Fort Wayne Daily Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 14, 1865 · Page 1
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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1865
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IUII7Y GAZETTE UBLISHED EVERV EVENING. EXCEPT SUNDAYS JJenklnoii A Hnrtiiiaii, Ka. 123 COI.niBU SlJttM, Fori Mnynp, Indiana. TSH23. - s.uu per annum, narnlilo invnrinlilr In advnnee.ornttherniloi'ench inonlli. VEEKIjYGAZETTi ruUUtioil Every Thuwlny Morning. 1SRVS,)l.W per anmun, ,ia)n1).e lnvarluliy - .. - "j J" fttlvniiL'o. cuintcii nK:r.TEit. Fr the conTcoioi'co of Hirnntyi or olherswho art not well dc)imintp.l with our my wo. v (if ow litl of oiirrhim'li", with the names tv Foitori. f Baptfot CUntrin trcet, Wlwcrn Wayne mxl Berry; .tor. U. L. Steii - i Hervcm nt K. W ?)S - M - Gtrnutn llforuif.1 ll.irrlr.fli, niul Welwior, Km. J. If, Kk - iiu BcrvlPM liiw A, M. and S$P. 11, Lutheran, ( Kwjfi,A) uyviip,')!. Llinlon nml Hnrr iter. w. i. ituHirrtiiUi irv.(", ins 'A, N. ami FORT WAYNE DAILY GAZETTE VOL. 3. FORT WAYNE, INI)., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1865. NO. i4s; CIIAA'OKD 1IANOS. the oi.n Aiiii:i.icAi iioiisi: T F DEAN. Proprietor, Columbia street, opposite Gasette Onlce, - INDIANA. dtr GEE AT FORT WAYXE, liovSOMVi GUlJNn&IIEIiM Family Croceries & Provisions, MEDICAL SUCCESS TIipy ftlwnri keen A FRESH STOCK ON HANI),! lARTIESwlll Oml this the place to get good re, ami win line. o. .11 Harrison Street, Siontlic.rUieol,! Post Office. TKP.M jr. i am , luenm i - uinni - nni nnrr. im. Jenr - n tYi, on Mill Lewis, Ilr. Bihlur, Win., Hot. A. Stub - ! " "J ",m " waM nuisc, AssiRlanl; Memoes lu A. M. end a I'. M. ; .Sr. Joan's, (G&wnii ZiifAs. - nnl - iCorner of Vnu Uuren and Washington, Her. C. Ibuminn; Sea - , rices 10 A. M.nnd Tt V. M. , ' Uelkodkt Ai Corner ilwy and llnrn.on, Her. John Hill; Services at V A. M; ami T.i P.M. ' ittthotlul EpSee, Corner Wnvne and Hroadwnv,' Rev. K. 'IVjey; Services, K ) A. M. and V, P j.Vopat Corner Ilnrriiinn and llerry, Iler. J iKm . Largo; Services, y, A. M. and 7)4 P. M. lit Presbyterian (0. .) - Corner llerry and Clinton Rer. J. M I - owrie, D. ! Service, lo'J A. M. and VA P. M. Sml fi uliMm (.V. S) llerry, UeL Velnler anil Ewing. Rev. i. O. Little; Service. lll.1 A. M. OiMen - al Calhoun, Kev. E. P. Waller; Services Early Mass, a A. M., High Mass, A, M.i Vespers, 3 P. M. . Itary't (rVemiiu IVWiVi - Ooiner I.afuvelle and Jefferson, Iter. Jos. Wenls end Itev. Mr. Heilmann; Services, a A. M., 10 A. M. and - 1 1. a. iis Annooji's - .Hsrrison, lielween Wnvne nml ' Washlnglnn, Iter. K. Iluliin, Riilibi: NerVloos l:i A. M.anit 8 P. M. " . 1 MtthoiUl Kpitf. (trVrmniil Wnsliini'ton' ltireenl Urinilh and Fulton. j JOHN MOBRIS, j onT,AVkvKE, Indiana, j OFFCE - On Calhoun street, aoi - oml storv of I Allen Hamilton kC'o'a HankliiKlIonsn. ' Prompt attention paid to all business entrust ' ed to his care..N nldt ' SOfBi liAYIsKNS. ATI OH KY ." EAL ESTATE.COLIiEOT 1 Nfi Arm i fKNSION AGENT; I I iliis,'Vr. Olinttm A Vi'nviifSt ! FOItTW lrNE, IND r rtif Win. M. TAYLOR'S LIVERY STABLE! ON PEARL STREET, OITOSITE ttronuN Nsfaiu Flour Mill IS now open In n newstalilo with (food stoek, I'ni'lnKi'S' ai. Funerals ulteuileU to promptly noy 1. ri.t d6m N. II. SELOVER. D E NTI S rr (Successor to nr. Kcllr.l Dental Rooms vest side Calhoun street, 2nd ooj. No. BO, tiattvten Avellno and Mayer House w. aj ho, liill Partioular attention to tllllnir, extraetlni, pollnhlug and regulating tectli, Oct. IB. 1808. , ,tf M. F, WIWIAMSON, Physician and Surgeon; Offloo ovor the Express Offlco, Fort Wnyur, Iiul. l6ffOlllceh'onrs,7tollA. toi, and G Dr. Williamson can lie found at his office at nn iiuiiniiiiiring mo Ulglic. JnneB.lsoi. ,HT Dr. W. HiMTERS. . Siieoialattontionpaldto OPERATIVE SURGERY. Rooms over W. J. Bond's Drug Storo, south. sence 1st West Wayne street, Fort Wayno, Ind. AtltnstlO ISBff. ' cuwly 3. B. Brown, " DENTIST. Oflico; over 1st National Bank, rerl Wayne, 'Indiana. all, ism.,. ,lawiy P, O. KEIiSFA', M. I. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Fort Wayne, Indian. Odea In Burgoss Block orcrlstNetlonal It an Ur.Kelsey can lip found at hlsolllcM - nll h ou af thenlalit. aug so, lSUJda wly 1. 1. voobwoitb:, k.s. a. h. bukt, u. d woodwoeth & hunt, Physicians and Surgeons, OFFICE Corner" Calhoun and Main Streets, ., ' Fort Wayno,' Indiana. AligtuHUeM daTCampd ' WHED0N& KERR, Attorneys at Law, AND MILITARY CLAIM AGENTS. P'ABTICULAIt attention given to collections and examining titles, paying taxes, and drawing deeds, mortgages, leases and blanks Humps kopt for sale. Also licensed agents for aetasotlng soldiers' pensions, bounties and ar - resrsor nay from the United States Government OFFICE Nerthwesteornorcl Main and Ual - i.l limm streets, Furt Wnyntl, Hidiana. - Qcftlier 719cj. dawlr Messrs Colton&Cook,! Owners of stenm'r Mag 1'ilsburgh, nolia now on IU. canal! Messrs Moore A Chuto,! Owners of the stcamor iiiuuycue, juu., ) "lioosior" Messrs W. & .1. Subln, j Owners of the steame Lafayette, lud., I "Uroomdyko" John Jay ( liaso Esq., ) Owner of the steam rrairio - ua - micn, s is.) er' Jillft" nnniolM. ShU."1' Boat Builder, Lafayette, Messrs Hill A Orlilson, Fort Wayno, Indiana. And ninny others in Ohio, Iowa, Pcnn , Ind Acini., nv., welsh, sox a co.. Nov. 1 1 dOm. Chillicotlie. Ohio. JLSSMAN, Proprietor. Coruer Wiyne' ind Calhoun Streets, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. mavl - 'Oi - dli. aaast Q. V7.1 PHILLIPS, Prop. Eatt End Columbia St., On the Canal, pQRT WAYNE , - - JNpiANA. l.nlWlr. AVKIilNE IIOUSK. H. C. FOX, Proprietor. - for. Calhoun Berry sts Opposita tba Court House, PPRT WAVNE, , . INDIANA .tprijjVfiWK Pr. E. 8NIDKR, Onlo,)d oo, Ha. 68, Colnm'ilaSt., Fort Wayno, Indiana ALL work warranted, examinations anil advice, gratis. Onice open from 7 A.M. to 0 I . Ml. : Uku. R. Load. As.Utant. July if, 190, dawly (gnacaudn to McCcrop Ce.,) Wholesale Grocers, 117, Columbia Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana Angus UMC3. ltt J. HASH & CO.. PRODUCE COMMISSION TOMCDO, OHIO. RKFKR TO I' aii i. Jiinm, Oiwh. Br, Itnnir, Tniediv KCTt'lUU, I'RRDAll A itQ.t iADkee llou. lliKHI Mi - Clilicu, Pr. llok MUlo lod' (!. iVlioNisCaMh. Ilr, Hituk. Fori Wrxvni. N. O. Winhlow A Co., HntlHln. HrNit luw i Hun, " I'. lUNnr, Wf tlnm. Ht. Hunk, (1nti. n Hi . . j?. PERRY IKWISi VKC.ETAIH.E PAIN KIIjIjFJ., TIIR flRKAT r AMILV MEDTCIKE OF TIIE AflE ! fllAKKN ISTKUSAI.I.Y.IT CURES SUPDEK j. ioiuh, i oiigus. txo. iVCfiit tomnrh,(ifner ftl iK'Lillttr. Niirainir Mure Mouth. llAnWnr T in. OiToni)i;iint, lJv3K'piaor imlifrcstlon.Cramp ami Pftmin Stonmch. Jlowol Complaint, l'aint - vi 9 win.,asuiiio v - nuiur1int.rTl.ea ami I'Ttrit' tory. J1PPIJEI EXTEUXALLY. CUnESj Felons, Itnils ntiil old Sore, Sevcro Burni and Sea UIh, cuts, liruUcA and Hjirainif HwolUng ortho JoinU, Itlntnrorm and Tetter, Jtrokeu llreasti, t'rostnit Feet and Chltlblains ,Tootli - nclio, I'ain In tlio Kure, Kouralgla and Hlimi - mutism. It Is a rnirn remedy for AarE and Chii.i.8 and b a. f it, TAIN" KILLER, tnken internally, should bo adulterated wltli iiiiik or waier, or inauo into a syrup Willi mo - tnsses. Fur n (Jnnorli. a Tew ilrnti. nn ...era .a.. en will lie more effective than anything elso. v. irtntcil Mwfiow., leAics aiYomnanv mrJt Mile. BEWARE OF ALLIMITATIOSSI iho Pnln Killer is sold by all respectable ITIIIEKIHUllirOllirilOllL IIIB ll.Ntnt.i. Im In V... olgn Countries. fjicetwtaiH. no emu and l per Uuli. J. N. HARRIS & CO' Cm. O. Proprietors for Sonthcrn and Western States Sold AVliolosalo and Retail by Myers A Brother, It. B. Rcod A Co.. O.C.NUI. Fort Wayne. nov71SC5 dawCm WELSH, SON & CO., Iron Founders.Boiler Ma kers & Machinests, SECOND STREET AND OANAL, CHILLICOTHE, OHIO. rpiIE altenllon of boat owners andiksvlldcrs Is 1 Invited toeur Superior GnglnesOTaclilnery nnd Screw rropcllcrs forboth C'analTiid River navigation, Persons desirous of using Steam Machinery In their boats would do weir to call and sco us beforo contracting elsewhere, as we have had great experience and aucccss In this IIIIU Ul IMIMIIU.S, REFERENCES. D. F. Comparct, Eso.., w n ejiiu, lulu Owner of "Klni Broth era" steam'r 'Atlantic' LADIES EMPORIUM Cor. Calhoun and