The Columbus Telegram from Columbus, Nebraska on December 21, 1936 · 7
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The Columbus Telegram from Columbus, Nebraska · 7

Columbus, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
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MONDAY DECEMBER; 21133; TCT COLUMBTJS DAILY TELEGRAM. COLUMBUS," WTORA8KA. FOR SALE: Comb and extracted honey; Also have a special on honey for baking. Delivered. Dial 946. - - mi" Two oenta pr word for frlBt Insertion ; lHo per -word each additional eonaeenttva insertion ; 11.50 per line pr month. Extra charg of 10c for ky" ada. Minimum onarf. ,5- Please can before 1 p- m. if you desire to cancel your Classified Advertisement for the day you u. aw placed after 1:00 p. m. will be handled the following day. FOR SALE: Several girls' used bi- cvcles. one 20-in. balloon tire bi cycle for 7-year-old girl. Several tricycles. Paprocki Bicycle Shop. 754 27th Ave 0" FATTENED dressed chickens for sale. Delivered. Mrs. W. E. Rob erts. Dial 6818. - They Go Zverywher These Classified Ads find their way to every corner of Columbus and Into homes and farms along- suburban and country roads for mites around. There Is n better way cf putting your I offer before the public To .'.place YOUR ad, simply phone yOK JSALB HAY MEASURING BOOKS, telling - the number of tons is any size or shape stack for sale at 50c each. The Telegram Office. 75tx FOR SALE: Dressed geese, ducks and chickens. Phone 3335. 002 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Basket ap ples while they last, $1.35, Will have car potatoes on track Tuesday, $1.57, 100 lbs. Will have car cotton seed cake. Bisson Cream Station. - 002 FOR SALE: Dry cottonwood. W -iT. Krumland, 2 miles south, one mile east of Columbus. - 003 GOOD DUROC boar and Buff Or- - pineton pullets. Henry Marten son, jr,., Monroe. 002 J 1 - 4 FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR dinnpr nrdpr Ouinn's Oualitv Tur keys. Dial 3176. 013 -FOR SALE: ' Baled bright wheat straw, short and chafy. Good feed 3 miles north of viaduct. Herman Meyer. 013 i USED CHEVROLET CAR RADIO with suppressors. Tropic Air hot water heater, , Sell cheap or trade ior pump gun. Phone 7719. - 013 FAT CAPONS AND TURKEYS FOR . SALE: 22c lb. live. T. A. Sloan, west end of 15th St. at city limits. i. 013 COMPLETE SIMPLIFIED RECORD - BOOK covering requirements of social security law m effect Jan. 1st Books 75c and up, . Write, call or phone George Scheidel, Platte Cen ter. 013 WELL MATCHED TEAM, fat, gen tie. One set harness, two milk cows, 3 Hampshire sows. Chris Matzen, St. Edward. 013 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!. No. 486 Layerfelt "B" battery, only $1.7d. $17.85 200-amp. "A" battery, $12.50 exchange. 2 dram tubs free with each Voss or Speed Queen sold be fore New Year's. Johnson Radio Shop. 013 2 DELCO light plants in first class condition. 2 gcod sets of used batteries. A. E. Krumland, Washing Machine and Electric Service. 1265 24th Ave. - .- 013-- FOft KENT VACANCY. Politis apartments. . 79tf FORs RENT: 6-room furnished house. Phone 6770. - 97tf FOR SALE: New and used bicycles. Good assortment ef used bicycles in smaller sizes. Paprocki Bicycle Shop. 754 27th Ave. 013 CHRISTMAS - bFECJLAis on guar anteed canary singers, . Also large size Lloyd doll buggy for sale. Dial 8719.