El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on February 26, 1956 · 39
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 39

El Paso, Texas
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Sunday, February 26, 1956
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Dial f.1l Defending Champ Colorado Favorite In Rifle Meet IMajl .1MI TWC Ranks Among Top Con lenders Defending Champion University of Colorado, University of California. UCLA, Oklahoma A&M and nost team Texat Western ire among the favorites in the Xevpntri Annual Southwest Invitational Rifle meet In IJ Paso Thursday through Saturday. The 35-team meet, with entries irom ju states, will fire on ranges at Fort Bliss, all the local high ichools, the Marine Reserve range, and the Texas Western range. Oklahoma A&M was the winner in the recent Fourth Army area firing, with Texas University and Texas A&M as runfiers-up. UCLA and University of California were second and third in the meet here last year. Texas Western, as the host team in the giant small bore event, placed fifth here last year, and was fourth in the Fourth Army area. The TWC team finished first in the William RandolDh. Hearst area competition in January, and tied for fourth among fh entire onrl universities of the nation in the event. The meet utilizes the local in door ranges, and awards prizes to the first three finishers in the team competition, and the top individual firers in the meet. in 35 teams will be housed at Fort Bliss during the meet, and awards ar subscribed from El Paso merchants and individuals. The complete entry list, includ ing order of finish in last year's meet: A&M College of Texas, 14; Ari zona State College at Tempe, 23; Arlington State College, 24; Baylor University, 18; Hardin-Simmons University, 37; Louisiana State University, 8; Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 26; McNeese State College, 28; New Mexico A&M, 17; New Mexico Military Institute, 20; North Ttxas State College, 13; Oklahoma A&M, 4; San Jose State College, did not compete; Southern University, 39; St. Mary's Univer-aity (San Antonio), 36; Tarleton State College, 33; Texas Christian, 27; Texas Tech, 35. Trinity University, 32; University of Arizona, 15; UCLA, 3; University of California, 2; University of Colorado, 1; University of Nevada, 6; University of Oklahoma, 7; University of Santa Clara, did not compete; University of Texas, 25; University of Utah, 21; Utah State Agricultural College, 19; West Texas State, 30; Texas Western, 5; and Tulane, Texas A&I, Ouachita and Arkansas State, all of whom did not compete last year. Southwestern League Schedule For '56 j PAMPA PLALW1EW CLOV1S ROSWELL HOBB8 j MIDLAND j EL PASO j CARLSBAD SAN ANGELO j BALLINGER PAMPA Maf 10. 11 Juna 33, M. 24 Am n. ia. n PLAINVIEW CLOVIS ROSWELL HOBBS MIDLAND EL PASO CARLSBAD SAN ANGELO Mar !. 17. II Juiy -I. 1 Aug. 30, 31, :i Ma 34, 55, 2 Juir . I. 1 Ant. 21, 20 Mir 213031 Juir 1. 'is Aui, 30. SlSp My14, IS Juna 21, 21, Augn,li. ! June 15. K. 'IT Aw. 3. 1. 4 Maf U,"U Juna 25, 24, 3T Auil4.15,ll Mjr '27. 21 July 11, 12. 1) 8ep,S.J-J Apr. 34. 37, 21 June 11, 11 July 27, 24, 2t June 1. 2 Juir 16. 17, IS HepJ.Ji, 'mt 22. 23 juir . s. 1 Au. 25. 2. Tt Mar 2, JO. 31 Juir 14, l Am. 30. 