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Columbus, Nebraska
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WEDNESDAY. APRIL 22, 1936 PAGE FOTTR THE COLUMBUS DAILY TELEGRAM, COLUMBUS. NEBRASKA. ALERT TO MEXICO PIT SUBMARINES TO ITCH OCEANS FIVE MEALS DAILY RAISE EFFICIENCY OF WORKERS. FIND the Atlantic ocean, for instance, will remain gray-green, but those stationed in the Mediterranean will be royal blue.

Curiously, those in the Red sea will be painted black. Experiments in protective coloring were being carried out when the British submarine M-l disappeared in 1925. It was painted a pale green and it was a trace of this paint, found on the bow of a Scandinavian steamer when she docked i home port several weeks afterward that finally established the fate of the M-l. efficiency, experimenters found. Final results showed a 10 per cent increase in efficiency.

Bananas were chosen because of their sugar content and because with their natural covering, the workers could eat them most conveniently. "The objection has been raised that five meals a day constitute overeating and overloads the stomach Haggard said. "But the fact is that the workers consumed no more food in five meals than they did ordinarily in three. It is not the frequency of eating which overloads the stomach. Patients with weak stomachs because of gastric ailments are sometimes fed every two hours." POLITICAL ISSUES III UNITED STATES Washington Policies Held of Vital Interest To Business you will like This Bank! Kansas City 'IP Increase your I efficiency by eating five meals a day, suggests Dr.

Howard W. Hag-j gard, Yale professor of applied psy-j chology who supports his suggestions London, (IP The British after several years of experimenting, has decided to paint its submarines in different colors to "match" the seas where they serve. The main purpose of the "protective coloring" is to make the undersea craft invisible to low flying airplanes when submerged. For some time it was the theory of naval experts that gray-green would prove the best color, regardless of what sea a submarine might be cruising in. But the hues of the oceans vary to such an extent that new shades had to be added.

British submarines operating in not press it. President Roosevelt has opposed such a move. In this connection there is a feeling in some circles that Mexico City and Washington, possibly accidentally, have come to an understanding in this matter. According to these speculators, the problem worked itself out this way: The Cardenas administration for months was under attack from various sectors, which charged it was communistic. United States Ambassador Josephus Daniels, during his visit to Los Angeles, last January, denied that there was communism in Mexico.

Immediately those who had been accusing Cardenas of being a communist came to the conclusion that it was useless to do so, for if Daniels could not be convinced, then the state department at Washington could not either. The net result was that the Cardenas administration was strengthened when it became evident that the United States ambassador looked upon its policies in a most friendly manner. Situation Less Tense Recently there has been a slight improvement in the religious situation in Mexico, as a result of President Cardenas's statement that the government was not interested in persecuting any religion. More has 1912 Check Honored I Powhattan, Kan. aP In 1912 Sheriff John F.

Cashman signed his own salary check for $84.70. Recently he found the check among some old letters. It was honored by the county commissioners but not with Forecasters to Use Rockets rs-dena. Cal. Hi The use of rockets in the future to gather meteorological data in the stratosDhere has been predicted by the California institute of Technology.

Balloons, low released throughout the United rarely rise above 20 miles, and the rockets are now being studied for the Durpose of reaching still higher altitudes. with proot trom three years or experimentation. Europeans understand the value of multiple meals and only in America and in the Orient are three meals or less the custom, he points out. Haggard recently outlined the experiments from which he drew his conclusions. Among them was an experiment in which 317 girl employes of a shoe factory were tested by the applied psychology laboratory at Yale.

Efficiency lags during mid-morning and mid-afternoon had been noted and it was deduced that the body was burning less fuel during the slack periods. Those girls who went to work at 8 a. were given a mid-morning meal of bananas and milk at 10:30. They ate their regular lunches at noon and at 3:30 again received bananas and milk. This diet promptly ended the mid-morning and mid-afternoon lags in NOT ONLY the kind of service, but the completeness of the service rendered by this bank, will appeal to you.

With modern equipment ami a variety of facilities at your disposal here, we invite you to make use of ur service in connection with all of your financial requirements. It is our desire to make this bank as useful to you as possible. Make a in te of the departments and services listed here. Von may need but one or two now, but keep always in mind the many other ways in which we can be of benefit to vou. Tuna Packing Record Set Diego.

Cal. (LP) A new southern California mark in tuna processing was established last year with a pack of almost 70.000.000 cans from five San Diego canneries, figures recently released showed. The fish, Dros'sht into port from as far away as the Galapagos islands by a fleet of 50 tuna clippers, provided 1,331,379 cases. been written on this subject in the United States than in Mexico. Some 1 observers have been led to suspect that Mexico, in a token of gratitude I for United States approval of its social and economic policies, has decided to soft-pedal the religious question.

Numerous other issues are pending between the two nations, and a i change of administration might have I repercussions on some of them. Among the other questions are: repatriation of Mexican unemployed; possible restrictions on Mexican immigration into the United States: boundary questions; establishment of Mexican-United States parks along the border: utilization of the flood waters of rivers along the coundary. and possible negotiation I l5 SUtht facte I BSgSfllBIBHBMMM Nearsightedness is the cause of '8 INXfcJiiji1 much discomfort and embarrass- jrj in I my 4 ment. An examination NOW will I jmL eliminate any doubt for you. By William H.

Lander (United Press Staff Correspondent) Mexico City LPi Every phase of the United States presidential campaign is being watched with intense interest south of the Rio Grande. Potentially, Mexicans and United States citizens doing business in Mexico have a big stake in the outcome of the elections. Political, social and economic policies that are shaped in Washington often have repercussions in Mexico, even though the thought of intervention has ceased to exist. Furthermore, the United States and Mexico have been going through periods of governmental reconstruction. Both have their alphabetical organisms.

Some commentators compare President Roosevelfs new deal to President Lazaro Car-dena's "six year others write about the United States influence on Mexican internal affairs, while still others assert that the new deal is an imitation of the Mexican revolution. Silver Issue Vital Economically, Mexico's big interest is that there be a government in power in Washington whose treasury will buy Mexican silver at an advantageous price. In general, the Roosevelt silver nurchase clan has worked out to Mexico's advantage. The quick rise in the price of silver in the early stage of the program led some silverites in Mexico to have false hones of seeing the white metal sold for $1.29 an ounre. "Big business" in Mexico seems to desire the defeat of Mr.

Roosevelt. Mexico, with its agrarian reform and the possibility of renewing the struggle for the nationalizations of Us petroleum resources, is a country whose policies affect many interests. Private persons or concerns which have investments they want protected like to see a government in power at Washington which might be ready to use a stern hand whenever the interests of any of its citizens might be affected. Religious Issue Involved Even the Mexican religious problems, in the eyes of unbiased observers, is involved in the United States presidential election. The Knights of Columbus, it will be recalled, had demanded that the United States investigate charges of religious persecution in Mexico.

Sen. William E. Borah, now a candidate for the republican nomination, in 1934. proposed such an investigation, but did Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Certificates of Deposit Commercial Loans Travelers Cheques I vestment Advice of a reciprocal trade treaty. More Months of Service Farmers everywhere are getting months of senr-' ice in place of weeks with their Wood Bros.

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Day Phone 5230 COLUMBUS Night Phone 6420.

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