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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 12
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 12

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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a 12 THE BOSTON GLOBE TUESDAY. MAY 13. 1980 V- at. i-akJ fc-i 7 777 1 Lvi- The Dead come back and put it all together Circle "Being There." 1:45. 4:30, 7:30, 10 Circle "Friday the 13th." 1:30, 3:40, 5:40, 7:50, 10 Circle "Where Buffalo Roam," 1:15, 3:15.

5:15. 7:20. 9:30 Coofidge "Can't Take II With You," 5:15, 9:40: "Man Came to Dinner," 7:35 Coolidge "New Age Animation," 6:15, 7:55, 9:35 Eieter "Tin Drum." 2, 4:30, 7:10. 9:45 Galeria "Norma Rae," 1:15, 3:20, 5:35, 7:45, 9:55 Newton Academy "Coal Miner's Daughter," 7:45, 9:55 Newton Academy "Black Stallion," 7 30 9'30 Orson Weilee "My Brilliant Career 2:30, 5, 7, 8:45. 10:30 Orson Welles "Best Boy." 1:45, 3:45 5:50, 7:45, 9:45 Orson Weilee "Wicker Man," 2-15 4:15.

6:15, 8:15, 10:15 Pi Alley "Die Laughing," 1, 3:15 5:30. 7:45, 10 Pi Alley "Nude Bomb," 1:30. 3:30, 5:45, 8, 10 Sack Pans "Being There," 1, 3:15. 5:30,7:45,10:15 Seion Bullitt." 1:30, 5:45, 10; "Thomas Crown Affair," 3:30. 8 Movie schedules ere subject to unexpected chongee.

FILM TIMES Alleton -Cruising," 1, 2:45, 4:30, 6:15, 8. 9:50 Allaton "Night Games," 2. 3:50, 5:40. 7:30. 9:20 Beacon Hill "Apocalypse Now," 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:15 Beacon Hill "Black Stallion," 1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10 Beacon Hill "Night Games," 1:30, 3:30, 5:45, 10 Charles "All That Jaa," 1, 3:15, 5:30.

7:45, 10 Charles "Manhattan," 1:30, 3:30, 5:45. 8, 10 Charles "Cage aux Folles," 1:30, 3:30. 5:45, 8, 10 1 Cheri "Kramer vs. Kramer," 1:30, 3:30. 5:45.

8. 10 Chert "Changeling," 1:15, 3:30, 5:30, 7:45. 10 Chert "Rolling Stones," 1, 2:45, 4:30, 6:15, ft, 10 Chestnut Hill "Manhattan." 1:15, 3:15. 5:15, 7:45, 10 Chestnut Hill "Kramer vs. Kramer," 1, 3:05, 505, 7:30, 9:40 Chestnut Hill "All That Jazz," 1:45, 4:20, 7:20, 9:40 Cinema 57 "Where Buffalo Roam," 1:30, 3.30, 5:30, 7:45, 10 Cinema 57 "Friday the 13th," 1.

2:45, 4:30, 6:15, 8, 10 As the near-capacity congregation of 14,000 rose i -I 4.1 trx i i s(4 sir SACK atttmAi. cirtCMA CHERI 1-2-3 FRAMINGHAM sottow nt-nn I SHOWCASE 1 I SHOWCASE I DEDHAM WOBURN 326-4955 933-5330 I SOUTt I at IM lllllMUm REVIEW MUSIC ui auppiKsiuuH, uie ueaa piayea cneir traditional iwo u-minuie seis. liacn one was wen-conceived, with a minimum of nonsense and In the opener, they built patiently from "Jack Straw" through Jerrv Garcia 's new anrf "Alabama Getaway," to Bob Weir's send-up of Marty Robbins' hoary hit. "El Paso," and Garcia's CLOBE ADS PAY BEST ujimg suuica, a mrowoacK 10 nis style on the group American Beauty LP. New member Brent Mydland.

who stabilized the 1 1 111 i uanu iiac iormer Keyrioaraist Keith Godchaux was unable to do, assayed his new song, the Doobie-ish LoSS rar irum twe iwnicn is getting a lot ol local airplay). The tempo then soared as the band hit stride on "All New Mlnglewood Blues," the slinky "I Know GRATEFUL DEAD In concert at Boston Garden last night. By Steve Morse Globe Staff If there's anything spacier than the Grateful Dead, It's their true-blue audience. In fanaticism alone, the band's hard-core "Dead Head" followers would give the Hare Krishna sect a run for the roses. Last night was another night at the Grateful Dead temple.

