El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on October 25, 1953 · 20
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 20

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 25, 1953
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IHal 2.1M1 Tlfl! FL PASO TIMES FI Pane's HOttE XmmnympT Dial J.U Old Treasure Ships Yield I New Secrets ' iMtlal la ML FAIO TIMtf TTMhincion, D. C. A mor detailed description of a Spanish traaaui ahip, auch aa carried gold and ailver from Mexico and Panama to Europe, la being obtained from underwater collectiona made la aummer by Mendel L. Petersen, Smithsonian Institution curator of history. Peterson recently returned from, a aecond season investigating thei wrack of one of these ships, or of an aocompanyirtg warship, which is one of a convoy of 21 out of which S to 15 were wrecked during a hurricane on one of the Florida keya in the aummer of 1733. The 2-century-old objects recovered are now being treated in chemical baths to remove rust and other accretions. This is necessary for their detailed study. Among the objects found In almost perfect condition after more than two centuries at the bottom of the aea was a "small-axe." which was a standard weapon on 18th-century warships for boarding parties, and Is very similar in appearance to the American Indian tomahawk. Sunk in timbers were found many old "pieces of eight," silver coins of approximately the value cf the American dollar, which fig ure prominently in pirate stores. Thero were also chunks of silver oie and lu Mivrr fruit oiks, probably from the captain's table. Dog Talks Capture Of Roving Dog Requires Definite Care j f -I - ,r , , - , - :v f ' I :. n - . or against a wall, his natural reaction is tr; CARRIES STONE BALLAST The ship, Peterson found, carried much stone ballast. It was equipped with guns firing 8-, 12-, and 18-pound balls. In the wreck age were found examples of "bar fhot," shaped like a dumbbell. Fired from a canon such missiles revolved rapidly in flight and were of special value when fired into the neeine of a sailing shiD. An- nrnximatelv two hurkpta nf hanrl " Corner srenades were recovered. Thpse first and probably were used chiefly byjsnaP anri fcnd off lno presumed boarding parties, or were dropped ;attack. Under such conditions one from a ship'a masts to the deck!snollld talk in soothing tone of of the enemy craft while fighting !v'uice, approach slowly, and grad- at close quarters. jually quiet the fears of the dog. In the nearly 300 years of gold-'1" some "s?',a b'anket thrown shipping operations, during which ovcr iu head ls effective, gold and silver valued at about, Above all, do not show signs of $8 billion were transported from; hesitation or fear; when you do the New World, many Spanishjact, do so decisively. This is al-treasure ships were lost. There is ways good advice for a dog is almost no possibility, however, quick to discern your degree of that treasure of any value can be seriousness in commanding, and to DESERT GREYHOUND A rare but ancient breed, the saluki or gazelle hound is the greyhound of the desert in a rnhitf rffff ttiwowtdipg cow frits. The scluki coma in various colors, has the typical, slender greyhound build and has excessively large jeet in order to travel speedily and in comfort over desert sands. Gold Found In African Mountain Recent surveys of British and Belgian scientists hav confirmed deposits of gold, radioactive ores ! and other valuahle mineralj in; Africa's mysterious "Mount. un n:' the Moon." one of the world's least known regioi.s. A wilderness of weiid forests shrouded in mist, the Ruwcnoris, as the mountains are officially! known, are a pocket-size range "01 miles long and 30 miles wide, i furnin Vie boundary l)-tv.rp!i thel British Protectorate of L'fianda and the Re'gian Congo. Although the ranqe !it-s only lia'f a degree north o! the equator in the midst of steaming tropical jun gles. Hs jioaks die perpetually snowclad, says lha National Geo-graphic Society. FANTASTIC FLORA Jlidway up the KiiK't;;'.oii