Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 16, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1896
Page 3
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THE Munson Typewriter . i• • i,ii • . Is a Ooodj-Machlne. iblgh standard of e-celisnce. Mnnj''isers or the "Munsiiu" consider 1: THE .BEST. You will flriil It a valuable nssistMit In jour ot- • nee. Address tor iiartl ulara THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAXUFACTUKEHS. 240-244 Vest Luke St., Chicago, IU. To the Ladies. Those who are -Interested In dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlnghana, who Is located la the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is what every woman of intelligence and refinement needs. It is conceded by our best minds that a beau- tltul complexion Is a necessity o£ the 'Nineteenth century, and which civilization must'have; aud every worthy husband or brother will take Interest In and those who ore suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as . efzma, tetter, f reckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks nnd superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wlshlpg to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlngham's preparations. Catherine Stringta DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOQAKSPOKT, IXD, • $260.000 3. F. Johnson, President 3. W. Ullary, Vice President H. J. Heltbrink, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. Buy and if'l Government boujs. Loan •toner on personal aecurlty ana collateral!. Issue special certificates of deposits • iMtrmg t- per cent Intoreit when left one . n*r; 2 per cent, per annum when depos- '' tteil viz montbd, Boxes In Bafety Deposit Vaults of this tank for th« deposit of deeds,. Insurance Mllcles, mortgages and ether valluablei, rented at from U to US per year. SIX SIX. Special Train ' EXCURSIONS -TO^ laxinknckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August and, 9th, i6th, ajrd. Fare for the round trip 51.00. Train leaves Vandalla station at 9:30 am. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER w N*. 417 Market Street Calls attended to promptly, day or Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 121. . •ill-giving- elc-J- : 1 ,;' '.:•'.". x .",3 Rcotbeer is s..: 1 :",'..:,.;^: 1 .. ."': cor.tains more an 'many o the pi'coari'iions called by that name. KITES'—the best by any test. niirii^ K. tllrd'" Cn. ( »•« 4 gtlloo*. SolJ ev WANTED. ;"TirriltTBI>-5.0QO Agents for y T rlzfxl ".LIViES OV McKJNLE* »•«« •-• »—••—— E58 pas*». elegantlj Illustrated. Price only $1.00 The best and cheapest, and outsells all others GO per cent to Agents ana freight pald.cy Book s . now rendr. Saye time bf sending 50 cents Jn stamps for an outfit at once, iddrens, . .• • A. D. WOBTiHNGTOS & CO.,. Har ttord, Conn Gold and'Silver boys' campaign caps at Otto's, ; . <3eo. .Harrison nas the flnrat line of bam mocks In the city. * Round trip rate to St, Joseph,.52; to Lake Mailnkuckee,-?1. Train leave* Vanclalla station every Sunday at 7 a. m. .' .'' .' ,'-:.••' • ''• . You need Hood's Sarsaparllla to. en- tldi and purify your-blood, create an appetite and give; sweet, -refreshing sleep. ' '•' •'• •.'-.'" ; : •'''••''• i ' l \.