El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on September 18, 1941 · 1
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 1

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1941
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M1 GOOD MORXIXG! EN and women of El Paso, the day If approaching for an opportunity, to join up in some home defense unit. If you are interested, set in touch with the leaders and enlist Friday where you will be best fitted to serve should an occasion for actual service ever arise. m mm IN CITY Elsewhere THE WEATHER. (Bv 0. 8 Wmr BUTMUl Wrat Tnu: Moitly tloudj Ihartinn ecaiofial rain In Bth sn4 central r tlon, uprtkdinf ever J"nhndle We4nt Uy. Nw Mexieat Ctmiderttil elsndlrjaaa Thuriiiajr; nhowers and IhonderitoriBfl over southern half of Ul. LilUa Chang a la temserature. Arlxona: Considerable elendtneH Thura day; occasional light rain lower elevatl 61st YEAR No. 261 EL PASO, TEXAS, THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 18, 1941 Full Lrased Wlr Roort of Tha Associated Press I API The United Press lUPi International News Service Central Press 14 PAGES mm mum m tom p mm n ura mm 1 w . I , a t MAY Soviet Russia's . Credit In U. S. Is Strengthened Jesse Jones Reveals Order To Advance $50,000,000 Washington, Sept. 17 , (INS). Federal Loan Administrator Jesse Jones disclosed today that the United States is advancing Soviet Russia $50,000,000 half payment for projected purchases of vast stocks of Russian metals in order to prftvide the Soviet Union with sorely needed dollar exchanges for her war purchases in America. Jones said that $10,000,000 was being paid the Russian Government today, and that the remaining $40,000,000 would be advanced as Russian needs require. The move was made upon express direction of President Roosevelt. ACTIVE AID TWO MEN' DEAD 'Phone Firm Is Sued Here For $138,466 Damages totaling $138,466.51 are sought in two suits filed Wednesday in El Paso Federal District Court undep lne Lend-Lease Act. the against the Mountain States Tele- !prMjrit. ha flrm,,iinreH that nr. Jones indicated, declaring he was in receipt of a letter from the President asserting that the "Russian Government needs dollar exchange with which to buy war supplies in the United States." This government, Jones explained, has arranged to buy S100.000.000 worth of manganese, chromite, asbestos, platinum and other materials from Russia. Although the Soviet Union is not specifically excluded from benefits phone and Telegraph Company. The cases were removed from the 41st District Court. such assistance will be tendered Russia, at least not for the present, inasmuch as the Moscow Govern- Pluintifff are survivinfi relatives, ment haf sufficient credits and or i nomas i, iwmuy imu.u u , t finance her purchases. r . m t nrkn -.- MONEY ADVANCED .net in vwmihj, ..... " ....... linemen employed last December by Morgan and Zachry in the Fort Bliss cantonment construction. At AGAINST CARGOES The S5O.O00.0O0 Jones stressed. will be advanced against future de legations said a wire, attached by livery of cargoes rrom Russian cmploves of the telephone company ports, which may require up to to a pole on which the two men! three years for completion. were working, broke and the pole Mr- Roosevelt said in his letter to crashed to the ground, inflicting in- j Jones that the purpose of the ar-jurics which caused their death. rangement was "to assist the Rus- The Smith plaintiffs are asking sian Government in paying for war for damages totaling $90,000 and the .supplies which it -wants to buy in Looney plaintiffs are seeking $35,- the United States, and which it can 000 get in limited quantities." The United States Fidelity and