misty slopes heather plants relatives of the low Scottish shrub crow to heights of tiO and 70 feet. Huge cushions of vividly colored d;oss encircle the trunks, and limbs aie festooned with streaming pendants of pale green lichens. A bit higher, varieties of lobelia, groundsel and other common garden weeds grow to tree sue. There is no human life above 7,216 feet, site of the highest native village. Water buffaloes occasionally range up to the 7,000-fuot Ipvel anH rlrnlnntq i ( (--.rpnin. in the bamboo forests up to 8,o()0 feet. Leopards and a few ante- r ' " '"I i A ' i " - r Australia, U. S. Snap On Sausages day, OfKbr 28, Sailor Made Hrt Doughnut MontpeUer, Vt (UP) Mrs. Is. iTdnsT. AaitraUa. (UPt Varr-'nort trade In Australian fklns to in tate nf Anstrliant and the United States during 1951-52. Americans have made tne numDieiAustraiia sneni aimosi '"o.- '""" b , Gregory Bailey 84 claims het sausage responsible for a topsy-; $2,000,000 during the same period ' , turw trade halance between the imnortin sausa'e skint from the i two countries. United States and elsewhere. For gome reason Americans, who have more hogs than sheep, prefer their sausage wrapped m sheep father, tapt. Hans Uregory "in- vented" the doughnut by accident one stormy night at sea in 1847. Ha went into the galley for a snack and picked up a few plain round cakes the coolc had made. The trades and Customs department stepped into the picture earlier this year with a iharp cut :...ina A.ictrstinc u hrt lit.- nn in 4r.t1oi allneatinnl for SKU1 lm !the sneeo's back, turn uo their Wts. The decision raised a storm But ha found they weren't cooked noses at a sausage wrapped in of protest from butchers and sau- sheen casing. Thev prefer the sage manufacturers, but it grad- plump, compact pig-skinned prod- ually died down. iuct. I INow noooay is quite sur through the middle, so he grabbed a belaying pin and knocked out the. soggy part, making the first what's I doughnut with the hole in tha The result was a $1,800,000 ex- really around that sausage. middle. iJ.X. ... Jtal LEFT OUT Contempt of court charges against Mickey Rooney over tl6,253 back alimony to Martha Vickers (above), his third wife, were dismissed in Los Angeles when Rnoney's attorney said there just wasn't enough money to go around after taxes. Rooney's income was reportedly $268,000 in 1952, only $128,000 so far this year. (International) Competent Contractors and Careful Workmen Are Available At Sherrod to Help You with YOUR Building or Remodeling Job Ask us about any home Improvement or alterations you r3 have in mind, we will gladly help and advise you. iou can use a low cost convenient Fll.V Title 1 plan to finance your Improvements. BUILDING MATERIALS Anrthlnf from Bridi tnd Nilli U hn, ltoori tnd Conprrte blorki, Cement, Reofliif Melerlale. Pilnl. Well Bnerd, a complete itnrk of III klnda of hulldlni metrrleU, (or email er lerie repsfre end buildmi. omo In or (all ler Information DIM. f-?l". I. 3100 Durazno St. SIIEKKOI) 1 1 K 0. Sn(.LE STICK OR CARLOAD' Dial 2-2411 By CAPT. WILL JI DT in capture a loaming aog, one mai is scaiea ana quit to one is or snow peaks, f.ach group is con- a problem that is not easy to solve. sidered as one mountain. Mt. Stan- If the doz is wearing a collar, the solution is easier. However, if i lev is the highest of the six erouni you must pursue and geize the animal, danger may be involved. The All four of its peaks Margherita, Q dog catcher or humane society agent may use a lasso or a loop at the Alexandra, Fiona and Savoia are pnrt nf (hp nilp hut lha atrnr-una nni-.nn Hnocn'l Vi.iis curh .niimninul mnro th-jn 1H flOfl fi.nt hi -Ml Th.iu 11 you cha.se an excited dog into l,nn .,nl,(a1 m liirth nijus not aii.incu a j ,1111 - - as 13,(100 feet. Bi ii;ht - feathered ( B a B II B O U Q D O B D O 11 CS O B 49 B HBBtlBOaDDaaaDDQDIUDDOieWVWVWW Diras aoourul at lower aitituties. Topping the range are six groups recovered now, Peterson says. Most of the wrecked ships were caught in hurricanes and dashed decide which of you is