El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on May 26, 1938 · 7
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 7

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
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Thursday, May 26, 1938. .Main 6600. .THE EL PASO TIMES El Paso's HOME Newspaper. .Main 6600. .Page 7 Safeway Super-Market Near Five Points Among Most Modern Stores In City Shoppers Find Good Service, Free Parking Entire Building Air Conditioned For Customers. By BILL FLATO. Modern merchandising methods, and up to the minute improvements chartcterize the ' fifth anniversary celebration of Safeway Store at Montana and Laurel Streets. "As Modern as a Radio Beam," is a slogan that doesn't overstate this Safeway Store a bit. Owned by Safeway Stores and managed by Bert Shaw, this shiny Safeway is absolutely the end of the sentence, and in keeping with the policy of other fine Safeways give El Paso homemakers one of the most modern and comfortable grocery and meat establishments in the country. Large windows across the front of the store are used to display fresh fruits and vegetables, and what a fine array of luscious fruits and vegetables greet the housewife's eye! The wall shelving at this Safeway, along with the low-center line double-display shelving, form wide and spacious aisles in which customers may trundle their cartbas-kets with the greatest of ease, doing their shopping with an uncrowded, unhurried leisure. The store occupies 4800 square feet of floor space and is situated on a corner far removed from the congested shopping district and is provided with ample drive-in parking space, and employees are ever ready to assist customers in the selection of merchandise and in the loading of their automobiles. And no hot-weather discomfort for shoppers bceause air-conditioning maintains an even, comfortable temperature throughout the day. "The Safeway organization features nationally advertised products," Mr. Shaw pointed out, "and consistent with Safeway policy, this merchandise is offered at the lowest possible prices. "I think that the arrangement of this store, together with the many facilities offered the customer for his or her comfort makes it one of the most delightful food stores in the southwest. Of course. Safeway policy of offering the lowest prices also prevails, and we do all in our power to live up to our slogan: 'distribution without waste.' " To the left of the checking counter, and at the right of the front of the store, is the handsome meat market. Roger Slattery, manager of the meat department, is especially proud of his modern display equipment, and well he may be! For his store was selected by the El Paso Safeway organization for an ex-, hibit of the Grand Champion calf and lamb purchased at the Southwestern Live Stock Show this spring. Slattery points with pride to Safe-way's participation in that event and its tremendous purchases of prize-winning entries as an indication, not only of every Safeway of- Beautiful Store Is Pride To Local Safeway Organization i . m" 7 ii r-i - ' . 1 T ' - Jn - "fMt' -v - - Located at the corner of Montana and Laural Streets and occupying 4S00 square feet of floor space this Safeway Store is one of the most beautiful and finest appointed grocery stores in the southwest. Cus-tomers are offered the latest equipment for their convenience and are also provided until most modem lighting fixtures and air-conditioning. A large parking lot is provided next to the store with driee-tn facilities from two streets. Roger Slattery is manager of the meat department and Bert Shaw is manager of the store. Isaak Walton Fans Like Don Thompson Izaak Walton sought peace in living, and most of his outdoor hours' were spent at angling. He went about the sport enthusiastically, and this pleasure, which also won him a certain immortality, served throughout his life to allay most of the miseries he suffered when he wasn't on the bank of some stream. He fished with skiHful ease and approached each problem in a simple way, whether his chore at hand was the construction of a hair line for casting, or a decision on the relative merits of the tag-tail, or twachel (all worms). "To a person not interested in fishing." said Don Thompson, of Don Thompson, Inc., dealers in fishing equipment, "the sporti with all its attending tackle, equipment, boat, and time needed, may seem a trifle much ado, but it will seem so only to those who have never tried it. For your true fisherman will angle and angle again. If you happen to be the sort