- 2702 20th St-. 013 FURNISHED DOWNSTAIRS apart ment, gas heat. 1766 29th Ave. 99tf FOR RENT: Room and board for 3 men. 2905 14th St. OOtf FURNISHED APARTMENT for rent. 2502 17th St. 95tf FOR RENT: Five-room modern house, $20. Six-room partly mod ern house, $17.50. Five-room well located house, $15.00. Muler Allied Securities Co. 013 COLUMBUS MARKETS Local buyers were quoting markets today as follows; Wheat, No. 1 hard ., No. 3 yellow corn No. 3 white corn No. 3 mixed corn Barley r Oats the 10.50, a load 1185 lbs. at $1.40; 1182 tubs. Extra firsU (90-91H) 32g32'jc; lbs. at $11.60; heifers mostly. $1.50 extra (92) 33Hc: specials 33tu34Vic; ST9.00; few lots f 9.00 10.00; bulk firsts 31 03214c; standards 33Uc; beef cows $4,255.25. few $5.50tt cent (89) 32c; cent (88) S2e. 650; cutter grades $3.25-84.00; bulls Poultry market firm; 38 trucks, 21 $4.50ii5.25; practical top vealers cars. Geese 13?14u,c; ducks 9 n .n n. . - - : . 1- : 1 ISI. 111. .. I oiu, lew; swcxers .ana aeea- i spring i-mi-ams i9h-ij-iv,i I er steers $6.007.00; , choice yearlings brpilers . 5 16c; he as 11 16c; tur- J Christmas Gift of Railroad Ticket to Enable Former Nebraska: Woman to Set Son She Has Been Hunting for 41 Years Butcher hogs Sows $8.75 to $9.60. Good Columbus Produce No. 1 Poultry-Hens, over 44 lbs. Hens, 4 lbs. and under Hens, leghorns $8.75 to $9.15 'Medium FOR SALE: White Rock pullets. Leo Mark, Platte Center, Nebr. 011 RADIO TUBE SPECIAL! 15c for your old tubes on new ones. John son Radio Shop. 013 SENTINEL battt ry radio complete, only $29.95, Console radio $34.95, wind charger, $15 extra. Johnson Radio Shop. 013 DESIRABLE SOUTH ROOM furnished for light housekeeping with gas range. Also nice sleeping room. First house north of Y. M. C. A. 013 LARGE FURNISHED room in modern home for rent, suitable for two. Close in. Board optional. Gentleman preferred. 2404 15th St. 013 GEESE AND CHICKENS for sale. Dressed or alive. Phone 7695. 013 FOB SALE 3-piece butt walnut , bedroom suite, includes springs guaranteed for 25 years; 7 -piece, dining room suite; living room suite; Coxwell chair; ottoman; 9x12 wool rug; Singer sewing machine; Voss washing. machine; G-E electric radio; Springs, over 416 lbs. Springs, 44 lbs. and under Springs, leghorns ..... . Stags, 4 lbs. and over . Stags, under Ahi lbs. Cocks, over 4 lbs. Cocks. 4 lbs. and under All No. 2 Poultry, 3e less. Eggs Graded Basis no. i ' No. 2 No. 3 . ; Cream Cream Los Angeles. Cat, Dec. 21 IP $157 $7 .50 7.85.. - One load of steer? of keys 1418tc; leghorn nans 8 Santa Claus arrived early at a cheap choice aualitv sold late at the day's 11c: old roosters lift 12c. I rooming house !aturaay nignt ana $1.14 top of $11.75. .,. . Cheese Twins 17 Vir IT He; daisies brought a railroad ticket for Mrs. i " Other cattle Quotations: Killing 17ftl8c; longhorns 17l8c- . Camilla Warner to make a cnrisunas 83c Masses: I . Potatoes Supplies light; for best I visit to the son she has been hunting $1.00 Steers (550-900 lbs.): .'Hstock demand good; for other stock! for 41 years. - . 53c Choice , ... . . $10.5011.75 demand slpw. market steady. Idaho) The son is Richard Foster of 9.00 it 10.75 Russet Burbanks sz.434 z.tts; V. &. Scottsbluft. Neb. His mother says 7.009 9.00 No, 2, $2.00 ' 2.05; Washington Rus- that he was taken from her as a baby 5.00? 