The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY MARCH T, 1955 BLYTHEVILLg-( ARK -) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKEB Few Stock Market Prices Out of Line, Expert Testifies Hy JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (AP) — James E. Day, of Chicago, president of the Midwest Slock Exchange, said today that Ihe prices of very few stocks appear to be out of line despite an 18-month rise in market averages. He and Ronald E. Knehler, president of the San Francisco Stock Exchange, were called to tell the Senate Banking Committee about Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:34 g.oUUon.ll Mar 3355 3305 3326 3326 May 3386 3388 3355 3352 July 3410 3413 3379 3382 Oct 3425 3432 3405 3405 Dec 3435 3441 3415 3415 New Orleans Cotton Mai- May 3344 3356 3340 3340 3383 3384 3353 3353 July 3411 3411 3374 3371 Oct 3427 3431 3405 3405 Dec 3439 3441 3415 3415 Chicago Corn Mar .... Hl'-lii 151% 139;/i May .... IWa 145"/, 142'A 139'/2 142'/, Chicago Soybeans Mar .... 267^ 269 265'/t 265% May 26H1 262 258 258 July .... 256 : 'i 258 253 : >i 253% Sept .... 249 249Vi 245 245 Chicago Wheat Mar 217 217 213% 212'i May .... 213!i 213?,, 209 209 ; !« New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Lit Harvester Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Stud-Pak Standard of N J Texas Corp Scitrs U S Steel the two larcefit ejcchangos outside New York City where stocks are bought and .sold. Tlie committee started public hearings last week in what Chairman Pulbrlght (D-Ark) described as "a friendly study" to determine what's behind the boom in stock prices and what it may bring. Day cautioned in his prepared testimony against sweeping gen- eralisations about the market being up or down on the basis of various stock averages. "Erroneous Im&ression" "The market is made up of hundreds of issues that daily have opposite trends," he said. "An erroneous impression is created when we speaking about the stock market as a single unit. "The only sound way to evaluate prices of securities is to analyze them on the basis of book value, earnings per share and yeilcl. On this basis, it would appear that very few stocks are out of line" Day said there are "a hundred and one reasons" why people buy and sell stocks or anything else, and price levels are affected by the attitude of the public as well as values. "There is every reason to believe that the business outlook is a healthy and vigorous one and that the attitude of the general public is one of confidence," he said. .186 1-8 . 6 1-4 53 3-8 130 7-8 70 5-8 121 51 3-4 97 1-2 i 71) 1-4 36 3-4 39 3-4 86 1-4 44 3-8 56 13 3-8 115 3-4 35 84 79 3-4 Swollen Ohio River to Go Still Higher CINCINNATI. Ohio (/I'l — The swelling Ohio River — which has routed hundreds of families from homes along it* banks — will go higher than had Been anticipated as water from heavy rains yesterday rolls in from tributaries. There were no reports of heavy damage as the river continued to rise toward doorseps in low-lying areas from Pomeroy, Ohio, to Louisville, Ky. The Ohio highway patrol reported the river falling above Marietta, Ohio. Some 2.400 people in 603 families were evacuated by last night, the patrol said. At Catlettsburg, Ky., at the junction of the Big Sandy and Ohio rivers. 800 of the town's 4,700 people probably will be forced to leave their homes by the time the river crests there tomorrow, authorities estimated. Some people from every southern Ohio county bordering the river have left their homes. More than 35 roads were closed at various points near the river. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. W—i USDA)—Hogs 14.500: moderately active; weights 180 Ib up steady to 25 lower than Friday's average: lighter weights and sows j unchanged: bulk choice 180-220 Ib I 15.50-16.00; choice No. 1 and 21 16.25; 220-240 Ib 15.25-75; 240-2701 Ib 14.75-15.25. few to J5.50; 280-320 Ib 14.25-75: 150-170 Ib 14.50-15.25: sows 450 Ib down 13.75-14.25; heavier sows mostly 12.50-13.25; boars 9.00-12.00. Cattle 7,000. calves 800: trading slow on steers and heifers: some j initial deals steady on commercial and good 17.00-21.00; cows fully steady; utility and commercial 11.00-13.50: dinners and cutters 9.00-11.00; bulls steady; utility and commercial 13.00-14.50; canner and cutter bulls 9.50-12.50; vcalers and calves steady and fairly active; good and choice venlers 18.0025.00: individual head prime to 27.00; commercial and pood venl- crs and calves 14.00-18.00; cull to utility vealers and calves 8.0012.00. WAC Recruiter Here March 17 SRt. Dclcna C. Oliver, a member of I he AC recruiting t^am in Ihis iin'a, will be In Dlytheville's City Hall on March 