Right next to me were two dlehards who like all self-respecting Dead Heads could immediately pick out what song the band was to play just from the tuning up between numbers. Mark Smith and Steve Haas, both from northern Vermont, had already traveled to four of the Dead's dates this tour (starting at Cornell University) and had three to go. As if speedily reciting a grocery list, they could rattle off the song lists for every show. They even imparted the wisdom that the band had played their ancient acid classic. "Morning Dew," during soundcheck in Hampton Roads, Va.

But Dead mania is nothing new; the Dead Heads are always lodged in the stratosphere. The really ou maer ana me veneraoie China Cat Sunflower." as Garcia, whose last solo tour was excellent as well, came to life and stomped around, contrary to ma ictiu-uctLti guru image. The second set was even tighter. Weir's "Feel Like a Stranger" led to the magical lilt of "Ship of fools, tollowed by Estimated Prophet, segueing into "He's Gone" and then a dissonant, acidic jam Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia. significant news last night had to do with the band.

Its last two area appearances at the Music Hall and the Cape Cod Coliseum were chaotic, wavering affairs. This time was markedly different from the outset, as the Dead firmly showed they could play with the flowing levitation of the past. (circa Golden Gate Park lree-concert days) and a eu phoric, malleted drum joust between Mickey Hart and Bui Kreutzmann. The Dead are alive and well again. May is a Special time at Howard Johnson REVIEW MOVIE SHOWCASE CINEMAS BARGAIN MATINEE FIRST SHOW 12.00 BARGAIN MATINEE DAILY-FIRST SHOW ONLY $2.00 Exeter St.Thcarre Bloody 'Friday' is nauseating ICIRCLE 1-2-3 CHESTNUT HH.L CLEVE.

CIRCLE -566 4040 AcBdtmy Award Wifttw I Fontgn FUm TIN DRUM 2, 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 14 hour nljtttmirc of terror. where the ft lit Hmarrj -j i muuwnmt BEST SUPPORTING Factor EivroicuB itmmmn With French Fries and i IwbwWtMMiA uffaloraam BEING THERE W5 4M no 1000 130 MO MO 10 1000 IIS 315 515 710 950 Rollar.BuUer IW, II I AJPKrMln CRUISINO 1, 2:45, 4:30, 8, 9:50 CMy IHcl NIQHT GAMES 2, 3:50, 5:40, 7:30, 9:20 I LAWRENCE 1-2-3-4 routes ii4wd49STEl.686 2121 j- IPiii ((nun TH8Tk NUOS Boms 120 T30 955 WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM 115 7M 945 mm MS 710930 if "i mn nrnnm Nnntrnnnii mi'i" ii 'I Hln RUHH'M I II II Hi l'ii; I i i.ii..! i i I Ji iliiii I i iiilll1! I IB i iii' ii STARRED () FEATURES I $1.50 FIRST MATIHit SHOW ONLY Salisbury Steak DEDHAM1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 RTE 14RTE 128 -EXIT 60-326 495if( 11111 1 i 'i "i "ir'J 1 i ii inii Hi. Hi LADY AND THE HUUWP 100240 715900 115 no 930 i i i i itn Drown union uraw, eTVIGHT GAMES i'vi i i i a i WHNEfl Of 4 ACADEMY AWARDS ii in py Whipped Potatoes, 100 730945 130 7451000 ALL THAT M5. 420,7:20. 45 mm "mMgZZ0T Roll and Butter Holland Buttt mackSUOOod DIE LAUGHING woody aliens "MANHATTAN" jred Vegetabl 2.95 welcome relief in "Little Darlings," but I wouldn't wish "Friday, the 13th" on anyone.

The problem with this murder mystery lies in the details. Director Cunningham wallows in violence. Each victim's demise is increasingly graphic. From drops of blood flowing from the side of the first unfortunate counselor to. the final decapitation, Cunningham's cinematic bloodlust seems insatiable.

He has obviously been influenced by "Dawn of the Dead" director George Romero. He even borrowed Tom Savini, the special effects man responsible for the realistic decapitations in Romero's films. But Cunningham missed one crucial lesson. He doesn't understand Romero's outrageous sense of humor. "Friday, the 13th" isn't funny.

It's disgusting. Cunningham's composer, Harry Manfredlnl, is a Bernard Herrmann clone. The soundtrack is liberally sprinkled with the screaming violins and pounding beat from "Psycho." It also telegraphs, rather than foreshadows each murder. Unless your idea of a good time is to watch a woman have her head split down the middle by an ax or a man stuck to a door with arrows, you should stay away from "Friday, the 13th." It's bad luck. FRIDAY, THE 13TH A Jllm produced and directed by Sean S.