31. Bp, 1 May 14, 15 June 21. 20. 30 Aug. 17. 19. ! Mar 32, 23 Juir . 7 Auk. 35. 28. 2T Mar 7. i, June 20. 21 Aui.S.S.lS Ma' 4. 4, June II, II AUC. ", I Mar 7. I. I June 20. 21 Aui. I. I, 10 Mar June 23. 24. IT "",J!l,,J Mar II. '20, U Ju.r 3. 4-4 Aui. 23, 24 April !, 30. Mar 1 June 12, 14 July 30. 31. Aut. 1 Apr. !l,-2t7i June 3. 4 Juir 20. 21. 21 Mar 4. I, June II. II till. 4. 1 1 Mar 11, 'JO. 31 Juir 3. 4-4 I Aui. 23, 24 Mar 1, 20. 31 Juir 3. 4-4 Aui. 23, 24 Apr. 20, 21. '21 June A, 4. 7 July 23. 24 I Mar 4. I, '4 June II, II I Aui. U1S. II I Apr17. II. II June I. I. 10 I Juir 39. 21 Mar '27. 21 Juir 11, 12. 11 Be p. 2, 3-2 Mar 13, 13 June 26, 21, 31 Au. 14. 15, 14 Mtt'3'l, 21 Juir 11. 12. 13 cP133-3 VprTsS. 37. 31 June 11. 13 Juir 37. 21, '31 Apr. "31. 30, Mar 1 June 11, 14 July 30. 31, Aui. 1 Mar 2. 3 June 15, II. 'IT Aui. 3, 1, 4 I Mar 24. 25. 2 Juir . I. 10 Aui. 21, 21 Mar 2. 3 June 13. II. lt Aug. 2. 3, 4 Apr. 33. 347 31 June I. I. 10 July 25, 26 BALLINGER Apr. 23. 24. 21 June I. I. 10 Juir 25. 21 I Apr. 26. 27. 31 June 11, 12 I Juir 37, 21. '21 Mar 14, 15 June 21, 21, 30 Aui. 17. 16. ll Mari6. 177li Juir 1. 3 Aui. 30. 21, 21 Mar 3. 1 June 15, 16, '17 Auc. I. 3, 4 I Mar 14. 17, II I July l. 3 lAui. 20. 21, 22 Apr. 23. 24. 21 June I. I. '18 Juir 25. 21 Apr. 36. 27, 31 June 11, 1 July 27, 36. '21 iMay 27, 21 juir n. 12, u I Sep. M. 3-3 iMar 24. 35, 26 July I. 10 AU. 21, 21 Apr. 20, 21. 21 June 5. 6. f Juir 2J. 24 Mar !0, 11 June 22, 23. 34 Aui. U. 12. 13 June 1. 3. Juir ll. it. ll Sep. 4. I, I Apr. :. 30, Mar 1 June 13, 14 I July 30, 31. Ana. 1 I Apr. 17, 11. II June "2, 4 JuirJ021. '11 I Apr. 20. ilT'n June 1. I. 1 I July 23. 21 Mar 24. 2. 2 Juir l. I. 10 Au. 21, 21 AprTlsn June 11. 13 Juir 27, 31, ! Ma7iTl777s July 1. 3 Aua20l, 2J Apr. 23, 242S June I. I. "10 Juir 25, 26 Mar 21, 30. 31 Juir 14. i Aui. 30. 31. Rep. J Mar 21, 30. 31 July 14, "15 Aui. 30. 31. Sep. 1 Mar 32. 33 Juir i. I. 1 Aui. 34. 26. 3T Mar 1. I, I June '0, 21 Aul. I. 10 Mar liT'li June 24, 26. 37 Am. 14, 14. 16 Mar 27731 Juir 11. 12. U Sep. '2. 3-1 Apr. 2, 30, Mir 1 June U. 14 Jmr 30. 11, Aui. 1 Apr. n7i. ii June "3, 4 Juir 20. 21. "23 I Apr. 30. 21, '22 June t, i. t I Juir 23.24 IMar 10. Jl June 22, 33. 24 Au. 11. 12. 13 Mar 14. 15 June 21, 21, 30 AutlU 1 Julr147nTll Aui. 21. 21 Sep. 4. . I IJune , a I Juir 16. 17. II 'Sep. 4. I. I Mar 24. 24. 26 June 1. 2 JUJI. I. 16 Mir ItTaT'u" Juir i. 1 Aui. 20, 21, 23 IMar 7. I. I June 20, 21 I Aui. I. I. 1 lilifl. "20, 21 Juir 3. 4-4 I Am. 23. 24 Apr. 17. 11, 11 June "3. 4 Juir 20. 21. 21 Mar 4. i. 'I June 11. II Aui. "5. T MaToTll June 22, 23. '24 Aug. 11. '12. 13 Apr. 17. la. II I Juoa 'i. 4 Juiy JOJIll Apr. 20. 21. 'U June 5. I. 7 Jlir 23. 24 Mar10. 11 June 22. 23. "34 Aui. 11, 'VI. n Mar 29. 30. 31 Juir 14. "15 Aug. 25. 2. 17 j J me 1. 2 luly 16, 17. II I Sep. 4. i. 4 Mar 32. 21 Juir 6 . 7 Aui. 2'2. 27 MayI. "20. 21 Juir 3. 4-4 Aug. 23. 24 Mar 1. I. June 20. 31 Aug. -J May4 s. June 16. II Aug. i. I. T Mar 14, 15 June 31, 21. 30 Aug. 17, 11. Mar 23. 21 Juir 4. 4. 7 aui. 30. 31. Sfp. 1 Mar 12711 June 26. 26. 37 Aui. 14, is. ll Apr. ".. 30. Mar 1 June 13. 14 Juir 30. 31. Aui. 1 Mar 1. 1 June 15. 16. IT Aui. 7. 3. 