^' " : '' t - lt THE RAILROADS Prudence. Against Great Speed ! on. Railroads. . • . •- ' . . '•. •' t- :•' ,' ' •'" . : VOLUNTARY RELIEF General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The annual report of the mil way comiulssloners of Massachusetts does not give much encouragement .or? comfort to tlio people who nru advocating •film runnliig of iwssonscr trains one hundred miles an hour, howl in discussing the claims that.electricity.renders this speed possible -the -report says: "With respect to speed, extraordinary dal-uus lire -made by those interested In tho dovolopmcat at' electrical, traction; but there is no questiou that the steam locomotive Is fully- capable of developing us high .1 speed ns It Is desirable or prudent to use. A railroad speed OH • one huudi'od raLIcS-or more an hour is, for the present purpose,"a matter oC merely curious speculation. It ca-unot be shown thnt there is enough traffic domaudinp this speed to psiy.thc excessive expi'uso of operattiis v -ovctt it with present methods of construction a-ml erniipiuent, it were otherwise at all practicable. Before any such speed is rioHously tliouA'lit <n' there must be rad- •icivl improvements in safety appli- niu.TS, as, for example. Jn brakes aiid In. s.l.u'na-is. \Vlwlever tlic proposed rate of speed, tlio n«^'Jon oC-siprnals lieeor.icH at onoo o>f importance, since, will: the adoption oC electricity, all ."systems of electric' signaling wlilftfl di'pen-d upon •the usc.o-f the rarll circuit must be modified or abandoned.- BIG MEMBEBSHir. OC -the employes on the Pennsylvania lilies west of ritlsburg on .Tuly-1,1J5,S33 wore members (ft the Fenusyjv;iii!a Company VoHmtavy Ruiici: Association In Juno there were 244 accessions on the lines west of Fltts-burg. Tlic renn- sylvaiim company pays-all expenses of. . .terntlng tlio bureau, which average $40,000>a year.. Ther are now but few opponents to the-association among the employes ou the linos, so large have, been the benefits which tjie unfortunate member?' have received 1m case of injury, siolviioss or their friends hi-case of. death. • • • . •BAILKOAD NOTES. Engineer Davis of tlie Wabash, wcot- homo -to Andrews last n-iglut on account Of SiCknesiS. Peru Chronicle: Superintendent Danes of the Wabash, left for a business trip over the Eel river division last night.-' J. A. Shepha-rd, an operator 'on the Wabasu ait Danville, 111., Is at the hospital at Peru suffering an. attack of typhoid fever. , . -,..',! The Wabash- management .has seven construction trains -distributing 1 gravel ballast on its Detroit division, rating advantage at the Ughit business to make this improvement to the roadbed. ; The new I toe of sleeping cars between IxmlsvUlo and Detroit recently put on via Indianapolis and JJogttnsportLover the Pennsylvania mid -the Wabash, is doing a handsome business,. tie cars often Having from fifteen to twenty persons on the trip north.-. .. The new management of the Vanda- ,ji.has convorted the old-passenger station at Terre Haute Into a .handsome .building and all the oQlcials and- their clerical forces which are in- Terre -Haute General Superintendent Miller excepted, have their offices in that'building. . Passenger men-Interested .in running the Niagara Falls excursions argue that a $10 instead oi a $5 rate will secure a different class of travel on such excursions. ' and tlie crowds not-.being as great, much more- enjoyment will result. The $10 rate te.nearly.;1.cent a lille. from this section to the. Fails.. Grain merchants are pleased over the reduction in rates on. corn to the sea-board -and say It is .the first move made; by the Joint Traffic-Association'In 'tlie interests of tlie public since'its. birth.. This may.be .true, said a freight official with some, but with a majority" of sblp- pora the association hna been., a benefit as it has'prevented, one shipper belrg favored in. .nrtbs over another. Terre Haute. Tribune: Franklin N. Porter still remains in possession of Ills job with, the Vandalla, the desire of the saloon mett to the contrary, riot- withstand Ing. Several -have expresses fears as to his personal safety, In view of tlie attitude he bos', assumed In .securing evidence'for use In prosecuting violators of the -law, but the Tribune believes there'will be no violence; A.general passenger agent.la speaking af tihe light 1 'excursion business, to conventions of different organizations, said, that in- every'ease/•this year, the; amount of business had been disappointing. One road bad retained'at GMcago fifty sleeping -cars.