBOT, Ottawa . CHOV, Pembroke ., ....I IS ...TIP ..... ..... 1 WHEN, Syracnae .. WPTZ, i-Utttburga CBMT. Montreal .. WWNY, Watertewa uuimiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiimiiiiinHiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiHtnimiiiiiiMwmHiuHhniwiiuiinitii Television THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30j 1969 (C) DENOTES COLOR 5.00-4 (() Square Knights (c) (S) 77 Sunset Strip (SP) Big Valley (5S) Eariy Show."Capt. Carey." Start Alan Ladd. (7) Comer Pyl. (e) ( (2) Bidule de tar maca-' dam ,:-'- -r- (10) La Sal (11) Bucksaw Hollow 1 1J Perry Mason J.JO-4 (0, 1J) Hillbillies. (7) Early Show ' (2) Chevaliers du del (c). (12) Pierre Bertra (c) 1.004 Football Huddle (c) (5) News Worid V . . f5P Rennrt V ' (() Reach for The Top (7) News' :-i ' V A O (2) Lescrolsades (c) (10 Studio 10 (11) Lucy ' (17) Pulse (c) ','' U News ' 1.30 ( Evening Report ; v () Local News (5) Movie. "Meet Me , - After The Show." Stars . Betty Grable. (5P) Hontley-Brlnkley (c) (SS, 7) Report V I Telejournal : ' (11) Dateline l.4S-(2) 24 heures Sur le vif (c) 7.001 Something-Else (c) (SP) Marshall Dillon ' (SS) News (c) ...'! (() Seven on Six ' (7) Sportsman (c) I (2) Format SO (10) News (c) i (II) Newstel IS (12) Family Affair (c) 7.2S-4 Weather . 7.30-4 (0) Doris" Day (c) ' , (SP) Daniel Boone (c) - (5S, 7) Family Affair f (2) Les grand films (c) (10 Movie (11) Pierre Berton IS (12) Tom Jones (c) .0(M-(5, ; 11) Bill Cosby (c) - (5S, 7) JimNabors (c) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1969 (C) DENOTES. COLOR . 7.00 (5P) Today (c) " 7-0513 University of the Alr-7.30 (5S) Dialogue (c) , (7) News (c) (10) Lesiptks bons-hommes - . . 7.35 1S Facets 7.45 (10) Metro, matin (c) 1J News . J . 8.00 (5S, 7) CapL-Kangaroo . (12) Uni versitr f the Air .154 (5, 0, 11) Ontario Schools IS Romper Room (c) 8.30 (12) Ed Allen (c) 8.454 (Si (, 11) Mr. Dress-Up (10) 30-34-30 (c) IS Magistrate's Court (c) 0.00 (5P) News of Women (5S) Magic Toy Shop (c) (0) Quebec Schools :- (7) Cartoon Theatre . " Cours scolaires Madame est servie (c) mper Room (c) OttawssSchools ' (S.Jll.Ontaip Schools US 13 Have Anotl 0.30 (5P) CoDhtry -- (5S) Underdog (c) t (2) Grandes chasses et peches (12) Magic Tom (c) 1.404 (S, I, 11) Ontario Schools M 10.00 (SP) It Takes Two (5S, 7M,ucy..(cX 0 (2) Science ! ,(lt) Bonheur (t) 12) Hercules ( ' IS Schools 30-4 (S, 0, 11) Friendly Giant (O (5P) Concentration (c) (5S. 7) Hillbillies 0 (2) En mouvement (10) Lecons (c) . (12) Bewitched 10.454 (5, . 11) Chez Helene i 0 (2) Mr. Surprise (c) ' I i (10) Sante dans votre assiette 11.00 4 (S, , 11) Ontario Schools - 1 ' :'5P) Sales of the Century v (c) ' . (SS, 7) Andy ,(f Mayberry 0 (2) La soul vete , (10) Reponse (c) '' . (12)" Mike Douglas (cj 1 11.15 0 (2) Cinema - a MM A (5, ) Double Exposure (5P) Square "(c) f- (3S, 7) Love ol Llle (c) (10) Etennt Amour (11) Ed Allen 13 Bewitched. 