of person whose motto is: "I envy not him that eats better meat than I do, nor him that is richer, or that wears better clothes than I do: I envy nobody but him, and him only, that catches more fish than I do," then the ?lace for you to hie to is Don Thompson, Inc., because there will be found all the equipment dear to the angler's heart. Waterfill Gardens Popular Resort Waterfill Gardens at Zaragoza and in Merico across the border from Ysiela is proving a very popular resort thij summer. The tieirly constructed club offers a pleasing combination of genuine Spanish Colonial architecture with the most modern appointments. An investment of over $100,000 in U. S. currency has provided an exceptionally fine cabaret, restaurant, tap-room and amusement center. Situated in a 500 acre tract of land it offers accomodations for 750 guests. Waterfill Car-dens specializes in meeting the demands for family parties and it is not an unusual sight to see an entire family from grandparems to the smallest children enjoy an afternoon in the pleasant and sociable surroundings. Evergreen Nursery Supplies Trees ficial's desire to co-operate with local enterprises, but as further proof of the quality of merchandise sold in Safeway markets. Mr. Shaw emphasized the fact that the Safeway organization always co-operated with any national effort to increase sales of producers throughout the country in sponsoring "producer-consumer" events, and pointed out the special efforts I t V t JK Ar.,4;nin XTntiAnnl ! Cotton Week which will be celebrated from May 30 through June 4, and during this time the immense facilities of the Safeway organization will be devoted to selling merchandise produced from cotton products such as oleomargarines, shortenings, oils and laundry soaps. txtjrpmr . I 3L Most complete ilock f of equipment and i v p p Hen in the v Southwest. TRI-STATE EQUIPMENT CO. JJL C. C. Mr NAY, Mgr. '3S El fund, Pecos, Texas jpljjp Treat your car to the SERVICE it RIGHTLY DESERVES Motor Tune-up with Sun Motor analyzer and teeter Rpar frame and axle allien. All-Point lubrication with all ment by factory represenla new equipment, tive. Special paint room for Cuco and Factory trained mechanics, schooled synthetic enamel finishes, In the servicinm and repairing of every make of car or truck. Service work can fce done on our convenient budget plan , , payable In easy weekly or monthly payments. EL PASO MOTOR CO. 311 Montana St. BOB FOLK President CHEVROLET-PONTIAC DEALERS M. 4230 ! ft at y. Stocks of plants, shrubs and trees offered by Evergreen Nursery is the largest in the southiuest, Aboue is a view of one portion of the nursery devoted to the acclimating of Chinese Elms, Arizona, Italian and Monterey Cypresses. The nursery also offers hardy narieties of Eucalyptus, Lace Vine, Lantanas, Magnolias, Oleanders, Hahn's Dwarf Ivy, Star Jasmina, etc ... . The nursery is located on Alameda Auenue next to Evergreen Cemetery. Chinese Elm Thrives Here Evergreen Nursery Sells Large Variety Of Trees. El Paso's penchant for the Chinese Elm as an ornamental or shade tree is largely due to the efforts of T. E. Hogge of Evergreen Nursery. Demand for this beautiful and serviceable tree was retarded in the past because of the limited time during which it could be planted. Until recently Chinese Elms could be planted only from October to March. Recognizing the possibilities of fered in this species of tree, if the planting season could be extended, Hogge devoted considerable time and effort to the problem. In 1934 he perfected a plan whereby the tree could be planted the year-around. By "balling" the tree it can be planted anywhere in the El Paso territory with every assurance of success. Hogge reports that considerable foundation planting is being done now. This planting includes lawns, shrubbery, berry bushes, trees (ornamental and shade). Evergreen Nursery offers a complete service on all this type of work, The service includes free estimates on the complete work from the excavating and filling in of new earth to the furnishing of every imaginable species of plant. Hogge is a specialist in landscaping and devotes his personal attention to the systematic planning of Texas Leading In Home Loans First Federal Savings, Loan Association, Is Listed. i Special lo The Times' Little Rock. Arkansas, May 25. Prosperity in Texas is reflected in the April repons of the 119 Texas insured savings and loan associations, according to the monthly statistics prepared by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Little Rock with which