-to accommo- tlate Its Christian Endeavor business 1 and .used but five; of therri;anotber road in the Western ten;itory'-bad/retained .fifteen sleeping cars andvused but two, and the eame--dlsappoJintm€int was shown in the business-..carried1 to the political conventions.. '_' : REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for,the Journal by F, H. Wipperman, Abstracted WJillUini Tow to Martha Morehead lot 21 Du-nklirlc, L of W Long, warranty, .$330. ' \yan, Heukee to T. H. Vernon. and wife lot 13 Henkee's 1st add., Sbultz- towii, wawanty, $225. Nancy A. W.eeks-to Clui-nncey Cohee lot 45 Jolmison's Riverside add., \V side warrainty, $3G7. . • '. Andrew Phillips to Elleu; .T .Phillips lot 5 Thompson .& Hargrave add. city, N. Side,warranty, $1.00. John H. Lux to Mary E, Reist lot CO amd'51 Sluiltz 3d add., Sliultxtown, war- rainty, $370. W. F. FJstiher to W. C. Rointli lot,,S Forest MitUs add., Warranty. $2.000. ' ,, MI'duiel to Mary H. Williams lot 5 S'luiJtz 3d add., Stoultetown, war- i-iwiity,.$000'. •" School city .of Ijogamsport to St. Luke's English Lutheran church E 7V4 ft;. Lot 20 O P city adjourning cburcli Jaitius H. Butcher to Sirm'l Meeks lot i!0 0 P G-alveistou, ?30. . ' . BuCus Magee to A.utlrew Sf.haei.Vr»\V" 9' ineiheis' of west wall Keystone bids'. wiUTSuiity, )?4TS. 'M;i.i l y,.Si',iHons !x> Eli/abeHi il'lller 1M ii-l .Johnson's Riverside add., warranty. El-leu J. Olyiner 'to C\\-.\f. W. Bnr?- uvau loit 5 Tliioiriiiso.il & Ha:rgfave atld., N. Side wa-iiu'ivty. $100. "W. T. AVi.lsoiii toTuiToitcc -V. McGov- TU lot -W ,TobnTiptoifi< 1st add., S. W. coriu>r Broadway a-ud Sevcjuli street, wa.ri-i.tety, l?r.,000. ' Sixfc-c'n itioriy.-ii,-^ li'f'l aA'ffi'CWiting J11..-IOO... . ' DEAFNESS- CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they c;iu reach the diseased portion of the • lucre is only one way to cure deaf ness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by sn inflamed condition of the mucous lininjg of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you h'aye a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing,- and when it is entirely closed deafness is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken- b : ut and this tube restored to Its'-normal condition, bearing will 'be destroyed by cata/rh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition'-of. the mucous surfaces, . • • • "••'.. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any 'case of deafness (caused by catarrh) th'at cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. . Send for circulars,.free., F. J. OHENET •& CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. FROM STR-YTFORD, lOW-A. .A mt\rch-aiit wbo receuitly moved.from Loganspoit to Iowa gives the following in. a .letter to a business friend. , . "Tie-crops around bere ave simply immense. "OnrtB.ls expected to yield from leigh'ty <tx>' 1^0 bushiel-s to-tho, acre. Corn in equal prbporfctons .iin'd all small grains are looliing very fine, but the puiices ai-e very tow. Oate, Oc; corn We,' etc. Thousands cuf bushels of com are' cribbed h«re," tliait were' iheld last -win-ter for speculation, at from' 17 .to,-20i cents per busliel and alLjcifctlie faiineis,.,, who were finaaioially able' to keep thdlrj erons have done so:' Ooiisequcntly;' ... .