The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1955
Page 2
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PACWTWO BLTTHEVILLK (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEW1 JHURSDAT, MARCH 8, 19M Soviet Said in Midst Of Major Shakeup By TOM WHITNEY AP Foreign Staff The Soviet government is in the middle of a major shakeup. It's all taking place, according to official Soviet announcement, "at the recommendation of" the new Premier, Nikolai Bulganin. This week there have been 11 big changes: 1. Three members of the Kremlin's Big Nine—Deputy Premiers A. I. Mikoyan, M. Z. Saburov and M. O. Pervukhln—were promoted to first deputy premiers, the next rank below Bulganin. 2. Four men were leap-frogged into the high rank of deputy premier past officials senior to them in their own special fields. These promotions went to A. P. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton <1I:M d«»laU»n»l Mar 3400 3406 3400 3401 May 3429 3430 3422 3423 July 3455 3456 3449 3447 Oct 3456 3460 3454 3455 Dec 3467 3471 3466 3467 New Orleans Cotton Mar . 3401 3403 3396 3396 May 3426 3429 3421 3421 Oct 3451 3455 3449 3448 Oct 3454 3461 3454 3456 Dec 3466- 3473 3465 3467 Chicago Corn Mar 143% 1433' 4 142'4 1431;, May .... 147V, 14T/4 145T 8 146% Chicago Soybeans Mar .... 268>/i 269 266'/ 2 268 May .... 263 263K, 26014 262 July 260'A 260!i 257 259 Sept .... 251 251 248 Vi 250 Chicago Wheat Mar .... 217% 219 216% 218Vi May .... 212% 214% 212J4 2141,2 New York Stocks A T'and T 185 3-4 Amer. Tobacco 66 1-8 Aanconda Copper 54 1-4 Zavenyagin, M. V. Khrunichev, V. A. Kucherenko and P. T. Lobanov. Kucherenko and Lobanov are little known outside Soviet political circles. Atom Head Removed 3. Zavenyagin also was named lo replace Deputy Premier V. A. Malyshev as minister of medium machine building, the post believed to control Russia's atomic weapons program. Malyshev apparently retained his deputy premiership though and was named to supervise a group of "machinery ministries." 4. Two ministers—coal industry chief A. S. Zasyadko and state farms boss A. I. Kozlov — were fired in disgrace for unsatisfactory work. Zasyadko's deputy minister, A, N. Zademidko, was stepped up to replace hieforme boss. 5. Agriculture Minister I. A. BenediktoV was demoted to the state farms post, but no successor was named to him. The changes reflect the realignment of Kremlin political factions which resulted in the resignation Feb. 8 of Georgi Malenkov as premier and Bulgaria's appointment to succeed him. Apparently , they are—at least in part—really ! Bulgaria's work, but the hand of Communist party boss Nikita Khrushchev is .also to be seen. The implications are complex, with economic, military and political facets. The new setup apparently revitalizes an important organ of the Soviet government"' which may have been moribund for some time—the Presidium of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) of the Soviet Union. Presidium Is Policy Group The Council is huge, more than Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Int. Harvester ... Republic Steel ... Radio Socony Vacuum . Studebaker 12 Standard of N. J 114 Texas Corp 93 Sears 84 U. S. Steel ,. SO Chinese Shell Okinawa Boat NAHA, Okinawa f/Pj—Two heavily armed Chinese junks shot up an Okinawa fishing boat today in territorial waters ci the Ryukyu Islands and killed five crewmen, the newspaper Morning Star reported. The English-language daily said the shooting took place near Ishi- •^aki Island, 265 miles south of Naiia. Three crewmen reportedly escaped by leaping overboard. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. I* — (USDA)—Hogs 10,500; lower; most choice 180-220 Ib 15.75-16,25. largely 16.10 down; choice No. 1 and 2 16.35, lowest since April, 1950; 220-240 Ib 15.50-16.00, largely 15.85 down; 240-270 Ib 15.00-50; 270310 Ib 14.50-15.00; 150-170 Ib J4.75- 15.50; few 120-140 Ib 13.25-14.25; sows 400 Ib down 13.75-14.25, mostly 14.00 up; heavier sows 12.2513.75; boars 9.50-12.00. Cattle 1,700, calves 700; steers, mainly good 21.50-24.00; some low commercial topping as low as 17.00; heifers and mixed yearlings, mostly commercial and good 16.5020.00; a few good 21.00-23.00; moderately active on steers and butcher yearlings at strong prices; cows and cutters 9.00-11.00; bulls utility and commercial 13.00-14.50; canners and cutters 9.50-12.50; veal- ers 1.00 lower; good and choice 18.00-25.00; few prime 27.00; commercial and good 14.00-18.00. Arab Refugees In Demonstration GAZA. Egypt-held Palestine UP)— Hundreds of Arab refugees, angered by Monday's clash between Israeli and Egyptian troops,, demonstrated in the face of police and army gunfire today. At least seven people were wounded as police and Egyptian army troops fired on demonstrators to maintain order. 