The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 9
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PAGE EIGHTEEN NationtoScanSkies 24 Hours Daily for Foe Starting July 14 WASHINGTON W—Starling July 14, thousands of civilian defense workers will help the Air force •can the skies over America's borders hi a round-the-clock watch for Atomic Engine Ready for Ship Power Would Pujh Supercorrier at Speed of 50 Knots NKW YORK (/p>—The Dally News said today It was Informed thai de- Eigns for an atomic engine to drive a supercarrier at a speed of 50 knots have been perfected nnd .the Navy hopes to start building the ship late In 1953 or early in 1954. This new carrier \voujd be of the 60,000-ton Forrestal class, a Washington dispatch to the News by Jerry Greene said. It would carry about one-third more planes than the largest present ships and—"with its little ball of Plutonium as fuel"—could remain Rt sea almost Indefinitely without refueling, the story said, adding: The Navy has asked Congress for one more big carrier per year for the next 10 years and. it was reported believes the atomic engine will be ready for the Job to be laid down In fiscal 1954. Regardless of what might happen hi tho way of appropriations and developments, the News was told, the carrier atomic engine will be ready for Installation not later than fiscal 1955. Present carriers admittedly can top 30 knots for a prolonged period and can go faster if they have to. But they require vast space tor fuel and have to be accompanied by fleet oilers. The atomic engine, with pluton- lum running a boiler to drive turbines, would save more than a third of the space in a conventional Bhip, eliminate the necessity for fleet oilers and furnish a vastly greater amount of power. possible enemy planes. This 2'1-hour vigil It necessary because "the Soviets have had the capability for some lime to attack us," MaJ. Oen. Frederic 11. Smith Jr., deputy directory of the Air Defense Command, told a Pent*, gon news conference. To which Ocn. Nathan P. Twining, acting chief of staff for the Air Force, added: "We can have no assurance of long-range forewarning of a decision by the Kremlin to attempt an assault on us. The lack of a thorough 2-1-hour watch Is a weakness we can no longer afford." Twining said intelllgenca estimates credit Russia with being capable of launching at any time more than 400 four-engine bombers loaded with enough bombs—atomic and otherwise—to blast all U.S. Metropolitan Industrial target areas. The start of "Operation Sky- walch" wnfi announced yesterday by the Defense Department after a conference of civil defense directors fionl nil states and territories. Smith estimated from 50 to 80 volunteers will be needed to man each of the thousands of posts. Their special job will be lo spot planes flying below 5,000 feet— those difficult to pick up on radar. The network of lookouts will be co-ordinated with the Canadian air defense program. Smith salt! sky- watching in Alaska and Hawaii is not linked with this continental organization but operates under local commanders. Observers will be spotted In 21 slates. They are Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Now York. New Jersey, Connecticut, Khode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mnrylnnr.l, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, lov/a, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California, In recent months the Great Lakes have risen to more than four feet above normal. One Day Only (tomorrow) wii« MOM J Vlll f i, i WFllWI I W TT / SPECIALS Jala Colored OlEO JE 25c Fine Bitculti BALLARDS ?y 25c Fine Quality, All Flavors Ice Cream T 29c Argo Sliced, No. 2 Can Pineapple Ian 19c Large Ears, Home Grown CORN---3ior10c GIANT TIDE---65c RED WASHED POTATOES Ib5< Cannon Wash Cloths Size 11x11, Asst. Colors—each— Cannon Bath Towels Asst. Colors, Reg. 49c—1 Day Only Grn. Star Pillow Cases 7<l r 42x36, Reg. 49c—1 Day Only " ^** REVIVER SHEETS $<00 72x90, Reg. 1.49—1 Day Only ' Air Conditioned BLYTHEVrLLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS House to Take Social Security Roll Call Vote 4'/i Million Americans Would Get at Least $5 More Per Month WASHINGTON lift— A roll call vote was ordered in (he House today on a bill to Increase social security benefits at lenst $5 a month for 414 million Americans now being paid under the program. The measure won tentative approval yesterday by a voice vole hut Rep. Kord (R-Mlch) objected (Jiat BO many members were absent that tlic approval was not valid. Speaker liayburn <D-Tcx) ordered today's roll call. Sponsored by Hep. Dougliton (D-NC), the measure would raise social security payments by an estimated 300 million dollars a year The bill calls for: . A monthly increase of 55 or 13(i nor cent, whichever is larf/er, In payments lo retired persons already on Ilic rolls. J5 Monthly limisl 2. A $5 monthly boost above the i present formula for persons who retire In the future. 3. Proportionate increases for wives, widows, children and other beneficiaries of the sy.slcm. 4. An increase from $50 to $70 In the amount of earnings a retired person may obtain monthlv and still receive all social security benefit?. 6. A free/.o of the social security status of totally disabled persons— so their retirement benefit.