El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on May 14, 1942 · 2
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 2

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1942
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Page 2 Man Ordered Held In E. P. Assault Case Main 6600. Jerry DeWoody was held to action of the County Grand Jury by Justice of the Peace Richard Crawford Wednesday following preliminary hearing on a charge of assault to murder Salvador Martinez, an auto body shoD worker. At the same time Justice Craw-fored ruled in an inquest that the fatal shooting last Sunday night of Ben Hitt, 28, a companion of DeWoody, by L. B. KniBhten, a city police officer, was Justifiable homicide. Hitt died Sunday night from a bullet wound after police had fired on him and two of his companions when they failed to comply with an order to halt, while officers were Investigating a reported disturbance in South El Pbso. Later, when DeWoody was arrested, officers found a pistol in his automobile. Martinez identified DeWoody as the man who allegedly had fired several shots at him a short time before Hitt was fatally shot. $2069 Is Sought From Finance Firm Suit seeking recovery of $2069.72 from the Barnctt Finance Company was filed Wednesday in 41st District Court by Don F. McCombs, used car dealer, who alleges in his petition that the finance company has charged him usurious rates on interest on automobile loans. The petitioner seeks double the amount of assorted usurious interest charged. $1034.86. Under the state law a petitioner may seek double the amount of usurious interest rhaned if practice of usury is proved in court. The petition allege that more than 10 per cent interest, maximum allowed under state law. was charged by the finance company in the loan transactions. In Traffic Court Traffic violations and fines recorded in Corporation Court Wednesday included: Speeding, C. H. Rose. $1U; fective brakes, J. J. Carrasco, speeding, B. E. Ncelcy. $10. An Advanced United Nations Base In The South Pacific May 13 (INS). Some people live 100 years with no adventures to spice the dull monotony of their lives. Then there are fellows like Lt. Johnny Jacobs of Los Angeles who has had more perils, excitement and adventures in the last three months than any movie hero on the screen, THE EL PASO TIMES El Paso's HOME Newspaper. Scrap Metal Will Be Sent To Steel Mills 3D. n. Humdrum Life Now Exciting Johnny Finds Much To Occupy Time sea Jn some places, and I couldn't find my way through." "The heat was terrible," Johnny said, "and I was so thirsty that I didn't feel hungry. My shoes wore off my feet going through the jungle and my clothes were ripped into tatters. Often I fell exhausted with black spots before my eyes. "I slept now and then wherever I fell. Finally a plane which was Johnny has been bombed, strafed Hooking for me brought me back de- $10; "CHAFE-GUARD" YOUR FEET Get cooling protection tiRaiust rbafe ly treating your tondw foot to awiothinznil) with Mo'iioan Heal Powder. Costa little. Use Boric Acid Mixture For Sore Eyes Whn eye are tired. Inflamed, burning, rlchlnt; or sticky, bathe them with Lavop-tik, a refreshing mixture of boric arid and other beneficial lnredienti. Soothes granulated eyelidi. Must help or money refunded. J6 years surrra. Thousand! pratae it. Get Lavoptik today. At all drug tores. Adv. GIVKN PRISON SENTENCE. Carlos Calero pleaded guilty in 34th District Court Wednesday to a charge of theft of properly valued at more than $50 and was given a two-year penitentiary sentence by Judge W. D. Howe. Calero assertedly vtolc a large quantity of personal belongings from a parked automobile in East El Paso on April 11. GENERAL. RETI'RNS. Gen. of Brigade J. Jayme Qui-! i 0 Inn fat nones, commanoer oi mn uk ... Military Garrison, has returned from Villa Acuna, Coahuila. 1 up SALE! USED RADIOS And Combinations Every one of these radios has been gone over thoroughly by our expert service men. CABINET MODELS: Philco. late model, push-button tuning, $22.95. R. C. A. -Victor. 