to be mas ter. If the dog is suspected of having gams Keys or rocny coasts 01 broken bones or of being badly u.B .uauuciu. x.,u u.rj ii iju red internally, improvise anl Shallow water When any of the,eme enc stretch(,r Wlth a blank.j crew survived they naturally would pt and tw hrnnmsllrk, Pla,.. ,hp A 'PAWS' FOR A DOG BRIKF To prevent a ditf from hit-ing nr rhewing any area hack of his neck, this, an "ICItaahethan" collar, is useful and rffective. It is simply an article of wood, metal or tough cardboard in shape like s wide hat brim around the neck. An inflatable rubber foliar can be placed around the neck, then blown up. The dog- ran not reach parts of his body with his mouth and he can not scratch any part of his head or fore-face with his hind legs. Hart salvage operations at once. n cases where there were no survivors, Peterson says, it is hard- dog on the blanket between the two rolled sides. Handle the dog I.. t;l.-lM U- U- ... U , I x'al rl "11,7 aU RCTU il UUUJ Ull A Iy unci; uioi mo wicim nave lui!ipBi ... een looted rather completely by 1 p ' persons from the mainland, cohr FUNDI FROM LINK There are numerous cases where Native divers were weU equipped 1 do'. Particularly nv"u' to recover the sunken gold. The dog. becomes hysterica Spaniards possessed a d e v i c e and '"Rhtened out of his normal something like the oresent-dav div-inature- Hpre tne w,se cnun: ap- ln bell, bv means of which mich-P'le a badly frightened, nervous, hysterical dog. If the dog has been bruised badly and there are swellings and contusions, apply a cloth frequently soaked in cold water. Do not give liquids to an unconscious dog. divers could remain under water for extended periods. Trie Smithsonian exploration is made possible by a grant of funds from E. A. Link of the Link Avia tion Corp. Link personally partici paies in tne direction of the re covery operations and in the div ing on the wreck sites. lie has SCHOOLROOM MENACR Pittsburgh. (AP) "Schoolroom , brown" is a menace to children's that a dog should always pyes' 1Jr- James if . warn. wear a collar (except when in the -i" 1,1 ""i""-'11' wm- hunting field). Take the dog quick-! metric Association. Drab brown ly by the collar, at that part on ! floors, furniture and wall paint usu-itop of the dog's neck. Tighten itiaU-v 8 wlth inadequate lighting. a bit with your hand. Speak sooth-:ant together tney breed many or inely. Always keeD a tight hold on;th vlslon Problems of American the collar so that the dog cannot 'youth' ile reports inadequate eve- turn his head and bile vour hand sigtil is twice as common in tne When the dog must be kept quiet elhlh K'ade as in tllB f"'-st devised several electronic devices;8""? u"ab" to blle- ta,k ' st"P'TflMflflM flAlll DAIM which soeed detection of hidden!0' bandages or even a large hand- O I UnlMUil KUiU TWIil metal in the coral and sand of the! kerchief folded in three to four Florida Keys. The wreck now be-!inch widlh'' P,acs 11 downward ing explored was located several iover ttl9 muzzle, lie a tight knot years ago by Arthur McKee 0f under tha lower jaw; then puU the Treasure Harbor, Fla. By action !two ncls more than ltj.OOO feet hiah. They spawn many small glaciers. KNOWN TO A( IIM? Once thought to contain King Solomon's fabulous mines, the Ru- ii'ntiTnvie (.M-., ftiti iiiant-...rl hv Iho jancient Gi cr k cartographer, Plole- my. From descriptions siven him Q i uy uaveieis, cdiicti ins raiie ;the "Mountains of the Moon," in tha belief that the moon had ncsccnaea in inucn meir lips ana turn them to silver. Henry M. Stanley was the first Q European to explore the range, in Q 18K9. He gave the mountains their modern name. Ruwenzori, a na-.9 tive term, means "King of the A Clouds" or "Rain-maker. Licensed Progressive 6 Cleaners DRESSES DROOP INSTEAD OF DRAPER m backward behind the MUST FADE AWAY or money back When ezceflt ttnmsch rld eemee flerr. fcmnJne: tiller iiemj. Ir.haM'lnn. ih bertburn. ew.. .1.. I-,,.. - . ... . . .... !UAn nn i. tu-.. . Aifftt reliiir wl'h I'llae Tehlete. I'lUi 1 prnreo. 