The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 8, 1940 · 11
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 11

Boston, Massachusetts
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Monday, April 8, 1940
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11 THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE 3IOXDXY. WPRIE S. 1940 Wilbur Turner, Handwriting Expert, Is Dead Rationally Known Thotographer and Detective t.EAD'NG April 7 Wilbur F FT known expert scjer.t.Sc detec- ars ard was appointed to the " -,v. , . newly organized appellate division tve s'- e'1 . h hadj0j strict courts m i923. serving co-r..tiess co-rt cases dur- until he resigned m 1333. tei---- tr r half century. died last e Massachusetts Osteo-r.tcl .n Boston. c a' probably the first r 'grapher in Boston c Boston Journal. Mr. fc.r K the V J t. r i r VVIIBIR . TIRNER :n r f h . S op all the - -- rf erlargprrpnt r .rv a-d fienEdl;, to CA r ppri rr c rnr'rd h s M i caCc r u h rs -ea ' r . cut rn numerous - - .15 f e rcr - ''crrrre4 in f rc-r - -e c a ri actually Vi ttCTi!v st tne tnai F 'ard Hd-p'maon the ' cv k d'ape' ev.cence -i.t"! ted to ' - on a'd Bid w.s so-cr.'' C' " f ' r-rz t f K : fit" 'han the ' " -t turned up the ac-r ct t'e -icca-i"s or. R - - F r r- p P r 2- '"v H C o'lu'et f capisl H - v - rr- gn to el ei - --r r f ne C c' 'C f. ' h he pc'iod c r-'e f aec -r hdci p -c h gn f'-ap ,f!; v- ... f r f E'.-ha ? d L- i 1 T-i'rr rf n ft i- i ea ri"r "h'w.z' n . r Fee v -- a Evr- A!, r c rr- r r "g r - r-r r ; a -r r -: -,r ? a .r-: pr - g:-,.r r f- r J - btf're tfic da .v nc w -r 1'f l s ' .,n c saff- rf f'e r c -' re v e- C- oa i z :r.- Spar uAn r rv War qticrercd w,h Co A of b p i - For c and v a V. et o-1 arv "err oe Or. r . - re"-' he re Tv-'m graph c fk a d zr g he sc' re f ! -,v . g metic-t-'r-' rv erv advanre m tne fed rf r g; c-f r sv cc ct r" Be-t ae n .v r ard phoerarkv fc v . ai'' an expert t-ll ic an H- so -Ltcame a f-e- ; . ; a- V-e ' "r rertrocm' cf c. Eg-1 rof r parts rf the tf u'C'j I "e se"- 'r-l Garre, case he v,-- r r rf -e w tnesr H-1 was f ('grgcq rv Govern :r Co.' -t- ' T-' ef H C'aklev dS sm cx-rp'- " 'j befere tn Pa ct law C - n afer C'aklev - rnr..- p 'tr- had rccr. c'rl.ei ged ' ppe-r-- H' r..r; p v ,:c Ac.p F: a f.h Massachusetts Regiment cf xcficld. rf v hch he later became BOAKE CARTER Our History Teaching t History Is Ironic Americas Biggest Farmer ?'gJmrt ever a schv'ltre Un.tea States H.s name is life f M- E.w ood Turner effi- ' msurance company m New York " D--enters of the Cclo- Testimony before the Monopoly trx;- C e. ' t W Yx - .fee av.rg sa d :ht - W t ri U Th i ' g't or wrerg ' That s i $79 000 000. and holds an additional H v ew we wfrt o-r i 13 000 farm mortgages vvorh $74,-c'P XVe Carrot si- U00 000 " tc"1 be cb a-ed i The largest seller of farm land last r- s-ic up tnc.r own year m tne slate of Iowa, for ex- 1 arrcle was this company It sold s C 'or. s ancestors 1 S5 000 000 worth of farm land I - -he-.s there would j sold 11 600 000 worth cf farm J-nd o Ur ed Satcs XX hat throughout the countiy last year. rr--. - i-e phUo-rphy Annually, this company recenes h-s ms stea must be 50 pcrcent of the corn on the farm w a.. German ch Idrcn area it owns In the south one- re m-. v th rgs wrong thud of the cotton in most areas. r but we are rot yet and m o areas 40 percent of the ,pt thst k.nd of ph.i-'so- small gram and m st.ll other sec- , lion one-tnird of the small gram i . i i In the old days, it was tne monks i in the monaster- w no ran the farms ! uo the local commun.ty. Today it seems to be the insurance company w hrch is the landlord It prescribes crop rotation. tr c f e r- ph T r -st H f --we-Tre e r v h US rav pb.' 'T; hs an mon.c way of re-S - a happened 2D years age--a q and Germany were at Tr Bolshevists produced 1-iis a second revolution Botfi Germar v avd England cooperated ! the kind of seed the fa'rmer shall r-t cwn th s new experiment i sow, and the farmer, who is really Soca..s Bron Marmerheim envo-icea from, Ergland sc.zed Murmansk Er gland also te the 1 f elds at Baku German v sent troops to a.d Man-rerr. rr. Germarv also struck at Rujs ? trn.ugh Poland Japan stuCK at S her, a England financed t'e 't.