Wayne Streets, Composite tlio Mayer IIouio.) MRS. F. M. FRAY, BrCCKBSOB TO TJEGS to announce to tlio I.aJtei'm Fort ceirod her Fall and Winter itock or Millinery and Fancy oo1b, which have becu iclccted by her sister, Mrs. Urace, whoie tastaand Judgment, she knows, will be ainfltolent ruaran - tuo tliat tho goods cannot be iurpassod7 cither In stylo, quality, or price, bhe tberefore lioncs that all Mrs. Sully's old customers, as well a.i the public In general, will give her a call before purchasing as she Is de(ernilnod to do business qn the most UUcral terml.bol loving Mrs. t has a full ansortroent of Valencia's lq small proAis and quick returns ratbor tbau in slow sales an largo prouts. and Euglliti Thread, Laces, Embrolderls ituiiingit, xiucKiui, AiexanuQr JUU uiuvoi, at. miv uinvi vvntjio. txu, aidu n large assortment of Hair Notts, Tads, and Ornaments, and all goods usually kept in a Fancy Storo. All of which hare been bought lor cast, and - will bo sold at the lowest prices. Shew rooms open 1st of November lor winter Fashions. Fail Fashions now on exhibition. MBS.SITLLY TAKES this opportunity to return nor grate ful thanks to her friend and customers for their long continued patronage, which she hopes will be continued to her daughter, Mrs Fray, whom she has no doubt wUl endeavor to dawSm merit their future lavori. FOKT WA"?N Insurance Company Port Wnyiic, Iml. OKFRF. in namllton's New Iilwk, Uwtc Acnliiftt lou kr riM( nd (recovery were aoaodoned. SWORN TO TBSTIMONI A L TO J. FLATTERY, M. D., Formerly Prof. In Ilia Syracuse, Medical Col lege, Xew York, and Surgeon to Rer Majesty's forces (the Queen of England), and from New York City, Australia, the Sandwich Islands. California, Tan Couver'a Island, Oregon and lanaua. rno THE GREAT TRAVELLER! PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. Oeulis', Auvl.t, Lang and I.sdlM Doctor who nai circumnaTigawa iae uiun , XI IV S j O O U t C (1 AT FORT WAYNE, Permanently. Ofllee over O'Couuel Rros. Saloon. DAILY (JAKETTK. SKI Lit AND QUICK CURES OF TYPHOID FEVER REAP! ! READ!! Foil W Am, Ikb., Not, 13, 1863. In gratitude to Dr. J. Flattery at the "A va line House" and of Ins unmistakable medical skill, I make the following statement vli; My son ha,.) been, lick and bedfast of fever, and al though he bad had prompt medical attention of thla city, be continued to grow worse and rap - dly sunk In typhoid fever and all hopes of his Lightning. The Capital Securities of thla "Company consists of lien on Real Estate Valued l $?0,000. y, DinKCTORSi ITomparot, C. Tresselt, U. C McAllaster. U A. Angel, Ueo. MeAllaster. A. M. Orbison. ft, OFFICERS. 1 . A. ANOKL. Fres'L A.M. ORBI30V. Treas U raiaaiLT, V. Press O.U. McAllabtir, See rebruarr 1J WM. Uwlr In this hopeless condition Pr. Flattery was col ed In, who at once arrested the fatal disease - and now after, but a few days,iqyeon. Is again well and walking about, to Me astonishment of all who knew bis critical condition. The afflicted are Invited to refer to me for more definite Information. JOUS LANCASTER. Sworn to and subscribed this 10th day of No ember 1365, before me .PAMEL BTA5. 1. T. ttXl. GREAT (iOI.ll DISCOVERY. Richest Deposit In the Known. World Gold In Almost Solid Messrs Tremedoni Encltemet In flloninnn. t'ol )nel Innlee, of St. Jisepli, now in Montana Territory, in ft letter to bis family, - incloses llio following extract from the Virginia City (Montana) Post, Of November 4, rehttivo to aome newly discovered mines, which bids fair loeuri paasin richness anything Inretotore known in the world. Colonel Inalee writes that he has seen aome specimens ol the quartz from llnsa mines, which seemed to be "nearly solhl gold." Here is theextrnot from the Post: ''Upon the arrival of the Helena stege lAD i.':,i . t. . 