*• .. W . ..,.,._. .^, . tfey mre'f^>ldne..rat(heff 1 Wue. -.^The nom- ;;: ke much dlf- forofathers did." Dr. Barnfleld'-luia fltted:up orBe* over Ben Fisher's drug store. ..•''..'. Mrs.' Rnodie'Noah, of this place,'was to tlie night wi-th crajnplns ; paln : s : " anything. heip i her.'';,'l''i5eiit-her.a b'otHe of Cham"; thcr Remedy and the first dose/relleyed.her. Another of our.nelgbbors bad.been sick, •for about a week antfhad U-led-'dlffeiv 'cnt remedies for d.larrhoea -but kept getting, worse. I sent.him tbls'same remedy: 1 Only' 1 four doses-of It were required -to cure -.hl-m.; Hfe :says he owes his recovery to-this wonderful remedy. —Mrs. -Mary' Slbley; Sidney, Mlcb; For ••sale by. B. F.. Keesllng, 'druggist, . Vici Kids Hand Hade French 1 Calf Razor Toes, Pigskins from Smith & Stoughton, AH Fine Men'-s Tan Shoes $1.98 Worth $5.00 There is no fake about these Shoes, we have been selling them for seyen years. Everybody knows them, there are no better made they are simply odd or broken sets, if we can't fit you in one we may in another style, its the price and value that must sell them, costing you a trifle only above cost of halfsoling. Our Very finest Men's Tans Go at $2.98 only $2.98. OTTO KRAUS "Of Bourse" Inventors Get This Got fer FtttDre Reference. MONEY USED IN WAR TIMES.- Bare Collection of Currency JCmploycil In Trikde Daring tlie.RoboUlon. There is a collection in this .city.says' the New York World, which, is-warranted to make ,the eye of. the relic-, seeker glisten with delight. It is .1 coin' collection, not of antiques which have the history of ages stamped on their fncef, bnt.of coins none more than ns years old, but each one of which. t«lls not only the story of the nation, butalso a .personal history. • Thc-coios arc of•eSS.rariuties, nnd represent the various mptnl moneys issued by private intlivi'duals. durijig threo years of the rebellion. Kacn bit of brass or-uopper has adifferenl Oesign stamped on it., nnd others a name and address. Occasionally a. wng has nnnounced in brass tones "I o\ve you one cent," Dclr monieo, the gatherer in. of- silver anO pro'.tl, found it neccssary'.-to send fprth bits of metal'stamped, with, his ijam?. 'Of shoemaker, grocer .and'-candlesticjc makers there are any'.'.number. One mini announces to the-world that 0,000 people are annually curcd-'.-by his pills while another inculcates, the moral 'ol "lit.tle by little,'.'- presumably'pen'cies, to insure wealth, • The .interest'.of-.the. collection i's'not.conflned•enfirel.v.tothe cgmic, but to.the.manner.in-'whioh they liavc been set up. '. . -..;,.; .•-,?: ./.'• Dr. George "&... Bond, of. New.vYdrk city, collected'the coins with great care-, not later-than 1863, nnd arrangedothe'm 'in n'design representing.tlie.ii-pntele-, vafion of. the ca.pitoi,,:it Washington': 1 Brass pieces arc so. nrrangc'^as •toVsug- g-est .t'heXvindows.'ahd porticosi,-Around ihe-coip design are • arraflge.d •pieceB.-.qf:; : ;\ j:apcr money used'^d-urinpthc war,. .In-j V eluding du^licate'si just' 1.283',<!£tjcrei3; have been..em.plo i yed. It is probably:the only .collection of its kind iu the country.- The whole .-is inclosedi.inia frame five feet eight'inches by. four feetymrl is the property, of Airs: .Kirschmann,.6f >*o. 140 Fifth avenue,-Brooklyn. .. SHE SUES, HER FATHER. ..