-Br-.srev .k armies of Kol-criR, De k.n ad others New, take the parallel of 1939- f Ms-'crhc fught Russ. a Er.g- has anything left at the end of the !srd sr? warships to the Arctic year, the Government taxman says: r5r the Murmansk reg'on. A mil- t Gimme. If the farmer can t pay 1 n ccUr-al troops stand ready in i h.s tax. the sheriff takes the farm Egypt to sre the Baku od fields. 1 If the farmer mortgages the farm The Turks hav agreed to open j to get the money to pay the taxes, tip passage to the Black Sea to the insurance company takes the AlLed sh ps to cut off Russian oil farm. suppkes. Tne Br, are supplying J Now comes the insurance com-the Japanese goods cf com- j par.y expert to show the farmer metre ard mater.als to keep after ; how to raise two ears cf corn where th Cturese lone grew before. So when that is it that insists history state arr.ves, the Government will never repeats The largest farmer ir the Un.ted States lives in the largest city ia Deaths and Funerals Judge C. T. Phelps Dies at North Adams NORTH ADAMS, April 7 Judge Carlton T. Phelps. 72, died early today at his home here. He had been pres. dmg justice of the District Court of Northern Berkshire for 41 fe Judge Phelps was a native of New Ashford He studied law m the offices of the late Mark E Couch, and graduated from Boston University in 1391, immediately opening his offices here He served m the House of Representatives :i 94 and 1895, and was city solicitor in 19C3 The members of the Berkshire Bar honored him w .th r testimonial banquet on his retirement m October, 1933. He was president of the North Adam' Savings Bank, a director of the North A a--s National Bank, and long a trustee of the Fi st Method t Episcopal Church He is survived bv a wife, a son, Gordon, and a daughter. Mrs. Christine Kimball of Bcllport, L I. The funeral will be held Tuesday after-nonr at 2 30 in the Methodist Church and burial w ill be in South View Cemetery Dr. Herbert L. Mains DANVERS April 7 Funeral ser-v ices for Dr Herbert L Mains, 62. promirent physician, will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o clock at Crosrv Funeral Home. 15 Cherry st. He d.ed ysterday at hr home, 71 He i ten st He v r born m Salem. N H. and wo graduated frem Dean Academy and the Umvcr'itv of Vermont Medical Schorl m 1912 He has been as-mx a'ea w.h the U S Veterans E' -cau Boston Dr Mams was a member rf Aleppo Temple Mystic Shrine Boston: Delta Chaper cf Rose Croix, J W. Robey Counc 1 Prince' of Jerusalem Haswcll Lorge of Perfection Bu.n ngton Vt ; Council Rcyal and Select Masters. Builmgicn Lodge A F L A M , Rojol Arch Chaper rf Denvers and the Drapeau Me- lpiprPnf Romeo Phemcs Pest A L Danvers He was a io a member of the American Med- cal Association nd the Massachu- j sets Meacal Scietv ! Russell G. Kelley SARANAC LAKE N Apr. 7 'AP1 Russell George Kelley 55, , veteran stage comedian died of a i reart attack at hus heme here today A r alive of Philadelphia, he toured Wio m nsticP shows and on me s-.ceiip stage until 1922 Elizabeth Ross NEWTON April 7 The funeial cf Miss ElizaDeth Ross director of ne Health Corner cf tne Brookl ne Fnerd'y Society, was held m the Unitarian Church todav Rev Her-rert Hitcnen officiated She was ac've n ,he development of New Ergl-nd health centets William H. Varney CAPE ELIZABETH Me, April 7 iAPi W ill, am H Varney 70 former treasurer of the Maine Apple Growers Association mod toaav jje was a fru.t and produce ' dealer Car Owner Captures Two Alleged Thieves Chasmg on foot for two blocks t.vo you'g men who had allegedly I s'!en h.s automobile paiked ml front of a Piospect-st fillme stauor whe: h rn errplovcd Tvcimas Su-j Kg. an of 102 Quincy st . Ailing- ton captured the men and his car ! vc -cerda v at Piospect and Cam-1 bridge sc.s ' XVhen the dr.v er of the ar stepped frr a red light. Sulugian leaped or to the iunnmg beard, opened the door and grabbed the two while! call.r.g patrolman Michael Barry. The pa.r gave the.r names as as Selaney 20. of 50 Market d George Lima. 21 ef 5 Hamp-st , both cf CamDr dge Aron a charge of misprprcpnat-: automobile, they will appear Cambridge Court today. Committee in Washington shows that the company owns 7153 farms worth a tenant farmer, must follow orders" or lose his lease Little, if any. state regulation covers the relationship between tenant farmers and the farmer life insurance company landlords But. says the insurance company s farm loan d.wsion. when farming is run oy the insurance company, farmm.g pavs We city slickers ought to shed a tear for our farmer-brother. If he suggest plowing under every second row to cet rid of the surplus: It ts tLedser Syndicate.) Faversham Dead at 72, After Great Career on Stage Famed Ex-Matinee Idol Stricken in New York Rooming: House BAY SHORE, N Y.. April 7 (AP) William Faversnam, 72, one of the greatest of the old-school matinee idols, died today in a rooming house not far from the great mansion he owned in the heyday of his heart-fluttering strides across the American stage. His roles ranged from a magi'' XX ILLIAM FAVERSHAM In his hejdey on the stage to the tattered old Jeeter Lester of perennial Tobacco Road in a road company ar.d those rcles .re me ally encompassed his rise and decl-ne with age. on the stage Death wa; due to ccronarv cm-fcolisn. Enters Retreat Unt.l liv ea a cf the rr a week ago the rld actr nearov East Ll.p as a g-iest Percv G Wilhams estate ted a- a reieat for aged aeers bv t'e w ,1 of the lse thea-rc magnate D.scouiaged w th s' age bits efer hi exporter ce c.s t'e Iccd.rg ch0r-acter acnr ,n th Tobucco Road ermpa'v re tuircd up at the W.l-Iams e-ae nice cnrs sgo nd askea pcm.suoT' to work a garden plot fr i ns keep He alwafs went the Wunams estae m immac- uhtc cue-r remmcfM cf h.s greater 1 di-v Friveirhm lef undruoteafv feeling that hi H.s last public appear- w as ru: ance vc as a month ago. on the Wc, The People radio program He is survived bv two son Philip, an ector, of New York, and William Ji , of Boston Friends said the ac-or had expressed a wish in be buned near h.s second wife Julie Opp. at Hunt.ngton Lng Island Faversnam peiformd rn cont remt dui.r.g an acting of more tha 50 years that saw h'm rise to wealth and lose it during his declining years Because of his!urieT1 al a time when there were haraseme appear arc, as w ell as h.s sc01e? and ?n dundreDS oI perrs ? a Icad.rg man by prom.nent dramatic, he v as sought after i tresses before he became a star in his own rignt. Bern m London Feb 12 1863 he achieved his fame before American fool.ghts and a major. ty of the scores of rcles he enaeea were for American audience' j H.s first apparance on the , New York stage v hre bu name was to lanx with the Drews and the , Earryrrores was at me I'rmn j Square Theatre m Jan. 17, 1887, as Dick in Pen ard Ini From 1893 unui 1901 be was aj member of tne old Emp i compary , unoer rrar'agerrert of Charles Froh- i mar ad appeared in suen prncuc- lions a "Th Importance of Being I Earnest Under the Red Rob an Romeo ar.d , His firm as a star was m , Cricrio N Y rn Aug 19 1901, in h s rlc of Don Casai m A Royal Rival From then on his statu? .n the theatre rose each year Hp toured the country m 1905-7 m The Squav.- Man and again .n 1913-14 this Ure m suen Shakespearean plavs as Julius Caesar Othello, and Romeo and Juliet That same year, many another ag'ng acVr of a vanished theatre glory, he turned to Holly -v ood and before finally ret. ring appeared m such films as Lady by Choice The Mystery Woman The Secret of the Chateau, and Betkv Sharp Faversham who prevmuHy had wed Marian Mervun and Julie Opp, v, as married on July 20, 1925, at his Huntington, Lorg Island estate to Miss Edith Cambell, daughter of a former Mavor of Phoenix. An She had appeared on the stage w ith him. Mexican Support of Expropriation Urged MEXICO CITY, April 7 lAP) The United States' request for international arbitration of the oil expropriation dispute today was seized upon by pro-Gov ernment groups as a means for arousing nationwide unity behind the Government of President Lazaro Cardenas. Labor, business and political groups w ere urged to bury the r differences and demonstrate solidarity approving the Presidents course in expropriating foreign-owned oil