The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 12, 1966 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1966
Page 19
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BATMAN' STAR , hero. Overnight Smash After 12 Years By BOB THOMAS 1L. HOIXYWOOD (AP-Mn rid ing a tiger Adam West. A He's Batman. Holy Residu- Is! You know what that i means: He's going to be rich. He also may be branded for life with a bat emblem on his chest. Is he worried? Not our "I was worried at first," ad- . mitted TV's foe of wrongdoers. "I was afraid that my own iden tity might be submerged in the trappings of a freak in tiehts. : But then I realised I should be ' able to make the crate work to " ny advantage. . "Before, I was limited to playing leads in low-budget movies. The series has given me the ex posure God knows so that perhaps I would now be' consid-- ared ' for important pictures, which is what I'm after. 7 -unless the thinging of the major producer! has become senile, they can p receive that I'm not Batman." Indeed he is not. Batman is . the square's square; Adam West is hip. Batn an lives in a manor ; . that looks like a left over from a George Arliss movie; Adam ;JWea has - a - pad at Malibu Beach. Batman spends most ol his time in the company of his ward Robin. When Hot working, ; Adam West is often accompanied by a local chick. "VETERAN SMASH : West terms himself an over night smash after 12 years." He ' started asatelevision an nouncer in ' Sacramento" after - leaving Stanford University, had been a writer, milkman, cow- Library Book Circulation Drops Year-end circulation statistics releasedlry-tJietmawa Public Library Board, show that book circulation dropped 27.-711 m 1965 from 1.575,053 the -previous year. u Circulation . of periodicals and magazine was down 619 to 19.594 and membership applications 1.141 from 37.517 in 1964. i Entertainment DIRECTORY MOVIE TIME SOffDULE Win ae Spies Are"i -KfcnberWr Mm". Sox office km at 1 p.m. Moo In oris", I.BJ r.u t jb Countrv Music on Brooowoy", 11. IS . . 0.4S; -A Boy Ton Foot I - Toir. 1 J - 440 - t os. toot en S05. -"LO Wgo oo Mmomboig-. 441 . JO;- -Hyproie". SJS. Lost show at To Olaoonquo Or. HSSi "Los lootopoi BJS. 'Lo comptno Ihow ot SJB. rwndorboll- 1.45 - 4JS - ?ai --ej. S.St. "Tanon Eocopoi", S.SS - 7.IS; "Joll Butlora", IK - tit - t.OSt "BvlloH lor a Boa Man". 11 SJS - 10 05. Lait onow 7.U- J umo ligio TM Mognlfteont Cuckold". 1JS us . in ;js sjs. "Ipcroot File", I.OS 4.15 TJSi "A Very Spoclol Favor". MS - StS - t.4L it Last show 7JS. tU towns or Music-. toninas ot B ajn. Motlnooi Woanooaoy, SJulwoy, Svnray ens Hoaaovs at t m. - . -Cowitry Minlc on Brbodwoy"! "A Boy Ton Foot Toll". Box oMco open ot 7 un. ? "The toy Who Come kt From ht - Colo-. WJ IM . S.W - MS -1 n . - moMe. - , eokJon Arrow", J OS - S4$ "The " ' CooHHon". S. . 0i "Volwy or . l Drogono". IM NiU. Lot show S.4S. t . mm ' "whore Ike Sotot Are", MB S IS H.00j -Crooks kt CMiten", IMS 4JS SJB. Lost show SIS "The Halkhlloh TrotT, I J 45 S.33 . .I7. Lost show 04. fioar thew CMATt AU LAUOma-Oarcmg rSghf ly. Emortntnmont S am) IS p m. kt ' the Canooion orttl one from s gm. the Cock on Uon Lrwiao. OfR MBIWI MyMe SM Soto cOr, KntorhjIniiMvo. BATINIAU CLUS -Uonclnt om) So HOTWL OUVS MAY - poncing orm 9jfrlt4tOivllTMnt fttkjrtfiy sn KfcorVNeM Lounge one Executive iFonlhouos, SNTBRPBOVIHCUL HOTBL - Mnktj LA psrrmi sounrs-Opom ot t pm. vrtlh 4 showo nightly. jBo Oo irll FrkJuys one SotwhSoyiT" "' V OTTAWA ItOUta MlMk In Mw OrS) 'IVIBStOa HOTBL Doncmg OM ST. LOUIS HOTBL Ckancln. -STANDISHALL fOWotnonl' iifptitiVo TALISMAN tnloito4mont iwoMty. SSI mm IUUUUUUU boy and actor. His most notable achievement heretofore was playing a secondary banana to Robert Taylor in The Detectives series. . SUNDAY Theatre Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE M) Solas Arm"i "Craaki r cwstoT". Box office opens 7 Dm. - Costal . Moat ki Poror. from i.ja. . Cootro " "... ' "A Boy TenFott ToH"'t.N 4. 