1 . ,.e '; . .M. 4' I 1UI.J WlUIUIIIKj, .11. JJDUID Ul TIIK ginia Utty weretnrown into a gold excitement, before which all former ex citemonta must pale. The facts, as we get litem lrom apparen ily well autlien ticateil sources, ar, briefly oh follows: "Mr. Drown, a Uerman or Norwegian and one of tlio original discoverers of the celebrated Uoulu & uurry lode, or N'evaJa, and afterwards of Brown lode, In Nelson Gulch, in this Territory, was engaged in sinking a abaft On the 'Uns cle Sam' lode, about the head of Dry uuicd, some lourmues uom Helena. Ue bad sunk near twenty leet.wben the indications not suiting him. be eoncla ded to change bis course by drifting up bill from the bottom of his shitft. " He bad advanced In this direction about ten feet, when he reached a gold deposit which, in riohnees and extent, bas.oer, haps, no parallel in tho history of gold mining, uoid, in almost solid masses, glittered before his bewildered vision. For two weeks longer, unknown to oth ers, be lanneled into the golden wall. Secreted about him, ha had accumulated several gunny sacks, litterally filled with the precious metalJwhen longer secrecy became Impracticable, from the very unexpected weans and; Mr crown proceeded to record and secure his prop erty, when the public were informed of the great discovery, 1 1 is said that be now keeps a strong guard, night and day, over his Beemiugly incomputable wealth, while be himself, unassisted delves into the golden walls around him, and continues multiplying his sacks of precious ore. One person who was admitted into Mr Brown's drift states that it presented a scene of wealth more akin to a picture of the Imagination than actuality. Qoldlgoldl goldl met the view on ever y side above below, and all around and reflected back its rich hue. In the glare of the candle, as if this subterranean vault had been howi out of a solid ledge of tne yellow nielaj. "This gold is found in a well defined ledge, fully live leet in width. The gold vein is three feet wide three fourths ol the entire substance therein being pure o.a; me remainqer mainly bismulb. m each side of this vein there is a cas ind of one foot of quartz, which will as aay from (100 to (2,000 to the ton, The very wall rock is rich. Specimens can bo seen at the Utty liook store. "Whether this is, to use familiar min - log terms, a 'blow out,' or a 'pocket,' we are not prepared to admit or deny. But be it either, millions are 'lvine around loose.' We can scarcely ' reals izsthat this is a .distinct, continuous ledge, as, in that case, so vast an amount of gold would affect the standard of gold valuation throughout the commercial world. Hut oqr informant, whom we know to bo a man of reliability, assures us that a distinct ledge has been traced fully seventy five feet. XX, Romance in Real Lire. From the Springfield (111.) Journal. Our readers will Drobablv remember Uolonel a B. Uooue, who formerly re. sided in Docatur. woe made Colonel of the. 31st Illinois Infantry at Mattoon, and was subsequently dropped by Gov - eraor Yates to give place to Colonel (now Lieutenant General) Grant We find - in the Decatur Tribune quite a romantio story about him. It seems that: ''After undergoing many strange and startling vicissitudes in life, and buffeting the dark waves of adversity and misfortune, he has at length become a wealthy and titled gentleman. By the death of his cousin, Sir Jasper Qoode, who recently died at York, England, ne has fallen heir to estates, the rental of which amounts annually to three thousand pounds sterlinc. and also succeeds to the title, by inheritance. ioe incidents ana adventures through which this singular Individual now Sir Samuel S. Goodo has passed, would fill a large yellow covered volume. At the go of ninoteen he ,was a midshipman in me lexan navy men engaged. In the war of independence with Mexico and was promoted to Lieutenant' In three month, for cotting out a Mexican bunco'under the cans of the citadel nf rVera Cruz. In .the war between the United States and Mexico that Immediately followed, he volunteered in the American army as private, bat by his gallantry, Boon won for himself a Cap tain's commission. In the disastrous fillibustering of Lopes, he commanded a company was taken prisoner at Cars aenas. and escaped the earrote bv the daughter of a Spanish officer, who bes came enamored of htm, opening the prison doors Undeterred, however, by his narrow escape, he net .embarked in walker's nrst expedition; lrom this