El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on June 21, 1917 · Page 4
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 4

El Paso, Texas
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Thursday, June 21, 1917
Page 4
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4 Thursday, June 21, 1917. EL. PASO fcLERAUJ BILL TO PUSS DIG UP CELLARSjWftNTS. ELPASQ ¡COUNCIL VOT HUNTING BODIES STREET OPENED SiflF ES Opposing Senators Are Be- ; 120,000,000 People Are to Every Building Occupied ginning to Hear From Buy as a Unit and Domi- by Cocchi in rlew York to Constituents, Belief. nate the Markets. Be Searched for Girls. Merchants Complain Army Gives Fund for Recruiting Washington, D. C., June 21.—The j Kansas City, Mo., June 21.—Exten-i administration food control bill prob- > sion of credit to small and weak coun- ably will pass the house Saturday but i tries is one of the most powerful in- when it will go through the j fluences that the United States and senate is uncertain, although the gen- | her allies may develop against Gereral belief at the capltol today was : many and Austria, said Dr. Edward that i,ts enactment would be accom- , E. Pratt, chief of the federal bureau plished within two or three w'eeks. j of foreign and domestic commerce, in This belief is predicted on the fact an address before the National Asso- that. the opponents of the legislation i elation of Credit Men. in convention are beginning to hear from their con- j here today. stituents. , Dr. Pratt declared that the central The bill may even be finally enacted powers are already planning to dom- by July 1, as urgently requested by i i^ate the world’s trade after the war president Wilson, according to senator Chamberlain who is piloting the measure through the senate. Debate proceeded today in both branches of congress. In the house f general debate closed and the rule imiting speakers to five minute talks was in effect to continue until a final vote is reached, probably late Saturday. Ciorf Attack« Mill. and that plans have been perfected whereby 120 , 000,000 people, the total population of Germany and Austria- Hungary, will buy their supplies from the rest of the world as a unit. United production and selling agencies also will be backed by the German government he said, adding: “One of the most important and effective steps that the entente powers and this country can take is to so or- 1 SS“‘ *&' never * Yn S t he° future aU the senate yesterday by senator Gore, | smajjer and weaker countries be forced to depend upon a power so of Oklahoma, who said it would mean a loss of $250,000,000 to $500,000,000 a year to Oklahoma farmers, and was • is vigorously defended by senator j AUAltil U/lf I DC UA^T nn Kenyon who denounced food specu- j uIxAltAm WILL £>£• nUoi IU lators. Hr> j»n Endorses Food Control. Washington, D. €., June 21.—William Jennings Bryan, passing through the capitol today, added his endorsement to the administration food bill in this statement: “A government that can commandeer the lives of its young men and call for the money of its older men should have power to protect the whole people from the greed of an unpatriotic few'. I am not afraid to trust the president with the powers w'liich the food administration bill proposes to confer. He acts in daylight and without a selfish interest. No president would abuse such a power.” dangerous to freedom.” Y. M. C. A. BOYS AND OFFICERS J. Landrum Graham, membership secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will entertain all the boys who attended the camp at Mountain Park, N. M., at a banquet to be given in the Y. M. C. A. building Saturday evening at 6:30 oclock. The honor guests will be the boys’ work committee of the Y. M. C. A., composed of Dr. J. A. Rawlings, C. W. Groom and R. A. Whitlock, and H. P. Demand, boys’ secretary for the tri­ state organization and Charles Brown, boys’ secretary for the El Paso association. New York, June 21.