4 The All-Star game will be played at Hobbs, Thursday, July 19. Off days for all clubs, July !9. Southwestern Loop Schedule Announced EP Texans, Roekels In Opener The 1956 schedule of the new 10-team Southwestern Baseball League was released Saturday night by League President W. J. Green of San Angelo. The schedule calls for 144 games. 72 at home and 72 away for each of the 10 clubs. The league's season will open April 17 and will close Sept. 6. The annual all-star game will be played July 19, which will be an off-day for league clubs. The El Paso Texans will open the 1956 campaign at home, enter taining the Roswell Rockets April 17, 18 and 19. The Hobbs Sports will come to town the following Chicago Gloves Meet Starts Monday Night Chicago. (AP) The Nation's best amateur boxers west of the Alleghanies, some 250 strong from 32 widely scattered cities, will be slinging leather Monday night as the 29th annual Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions opens at the Chicago Stadium. There will be three nights of eliminations in the eight weight classes, reducing the field to semi-final size for the grand finale Indiana Tips Northwestern In TV Game Evanston, III. (INS) Indiana staved off a desperate Northwestern rally in the final two minutes Saturday to score an 84-82 victory in a nationallv-televised Big 10 Juarez Fight Card Set For March 12 tnree aays, giving me lexans a!h!lsllpfK!., am at Fvanston. six-day home stand. It waa the mh straight confer- ine ti faso cmo, ownen ana los. for tne Wildcats while the managed by Pat McLaughlin, will! Hoosiers reCorded their sixth win play their last home series against jn j2 Big 10 games. It also was the the Midland Indians Aug. 30 and lgtj, ioss jn 19 games for North- 31 and Sept. 1. They will close out western, which holds a victory the campaign with two three-game; series with Plainview and Carlsbad in the latter cities over Dartmouth this season. Dick Mast, junior Northwestern captain, led all scorers with 26 Angelo, Plainview and Carlsbad. Two holiday home dates are on the Texans' schedule. They will I meet the Midland Indians here IMay 30, Memorial Pay, and will entertain the Plainview Ponies in a July 4 double-header. The will With his fight card for Mondaylplay in Plainview on Libor Day, washed out by the illness of Cali- Sept. 3. fornia'a Jesse Mongia, Juarez Fight Promoter Pancho Montes Saturday set March 12 as the date for his next fistic venture in Juarez Auditorium. Illness of Mongia forced can cellation of the Caliiornian s iu-im. .s round .meeting .with .Ernesto1 H Figueroa of Mexico City. Althoug'J'.i! '. it told that Mongia would be ready;5'' 30, 11 in about a week, Montes decided 1. . to cancel the bout. I 7 "" "We'll have an entirely differ-jn. 14 .... The longest nome stand of the; points while Archie Dees, Indiana Texans finds them playing 11! center, dropped in 22 points to pace games at Dudley l iei.i between; the Hoosiers May 14 and May X when they win piay nost 10 tsainnger, ban NCAA Picks DePaul, Canisius New York. (AP) DePaul and Canisius have been selected as at- large representatives in the N&- ;tional Collegiate Athletic Associa- !, cuma'tion Basketball Tournament. DePaul, with a 14-7 record going ent main event for March 12. I V The complete Texans' scheriu'.e AT BOMK Aertl IT. II. II 20. 