The President observed that the Guaranty Company of Maryland, arrangement would "expedite our .mother plaintiff, is asking for S13.466.51. the amount it allegedly paid out under the Workmen's Compensation Act of Texas. Board Will Hear Company's Explanation Commissioners' Court will meet In-a special session of Uie County Tax Equalization Board at 2 p. m own national defense program Jones clearly Indicated the present financial arrangement would not mark the end of financial assistance to Russia. He explained Russia's financial needs were being handled on a "short-time" basis, and indicatrd further supplies of American dollars would be made aavilable as they become necessary. Jones expressed the opinion that U. S. Navy Guards Ships To Iceland Washington, Sept. 17 (UP). American warships are convoying as far as Iceland ships of all flags carrying war sup plies to Britain and her Allies, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox revealed today. It was the first official disclosure that the U. S. Navy has undertaken convoying as part of President Roosevelt's orders to protect merchant vessels of ull nationalities in American defense waters and to shoot on sight all German or Italian warcraft enter ing those areas. Knox told a press conference that the Navy is using all known naval means of protecting Lend -Lease cargo ships, including convoying. The disclosure came when he was asked whether the Navy was convoying war shipments to Iceland en route to Britain. Said Knox: "The escort of convoys by war vessels is only one of the methods that can he used and are being- used in all our defensive areas." Despite his use of the phrase "all of our defensive areas,'' Knox referred specifically to the North Atlantic. He said he would not tell newsmen whether the Navy is furnishing protection for merchant ships outside of this area. Recalling his declaration to the American Legion Monday that the Navy would use every means to assure adequate protection for nil ships carrying Lend-Lease supplies as rar us Iceland, Knox said: "You must bear in mind . that since the first World War many more methods than the convoy have been developed to protect ships, (Continued On Paee t toL ti 'Milling Day' Celebration , In E. P. Talked Fatal Midair Crash 4 RE SHOT Millions Of Men Called For Duty: In Soviet Reserve Germans Claim Great Gains ,- :- nAREENlNG upward, streaming smoke behind and a portion of its shattered tail falling, an Army pursuit ship has just collided with the Navy dive bomber just behind it and is about to start a plunge to earth that caused the death of Lt. John Bobroski of Racine, Wis. The planes were in opposing forces in current Army maneuvers near Cousiattaf La. The ra'didyna'tt of the Nai:y plane parachuted safely and the pilot made it safely back to base, although the craft was damaged. Plans to stage an annual Southwest "Mining Jubilee n.n-" in ri Paso were enthusiastically discussed Wednesday at a meeting of the Min ing Committee of the Chamber .f Commerce. Homer A. Jacobs is chairman. Senate Passes Road Bond Bill Stevenson Hints Another Special Session Of Legislature May Be Called In January Nazis Make All Parisians 'Hoslages' i tj ASSOC I ATM) fRlSS j Vichy. Unoccupied France,! Sept. 17. Parisians of every class, creed and occupation received harsh warning from their German conquerors to- l-m r f T --.. . , night that they are liable to! II lflfi 111 Hiolll I 111 Wltc ' . j tacks on German soldiers; cease at once j Ankara, Turkey. Sept. 16 (Delayed) (I P). Bulgaria In a The summary notice, following the . .,' r ' ' ! ' ' . , " . . death of u Nazi iion-commissu.ned formal demarche has requested permission for eight Bulgarian officer who was