properties two years ago. The Foreign Ministry w as reported to be m constant communication with the President concerning the latest development m the two-year old oil controversy. Walter W. Wilhoit LOUISVILLE, Ky Apr.l 7 (A?) Walter XV. Wilho.t 59. a vice president and for 25 years general superintendent of the Stew art Dry Goods Company, one of Lou-sviJe is largest department stores, d.ed m- chandiS-g Cu. cue 5, Fr Flanagan of Boys Town Urges Youth Turn to God Asks Rehabilitation, Not Reform, in St. Catherine Guild Address Stressing the necessAy of the re-' habilitation of underprivileged and delinquent boys rather than confinement in institutions or reformatories, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Flanagan, founder and director of Boys Town, Nebraska, addressed a gathering of more than 2000 men and women educators, under auspices of the Guild of Saint Catherine, in the ballroom of the Hotel Statler yesterday , afternoon. Miss Regma Driscoll, president of the guild, explained the purpose of the organization, which includes both spiritual and chantaole activities. Miss Driscoll presented Rev. Robert E. Sheridan, S. J , spiritual director of the guild, who introduced fr. Flanagan. Preceding his lecture Fr. Flanagan made a tour of bdys institutions m Greater Boston Catholic parishes. Referring to his tour, he said, I always try to visit institutions in the cities throughout the country, because in them I see my own boys all children are alike. Fr. Flanagan said in part: Most of us have failed to understand the philosophy of peace We live too much for ourselves. We try to solve our difficulties alone and fail to understand that we are traveling with a Compamon Almighty God. We are the ones who create our problems in life Lifes greatest problem is the underprivileged child, because he is denied the natural love and protecting arms of his parents. It may be through death or bad morals m that case society is expected to take the mothers Jesus Rose, as He Foretold, Says Fr. Lord Evidence Convincing, Speaker Declares at St. Clement's Church A nev scries of conferences on The Riser. LJe was opened yes-, terdav at St Clements Church, Boylson a'd Ipswicn sts, when Rev Roocit H Lord of St Johns Seminal y gave tne fi'st of big three confeiences rn The F.esuriecticn the Dgs , s r f Or ChriSLa I The on Easter Morn ! fulfiicd the Jesu Christ , l had made Fi Lora saia and con- - , t'ocd Exactly as He had fore- j ! he proaucts thereof, instead of be- g barred from er joying them be- , , , T -x v ,u told- Jc?us I0e from tftc tomb that upon For 40 days He lingered upon earth unt.l He had completely convinced His Apostles of the truth cf His Resurrection and had given them their final instructions as to tne work of the cbuich was. now to begin and then befnie their I circles was elected state command- i eyes He acended maiesty to Heaven The evidence assembled to prove the fact of the Resuncctirn u c-n-i v.ncirg Fr Lord declared XX have the ev dcnce furnisned bv a1! three ' four of the Gospel' bv tne Acts of career the Apottles, and by St FaM ev i- dcnce nearly ail of wh ch was wx.t- treasurer. GuDcit i Ca-s of Dan-ten m part bv eyewitnesses andjer'. socrerv George Warren of .n triumphant FLU R'ing who know exactly what rw.-i, u vivTPMtw had harper cd sfter Or LCidsClde Ehitt of Acrcc-,tcr, .ug6c crucifixion and who would j advocate ha e protested apanst ary CiStor- , It v ss "nted to hold a meeting on lien or ra.rep:esen1ation cf the 1 aIsv 5 st fcxhcio and to present fdC;c corrnaraei batls v th the p x Loi a s second confcrer 1 Y-D insignia to all post command- be g.vcn at 4 next Sunaay after- j ers of he chaper and stae organ Gun Crew Defends ANTI-AIRCRArT MEN IN ACTION DURING MOCK BATTLE -I Norwood Airport Is Scene of Mock Battle as Guns Rout Planes Special Dispatch te the Globe NORXVOOD, April 7 Norwood Airport wa the military cbjectiv e of a fi.ght cf enemy planes this afternoon at a demonstration of anti-aircraft equipment at which the crew cf Battery D, 211th Coast Artillery anti-aircraft, better known as the First Corps Caaets, repulsed lire invaders. PcLce place. Do we do if If