—The cellar of every building occupied by Alfredo Cocchi, in whose shop the body of R.uth Cruger was found buried last Saturday, is to be dug up by detectives to learn whether more girls met a similar fate. Work of excavating the cellars was begun today in several buildings in which Cocchi conducted motorcycle repair shops. No word of the arrest in Italy of Cocchi has been received by the police and it is feared that he has fled from Bologna where news was last received from. Both commissioner Woods and district attorney Swann are working on the theory that Cocchi is the key to the white slave traffic in this city as revealed by Mrs. Grace Humlston, attorney for the Cruger family. Eight detectives were assigned today to the bureau of missing persons. Records of the bureau show that since January 1, between 700 and 800 girls and young women have been reported as missing. “Deadline” Works Great Injustice on Them. Merchants of South El Paso street below Overland, which has been designated as the soldiers’ “dead line” by Brig. Gen. George Bell, jr., held a conference with the directors of the chamber of commerce Wednesday evening for the purpose of discussing plans to “cleanup” undesirable places cn South El Paso so that it may be reopened to the army. The merchants announced their willingness to cooperate with the military and civil authorities for the purpose of eliminating all undesirables from the Here; Permits New Picture Men to Start. The city council at its meeting Thursday voted to appropriate $000, to be given the chamber of commerce to be used for recruiting purposes next week, -which has been designated by president Wilson as “national recruiting week.” This action was taken after a committee consisting of Maurice Schwartz, H. Y. Ellis and Otis C. Coles, accompanied by secretary George H. Clements, had called [ upon the council and made the re- i quest. The committee was named at j a meeting of the board of directors j street, so that bootlegging and other of the chamber. forms of vice will be eliminated. Jf necessary the merchants said they would employ a detective for this purpose. After much discussion by the merchants an 1 directors, John M. Wyatt, president of the chamber of commerce, appointed a committee to wait on Gen. Bell, composed of George Ryan, B. I j . Farrar and J. W. Kirkpatrick, of the chamber of commerce; Philip Bohn, H. Jaffe and E. Rosenbaum, of the merchants. This committee will meet Gen. Bell this afternoon and present a petition signed by practically all South El Paso street merchants This money will be used in defray- i ing the expenses of the newly organ- I ized national guard company headed ! by J. F. Colley a\td M. Lippman, and j to assist in obtaining recruits for the j other companies now being organized- ; Jiew Motion Picture Firm. The council granted permission t<? \ the Pasograph, Inc., a motion picture corporation, to erect a motion picture j studio in the Bassett addition. Harris j Walthall, attorney for the corpora- | tion, and James Keane, its manager, asked the council for the permit. They announced that the company will also occupy apartments from 4 to 10 in the Friar apartments, in Tin HOUSES Flour Sells In Chicago At $2.40 a Barrel Less 7 han Price a M eeh Ago RQ0F C0LLAPSES. AUTOS Chicago, 111., June 21.—Flour sold: RTIDlcn liMnPD \17 DETt' ATT today for $2.40 less per barrel than a BUKJLLJ UfM/Lfx WKllLIVAvil. week ego, standard spring patents; A number of pew automobiles were bringing $14 and bakers* brands j damaged when the roof over the rear $12.10. Nearly 50 cents of the decline | pf a garage back of the Cadillac was registered yesterday. ARIZONA WOMAN PLOWS 50 A l CRES TO HELP FOOD CROPS Williams, Ariz., June 21.—While her husband was away on the round-up, Mrs. M. C. Smith, of Pittman valley, has been “doing her hit” in the way of food production. Driving a four- horse gang plow% she has prepared a field of 50 acres, a part of which she and her 11 year old son now are planting to potatoes. Dublin, Ireland, June 21.