50 members. The Presidium now has six members—Bulganin, the three new first deputies, and the two holdovers of that rank, L. M. Kaganovich and Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov. Diplomats in Moscow reportedly think the Presidium may function from now on as a leading policy planning group. On the other hand, Mikoyan, Saburov and Pervukhin all were believed to have shared ex-Premier Malenlcov's views on a number of major Issues. Instead of getting real promotions, they may have been kicked upstairs from direct control of the ministries they previously supervised. The promotion of new men to deputy premierships and the naming of a new coal minister appear to reflect political jockeying among Kremlin factions trying to recruit support for themselves. It is still too early, though, to judge how the factional lines are shaping up. The changes probably mean increased emphasis on production of modern armaments. One of the new deputy premiers, Khrunichev, is a specialist on the aviation industry. Another, Zavenyagin, is almost certainly an atomic industry specialist. The representation of war industries in the Soviet government's inner circle appears to have increased greatly. TAX {Continued from Page 1) seek tomorrow to re-amend the rule to specify that the pending bills be returned on the Monday preceeding final adjournment rather than in the sixth day before. Fefld is vice chairman of the Revenue and Taxation Committee. He and other committee spokesmen .have said frankly they intend to hold the bill as long as possible. The measure was sent to the Revenue and Taxation Committee for consideration Tuesday and until jesterday's rule change the group would have been able to hold it until the session ended, thus preventing House action. Dulles Heads For Formosa TAIPEH. Formosa <&)— U. S. Secretary of State Dulles arrives tomorrow from Manila for an- important cards-on-the-table conference with Nationalist China's President Chiang Kai-shek. They arc expected to discuss in detail the future of Quemoy and Matsu, the last remaining important Nationalist island outpost. Mrs. R. C. Lane Dies; Rites Friday ...iss. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow in Weir, Miss. STOCK (Continued from Page 1) but "it is the differences which are significant." In Orderly Manner "We believe," he said, "that the market has been an orderly manner and that the present market level reflects the public's appraisal of present business conditions and prospects for the future." To guard against "skulduggery," he said, the exchange has "kept a careful watch for excesses which would indicate unsound conditions in the sale of securities either in our ou-o market or elsewhere." "Despite evidence that some members of the public have, in certain instances, paid more attention to tips and rumors than was desirable, there is no indication that a generally unwholesome condition has prevailed in our market," he said. He voiced belief that present regulation of the market adequately protects the public. ' HOLLAND (Continued from Page 1) them that "he felt like he was awaking from a daze." He didn't talk further about his disappear- -ance, his parents stated. He was asked if he needed money and he told them that he did not. . When they called his brother, Patrick, in St. Francis. Kans., they said they also had heard from Harris. Patrick had arrived at his parents' home last Friday evening, after being informed his brother was missing. His father stated Harris wanted to return and that his brothers, Marcus and Patrick, were leaving for Memphis where Patrick will board an airplane to San Diego. His brother, Patrick, stated before leaving that he would return at once to Holland with his brother, driving his 'Harris') car. Harris was said to suffer migraine headaches. The parents say they have no information relative to what happened. Eisenhowers Honored MENTIONED—R. W. Cook is considered a likely candidate to succeed Maj. - Gen. Kenneth Nichols as general manager of the Atomic Energy Commission. At present, Cook is AEC's deputy general manager. Sgt. Olson Convicted of Aiding Enemy FT. BRAGG, N. C. IJl—An Army general courtmartial today will de : termine the punishment to be imposed on a Ft. Bragg sergeant convicted of aiding the enemy while a prisoner in Korea. The eight-man court can choose a sentence ranging from reprimand to death. The prosecution, however, said the death penalty would not be asked for M. Sgt. WHilam H. Olson, convicted on three of seven specifications of aiding the Chinese Reds and of swearing falsely that he did not collaborate with the enemy. Olson, 40-year-old Army career man. was found guilty of making speeches derogatory to the United States and writing pro-Communist articles, for a camp newspaper. He was visibly shaken when the court, after nine hours of continuous deliberation, announced the verdict. PRIEST (Continued from Page 1) leave for Helsinki Friday or Saturday. American officials took the view that nothing could be done to keep Father Bissonnette in Moscow, although they planned official steps to clarity the situation. (The Assumptionist order in the United States, which supplies the priest for Moscow, said it would apply to the Russian government for permission to send the Rev. Dion as a replacement. WASHINGTON i!Pi — President and Mrs. Eisenhower were guests of ' : Louis F. hnnor last night at a dinner given. Father Dion, now registrar at Asby Secretary of Interior and Mrs. ! sumption College in Worcester, Douglas McKay! i Mass., already had been chosen to : | replace Father Bissonnette this Read Courier News Classified Ads j spring.