Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 8
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You Can Buy alar- ranted Fast Black Umbrella, Silver Handle, for 75c, Worth $1.25, AT THE GOLDEN RULE 8$. PANTS, PANTS. ; I have secured 3(7 styles of Worsted Pantaloonings [* which sold heretofore and are sold everywhere for $10, i|r but which I se 1 ! now for the low price of BIGHT DOLLARS! The bi< w est bargain I ever. had. Call early and ^O O •* secure choice, JAKE HERZ. Dally Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MARCH 25 /Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry GK Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. You will find all the Latent Novelties in Spring Styles. • Yours Truly, "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. TheJarpeil eitakliihniflnt in the world for the treat- mentor the ikiu ABdie*lp,*cz«nm, moles, warU,mpi.r. fluoQi)i&!r,tilrlhni&rki, moth, freckles, plmplai.RTiitk- lei, red note, r«I vabi, oily ikln, »cnc» tlnckhendi, barber*' Itch, icar*, vittlnci, powder niarkf,'fw;l»l development, «tc. CoQMlIlAltoii Fr«e, atcfflc«orljy J«ttcr. 128-pAge Book oh nil Skin ftmlScnJp Affec- tjcci and ,ib«lr Tr oat men I tent (tealoJ) f»r lOc. OfOHX H. TVOOimtrjerr, S«-m.iolo C in, 1SS W. 42tl St.»N.Y. City For Sale by^Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For (ho Skin and Scalp. Prepared by a Dermatologist with 20 years' experience. Highly indorsed by the medical profession; unequaled AS ft remedy for eczema, soaldhoad, oily skin, pimples, fletd) worms, acly complexion, etc- Indispensable us a toilet article, and a Bare preventive of all diseanes of the akin and scalp. At Druggists or by mail. Price 50c. For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for .OO CASH. £ do this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city : J. HOOLEY, 323 Pearl Street. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Care. eod&w Nobby spring dress goods.—Golden Rule: Make your ice contracts with John Baker. mcb24dtf S. B. Boyer was at Winamac last evening. Come with the crowd to the busy Bee Hive. J, H. Walter is confined to his home by sickness. Nothing but fresh caught fish this morning.—A. Hubler. Fast black silver handle umbrellas, 75 cents.—Golden Rule. Everything new at the Bell; no moth eaten or shelf worn goods. There will be a regular meeting of Salesrnens' Union this evening. Mr. J. F. Getty is confined to his home on High street, by la grippe. Make your ice contracts with John Baker, and you arc certain to be supplied. mch25dtf Miss Belle Smith is lying quite ill with la grippe at her home on the West Side. Mrs. H. L. Ti-oxell and sister, the latter of Toledo, are visiting relatives in New York. Now is a chance never before heard of. See us at the Trade Palace if you want to save money. We will sell lower than other houses; our position in the commercial world demands it,—Trade Palace. S. P. Grafllin, accompanied by Cloyd Laughlin, of Monticello, were callers at Royal Center last evening. Read Bee Hive advertisement and watch the space for the next four days. There is fun ahead.—Bee Hive. Will Shelly, formerly connected with Otto Kraus' store, now living at Elkhart, is visiting friends here. J. B. Stanley went to Winamac last evening, where he addressed a large crowd on the question of temperance. We have it from a- reliable source that the sateens at 12Jc. and loc, are no better than our7.',C- quality.—Bee Hive. The funeral of Mrs. Augusta Nar- xinski will be held from the German Lutheran church next Thursday at 2:30 p. m. Mr. Ol Chambers went to Kalamazoo, Mich., Monday night in response to a telegram announcing the death of his brother-in-law. Mrs. Samuel Cogley, of Ford's Crossing, is visiting with her son and daughter Mr. G- W. Cogley and Mrs. Powlen, of the West Side. J. K. Orr's petition to the Commissioners to be appointed constable was granted, and Mr. Orr entered on the duties of his office Monday. We want good agents to sell the Peerless griddle, the best and fastest selling article made. -Edwards & Crawford 41 W. Second street. Wanted, a healthy young girl to do second work and assist with washing and ironing. German preferred. Apply to Mrs. W. D. Pratt, Ninth and Spear streets. We will offer to-day a lot of American sateens (Merrimac), the best brand known, at 12.V cetts. These' are the goods some people are trying to work off for French goods.—Bee Hive. The supper and social given by the ladies of the Christian church at the residence of Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Brown on Broadway'last evening was one of the most delightful affairs of the kind of the season and a large crowd partook of the very dainty supper which had been arranged by the ladies. The social following the supper was also a very enjoyable feature. At Eighty. "Ee huth a. dally beauty In his life." When a man puts on the royal purple of four score years, especially a man of great public usefulness, it is a proper occasion for the community to recognize the fact through the newspapers. Everybody knows Judge Horace P-. Biddle and a great many people said yesterday is this not Judge Biddle's birthday? How old is he? It is now a fact that our two most eminent cit-- izens, Judge Biddle and Dr. Graham N. Fitch are octogenarians. Dr. Fitch is Judge Biddle's senior by almost fifteen months. Each of these men have lived in Logansport over fifty years. Everybody respects and loves the old Judge. This universal good will has come through no cheap truckling nor study of the demagogue's arts of popularity. While engaged in profound studies, writing books or presiding