—The Sinn Feiners, who have held several demonstrations since the release of the i persons arrested at the time of the uprising last year, brought about fur- A number of original stunts will ther disorders today. Some 500 of them carrying Sinn Fein flags, attacked residences of former soldiers over which union jacks were flying. Window's cere smashed and police who came up were stoned. Eight men and five women were arrested. assuring him of their willinginess to w ________ ; cooperate with the military to stamp I the ¿100 block on M> rile avenue, i out vice below the “dead line.” This new company will begin ~ Hope, If Street 1« “Cleaned.” ! so°n possible making I The meeting was called to order by | filr»ii=. Mr. Keane w’ill leave for Los Mr. Wyatt, who outlined its purposes. ! Angeles to join his company, wrnca I He said the chamber of commerce de- ! later will come to El Paso. A seven sired to do its part in aiding the mer- '¡reel feature film will be he fiis^ I chants of South El Paso street. Mr. j produced here by the new company, ; Wyatt said he believed if the street; which has made some large screen was “cleaned” and freed of vice that i productions on the coast. The Faso-| graph company is a separate organ* j be presented by the boys, who have shown a great interest in physical accomplishments, both in the Y. M. C. A. classes and at the camp, and have perfected some good aerobatic and pyramidal events. the “dead line” possibly would be lifted to stamp out dens of vice. Mr. Bohn suggested that Mr. Wyatt appoint a committee to wait-upon Gen. Bell. He said the El Paso street merchants whose places of business are below the “dead line” are willing to do anything possible to assist and eo- izatlon £rom the Zi> %'eld corporation, which will also establish its film city j here. Petition» Granted. The council granted the following j petitions: Texas Tailoring and Cleaning com- You always move if you call 3500. •Adv. I Wanted to buy secondhand bicycles. Allen Arms & Cycle Co.—Adv. Sales company, at Florence and Mon tana, fell Wednesday night. The damage was not noticed until Thursday morning. There were about 20 cars stored in the room, among them seven new Oldsmobiles belonging to E. H. Fletcher, and a number of private cars. The most seriously dam- j aged cars were Cadillacs, which belonged to the Cadillac company, and a new Oldsmobile of E. H. Fletcher. ; A few cars near the door were not ! damaged and were moved out with little trouble. The buildin°- belonged to the James 1 L. Marr company. The part which collapsed was built later than the main building. Old Reefy island Clerfy To Be President of Road I authorities ! Mr. Wyatt then explained that Gen i Bell was unable to attend the meeting | owing to a previous engagement to j attend the Red Cross rally at Cleve- j land square. Promises Vice Elimination. I Mr. Rosenbaum said he believed | with proper encouragement and assistance the military and civil authorities could close all undesirable t ,,»1 a m a*places on the street- but that he did J. ^ o o not believe that the better class of or the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, merchants should suffer because there recently discharged from receivership. are a few t)iaces of vice on the street, will reorganize here late today and j Point«* Out Hoot Beer “Joints*»» James Edward Gorman, who was aj J. Orwitz said that ^ere was no clerk on the road 3 d years ago, w ill question but what there was bootleg- be elected president. j g-jng on South El Paso street. He said Mr. Gorman is 53 years old. He he had a number of photographs to was first a clerk at the age of 14 j prove it. This can be stopped, he said, with the Chicago, Burlington & if the proper steps are taken. He said Quincy and later for a few years with, he did not believe the merchants operate with tlie military and civil j pany, to instal a gasoline tank at t 311 Texas street; Home Builders, Inc, for an arc light at River and Noble; arc light at Sixth ciitzens, for an arc light at and Kansas. Three Ordinances Amended. The council adopted three important amendments to ordinances as follows: Amending an ordinance forbidding smoking in theaters, moving picture shows, and other public places, and requiring proprietors, managers, agents or operators to remove all persons from theaters and moving picture shows who violate it. Amendment to an ordinance regulating the storage of gasoline within the city limits. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to deliver more than five gallons of gasoline to any person who has not received a permit as required by this ordinance for handling gasoline. Violators of this amendment are subject the Rock Island. j should act as spies for this purpose. In the years that intervened until but that they were willing, if neces- «ona *• 1909 he worked his way up with vari- j sary, to employ a detective or to aid to a 1*00 fine. ous roads. In 1909 he returned to the in any manner the military. The j Amend»» ItnildlnK Ordinance. Rock Island and under the receiver- i speaker said that many root beer! Amendment to an ordinance provid- You always move if you call 3300. -Adv. ship has been chief executive officer .1 "joints” on the street were dens of ----------------------------------- ---- i vice, saying that a few places like BAR ASSOCIATION TO NAME these "ou,J ruln 311 m<,r<'hants- 'MiiiimiHiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniHimiiiiMiiiitHitiMimiiiiiiiimiiitiitMiimimmiMiiiiitiiiiitimiiiiitMiiiittiiimiiiimiiitimitmii H. Jaffe said he had been in _ _ _ NEW COUNTY COURT JUDGE Paso for 20 years. He said he did not j be an archite believe the merchants of South El = The El Paso Bar association will Paso street should be discriminated E hold a meeting within a few days for against. | the purpose of selecting a judge for j Complain* Street 1» Neglected. = the county court at law. The law Mr. Orwitz said he thought the mer- ing for a building inspector and fixing his salary. This amendment pro\ ides that the building inspector shall El | be appointed by the council and shall t or a practical building mechanic. It shall be his duty to inspect all buildings in process, construction or repair. The present ordinance requires the inspector to have either 15 years experience as an archi- s, creating the new court went into ef- chants of El Paso street had been j tPOt "or as i nractieal mechanic feet Wednesday. Matters relating to neglected by the chamber of com- probate and all other matters over j merce during public affairs; that which the county court had Jurisdic- there were never any decorations on tion will remain in that court, while j the street and that parades never the new court will relieve the county : were routed that way. court of jurisdiction over criminal : Mr. Wyatt explained that the reason and civil matters. I the parades wrere not routed there was Judge Peyton F. Edwards, Will P. Brady and C. H. Veale are said to be candidates for the judgeship of the new court. because the military said there was not sufficient room for the men to maneuver. he Secretary George H. Clements said ; fire an(* building, i had visited Gen. Bell and that he Petitions of citi Petition»« Filed and Referred. The petition of George R. EeBaron for a sewer connection and extension to lots 3 and 5, block “P,” Garden subdivision, wan referred to the committee on health and sanitation. The petition of the Y. M. C. A. for a refund of a building permit fee was referred to the committee on police, tizens for an arc light Barefoot Sandals For the little tots are a pleasure these hot days. They may be had in White, Tan, Gray or Patent Leather. Priced $ 1.50 to $3.00 according to grades and sizes. In remodeling n>e have not forgotten the little folios. In a ferv Jays ive will have completed the largest and most comfortable Children s Shoe Department in El Paso. CÑÍATeO fi PASO'S vxAresr s/oe swan zsm 203 Mesa Ave. ~mmmMm»mmmltl<ltlll>lll>lll>lllll,lllll*>>lllllllllll>,llllll>>,,im|>|»m»m»tmmmnminimnnmmnmimmmmi I TROOPER RAGLAND, EIGHTH II CAVALRY, DROWNS IN RIVER Walter G. Ragland, 19 years of age, private troop L, Eighth cavalry, was accidentaly drowned in the river at Fort Hancock, Texas, Tuesday evening while swimming. L troop is on fne,ahi.e^..erJjf?„ft v?