he also managed to escape, alter passi ing through untold perils and sufferings. As all our readers are already aware, he raised a oomniny in this oitv whin the guns from Sumter reverberated through the loyal North, went to Malton, and was elected, Colonel by his regimtnt (the 21st). By some means, however, he was deprived of his command, and General U. B. Grant, then a plain citi - sen, was appointed in his stead. Weary and despondent, through this disan - pointment, he neglicted bis profession tho law and by some chance drifted IntoCarlinville, this State, where, at the time ha received bis fortune, he was keeping a bar In a drinking saloon. . lie Jiassed through this city Thursday night asi, en rmife for New York, theri to take a steamer for England, ijorior and lortune.' - Cost or Bhsad. A barrel of flour will yield 300 pounds or bread; 343 pounds can be obtained by judicious1 management As It la notorious that the dearest nour is not used by bakers,! but what is called 'bakers floor,' and1 'strong' and, 'weak flour, it is plain they can afford to give more than 71 to 8 ounce loves for five cents. The price paid for bread now is about . ten cento the pound. A barrel of flour, 'even costing 15, will yield, therefore, at this rale, 1 15 prolit . now much mora does it yield, then, when It coat but 3, or even $101 Is not the profit then made large enough to allow 12 ounces, at the least, I or a nvo cent loair Soldier' Home. There are now before the House two bills for the benefit of the Soldier's Home. One bill is an amendment to the voluntary association law, by which an association for the establishment' of a Home may have a legal existence in the. same manner as Churches, Odd Fellows and Masonio Lodges, Cemetery Companies, Ferry, Coiopanits and others. This bill looks to the Organization of a society which shall be auxiliary to tho State Institution provided for in Iho other bill - The proceeds ef an collections go to this society, and it will, If it meets tho expectations of its members, do much to place the cause of tne orpnan cnimren ol the nepublic on its proper basis. 'I he other bill provides for a, Home upon the same basis as our Benevolent Inititutions, subject to State. control, with a Board of Trustees elected by the Legislature In part, and appointed by tho Governor in part, wbo are responsible to the State for their conduct, and make report of all their proceedings to, the Legislature. The officers, such ,aa; Superintendent, are elective by the Board.. The order of admission is as follows;' First, totally' disabled soldiers; second, partially disabled soldiers; third; orphans of soldiers without either, parent; lourth, such orphans with a imother; fifth, widows of soldiers." This "seems to be in the order, of distribution.. The Jeffersonyille hospital,, givon by the General Government, Is provided as Ihi temporary place for the Home Such are a few of the features of the moasurcs now submitted : for the consideration of the Legislature. There can be no doubt but that the best policy in this matter is to put this business upon the ground of a publio duty and meet the expenses out of the proceeds of taxation. Our people pay cheerfully all that goes to the noble charities which give luster to our character as State; and this matter of a Soldiers' Home will tie the first In their' affections as well as their pride. The whole people desirs to see their brown and war - broken soldiers tenderly cared lor, and Will not be satisfied with half' way measures.' These men gave us, without stint, their health, their blood, and tba pre cious years or youtn ana, nope, ana a grateful people will never allow, them to nn tue poor bouses, or beg from Uoor. to aoor me rags and crumbs crudinal given to me mie ana; toe vicious. t - ina Jour. Similia Similibus Curantur," IIUMrilRKYN HOMffiPATHIC SPECIFICS. IT AVE proved, from the most ample erpcrl .IX enoe, an entire iucees;Bimpld Prompt tiuclcnt, - and Reliable. They are the only Medicines perfectly adapted to popnlar use - so simple that mistakes cannot be made In using thorn so harmless as to be free from dan ger, ana so emciens as to no always reliable. They have raised tho highest commendation Cents. No.l Curcs.rEVF.RS, Congestion. Inflainallon. . ... i5 , "..worms, worm - Fever, Wonn - Chnllo. 