-| Sarah A. tichtlmU iloeki to Bccover V»l-; nablo Bekl Kstate." :' ' : ' : A bill his 1 been fllcH 'in •the i ? u P e 'ri<H' conrt'oA-ChivBgo by;^ra^A-r-L'ie3ithalfe for the rec6vcry-fr6iii*''her.:fn.tlier,';WH-" Hum .Ai'Lls>li'llinll,"6f vaTua;ble rcal'es-; tate alleged by'her to hnye : bccn fraudulently procured. ATI in junction is aa&), n'slicd to prevent "the father -f roin *disposing; of "the' property."""' '.'' • ••'••''" t W. A. LighthSll,., the defendant, ? :ia, sn-id -to be a mnn^cooaiderabte wealth, having made Ixis money in the majiufac^ ture^of ^boiji|Sr-cle»ningcomjio«ni3:^[is; , leaving considerable? .wlfe'die]d..irj;Vl305, leaving consiuernpie? p'rpperty^ .including 1 the residence .Jat 492 West'NortE avenue. Ajt the, timc?of- c6mpdnied.jhcV-;fothier;>Jbt' liis request, tb ,a,lawy,crti»:.ofSce1 ; ?!ylie^e she was told, 11> sign, papers, :of, the, contents .ofswhich she was^igiibfant;' 1 ' 'She toil's €he' court* that she'.'inade repeated requests of hot 1 f.. ii A_ I*'— J^.1,1 41.x. ^.rtw-^v*.*.*.,"iK<'..>..*-.Kn; i ^.-^ AI imn n c«f and the nest day diarrhoea.set ndp "Utl. ..> BCJJL Ut4. V- UV^M.*^ v*. *Jfc«,*M- T.IHIi lii..«UMil^ ** u .* t ™ l t I b'r.^" J -^™ c . (S*^ 1 * 0 berlaln's Colic, Cholera-and.Diarrhoea .fenorance .of business matters, and asto. •o,,™/,,!^ nr .a'<•** «i-=t flnsf> vpllAvpfl her." that 'two^tihir'ds of tlifc ... property : , BASK1QT MEETING. The .Christian church -at New-Waverly wffl h!oldi,a,untai.cihiurch- l)asket.plc-, •nic, two mU«is soutix- of. Wayorly on the •north side of (jiie Wa:bash- river" on' Sat- .ui-dny, Jiily'2oai-:";AL,.spedai liirltation Is extended .to all 'churches and.- mln- Istara .clpate iHowe, principal -of the .Normal, depart- mewt at -"Mfehael's ^nlTerstty, .-Prof'. Howe.'inuslt'al ^ireptor' at the .\mlver- '-wl-th' 1 male quartette'" will -'be prelj- ' thln reaoh-t» attcrtd and.partl- ''- ; : serTlces."" :; The '- . Htmttogtom axwJ.oibhers will be .present to give addresses; -All are'toTlted.,:Ee-; ,;. Great;'^es^'prov.e^tte^Briat^merlt.pf;. Hood's Sarsaparllla; and ''great'vnierU enables{lt \.to- acc'qmpUsh , y?pndei;tuil;, tliat t-w.o^tjiijds of tlifc . property which her mother' ..'left after^ she, died. bo seized, and reconveyed to the com- plaiiriantv. "aii'd !that her father be re- KtraJned>,;from conveying or making away with ,the property . _.... LI Hume Chang to Organize a. ,'•", I Army trader Prif»ilmn Offlcrri. v . The newspapers:;p;.iblish^arying^er- 'sions : .of Eb-call'e'd.autiientic.'T.epiDrts of the -interview which, took place be hyecn' Li Ilurig'Chaug'and Pruic'fr ;' Bismarclc -upon tlie. occasion /of thel'yjsit -of.'the •'. Chineee viceroy to. ithe ex-chancellor at : yriedrichsruhe; '.-but .the.j;Sub 1 sta;ace of the report, publislied in the:Berlin : 'J?q'st 'is generally Believed to'be^correct-.^'Ac- , -' ' ' cording ,td:tWs versipn Li:-Hung'Chp"g: ''terest to the"amount of ?500 per month a sited'the prtoceiowh&.would bes^ act' jg thus saved to the State. ,Tlxls makes "nlsAii+ 'vnt /\v-mlviflp"n.«H 'T*nrvTr»ftYli!3'I'nc* nT» . . ' . _ . . i_i. ^. _ n ^,* 4-V>inA about preforming/o-nd.'reofganizing' 1 affairs in China,,to which: rPrince xplR- 1 ; inM'c^r^Uedi'tJMV'ithe^bfiist'.way to: ; ^mon-tus. bring .oBbut".the. resuitsisougit.'W'ojlld; be upon the basis';of li p-weli 'Iriliedaxmy, no^matter, v hpw small, even ,.50,000 men: The- prince' told' tie; Cjiinese^statesmb n itliat-'iB^lAojildi''.^^^-^^'-^^'''^!!)- 1 jjiunication'-whicriv:would enable him.•tai; tbrojy.'his. nnny.> : rigainst any point. liK-acl£no,wleag;ing54he prmce.'s words, 'Bf"Hmiff 'tfiang'f'kaH > : .thSt' r ' fie 1 -r^ould; 1 the- -In luritii v •**» »-... w -—«— 3 -, .- f :$!$ffib&$! > * l $$$ Kflv^&rftSvbmen.'' J '-- -'" n "rr*;~;r> ;>?•?