The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 12, 1966 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1966
Page 19
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v.; -r- BATMAN' STAR 0 : - -Soturdoy, February 12, 1966 The Ottowo JournoL Overnight Smash After 12 Years By BOB THOMAS 1L. HOIXYWOOD (AP-Mn rid ing a tiger Adam West. A He's Batman. Holy Residu- Is! You know what that i means: He's going to be rich. He also may be branded for life with a bat emblem on his chest. Is he worried? Not our , hero. "I was worried at first," ad- . mitted TV's foe of wrongdoers. "I was afraid that my own iden tity might be submerged in the trappings of a freak in tiehts. : But then I realised I should be ' able to make the crate work to " ny advantage. . "Before, I was limited to playing leads in low-budget movies. The series has given me the ex posure God knows so that perhaps I would now be' consid-- ared ' for important pictures, which is what I'm after. 7 -unless the thinging of the major producer! has become senile, they can p receive that I'm not Batman." Indeed he is not. Batman is . the square's square; Adam West is hip. Batn an lives in a manor ; . that looks like a left over from a George Arliss movie; Adam ;JWea has - a - pad at Malibu Beach. Batman spends most ol his time in the company of his ward Robin. When Hot working, ; Adam West is often accompanied by a local chick. "VETERAN SMASH : West terms himself an over night smash after 12 years." He ' started asatelevision an nouncer in ' Sacramento" after - leaving Stanford University, had been a writer, milkman, cow- Library Book Circulation Drops Year-end circulation statistics releasedlry-tJietmawa Public Library Board, show that book circulation dropped 27.-711 m 1965 from 1.575,053 the -previous year. u Circulation . of periodicals and magazine was down 619 to 19.594 and membership applications 1.141 from 37.517 in 1964. i Entertainment DIRECTORY MOVIE TIME SOffDULE Win ae Spies Are"i -KfcnberWr Mm". Sox office km at 1 p.m. Moo In oris", I.BJ r.u t jb boy and actor. His most notable achievement heretofore was playing a secondary banana to Robert Taylor in The Detectives series. . utter conviction," he reasons. "That helmet," West remarked. "The worst thing for an actor is to hear his own voice. The helmet echoes all my out And the suit. It's hot: as Following' breakup of his mar-1 words, and I try to tune them nage ne has two young childrenbe went to Italy in an attempt to break out.of the B-plctura rut. - i . He was making progress as an American actor abroad when Batman signalled his return. West approacber the role with the same cogitation of Laurence Olivier planning Othello. Wen almost. . "Batman must be played with hell under the.Jfchts and picks tip all the cold at night. "But I'm content with my k. I may have talked myself into a gigantic rationale, hut as of now, 1 think Batman is goad for LOOKING FOR REAL SECURITY? , Then you hsvr a date at 11.00 this Sunday morning at SL Paul's Eastern United Church. Daly and Cumberland (2 blocks south of Rideau St.) SUNDAY Theatre Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE M) Solas Arm"i "Craaki r cwstoT". Box office opens 7 Dm. - Costal . Moat ki Poror. from i.ja. . Cootro " "... ' "A Boy TenFott ToH"'t.N 4. 091 "Country Music on Bi isa i sj ..- tost show S-SS. "to Vlorgo o Nuromaonr. 11 a JJJ . 4,41 . f joi; "Hvonoie". IV - S.1 - SU. .- j, en his vt "Le etoboNaiM Or. MV4J1. 10 St) "Lot renler Verf. 1.44 i-V . SM. La completee Kiow of SJS. "Tnunoorboll", 1.41 -4.JS - .J SJB - - - - - V - "Seance on Wot Afternoon? t LMM ' "Torion Escapes-. 