11.55 4 (5, 8, 11) News RADIO HIGHLIGHf S See Classified Section GuiiJQ., t CBOFT. Ottawa CFTM, MowrraaJ .... CKWS, KingstM .... CFCF, Mentreal .... CJOH, Ottawa , aSS, Cornwall (I) 8.J04 (S, , 11) NDP Conven. - (SP) Ironside () IS (12) Dean Martin (e) I AM M tm -.It n J . ' 1 m, 11 DOfWIH Cf (S) Movie. "Love Ameri- can Style. ' . (SS) Movie. "Arrow- . head." Start Charlton Heston. . (7) Movie. "Dear Heart' Stars Glenn Ford. ' (10) Ella at lun (c) 1.30 (SP) Dragnet (e) . I (2) Le tel de la temaine (10) Ca prend unvoleur ' - (c) . . IS (12) Mannlx (c) , ' 10.00-4 (5, I, II) Thursday Night (c) .;i.. (SP) Dean Martla (c) 10.30-0 (2) Dossier : . , ( (10) Ihforme (e) IS (12) Diamond Lll't (c) 11.00 4, I, IS (2, S, SP, SS, 0, 7, 11, 12) News (e) (10) Movie ; 1I.1S (7) Sports -11.20-4 Viewpoint . " v (5) Report , - vis - 0 Telejournal (12) Pulse (c) IS Newscap (c)-11.254 Might Final (c) 11.30 (5P, 7) Tonight (c) ; (SS) Merv Griffin (c) IS OuUlder (c) . 11.35 4 Sports (c) . . .: (5) McHale's Navy -Sportt 11.40 4 NQP Convention. (I) Movie. "Man With - Two Faces." Start Tab , Hunter. I (2) Cinema (11) NlghUhlft. "Stranger In My Arms."; Stars June Altyson. -. 11.45 (12) Movie. "Goodbye My Lady.'VStars Sidney Portier. . li.ln A Mnvln. "Hnrror I.lni1 ' Stars Leo Carillo. 12.30 (10) Final Edition , 13 Wrestling 1.3W-13 (12) University of the !.,AIr ,-'.- 12.15 (10) Movie r" , : (11) Spotlight 13 Miss Helen (e) 12.30-4 (5S, 8) Search (or Tomorrow (c) (5) Movie.i"The Cere. ' mony." Stars Laurence Harvey. , (SP) Name Droppers (c) X7) Johnny Quest -4 (11) Movie (12) In Town (c) IS Movie. "The Home ' Stretch." Start Cornel .. Wilde. . : 1.00-4! (0) Lunch Date rj; (5P) I Love Lucy I (5S) HeSaidi She Said (c) ,;-', , -(7) Dream House, (c) ' 0 (2) Cinema (c) ' (11) Movie. "Wild Heri tage." Stars Will Rogers .. Jr. -.. (12) John Manolesco (c) 1.30 4 (SS, 8, 7) Xs the Worl Turns (c) (5P) You're-Puttii On (c) (12) Magistrate's Court e) 2J0 4 (l Strange Paradise (c) (5P) Davs of Our Lives (c) "..;' (5S, 7) LoveNs Many Splendored Thirigfc) (12) Peyton-Place 2.15 (5) Afternoon Show 2.304 Dick Van Dyke (c) (5) Anna Meyer (5P) The Doctors . (SS, 7) Guiding Light (c) (S) Coronation St. 0 (2) Oui ou non (c) 13 (12) People In Conflict (c) 2.45 (11) Almanac ( 3.00-4 (5, 8, 11) Take 38 (5P) Another World (SS, 7) Secret Storm (c)f 0 (2) Fenime d'aujour- d'hul s IS (12) Doctor's Diary! (c) -4 (5. SS, 8, 7, 11) Edge of Night (c) (5P) Bright Promises (c) (10) Madame (c) 13 (12) The Moneymakers (c) , (5, 8, II) Galloping Gourmet (c) (5P) Letters to Laugh-In (c) ' . . (SS.-IJr-popeye Jamboree tc) 0 (2) Boblno (c) (10) La'Cabane (c) (12) Batman (c) , ' 13 Smart Alee (c) 4.304 (8, II) Odyssey (c) (5) HI Diddle Day . . (5P) Gilllgan't Island (c) (SS) Flintstonet (c) 17) Cartoons, (c) 0 (2) Ribouldinue (c) ' (10) Marine Boy (c) (12) Star Trek (c) 4.45-11 Uncle Willy (c) BETWEEN THE LINES-J iaha By Sandy' For lovers of serious music - and In particular opera ' the CBC's-lavish production of "Louis Rlel" was something to be seen and heard. And if today it has failed to-stir some controversy, one can only conclude that apathy has overcome the nationalists. ' "Louis Riel" was much mora fhttn an nnttrk ivhn t I came to the screen tast night. It was. inressence, a dramatic musical re-enactment of a historic period of Canadians a time of rriaj for many, including the key , figure. But, it is also wellMo remember that the opera was fact interspersed with fiction. folklore and fantasy retold in song. .. ' j- It was