* will not be diminished by a calculation ot their non-productive years in figuring their benefit payments. It was the last provision which set off sharp criticism of the bill by the American Medical Association and Republican leaders as a •step toward socialized medicine. The measure would allow the federal security adminlstrator-os- car Ewing has that Job—to make rules covering the medical examinations of persons claiming total and permanent disability so they may benefit from the freeze provision. Too Much Control? Rep. Reed (R-NY) paced Ihe opposition, arguing lhal the provision wonkl give Ewing too much control NO MERE MIRROR ILLUSION—Robert Werner, 21, isn't doffing his mortar board in sclf-contfiatulation, he's saluting his brother, Richard. The identical twins, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Werner, of Rosedale, L. I., gradualed from RenSEClaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, N. Y. So alike are they that even their girl friends'l tell them apart—except by the shape of their ears. Woman Says Lindsfrom Promised 'He V^ould Blacken Bergman's Name' LOS ANGELES MV-The Woman Ingrld Bcrmnan sent lo ask Dr. Peter Lindstrom for a divorce testified he told her: "By the time I get through with IiiKrlil. she will never be able to sec Tin. I will Wncken her name and Rosctlini's in such n way that no court will ever allow her to sec Pia." The witness, Mrs. Marta Conn, testified yesterday at the trial nf Miss Bergman's suit for summer custody of PJa, her 13-year-old daughter by Lind.storm. The father opposes the suit on the ground that Italian movie director Roberto Ros- sellini, who married the actress after she bore him a child out of wedlock, would be a bad Influence. Mrs. Colin, wife of screen writer Art Colin, wns on the Mediterranean island of Stromboll when Miss over the medical profession. Don^hton denied thnt the :nea- sure has anything to do with socialized medicine which, he told the House, he "will never be for." The .social security increase is being reconsidered by Ihe House. Voting under n parliamentary procedure that required a two-thirds majority, the House rejected the measure recently. Bergman fell in love with Rossel- llni while he was directing her In a picture. She testified she contacted Lindstrom in Paris in 1949 nnd told him Miss Bergman loved him and their daughter, but wanted to marry Ros- .scllini. She quoted Lindstrom as saying he would not, consider a. divorce. Undstrom, however, Inter won a divorce anil custody ot Pin. It Was Hotter Than The Deyil in Hell — But Cooler in Paradise HELL, Mich. (/!>)—It was hotter than the "devif" here yesterday. Residents of this Southeastern Michigan community sweltered micler 103 degrees. They envied residents of Paradise. Mich. Paradise, located In the North- rrn part of the state, reported a liigh of 67. HAL lOYLrS COLUMN Do You Want to Live to Be 100? Best Way to Start Is to Be Born a Girl! TUESDAY, JUNK IT, 19M Fallacy Tlic very name "panther" strikes a note of fear in the minds of most people, yet there arc less than one dozen authentic records known \vhere the panther, or mountain lior, attacked humans. NEW YORK IJtt— Do you want to live to be 100? There are mor« people trying to reach this goal every year and the best way to start Is to be born a girl. Just as women can hold on to a dollar better than men they now hold on longer to life. Lady centenarians by a wide margin. You can't beat the feminine passion for property, even In the matter of piling up years. They won't let go of a good thing. How can men live longer? That is very easy. Take a Up from the Birls, fellows. Live like they do. Take It easy. Dr. Morris Fishbeln gave the key to longer life the other day: "imperturbability." That is a 7- syllabled word meaning "calm down — don't gel excited." Women Lead Quieter Live* Women instinctively and by preference lead quieter lives than men. They conserve their energy better. Men can gen excited over any trifling thing, and do. Nothing really excites a woman except — well except, possibly a man. And as soon as she gets him she again usually resumes the even tenor — I mean soprano — of her ways. This was crisply put by a lady centenarian some years ago who Q What saving is safer than cash? Your U. S. DefenM ^ Boodfl are just lilc« cash—only safer! If you love cash, that's money gona. But if your bond* should b« destroyed or lost, the U.S.Treasury wUl replace th«m at no cost to you. You csnalwaynredeem any bond after 60 days. And Defense Bonds earn food interest... an $18.76 bood can pay you back »33.67! For safer saving, buV U. S. Defense Bonds! explained her victory over tlm* by saying: "whenever I had an emergency in my life, I met it by going to bed." Don't Pound Heads Most housewives inluitvely know this is good »dvic«. What happens if something at home upsets them? They don't pound their heads gainst the k lie hen wall. They go into Ihe bedroom and lie down and have i nice, relaxing cry — *nd arise refreshed. There Is no reason why a man can't follow this example in office or factory, if » crisis comes up, my boy. don't blow your top. Simply lie down on the "floor and rest while you think it over. The boss may stare at you (he first time or two. But after you explain the reason to him — that you are only trying to live longer — he will tell you to mos'e over so he can He down and live longer, too. Kids Test Carnival Rides in Florida JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (/P>—Officials of the charity carnival here are pretty sure their "Kiddieland" will be a success. All the rides have already been successfully "kiddie- Air Station personnel. feature enjoyed by „.»,* Ivory 6 m«llow drop... 4 TOP 4 KENTUCKY* BOURBON Guoranteed Watch Repair $706$;! 86 Your watch b disassembled, cleaned, plvolj polished and hair spring! adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler Next door to Wade Furniture nmwirr jtuiiin louiim mm. 4 nus on. tow. mi TOSS nifliui.c ™ m BEATS All OTHERS IN FIMIUNHER STYLING Here's Ihe big reason why lliis is the "holiest" car in our history. Mercury offers you something really new ... in (act, everything new. And folks like you h'ave been quick to iccognize-anrl respond to-this fact. For this is no mere face-lift ... no years-ago model with the chrome moved around. This car faces the ftilure with fresh, buoyant styling that will Hay in style—and protect your investment. BEATS AIL OTHERS IN ECONOMY RUN You hear claims al! around about economy. But who'i the official champion, selected by the American Automobile Associalion in open compelilion? The record shows il's Mercury-twice the Sweepstakes champion against all comers in the Mobilgas Economy Run, three times champion in il» class. Here's Ihe car that AM what you want th»t the others wish they hat). Stop around soon for * no-obligation ride. Don't miss the big MevWon hit. "TOAST OP THE TOWN" with Ed Sullltsjs, Sunday evening. 10:30 to 11:JO. Station WMCT, Chinne) 4 , STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Str*«t

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