3.05 . J.15; "lioll Butlers". 1.M - SJS - . "Bullett v o Boa- Mon-, - SJS- 1S.SS. Loot skew HIS. unto iioja The MognHKent Cuckold", IM J B 7.JJ JS. A JO-ANN BOBBY McCOT VOCALIST EXOTIC DANCER -i PETER MANN Kbit of Book "o Boa ana ConwSy DON BROWN AND HIS ORCHESTRA Reservations 6634732 Joke no mmrn imp-is nipnioy e i n 1.30 - "Tt Sou of Muttc", evenings M tun.: matrnm woonoMoy, so Sunooy one MolMoyoo 1 P-m. Hotlon Program from 1 -30. IN PERSON Bob Dylan - s THE AUDITORIUM - SATURDAY, FEB. 19, 130 PJL ! Tickets: 4.00 3.50 -3.0O-2.5O-2.00 TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOTH TREBLE CLEF STORES 177 Sparks Street and W Rideau Street "Country Startle on Sroodway"! Boy Ton Foot Toll". Box oMco op ot I p.m. "The Spy Who Como In From 0v Cotd". Complete show 1.45 . 4 00 . 4-30. 1 Johnny Dorfj 3. OS . SJSt Thun- k CorathMr. SJ SJSi The Young Kacort". SJS - M.1S Loot ihow "Where the SpMo Are", MS - X -SJS; 'Crooks In Ckuttors", 4.W BIS. Loot Ihow S.OS. "The Hollutoh Troir. II S , 433 S.I7. Loot ihow 04. J 34 - Countrv Music on Brooowoy", 11. IS . . 0.4S; -A Boy Ton Foot I - Toir. 1 J - 440 - t os. toot en S05. -"LO Wgo oo Mmomboig-. 441 . JO;- -Hyproie". SJS. Lost show at To Olaoonquo Or. HSSi "Los lootopoi BJS. 'Lo comptno Ihow ot SJB. rwndorboll- 1.45 - 4JS - ?ai --ej. S.St. "Tanon Eocopoi", S.SS - 7.IS; "Joll Butlora", IK - tit - t.OSt "BvlloH lor a Boa Man". 11 SJS - 10 05. Lait onow 7.U- J umo ligio TM Mognlfteont Cuckold". 1JS us . in ;js sjs. "Ipcroot File", I.OS 4.15 TJSi "A Very Spoclol Favor". MS - StS - t.4L it Last show 7JS. tU towns or Music-. toninas ot B ajn. Motlnooi Woanooaoy, SJulwoy, Svnray ens Hoaaovs at t m. - . -Cowitry Minlc on Brbodwoy"! "A Boy Ton Foot Toll". Box oMco open ot 7 un. ? "The toy Who Come kt From ht - Colo-. WJ IM . S.W - MS -1 n . - moMe. - , eokJon Arrow", J OS - S4$ "The " ' CooHHon". S. . 0i "Volwy or . l Drogono". IM NiU. Lot show S.4S. t . mm ' "whore Ike Sotot Are", MB S IS H.00j -Crooks kt CMiten", IMS 4JS SJB. Lost show SIS "The Halkhlloh TrotT, I J 45 S.33 . .I7. Lost show 04. fioar thew CMATt AU LAUOma-Oarcmg rSghf ly. Emortntnmont S am) IS p m. kt ' the Canooion orttl one from s gm. the Cock on Uon Lrwiao. OfR MBIWI MyMe SM Soto cOr, KntorhjIniiMvo. BATINIAU CLUS -Uonclnt om) So HOTWL OUVS MAY - poncing orm 9jfrlt4tOivllTMnt fttkjrtfiy sn KfcorVNeM Lounge one Executive iFonlhouos, SNTBRPBOVIHCUL HOTBL - Mnktj LA psrrmi sounrs-Opom ot t pm. vrtlh 4 showo nightly. jBo Oo irll FrkJuys one SotwhSoyiT" "' V OTTAWA ItOUta MlMk In Mw OrS) 'IVIBStOa HOTBL Doncmg OM ST. LOUIS HOTBL Ckancln. -STANDISHALL fOWotnonl' iifptitiVo TALISMAN tnloito4mont iwoMty. AFTBK OH DAD, POO OAO" AMOTHIK CANADIAN FRBMIiai OF AH OFF BROADWAY HIT FOR LI HIBOU II wtsw'l-ej J ill ICMBnil u. IIIUUU J S21 SUSSEX - 233m FoHS-Dsg ftlSSot SSM19 AFTBR HOURS LIVB JAZZ i Weekend DinneX ' with a Delightful Difference rat Sroot TVots wtwl you'll kow fotfUfv CMflMt 4-n nfcrr Its bwl In ttw WHmLUnm . Or you wont ss Hoy koct soko-ow) CMnoos toos In your homo, kjat skane T3S-77SS - to orear. t-- . " , " - Tmk Out Strvict Brnnfurl FmcUUiet 225 Albert St. at Bank, . 