7.25 ret Burbanks $3.10; Colorado Red and adopted without her knowledge. McLlures; Wisconsin Kouna For 20 years she spent all her Il.75itil2.25 Whites $1.90; U. S. No. 2. 87c. Ar- money search for him. An adver-10.75ft 11.75 rivals 124;. on track 263; shipments tisement inserted by the son, who 9.00fi 10.75 Sunday 34c, Saturday 5.20. I also was seeking his mother, brought 7.000 9.00 ' - I them in touch with each other again. 5.25H 7.00, CHICAGO CASH GRAIN when it developed that neither I Chicago, Dec. 21 UP Wheat No. had the money for a reunion, a i1 j Common .-.. . I Steers (900-1100 lbs.); 10c j Prime, ,. 07c 'Choice 06c 'Good 10c, Medium...... ... 07c -Common ... 06c Steers (-1 100-1300 lbs.): 06c, prime , 04c j Choice ....v.. 06c 04c 24c 19c 16c 32c Good .. .. .. Medium , Steers (1300-1500 lbs.) Prime ... .Choice , .10.25 11.25 4H.04; 11.50S12.00 1 hard $1.40Vi 1.41H. 10.50 11.75 Corn No. 3 mixed $1.10; No. 4 9.00ei0.75 mixed $1.03 1.03H; old No. 2 yel- 7.00 9.00 low $1.14; No. 2 yellow $1.10H; No. . 3 yellow $1.07 1.10; No. 4 yellow 10.7511.75 $1.02411.08; No. 5 yellow $1.00Vi No. 3 whit $1.106 1.12; I score of Santa Clauses made their appearance. A Los Angeles woman got to the rooming house first with a paid-for railroad ticket. Dances a Jig nia and divorced him, dreamed her son came to her. "He stood right beside the bed there." she said. "He had a son with him. I dreamed I said what a fine boy and my son kissed me.' I visited a friend and told her about it- I returned home and found a letter under my doorstep from a friend in Nebraska enclosing son's adver tiscmcnt. I don't know whether it was a coincidence or something greater." The son's letter said that he been "knocked from pillar to post" since he was eight years old." rThink of that, homeless at " stormed Mrs. Warner. "What i won't do to that woman who took hwn away from me if I ever find her." She leaves here for Scottsbluff today. WANTED Miscellaneous OMAHA PRODUCE Omaha IP Live poultry: No. 1 hens, over 44 lbs. 12c; 4 lbs. and under 10llc; leghorn hens 910c; leghorn springs 8 9c; No. 1 roosters 8 9c: leghorn roosters 7c; stags 8 9c; capons. 8 lbs. and over. 164? 17c; under 8 lbs. 1314c: young ducks. heavy white, 11c; heavy dark 9c; young geese 10llc; turkeys No. J IF YOU WISH TO BUY or sell any! young toms, heavy 14 15c; young ,tr,b- hnn coo i,a nrnlrsnxrs nenS. 5 IDS. ana UVCr 1W, Blliau lui- connections on all exchanges. Miller Keys i3-cic, oiu l"1 " rtO 2 O!0iuc; umacu iuikcs v-vi. over live. Young guineas 2 lbs. and over 27 28c each- WANTED AT ONCE: Iron, metals, and rags. Sam Kavich. 2505 11th St. 88tf Allied Securities Co. Phone 4175. 013 Good Common and medium Heifers (750-900 lbs.): Good and choice . Common and medium Cows: Good ..... Common and medium .... Low cutter and cutter- Bulls (yearlings excluded): Good - . - Cutter and -common ealers: Good and choice Medium ... Cull and common Calves (250-500 lbs.): Good and choice Common and medium Sheep 2,200, includes n iniit in nn Nn 4 white 41 Oft-ii 1.1041 No. 5 white I ed 4M 8 5i Sl.03V14il.07Vi. land danced a jig. laughing through Oats NO. 1 White SSHCaaHc; WO. ner tears, one was a pre-.ij io-jear 8 25S11.0O 2 white 53&55Vic; No. 3 white 52Hc; old uanisn girl working as a wau-4.25 8.50 sample 50c. ress at Milford. Neb, when her baby i Rye No. 1, $1.23 Vi. , was porn, ina cnuas iainer was 5.251,6.25 Barley Feed 60 88c? mating kiUed in an accident Deiore tne Dunn. 4.009 5.2a $1.00(i 1.40. .She agreed with a maternity home 3.00y 4.00 Timothy seed Old crop $5.85 I to work for a year to pay her ex-; new crop S5.eo'(j5.tto. i penses proviaea sne De aiiowea to 5.008 5.50 Clover seed $24.00331.00. I keephe child. . 