9-tube, with short wave and record attachment, $49.95. G. E. 10-tube, with short wave, $39.95. R. C. A. 8-tube. nice cabinet, $19.95. R. C. A. 8-tube, $14.95. R. C. A. B-tube, $16.95. Majestic, 8-tube, $15.95. Atwater-Kent, $17.95. R. C. A. 10-tube, excellent shape, $34.95. RADIO-rHONOGRAPII COMBINATIONS: R. C. A.-Vietor, 10-tube, wonderful cabinet, originally cost $375, now $49.95. R. C. A.Victor, table model, $24.95. Table Model Motorola With Record Cabinet 6 Tubes Demonstrator Almost New! $64.95 Of Course You May Buy On Terms! Also Many NEW Table Models and Record Flayers. TRI-STATE MUSIC CO. 209 Texas Street Phone M-2325 Excellent Wines SINCE THE Elegant &iqlitiu. TOl.t.EY RiniNT.TN 1M0 . . . ABOAID MS. EDOOVS M KLKCTKIC TSAIN : may smile at 1880 "gadgets." But not at 1880 meals. For the Eighties raited dining to a pinnacle of elegance and excellence . . . apent hours over the seasoning of a sauce or the selection of a wine. Such was the exacting era for which the founders of California's Italian Swiss Colony produced their first wines. And such, for over sixty yean, has been the high standard maintained by those founders and their son. Today, this 60-year tradition find expression in the fine body, bouquet, and flavor of Colony Special Wives. Truly superb wines at i popular price. Wines you can serve with pridt, but without txtrmofimrt. There's an Italian Suits Colony Wine to Suit Evtry Palate and Every P.urse. Mfj V Mutoaina WlNtS J BOTTLED AT THE WINERY, BY ITALIAN SWISS COLONY (iKtia orrtcti ian FfcANCtlCO T. R. Fyt Distributed by t.l Paso, Ttxaa 511 Virginia St. New Mexico Distributor Rllver Liquor Co. Pllver City Levers Bros,. Roswell and lost in the jungles. He has shot down a Japanese Zero fighter and has been shot down in his turn, but he still remains the most serene 24-ycar-old veteran you ever saw. Johnny started as a bomber pilot and went through the Japs' first raid on Darwin. He later transferred . to pursuit aviation, where he has had one series of adventures after another. Not long ago this slender, dark-haired scion of a wealthy family got lost In the clouds and was forced to land along the shore. He spent two days and three nights battling his way through jungles. Since then he has shot down a Japanese Zero fighter and has been slightly wounded, but he still craves action. "Looking back at that adventure in the clouds." he asserted today, "is funny, but it wasn't at the time. I never saw such a cloud formation. It seemed unending and extended almost from the ground all the way up to heaven, itself. "I neither could get past nor above it. I eventually ran out of gas, so I came down and landed on a narrow, desolate beach far from any civilization. "I landed late in the afternoon, and started traveling along the shore, but I was often forced to go inland for miles because the jungle reached the "A few days later I was in a swell dogfight over New Guinea. The Zeros came over . attempting to strafe us, but we went up to meet them in a battle which raged through the small, fleecy clouds at several thousand feet. "I came out of a cloud formation, and found three Zeros flying abreast of each other in loose formation not 1000 feet ahead of me. One was directly in my sights. I raked him from tip to tip. He simply blew apart, the burning pieces falling on all sides. "I kept my eye on the other two who tried to get on my tail. I peeled off ..in a dive to avoid them. Three tiny pieces of shrapnel from their cannon wounded me slightly in the back, but I got away by flying out to sea. "As I was returning to the base, I seemed to be blacking out for a moment and made ready to jump, but I noticed that the Japs were a long way behind me; so 1 decided to stick as my head was clear enough to operate. "I landed my plane safely, and now I'm ready to fight again." "It's a great life if you don't weaken," Johnny concluded, "and I can assure you