„rtrfH,aMCOCk,’ 1 °-1 BARN, REAR PORCH AND AIR ing border patrol. No details of the i accident were given by army authori- i COMPFESSOR FIRES PUT OUT ties. The body was received in El , ___ . . . _ . _ = Paso Thursday morning by the Peak ‘ -, a V A ?ro~*n’ z i Undertaking company, and will be ? Olive stieet, was damaged by fire = sent to Arvada, Colo., this evening Wejlnesday afternoon at 4:30 oclock. i fnr int-prment Boys playing in the place are said to s j ‘ ______ have been the cause of the blaze, ac= FRINK LESI,IE ABLES. cording to firemen. Companies six s The funeral of Frank Leslie *Ables, and seven answered the call. 51 who died Wednesday morning, was The porch in the rear of the home si held Thursday morning from the of W. E. O’Brien, 2733 Silver street, § chapel of the Peak Undertaking caught, fire Wednesday afternoon = company at 10 oclock. Interment was from a fire in the yard, fire depart- in Concordia cemetery. Many friends ment reports said. Little damage was of the deceased attended the services done. The blaze was extinguished by ---------* fire companies six and seven. M1ARY C. THOMAS. Fire in the packing in the air com- Mary C. Thomas, the nine months pressor owned by the Quick Tire Ser- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. jvice company at 323 Texas street, at Thomas, of <00 Mesa avenue, died at ^ oclock Wednesdav afternoon, did their home after a short is employed by r«,*,, x^-. ,nswpr-d the oall press company. The body will be an-%veIea *tne can. sent to Topeka, Kan., for interment, !nunpilIW nAUt, rnnu nrcro^rr this evening or Friday morning. PHOENIX BOYS FORM RESERVE associated press wins CORPS TO HELP FARMERS ITS SI IT AGAINST I. \. S. The boys of Phoenix, Aril., have established the first American boys’ was determined to prevent hi« men j at Tularosa and Stevens streets was from entering dens of vice, but that be believed the merchants should see the military commander and that they would undoubtedly secure his permission to raise the “dead line” on this street if it was given a good ‘‘house cleaning.” referred to the committee on streets: and parks. The petition of property owners of | Highland Park against blasting by W i r>. Moseley wras referred to council' as a whole. In their petition the) property owners contend that the blasting in the quarry of Mr. Moseley is very dangerous to the lives of persons living In that neighborhor I Flying and falling rocks impair the 1 lives of the residents, the property owners said, while buildings are also damaged. Franrhine Ordinance« Considered. A franchise ordinance granting W. G. Roe and H. L. Birney the right to construct a spur track on First street was adopted. An ordinance granting a franchise to the Southwestern Fuel and Feed company to construct a spur track •’cross Stevens avenue was placed on its first reading. J. N. Gladding, city engineer, submitted the estimated cost for the improvement of Bishop street from the east line of Alta to the west line of Stevens avenue, which was adopted w J i i uieu ) 4 oclock Wednesday afternoon, did „ ..„«„intinn Kottinir Tulv Wednesday afternoon. connirtoVahla aml a resolution passed setting juij t illness Mr Thomas > ? damage but caused considerable ag date of protest. ,v the Wells Fargo Ex- Ismoke- Fire companies one and two Health Report Slum* 44 Hinh*. * ____ ... - i fl Tt C ¿2» r C /"» t r"i ii AQ I 1 i „ j* * * m * , * iwiir+fl JF ä VÄ Summer Rates to Texas Points Galveston and return......................$34.40 Boeme (for San Antonio) and return........................................$26.75 Port Arthur (for Beaumont) and return ..............................$37.50 On Sale Daily May 15th to September 30th. Limit 90 Days. Galveston and Return * 2&22 On sale every FRIDAY—Limit 10 days City Ticket Office 206 N. Oregon St. Write for booklet on the Wonders of the Apache Trail of Arizona. % New York, June 21.—The United States circuit court of appeals has granted the full prayer of The Associated Press in its case against the International News Service and today directed the district court to issue an injunction in accordance therewith. No Kiwnnig Club Meeting Friday. The Board of Directors of the *KI- wanis Club have decided to postpone the regular weekly luncheon this week on account of the Red Cross campaign. , r (Signed) J. W. Kirkpatrick, A(*v. President. Industrial reserve in the United States in accordance with the plans of secretary Herbert C. Hoover, chairman of the United States food commission, reported H. P. Demand, who returned Wednesday from Phoenix, where he installed G. E. Simmons of Sportsburg, S. C., as the boys’ secretary. The plan of chairman Hoover provides for an organization among the boys for work on the ranches and farms during the summer and thereby