8" OHYINaooUOorTecthlngoflnfanU " 5 DYSENTBa? Uriplng, HUllous lliollc ' S '.'. OHOLEBA MOBBD Nausea, VouiH? ing .... .j " 1 ' OurOHS, Colds. Bronchitis' 25 S iraUBAUHA, Toothache, Fareacho.S S "' BEADAOHB, Sick Headache, Vertigo; n 4 in il, TIWitltlBtwa SRPPR "a Of riUnfiiU'erlo,s 3 wr u no. . tuo nroiuse 1'erious, flDntrP f'sittol.. AIH...I. i 14 '''SALT.BHirtfM.feryalpelas.Enintions. 'AS, 'j 5?EO'rISM. Rhoumatlc'Paln S3 "HI" FBVBB AND - AWE, Chill Fevers , f . 'Ae - ut ; so " 17 ", FILES, blind or Bleeding;,. 50 OfHTTALMl: lidsinn i....... OATARB, acute or; chroulc .Iniluen - W ii whcxJPrMO Ooogk, Solent Conalu 50 SI ASTMA, oppressed Braathing 60 - . h - .. - , ..much cu Jicmiua, W SOBOFOXA, enlarged Glands, sivel - lings, . . . AO !l ' OENEBAL, HebUUy, Fhysical weak - ' ness, ,. . - " ' ' S0 " M '' DBOFST, and ioaaty secretions; W ." M '' SEA - Slckaesa, sickness from Itldlna - . - 47 "' KIDWET blisase; Gravel, CO ao - naiBvuua iu.iuiir, seminal Emissions. Invotuntarv dlsdiar.M. 1 m SOBB.MOOTH Canker, - 50 uiuiiAKX incontinnonoe, wettins bed, & PAlHTfrr. nrln.1a .... will. Qn - . - . - SDTFEBINOS atohange of Life, 1,00 EFIFLEFv;, gpasnu.St. yttus'PancOj DIPTHEBIA; ilra'td sore - throat, . .... ; .' 90 XA.O.ILX CASES. S5 vlala, morocco case, and book, . 10 00 20 larae vials. In morocco. and book. Quo 20 large vials, plain oase, and book 600 ot poxes taos. a so idj, anu oooa, sou VBTEEINAEY SPECIFIoS. "si 20 ' SO ' to' 4 S3 At Mobile, on the 5th nit Jalin S. Trlplett, formerly of St. Louis. "more recently of Memphis, and now of Mobile; was married to Miss Bertha Stelner, also of Mobile. The bride's father is a very wealthy old gentlemat), . formerly of Nashville, and among ' his possessions are the Mobile water works, which afford him an income of about $100,000 per annum. Among the guests at the ceremony was Gen., N.. B. Forrest, Ths Aberdeen (Miss. I'Sunnv South reports tho arrival "there, recently of a train of over 20 wagons loaded with machinery for an establishment for i the manufacture of cotton goods, ' This cotton factory1 will roon be in active operation, and Abordeen can then boast the most extensive establishment of the Kina in tne State, if not In the South. U.lin.. - .. 11 1. . Single vials, with directions, 110 00 These Remedies, by the case or single tox. are sens soaoypars 01 tne country, uy Mall or Express, free of charge, on receipt o Address HUMPHRET8' SPECIFIC nOMfEOPATIIIQ MEDICINE COMPANY OSloe and Depot, No. m Broadway, N. T Ua. lloMrnaaTS Is consulted dally at his of - See, personally or by letter, as above, for al forma of disease, r Tot sale. Wholesale imdEetail by' H. B. RKEI) CO., Druggist., .FyrtT WAVSE, ; sep4i),I86 . " dJtwJm JUST KECUITD. yjk.tlVO.00 MARKET GROCER Y AND SELZI.YGotr CI1E.IF. New Dried Apples " " Peaches " Mess Pork. " Primp Uri. New Sugar Cured Hams. " mckwliem onr.; " Corn Meal. 24 Bushels Cranberries. 100 do Wisconsin Onions. CALX ABO 8 EE FOE YOURSELF. SLOCUM & STKLLWAGON. dec! djw . II BOSSLER, REAL ESTATE ' - sn - i' ' INSURANCE AGENT. OFFICE - Room No: - 4, over Allen Hamilton $ Co.'s Banking Houar, US - DEEDS MOltTQliCES anil bllior writ - ngsdrawn with rare. All kinds ot " rromptly attended to , $500,000 of Property for sale Business Property, Desirable Dvvelliogs, Improved Fanns, Wild Lands, Out Isots, Btilding Lots, Garden loots', All well located. If You wish to Buy or Sell, Call H.H. BOSSLER lEIIEIIiiltllCE At fair rates and in responsible Companies calon H. H. Bossier. IS YOUR LIFE INSURED Ami your family provided for in ease of death, irnotcallon II ll BOS3LEH ' Me reprosents M.moitpapuUrConipaDlci lathe Initadatatss Are you Insured against ACOIDEN F If not by all means call on BOSSLER al onu and, get a pulley In the Hartford, the pioneer Company for s,a;.le ' 1 BRICK Dwelling Honse ene square lrom jtY the Court IJoiue,wIUigoeHiasement,batli, ana ail tne mouern improvemenn; JiWiCllilMKlCfl HAVE RKCKIVED THBIK FiA."aUIli. STOCK OP DRY GOODS which they are oflering at the Very lowest Prices A splendid lot of V of nil qualities at iew York Prices! FOR BARGAINS I IV N'l 112 S ! .AND'ALL the , LATBa T 8 T Y LB S ...i OF - DRESS GOODS GOTO J.W - CRUIKSHANK & CO'S. a: ..... 