The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 5, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1964
Page 3
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THURSDAY, -MARCH 5, 1964 The Third Page Senator Says: 'We're Not The Ottawa Jotjrnab . n& Political Hacks9 "ft: -a - c Is 7 w MAXIWAKI DEBATERS Here are four girls from St. Patrick' High School, .Maniwaki, Que., who are ready to participate in the seventh annual Ottawa and District High School Debating Tournament, to be held Saturday at the University of Ottawa. Students pic tuned above are, by numbers: 1. Suzanne St. Jacques; 2. Lorraine Bros-aeau; 3. Diane Moore: 4. Larry Moore. The tournament is co-sponsored by the University of Ottawa Faculty of Arts and The Journal. ON INSURANCE Best Blasts Story 'Half Truths' . A statement on Civil Service1 staff group Insurance plan' ww De maae soon oy j, v.. rc .- national president oi tne t-ivu Service Staff AssociaUon of i Canada. Mr. Best revealed the decision when he was asked Wednesday for comments on stor ies appearing in the National Defence Employees Association news letter. - The news letter, almost en tirely devoted to the NDEA City Hall No Longer For the Birds I nnnor t-UHyCa Board of Control has decided that City Hall is no longer for the "birds." Controllers Reid and Jones were delegated Wednesday to look into suggestion by Mayor Whitton that the im-. pressionistic "bird" ' fountains flanking the City Hall entrance be moved to a location closer to the Rideau River. The bird fountains which cost $10,000 apiece and have never worked properly could be replaced by the South African War and Riel Rebellion memorials now located in Confederation Park, the mayor said. She also suggested the Confederation Park cannon' commemorating the South African War be moved to CHy Hall. The mayor maintained that all three memorials are of civic rather than national meaning. EDUCATION WCEK More Than Just Money By WILLIAM G. DAVIS Ontario Minister of Education "In Education Week we would do well to sort out our objectives in education today. Some rightly declare that a ' good education enhances one's opportunities for employment during a lifetime the better the education the better the wages and the greater the security in time of stress.- Others, In competitive spirit, seek the highest degree .of education for personal prestige. A few pursue knowledge from sheer Jove of learning. 1 "No one can overlook the 1m-" portant obJectrve-educatipn es means to earn' an adequate "livelihood. Yet, parents shoula ' set for youth also higher Weal : .education for life of sen t Ice.- -f "In r thi- tecTtnoloskif - mJ : andinatbalisUc age it appear - that all too few of oxiroung Duuon to me weu-reing of om-- ' folk jre developing their men- ers can man enjoy fife t Hs .tal processes and manual ss.UH PLAN life insurance plan, makes charges against "our opposition association. DISCREDITS STORIES , . ...A ,k. ,J were "riddled with half-truths i . and inaccuracies." He saidji iJI active ateps were being taken VV Oil YV USUii to bring oat the whole truth on the various plans. The NDEA stories allege "the so-called insurance plan of our opposition has developed into complete flop." One of the reasons, said the news letter, was the high cost for full family coverage plus oroof of medical insurability. Another story, heeded "Cheap Bologna." aheges that a certain opposition group is making a "desperate effort to discredit our plan in the face of the flop of their own." The!fo"nta,ion.- Priv,te org,,n- r fttrtn tat Ia s nswti i r-a net sttn- effort involved feeding some weird "facts" to their representatives about, the NDEA plan. Gerald Charleboht, executive ...a i tisn - ii ' the association since the plan came into effect January 1. Snow Removal Less Expensive Ottawa's snow removal costs are running . about $252,000 below last Winter's figures, Con. Jones told Board of Control Wednesday. Con. Jones said that $483.-472 had been' spent to handle 24.4 inches of snow up to March 2 compared to $735,000 spent on 29.7 inches of snow last Winter., A WILLIAM G. DAVIS with the double iritenf of "self sirnport -and ; teffress-- Onry malting- some contri- ncnesi ana luiiesi. j-r - -i i (By The CP) -Senators are not political hacks but intel ligent and patriotic citltens ac tive hi polities' for one of the two major parties. Liberal Senator W. Rupert Daviea, M, said Wednesday. . The president of the Kingston Whig-Standard, describing himself as a newspaper man. said it is unfortunate that editorial writers who know little about the everyday work of the upper, chamber too often criticize senators. NOT A HACK -I I am certain in my own mlfui that I am iwit fwtlltb-al ' ..-i... w. ...a .i.