there's never a dull moment if you're a bomber or pursuit pilot. "Say, give my love to the home-folks, will you!" Approximately 1450 tons of scrap jmetais, chiefly from abandoned or obsolete Industrial or utility facili ties, will move out of El Paso County to allocated steel mills soon, G. Brice Gaston, Dallas, rep resentative of the War Production Board's Special Salvage Project Section, said in El Paso Wednesday. Mr. Gaston rounded up and ar ranged for movement of 1447 tons of heavy metal scrap in a three-day visit here. He ordered shipment of 1200 tons of metal from the old Mesa Plant of the Waterworks Department next June 1. Two hundred tons of cotton com press scrap metal, 50 tons of obsolete fumigation tanks from a compress in Fabens' and 35 tons of steel rails will be shipped from Fabens Monday. A 12-ton pile of metal scrap was inspected at the Lone Star Cotton Mills and was arsday, May 14, listed for early movement to east ern steel mills, Mr. Gaston said. NONE SURER WORLD I URGE ST SHIER AT IQi BREAKFAST M Bacon or Ham, Egg, Toast, OPp Coffee ... AUt Hot Cakes and Coffee 20c Hot Weather LUNCHES 25c 35c 50c 1500 Reservations Are Made For Stock Building Dinner Fifteen hundred reservations had been made Wednesday for the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet which will be held at 7 p. m. May 21, in the new $321,000 Livestock Exposition Building. The event will mark the climax of the observance of National Cotton Week and dedication of the Exposition Building. Two thousand persons are expected to attend the barbecue dinner, Tickets, costing $1 each, are selling fast, Chris P. Fox, general manager of the Chamber of Commerce, said. Sheriff W. W. Hawkins is in charge of the barbecue preparations. Acting Gov. H. L. Winfield, Fort Stockton, will be guest speaker. Other speakers will be Allen Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic, arthrltla or neuritis pain, try thia ilmple lnexpen- alvt homt recipe that thouianda are using. Get a package of Ru-Ex Compound, a two-week aupply, today. Mix tt with a quart of water, add the juke of 4 lemons It's easy. No trouble at all and pleasant. You need only 3 tableipoonfuls two timet a day. Often within 4S houra sometimes overnight splendid results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and if you do not feel better, return the empty package and Ru-Ex will cost you nothing to try aa tt ia told by your druggist under an absolute money-b-cck guarantee. Ru-Ex Compound is for aale and recommended by drug stores everywhere. Adv. Grambling, president of the Chamber of Commerce; R. E. McKee, El Paso contractor, who erected the building; Percy McGhee, architect; County Judge M. Scarborough; Mayor J. E. Anderson; Major Gen. Innis P. Swift, commanding general of the First Cavalry Division; W. B. Mitchell, Marfa; Ray Pennington, president of the Optimist Club; C. W, Mottinger, secretary of the Optimist Club, and Alderman Harris Walthall, who will introduce Mr. Winfield. Karl Wyler will be master of ceremonies during the dinner. The invocation will be given by Rev. B, M. G. Williams. Music for this oc casion will be played by the College of Mines Band and Bowie High School Band. Members of tne Sheriff Posse, booted and spurred and ready to ride, will furnish the climax for the dinner. Mounted on their horses and led by Henry Wooldridge, president of the Sheriff's Posse and South' western Livestock Association, the possemen will gallop into the arena, yelling and firing their six shooters. The College of Mines Band will play "For He Is a Jolly Good Fel low" when Mr. Wooldridge approaches the mike to make his talk, LAWYER FACES TRIAL. Luis A. Trias, well-known border divorce lawyer, Wednesday awaited trial in the Juarez Penal Court on a charge of falsifying judicial seals and signatures to documents which he allegedl issued to man American couples seeking divorces. He was released on a bond of 2000 pesos. r fe 1 lA IVIXGOtt'S WEEKLY RECIPES Bf tftoytfacfc