1 If you wish tq save money in uuyingyour Hosiery, Gloves,, ' . Laoos, Linens, Table. Covers, Woolen Goods, Flannels, &c. , go to V W. CRUIKSHANK & GO'S. The largest and most complete assortment in the west of CARPETS&RUGS. Olli CLOTH Mats, and Upnolstery Goods, is at J. W. Crnikshank & Ob'a n m, fliam St., 2. uaers tast 0 . tinrtlUise. Ssptembern. 1803. dtl IHamphrcy. w.Bacxev A sntmnslster JAMES HUMPHREY k CO.. STIiAM MAItBLB Lime & Sandstone WOHiKa Grate Stones,. and Mantle Pieces Of every description. All Kinds eflluiidiD - WorkinSauil or Llruestoae, . PKOMI'TLY EXEOUTED. FLAGGING FOR SIDE - WALKS. A line collection of Designs for Customers. Corner Alalo tt Fnlton Street. UOV171SM. jjf' VVOOliWARD younijTco In Hamilton's New Bnlldinir on Cnl honn Street, WISH, to announce to thtdr patron - an Uiepubho generally; that their store Is now tilled with NEW GOODS) WE fiaVSCB 6ICB STILES Fane)' CassiiiicicN niOII, PLAIN FANCY COATINGS, Black Cloth sand Doe Skin VESTINOS, Of all kinds with a oomrUote aasortmnt Heady Made Clothing, Also, Headquarters for line HATS, NEOK - TIES, SHIR AND FORNISBINd GOODS GEN May 1, 1863. JENKINKABTMANi Steam, Plain, and Ornamentaf Booe'&Job'Pjiinters, 1H COLOMBIA STBJEET!fi rrol "' " " Po3ters,vBiU HeadsLetterHeads CIBCULAKS, CARDS. PROGBAMMEs, S HIPPIN,GI LLS, LABELS, ENVELOPES, PAMPHLETS, CATALOGUES BRHCFS, Ac), 4e., KeatlHri'EircdltlonsiT'Ereiiiitid. r. (.roriim.. UNDERnitt.i ZOLLINGER, In either suit the mosi CITIIutJMGSTORl! out - houses in good order. Stable andCarrlaga nous., urape Aroor., Dnruuuerr. ao. n J housu contains eleven noma with Ko 1Cu;i - boards and Pantries. For terms and ttme.n quire of " . H. XI. Bossier, Kcal Estate Aseni OFFICE Nt.itntr homtton't Bank Oct3,19C2 O. NILL, DRUGGIST fiPRBSCBPTMIST; Calhoun St., Between Berry fit Wape, Fort Wayne, Indiana, DEALER W Drugs , Patent Medicines, Palntsi Oils, Perfomerr, Brusnts anil ovcrythfiig usually kept by Drngglsis. will be sold at the very lowest market nrlcci.""' Prescriptions Accurately Com - ponnded. None liut competent persons allowed to die. pense medicines. G.C N1U being a competent Druggist of ten years experience, the publio can safely rely upon sctung genuine medicines correctly pre - naiim.i, it dawSm A.VD Building Stone Work ! dor, Maa'aifl ,0as8 Struts, FORTtfJtY'K.C . IVDIA!,.!. rViBiJ.VBPA,RT,ES KafORMIED Pjrtnorshlplnthe. tide and llulld - IngStono kus:neu at the olAwwid ip.e. uj. dorhUIi wenld icapectfiiliy invito aU persona wanting anything In tnelrline - to glye taem a ealt.iWe pledge perfect. satJaiacfioK We have nsi secured the services of one of tin MOST EMINENT SCnLHTOn ELABOIUTK OARVINO Scenerr'" 'Figures, or other work lo nt fastidious, A large eolieei ion of MOHUMENTAi. DESIQKS Rent for rn.tnmAV. ... .al. - l ' 1 1. . signs made to order tosmt customers. Building Stone. Window Cape, Door, Caps, Wsler;Tbles, Sills, 8tone Flagging, &o Ac, &c. Constantly on hand and furnished to order We call especial attention to this branch of onr trade. Oun Improved Kaehinery '7or,'Fiaishln - Marble, And' Sawiag; Both Marble and Bntldinc Stone, Ronderonr facllitiea nperto, to any other slm liar establishment that we know of in Ue State Oct 81. 1965 a,wU iYEW.DUUG STORE mti VOL MER,. DRUGGIST & PDARHACEUTIST Northwest corner of the Aveline House. WHERE he Invites all hlsfricinU and the nilllliQ tn .ivA lllm ..hKMnf Hlmn.H HarTng been In the Drug business for the last ten years In this city as clerk, and beinrtamil - Iar with tbo trade he feels couUdent of being able to please all. . , lie win constantly keep on hand a full stock or Drugs and Medicines; Also, a large assortment of elegaai Toilet and Fancy Uoods, suck as Fine Hair. Hat. Cloth Flesh and Tooth Brushes, perfumeries, Dota , Foreign 4 JPotnestic, In great variety,' Flno Extracts, Halrbll, Po - icluesof the day,' Liquors lor mediuuaipur iu3u3. Aicuuui, i - nniu i.nimneys, txai, sewing Machine and Lard Oil, and all ether articles gonerally sold by Druggist Ue will give his personal attention to impounding Proserin - Bins. - All articles are warranted Frmh and lenuine. octsiiacs . . ,itf. WANTED ! Agents for "the Secret Service,'' "The Field, tne iningeon and the Escape." BV ALBERT D. RlCIt ARDSOy, New Fork Trlbnno Corresnondent. The im. t intAp. estlngaud exoitlng book ever published, em - braclnirMr. Richardson's nnnnrnli)lnH rlcnce for four years; traveliig throngk the Souta - UUiSMaMs.rvlc. or tile Tribune at the outbreak of the wart with our armlea and Beets, both east and west, dnrlngtheffrst two yean ofUi. Rebellion, his thrilling capture i bis conflnemonk fnrtn - flllt. mnnth. 1 .an different rebel prisons; hlaescapo, and almost miraculous journey by night of nearly 409 miles it will abound In stlrlng events, arid contain more of the fact. Incident and romance of the war than any other work yet published. " Teachers. ladles, enersretln minv.M'' .nrl especially returned and disabled soldelrs. in wantorproncauieempioyrnent,wtu flndtt peculiarly adapted to their condition. Wo have agents clearing SIM per month, which we will prove to any doubting anDllcanL. rnr .. culars. Addrens JOVES BROS. A CO.. ltlj West ronrta street, tlnclnnau, Ohio. . tflUin.inu uawsm PRICES ARE DOWN! AT TILE SIGN of the PLAID STOCKING, IF TOO WANT. AS V D.ry iGfoods. Notions, : Cloaks, !. , ; j. .' - i.'Lr . Mantillas, Merinos, Or Fine Dry Goods. C. STANLEY. . CARRIAGE, MANUFACTURER, KKKWON HAND Carriages,' Buggies, Spring Wagons, IUntlrina Eton, la .Opler jttOOf SMlsli3 AMU BONNETS. i - ... 113 West Main Street PORT WATNE, IND. novlUSM dtf Groceries at the very Lowest Prices. Call at P, PIE ICR'S, Calhonn street Oct! dtf CENTRAL GROCERY. Wb. ,88, Calhonn Street, William Wilniiiigton (successor to Wilmington i Knappenberger,) HASonhind anew stock of Groceries and Provisions, which he la selling stu rea - sonable prices as ou behadln theclty Th, iwv. wiuua, in jisn, o( Tea Sngar.Syrnps',1 Tobacco and Cigars Pork, Hams, Lard, Flour, Fish, BUTTER EGGS, Potatoes, apples,leraons, hominy, onions, and CtiJy.YEO JFRV1TS all ail lv lull iilivM ui .nViirr . janypartof theolty. Fort Wayne.Ock IL 180S. ' - dawtf J). B.CIUX. Jl0,BU,'lSliITa CLARK &RH1NESMITH DUtlBS IS L XJ M B M R t Dressedand undressed. saginaw pink"" Lath; shingles, Ac. &ci Ac. CUSTOM WORK, Done to order. ITard and Mlllon Railroad, Southeurof Depot,, FORT WATNE, IND. Cctlisra dsmawlr Fort .Wayne V a r iety Store, Wd. 10 irialia, street, (Opposite the Court nousej, BOOKS AND STATIONERY. ALBUMS of ail sites, PICTCRES and PIC - 'TURE FBAMES, vValL aPaTjer, Looking Glasses, . - AND FANOT CHINA tYARS BlrdCages, Fine Cuttiery, and a General As. . sgrunens w .FAN - crs - oo'oss, H. MONNING. aaptSS, asm GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY? Fire, Marine and Life Insaranoel JJfOi HOUGH, Agt., JOCauiona Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mutual Life Insurance NewYork, . ..M . n n n n n ' assets iO,OUU,UUU. Iltna Insurance Oo. Hartford Ot., ABSBIS, XJ,OOU,OQ 1, Home" Insurance Co., New York, Asset V 3, 765,80 J. Underwriters' Agency. N6w York Assets, t3,2S2,Ttr9. International Ins, 06., New York, Assets, fl,04,U8. Accidental Ins. Co., New Yortl, ASSeU 250,000.. North American Transit Insurance Co. Philadelphia, Assets, $500,000. Ba Is thus prepared to Issue Policies in Every Department ; OF IKS UIIANCJE la the itrongeat and most reliablt companlc JOHH HOUGH, ARent D. C. PISHEH. Assistanr UKNRT TOS, Solicitor. September 11' ,180V dtf HARDWARE STORE FOR SALE. 'PHE nnderslgned will sell their retail Ilard - X - ware Store la Union Block, on Mala street osposlto the Foi t Wayue national Bank,at cost mr casn, as sney wis rvnov. in aoons a month to their new File Manufacturing Establishment ou Tarl street. The location of their present store la one of the best In the city, and commands a large enstom from Ita Inhabitants and from tho turroundlngeountry. For particular JU.DVtlAlliP A CO. apply at the Store, UX

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