shot on a Paris destroyers, a submarine, three E-boals and a torpedo boat. to j boulevard Monday night, caused pass through the Dardanelles into the Black Sea, it was re-i the deepest concern in this c-;iiit;il ' vealotl tdllifiht t !,., .....cm i,,i.,s4 ..rin i " ' NBC in New York hoard the' T,,e demarche revived the rumor that Italian warships British radio say two Germans had had been sold to Bulgaria, though this was denied by Bul-becn killed and a third wounded garian and Italian diplomats. in the most serious anti-N.ui attack yet to occur in Paris, hut it appeared this might have been a Moscow, Sept. 18 (Thursday) (INS). Russia early today dnrin''1 went week"" "tvl"lin levealed she had informed Bulgaria that the latter govern-'pieneuchethe French min-1 mp,,t's reP'-v lo lhe ret,el Soviet warning against co-operat-isier of the interior, summoned inff with the Axis was considered "unsatisfactory." Foreign American correspondents of the As- j Commissar Vyachcslav M. Molotov conveyed this informa-sociated Press and United Press for, tjoll to Bulgarian Minister Stambolov in Moscow, it was an-an hour-long interview in which he . said he was doing his utmost to "OUIlcen. prevent serious German reprisals ni Pans. But he expressed fear that Berlin, Thursday, Sept. 18 (AP). German speedboats in iaSvr, "rri r,,d, :nABrilhh convoy Tuesday int.. their own hands the imlice ad-night and sank four ships of 25.000 tons, German military ministration of the occupied capital, perhaps imposing a dusk curfew and shooting many more hostages. On the latter point the new German warning, from both the Nazi military administration in Paris it- ;,'..,,i '.? r w L .Tv .' . con" Moscow, Sept. 13 (Thursday) (INS). -With an order re- piicit. it threatened that "an in-! tiuirhig all civilian men between the ages of 16 and 50 to creating number of hostages" would i undergo immediate military training, Russia early today oe executed umi uiut they no, dipped into her vast reservoir of manpower after announcing rrJZ'" victories hi which the Germans were .said to have lost from all classes of the Paris popu- 500 tailks and 45-000 to 50 000 troops. reports said early today. The report said that a fully-loaded tanker of about 8000 tons was among the ships sunk. All .German boats were said to have returned to their bases undamaged. The supreme Soviet State Defense Committee, headed by Joseph Stalin, announced the decree calling for compulsory military training "outside regular working hours" of able-bodied men for the purpose . of "preparing trained reserves lor hind France's fortified wall in the the lied Army." 'spring of 1!I40. was declared lo have This order, extending the "People's lost two-Uiirds of effectives, an Army" proxram to embrace addi- estimated 500 tanks, in the thunder-tional scores of million.-,, came ous battle that ended in a German after a Soviet midnight column- rout some ::20 miles south and nique announced the sinashinji of sli jh'Iy west of Moscow, two Nazi tank corps, personally led' 'lne elimination of 43,000 to 50.000 - into a KiKantic battle of steel toon- German troops was said to have Washington. Sept. 17 AP'. The stcrs west of Bryansk by Cot. Gen. occurred in a month's fighting es south of Lenin- tion. the Senate today amended slightly and then unanl- ,., ,,. ,.,, . n.r- n,.v,...M .-..!!., ,ih ,.,o,h,. ,i.., .! Unrts F. Fox, general mnnaccr of mmrclv pnnrnvnrf a rnaH hnnrf Kprvirinir hill OVPrU'hPinilllElV i.r:.m i t .i (lm fitv.l iif in i iinmlie ' rfrl 1 1 nA tfli liieimi I U'llli kt 'J t ftri 111 Ilia Cni'inr me Liiamoer of Commerce, soniei endorsed bV the House aDUarently heading the special legls- of Conrrss today ami was dis- flanked the Maxiriol Line and sent, nique which flatly, denied a Ger- mm.