31. 22 21. 30 Mar vidviii . . , :,. 4 1 Pamna i into baturaay nigni s game Bgtiiiisi 'b rA,'r,"iNolre Dame at Chicago, will play piainl'rw its first-round game in either the Mlsectional tournament at Ft. Wayne, jane ' ind., or the one at Wichita, Kan. .c5m5Ju ' piay at Ft- Wavne slatetl for HooosiMarch 12 and at Wichita March 13. Clov,i . ... ,!,,.,: . IJC mark Jllr don't like to postpone a fight especially 11 one 01 me u.y 13,3, 4, 4 ick. He could be sick for year," Monies said. Uo'. ji, jj ".7.7.7. V." Under consideration for the! J- March 12 fight date are a host of! ei.i 1 1 eiovu p. nn.l lunikiua, auumiiB Biiumer 1 before meeting Detroit at Buffalo Saturday night, joins Holy Cross as an at-large team in the first-round competition at New York's Madi son Square Garden, March li-u S. I. T 17. II, 11 20, 21. ta . 2J. 34 .... 30, 31 ... top-notchers who have already aeen action in Juarez. They include Baby Vasquez, Mexico's lightweight champion; Manuel Ar-menteros, the Cuban bantamweight star; Roman Tiscareno, California welterweight, and Al Nevarez. Montes said the supporting card as announced for Monday's card, J , would probably stana up ior me no. 11 March 12 date. Plainview Carlsbad . Midland ,. Boswell ... JlOUOl, . . ..... ,, Clovu urawings ior me new iui vum- petition will not be made until two more at-large teams are selected. 9eptembr Pampe . . Ballinier San Anielo . Plainview .... Midland ?3. 2. 2! .1. 21. 21 O.N ROAD April Mar Midland Fojwell . . Hobbi Clovla . Ballinier . . 8aD Amelo 12. 1) Pamna ?. 23 Midland 27, 21 Plainview Jane I, 1. 10 Ronwell II, 12 , Hobbs 1!. 14, 17 Clovu 20. 11 Ballinier 22. 33. 34 San Anirlo 25. 21. 31 Pampa Jllr S, II Midland 11. 12, 13 Plainview 14. 17. II Carlsbad 25. 24 Roswell 21. 31, if Hobbs Sp-rlsl le H PASO TIMKS . I , , LB. truces, N. M. UCm.ngJ; J ';;''""'.'.' ';''''.''' ' Balllnaer 11. 12. 13 8an Anirlo 14. 15. 11 Pampa 25. 2. 27 Midland 21. 31 Carlsbad Septeeibfr 2, 3, 1 Plainview 4. 5. I . ..." Carlsbad Deming Five Beats Cruces With Rally High's Wildcats rallied in tne last neriod Saturday night to defeat the Las Cruces Bulldogs, 54-48, in the last game of the regular season for the local team. Dcming also wor. the B game, 48-42. The Bulldogs held period leads of 12-9, 25-24 and 39-37 before the Wildcats broke loose. Pettes and James Harris tallied 17 'and 16 markers for Las Cruces. I Both teams will compete in the Molina and Villegas led Deming District 3-A Tournament here next with 20 and 11 points- Skecten rriday and Saturday. Texas Adds Maryland To Schedule Austin. (UP) Texas will meet Maryland and California in football play in 1959, Dana X. Bible, university of Texas athletic director, announced Saturday. Scheduling of night games in Austin with Maryland on Sept. 26 and California on Oct? J completed Texas' 1959 grid card. Other 1959 non-conference games pit Texas against Nebraska at Lin- coin, Sept. 19, and Oklahoma at Dallas, Oct. 10. Texas in a home-and-home series will play a return game with Mary land at College Park, Md., bept 24 1960. A second meeting with California, set for Berkeley, Calif., is indefinite. Nebraska and Oklahoma also are on Texas' 1960 schedule. Bible said scheduling of Mary land for 1960 leaves