233-7705 LE UIDOII A-GO-GO Every Sundcry Afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. Fsxrruring Sunday Feb. 13th "THE CHILDREN" COMINO) ATTRACTIONS " "The Townsmen", Feb. 20th The Scoundrels" LE IIIBOU 521 Sussex Drive 233-0712 INTER PROVINCIAL H0TEL proudly presents oil next week v -LES GUERRIERES (formerly The Beetlettes) - FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! I"" " ' . " -. V mjmmm,mm . ... ,i i.i .mmmt NO COVXK NO MINIMUM Far stoerrsrton, cui 777-9234- VMM, EwSZeeJ) CalTITCoI ciJeCiLiir.1 fir lltnJIUIswLU njwsuB-catQ&ia- SAT. AND MON. FEATURE: 12.30-2.40-5-7.15-90 SUM. C0MP. SHOW: 1.45 - 4.00 6.20 - 8 JO SAT. DOORS OPEN 12.15 SUN. DOOU OPEN 1.00 USTEN t CRA - YOU MAY WIN AN ALL WEATHER COAT STYLED IY COtttn. ROM SQUIRE SHOP, 191A SPARKS ST. A NEW KINO OF SCREEN EXCITEMENT! jUMNima'ij - irk " . i 1 i Hi? - . .if SHOWS 7.00 - 00 rAT. 5.00-7.00 00 ' " SUN. C0NT. FROM 1.10 ONAVYET AFTERNOON SECOND WEEK I StoSe n2 TODAY! Kr -AFTtK U s .v. J JS I ' A"" and ; ill Ai ' moWlvyBBsBi I. ' iT III AW WiwfsasiwaaT i " ttlA?i iTBsUaboBTt mmimrA-Mmus-m eyerett-JohS uccrvot I SUNDAY IJ-V-I.H-7.1l-. 1 ENDS TODAY AdWsn,SpetacMiOf .Tranltaosu Tmes ex mm. Thai " VALLEY OF, THI DRAGONS' In COLOR est.. s Hinrn. Pooesta f" A -"f 5TARTS SUNDAY SPEDARAMA BURT LANCASTER LEE RZKCK JBIHUnOM PAKEsJlTsFFITI mt wecr rannia. jam tvms TIIEILAIIEIUXTII TRAIL TtOBWtriTn.' CONTIIIUOUS PERFORMANCESf POPUUI PRXFJl mam nam aisimriB sut nsAHMtmi Mown a sik iH-tin iMtKiiU mi 4J5 tJL SCZfiiT Dm Niii f "SLEPBS KiOTT JOHNNY PARK' iui oeaiis mt uimi iMnnoi i 3 SSI mm IUUUUUUU MTIOILU MUSflJM SUX04T, FIBRUART 13 8J0 "WUd Birds" Mrodod br Alt Slobprg ''EnglttA Corfiiwrtofy. The screen awakens to a big wide vonderful world f enchantment?' ( fiini lrfhiwa j SATURDAY 12.00 - 2.00 - AM SUNDAY 130 - 3.30 ., iflfcMi.M.!WiJiy.irJeyAi.TT.IdllJliT.VJl III .1.1 4-11 ,niiaa i pumuu- ' 1 ' -T IE IJI." HHOlSPt 6 OCEETER DAVIS WWAOSoT - illB.1 T I m v .iisiBPkri r.r T , V7 V ..4Sae TODAY ! I "A B0YENWFEEfOTALL' 1 Wmm0mmrTwilw'mmm w-7MBpBpriw-'' ' t ' ' m si- l li OTTAWA LITTLE THEATRE 400 King Edward Avenue Presents GASLIGHT bv Patrirlc Hamlltnn. sail Directed by Kevin Conlon Regular Performances t . , J February 10th to February 19th Hi At 8.30 p.m. EXTRA PERFORMANCE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20th AT 7.00 P.M. Ree"ryedrJte:lAjtollO Limited Number at Student. Rate of $1.00 Jpr Extra Performance Only Box Office Open Dally II aja, to SM 'pm. (Except Saturday and Sunday) PHONE 233-8948 to, rVVPWMUM CWEHA DE PARK 1 HUU ttsg- V ale- 185 IDE UYAL, BULL, 777-2403 "' A- S0OCTRS-, HXMMISSTtCTS SOBSOSgjoignjJBBJBOfpgjBV MATINIBS PTBC oaaaossssswawssaawo.t amp Botes ALL BVBNIMSS AT BJB M. MATINIBS rBO. SAT, BUN. HOLIDAYS AT I PJn. Monday is the last day; "WHIRLS OFF AS AN UNABASHED ROW IN UNDISCIPLINED: SEX ADVENTURES! GAY INSINUATING UUGHTERT ; , -AN AMUSING SEX COMEDY! CARDMAIE IS HACNinCDiTlY iQuimor .'.- Cloudia CARDINAL! Ugo QE TOCNAHi i the magnificent CUCKOLD DART INaUDIN SUNDAYS silJ0-S.30-SJ5 fi IN-UI HEATERS STARTS TUESDAY Now, from the author of "Room at the Top" an even more startling expose of life and love! JEU AlitiMnntfl t j.4' - r a v ; ' toazna-iiFkBitai - BOX OFFICE OPENS DAILY AT 12.30 P.M. TODAY AND .SUNDAY .iTJa.V in .. . I I M I I H ' liDill ITUii1, I III ilii'M I II I I si I i llTI ejTTf"F -.TifV.lp" BCAPtr Starts Monday! "RATTLE OF A SIMPLE MAN", -BOCCACCIO 70" Eudt TUmyl All Color! tack Hudson, Usfie Carea r A U I.PIus Special Favour" "The Ipcress MICHAEL CAINE MONDAY, -LORD JIM" - FsIbt OlooU -THAT nMKY FEELING - jfemdVe Dt Jason Love who takes vou where the spies aw c 1 1 LMMDMIlfN Rw,jct)isf oon fat: j nksl 6iwa SHpwiMr.f I lb -f'Mn & i IVatT4l-1 1 1 lafkr-T.M-rJI an . . cotoa SMonoinnvw an Kjmbarrty Jim COUMt DAILY INCLUDING SUNDAYS AT 1.45 4.25 - 7.05 - 930 NOW 2nd MONTH EKE?TKE::CEnE3CFAiU im.jirii.m-. i Tl VW1WstpJ suaiual y J lUUlBUUllotrl ivimnisraBM -1-iL. I EIIlrTOllsTOI. v j r r t lfr 3 ' J-', r : , r .1" :,. 4- TT It- - :ov.'k

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