- as" nusfjesvea r.i raso snould I , ., ' , ' ., (Continued on Parr 2. Col. 6) IIVAI. APPROVAL Senate Sends Big Tax Bill iTo President Br AwocitTl o l'iils Washington. Sept. 17 "AP". rhe stcrs west of Bryansk by Col. Gen. occurred in a Austin. Texas, Sept. 17. Culminating Critical COnsidera- r,'c,"''1-b,,'f,kl"' revenue lill-cl--; Heinz Guderian. fmed orK.uuzer about 1.10 miles . ,u- o -t-j , ,nl. '" 'also $3.j53.4iMMi0 to of Adolf Hitler's panzer legions. ; Krad. The Nazi jnursaay io nwr u.c :ntf riolar BAVHnCf.. mnde i Russia company's arguments as to why it M be M bacl ,f Russja rendered its local property to theihU,d meet defeat at tne hands of the Nazi invading force. Asked countv tax assessor at a lower fig lire than was rendered to the city. Mountain States Telephone k Telegraph Company officials were K-heduled to protest action of Tax Assessor-Collector Herman Rosch in raising the utility's valuations $134.-000 to conforjn i0 the company's rendition to the city. After making the raise. Mr. Rosch passed the matter itno the hands of the Equalization Board for settlement of the valuations. Commissioners' Court members laid last week they will attempt "to find a way" to force the utility to give better service to Lower Valley residents, and to make certain ad- (Continued on Tage 2, Col. 1) point blank if the advance could be recovered in the event of a Russian defeat, Jones replied: "I think we'll get the money back." Summary Of The News Huge Number Of Hangovers Imported Here Try lo figure the number of hangovers: Approximately 18.000 gallons of liquor, mostly whisky, have been legally imported from Juarez since Jan. 1. This was disclosed Wednesday when John H. Mayes, district supervisor of the State Liquor Control Board, said that state taxes collected at the alcohol tax unit at the INTERNATIONAL. Berlin Nm' panttr divisions t,mvm iirrniinrll Klv. ir drlvlnr inlo Crimea, and fighting is raring Santa Fe Bridge totaled around in parks of Leningrad, according to .$23,000 from Jan. 1 to Sept. 1. more than was collected in all of 1940. German sources. Mom-ow Victorious Rrd forces havt driven to within 30 miles of Smolrnnk and are preparing to lay nic ;t to the town, Russian announce. Bulgaria's reply to recent liuttlan note charting co-operation with firrman military force rejected by Kremlin. Stockholm Three modern Kurd-Kh destroyers wrecked, a transport unk and munitions dump reported hitf In a mysterious explosion in Mwedrn'i naval proving around. A yet-unused poison fia.. unno Vichy Nasi occupation officials tlceable until about eight hours warn all Parisian they will be ron-iluler when you suddenly fall over aldrred "hnsUret" unleM wave of dead." grimly and constantly re terrorUm against German aoldien Is balled. be revived as the eontrr of minim,! latlve session toward rapia adjournment activities and festivities by bringing j The action, which returned to the House me diu com in mining men and picturesque I promising the controversial county " prospectors of the Southwest once j road bond servicinp issue, was fol- IfHRFIS RtVI'.RSED o ..cur mi a roosmx gooo ume. lowed bv Senate rdoolion. dv vote Following this suggestion. Mr. Kox j0f 30 to 0. of a House resolution to received many letters from min ins j nriinurn the extraordinary session men in the Southwest and northern ' FriH.iv at r n. m. Mexico highly praising his pro- Mfmberf (lf tnf, House and Senate' . C , , , mr I tU I posed program and promising 100 m.edted th(, owrr legislative! VU S Olll Uilliltl per cem support. . branch would adopt the Senate ' I am glad to see that El Paso is tPration(I nnd avojll sen(1ing the bill T? Winl Alpx liUl going to again take its place in the . a ..,.