3.75 3.25 Soy beans No. X yellow S18H: ."Then one day I saw them taking . No. 3 yellow si.57; No. 4 yellow SIY. I the baby into the oil ice. sne recau- 7.00 9.50 Cash provisions Lard $13J7n;jed. "He was the prettiest one in the 5.50 fi 7.00 loose $12.62; leaf ?12.12a; bellies nursery, and people were always 30 a 530 $16.37 nominal. I wanting to adopt him. They told me they were lust showing him to 5.009 8.50! CHICAGO LIVESTOCK I someone. That was the last I ever 3.50 5.00 : Chicago, Dec. 21 IPV Hors 28,000, 1 saw of him. I kept demanding, and 200 direct, including 7.500 directs. Fairly ac-1 finally they told me he was ador t- Mrs. Warner, a spry, bobbed-hair- nrani ICCT HII ITADV I grandmother, clutched the ticket UtAULI CO I IVUL.I I An I WEAPON DEVELOPED Lambs slow, early bids fully steady, tive to shippers and small local kill-1 ed. COLUMBUS RENDERING SER-I Fresh eggs Current receipts asking higher; sheep and feeders s, mostly 10 to 15c higher than Fn- Six Shootsrs Ruled Nebraska Vlr.F- TloaH animals rcmnnwl froa enon. 7nfl- Wa 1 2S02Rrr Nn. 2 19 stpartv Rnllr cnrtw4 nstlvo anA frA (lav s average: ton S10.2S: bulk well-1 "XI.., J,. K.r Vlrlnanirxi gas range; 2-hole gas plate; bridge j promptly. We pay phone calls, j & 20c; dirties 1920c; checks 1819c.wool lambs bid $8.258.50, best held finished 190 to 280 lbs. $10.00810.20; haws, but then the law of the six Ftuttorfat Nn. 1 cream, delivered ; above 8 75. vearlinss held above DU1K eoa sows .oun.o. - I shooter ruled Nebraska. I couldn't 29 30c; at country stations 27c; di-l$7.00; good and choice ewes eligible Cattle 14.000. calves 2.000. - Fed! do a thing but hunt. For 20 years 1 lamps, and many other articles. Call at 2215 14th St Tuesday, Wednesday, ,or Thursday. 13 FOR SALE: Dabed, 9x12 Axminster rug. Both in A-l condition. Call at 2806 20th St. 013 F03. SALE: Engine washer $35, car radio $5. 10 record automatic phon ograph $15,; midget , radio $6.50, 2-volt battery radio complete, $1750, Johnson Radio Shop. 013 FOR SALE:- Very reasonable, Ping . .Pong table, booths, chairs, dishes. tables, latest style ice cream cabinet, ;etc.' City Club. 2303 13th St. . ; 013 FOR SALE: - 1934 Ford coupe. 1931 ) Model A truck cheap if taken .by Dec. 30. Phone 7276. - - 013 TRADE IN YOUR OLD RADIO or . musical instrument on a new Phil-,co all wave radio.. Johnson Radio Shop. , .- - 013 - Columbus 6847. Seribner Rendering Works. Chas. Galley, Agent. 986 LOANS MADE on farm and city real estate on very eood terms I 1? A colt U'un uiciiut and low rates. See us. Miller Al- butterfat, deUvered $2.16 cwt; indus- iiea securities vo. zouo um oi. 'trial purposes $1.41 - U1J rect shippers' price, track 28c. Butter No. 1, one-lb, cartons, solid 35c; No. 2, 34Hc. Fresh milk Blended 35 per cent SPECIAL! Oberg's egg mash, $2.40 v per 100 lbs. in half-top lots if sack. returned. Also top prices for all produce, Schuyler Hatchery. . FOR SALE: One Purebred Holsteip bull calf, 4 days old. One wagon With triple box. $15. Carl Gehring, Platte Center, R. 1. . 