assisting in the production of food as a means of materially raising the food reserve. The report of the health department for the past week gave 56 ’eaths and 4i births. Of the deaths 11 were Americans, 44 Mexicans and one negro. Of the births 17 were \ me r I cans and 27 Mexicans. This department during the week condemned T 00 pounds of meat, and vegetables. The report shows 22 cases of con Saving the Nation a Famous 35 horsepower four cylinder Overland Motor 112inch wheelbase Cantilever rear springs Five Passenger Auto-Lite starting and lighting Overland is saving the nation millions of dollars every year. This famous thirty-five horsepower Overland has for years been produced in larger quantities with better facilities and backed by greater resources than any other car of such comfortable size« Millions of dollars have been saved in costs by reason of these great Overland advantages. When you buy the 35 Horse« power Overland Model Eighty- Five Four you get your share of these millions of savings. For this car is by far the greatest value ever ■ offered in such a beautiful, powerful, economical, easy riding car of such comfortable size. El Paso Phone Get vours now. Overland Co., Distributors 170 Kansas and Boulevard Model Eighty-Five Four % 895 /. o. b. Toledo Subject to change without notici PETITIONS SIGNED BY 25 ISHR1NER NOBLES LEAVING MAY SECURE KINDERGARTENS FOR MINNEAPOLIS MEETING Austin. Texas, June 21,-The law ! Coin* without the Arab patrol of passed by the 35th legislature author- i El Maida shrine this trip, because izing school boards and school trus-! conditions, Sam J. Freu- tagions" disease of which seven are ; tces to establish kindergartens in the to^he^mperia^bcouncU oVthe'Prudent measles, five scarlet fever and five public schools, is now effective, it 1 Arabic Order Nobles of the*Mystic chlckenpox. provides that kindergartens shall be 1 Shrin^. wij 1 leave Friday for Min- rhe report of I* D. Hullurn. sanitary ODGned on th„ l)Ptit«nn 9r ‘ r" neapolis, Minn. Sol I. Berg, also a nimissioner, for the week shows °Penea 011 tne petition of 25 of the delegate, will * ÇRyoriggV LAST STAGES OF RIGGS DISEASE Are You Looking For a Good Business Opportunity? Wanted Partner to Open Womans Ready-to-Wear Shop in El Paso A successful business man now engaged in business in this city, having also been engaged In this line of business in other cities, w’ants a real live wire to invest $2,500 and become an active partner in establishing a Ready-to-Wear Shop for women in El Paso. This is a great opportunity for a good investment. Full plans and particulars will be discussed with those interested. Address, Box M 401, Care Herald nn. Sol patrons of the school. It is also a | accompanied by Mrs. Berg 'chU*- reQuirement of the law thal the peti-|dren’ for Minneapolis. Mr. Wyatt tion for the establishment of free kin- befS^L^turni Washins:ton> D- c- dergartens shall be presented between! ueiort' ne returns, the first day of June and the fir^t ! ~——------------------- TOWARH riTY PSJIQftiy CA 1 >M I ^ August of any one year; the ASSOCIATE JUSTICE YANTIS ^ ^ •—The following 1UWAKU CllY PRISON FARM, cost for the establishment and main-* 'QIIFFC'DQ aonn rw CTnnvr features are observable Four prominent men of El Paso i,enan(i j V k*nt*er£artens shall have handed chief of police B. J. Za- j ?« *>Jld J®™, lt"e school tax Austin, Texas, June 21.—Judge J. E. bnskie their checks for $100 each to- thvf 0 establishing such \antis, associate iustice of the su- ward the new city .prison farm, to be ! ^wered t o em <^ov Vo U 8l/a11 b>e ,*,m" ! pre.n,e Cour,t: ,is reported to be in a instituted as soon as possible. All of d^artens onlv tL«» v U£h kin-¡serious condition at the Seton infirm- the men asked that their names not I Z J*.?*8.