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The Paducah Sun from Paducah, Kentucky • 28

The Paducah Suni
Paducah, Kentucky
Issue Date:
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PAGE 4 SUN-DEMOCRAT, PADUCAH, KENTUCKY TV SECTION Friday kid night Saturday Daytime January 15 6:30 P.M. WPSD-TV PADUCAH Channel 6 NBC (21) Once Upon A Classic. David begins school at "Salem House" and makes two good friends, Traddles and Steerforth. 6 Atop The Fencepost. Carter and any guest children loll about on the floor.

And then watch to see how long those three impeccable captains of industry could maintain their poise under the baleful blue-eyed stares of the Carters. Repeat the little dinner' gatherings about once a week on different nights. One of three things would happen the network executives could find their consciences, the executives could open their veins and be done with themselves, or little Amy, exposed to that much prime time television, could run off and join the Tangiers white "slave traffic. 7:00 P.M. 5 45 Weather 6:00 -D 6 30 Atop The Fence Post 7-00 Woody Woodpecker 7:30 Pink Panther 9 00 Speed Buggy 930 Monsters Squad 10:00 Space GhostFrankenstein Jr.

10:30 Big John, Little John 11:00 Land of the Lost 11 :30 Muggsy 12:00 College Basketball Vanderbiit at Florida 3:00 College Basketball Alabama at Mississippi 4 00 Tucson Golf Tournament 5:30 News 6:00 News Beat who tailed 13 people and wounded 33 others when he went on a rampage at the University of Texas in 1966. (21) Surgery Of Violence. The treatment of victims of the bombing in Northern Ireland at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. 8:30 P.M. (12) (5) Alice.

9:00 P.M. (12) (5) The Carol Burnett Show. Glen Campbell joins Carol and regular guests Harvey Kor-man, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and the Ernest Flatt Dancers. (21) Soundstage. "World Of John Hammond' Part I.

(3) (2) Most Wanted. 10:00 P.M. (21) Monty Python's Flying Circus. (6) (4) (12) (5) (3) (2) -News Weather and Sports. WtVF-TV NASHVILLE Channel 5 CBS (31 (2) Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman befriends A dros, sent to earth by a council of planets alarmed that humans may become a threat to more civilized planets. (12) (5) The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A distraught Lou is caught in a vise between rejecting a favor for an old Casanova Army buddy, who once saved him from the stockades, or granting his request and subjecting Mary Richards to a date with him. (6) (4) Emergency. Gage and DeSoto respond to a traffic accident call and are shocked to find that Dr.

Kelly Brackett is the victim. (21) Lowell Thomas Remembers. ionto Sunrise Semester Sylvester and Tweety Clue Club Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Tarzan Shazam 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10 30 Ark 11 11:00 FatAlbert 10:30 P.M. (Continued From Page 1) To the men responsible for" scheduling the shows, this programming "success" didn't go unnoticed. The floodgates were opened, and the race was on to see which network could be first to make Hugh Hefner blush.

ABC followed it with another special show in the same vein "Revenge for a Rape" which featured all those same elements which brought the earlier ratings depravity, degradation, duress and sadistic violence. Again, according to the ratings, the audience took to it with all the gusto of a 12-year-old in an adult book store with carte blanche to tear open the plastic Even the slow-learners at NBC caught on and soon had an episode of "Serpico" with a story featuring a middle-aged rogue "and a beautiful young hooker who worked out oh him with whips and chains. "Serpico" scored its highest rating ever. The point in mentioning this is not to revel over what's happening on Friday nights. The kids seem to find the stuff without any encouragement from this or any other quarter.

But to show the futility of campaigns to boycott advertisers, and to scoff at the reformers who believe Saturday morning is the only time the kids are at the tube. The network programmers profess to be serving the public, giving the viewers what they want, and they have the rating charts to show that porn will outdraw a straight show anytime anywhere. It's also true that no one ever went broke pandering to man's basest instincts. Ask Caligula or Nero. They knew.

So what is a solution to slowdown these money-grubbing How's this: Some time in late January, after they've had a chance to unpack, have Jimmy and Rosalind Carter Invite the three network presidents to the White House for an early dinner. And after dinner, have everyone sit down to watch television while 10-year-old Amy 7:30 P.M. (6) (4) Saturday Night. (3) Sammy and Company. (2) Championship Wrestling.

(12) (5) Gunsmoke. 11:30 Way Out Games 12:00, 1st Sat. Town Council 1:00 Fun City 1 30 Spotlight on Schools 2:00 News Conference 2:30 Lone Ranger. 3:30 Perry Mason Theatre 5:30 News 6:00 Hee Haw KFVS-TV C. GIRARDEAU CIiommM2CBS 6.00 Sunrise Semester 4:30 News 7:00 Sylvester and Tweety 7:30 Clue Club 8:00 Bugs Bunhy, Road Runner 9:00 Tarzan Lordof the Jungle 9:30 Shazam 10:30 Ark II 11:00 Way Out Games 12:00 CBS Children's Film .1:00 Wagon Train 2:00 Public Affairs 3:00 NBA Action 3:30 CBS Sports Spectacular 5:00 Local News 5:30 CBS News 11:30 P.M.