we did we wouldnt be adding 200,000 juveniles to our criminal list every year. We would solve the problem in Gods way. We would help stay the roving feet of these dear boys. Go into our juvenile court on Saturday mormi gs, you ladies who have hearts for these unfortunates. Hear for yourself their sad and sorrowful stories. True, they couldnt be anything but bad boys, because they are what they have photographed since childhood. Society calls them hereditarily bad. They are bad because of environment, all they need is to have that environment changed I have never seen a boy who really wanted to use filthy language or be a failure. Everybody wants to be a successful citizen and have people look up to him, In describing the self-government of Boys Town, the speaker said that the boys themselves are more capable than adults in passing judgment, because they think with a boys mind in solving problems. The only thing I am afraid of. he said, is that we adults will spoil the whole thing wuth too much interference Before the address. Fr Flanagan was greeted by Mayor Maurice J. Tobm, who was seated on the platform with the officers and patrons of the guild. Among the clergy . were Most Rev Richard J Cusn-j lrg. Rt Rev Richard J. Haberlin. Very Rev. James H Dolan, S. J; Very Rev Francis L Archdeacon. S J ; Rev Thomas R Reynolds and pastors of several Greater Boston churches, and spiritual directors of boys homes. Financial Chaos inU.S. Feared j by Fr. Coughlin I DETROIT Anril 7 CAP' Rev j Charles E Coughlin said in his regular Sunday broadcast todav that I our piesent financial evstem is ! leading thm country into chaos I After all it is a human mven-' fiCn, he asserted Like all prod-( ucts of the human nurd it can be perfected It is a structure predicated upon debt, not upon wealth It i a structure oured rot bv the Government but bv pnvate individuals . It is a structure which forces private barks to buy Gov ernment bonds and to m.est in Federal debt rather than invest m the enterprises of a local ; corrmumlv Is it rot possible lor Am'r.can' ving in b lard of plenty, to erioy cause we are wedded to an obsolete system of finance? he asked Sullivan Named Head of Yankee Division MILFORD Apr.l 7 John T Sul-T'van of Lynn widely known j throughout the state m veterans r of the Yanke Division, Woild War Veterans Association at tne annual meeting today attended by 200 members .n the Milford Dost V F W , Home Oners elected were Dennis J Eruntcn rf Springfield vice commander Harry Fluff of Haverhill, '-jrir , Lv rn craplarr.. Thomas Cr kan of field sigear.t-at-arm.-. H Guv Wats of Boston service officer. .Zaticrs Norwood Airport estimated a crow d of 10,000 spectators at tne airport As wave after wave of planes approached the field, two guns, under the direction of Lieut. Forrest L. Martz, executive officer; Lieut Arthur B Powers, range officer, and First Sergt. Theodore C. Barron, in synchronized firing, demonstrated defensive measures under simulated w artime conditions After the ma.n battery and equipment had been erected, posts were establisfae- on the outskirts of the a.rport to communicate the approach of aggressor planes For two hours the gun crews wff-e kpt busy firms numerous re-meu c dummy a-um w... uoa. Church of the Covenant Honors Older Members at Communion AT CHURCH OF THE COVENANT Rev. Dr. G. Campbell XX'adsworth and group of parishioners at Spring Communion service. Many of the older members of the j ram God m the Sprms sunshine, congregation of the Church of the God in the gentle breeze bringing Covenant. Newbury and Berkeley j the crops to fruition'1 sts . were guests of honor yesterday. Jesus conrtanty taught u to at the Spring communion service find God m the commonplace When Rev Dr G Campbell Wadsworth He coined H.s parables. He spoke welcomed these parishioners and , cf sheep gone astra, a piece of received eignt new members into1 money mislaid by a hnuev,fe or the church a son who had broken his fathers Dr Wadsworth, speakmg on the heait Th rk of sutn th ngs as significance of ihe comim omri sciv-1 the In e of husband for w fc thi'd ice, po.rted out the n.arv ways f r parent, ard true imal fronds m which we may find God througn who have pardoned a gieat deal commonplace things He said in in uc part. 