- .u wi hiioii: speech debate. 1 .U;L- t - r.. :. , j: gii ,,, .in pcmp equally capable as any man elected to the House of Commons of forming opinions on the important matters that come before Parliament." He said men who have participated actively in politics are most likely to deal intelligently with legislation coming before the Senate. . i" i SHOULD SEE WORK ., He wished It were possible fori some editors to spend a week watching the senators at work, both m the red chamber and I in committees. Senator Cunnar S. Thorvad - snn (PC Manitoba), in his 'perate bid to retain its last toe-throne speech.- criticized the; hold B.C. in federal politics. government for "haste" in push- intf the Canada Pension Plan Detailed. ob)ectTve " study was needed first" and he questioned ; C. J a. JTllflPnK Fellowships During the past six years, Ottawa, secondary schools have accounted for 22 of the 355 Canadians who have quali tied for Woodrow Wilson Na tional Fellowships. Total number of fellowships awarded for first year post baccalaureate graduate study stands at 6.500 Purpose of the WWNF ration is to encourage stu dents to take up college teach ing as a career. Students from Fisher Park High School, who Won awards were: Peter L. M c K e 1 1 a r, Carolyn P Nutter, Emmet Traill, 1961 and Eric Leonard Mills, 1960. From Glebe Collegiate: David William Boyd. 1963; Norman M. Rice. 1962; P. John Painter, Elma Beall. both 1961; W. David Shaw, 1959 and Mrs. Nanci Swayze Click, 1958. Lisgar Collegiate Institute: Judith Joyce Wynne Plumptre, 1963; Philip S. Day, Mrs. Sarah Mary Lee HorralL Aviva Kravetz, Sylvia M. Romanow ski, all 1962; Roger A. Bird. 1961; Paul Albin Herzberg. IQJW Nepean High School: Richard Laurence prdwn, 1962 and Marina Alice- ferHahn, 1960. OtUwa Technical High School: Mervih Butovsky. 1959. University of Ottawa High School: Michel Lucien Gaulin, 1961. No Tax Aid For Textile Plant An Italian, textiles firm thatent armed robbery at the home wanted to set up shop in;0( Mr. and Mrs. Emile Sauva- Ottawa may go to Cornwall. ' Board of Control Wednesday received letter from the Commercial and Industrial Development Corporation expressing interest in locating a $500,000 plant here if the city -would grant tax concessions. Mayor Whitton said granting such concessions would mearuf charlge in city policy and would require a private bilL It's too late now to get a private. biU-through the"X)n-tario Legislature if there is any urgency in meeting the Italian company's requests,, she said. The rtayor said she thought the' firm might locate -In Cdrn-i wall, which has been designated a. depressed area and, receives provincial financial! Ho bolster local industry. whether it Is in the best Interests to bring In the pension plan now. The former president of the Conservative party called for a "holiday m the introduction of new social welfare spending. This would enable the economy to return to a sound position. The Senate debate overshad owed proceedings in the Com- onms. wheie preliminaries took up three hours, leaving only 10 minutes in the abbreviated Wed nesday sitting for discussion' of government legislation. j Social Credit Leader Robert 'iThompson and Creditiste , . r ........ . I I, --, ,h. , - " - - treaty. Both called for speedy ratili cation of the treaty so that construction of three storage dams can begin this summer in British Columbia. They also berated the New Democratic Party for opposing the treaty.' Mr. Thompson called thejtreaty a ."mighty good bar gain both for Canada and the U.S. and-found It "tragic" that the 17 NDP members were pre- pared to do alt in their power to block ratification. Mr. Caouette said-the NDP is fighting the treaty in a des- (Nine of the 17 NDP mem bers- represent B.C. ridings.) Both were interrupted repeat edly by H. W. Herridge (NDP Kootenay West), who snouted In terjections from his seat. His remarks could not 1w heard in the press gallery. The debate, which continues today, is on a government motion to refer the 19C1 treaty and the 1964 protocol to the Commons external affairs committee. The committee is expected to call many witnesses on the huge cross-border power pro ject. The rest of Wednesday's sitting was taken up by the. private members' . hour, an hour-long question period, a backlog of 257 written questions and .28 motions for the publication of various government documents and letters. As- the sitting began. Resources' Minister Laing made two announcement: A: special report has shown that" the power potential on northern Manitoba's Nelson River is more than 4.000.000 kil owattstwice Manitoba's own needs for the next 25 years. Cost studies indicate that the surplus could be exported to Ontario and the north-central U.S. at competitive prices. The fed eral government is prepared to discuss with Manitoba the next stage in studying the develop ment. Charged In Robbery Of Uncle MONTREAL (CP) - A young man 'was charged (Wednesday with conspiring with'suspected. members of a vicious, hooded gang to rob his great uncle and aunt of $17,000. Jean - Claude keduc, 23, of Montreal, was arraigned and preliminary hearing was set for March 12. He was granted bail of $1,500. - Leduc was accused of conspir ing with Jean-Guy and Robert Davreau. Jean - Rosaire Falar- deau, Jacques -Vallee vndj nntjj known others to commit a vio- gea'u lh StrMarc des Carieres, Que:, 45 .miles west of Quebec City, j Mr. -wrovageau. 