•• Skete.lie< or all kinds prepared for decorative and'commercial purposes. Mechanical and prospective,, drawings.of Electric, Pneumatic and Agrl- cultwral devices prepared for the Paten t office. . ...... ":Designing a specialty. . _ ....-... ; •'•'-Claims for Letters of Patent prosec uted.' ' ' - ... • ...> I BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport aid Artificial Gas Billsduathe Firs of each ; montl?, ten day's grace. Alllbillspay- at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl rates on ; heaters during that- moriths of May; June,:July, August and Sep- iern,ber.,^:-: ; -^;, ; <;;^^;.;.-. :';•''•.'•.'• • -• •• : PROTECT YOUR EYES. -, The Hirichberg Optical Co. The well-Hnown^pecltiJtots-ot Kew Torlc li*ve «pDOlnt«« D. A. UAUK us'agent lor thetr celebrated Spectacles M4 If Glasses, every pair guaranteed, . , : .D. A. HACK has complete assortment and Invites lUM sittetr 'themselves of the great. superiority or these good* owr any ininofaetured, at the store ol». A. HAUK, Sole agent lot topinsporftod. ' .: . .Ko Peddlers Supplied. ' ' ItOlASS 15 DAYS IN YELLOWSTONE PARK. ,;,..The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. .Paul RaUway 'Company desires, to call .at- to a-.vry completely .arranged -. . tour through the Wonderland of America, under the management of the well- known tourist manager, Mr. J. J. Grafton. The party will leave Chicago on Tuesday evening, Mi.y 21, by electric light -train, with dining car,, to be ab- : ?en-t three weeks. Tie petrified forest 'rind many other attracttve : -featnres.o£ the Park will be Included In the itinerary, that the traveler, going through the ordinary way,- does -not see. A party will also leave Cblcago lor Alaska via Yellowstone Park, .the same date, . . For full particulars, address Geo. H. Heafford, General Chicago, UK Passenger Agent, - INTEREST SAVED. The State board of finance, consisting of the Governor, Auditor and Secretary of State, met Monday and ordered the payment of $200,000 .of 3 per cent, bonds of the. temporary loan of 1880 'with an option dated April 4,1894. • In-. 9300,000 paid, during the past Uiree , and A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant, flavor, .gentle ac effect of Syrup of ,'ln need of a Jaiatlve. and If the father .'or mother be costive" or blUqns, the 1 - : inbst gratifying results follow its use; so that It Is the best family remedy .known .and. every family should have ft. 'FIRST. GRAND' EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS AND TORONTO, Wednesday, July 22nd. ; ^BIG FOUR" ROUTE. The popularity ot these excotsloni has been greater each sneceedlng summer. The wonders ot the "Falls" never cease Oar patrons In form- , er rears know the excellent qualltrof these "Alg Four" excursions, as this line Is tn« direct natural route to the "jralls" via Buffalo and the accommodations superb Solid train*. ot - Jtlftgsnt Coaches and Parlor Cats run through without, change, and Wagner Sleeping Car MConmoda , tlons provided tor all. . For lull particulars, rates, time of special trains, etc., call on or address neawst agent Bid FOUR ROUTE. E. O. McCormlck, D.B.Martin, Pass. Traffic Mgr. Genl. Pass. * Ticket Igt L. G. PATTEKSON Has opened s. Fire and'Accident Insur-- ance office at UO Broadway, up stairs, tmd. solicits a share of the public patron***. ?Jone but First Class Companies Represented. Are You Out of Employment. ' Have : you a horse, buggy or other • : '' -personal property, or vacant 'lot*. you would like to exchange.'fOT.a^ .business, that will give big, return? Call at 703.Hichigan Avenue. : Bill Mckta'ley or Btlly :Bryan,caps at j .Subscribe for the .Journal,-, 40 cent» Otto's., | per month.. &i^M<^^^

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