only one date open for that season, which will NOW BUILDING at the stadium Friday night, March 9. St. Louis is seeking its third straight team title, while the only returning individual title-holders are Don Eddington of St. Louis, last year's 118-pound winner, and the 1953 flyweight champion, Pete Melendez of Fort Worth, Texas. Monday night's action will in volve the four lighter classes, 112, 118, 126 and 135-pound classes. Tuesday night, eliminations begin in the four heavier weights, 147, 160, 175 and heavyweight. Wednesday night, the quarterfinals will be staged in all eight classes. Although lacking in former champions, the field is jammed with seasoned Golden Gloves performers, including heavyweight Ben Bankhead of St. Louis, making his third tourney appearance. Other experienced big dogs include Jim Smith, Denver, who was discharged from the Army last Saturday; Jerry , Bailey of Minneapolis; Harold Lamb of Muncie, Ind.; and Esker Harris, Los Angeles, a 175-pound contender last year. Heading the list of 175-pounders is hard-hitting Jim Boyd of Mont aaasseasssseyafisaaaaMssssssBsBeasieassaw..'yte v.y,'.t,'STe..s weave. 'J..-" .ft J..w."eiwe aessapsaassaawwesweTll awit mil jiiiiLSSsami. i wuiiaia Esludianlc, Vidal Vie In Bullring o Hector Vidal, a Juarez-born bullfighter, and El Estudiante, the brilliant young Guadalajara torero, flash their capes at four Zacatepec bulls in Sunday's corrida in Juarez Plaza de Toros. The youthful bullfighters will be seeking to continue their climb toward the top in their appearance here Sunday. Both have performed well in past corridas and are well liked by Juarez aficionados. Vidal, who got his initial chance in the Border ring, will be seeking to repeat the successful performance he had here in early January. The slender torero, who waited for a starring role for nearly two years, proved his capabilities in a well-fought performance. Estudiante, who has been plagued by injuries since the start of his career, is now fully recovered from his last serieus goring. The daring youngster is noted for his extreme recklessness, but has also earned a name for himself vvitll Ilia siiii! dlid su'udkfy. Bulls for the corrida are from the Zacatepec herd and are the size usually fought by novilleros. First of the four bulls will be released at 3 p. m. (El Paso time). Meek Cagcr Disappointing Richmond, Va. (AP) Tom Stanley, Manchester High School's basketball coach, headed for the locker room after his team's 67-49 loss to Thomas Jefferson High, when he was approached by a middle-aged woman. "You ought to encourage Clem (Clarence Walton, Manchester's 8 foot 8 center) to enter the ministry," the lady said. "Why?" asked Stanley. "Because he is not rough enough to make a basketball plaver." she I replied. CHAMPIONS St. Mary's School won its own Catholic grade school basketball tournament last week to record its second finals tourney win over St. Patrick's this year. First row, left to right, are Eugenio Chavez, Sergio Hay en, George Villegas, Joe Rubio, Manuel Mendoza and Hector Zavaleta. In back are Coach Rafael Chavez, Salvador Borrego, Bobby Montes, the Rev. Austin L. Wagner, father superior 0 the school; Henry Jimenez, Joe Luevano and Robert Barrajas. The Bobcats