over courts Judge Biddle has had a kind word for everybody, He was and is always ready to divide his' intellectual stores with everybody and to give to others the benefit of his wide experience and years of study no matter how humble may be the applicant. Any one who wants instruction, has a doubt to be dispelled or a question to be answered finds in him a friend and a wise counsellor. He has kept his youthful spirit intact. Today at eighty he is as young as a boy of twenty. When he leaves us (may it be many years hence) among the many expressions which deep appreciation will give to his memory will be these: ••Scholar," "Jurist," "Man of the world." The best oi them all will be: ''Everybody's friend," "He left no enemy." City Convention. | Official Republican Call.J The Republicans of the city of Logansport will meet in primary conventions Monday evening April 13th, 1S91, at 7:30 o'clock at the places designated below to select one candidate for city council from each ward and the following number of delegates' to the city convention the representation being based. upon the vote for secretary of State in 1890. WARES. DELEGATES. I'I,.VCE Of MEETING. First Ward 12 Engine House. Secoiifl Ward. 11) Council Ctmmbnr. Third Ward. (i JIcKtnley Club rooms Fourth Ward. Hi Court Room. jfllth Ward. Hi Encine House. The delegates selected will" meet in the Council Chamber Tuesday evening April 14, 1891. to nominate candidates for Mayor. Treasurer, Clerk, Marshal and for such other offices as the law requires to be elected at the city elections. The committeemen of the various precincts are requested to meet at the rooms of the McKinlev Club Wednesday evening, March 25, and also to send to the Secretary at once names for a sheriff, polling clerk, judge and election clerk at each precinct. A. R. SHROYEK, Chairman. S. B. BOYER, Secy. Logansport, Ind., March 20. 1891. Another Great Pants Do wnSale! Of 500 Pairs at Harry Franks You don't need a Jimmy nor dark lantern to understand the value. We have inaugurated this sale for pay day only. 100 Pair Black Worsted Pants, worth $5, this week tit $3 59 100 Pair Black Corkscrew Pants, worth •?•!, this week at 2 50 100 Paii 1 All-Wool Gassimere $5 Pants, Neat Patterns, this week at 3 50 100 Pair Cassimere'Pants, a mild stripe this week at 1 Of 100 Pair Jeans Pants tins week at 50 Visit our Bargain Table and you will be delighted. HARRY FRANK, "TO BE SURE." P. S. Mr. Frank is now in New York City buying for his 2 stores. ARE YOU INTERESTED This stereotyped expression is heard on every hand, but the difficulty seems to be— to get something to sing. This difficulty is now removed by The Charles A. Vogeler Co.,Baltimore,Md., to whom our thanks are due for a enerous supply of popular songs and ballads, issued in full, regular, sheet- music size, finely embellished. It is novel and effective means of reminding the public, that so long as the great remedy for pain, St. Jacobs Oil exists, there is something else that soothes" the pains and aches of suffering humanity. Our readers can now offer uo excuse when asked to sing something," as you can obtain a list of these fine selections from the above firm, who will also furnish any one or more of them at the rate of a two-cent stamp for each copy desired upon application to them or your druggist. Let us sing. A prominent New York authority says: "New styles for men this year are coming in and show that the fancies which have reigned for three or four years past are going out. The creased trousers will disappear; so will the patent leather shoes. The frock coat returns to favor as a part of ivening dress. The tails of the coat will.be longer, and there will be five juttons in front instead of four as lormerly. Canes are going to' leave us, and the soft hat will be worn more enerally than for some years. " Frank Ottmeyer is making arrangements to fit up an athletic room in the basement of his saloon on' the West Side. Gymnastics of all kinds in- :luding boxing, will be indulged in. le will have a new encaustic tile floor aid in his saloon, the basement cemented and other necessary improvements made. The contract has already been let and work will begin next week. To purify Your blood Take Hood' ; Sartaparilla. TAXATION? Procure a Copy of the New Law at Wilson, Humphreys & Co.'s. . Competition As We Have Found It. We've found many kinds of competition in our 29 year's experience, and we've learned to like it—most of it. Advertising Competion. There's the competitor who has advertised us widely. He has enthusiastically claimed that his prices beat McCaffrey's, while knowning better. McCaffrey was his target, and people learned that we were the thorn in his flesh because he could not sell at what we could. Deceiving Competition. Some have put their prices on one thing for a day or two at less- than manufactures could made it for, then said "compare with McCaffrey's published prices." People soon found out that that was the.only price they. 1 had •within reason. • .""''Fearful Competition. Some have boasted of the lowest prices without naming one of them. They were afraid of something—and that something was the prices that they claimed to undersell. , ; ! Petty Competition. The majority have never tried to meet us, but have said what they could at their prices. Wide awake people left them alone. What it Has Done For Us. This competition has built our business. It was only by having lower prices, better qualities and a wider assortment than others that we drew our trade. And that is what is increasing it. • ' M. McCaffery & Cp.

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