85, was so severely beaten that he was left I speechless for three weeks. He recently recovered to testify against the suspects. gwimiiifiimmM . . ' YOUNG AMT FASHIONS ' ; Dresses by -"SUEBRETT 16.98 , : BILLING S BRIDGE PLAZA l&wimwnHHmiwa iw m.3 a a j j by . till siili n sr. si Ookpik, the fuzzy Eskimo-produced owl j which has caught the fancy of international businessmen, is going on to the assembly lines of firms in Toronto and Montreal. Contracts signed Wednesday between the Fort Chimo Eskimo Co-operative, Handicraft, and. Fur Company of Montreal and Reliable Toy Company of Toronto are expected to bring $23,000 in royalties . this year to the Eskimos. Above, Reiner Henneveld. representative of the Montreal firm, inks' May Dethrone By PAT CL'RRIE sf The Journal .Big Ookpiks. little Ookpiks, snow-white Ookpiks with yellow beaks and feet. The fuzzy, bug - eyed Arctic owl doll devised by Fort Chimo Eskimos is about to have a horde of progeny of various sizes and colors, and if public demand lives up to expectations the Fort Chimo Eskimo Co operative may be as much as J2J.0O0 richer within a year and Ookpik could dethrone Mickey Mouse. v Northern Affairs . Minister Laing announced at a press conference at the National Press Club Wednesday thai the first agreement ever signed by Eski mo designers and Canadian manufacturers will result in the appearance . in the near future of Ookpiks on store counters across the country. The agreement Was signed Wednesday morning by Johnny Berthe, president of the Fort Chimo Co-operative, Lawrence Samuels, vice-president of Reliable Toy Co. Ltd., Toronto, and Reiner Hennevold, Canadian Handicraft and Fur Manufacturing Co., Montreal. WELL SATISFIED . A real Arctic owl might never recognize himself in one of the web - footed plush or opossum skinned commercial variants of the original sealskin design, but Mr. Berthe announced himself satisfied with the commercial product. Mr. Berthe has reason to be satisfied under the agree- Board to Study City Purchasing Of Clothing Framework for an Inspection board to scrutinize clothing allowances for city departments was nailed together by Board of Control Wednesday., Mayor Whitton told Board of Control there have been ir regularities in procedure under which used clothing, boots and gloves are turned in for new issues by members of the fire. police and public works departments. Controller Reid added that he knew of one fireman who was Ordered to get a new uniform even though he already had four serviceable uniforms. Controller Reid -also stated stsH-useable clothing Was being turned in for replacement. Board action was triggered by a letter from W. G. Bow- land, co-ordinator of purchasing, who said firemen's worn clothing is being buried to prevent its re-sale. The Inspection committee will comprise members of police, fire and, public works sdministration with a chairman appointed by the treasury department. 733-7842 i - m mil. aai S TV T UOKPlKiy MASS PRpDUCTION FOR OOKPIK Mickey Mouse ew ment the Fort Chimo Co-opera-tive-w:H-receive 10 per cent of the manufactured price of each doll sold. The 10 per cent figure is double standard royalty figures, according to a North-; era Affairs lawyer. ' "The next-time we sign an agreement like this I hope I have these kind of bargainers on our side," Mr. Samuels admitted. ' He added, however, that he considers Ookpik a sound, commercial venture despite the stiff conditions. PREDICT BUMPER SALES Both companies hope for sales of 50.000 Ookpiks each within the next year. Interest voiced by United States and European parties may shoot sales figures much higher, and Ookpik could possibly rival Mickey Mouse in international appeal, Mr. Laing said. The agreement allows F o r t Chimo Eskimos to continue making their own limited number of sealskin dolls. Reliable Toy is bringing out a white Airline's Flights Suspended MINDEN (AP) Paradise Airlines flights were suspended by the Federal Aviation Agency Wednesday-while searchers continued the grim job of removing bodies from the wreckage