- committee. i I. HI II I iTll.AIl ' sun as a nuniiiK. remcr oi mis Southwest territory," one writor K'onliiiued on Tage 2, Col. it 'Police Expect said. Tlie Chamber of Commerce Mining Committee decided to start work in earnest on nn annual mining day i celebration. The date will be announced later. Mr. Jacobs appointed the following as a general committee: R. S. Beard, J. D. MacKenzie. O. P. Lance. John C. Barry, C. F. Corzclius and M. W. Hayward Meanwhile. Gov. Stevenson, whoi had submitted the single subject of piicc formerly troubled by road finacing lo the lawmakers. 5U,iel) ,.ars beiiiK sent t,i Mexico, hinted another special session might: nuW probubly will liave to watch be called in January to consider jor automobiles stolen in Mexico iemeiKcnry mntters such as na- anr smuggled into Hie I'niled Stale j as car thieves atU'inot to cash in on America's booming ued car .market. Chief of 1'olu-c L. T llobcy iiaid Wednesday. Kdwin A. (;orn,ley of Dallas. 17 chief of the southwestern division tiomil defense lctiislation. Ecuador Asserts Refugee Boat Bombed Guayaquil. Lcuador. cpi. 1 iitchi-fi lit Presiiipiit Itoi ivmi-tt. 1 his Lilik rlnniiL'inu tn vielnrv ho.' I The history-making measure i expected In lift federal revenues above the SI3.0tKi,0OU.Oi(t mark next! jycar but, because of moimtiiu! rie- fense expenditures, it will not be enough to lai ry nut .Secretary j Morg.'iiitluiu's suggestion that two- thirds nf Kvei nment.il costs be: paid from taxation and only oiie-j third from borrowing. I ; Only a scattering of 'nor'' v .as ! nearn w nen me measure a com- iniu. ii,a vi-i tn,- ui... promise between separ.ite bills """" " -e. omasnius nuo- puscd by the Senate and House-i lnp Crimea after snapping shut a huge pincers around Kiev-was voted upon finally m the and trapping 250.000 Soviet troops in an area the size of Se"!,t'- ' !New Jersey. t sla McGana';,' ,Nev, 'a,' These sources said German troops were invading north-; Thomas i)-rtin because strategic em Crimea with their Bonl apparently the Russian Black" metals industries ucte not cm mpt- Sea naval base at Sevastapol. Farther north other forces Nazis Say Kiev Is Surrounded Berlin, Sept. 17 (UP). Reliable but unofficial German him rA....nraa,n ,.hiti K.'iiH to- (ho M'ltt.itial Autu Tiiift Hwveuu. The following chairmen are to a p-' r('10u..Mmpn nnf1 fioven chii. rnnfirmwi ,- chwr oomion. lie were reported advancing rapidly into the eastern Ukralnf. Authorized German military pokesn en preda ted spectacular I hiJ and e'estroved 20 nnall Coastfll r.ew successes soon by the southern point members of their respective committees: John G. Barry, program: C. F. Corzelius. entertainment: O. P. Lance, publicity; J. L). MacKenzie. ways and means. dren were killed when Peruvian .expects international trafric in planes machine-gunned three boats stolen cars to be reversed because loaded with persons being with- of a potential shortage of new drawn from Ealan, Tendales and automobiles here and subsequent Paliu Manv refugees were report-, increase in sales of used cars, cd wounded. MEXICO Wll.l. Hl.T I P lt-Mll.r. mil, Aii-vi.n NAVY STILL hll Balboa. C. Z.. Sept Illness Halts Senate Motion Picture Quiz Washington, nepx. ll n,ri. iiie uaiuun. v-. .,,,.