013 PRICES REDUCED, 2. new home i 'pool tables, 30x56,. was $23.50, now $17.50; 26x50,-was $17.50, now S9.75. Hinck Beauty Shop. 013 - FOR SALE: Young bronze turkey . toms, very large, nice- birds, $4, Mrs. George Kallweit, Platte Center. - 013 FOR SALE: Until Jan. 1 only, 4 purebred Spotted Poland ; ; China boars. John Noonan,' 3 miles south of Cornlea on' graveled, road. 013 yECSL13 AND HIS TKIIKDS '32' HUDSON wachf '31- Buick sedan,1 30 Graham sedan,. '29 Ford coupe, '29 Chevrolet .- coach. Mac's Auto Service. ' Phone 5543. - - 013 BICYCLES, new and used, some tricycles. . Will buy used bicycles. See Cue, 2710 9th St. 1 blocks south City Light Plant. 013 FOR. SALE: Model. B, John Deere tractor, 1936 model with cultivator. Glen McBride, Belgrade, Nebr -- - -' : - -- -013 All A UA U AV DROUTH LOANS: We a.e in a . ,,T- ,. position to make sm?H farm loans, tlT :'Tl3, at low interest rates, to carry you r7u;t,eVA,Vnn V 7' i nn through the drouth period. sVus and save money. Speice-Echols-1 " ' ' ' v Boettcher Co., Columbus, Nebr. 986 14.00. Upland prairie No. 1, $1550 16.50; No .2, $14.50 15.50; No. 3, PROPERTY. RENTALS supervised. jSlS.OO1?? 14.00. .. ,4Rft, rh.r.p. r.n.hi. ft.i t- Midland prairie No. 1. $14,509 tention to property of non-residents, i 1D:U"' See or write us.-- Miller Allied Securities Co. 2508 13th St. - 013 WANTED TO BUY: 5 h. p. electric motor. Must be in good working condition.- Write "H," Box 473, Columbus, stating price. 013 Mixed hay No. 1, $15.50 ??1G.00; No. 2,. $14.00il4.50; No. 3, $13.50 14.00. Straw Oats $6.50; wheat $550. $3 25 4.00; no feeders of conse- steers and yearlings steady to strong; I spent all the money I had searching quence offered; small lot of solid iraae ratner siow; not mucn oeei in i jor 1." mouth breeding ewes $4.50. run; middle grades predominating, bnly sprinkling toppy steers here; stockers and . feeders comprised and short-fed mostly eastern shiu- OMAHA CASH GRAIN Omaha. Dec. 21 IP Hard wheat warmed-up brought the best prices since Aue- selling at $750 down; ust, 1929, on the Omaha grain ex-r pers paying $11.00 upwards lor lat change today, when No. 1 hard dark cattle; taking yearlings up to $1Z0 sold at $1.41 per bushel. This price and 1400-lb. averages to $12.25; dress- was exceeded by northern -spring ed market still under adverse influ-1 wheat last week. . The wheat market ence of poultry, large steer market today was unchanged to a cent high- rharply higher than week ago. today, er wit hthe trading basis unchanged however, mainly 50c to $1.00 over to Mtc higher. Demand for the limit-, that low spot; she stock also steady to One night last week Mrs. Warner. who later married a man in Califor- Paris, Dec. 21 IPi The deadliest military weapon invited since the world war an aerial mine towed on a cable by an airplane is being developed in secret by two European governments, it was disclosed in authoritative circles today. It was learned the Russian government Is negotiating to obtain us of the invention. The weapon is de-Signed to defend great cities from air attacks Lut can txtused as an &f fehsive weapon. Specially equipped planes will rlM at the approach of