Cunningham. Written by Victor Miller. Music by Harry Special effects by Tom Savtnt. Starring Betsy Palmer. At the Sack Cinema 57 and suburbs.

Rated R. By Michael Blowen Globe Correspondent I never believed that Friday the 13th was bad luck. Now, I do. Director Sean S. Cunningham has convinced me, beyond any doubt, that "Friday, the 13th" is a bad omen.

I left the theater feeling nauseated by the torrents of blood flowing over the screen. It's enough to make Dracula green with envy. The film has a promising beginning. The citizens of a rural New Jersey town warn a young woman that something is wrong at Camp Crystal Lake. Ralph, the "town crazie," tells her that the camp has a "death curse." Salph, It seems, isn't so crazy, because before you can check your hemoglobin count, the counselors are being knifed, axed and shot through the head with arrows.

The general suggestion is that someone, or something, doesn't want the camp echoing the delightful cheers of youngsters frolicking under the sun or singing campfire ditties under the Moon. A maniacal killer might have been a. nr. ii iiini a aT am 2O0 725955 1 29 I0O 735955 Salad or Salad Bar additional WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS iii inn inn mm i i inrnm mi Including BEST PICTURE "KRAMER vs. KRAMFR" WOBURN 1-2-3-4-5 Rte 128 exit 39 and rte 38 933 5330; We're making every month something Special fzdjj 1 At All Participating Restaurants AUTHAT JAZZ 140 7301000 WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS 100 I I 730940 730925 including BEST PICTURE KRAMER vs.

KRAMER" 100, 305. 5-05. WO kw 115 730945 720930 m- urn thr it 111 "DIE LALJfiHINfi" DSIVE-INSr (r nn Miamt lAIU PERCANUMO CAM HSA11R OPTOHAL "THE CHANGELING" I0ajl0.5. 730.45 f.f.W.p.'rTKKR" STARLlTE KLPCKSETcJS. 2B2-3SOO 32S-GOO0 I 2B4S700 044-4497 JamMCcnn Mcnho Maion US1 HOUSE SIH1 TRIOAY THE 13th" 130, 325.

'TLOCW Chapter Twogy i HOM THATWWtSHKD "THf Nl IDF ROMR" MCPtmSETl KiVCRCUmC IH FIE MARKCJ OPtKCVCRr SUM MY 8 i MBamwriiiaiBaiBaiBiBBBwiwiiBiB aMasiiuau laaaaasiM maei BSWTBHWMWBsBrBTamnffiinBsiianTimeiiBWM f-j r-gji --IEs! GLOBE ADS PAY BEST TRY ONE AND SEE WINNER OF 2 ACADEMY AWARDS "NORMA RAEX IKS KIWI ML SEATSttH k'- aw iL i.ii.1xiuillil.uJII,m.l,ii,,.. ltOa310.SE730.9 40 WINNER OF 4 ACAD AWARDS ALLTHATJAZZ" US. 420 720 45 WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BEST PICTURE KRAMER vs. KRAMER" KJ0.3O5.S05.730.M0JHH "THE NUDE BOMB" 130, J25. M0.

730 9-30 I'M Car stereo on sale now through "WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" nc 1 M5.mJ10.725.0 it WINNER Of 6 ACAOEMY AWARDS Z-r 1 Including BEST PICTURE KRAMER vs KRAMER" 100.305.i05.730.40 woody M5, IS.S10.725.30 WINNER OF 2 ACAOEMY AWARDS ihsKAiiw NORMA RAEoj Ml SIMS II it 'WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" 1, 115, 315.50O 725.3O 'O sores'" "DIE LAUGHING" VO0.JI0.il5. 730. 940ot FRIDAY THE 13th" V30.J25.SI5.725.MO "THE NUDE BOMB" 130. 325. 730.

I "THE CHANGELING" IOO JlO. 515. 73045 'WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" CrJpiOnJEEn Pioneer KP8500 in-dash cassette deck with AMFM Supertuner. Deluxe model with Dolby, stereomono switch, automatic replay, and more. Maximum output: 5 watts per channel 1 39 Pioneer KP88G under-dash Dolby cassette player, GM40 20 watts amp $149 Pioneer GX5050 AMFM Supertuner in-dash radio $89 Roadstar 69C20 6X9-inch coax spkr.