Food Consul tant to Wilson a Co. THE BATTLE FOR STRENGTH Never before has America been so determined to be strong. Today science hat established the fact that by eating the right foods mry day we can march forward to victory with courage, health and stamina. The homemakert of this nation are mobilized now as one kitchen unit waging the greatest crusade against malnutrition the world hat ever known. To help you in this our great endeavot, 1 am offering you an easy-to-follow chart so that you can plan each day'i meals according to the known facts for wise nutrition, Plan your meals by it. It is the way of health, strength, courage. Serve meat once or more daily, lt contains complete proteins. B vitamins and eisen- uai minerals (iron, copper, pnospnorui). $ Choose from among this tine parade ot Wilson Certified Products: Tends Made Ham, Smoked Hem, Gela Seald Beef, Lamb and Veal, also MOR and other Wlleon't Certified Canned Meats. Remember, moat meat "substitutes" do not provide adequate proteins. 1! you need to cut down food coats, select the thriftier cuts of fresh meat and use plenty f canned meats. They have the tame nutritional value. Serve a pint a day for adults, a quart for children. One-third of a pound of Wllaon'a Certified Che-re counts for a quart of milk. L'se it often. Citrus fruits and tomatoes one of these at least once a day. Alto, other fruits. Keep Wilson's Mayonnaise in mind for delicious fruit salads. Serve 1 a day or at least 3 or 4 week. Children need the daily quota. Choose Clear Brook F.gga for uniform denend- able quality and freshness. Conk them any way you please. Enriched bread and flour, whole grain products, macaroni and spaghetti. Corn-bin enriched flour with Wllaon'a Bake-Rlte for economical quick breads and "sugar-saving" desserts. Vegetables green, leafy and yellow, one big helping or mot a day aomt raw, some cooked or canned. Add to their flavor with Clear Brook Butter, rich In Vitamin A, Alto include other vegetable sucn a potato. Enough fot necessary energy. WIon Clear Brook Butter, Certified l.ard or Bacon, Bake-RIt shortening I V V Gold Plate Barbecue Plate Mexican Plate Fried Chicken Plate 30c Air Conditioned Bolton's 408 E. San Antonio M-1998 Open All Night GIVES YOU A ) J FU MACHINELESS L? t ! II I fO i- -' .T' 7 () I Tians-FRL SAT. CompNtU with 50 curlers. Nothing; eM to buy. ) WVrb teas and as comfort van eea new (iv yourself a beaatalal naadiiadess permanent wave M hone that will bat aa loag as any prafca-skmmI pu uisuuil wsn. Yoa doa't nave to know a thine boot waring hair. Jast follow the ainple directions. Reeast a bcaotifol ware, aoft and cart jr. Get roars today) No rW No Bectricitjr Contain. No Ammonia No Machines or Dryers No Experience Required No Harmful ChemkaU Safe Easy to Use For Women and Children SATISFACTION GUARANTEED . GUNNING-CASTEEL . 6 Convenient Neighborhood Drug Stores 9 f SO MMPLE EVEN A CHILD CAN DO IT, SHAMPOO AND WAVE SET INCL00ED IN EACH OUTFIT i MAIL ORDER Si ADD Cc FOR POSTAGE I Look for this J j Picture on the Box J Nyl IN THE MIGHTIEST AIR ARMY IN THE WORLD! The U. S. Army Air Forces Now Ope. Officers' Tralnisa To All Qealified Men (18 to 24 i-chmvc) la Batfiirti Is High School In Colleae. Apply NOW. IF you arc itching to be in the thick of the fight and you'd like to slip those Japs and Nazis a man-sized dose of their own medicine Then here's your chance to do something about it! The U. S. Army Air Forces urgently need every young man in America who can qualify for the New Officers' Training Program. And 100,000 are needed as of today. NEW SIMPLIFIED REQUIREMENTS The Army Air Forces have always picked their officer candidates from America's top young men. That always will be so. But the method of selection hat been recently changed to include single and married men in business, industry, high school as well as in college who can meet the new simplified requirements for physical and mental fitness. When accepted and when facilities are ready, you