(,,, M.,. fit v Senate nquiry into allegea mouon.h. ,uvai ouicers iu..y nia.n.u .., '...,.,,, . ... ..nr-tiiefl traffic II i 1 f I picture "propaganda" films was silence on reports that a.. American,-" are go!n toco-! Hr ltlSl! T 00(1 ed from excess profits laxe. Aftrr the Senate llon. Julin T. Jours, ilirrrliir of labor's Non-Partisan l.rj;ur anil ( IO IrclNlative rrpresrnUtivr. rir-, rlared the hill nmild pbrr "an rvtrrmrly heavy luirilrn nn low Inenine (roup Irait able lo pay, uhilr failinc lo ta adrqiiatrly hl( rorpnrallinis and wealthy iniliv liluals." Hie leiiislation will affect, di rectly or indirectly, practically ; they would huw "tremendous every ciuen and ui.i orum pii ...u.. ., ...... ...v ( indications that lhe Breat armies of Marshal Karl Von Hun-tedt. CnoffUially but usually well inlormrd Na'.i sources followed up with broad hints of a blitzkrieg tide engulfing whole Soviet armies. Spol.esmen said that when details of the operations could be revealed ships. The unofficbi reports gathered weight from cle.ircut indication that the biggest drive by Von Run-stedl's speedy mechanized forces was in the direction of the Crimea, illack Sea I'eninsul.i rich in raw.' material and tipped veith the Soviet nava! base at Sevastapol. ' For som- days the Germain had suspended today .,,, Sept. 3. ,e-1 Naval vos;,l had sunk an Axis - , ; The state charBe, a tax of 11.28 i 11 se ' naD Illy or one ol , rail ler in ine i-acuic an. . Mr. Gorm 'the Investigators, ben. c. waywnrl Sadler. iiaiDoa commaiinam. sain . r, . . per gallon, or 32 cents per quart of I Brooks iIUlD to be present for only: "I have no news to release -, ', ,1,,. American can can tcnisxy brougni in irom Mexico. hearing this ween. id.iy on uie miiuer. T. i Ch,rUobey .,y heard (- 'T' 1?!' 17 fINS'. U. Wr- U"rnile.v hud been confer- iContinued On Pae 3. I ol. -I , ( laiife. British Food Racket Exposed Mr aoxoi I i 1 1 cat h NATIONAL. I.oiirlon. hrnt. IT.-HriUln in on Uie city .. smoking larxory cnimneys. enter Mexico without extra ereden- Vere of ulrrn prooeriillmi nf a cthixlral lower, aim nai nouses tials to a dptance of about 14 miles, perton invnlvril in a wartime fond i Wl'ie in , l.vn sight. If they pass beyond this "free zone racket of ureal magnitude. Informed Fanatical Rio-sian real was re-they are liable to fine of IHKl pesos. prron dlv-liisril liinishl. ,'lected In t azi reports that the de- A move is underway to creel large., (r tAsrH uv be hrnulit fendi i s of the old capital were Riv- clearly legible signs to mat k the 0 fouri iniirrnu. Thue In the ing ground grudginRly, liiunchlng beginning and end of the zones. now ,y thry will lrl hIUi black 'repeated cmintei -attacks, maintain Mr. (i iriiiley reported thieves mar,r, 0prrallnns Involving linn- mg a hemy artillery barrage, and who shuttle stolen cars across the j,,,,, of ,, nl ,hr ln,t valuable hurling gun t tanks into the German border henceforth will find the go- nl,j,,iiif. tm ilwi.r storks which ranks. think we've got something. Youj "After a lecture op gas attack, ing tougher. Not long ago. he re. hjt( hfrn hli p , rrHrnt Appnrei.My reliable reports said can't Imagine what surh simple which we had today, you begin totalled, a car-roared across the Kl 41t (irrnmn invaslnn. , the Gernniis had succeeded in push. IhlnRi are until you do without ; think that everything isn't all beer Paso brulgi- through the interna.; .i Praili. f ing Soviet trooi.s back over the! minds Americans In Hrltain that them. I'm learning my way about nnd skittles. They have so many lionu! gates at no miles mi hour ... . , . ,,UPV , .,! ih f ,ui -inili-" ide Perekoo Isthmus. "everything Isn't all beer and skit- - in blackouts now. Believe me, it's ' gases In use that you don't know and disappeared into the night. Now ,vllrm.r ,(,,. M, krl. tradition- li.lmi.g Crimea und the t'kratnc and i ties," according to James V. Sims, plenty difficult without a single ; whether you're coming or going. 