091 "Country Music on Bi isa i sj ..- tost show S-SS. "to Vlorgo o Nuromaonr. 11 a JJJ . 4,41 . f joi; "Hvonoie". IV - S.1 - SU. .- j, en his vt "Le etoboNaiM Or. MV4J1. 10 St) "Lot renler Verf. 1.44 i-V . SM. La completee Kiow of SJS. "Tnunoorboll", 1.41 -4.JS - .J SJB - - - - - V - "Seance on Wot Afternoon? t LMM ' "Torion Escapes-. 3.05 . J.15; "lioll Butlers". 1.M - SJS - . "Bullett v o Boa- Mon-, - SJS- 1S.SS. Loot skew HIS. unto iioja The MognHKent Cuckold", IM J B 7.JJ JS. Hotlon Program from 1 -30. 1.30 - "Tt Sou of Muttc", evenings M tun.: matrnm woonoMoy, so Sunooy one MolMoyoo 1 P-m. "Country Startle on Sroodway"! Boy Ton Foot Toll". Box oMco op ot I p.m. "The Spy Who Como In From 0v Cotd". Complete show 1.45 . 4 00 . 4-30. 1 Johnny Dorfj 3. OS . SJSt Thun- k CorathMr. SJ SJSi The Young Kacort". SJS - M.1S Loot ihow "Where the SpMo Are", MS - X -SJS; 'Crooks In Ckuttors", 4.W BIS. Loot Ihow S.OS. "The Hollutoh Troir. II S , 433 S.I7. Loot ihow 04. J 34 - AFTBK OH DAD, POO OAO" AMOTHIK CANADIAN FRBMIiai OF AH OFF BROADWAY HIT FOR LI HIBOU ex II wtsw'l-ej J ill ICMBnil J u. IIIUUU S21 SUSSEX - 233m FoHS-Dsg ftlSSot SSM19 AFTBR HOURS LIVB JAZZ 1 ENDS TODAY AdWsn,SpetacMiOf " VALLEY OF, THI DRAGONS' .Tranltaosu Tmes mm. Thai In COLOR est.. s Hinrn. Pooesta f" A -"f 5TARTS SUNDAY SPEDARAMA JOHNNY PARK' iui oeaiis mt uimi iMnnoi i MTIOILU MUSflJM SUX04T, FIBRUART 13 8J0 "WUd Birds" Mrodod br Alt Slobprg ''EnglttA Corfiiwrtofy. 3 utter conviction," he reasons. "That helmet," West remarked. "The worst thing for an actor is to hear his own voice. The helmet echoes all my Following' breakup of his mar-1 words, and I try to tune them nage ne has two young childrenbe went to Italy in an attempt to break out.of the B-plctura rut. - i . He was making progress as an American actor abroad when Batman signalled his return. West approacber the role with the same cogitation of Laurence Olivier planning Othello. Wen almost. . "Batman must be played with out And the suit. It's hot: as A Bob i Weekend DinneX ' with a Delightful Difference hell under the.Jfchts and picks tip all the cold at night. "But I'm content with my k. I may have talked myself into a gigantic rationale, hut as of now, 1 think Batman is goad for JO-ANN BOBBY McCOT VOCALIST EXOTIC DANCER -i PETER MANN Kbit of Book "o Boa ana ConwSy DON BROWN AND HIS ORCHESTRA Reservations 6634732 Joke no mmrn imp-is nipnioy e i n IN PERSON - s Dylan THE AUDITORIUM - SATURDAY, FEB. 19, 130 PJL ! Tickets: 4.00 3.50 -3.0O-2.5O-2.00 TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOTH TREBLE CLEF STORES 177 Sparks Street and W Rideau Street TVots wtwl you'll kow fotfUfv CMflMt 4-n nfcrr Its bwl In ttw WHmLUnm . Or rat Sroot you wont ss Hoy koct soko-ow) CMnoos toos In your homo, kjat skane T3S-77SS - to orear. t-- . " , " - Tmk Out Strvict Brnnfurl FmcUUiet 225 Albert St. at Bank, . 