will be beginning for their third tournament title of the year in the Bishop's meet in March. (Times Staff Photo) l. Bliss Fencinj; Teams Facing Heavy Schedule Carrying on in the tradition of the ancient sport. Ft. Bliss has scheduled several fencing matches. The first of these matches will he gomery, Ala., who reached theiagamst the tj. s. Modern Pentathlon Olympic team at Ft. Sam Houston. "Fencing," says Lt. Richard Van Praag, coach of the Falcons, "develops speed and co-ordination more than any other sport, because of this, most fencers Improve in other athletic endeavors." iitnre wcapuna sire useu in niuu-i semi-finals last year. Another former semi-finalist back is Toledo' Pete Thomson, who reached the 1953 welter aemis as a Gary, Ind., representative. Ed Cook, a soldier representing Montgomery, Ala., joins Thomson as a middleweight threat this year. Among the ern fencing, the epee, sabre, and;the foiI- tar8et is the torso fntl Th ainaA ia n aHanfiAri nf. ' the Gollidav Sets Unofficial Mark Madison, Wis. (AP) Jim Golli-day of Northwestern set an unofficial world record of 6 seconds in the 60-yard dash Saturday in a Big 10 triangular track meet. Iowa finished with 68 points, -Wisconsin 47 and Northwestern 24. The record books listed 8.1 as the indoor track record for 60 yards. Fifteen runners, including ine epee is an adaption or, Fln; ;. , :, i,.,!GoIlidav. have hit the H i mark Old duelling sword. It has SDOrt at Bliss which has a worn. Saturday's timo still mntr hp ar,. returninz welter-lwaffIe-tvPe Pint wnicn does nt en's team. Members of the WAC. Droved following track ncr weights is Donald Hullinger of T0-1 Pe"etrate. When fencing epee, thejan(j military dependents make up ments and investigation of other ledo, Ohio. Hullinger. representing l131"' is anywhere on the oppo-the Falconette fencers. nent, Besides the Ft. Sam matches, ine saDre nas Deen developed Bliss is scheduled to compete in second in 6.2 seconds, from the cavalry sword and is t;,e third annual Bliss Invitational ". :, . - , ngnter and speedier tnan the.and Wjn meet the University of epee. Since it is a carry-over from Arizona at Tucson. The Falcons Columbus, Ohio, last year lost a. bitter quarter-final scrap with Cin cinnati's Hubert Stewart, 1 Irving Tucker of Memphis, Tenn., Wendell Stewart of Omaha, and Jerry Cooper of Billings, Mont., are leading bantamweight contenders. Formidable flyweight icrappers are Joe Willie de Meyera of De troit, twice a runner-up, and Leon Banks of Montgomery. Ala., 1955 semi-finalist. however, fence exclusively with, seph's of El Paso women's teams, In the featherweight class, Virgis Hutcherson' of Cincinnati will be making his third stadium visit. requirements. Don Hebein of Wisconsin finished WRESTLING Tuesday, Feb. 28lh 8:30 P. 51. COLISEUM MAIX EVENT Championship Tag Team Match sponsored by Cathedral High School Athletic Association Woods Dillon & vs. & Hagen Parks 4; .p i t VI 1 . (I .law J . t .'