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'Evita' tops Tony list Associated Press NEW YORK and "Talley's Folly" led the pack among musicals and plays respectively as nominations for Broadway's top honor, the Tony, were announced last night. "Evita," the hit musical about Argentina's Eva Peron, got 11 nominations, while "Folly." a love story set in rural Missouri, got five in voting for Broadway's 1979-80 season. The contenders were made public by the League of New York Theaters and Producers, whose 34th annual Tony awards show will be aired by CBS June 8. Nominations included: Betl Play: "Bent," Martin Sherman; "Chltdran of a Ltswr God," Mark ModoH; "Horn," Samm-Art Willlamt; "Taltoy't Folly." Lanlord Wllaon. Boat mutietl, bat muaical book, beat musical score (tr aarrw nomlrwea art In aacfi oalagory): "A Day In Hollywood, A Night tha Ukraina;" "Bar-num;" "Evita;" "Sugar Bablaa." Beat Actor, Play: Charles Brown, "Homa;" Garald Hlken, "Slridw;" Judd Hlrach, "Talley't Folly:" John Ruban-(tain, "Chlldran ol a Lesaar God." Beat Actreu, Play: Blyth Oan-nr, "Betrayal:" Phyllis French, "Lesser God:" Maggie Smith, "Night and Day;" Anna Twomey, "Nuls." Best Aclor, Musical: Jim Dale, "Bamum;" Gregory Hlnea, "Comln' Uptown;" Mickey Rooney, "Sugar Babies;" Onrglo TozH, "Moat Happy Fella." Beat Actrasa, Musical: Christina Andreas, "Oklahoma;" Sandy Duncan, "Paler Pan;" Paltl LuPona, "Evita;" Ann Miller, "Sugar Babies." Beet Featured Aclor, Play: David Dukes, "Bent;" George Haam, "Watch on tha fihme;" Earl Hyman, "Lady from Dubuque;" Joaaph Mahar, "Night and pay;" David Rounds, "Morning's at Seven.

Beat Featured Aclress, Play; Maureen Anderman, "Dubuque:" Pamela Burrell, "Strider;" Lola de Banile, "Morning's al Seven;" Dinah Manott, "I Ought to Be In Plclurea." Best Featured Actor, Musical: David Garrison, "Day Hollywood;" Harry Greener, "Oklahoma;" Bob Gun-Ion and Mandy Pallnkln, "Evita." Beat Featured Actreu, Musical: Dabble Allen and and Joule de Oui-man, "West Side Story;" Glenn Close, "Bamum;" PriscIHa Lopol, "A Day In Hollywood" Besl Direction, Play: Gordon Davidson, "Children ol a Lenser God;" Peter Had, "Betrayal;" Marshall Mason, "Talley's FoMy; Vivian Malalon, "Morning's at Seven." Beat Direction, Musical: Ernest Flsll, Rudy Tronio, "Sugar Babiea," Joa Layton, ''Barnum;" Harold Prince, "Evlia;" Tommy Tuna, "A Day In Hollywood." Best Reproduction of Play or Musical: "Major Barbara:" "Morning's at Seven;" "Peter Pan" and "West Side ftlnrw MS, ACTON BROOKLI.X'E UlALDEiM WI 0 OHM 2" mm PAMmOUimH 965-5530 NIGHT GtUIES 7-9 Jlil "THE JERK" 7-9 "'I" 'Pofnn Thflro' PC 7 Q-Qfl I "MEW AGE ANIMATION" watch for the opening 1. ZMvin Being mere w.4i z- of two mew screens 2. -the jerk No HP Access To 8-Free Eve Sun. Parking ARLINGTON CAMBRIDGE MAYNARD WEST NEWTON CAPITOL 648-4340 mTm KXEL03ECI OXEMAS 897-2100 CINEMAS 1-2-3 964-6060 I. SieW't TWO" tlifi 7-9-M THtAIHt Olo-ALa I -vv IRIt UtfT CUtrri" i s.F,eids -norma nrtS; MERCHANTIVORY FESTIVAL I.

II ItlLllMI VitiS 2. "AMERICAN GIGOLO" wmmm mva twmmt mmt 57 Boylston St.Near Harvard Square EBfORfl TBIPti DRIYE4N 396-8800 CINEMAS 1-2 746-8788 '1IHLE DARLINGS" the jerk y-animal house- -fdule atbletet "bakingrainJng "NORXARAE" "THE mSSSStT. BREAKINQTBAININQ "FATSQ'V'AVALANCHE EXPRESS" Flrat Show Both Cinema, $1.50 BELMONT HARVARD SO. THEATRE 864-4580 MEDFORD SQUARE RANDOLPH "RiiiHlL.0r0NLY1 00001144 395-9499 fBSffi11 JUS "Phanfpr Two" P6 7-9 wmk the nur rAuffifeB IS bllflUlCI IWU TO I Cont. Mat.