annoying at times, to . find much of 'the- opera I in French. Shorker - passages would have been! more enhancing to thet bilingual production yet the producers obviously favored ' extensive Usage lor authenticity. i It was irritatihg to find Sir John A. Macdonald and other English - speaking Canadians portrayed as conniving, bigoted rogues. ': .' ', Often the character of Riel was somewhat questions b le. Throughout the Metis leader was a pathetic figure, hardly ihe,.fiery rebel, legend hat made irir.''" '"r r Bernard Turgeon has play ed Riel since 1967 when the Harry Somers opera jvas first perrarmeor He evoked sympathy as the,- idealist who fringed on the'" er understanding of a portion -fanatic. His was a sensitive of Canada's-heritage, i:, .wilt, portrayal, fluctuating in moods be aijred, on.' the French net-and, yet constantly compel- , work' IrTlhe spring. "Louis ling. Rifel" jhould be heard from Basically the TV adaptation again. ' '' -A ' '-.-' Television Highlights See th TV Jeeanaal far MWerkiew iilf Mtf kte -;'. Football Huddle. Rough Rider Coach Frank Clair reveals his plans for Saturday's game with the Hamilton Tiger- Cats and' Jack Gotta "offers slow-motion film evidence of the difficulties ball players face in holding onto the ball. 8.N (8). Reach for the Tap. Cardinal Newman vs. Loyola. Host: Bob Cadman. ... 7.30 (SP). Daniel Boone. The Traitor." Daniel's mission to obtain plans' for Fort De troit s -defences, - involves a man who claims to be I defecting British officer. 7.J0 I (2). Let grands films. "Quatre .du Texas XEour for Texas).. Western starring Frank Sihatra. Dean Martin and Ursula Andress. 7.30 (10). Movle.'"Deux heures a .tuer."- Drama w i t h Pierre Brasseur- and Michel Simon. " - 7.30 13 (12).-This; Is-Tpm Jones. Tom welcomes guests 1.1 Maps Trace Canadian History A display of 100 maps de picting the history of "Canada opened today -at the public Archives of Canada. Dating back, to before dis covery of America, the display entitled "Canada in Maps." It iKpn exhibition every day from' 8 vm.lo 9 p.m. A ' silk-sCTeen , map of the world ' marks the entrance to the--exhibit, Itstheme is a 16th' century wood-cut - map "Tby- German mapmaker Martin -Waldseemueller, Who first visaged two large halves oTa continent joined by an isthmus and named it America. "-r Explorer James Cook's concept of the SL Lawrence River and, geographr-exployer Samuel Champlain's maps of New France are displayed. Further disepveries of Canada by mls- rsionary-priests and other ex plorers are also included. . Maps in the exhibit show such diversified subjects as political development of Canada, division i of land by colonizers, major cities in the last century, waterways chart- ed, 'engineering, architectural - Canadian advances in map- making -and three new Canadian atlases represent recent history. "Canada in Maps' will fn uhtil.Feb. 15. WHALE OF A FIND MELBOURNE. Australia (Reuters) . A 30.000,000-year-" old skull of a whale has been found protruding from the side of -, , quarry hear Timboon, south of Melbourne. One expert. Prof. J. W. Warren, says the find could have a bearing on all knowledge of the evolution of the whale. - f!