the institutions are affiliated. Continued increases in savings and in home loans are reported for the month with Texas leading all of the five southwestern states comprising the Ninth District served by the bank. Savings accounts in the Texas insured associations have grown steadily during the past several months, showing a net gain of $6,040,768 since last July. These funds are insured against loss up to $5000 for each account by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Washington, D. C, and are the accumulated savings of 61,835 Texans. Included in the compilation prepared by the Bank are the figures of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association, located at 315 Texas Street, El Paso, whose accounts are insured. Texas Leads. During April, loans on homes aggregating $1,886,978 were made to 1038 Texas home owners, approximately one-half of the proceeds of which were used for construction of new houses. Loans totaling a job and in many instances furnishes the prospective customer with an illustration of what it will look like when completed. The Same High Quality At the Same Low -Price 1 L-wa Years ffSloid pill $520,247 were made to assist 260 Texans in financing the purchase of existing dwellings. Since last July, the Texas associations have loaned $14,858,446 to home owners throughout the state. Collections are reported to be excellent, and, officials of the bank said, the associations have ample additional funds available for lending on the popular monthly direct-reduction plan. The loans are made on homes, repayable over a long period of time, in monthly payments which are a little more than what rent would be on the same type of dwelling. Loans Increase. In the five states of Texas. Arkansas. Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico, forming the Ninth Federal Home Loan Bank District, the total loans for April were $4,067,060, which was the greatest volume of lending done in the District in any one month in the past several years. New savings funds received by the associations during the month, throughout the district, aggregated $1,663 253. Officers of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association are: G. J. Casselberry, vice president and secretary; H. T. Ponsford, president; J. F. Drlscoll, vice president; W. M. Peticojas, vice president, and O. P. Luther, assistant secretary and treasurer. ' Air Condition Barbecue Pits Tom Burchell Installing Units In El Paso Establishments. Tom Burchell, proprietor of Tom Burchell's Barbecue Pits, 114 N. Stanton Street and 3406 Dyer Street, announces the complete air-conditioning of his two establishments. The Dyer Street place is already air-conditioned with an Es-sick Ayr Cooler and a Sea-Air system will be installed and placed in operation at the new place recently opened at 114 North Stanton Street. Burchell refers to the installation of the air-conditioning units as an effort on his part to show his appreciation for the fine reception accorded his opening of the downtown establishment. The Essick Air Cooler in the Dyer Street location is distributed in El Paso by Zork Hardware Company and was installed by W. P. Allen. It is a blower type water evaporative cooler with a re-circulating water system. The Sea-Air is distributed in El Paso by the W. G. Walz Company. It is also a blower type water evaporative with special louvre construction. It will be installed on th roof of the barbecue pits and special duct work will completely air-condition both the pits and the tap room of the down-town place. According to Mr. Burchell this air- H(3! jgives j S you ""Sealed" SAFETY 12250 CONSUMERS ICE CO. llCr S U U Cameras -Motion Picture Equipment Boats and Motors Photographic Supplies El Paso, Texas Preserve Food In Coolerator Consumers Ice & Fuel Co. Dealers In Modern Refrigeration. El Paso has been made the central point in the Southwest for distribution of the Coolerator, modern air-conditioned refrigerator, according to an announcement made Wednesday by Will Kellett, Consumers Ice & Fuel Company, distributors. Local distribution will be under supervision of Tom E. Rogers, In charge of the Consumers refrigeration department. "The Coolerator's popularity throughout the United States, as evidenced by number of sales, caused us to bring it to El Paso for benefit of people in this entire section," Rogers said Wednesday. "Superior service, due to new patented air-conditioned chamber, conditioning system will give his customers "everything but sunburn." The recently opened down-tg,wn