01 me norma Legislature, Mcft.ee mow iieti-.cain inire.int-iito e oior vnno- wag given exclusive rights to ex-epP u,e uanaage irom supping plore certain sites In Florida wa ters and the Smithsonian work li carried on with his permission. A special exhibition of this under-sea exploration will be held in the United States National Museum during July, 1954. forward. Be sure to have the band age pulled tight around the muzzle. Give aspirin, potassium bromide turn ctiol off eiifl coef the Infleroed etoraenb Un- tne- with e twolrctiTe film. Tnan Momero ena peine luQ end you eat wlthuut fear aixl enjoj life esenx. million (old elnpe lftSH. Try Tlrtee on metier e cueeentee. Tou muet get relief or rmir raoney bece. Advertisement Football Coach CAven Away Plays Eugene, Ore. (UP) What's this? A football coach willing to give way his plays to anyone? I Len Cassanova, head grid tutor t the University of Oregon, has published a booklet outlining his, basia offensive and defensive for-i nations, tne booKlet, "Football is ' Fun," will be sent free to anyone ho war.ts it. i ' Casanova said he believed an: i. Understanding of Oregon's basic ! I plays would help Oregon fans en-i , Joy the game more fully. i "Besides, all our opponents long 1 go diagrammed all our basic plays," , he added. j . For You to SEE . . and Enjoy! Be smart . . . sea anri be seen In EXAMIHATIONS model n-as-lhc-moment glasses . . . expertly fitted. Our prices will please you, too. I piise fliiiiliraicd fi!aiMs Repilrdl Term As Low As $1.00 Weekly Registered Doctor SINGLE VISION From $14.85 BIFOCAL GLASSES Irom $17.83 Easy Terms NATIONAL OPTICAL SERVICE "ffoiit Of Popular Prlrre! ftl.e" Ins N, Stanton St. Open I i. m. to 8 p. m. Daily I J i . . X staNu PursEM BACK IN SHAPE. f LEWIS IS FEATURING VALUES By the DOZEN! iM'ejV i eel.eeii PROCTOR WEST BEND Toaster and Percolator Proclor automatic pop-up toaster with thermostat-c o n t r o 1 1 e d dial. Makes perfect toast every time. Plui . . . West Bend automatic percolator. Extra heavy aluminum 6 to 8 cup capacity. OR0EH r MAtt NO MONEY DOWN No Carrying Charge I - -'.'.'? 1 i 201 V.. S AMOMO for. Orocon Dial .1-3(18') $faMu flie miracle fabHcfinisr, is available at Progressive 6 Cleaners StaeNu fuu.-liing ri'slorre tlx life-giving textile mla Uwl throuph wear and cJramng. Fahnce get bact their original "lmnc e" feel n-h, soft and smooth like new a gam. Double your money b-ock 5end evil or drew to oft, your Iocs! StaeNa drrrleareei. We'll pay yom dnuii tree cleaning Sill if yon don't agree it's the best cleaning; end prreeirrg job yon errr enw! Said . qtvmott t&bup I o P I HI AT TUG un y I n M" II 5 III e a a Mm w v hj o( Q Ijl 1 1 1 " 1 fll I' " 11 ""M "r1""r WilH ililll I 11 l i H'lHl W M'UyU C3 (o '-DQ GDWOIl : y e, . ' ... si m . m m atm mm r, m . m IM mum, i . a li li a I I v of j a Ei n nenennu a fire o 9 f - ? ' mwhh i i w ft ii i r l it r v i fit Kiivi; o 0 .' " ' 1 1 1 i . . -'- - -la ;, I, iu iii mi ' "i I I i!i "" - , ... i w 5 I ltffJ a aft" -i I ' . - , , !o :f -; 4' For Only h it hStM $tn)!Pff50ii mm r-y..-i mt tt mm tt w fi t - 15 V I M 3 "...X 2 e o ! li :1 0 0 Ij - BftTf R SIGHT PI - "tfL mttatir 1 (11 ii lll - I 1 fn Alahogan Finish Also availabla in Blond mahogany finish . . . Popular wrought iron or tappered wood legi U -i ii t i i , . I;8 avanaDie at sugnr extra cost. OBDINABV Progressive 6 Cleaners DEE'S CLEANERS 402S Dyer St CRTSTAL CLFASutRS lul Wyomlni St. VirTOR'9 CLEANERS 3315 Alameda St. OREGOV CLEANERS 419 N. Oregon St. PASO MODERN CLEANERS Vsleta. Texas ROSED AI.E CLEANERS 7317 Dale Rd. '.'r'f h 'or owr Television Prrn-n. i mV -TV Jinn, 9.J1 P. M; Wed. 7.30 P. .V.; Fri, 10.00 P. M. MATCHLESS PERFORMANCE FEATURES RICH MAHOGANY or BLOND - - HmtA! to of. M smart, modern cabinet far superior to the pointed woods, colored ptrEties or roetai usually offered at this low price. POWERFUL LONG-DISTANCE RECEPTION . . 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O GOG O O 0 0 O COO 00 GO O O 0 9 00 OOQ

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