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the LUCT TTEILIWIISIKDM In The Sun-Democrat Area July 18 Through July 24 Ex-major leaguer now into acting A ALMOST A HERO Paul Burke (left), portraying a police captain, rips up the commendation he was about to bestow on a young officer, played by David Birney, when he leams of the unconventional manner in which the officer performed his heroic deed in "Officer Dooly" on "Police Story" Friday at 9 p.m. on Channels 6 and 4. By DAN LEWIS HOLLYWOOD "Acting is a totally different experience than playing ball," says Jim Bouton, an ex-major league pitcher who still clirigs to the hope that he may make it back to the big leagues. But if not, he might become a television series star if that doesn't work, he could probably go back to sportscasting on television. Bouton has all those options facing him.

And if all fails, he can continue playing semi-pro baseball in Northern New Jersey and write more books like "Ball Fsur," iwhich got him into this acting thing, ironically. He wrote the book and now he's the star of a television series that has been created from if- CBS has it- as a Wednesday night entry, a half-hour situation comedy at 7:30. The competition is the second half of "The Bionic Woman" on and "Little House on the Prairie" on NBC. Bouton has no prior acting experience. When he created the TV version, with the help of TV critic Marvin Kitman and a New York sportswriter, Vic Segal, he had no thought of starring in it.

Somewhere along the way, Bouton became the star of the pilot and CBS put the show on the schedule. If Bouton is at all intimidated by his new career, he doesn't show it. Nor did he expect it to get this far, he admits. It will delay his plans for a baseball comeback. He'll continue in the semi-pros as long as his acting career shows signs of progressing.

"I had planned to play Double A ball at Reading (Pennsylvania) this summer," Bouton said. he'll be in the studio, starring in his own series. "In baseball, when you get into trouble on the mound," Bouton recalls, "you rear back and throw a little harder." As a noted knuckle-baller in his Show never trrs Answer Man: Mulhare had role in series Who played Captain Craig on the TV series, "The Ghost and Mrs. Was It Rex Harrison, who played Captain Craig in the movie, or someone else? If it was someone else, he sure looked like Rex Harrison. K.K.

A Edward Mulhare did the TV series. Harrison did the movie. In the TV movie, "Helter Skelter," did the Beatles sing the title song, "Revolution," and "The I know they recorded the three songs which appeared on "The White Album," but were they singing them on the movies? Or was it someone just trying to sound like them? J.P. The Beatles' recordings were used for the TV show, since those original recordings actually had a role in the lunacy of the murder gang. The actress Ann Sheridan was in a TV series shortly before she died.

Can yon tell me the name of the series? J.G.C. The name of the series was "Pistols and Petticoats" and it was made shortly before and shortly after she died. When the actress died of cancer during production, the series continued for the rest of the season using voice and physical doubles of Miss Sheridan, plus cleverly inserted shots of her from earlier episodes. Now that Howard Hughes is dead, do you think they'll bring out "The Carpetbaggers" again, since it was really about him even though the names were changed? M.L.R. Oh, possibly.

But "Carpetbaggers" was a novel that didn't Claim to be the true story. The big project now is a Warren Beatty movie, with Beatty playing Hughes. Beatty had had it in development for some time, but with Hughes' death, he has made it top priority. From what I've read about it, isnt the new series for fall, "Snip," a takeoff on the movie, "Shampoo?" J. C.

Let's say it has those elements. David Brenner plays a who lives, unmarried, with Lesley Ann Warren, but usually stops off for an affair with one of his customers on his way home from work. Also featured in the show will be a gay hairdresser. It's slotted for 8:30 p.m. after "family hour." for ridiculous big-league days, it obviously didn't take much to throw a little harder.

"In acting, when you try harder, you're in trouble," he adds. The problem Bouton and the network will have with "Ball Four" is to convince potential viewers, especially the non-sports follower, that this is not a sports series, and that it is not tied exclusively to baseball. "Most of the story lines will be about ordinary people, facing ordinary situations love, life, smoking, overweight problems, politics," Bouton explains. One other problem is convincing women this isn't a show for baseball followers, or, for that matter, for any sports enthusiast. Women aren't in the majority when it comes to following sports on television, and they could logically find this a turnoff if they get the impression the series is meant for the sports fan.

"The book had appeal to women because it told them interesting things about people," Bouton contends. "The reason women are turned off by sports on television is the way it's presented. It comes over from a statistical point of view, and that's boring. Women's perception is healthier than men's. Men may appreciate statistics not women.

"Sports announcers on television are salesmen for sports." How does Bouton think Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn will react to the "Just as the book was unpopular with the commissioner, I hope the series will be, too," Bouton responds. "The series will be an antidote for the 'Game of the "Ball Four" as a book ex- ploded some myths about sports heroes. Mickey Mantle reportedly was upset with the book. Bouton claims someone told Mantle he wouldn't be pleased, and so Mantle never read "Ball Four." Judging from some of the planned subjects the series will zero in on in early episodes pep pill use, homosexuality (in family religion in sports the series won't convert any of the anti-book faction. Bouton says he had hoped the series would have been slotted after the family hour.

But the network censors haven't come down by the show as yet. "We're going to try to introduce something that's never been considered before in the family hour grossness," he said half-facetiously. "The FCC never has ruled on grossness in the family hour." lot of people want to be degradated," Bearde said. "I have a waiting list of people who want to audition to get on. "A lot of people lose the point that this is a satire.

All the people on the panel and most contestants realize 90 per cent of it is tongue-in-cheek. "Last week I had a guy dressed like a nun playing a bagpipe and he lost," Bearde said. What's the kinkiest act which has been on so far? "The one I remember most is a guy who makes a cake on himself Continued on Page 3 By RICHARD K. SHULL "There was never any intent on our part to make people feel ridiculed," Chris Bearde said with a straight face. "If it turns out that way, it's the fault of our panel or the contestants," he He's referring to "The Gong Show," the latest effort by producer Chuck Barris to tell humans more than they really ought to know about their own behavior.

Barris, you may already be aware, also is responsible for such other adventures into sociopathic behavior as "The Dating Game," "The Newlywed Game" and "New Treasure Hunt." Barris personally produces and is host of a daytime version of "The Gong Show" which NBC now has on its network. Bearde is producing 24 syndicated half-hour versions of the show, with Gary Owen as host, which will play on 85 stations around the country in an early evening time, starting in September. "The Gong Show" has off-beat amateur talent competing for a top prize of $532.16. The gimmick is that a celebrity panel of three people sits in judgment and anytime any one of the celebrities is displeased with the performance, he rings a gong and the contestant is hooked off the stage. "If that's degradation, then a Sunday, July 18 1 30 p.m.

(6) Baseball. St. Louis vs. San Francisco. (3) (2) Summer Olympics.

(12) (5) Westchester Classic. (3) (2) Summer Olympics. July 19 22 6:30 p.m. (3) (2) Summer Olympics. (3) (2) Summer Olympics.

Friday, July 23 7:00 p.m. (3) (2) Summer Olympics. 8:30 p.m. (3) (2) All Star Football Game. Saturday, July 24 11:00 a.m.

(3) (2) Summer Olympics. 1 :00 p.m. (3) Wide World of Sports. 1 :00 p.m. (2) NFL Hall of Fame Game.

(6) (4)-Baseball. (12) Sports Spectacular. (3) (2) Summer Olympics. (3) (2) Summer Olympics. I read that Kirk Douglas was going to star in a TV series.

Continued On Page 4.

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