® .who hold state | ary, as a result of a stroke of apoplexy suffered Wednesday afternoon, while comm that a total of 780,fi00 pounds of garbage was hauled by the scavenger department. FOUR MEN GIVE $100 EACH SUFFERS APOPLEXY STROKE the treatment of riggsdisease'^>y^a*1 tients using pyorigg: The disease be used. Chief Zabrlskie said Thurs- j *c,nfierSrarfen certificates, day he feels very confident that he is 5 going to be able to do wonderful things on the farm as soon as it can ! be put in working order. He has several offers of property, but so far the| offer made by Charles N. Bassett has j been the best one, as the use of it isl unlimited and it is near enough to 1 the city to make the place desirable. Many prominent citizens have gone M®, the police station and asked the chief about his plan and offered their assistance. ---------—-—— * city jail is a deplorable place.” If your hair is getting thin and vou said Dr. John Hardv, police surgeon, ' are troubled with dandruff or itching atter makine an ¡ninn of thr scalp, get about four ounces nf Parisian sage from your druggts® This helps to prevent find ness and keeps the scalp clean hair _ hints Helpful Advice for Tnre of th«* Hair Worth, ,he "Ï ^veryone Who Uonld Avoid Dandruff, Itch in* Scalp, (¿ray Hair and Rnldnesi*. j at the office of a local physician here : He had ~ promptly arrested. The’Volor'of’the P™? *» restored to a healthv pink condition in the course of a few davs redness of gums disappears. Inflammation, soreness and sensitivc- fill 3 omSa rA^ir °UmS bU'ld Up aml . i:,,recedlT}^ st°PS- Teeth lose Me had gone to the doctor's office ! their' vellow onlor !ose to be operated on for an affection or « Coine oiXr SePar^ed teeth | the throat when he was seized nithlup and tighten i ivaco Judse " at!shru?k?„%e^\re°^n&t.da«end — --------------------------------- jnealthifiea. These are the results SALOON M\\ AKRESTEU 2yorif*‘ a new 0.\ RED ( HOSs ( t)MPLAIXT eaa! wh specially for riggs dis- i Lpon complaint of Erving Hass, mediVnta,V" comes in the form of a member of a Red Cross Committee, po- disnen**,? ,olntn,ient ar»d is lice Capt. Will Simpson Wednesdav af- Si81Pe?*,G1<Lln ?r*flnal packages, price I making an inspection of the prisoners. "I think it is about time that some one was taking an interest in getting things in different shape. VV hen the jail was first built it was ail rig^ht, but we must realize ‘‘Before going to bed I rub a littl* that El raso has outgrown Its jail, | Parisian sage into my scalp." says a just as it did its tsmall business | woman whose luxurious, soft^ and houses,(or as a boy will outgrow his fluffy hair is, greatly admired This clothes. .keeps the hair from falling out and makes it easy to dress attractively. himpson Wednesday af ternoon arrested J. Gilmore, proprietor of a saloon at 825 South El Paso f,iZV;J>Tlua char£e of assault and dis- tuib.ng the peace. According to tho statement of Mr. Hass, when his coin, mu tee entered the saloon they asked Gilmore it he would subscribe to the , ' roas. and in reply he started using abusive language. When taken h.e station, Gilmore furnished a $¿00 cash bond. He will be given a preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon in corporation court. one dollar, at best drug storea^ in- \dv y & p°Hard in El Paso.— Campbell’s Cafe. Merchants lunch 40c. Music, singing. -Adv. I’ancy Serd Corn. Uecleaned fancy native-grown Mexican June Seed Corn. $7.50 per 100 lbs. K1 Pnso Seed Co., Inc., A lady visiting friends says: Parisian sage is the best hair treatment I ever used. It keeps the scalp free of dandruff, prevents hair falling and stops itching scalp.” Everyone the hair, but be of 3 rF;,STi Antonio St., one block east |druggist’foVPaVislanJsageU((fhouVa)1.* of city Han and Court House.—Adv. for this brand will not stain or streak ■Ton always move if cal. Ply you.—Adv. BRUSKD 'VHK\ THROWN FROM Bl (¡G\ BY FRIGHTENED HORSE I etra Moreno. 531 WTest Missouri street, sustained painful bruises when she was thrown from the buggv she .^as driving, in the 1300 block on knows sage is good for hor-V^h^t.VrV 1 ri'uht^ned.5'’ "’he" th® taken to the emergency where she was attended by Hardy, police surgeon, turned to her home, not She was hospital, !>r. Johni Later sho re- The horse did d.nertonth«Wbifî?.d n0 damag# Was Tbe Perfect I ocxi for invalids Highly rucom.-Htmdtd &y prominent /.wysscaws» for tuberculosis. WIOKMANN‘8 PURE, EVAPORATED GOAT MILK Easily digested by even tltm m>*akmst ttntrarhs; uonàmrful i» tu botfy. buütJirtg pranertu's. Unexcelled baby food. AT UEADINO ORUGGifTa U*Cfc‘ W ^

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