. & -ii WOODS SEMI-FINAL War Cloud vs. Pederson TWO OTHER GREAT MATCHl Far Reservation? CALL S-S-IS Adrance Sale Warn Tl-- Boxscatl 1.50 Rudy's Drive In Balcony LOO Glenwood Chevron Stalles Children 50 M9 Alaaied. Prices Ringside $2.00 the cavalry weapon, its target is from the waist up, that part of the body the horse-mounted swordsmen found most vulnerable. The third weapon is the foil, a soft, flexible blade used mostly in also compete with the Border Di- vision in the sectionals in May, with winners going to New York City to try for national champion- - ships. ? The Falconette have fenced the 1 1: &4-dsVUt44; i practice for the epee. Women, University of Arizona and St. Jo- PASS ARTIST Cleveland. In his pro football career, Otto Graham of the Browns has completed 55.8 per cent of his passes. likely be allotted to Texas Tech, if the Lubbock school gains entry into the Southwest Conference. Texas plays Tech in 1958 but has no room on it's 1959 schedule. BULLFIGHT . . . VIDAL AND ESTUDIANTE SUNDAY 3 P. M. , Pas Tine) 4 Bulls 4 JUAREZ BULLRING HOW TO SAVE YOUR FACE iVMA. PULLJUS AM OLD GAG OfJ A NEW SALESMAN- V HEW! OLD PHIrJEAS AIN'T BEEN H BRICK HOMES IN FOUNTAIN VIEW! m ML DELANO AND ML ELBERT ROADS VETERANS: YOU CAN MOVE IN FOR AS LITTLE AS. $200 Down VESSIR, BOYS, JUS' OWE CALL AM' I GOT AM ORDER. FOR 280 STORES. CLOSED THE DEAL WITH OL' PHIMEAS PLUSHWHI5TLE HIMSELF... 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes From $8355 to $9365 DON'T WAIT - INVESTIGATE BUILT BY LOVE & SAUNDERS SALES AGENTS O'LEARY REALTORS V AC live FOR THIRTY YEARS. yOU M K hmmesmJ npciz-F Dov cam J .' I. ' Ss tf V wr-"- y T sl BETRAVELIM' i I ' BWtoe5-0'-W(3,( frVoMSWOE J1' i 1 WS''S V 05 LEATHER 1 ! Tr V 70 RACE 7 lfXMi next WEK I OSWALD'S COT THE RIGHT "ORDER" WITH COLGATE'S BRUSHLESS SHAVE CREAM ANYWAY I This super-rich cream has more special ingredients to soothe the skin. More than any lather . . . more than any canned foam. Colgate's Brushless "saves your face" because it helps prevent irritation and after-shave rawness. Get that big, BIG tube of Colgate's Brushless today and put your face at ease with a shave that's sure to please! ENGINEERS Excellent Professional Openings at Sperry From the memorable day in 1911 when the first gyrocompass went aboard the USS Delaware to modem electronic "miracles," Sperry Engineers have pioneered the way. Their achievements have made Sperry an Institution possessing a broad base of engineering "know how" for ventures into new and diverse fields. Over 1500 employees have been with Sperry more than fifteen years! Here Is a monument to sound management . . . founded on foresight . . . looking to the future with confidence born of the past. Above alt. Sperry is dynamic. This is an organization constantly growing . . . expanding . . . progressing. Project Engineers With experience in anv of the following fields: Radar R. F.. I. T. k Microwave Circuits Missile Systems Automatic Flight Analogue Computers Gyros 3t Accelerometers Radar Product Engineer for design and production of surface and airborne radars, fire controls and guidance systems. Also Texas and New Mexico Openings For Engineers For Flight Test Program. Must have engineering experience in electronics and preferably flight test EL PASO INTERVIEWS SAT. AND SUN. (FEB. 23. 26) t A.M. TO 4 PJW. AT THE HILTON HOTEL (EMBASSY ROOM) 4' GYROSCOPE COMPANY ! DIVISION OF SPKRRY RAND CORP. GREAT NECK, LONG ISLAND, N. T. ? 5 f I A, I e-s--t,..fek!(Wftw4l

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