'From roacuog the g ipei Th,nk cf our common toil our story we learn that the Son cf God! chores, ur label' If we have ccn-w a' as well the son of man Jo'us j cenod ar cht wc wi'l rnacni'T to could have chosen gild silver or sc G d m !' these thuig' In the fine raiment foi His saciamcrt but j b'rad at ci w te nien experience He chose one of the commonest cf1 certain gic. facts, communion is things, wine which wa alwav' n a leilovv-hif be found on tne tatUe of the Hr bt e The g I rid i c 'rr to u even as tea sra coffee w th Because we aic huorr I f.d- pose we look for God m the sen - sational and not in V av crt g things of life An earthquake shakes the earth and we Sa, How fra 1 man is in comparison w .tn God We fel God was somehow mere A sh.p is w reexed at sea and we call tabic an ci ti ob-ctcc of hitcr- it an act of God How we 1 bel rose tow aid arvone ci Inc grace the Father Isn t God tn be found oi God is shri-ciicu cd Let ors in the thousands cf h p safely be tr.r faitc fc icpct tance and crossing the oceans' Isn t truejh fnjgivcross whrh will open that we can sc God m the gentle the coor to tne n Jesur Chri-l Need of Christian Citizenship and Patriotism Cited Cahill Chief Speaker in Congregational Rally at Old South Church Acting Gov Horae T Cahill w as the pnnc.pal speaker etuda afternoon m Old Souh Chui ch at an enthu'iast c rgjonal ia.iv f Congregational lav men held urdcr auspices of tne Massachu'e? C n-gregational Cr.fe nee ard M.s-sicnarv Societv Mre tnn 750 lav-mn filled the audorium irpe-seritmg mar Congregat nal churches in h's v.c ruv E-Mavrr Edwin C Cb.'d' rf Nwtn presided Rev Dr Raipn W T.rrber-laxe president of th cc f rer cc conducted tre dev o, on? Woiien S Freeman rf Belrrc't was srg leader Othe1" i-ptaucis included Rev. Dr. Hciocit Gezck. refugee from Germanv i.cvv Cahmn at Welleslcv College srd An ver-Nevvton Theolog cal Scnn. R ad Bridges Portlana Me ara Ser. rg Williams Newton The addresses all ertra' -ed tb eed rf Christ. an cit.zensh p a'd Christian patriotism fellow mg tre lead cf Lieu Gov Cah.l1 wh cr-claied that armp tne past 22 vcai ve have Witnessed a rcAis f free .n'titutKns the col.apse rf pee gv-ernment ard the ensiav emco rf firr men and w rmn ana thc .' m free man rr wmn bd asK,rg can it happen over ber"1 I am here in tell you that hv g happened over the'e .t can ad ,t will happen over nc re unless American penp1 have the (Oume- end the real sra ana re f"rt tud ciu-ageouslv to face tra,n mhercrU weaknesses i the diroc a c '"lruc-ture an be w,l,,ng to dn something about it Lieut Grv Cahill crdem.eed as the chief um the at citizen who ss a result rf a kle-phone call gets a fre ride to th poll cass hi' ballot ard fie" heav e a sigh of rcif and sav- nh g more t do u'til the nvt elect j r F concluded 'From now cr f y j are to perpeaate America rd preserve liberty yj jst b Cr-cernd more than ever bef-re w i citizenship, and be respon-.h' u tr. d schargmg of it From r v on vj must put ynur'ef o a 65-d, -a-vear bdsis of service t me Gv. -ment and be concerned w,n -re re that it is run decently none-! ard mtelLgentlv To develop truth r ghtecu'ne?' and peace, hcie are the task? of Christian laymen tocay Dr Gezorit said This is a world' rot only a clash of empires but of philosophies, totalitarianism against democracy It is a crisis m the economic and m the reLgiou field XVhat are the laymen to do about it This country during the next few years must make the most fundamental choice in its history, between two ways of solving the economic crisis by force in a dictatorship, as they have tried to do it m Germany and Italy and Russia, nr by a development cf cooperation based on the free principles of democracy Appomattox Held Model Peace Pact The peace of Appomattox marh-mg the end of the Civil Mar, was cited last night as a model cf reconciliation for tne fightmg rvaLons rf the world by Rev George H Driver, department chaplain of the Sons of Union Veterans cf the Cnul War, st a service at Christ Churcn in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the