will go into Aviation Cadet training, receive 75 a month with expenses paid. In less than a year usually S months you can try for an Officer's Commission as a Bombardier, a Navigator or a Pilot "The Three Musketeers of the Air" I And you'll be up there ready to "dish it out" from a big, blunt-nosed bomber or sleek pursuit ship. Or if you have had the necessary college courses you can likely win a commission in ground service m Armament, Communications, Engineering, Meteorology or Photography. This past year approximately 90 of all Aviation Cadets won commissions. So your chances are excellent. ADVANCEMENT AND PAY As a Second Lieutenant with the U.S. Army Air Forces, your pay ranges from $183 to $245 a month. Advancement should be rapid because of the tremendous expansion of the Army Air Forces. After the war all the brilliant opportunities in commercial aviation await you! WHAT TO DO NOW If you want to do some real fighting for America up there where the eyes of the world are watching ... if you want years of solid achievement you wouldn't trade for anything . . , then there's an honored place waiting for you in the Army Air Forces. And w want you! For further information '. drop in any Army Recruiting and Induction Station listed below for a friendly chat If you would like to enlist now with one of the Examining Boards, arrangements can be made for you to take your mental and physical examinations the same day. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will go on the list for immediate training. The wings of vengeance are growing in America's skies. Assure your place now in the greatest air fleet of all time apply today. NOTE: Those under 31 year of ag requirs parents' or guardian's content Birth certificates and three letters of rccotnrjssnv dation Wil ba required of all applicant. THREE WAYS TO ENLIST AN Men of 18 to 26 Years (inclusive) who pass their Aviation Cadet examination and apply for immediate Air Cadet training, 1. majr enlist as private In the Army Air Force (unaligned) and serve there until their turn com for Aviation Cadet training, 2. or they may enlitt in the Air Force Enlisted Reserve and wait until they are ordered to report far Aviation Cadet training. 3. In addition to the two way outlined above college men and high school seniors (upon entering college) aged IS to 26, inclusive, may enlist in the Air Force Enlisted Reserve and continue their schooling, provided they maintain satisfactory scholastic standings. ( Upon graduation or withdrawal from college, men will be assigned to active duty at a training center as facilities become available. If the necessity of war demands, the deferred statu in the Army Reserve may be terminated at any time by the Secretary of War. Ta aew irmy Alt Sere llifs leeerv tea Is aarf ee ae ever-aH Armf fsflitee leserve Cerai arearaie saertfv fa e aaaeeaeee!. TM areareai wW erevMe eaperfearfles far telle t eafltf la etaer feraacatt f tee Army ea a ferrea Sails sea fe eeaffsee Male eases-flea rarest reaflee W a serlifeeferf steeavre f war le araMatesa. fa case ef aettislfy Me Secretary f Wee ska) aertraW wtte tev ay fee eaftee eethr eatr. We ae efli tea Save f eaear. feettr ettlf far vaeaeclei t Ocer' aleete tcseefi. TW eJaa kn kee aree fa Nm Seflef Mat testfMcwt ef cassette wW eeretta eeaacltlti far leaSereM. rle-serv taflitieeat M eat after waste- "" reeareiae stream I, O. J, C. O o Ttl CU SET FILL IIFOIMITIOI XT UL AIIIEiSES LISTEI BELOW Offttr 44ir ftortmin til (nArflne aVatlent ' is ri ' Mlowfn rtliri: takkttk AmaHlla Dallas AHIine War fsrt Werlk Hsxisa Bsa Aatanie t'sraat I'krittl avtallo rsett !rmfnlri Botrti art torate fa fas folfortsf ctriei.' usiiss hiiiih rsrt went Sea Aaleal Th$ aerelat Iramisla Irm't WIN Visit Tutsi .traool Hurt, Mss 11-11. r. S. Arms RfrslHnf sns Inaartlea Slsllsai loin l-l, 1), s. Caart Hsms, II fui, Tsss Aslallsn fisit Ktamlnlni Bsarli III S. Tklrl Street, rklleeelehle, Finns.

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