233-7705 A NEW KINO OF SCREEN EXCITEMENT! jUMNima'ij - irk " . i 1 i Hi? - . .if SHOWS 7.00 - 00 rAT. 5.00-7.00 00 ' " SUN. C0NT. FROM 1.10 ONAVYET AFTERNOON SECOND WEEK BURT LANCASTER LEE RZKCK JBIHUnOM PAKEsJlTsFFITI Mown a sik iH-tin The screen awakens to a big wide mt wecr rannia. jam tvms TIIEILAIIEIUXTII TtOBWtriTn.' TRAIL CONTIIIUOUS PERFORMANCESf POPUUI PRXFJl mam nam aisimriB sut nsAHMtmi SATURDAY 12.00 - 2.00 - AM SUNDAY 130 - 3.30 ., iMtKiiU mi 4J5 tJL SCZfiiT Dm Niii f "SLEPBS KiOTT vonderful world f enchantment?' ( fiini lrfhiwa j iflfcMi.M.!WiJiy.irJeyAi.TT.IdllJliT.VJl III .1.1 4-11 ,niiaa i pumuu- v.; -r- LOOKING FOR REAL SECURITY? , Then you hsvr a date at 11.00 this Sunday morning at SL Paul's Eastern United Church. Daly and Cumberland (2 blocks south of Rideau St.) LE UIDOII A-GO-GO Every Sundcry Afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. Fsxrruring Sunday Feb. 13th ..4Sae "THE CHILDREN" COMINO) ATTRACTIONS " "The Townsmen", Feb. 20th The Scoundrels" LE IIIBOU 521 Sussex Drive 233-0712 INTER PROVINCIAL H0TEL proudly presents oil next week v -LES GUERRIERES (formerly The Beetlettes) - FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! I"" " ' . " -. V mjmmm,mm . ... ,i i.i .mmmt NO COVXK NO MINIMUM Far stoerrsrton, cui 777-9234- VMM, EwSZeeJ) CalTITCoI fir ciJeCiLiir.1 lltnJIUIswLU ' 1 ' -T IE IJI." HHOlSPt 6 OCEETER DAVIS TT It- - :ov.'k njwsuB-catQ&ia- SAT. AND MON. FEATURE: 12.30-2.40-5-7.15-90 SUM. C0MP. SHOW: 1.45 - 4.00 6.20 - 8 JO SAT. DOORS OPEN 12.15 SUN. DOOU OPEN 1.00 USTEN t CRA - YOU MAY WIN AN ALL WEATHER COAT STYLED IY COtttn. ROM SQUIRE SHOP, 191A SPARKS ST. I StoSe n2 TODAY! Kr -AFTtK U s .v. J JS I ' A"" and ; ill Ai ' moWlvyBBsBi I. ' iT III AW WiwfsasiwaaT i " ttlA?i iTBsUaboBTt mmimrA-Mmus-m eyerett-JohS uccrvot I SUNDAY IJ-V-I.H-7.1l-. 0 : - -Soturdoy, February 12, 1966 WWAOSoT - illB.1 T I m v .iisiBPkri r.r T , V7 V TODAY ! I "A B0YENWFEEfOTALL' fi IN-UI HEATERS TODAY AND .SUNDAY BCAPtr 1 Wmm0mmrTwilw'mmm w-7MBpBpriw-'' ' t ' ' m si- l li .iTJa.V in .. . I I M I I H ' liDill ITUii1, I III ilii'M I II I I si I i llTI Starts Monday! "RATTLE OF A SIMPLE MAN", -BOCCACCIO 70" Eudt TUmyl All Color! tack Hudson, Usfie Carea r A U I.PIus Special Favour" "The Ipcress MICHAEL CAINE MONDAY, -LORD JIM" - FsIbt OlooU -THAT nMKY FEELING - jfemdVe Dt ejTTf"F -.TifV.lp" 1 1 LMMDMIlfN NOW 2nd MONTH The Ottowo JournoL OTTAWA LITTLE THEATRE 400 King Edward Avenue Presents GASLIGHT bv Patrirlc Hamlltnn. sail Directed by Kevin Conlon Regular Performances t . , J February 10th to February 19th Hi At 8.30 p.m. EXTRA PERFORMANCE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20th AT 7.00 P.M. Ree"ryedrJte:lAjtollO Limited Number at Student. Rate of $1.00 Jpr Extra Performance Only Box Office Open Dally II aja, to SM 'pm. (Except Saturday and Sunday) to, PHONE 233-8948 rVVPWMUM CWEHA DE PARK 1 HUU V Jason Love who takes vou where the spies aw c Rw,jct)isf oon fat: ttsg- ale- 185 IDE UYAL, BULL, 777-2403 "' A- S0OCTRS-, HXMMISSTtCTS ALL BVBNIMSS AT BJB M. SAT, BUN. -f'Mn & i IVatT4l-1 1 j nksl 6iwa SHpwiMr.f AT I PJn. SOBSOSgjoignjJBBJBOfpgjBV MATINIBS PTBC oaaaossssswawssaawo.t amp Botes MATINIBS rBO. HOLIDAYS Monday is the last day; "WHIRLS OFF AS AN UNABASHED ROW IN UNDISCIPLINED: SEX ADVENTURES! GAY INSINUATING UUGHTERT ; , -AN AMUSING SEX COMEDY! CARDMAIE IS HACNinCDiTlY iQuimor .'.- Cloudia CARDINAL! Ugo QE TOCNAHi i the magnificent CUCKOLD I lb 1 lafkr-T.M-rJI DART INaUDIN SUNDAYS silJ0-S.30-SJ5 STARTS TUESDAY Now, from the author of "Room at the Top" an even more startling expose of life and love! t j.4' - r JEU AlitiMnntfl a v ; ' toazna-iiFkBitai - BOX OFFICE OPENS DAILY AT 12.30 P.M. an . . cotoa SMonoinnvw an Kjmbarrty Jim COUMt DAILY INCLUDING SUNDAYS AT 1.45 4.25 - 7.05 - 930 EKE?TKE::CEnE3CFAiU im.jirii.m-. lUUlBUUllotrl y J i Tl VW1WstpJ suaiual ivimnisraBM -1-iL. I EIIlrTOllsTOI. v j r r t lfr 3 ' J-', r : , r .1" :,. 4-

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