attacking squadrons. Once in the air. the mines would be lowered by means of an electric winch. Flying over the attacking squadron, the defending airplane would drag the mines into them. Thus, defending airplanes could quickly wipe out the enemy. As an offensive weapon, the aerial mine can be towed into a building, bridge, railroad or other target The high explosives in each mine would destroy its target on impact. Exotic Actress ed offerings was very good. Corn also was unchanged to SURETY B02JDS of all kinds writ ten. , Quick service. 13th St. Phone 4175. Securities Co. , , OMAHA COMMERCIAL FEEDS Omaha IP Commercial feeds. 'selling price, F. O. B. Omaha, in ton lots $3 to $3 less. strong; bulls strong to 10c higher and a 'vealers mainly steady at $1050 down. cent higher, but the trading basis mostly; few shipper vealers making was unchanged to Uc lower. De-i51L00. mand was good. Oats, rye and bar-1 Sheep 9,000, including 800 directs. ley were unchanged. Closing prices: ; Fat lambs moderately active; early Wheat Dark hard- Nn 1 Si Anns Isales ful lv steadv to stronger: ased 1.41; No. 2, $1.39. Hard winter: No. sheep steady; good to choice native See us. . 2508 . wheat feeds Standard bran FOR SALE: Metal turning lathe. Dial 3232. ... 013 By Blot ger 2 A New Problem! I - "a : T-: V y rtUWG MAWTHIS V5 A F1WE' V I DIDMT PEAUZE A . L TIME TO BE GETTING HONE;! ) POP! GEE,! HAD A ; -T fTS AFTER ONE- -TMONDERRJL TIME j MOTWER AWD ME 'V0 HVE W4CWKI ! WELL, ) WORRIED TO ( BROWW EYES HWT VCHJ AKr ; DEATH ABOUT, AMP "THE APOLOGIES "ID fm VXJf WHAT V PRETTIEST MAKE FDR HAVING I'M - A 1 kEPT Y3LI (.BLACK. HAIR kept "THIS HOUSE- SORPY, JV' SO LATE? S7 1 EVEP t HOLD IMA STATS ( POP! ff j"'' tm? good rJiGHT.s Wj?.-: rai i tgH - every Wmmif wr,'tJM- Wh body LjSmu HE,SIJR2:-HAS m m-m-:0K jm Miller Allied $35.50; pure bran $34.00; brown 013 (shorts $36.50; grey shorts $37.50; flour ARE YOU IN NEED OF MONEVT rcStXrUV We make loans on city property meal cake $47 00 41 on farms, on automobiles or furni-: cen Drotein $10 less. -U!f,w1(TJ,trAWeber'" lM.cei AlfaUa meal -No. 1 medium and Real Estate Agency. 013 ground $26 00; No. 2 $25.0o. . ., , 1 r : 1 1 or fine ground $55.00; pea size $46.00. Feeding tankage 60 per cent protein $66.50. r ..Meat or bone scrap 50 per cent protein $54.00. Domestic soy bean meal 41 per cent protein $49.00. : Hominy feed White $4230; yellow $42.50; corn bran $42.50. HELP WANTED WANTED: Married man for work on farm in 1937. Separate house. Write 1'J," Box473, Columbus, giving particulars and references. 013 HAVE OPENING for man with car in Platte County. No investment. Steady income. S. F. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa. s 984 INSURANCE OMAHA LIVESTOCK . Omaha, Dec. 21 IP (USDA) Hogs 10,000, includes 2,000 direct Butchers rather slow, around steady I with Friday, big packers inactive; pigs and sows strong; early top $9.80 for choice 210 lbs. up, few lots to traders at $9.85 S 9.90. Better grade 200 to 300 lbs. $9.65-39.80: 170 to 190 lbs. $9.25 f? 9.65; 140 to 170 lbsH $8.50 9.35; 100 to 135 lbs. $7.00 8.50; tpttpitppci c . f f lighter weights down to $6.00; feed truck insurance policies filed with " "2? T SEE US about your insurance needs. We can furnish especially desirable contracts. Miller - Allied Securities Co. 2508 13th