of Sunday's crash on a ridge overlooking Lake Tahoe. The FAA announced in Los Angeles that the operating certificate of Paradise, a two-year- old line, was suspended because the firm demonstrated "a lack of ability and qualifications to conduct a safe interstate common carriage passenger operation." The plane, flying from San Jose to the stateline resort area. rammed the Sierra Ridge in western Nevada during a snow storm, killing SI passengers four crew members. Forty-five bodies were . removed from the crash site Wednesday, making a total of 52 recovered and taken to a temporary morgue. Some of the 33 bodies remaining in the wreckage were found and marked for removal when crews resume work today on the ,700-tDoTvat at Nancy, France, April 18; ridge. MYERS MyerSJneans a Dreal Deal More Savings! My e rs means a Great Deal More Sen.ce! the contract while Johnny Berth. Fort Chimo Co-op president, left fitting, and George Koneak, sitting right, Northern Affairs Department interpreter, look on. Standing are, left to right, Don Snowden, chief of the Northern Affairs industrial division: Northern. Affairs Minister Laing; V. Henneveld, also representing the Montreal company: R. S. Staples,' president of " the Co-operative Union of Canada, and Ottawa lawyer Ross Carson, representing the' Fort'Chtmo Co-op. Toy Hero? plush model to retail at $2.M (suggested), and C a n ad ia Bj Handicraft wiQ produce a variety of sizes in fur any thing two inches or less in sealskin and anything bigger than two inches tall in opossum skin retailing from about $2 up. 11-YEAR AGREEMENT The agreement is for 10 years but specified conditions must be met each year by the manufacturers. Ookpik will appear in a number of new forms "as soon , as arrangements h a v e Retailing To Needy Canada can make "tremendous strides" forward in t h e eyes of the world by helping under developed countries de velop retailing. Bertram Loeb, president of M. Loeb Ltd., told a City View-Rideau Kiwams inter club meeting Wednesday night, j He told the Kiwanians the "poor" countries in Europe and Asia want better standards of living, particularly in the food line. "Canada has the brains, resources, and willpower needed to helo these countries." he said. "All we need is co-ordination." He said if Canada provided the "know - how" the countries lacked it would not only help the other countries, but also "help our own country." "Supermarkets can do more than the United Nations to brina- oeace to the world." he contended. "Well fed citizens are contented." CHANCE FOR CANADA Canada should take advantage of an upcoming "evolution in retailing" . by developing a TO FRANCE FESTIVAL flW The CP) A group of Canajian students from the niversity of Ottawa will take part in an international university drama festival in France next month. The students, members of the University's drama society, win stage French-language production of Eugene lonesco's one-act play, "The Bald Soprano" at the World University Drama Festi- to 36. . CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE MEANS a GREAT DEAL . and CADILLAC means a Great Deal More Selection! been completed," according to Northern Affairs. Definite offers have already been made to Fort Chimo Eskimos for rights to produce a . television cartoon series, comic books, game. Jewelry, children's party favors, books, children clothing and ornaments using the Ookpik design. Mr. Laing said Ookpik has already been- registered as "a Crown mark, and ' any unauthorized use' of the. startled-looking doll could lead to action under the Trade Marks Act. Said Aid Countries "Commercial Peace Corps, be said. He contended if Canada didn't do this Other .'countries with political ambitions would, and cited a personal case in Iran where his firm was unable to open a chain of markets be cause of lack of Canadian per sonnel to train the workers. 'We had to withdraw from the proposition," he explained. "Now Russia and West Germany have moved in. Foil Raid On Navy Depot Naval sentries Monday night, discovered and put to flight -two men apparently attempting td enter illegally the Naval Supply Depot at Ville la Salle, a suburb of Montreal, Naval Headquarters' has announced. Shortly after 10 p.m. a patrolling sentry sighted a man attempting to climb the fence surrounding the establishment. When challenged, the man tumped frornJliiefnce and Ted. At about the. same time, at a point some distance -away, another sentry detected and ! challenged a second suspect f nub-ide the fence. This man outside the fence. This man also took tois heels. In each instance a warning shot was fired but the men kept running. Ville la .Salle police are investigating. 4

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