21 International Animation Film Festival. (12) (5) The Bob Newhart Show. Bob's invitation to lecture at a prestigious sex seminar results in a distressing situation for him when the audience shows up nude. (2) Movie 2. "Liberation of LB.Jones" 12 Nashville On The Road.

(5) Ironside. 12:00 Midnight 8:00 P.M. host show (Continued From Page 3) trouble in his Florida retirement than he ever faced while working in New York. Gleason. signed a long-term contract with ABC a year ago and it has taken this long to find something for him to do.

Previously, he had been with CBS for 15 years. He said he isn't interested in another variety show. "Television is too much of a grind now and, on variety shows, everyone has the same acts," he said in the way of explaining why he's going into a comedy-drama. His prime stipulation for any prolonged TV project he does is that it must originate from his adopted state of Florida. Since he moved his base of operations there in 1964, primarily to be closer to year-around golf, Gleason has reigned like an emporer with his flamboyant style and his penchant for pleasurable excesses.

Even his move to Florida was somewhat of a national event. He made his way there by chartered train with stops and celebrations all along the way, accompanied by an orchestra, chorus girls and his own press platoon. "I still get headaches thinking about that party," he said, recalling his transcontinental drunk and hangover. (6) (4) Dragnet. (12) Buck Owens Ranch House.

(12) (5)-GoodNews. 1:00 A.M. (2)-PTLClub. (12) With This Ring. (5) Suspense Theatre.

(3) (2) Starsky and Hutch. The daughter of the owner of a professional football team is kidnapped and held for ransom and Starsky'and Hutch's only hope of finding her before the deadline is through a questionable psychic. (12) (5) All In The Family. Liz Torres is featured. (6) (4) Saturday Night At The Movies.

"The Deadly Tower" Kurt Russell stars, based on fact, about Charles Whitman a college student-turned sniper 1:15 A.M. WSM-TV NASHVILLE Chonnel 4 NBC 6:25 Agriculture USA 6:55 Farm Digest 7:00 Woody Woodpecker 7:30 Pink Panther 9:00 Speed Buggy 9:30 Monsters Squad 10:00 Space Ghost 10:30 Big John, Little John 11:00 Landof the Lost 11:30 Muggsy 12:00 SEC Basketball Vandy at Florida 2:00 SEC Basketball Alabama at Mississippi State 4:00 Nashville on the Road 4: 30 Pop Goes The Country 5:00 Porter Wagoner Show 5:30 GoodOld Nashville Music 6:00 News (12) News. 3:00 A.M. (2) News. Weekday Daytime WNGE-TV NASHVILLE Channel 2 ABC 6:30 Child's Gospel Hour 7:00 Tom and Jerry 8:00 Jabber Jaw 8:30 Scooby Doo 9:30 Krofts Supershow 10:30 Soul Train 11:30 American Bandstand 12:30 Colgate Triple Crown Golf 2:30 Pro Bowlers 4 00 Wide World of Sports 6:00 Music Hall America Sunday Daytime WNGE-TV NASHVILLE Chonnel 2 ABC 6:00 Good Morning America 7 00 Bozo Show 8 00 Popeye 8:30 Green Acres 9 00 Andy Griffith 9:30 Morning Watch 10:30 Happy Days 1100 Don Ho Show 11:30 Ryan'sHope 12:00 All My Children 12:30 Family Feud 1:00 $20,000 Pyramid 1:30 One Lite To Live 2: 15 General Hospital 3:00 Edge of Night 3:30 Brady Bunch 4:00 Big valley 5:00 ABC News 5:30 Adam-1 2 6:06" News WTVF-TV NASHVILLE Chonnel 5 CBS WPSD-TV PADUCAH Channel 6 NBC WTVF-TV NASHVILLE Channel 5 CBS WPSD-TV WSILTV PADUCAH WSIL-TV Channel 6 NBC HARRISBURG 6 25 Arthur Smith Show Chonnel 3 ABC 645 PastorSpeaks 7:00 Good Morning America 7:00 Today Show 9:00 700Club 9:00 Sanford and Son 10:30 Happy Days 9:30 Romper Room 11:00 The Don Ho Show 9 55 Calendar 11 30 Ryan'sHope 10:00 Wheel of Fortune 12: All My Children 10:30 Shoot For the Stars Wed -Alter School Special 11:00 Name That Tone 12:30 Family Feud 11:30 Lovers and Friends 100 $20,000 Pyramid 12:00 News Beat 6 1:30 One Lite To Live 12:30 DaysotOur.Lives General Hospital 1:30 The Doctors 3 00 Edge of Night J' 2:00 AnotherWorld 3:30 Lassie Gong Show 4.00 Movie 3:30 Gilligan's Island Fri.

U.S. Farm Report 4:00 Brady Bunch i.yo Fri. Blue Ridge Quartet Fri. Ironside 5 00 Fri. Soul Tram 4:30 Ironside 5 30 Cactus Pete Fri.