'artificial "bumps'' will be put in v otfivUl OUrir maintained wer. beginring the invasion of! !r''.U'i fif fk fvlfli-nroi rnanniirAH tcaNiauB forces! ,, j ... , ... ,,,,l, i;aiiini i'i inn Ukraine Soearheads wei-p driven j Military dispatches from fie north fiir 4.HSt of the beleaguered city. s,id paner div ision-: had battered ; . c nrw reports were that thev Uoot by foot through lningrad's 'had been ,un : together. hlo nl.soal.ed suburbs Into a I If the reports were true, they Islrongly du'eiided park from which Inuant that m-obablv three nf Marshal Semyon Timoshenkos Sovie armies :f the south central All Isn't 'Beer And Skittles9 hi Britain Former E. I KUOI) Man Writes Aboul Poison Gas Peril And, when we get a banana, 'can use more nnd more materials. front had been trapped. They also m,mt that Kiev, lying nt the western ex remlty of the pocket, finally had b-cn bottled up. w-Oilnrlon Jew Jones revrsli, former annouiicer-engliieer of Ka-jlight unywhere. Automobile arc ; Probably the two most deadly are highways to prevent such gct-awajs -j, nUrnvr lmUv r,r ,ftfr lhe rorll.rn Crime i proper. Hut it was .. . l. i -j a An Situio-.n Kfinri allownd to use one headlight onlv.ithat old favorite, mustard, and a he tain to Russia sixlnst future purrhasrs' Mr. Sims, now associated with the , and lhat light Is equipped with u new mie called Lewisite. Lithei j ; hy tbe I'. . to bolster the Soviets Royal Air Force as on American ra-'siieclal metal mask with three slita one, if present, can kill )ou before. I IMXI.SL 'I R NKI.NHII.IN dollar rre'dit' In this country. dlo lechniciari working with the in it. It allow just enough for the you know what it's all about. Lewis-; Tokyo. Sept. 17 AP'.-The Unit- tVashlniton Senate pars and famed radiolocators, is stationed at driver lo get along. lie lins a peculiar way of being tin- cd States n now "in the ii vl.v nrd in Prrniilrnt Roosevelt the Bournemouth. England. In a letter I "The ilrltl.li pmple over hei-f. nolircuhle until about eight hours pooiion of having ret up t!te rernrd defense tax bill. 'o Edward Talbot, chief KftUD en almost unanimously, don't want later when jwi swihlenly fall over Chungking Frmikciitem" uhlih is Wnl Hashlngton Secretary of Navy gir.eer, Mr Sims wrote: i America in we war. ah imy w imx nemj. very loveiy imie uiay iiiuik.-. proving an oo-un ie to agreetnem Kna Mntli that V H cunbosta, "England I a little short on ma- is to have America supply them don't you think' I.ewi-ite v. as in- v. Hli Japan, the foreign office -coll ar rnnvovlna all merchant vei!terial things, and we nrr doing with more materinls We have ventH hy an American, ironically I ml led Japan Tunes and A'lveili-.cr U IrHanri. iwiihout lots 'if funis and the lik , plenty of manpower over ht-re l)ut(eno j-.ikI pxlny in n i-diiDi ml. onilim not known whether the entire nrck t land vva.i held hy the Germans. I The official UNO news agency Joll. Isaid tiermBii bombers were taking' :oid Mr.-i lieavy toll on Kussiao shiping in ! H ! the ni.iik Sea. It sjld they rank two! I..v after a llu eek V ,i-i li ausports and rianniged 11 morel ration in I.m-g lle.n h, Calif Mayor , li aniports nd mcrchiintiiirii total-, Anderson plans to I o Land for 'ing ".'H.tMKI tons, scored three direct the City Coin, i ,1 , iru!,ir .'i- moii hits on n battleship of the Marat! j Thui .win';, i'.vl'' ' fl.'HHMnn Iliissiiin battle-j first utory broke In the rvriilni press. OK It ( K O.N M,i( r J I. Anderson Aii'lei -on i, tin m il to A Day Never Passes Rut what somebody would like to buy what you have to sellthose Items like used sewing machines, baby beds. Cogswell chairs. washing machines, cedar chests, davenports and muny other articles you no longer need. Convert them Into ready CASH NOW by placing an economical wunt.Md, Phono Main 6600 for Courteous Ad-Taler i

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