establishment is proving very popular with El Pasoans. Throngs have found the barbecue sandwiches as offering the ideal luncheon many are so well pleased with the barbecue that they are having it prepared for horhe delivery and taking it with them on picnics. When a man goes "dead broke" at Monte Carlo, the Casino pays a third-class railroad fare for him to anywhere in Europe. l: DECIDED To TORM DETcCTIVfc $ "When I htard the Zoo had toil 5 a buck:' A Fob never need lo worm about 9 loiino "bvckt" in thit nnociatlon, y f lor all accounti are INSURED up to $ J It AAA J Save in email or large amount! ( from tl 00. Dividend) have been 't taming 4 regularly. I ASK FOR DETAILS 5 OF ElX'AtO IIITIXMST. rMOMIM44ll' 2 Hi and other exclusive conveniences-, greater beauty in construction, and lower price, have combined to ln terest the housewives of America in praising this latest creation in refrigeration. "It is an amazing fact that 350, 000 families prefer this new air conditioned refrigerator. Only superior features in refrigeration can gain so many enthusiastic followers in such a short time. Naturally, money saved on first cost, and on cost of operation, are attractive. Much satisfaction has been ex pressed because the Coolerator keeps foods fresh longer. The patented air-conditioning chamber washes and circulates the air as it maintains constant cold and humidity. Odors do not mix. No need of covering foods with dishes. Ice cubes in five minutes. "And that's not nearly all the fine satisfaction to be found in a Coolerator. For the purpose of introducing the Coolerator here, arrangements have been made for a 10-day free trial of Coolerator. By this means we hope to make every family in El Paso familiar with this superior patented refrigeration. We suggest that you call Main 2250 early because already requests for 10-day free trials have been made and the present number of Coolerators is limited." for health's sake DRINK .... Harry Mitchell's Good Honest Beer Over 16 Million Bottles Sold Last Year .... ill Call Main 7070 Or Your Favorite Dealer .IMP: "A Used Car Is No Better Than the Dealer Behind It" .... A "WATKINIZED CAR" Offers New Car Performance at a Used Car Price. Check Our Clanlfted Ad for a few of the many bargains offered by us. Set our larf t itock of GOOD USED CARS. Watkins Motor Co. 1101 Texai Street 413 W. San Antonio St. Upper Valley Hcsldenta Visit our Uaed Car display at our Lai Crucea Branch 401 S. Main St, Lai Crucea. SEALRIuHT ICE CREAM CUPS SEALRIGHT NESTYLE ICE CREAM CONTAINERS SEALRIGHT SANITARY SERVICE Velvet Ice Cream In better protected because It is packed In the Sealrlfht Military container. SEALRIGHT BILKANS SEALRIGHT MILK BOTTLE CAPS SEE YOUR DEALER PHONE YOUR DEALER usmm Sea nt f Ib.i. El fata Dealer.: W. P. ALLEN S-'O W. Tandell Blvd. TRI-STATE 1.1'MBCB CO. Canty Road BBOOKS SHEET METAL WORKS 211 S. El Fai. St. WHITE'S Al'TO STORES STl Teiai St. IL PASO RBEETMETAL WORKS lit W. Franklin KIQtELME ELECTRIC CO. 1U Montana It. Zork Hdwe. Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR El Pm. Tesaa Special To Housewives Everything; you can think of in cuttlery . . , (Knives of all descriptions) . . . China ware . . . heavy ware for broiling:, frying-, boiling . . . Jam and jelly making. "Come In . , . See Our Stocks." AM; 3? 5 51 15-22. JAN .PKANCIfCO,, STREET, EL PA 10, TEXAT mm Insist On BultPMlKyh,. PENNZDIL Offered by Leading Dealers Everywhere Motor Supply Co. of El Paso 308 Chihuahua St. "Perfect Performance" Is Yours With RANDEL Batter t Electric Co. 423 Texa Main 211 THOMAS MOTOR CO. FORD DEALER .... SALES - SERVICE Cut Your Summer Repair Bills the Ford Way flt'a lammer time . , . lime for yon t. lhlnf t. jour ear Mr warm weather drllnl Drl. your ear In new for c.mpl.tf. iuaranteed FORD etieek. op . . Amur, y.urielf at w.rrr free, enjejabl. trlvlnf thie lumrair, 700 Texas St. M-1420 NOW Is The Time For All Foundation Planting Lawns, Shrubbery, Berry Bushes, Trees. We have the largest stock, in the Southwest. FREE ESTIMATES ' EVERGREEN NURSERY 4901 Alameda Are. , Open Sandart Mala 178. . Re. l'i and Cheek Oar Prieee Baf.ra Buying A MEAL IN ITSELFj You've never tasted REAL bar becue until you have tried BUR-1 CHELL'S barbecued pork or beet They're made from an old. recipe and only the finest meat and ingredient, are used. Barbecue On Bun 15c TOM BURCHELL'S 114 N. Stanton St, E-46 and M-SM mmm JV Last Match This Season MIKE "GORILLA" LONDON WO. RAMOS Liberty Hall, Friday Nile, May 27th, P, M. IF IS Un mm

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