17. Announcement, of SeiRennt Oliver's visit here was made by Sgt. Murl D. Rina of the Blythcvillc Army Recruiting Station. Sergeant Oliver will interview women between the hours of 8 and 1^ o'clock noon. PACKAGED ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM Guaranteed Quality We manufacture our own High Quality Ice Cream KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN Jelke's New Vice Trial Starts Today NEW YORK W — Minot F. (Mickey.) Jelke's new trial on compulsory prostitution charges starts today and this time there may be women on the jury, "Nobody knows a woman like a woman." Jelke's lawyer commented yesterday in saying he would welcome "courageous" woman jurors. The. prosecution's case in the past rested heavily on testimony of call girls connected with Jelke's alleged SlOQ-a-night vice operations. Another change for the oleomargarine heir this time will be the presence of the press and public, throughout the trial. The first time. Juriwe Francis L. Valente barred observers "in the interest of public decency and morals." •The ban eventually resulted in Jelke's conviction being upset by the .state's highest court. It ruled Hint he was denied a fair trial because the courtroom was closed during the prosecution phase of the trial.. The defense asked Valente to disqualify himself from presiding at the second trial on the ground that he would be prejudiced by the overruling of the first trial. Valente refused to do so. Jelke and J his attorneys then said they were! sure the judge would conduct a I fair trial. Wreckage Of Air Force Plane Found TAIPEI, Formosa (/Pj — A U.S. Air Force transport carrying H persons crashed yesterday in the cloud-hidden mountains of southeast Formosa. Search planes spotted the wreckage today and reported no,sign of survivors. Rescue parties were on the way to the scene. The CM was on a flight from Okinawa with five crewmen, nine passengers aboard. It crashed about 20 miles northwest of Taitung. Off course 38 miles, ft hit a 10,000-ioot mountain at about the 9,000-ioot elevation. The plane was from the 6,000th Operation Squadron, Tokyo. It was last heard from yesterday in the vicinity of Hengchun, on Formosa's southern tip. it notified the ail- traffic control center there it would pass over in about a half hour. The center ordered the plane to stay at 8,500 feet. The plane then asked for and received an altimeter setting. No more was heard from it. Nearly one-third of the steel In the United States is produced by Pennsylvania. Decrease Shown In Number of U. S. Civilian Workers WASHINGTON W)—Civilian em- ployes of federal executive agencies totaled 2,353,573 in January, a decrease of 14,499 from the previous month. A Senate - House expenditures committee, headed by Sen. Byrd (D-Va), said the decrease was accounted for largely by the dropping of temporary employes of the Census Bureau. The report said employment In civilian agencies was 1,110,191, off 17 975 from December, while civilian employment in military agencies In January totaled 1,183,382, an increase of 3,476 from the previous month. Local Pastors AtA-StateREW The Rev. Harold O. Eggensperger, pastor of First Methodist Church, and the Eev. James W. Rainwater, pastor of First Christian Church, will assist students of Arkansas State College in their Religious Emphasis Week, which began today and ends Friday. The Rev. Mr. Rainwater started the week off this morning with an address in an assembly in Wilson Auditorium. Dyess Student Will Teach Harry Hall, Dyess student at Henderson State Teachers College, will leave from the campus Monday lor nine weeks of off-campus practice teaching at West Side Junior High school at Little Rock. Hall is •among 65 students who will make the trip. He will teach in the field of social studies. Payroll Cut Claimed by Administration WASHINGTON W — The Eisenhower administration claimed today to have reduced the federal payroll by 282.893 persons In Its first two years. The Civil Service Commission said in a statement that employment, dropped from 2,049,441 persons Jan. 31, 1953, to 2,355,548 last Jan. 31. Within the same two years, it said, employment in the Washington area dropped by 20,481. The federal payroll, built up dur- R the Korean War, started to decline in the summer of 1952.. A drop which started during the last half-year of the Truman administration has continued, with a few temporary interruptions, in each month since then. Between December and January, the commission said, the net No Effort Made For House Vote On Sales Tax Bill LITTLE ROCK (IP) — No effort was made at today's forenoon session of the House to bring up the controversial administration bill to