-. Relived Gardiner1 -was -broken-lnto-three acts and 17 scenes all 'without commercial , interruption. As the action invariably lagged, it was Turgeon's pres e n e e which sustained viewers. Donald Rutherford Sir John A created , the lmpres- sion that the prime minister, while being something of a seer, was under the influence' of everything but his fellow politicians. If the opera had to have a villain, it was Sir John who got the nod. There were many excellent supporting performances, particularly Patricia Rideout as. Riel's mother and Joseph Rouleau as Bishop Tache. "Louis Riel" is - probably the most ambitious opera ever 'performed on Canad I a n screens. In almost every area of production! from costumv ing to conducting it was a provocative presentation. . The music; score itkelf was" a brilliant blend of the -ethnic and the contemporary. EIccn. tronic sounds were often used to heighten the drama, although some passage were, totally foreign to the ear. . But overall the two -' hour production succeeded In reliving history in .dazzling fash-' ion. . ... s . ' ' It was unfortunate that "Louis Riel" the Metis . patriot,, was opposed by the na- tional pastime of hockey, viewing. The opera deserved a better fate than competing for attention with the T o r o n t o Maplr-Leafs. i , For those who wish a' great- Ullet andHendra, Barbara Eden and Wilson Pickett.- 8.00 4 (5, 8,, 11). The BUI Cosby Shew. 'To Kincaid With ' Love." Chet (Bill Cosby) is em- -barrassed by the school girl ; crush of a teenage pupil. j S.3i (SP). Ironside. "See ing is Believing." A blowsy bar patron (Beatrice Kay) 'identi- . fies Detective Sgt. Ed Brown (Don Galloway) as the killer of a small time hood. t.30 IS (12). The Dean Martin Show. Guests include . Tony Bennett. Sid Caesar, Pat Henry and Charles Nelson Reil- ly. ..- '. . t.38 (SP). Dragnet. "Homi cide Cigarette' Butt." A slaying victim's smoking leaves a clue to his killer.' . 10.00 4 (S, 8, II). Thursday T Night. An hour-long jexamina- tion of water pollution in areas of Canada from coast' to coast. with illustrations - of special problems as they apply to various regions. 1 IO N (5P). The Dean Mar- tin Show. Dean's guests a.r e Tony Bennett,- Sid Caesar, Pat Henry and Charles Nelson Reil-. ly. Dean and Tony salute girls who have never had a song named after them. 10.30 0 (2). Dossiers.. The"!: third of six broadcasts dealing with- btidffet-problems . found ' among Quebec families. 10.30 13 (12). Diamond Lll's.' Vanda King greets guests Alex Reed at the Honky - tonk and Harriet Cohen. 11.00 (10). Late Show. "A rebrousse poil." .Satirical comedy with Jacques Morel, Jean-nine Brossard. . 1U0 13. The Outsider. "A Time To Run." A teenager fleeing from-her conventional back-u ground with a hippie - oriented youth comes" td the aid of David . ' Ross. ....... 110 0 (2). Cinema. "Le Traht." Comedy star r I n i . KarhvVerely and Claude Mat hsot. : rpuR FLEXIBi CHARGE! The DOMINION Bank St at Gloucester. and Billings Bridge Plaza LRCAx COi-OR tVx ( ,, ON DISPLAY " B. F. GOODRICH STORE SM Ineuitrfsl tin, , n4 " '. ' I V. . . i - . 'A'" c . . : , ' V. .; ;. : , ...:.. "..'. ' - .1- ' ' ' ' :. " ' '. : 1 '. : V. '--- ri ' r - ti ' ' -

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