historic courthouse ceremony. It would be chaos, perpetual horror, if the world d.d not have an Appomattox Courthouse at its cer-ter. he declared. Whaever our ideas have been m the past sonr or later, m the end, we have m come to the peace board XVe sn vv the way to tne rest of the world. ifev-fe- Jk& th S sriviCC than ir otfi pi r To rect e H rn we mu-t , i ave fr th n " he its go ' i o-shin t u a, i Oat He offers is 'n Vd r V c ryt have a w h Inherited oc K to bo ame w m sn and Sinn i g 1 i cv ci We mu-t 'o th co-nmur ion St. Vincent Group Attends Mass Sen ice, at Cathedral Followed by Breakfast The quaileilv comm jirn rr.a s f-r mcmbtis cf the St Vincent dr Paul Society as le.ebnj'id rctci-ay morrirg ,r. the Cathedral rf the Holy Ci oss at e.ght ockek and ws fc How f d by a hi c ak ! -! in the Cathedral High School H ,i sait-rg annjt 9 r tiock Abe .,1 n00 V'ccit,an- woikcis in in vanous Ca hr lie parishes cf Greater Bo'lon emended Rt Rev M'gr Rcrx-jt p Biirv a occ-ao d rfcki cf hr Ca'ho! c Chriutabc B.icau cffcia'ec at tc rr.i" ana pic.uhcn the seimrr At the hiCakfa'T Geraid Cu gb..n prc-iavrit of tne soicty. pie ided a the speak ng pit mam Report of the off.ccis vine submt-'cd ard M gr Bariv addrr'.ed the group Rev H Dryk assi't-c ' lo M gr B.urv also spkr Pics Coughlin rcvicved condition' as they Iioa tx.'t po ntin? out that to ccin-vidtrabk chai go m th Demand for ds.,star ce m hw me it elf H uiged a of the so-cuty s Voik to aileviac suffrinc ?ud vo.ccd hepe that bcci cordi-t.or s vvoa'd oevel p sn. M gr Barry Via the r.fron ha Card.nal OConnf'! wac o be present fr tne even b that t scr! hi- t.cxui : He 'aid he Carcmal v 'fed o rm rr ihcm dt 1 e wa. kerrh .ncic ted nmr unk ard in v 1h would tn ruc dirg what h termed o p rf the gieu t V oil' p rjlc trt ef helping the peer Dr. Kinsolving Warns Lest We Lose the Light of Easter Warning le-fi w k e tn 1 gf 4 o,f Ea'.er. Rev Dr Arrmr Lee K.r -ih,r: spak g n Tr. v Chmcr; ye 't'Cdv, s aed A a4 tree c ar ab- 'ue cnn,tin r44tcnd 4 G a s C'fC gift' and 4 fi a Gn'j i- i s nc rf tn.s rrw .Ac v r ri - keep rear h r he giur'fd i. H m raced cl r w p h. 4 Our vriv t aj dargri s hai at m ' sca-nr- v ri ft span ficim Him aid flcrt afiu.4 H m D' K.rsin-g said O .r held cf privir gii w v ci g u ;na napu iic Ad I'at P(!fu5 rw i,ud. If which He bi'mgi-t f u- a Ur ct cf H.s verv l.fe biood . wa cd sra .'filled St Paul ta m u r r d h contmpoidir- Receive r tne gide rf God m van It fiut important that we rr ate pri .on for 4hc devot.orai 1 f our Lfc -1 i c to it bieath and 1 4 we stiffe it Take warn rg There must be som dailv provi?,r.n Not only for our need tut foi our neigbDrs we must keep co'Cj ti H.m, our source our spring Fr. j wherever we look trier seem to be just too few persons u'ih the p r.t jdl mtne and s.ght Wc shall evr have the terrible Grape of XVratn i n ifi.i? country until we g e Cnrut j a chance o grw tnrough us more ; f the wine of Chrut an con iaera- j bon ! Tre rare u.s 4hat keep gieen r s par4 of tne v.r bear v aluab.e ; fru.t They rco per pie faih j are d 'covered as oases m the ds- I ert, accompl sn incomparrlv mush j We are supposed to be fruit bcar.rg I tranche, not in pid fruit but grapes that can be tne w.'e ef l.fe the red wine of car.r.g. rf courage of and energy m service. f dauntless devotion to what is true "To b such branches requ.rps a cons4ant cleans. r.g a ready wnil-rg-r.ess to be pruned Bat, it also re-qa.res one thing the resolution to Keep close to Hm. to neglect ro op-porur.ty to absorb H.s smrit If w vvalk in te lig't as He is m ;he lig'4 we have fellow sn.p w-itn 1 cue another. Minister Urges Defense Against Evil Propaganda Rev. W. E. Cole, Toledo, Addresses Unitarian Laymens League The 21st anniversary of the founding of the Unitarian Laymens League was observed last evening at a service m the Arhngon Street Church. Rev. Walton E. Cole of the Toledo, O.. Un'tarian Church delivered an address on There Must Be No Blackout Here If we permit ou aches to be propagandized, he said, into another war, it will be the blackout of democracy. He stated that a sermon delivered by Rev. Dr William Ellery