Dally $1.75 til pm "MIDNIGHT COWBOY" -i rrTe tJARLBS" 7-lM-is mmm mm Wl -JjT BOSTON MILFORD NORTH READING MI0JIMi 247-2164 ktikX CINEMAS 1 4 II ImW CINEMAS 1 2 664-2211 rtr "my brilliantreer Frhlii IQth" 7 Qlel 1. "CHAPTER TWO" Pfi 5 tTAsiiwatBonri mm SE BLOOD" 3-45-7 50 iSrsS- "LITTLE DARLINGS" $1.50 all seats VttSnZZ: "HSJP SCITUATE HARBOR "IllEraTS" 15,15.1.15 "FRATHOUsVr Sflg II. Goldle Hawn 2. "Where Tha Buffalo Roam" HtUill OAMCS miTiiTnHPBFr CHELMSFORD 3. "die laughing" pg "COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER" WraUHOTW 3 CNEKAS 256-0611 EAST MILTON i5Sl inToimaiiu S2335 S0MEKVIIIE "TRUCK-STOP WOMEN" "dheelaiigebompgpq 7omm "-n SOMERVILLE 625 1081 iwtrw't-ki ALL SEATS $2.50 UNTIL 6 P.M.

THE BLACK STALLION" JHIH MM fl WirSM 11S0 BROADWAY 625-5316 PUBLIX THEATRE 482-1288 DORCHESTER NATICK "am.r,can gigolo-r $125 t-is 663 Washington Street X4s 'a" ilTil vmrmmwSrn E- LOLVS PARK 436-2100 FLICK 1-2-3 653 5757 BHVnir "CHAPTER TWO" Pfi 8:40 iffljMT" WS (KB 344-4566 "JUST YOU AND ME KID" Pfi 7 3 7.Q-15 3. "THE HONG KONG CONNECTION" $1.50 ADULTS $1.50 Mst. Sal. Sun. "THE WIZ" PQ 8 P.M.

WUW Utll IllllftJ II I LEXINGTON NEEDHAM Sl.50 ALL SEATS ALL TIMES Sl.SO BROOKLINE CINEMAS 1 6 2 862-3260 NEt-IUI CINEMAS 1 1 2 444-6060 WEI um CINEMA BiWNE 566-0007 1. "CHAPTER TWO" Pfi CGSaUNiTY PUYHOUSE 235-0047 Heartluione Plars Rte. Brootillne Village 9 ClUC CKV PICPCO" TO1, WWrltll IWU "CHAPTER TWO" PG Wfld-Thurs: "China Syndrom" It. LtW liiTlll UiSII II UrlTICi 19 I jai nak I $ht ivewtok cEiyTittT Chapter Two PG Movies: That's 61 W3SSL.SS screen stars Entertainment! Bo Oftenl fegjjjjr foreveri "THE BLACK STALLION" voaio.sis.73ft45 "THE CHANGELING" 100.I0.5I5.730,45B I "DIE LAUGHING" IOO 3-10. 'FRIDAY THE 13th' I tech hiSi's I 1.30.

3.25, SI5.725.MO; TO LAUGHING' 1.30 8 35 -LOW WICI POLICY SIISPINOrO- IHIt FIATUKI II.M AI ALL TIMiSI XHAPTERTWO'Ilb-Hflro fj.i.'.M.ii.mEaam-gi iavi.iti.jni-i'ji.Tn7raii TT nul Simon's CHAH I tR TWO" luimiiwiu lb. 140 Kfflvmm' MB.4mMS.940 Last MaiiiedCounliinAintMci' UmwDUIWUIHlLtl wusiin 3Mi 5q yrtf. 35 Inloy Improvta Sound Qua Ml Over veur Own Car Htdto. No Ipaclal laulpnwi! Maaafv ion ni iv, tail Miflitd Couple Amiiici first Seniiction tf Jm Tynm i CHAHIfcH IWU SHIIWNMHil CAMBRIDGE. 95 First Uchmere Square.

it 1 pha -CAKrORNI SIHTf" wot BROCKTON 375 No. Montello St. (Rt.28) BURLINGTON. Vlnebrook Plaa WALTHAM, 667 Main Street SHRFWSBt 'RY Tumnlkc Rnarl.

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