Increase the sales tax from two per cent to three per cent for 13 month*. The bill, which caused a five- day parliamentary battle in the House last week, may be called up at any time. A rule change designed to assure this was adopted last week nnd moreover, Speaker Charles F. Smith has reiterated a stand taken early in the session that he will give precedence to administration measures. change was a decrease of 319,002— of which 304,227 was attributed to the dropping of temporary Post Office workers hired at Christmas time. Boy Proves Double Hazard WOODBUKN, I1L WH)—Mrs. William Barth drove to town for some medicine because she thought her son, Glade, 9, showed symptoms of measles. Glade, playing cowboy, climbed into a trunk. The lid clamped down and locked. His mother searched for an hour before noticing his cowboy coat near the trunk. Glade was unconscious and barely breathing. After he was revived by neighbors and a physician, he was put to bed with the measles. PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Fruit & Produce • Fresh Dressed Poultry ft The Finest in Beef, Veal, Lamb fc Pork Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In We Deliver Come In 1044 Chick SALE NOW GOING ON! Now is the time to buy-Every price cut! Automatic HOMART Water Heaters BOTH GAS AND ELECTRIC MODELS AVAILABLE ON SEARS EASY TERMS ONLY $500 DOWN ON ANY MODEL Sears introduced glass-lined wntcr hen ton over 15 yenrs ago . . . and •we're constantly improving our models. Whethor you're looking for s convenient' cabinet model, « thrifty upright electric, or a water heater for any type of gas, you'll find it «t Sean. Exclusive Glass-Lined Tanks Thick Glass Wool Insulation Adjustable Thermostat Controls- Over i ,250,000 Homarts Sold No Surfaces to Rust Sears Catalog Sale%Affice 217 W. Main St. — Blytheville, Arkansas - Phone 3-8131 CLEANER! FASTER! MORE ECONOMICAL! 1 Day Service on laundry picked up! 2 Hour Service on laundry brought in! (Includes wash shirts and pants finished when requested.) Also 1 day Dry Cleaning Service 210 S. 2nd LAUNDRY-CLEANERS ![-«« AWAY OF LIFE Because AA'is essentially a way of life, few of us have ever been able to describe with complete accuracy just how the various elements in the recovery program contribute to our present sobriety. We do not all interpret or live the AA program in exactly the same way. We can all testify, however, that AA works for us when many other ventures into sobriety have failed. .Many members Who have been sober for years say that (hey simply accepted the program "on faith" and do not yet fully understand how AA works for them. Meantime, they keep trying to pass their faith along (o others who still understand all too well the disasterous way in which alcohol works against the alcoholic. The AA program of recovery from alcoholism, we believe, will work for almost anyone who has a sincere desire to stop drinking. It will not usually work for those who feel that they are being prodded in the direction of AA by relatives, friends, doctors and others. no matter how well-intended the prodding may be. The alcoholic himself has to face up to his own problem honestly. We have seen some alcoholics stumble for a while before "getting" Ihe program. We have seen others who made only token efforts to follow the tested principles through which so many thousands of us maintain our sobriety; token efforts are generally not enough. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blytheville, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nights at 8 p. m. Open Meetings Friday Nights at S p. m. CLUB ROOM at 410 E. MAIN BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. —SPECIAL— Pure Black Pepper .1 oz. can 29c U. S. No. 1 Potatoes 100 Ib. $3.50 U. S. No. 1 Potatoes 10 Ib. bag 39c Turnip or Collard Greens bch lOc Cauliflower h«»d tOc Lettuce, large heads «ach 15c Eggs Large, Fresh 3doz.1.39 Apples. Rood quality hu. $2.25 Sweet Potatoes bu. $2.00 Sweet Potatoes 5 II). bag 29c Onions 5 "'• 1>a K 25c Green Onions bunch 5c All Kinds of Bulk Garden Seeds A Plants! Onion Plants — Hunch — lOc Open (ill H) p. m. livery Night HERE'S EXTRA RELIEF « iLDs ^ ^^^ MISERIES ^^^ 666 ATTACKS Alt COLO syMPTOMf) AT ONE TIME . . . IM IKS TUMI No ordinary pain-reliever Cjin mnku tKa claim ... but 606 am. Tho 666 formula contains o combination of prescription-type ingredient*! not found in any oilier cold medicine. ?or that "extra" relief, try G(J6 liquid or tablets. Rnmcmlwr . . . C66 doe. more Uxaujsjil/ius more., W, WHS MOH HUUM H Mi MOM 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS "Yl U rV\V7 THEATRE •MI On W. Main Si. 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