Chanmng more than a century ago. on Spiritual Liberty," might have appealed m the newspapers today, it is so applicable to the present I think, he said, "we would do well to heed the wo.ds of ceitain laymen who have recently met in a Unitarian conclave and agreed that there is no use in saving our political democracy unless we are willing to work diligently for a true economic nd social democracy Our great problem is the dispossessed. and we have not faced up to that Unless there can be end to the feud between business, government and labor, we cannot be certain of the perpeuity of political democracy I am moie convimed than ever that few problems in Amciican life are more important than the prompt recognition and the vigomus counteraction of all anti-American, anti-demon atic, and arti-'ociol piora-gand,f If we a:e to pic'crve democracy frrm its fries whether thc he Communist Fascist or. even woie, wn-Inbcllcd purveyors of picjud.ce and ill wil1, we must discover some I effective means of defense against .harmful propaganda Watch j oar w or d lest 1 hr v 1 gl t 'such furs of b.tterness which w.'l jspicad Ike the prairie fuc leaving jonlv embers t If we oi e goir g 1 1 pi f-f : e peace iwc will have lo Ul te m pllltual i good wdl and if-alize anew th idgrntv of man Thoirfoie the nec-es.-by rf 1 btrnl religion In vciv truth vc aie the Lght of the world in the devotional xri-cics were Hcrbcit C Par-fit s vice picsidrnt of the National Unitarian Laymens League, Herrv XV Truer, and Rev Di Dana McLean Grcctcv, minister of Arlington Street Churth Dr. Reimer Tells Need for Aid to South End Parish Emphasizes Problem of Trcmont Street Methodist Chutth Under the title Wr H vr ILri Wr v Dev Dr A F Re itncr, v c-r rda a mnri mg m Trcmrt S'rcrt Mrihorlut Ch mh ou'lined the if v piogra! p luv and the c hr if g c f th 1 1 jrf h ci k tot !i recent rieci im rf Bi imp C Bro'r-1 1, Oxiian tiat 1 nr church s-nall t i ciopirrrtci 1 wh i coninuiUg it' w i 1. m h Foun Er'rl Th ch ji ch -na'u-al paruh Di Rf mr r mid jthc rr it cingc'tcd sccIku rf the CltV w 1 ,0 00(1 people 1 V llig UUhih la lad us f ha'f a rrni 6000 of them v ( t h ui df r 16 y c drs r t age ard 40 j i ie nt ( f thm Pic c i.h t I Mf M I those poplc Di Fo n r I 'a'd arr pm., .r, j are aid r u Iff ihcm uncrplevcd &'iicl .1 n bur.nes cf the church ,? 1 1 f ifach the i-pcl to the pot r to hc.l the c I c hurt h ui After T zrm rf h if'r th ; in1 h ( f c I i j h r v'ue pc i pie r c Jjo g a B ' Sr r l 4 Toip Dr Tu mrrcrrplia1 ad t ; ii i p , i i t '' r 4 tc ii g ur (h.rch 4 n ru(tc 'v c'ra g S6(i6') 4 i v -Ad-ar f rdg- rfiCafiv ; i -- n al r.iicr V hich V, , 1 quid j t f $87 000 rif ht 6 th c h ire h T1 rr r l a 1 c CldUV'C I pc r f 1 H r critd f.s 'dfuni r f b 4 cf v o iiic p pic in u r . H apfioen frr tfr feip f flcd-v 4 h nfd - wh, rlc a d - be rr r .nc'Tci 1 fir ('b 4 in r , r r p " 1 1 r r or v s a d g f ' nc no h How to Know God Is Explained by Rev. Mr. Farrell Rev Farr! f 4h P"-ka s 1 r 1 1 4 h 4 Wdtfrtow fracrd y ; rda v at h mornuig . ,t in Emm. iuI Church Nv ! urv - durug th t ud ,Jlic rf th rcc4or Dr Fhi!i pi Endrt Cu-good He ria-d hr- rm r rn John 17 3 That they might k.-a. Th -h only true God and Jc s . Christ In answer to man? j ;c rv a- to how he ran know God. 'hr speaker stressed the necessity of attending church of areping the d C r.r.e r fa h if lives rr "fnrrn.r g a near'? as p (s,b e to that of Jei. - We rr ut fonrui.ri a v rk, g fiea of Gd a a sp.tu'il yiatern f r our 1 vs Rev M: Farrell declared Through all h age.', all men have had sme conception rJ a Godhead I i only the idert. about God hat change Prim live people picture God a a person That too, is tne child s idea, but v, th the advance of science and philoso. phy w have Discarded that thought He explained that thinking rf God as an aostract creative principle. or identifying Him as the institution cf the church has been proven intellectually untenable scientifically unsound and instinctively unacceptable He suggested that to arrive at the real cor.cepiou of God we must study those attributes found in the Lfe cf Jesus

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