> Thrift or Else HIGH POINT. N. C. UP) — Judge Allen H. Gwyn sentenced Neil Henderson 18 months, for burglary, suspended for five years. Bond was set at SI,000, payable at the rate,, of $10 a week. But Henderson was ordered to keep paying each week for the entire suspension period. At the end of that time, if he hasn't violated suspension terms and gone to prison. Henderson may withdraw the entire amount — $2,600. •VITAMIN A-0' COMPLEX CREAM INSTANT CIEAN(E«-quick, deep-pore action. Regular 1.50 flacon . Now ).oo CtEANSINO Cdt AM- lordly, normal or oily skin. Regular 2.00 jar . Now 1.35 NIOHT CREAM —extra rich conditioner. Regular 1.50 jar Now 1.00 SKiNFUESHNM-mild.sliinulalingasliin. gent. Regular 1.50 llacon. . NOW 1.00 •INSTANT IEAUTY-- liquid foundation/ Regular 1.10 llacon Now .80 MUI.TINT'-smooth, velvety undertone formakeup. Rejul«rl.2S jar. NOW i.oo Dricil plus 111 LOTIOK '••NAHB' *.• UOO WOODS DRUG STORE 221 W. M«i> FREE DELIVERY Phone 3-4507 THEATRE i= On W. Main St. in Blytheville !== Phone POplar 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:OOp.m.-Sar. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. fflJBOAY" anfmAY THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT MIRACLE OF THE AGES! 2Oth Century-Fox presents ^•^h The First Motion Picture in d^~ CINEMASCOPE ALSO CINEMASCOPE COMEDY & SHORT ADMISSION: Adulls 35? - Children 15: Watch for these CinemaScope Pictures Coming to Mox • Adventures of Hoja Baba • Three Coins in the Fountain • Desire* • Black Widow, and Many Many Others! I FAUBUS (Continued from Page 1) governor. "I have decided on my a reduction of services," said the course and I intend to stay with it." Asked if he thought that the AEA statement would lend the public to believe that the tax increase was his proposal alone, Faubus said: "The people will judge from the facts rather than from what Is said." Faubus declined to speculate on whether or not, the AEA statement has hurt the chances for passage of his bill. Previously the influential organ- izntion, which is comprised of teachers and school administrators, had indicated that it would actively support any tax increase for public schools. However,, the AEA wanted the sales tax increased from two to three per cent over the next two years, instead of 13 months as Faubus has proposed. Over 2-Year Period Both proposals are aimed at providing an additional $10.300,000 for public schools as emergency aid. The AEA bill would make the money available annually, while under the Faubus bill the revenue would have to be spread over a two-year period. There is little chance that the two-year proposal will pass, and the fate of the 13-month measure is receiving stern opposition in both houses. The AEA statement said: "We recognize that there is little, if any, chance of passage of revenue measures at this session of the Legislature sufficient to underwrite the minimum program we believe to be essential to the preservation of the public schools... "If the Legislature enacts no tax measures, state aid to the public schools next year will be reduced by a minimum of $213 per teacher unit. By any standard of judgment the schools face a critical situation. "It appears that most of the money from the proposed 13 month increase in the sales tax will be required to make up the present deficit in the state budget, and to provide necessary funds for other agencies of the state government The financial crisis is not confined to the public schools, but is spread over the whole of the state govern- - GUARANTEED "Always a Goofi^ .".V Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature That" Academy Award Man! / FOR \ VSIAtAC 177 WILLIAM HOLDER in another happy G.I. story' —AND— jilolUFF-CQLEEHGIM Cartoon 'Boo Ribbon Winner' FRIDAY & SATURDAY Double Feature .-O. FUZZY KN/GHT —AND- i Serial "Buffalo' Hill" No. And Cartoon Comic Book Bill Unconstitutional, Gentry Claims LITTLE ROCK tf) — A bill aimed at banning crime, comic books 1ms been termed unconstitutional by Atty, Gen. Tom Gentry because it is so broad it could ban "the encounter between Dnvid and Goliath, Samson slaying the Philistines, the battle of Jericho and the crucifixion of Christ." Gentry said the measure would restrict freedom of the press. It has been passed by the Arkansas House and now ie in the Senate. Weapons Case Heard Oleve Bradley pleaded guilty to a charge of carrying a pistol as a weapon and public drunkenness and received a $50 fine and costs in municipal court today. World's highest suspension bridge spans the Arkansas River, 1,053 above the riverbed. ment. This measure, therefore, Is not a 'school tax' but a general tax." Miliage Celling: Criticized A proposal to submit a constitutional amendment to the people to put a limit of 30 mills on the amount of tax which a school district can levy on property was criticized in the AEA statement. The organization said it would have no objection to a millage limit after the new property tax equalization bill takes full effect in 1957, but doesn't want the mill- age to be restricted before that time. If the proposed constitutional a- mentment is submitted, the people would vote on it in 1956. Tuesday's Atomic Fallout Higher BOULDER, Cola. (IP)— Ten time* the amount of any previous radiation (ell on Colorado alter TUM- duy's atomic test In Nevada, a University of Colorado scientist reporti. Ed KeUer, professor o( chemli- try, said yesterday the fallout.w»i still well under the danger mark. He said a strong high-altitude air current probably carried the invl»- Ible radioactive particles 600 mile* from the test site near Las Vigaa, Nev., over the Rocky Mountanis to Colorado. 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