Gilligan's Island 6:15 News 5:00 Fri. Montage 5:30 NBC News 6:00 PSD News KFVS-TV WSM-TV WSM-TV NASHVILLE Channel 4 NBC WSIL-TV HARRISBURG Channel 3 ABC 6:00 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 Montage Gospel Singing Jubilee Paducah Devotional Hamilton Brothers Child's Gospel Hour Changed Lives Accent Meet the Press 10:00 10:30 Summer Semester Your Church Carl Tipton Show Jimmy Swaggart James Robinson Good News Oral Roberts Tony and Susan Alamo Bourbon St. Chaplain NBC Basketball The Phoenix Open The Lake Kelly Show U.T. Basketball TBA CBS News Local News 11:30 College Basketball 6:50 Farrti Digest 7:00 Dennis The Menace 7:30 Jeff'sCollie 8:00 Nashville Gospel Hour 8:30 Day of Discovery 9:00 Dimensions In Faith 9:30 It Is Written 10:00 Community Worship 10:30 Unlimited Resources 11:00 MeetthePress 1 1 30 NCAA Basketball N. Carolina St.

at Maryland 1:30 Super Bowl Pre Game 2:30 Super Bowl Football 5:30 Post Super Bowl N. Carolina at Maryland 11:00 1:00 Super Bowl Pre game 1:30 2:30 5:30 Tom and Jerry Jabber Jaw Scooby Doo Krofts Supersnow Superfriends Jr. Almost Anything Goes American Bandstand U.S Farm Reports Pro Bowlers Champions Wide World ol Sports ABC News Lawrence Welk buper bowi t-ooroan Post Super Bowl 7:00 7:30 0:00 9:30 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 3:00 5:30 6:00 2:30 3:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 GIRARDEAU Channel 12 CBS 5:30 5:45 6:15 6:25 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:25 Country Journal Carl Tipton News Morning On 5 CBS News Captain Kangaroo Price Is Right Double Dare Love of Life Young Restless Search Tomorrow Singing Convention Noon News KFVS-TV GIRARDEAU Channel 12 CBS WNGE-TV NASHVILLE Channel 2 ABC 4:30 Bible Baptist Church 7:00 House of Worship 7:30 Amazing Grace 6:00 Little Rascals 8:30 Three Stooges 9:30 Rex Humbard 10:30 Woodmont Baptist 1 1 30 Capitol News Conference 12:30 Champion Fishing 1 :00 Wild World of Sports 2:30 Lawrence Welk Show 3:30 Movie. Wild Kingdom NASHVILLE Channel 4 NBC 5:45 Long Range Radar 5:53 Devotion 5:55 Job Market 6:00 Ralph Emery Show 7:00 Today Show 9:00 Dinah 10 00 Wheel of Fortune 10:30 Stumpers 11:00 50 Grand Slam 11:30 NOOH Show 12:30 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 3:00 Somerset Toes. Undersea Adventure 3:30 Sanford Son 4:00 Bewitched Tues.

Special Treat 4:30 EmergencvOne WKMU-TV MURRAY Chonnel 21 ETV WSIL-TV HARRISBURG Channel 3 ABC 2:30 World Turns 1:30 Guiding Light too 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:05 12:30 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 Sunrise Semester Breakfast Show News Captain Kangaroo Price Is Right Double Dare Love of Life Young Restless Search Tomorrow Farm Picture News, Weather As world Turns Guiding Light All in the Family Match Game Tattletales Beverly Hillbillies Bewitched Andy' Griffith Show To Tell The Truth Local News CBS News 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 4:55 5: 25 5:30 6:00 All in the Famity Match Game Movie Gomer Pyle Weather CBS News Area News 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 0:30 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 1:00 2:30 5:00 5:30 Christopher Closeup Morning News Human Dimensions Herald of Truth Hudson Brothers Far Out Space Nuts Paducah 1st Baptist Camera Three Face the Nation NBA Basketball Los Angeles at Detroit The Phoenix Open Wagon Train Festival of Lively Arts CBS News 10:00 10:30 11 00 II 30 12:00 Villa Alegre Mister Rogers Sesame Street Once Upon Classic Zoom Infinity Factory" Rebop Carrasolendas Guppies to Groupers PBS Movie Cinema Showcase Black Perspective Comment on Kentucky Skating Spectacular Hometown As. Night Rebop 7:00 7:30 9:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 Tues. Family Affair 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Local News Blue Ridge Quartet Day of Discovery James Robison Oral Roberts Gospel Hour Odd Ball Couple Animals. Animals Issues and Answers Don Young Presents Adventure of Gilligan Directions Sunday Double Feature Anchors Away! Easter Parade Wild Kingdom WKMU-TV MURRAY Chonnel 21 ETV WKMU-TV MURRAY Channel 21 ETV 2:40 3 00 3:30. 4:00 5 00 6 00 NOTICE: All schedules in this television section ore subject to last-minute revisions by the television station.

We apologize for any Inaccuracies this may cause, i r-i Performance at Wotf Trap Great Performances A Christmas Celebration Of Christmas Past Crockett's victory Garden Book Beat too 2:00 3:30 4:00 5.00 5:30 Sesame Street Mr. Rogers Electric Company Zoom To Be Announced 4:00 4:30 5:00.

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