St. 013 the railway commission. Bates go- $9.60, a few $9.65; stags $8.75 8 9.50, ing up. Phone Weber Insurance and Average Cort Saturday $954, weight 1, $1.401.40. Corn No. 3 yellow $1.12 1.13; No. 4 yellow $l.llil.l2; No. 3 mixed $1.11; No. 4 mixed $1.1016. .. , Oats No. 3 mixed 53c; No. 4 white 52fi53c. . Barley No. 5, 82c and fed western lambs $8.759.00; handy weights held upward to $9.25 and above; slaughter ewes $3,500 450 mostly; feeding lambs scarce. : CHICAGO FUTURES Chicago, Dec. 21 1IP - Open High Low Close Wheat: Dec. May July .j Corn: -Dec, new 1374 139H 137 H 1384 131 4 133 S 131 Vi 132H 116H 118H 116H 11714 Dial 4453 or 4872. -r - -013 SITUATIONS WANTED 209 lbs. Week's top $9.40, weight Mar, 202 lbs. Cattle 6,500, calves 1,000. Fed steers and yearlings opening slow and steady; fed heifers scarce steady. cows steady to strong; bulls and 108 110 1084 109 May, new ....104 K 106 104 105 May, old ....103 104 103 ' 103 July, new ..101 103 101 -101 July, old 98 100T4 98 99 Oats: ' Dec. ... 51 52 51 51Kb May 50 51 50 51 July . 45 45 45 45 Rye: Dec. ... May July Barley: Dec. May Soy. beans: Dec. 156. 158 156 158a May,. 157 158 156 157a Lard: Dec. 13.45a Jan. 13.45 1350 13.40 13.45 115 117 115 115a ,.. Ill .113 110 112"5b IO514 107 105 106 b - 86a 13.62 13.70 13.62 13.70b Trend of Markets Shown at Glance , By United Press .Stocks irregularly lower; motors weak. Bonds irregularly lower. Curb stocks irregular. Chicago stocks irregularly lower. Call money 1 per cent Foreign exchange easy; Holland Guilder strong. , Cotton easy. Grain: Chicago wheat to c lower; corn (new) to He higher; corn (old) unchanged to c .higher; pats unchanged to c higher; rye Pic higher to c lower, j Rubber easy. . Silver at New York unchanged at 45 cents. HORIZONTAL 1 Actress pict lured here. 8 Ik'i- first name 12 Doves home. 1 1 Pnncruuic ISKool edge. 17 Smell. 18 Singing voice. 19 Opposite of odd. , 20 Deprives of office. 22 Those who . wear clothes. 24 To ffaae . fixedly.. 1 . 28 Competed in speed. 33 Wigwam - 34 To habituate. 35 Expert. 36 Highly im portant. - 37 Everlasting. 43 To disrobe. 48 English coin 49 Scandinavian, 52 Stir. " . Answer to rrrvious Puzzle F R .ANKL I NLJW I .T .E 24Sh is fan Roosnitra Li 1 TriB Aire 1 if a cntro o pltk uce l 1 ,n r kiT 1 1 .rTTi n L 1 A WTj D E .Aj-rjL ; A M PTJF 0O AYDnGWE pp, I YriP.6Tr EjJ G .0 VeR,n o r a n!T 'l'eTJtTa neTIg o'r'e iTAWcfs u i d eTTs eVeTd 23 Reached pljce. famous and i Read The Telegram .Want-Ada CHICAGO PRODUCE Chicago, Dec. 21 (IP Egg market easy, 5.075 cases. Fresh graded firsts 28,.4c; extra firsts 29c; dirties GIRL. WANTS WORK from 8 to 4 vealers steady; stockers and feeders 24c; current receipts 27 c; checks at $1 per day. Write "I," Box 473, in light supply, fully steady. Fed 23 c. Columbus. , . 013 steers and yearlings largely $8.50 ' Butter market steady; receipts 6,408 GOOCH & CO. Member Chicago Board of Trad CiKA IN STOCKS BONDS COTTON PROVtStNS Private wir to prtrc.l exchnges S03? Thirteenth 8t .. ... psA. - 52 To spilL 53 Abrupt. 54 Bussian ! villages. k 56 She was born . in . . 5? She is a actress. VERTICAL. 1 Knob. 2 On top of. 3 Cipher. 4 Husband or - wife. 5 Is in debt 6 Mover's truck. 7 In a line. 9 To ogle. 10 To wash. 1 1 To affirm. 12 Fish, 14 Before. 16 Being. 21 To make sweet. 25 To scatter. 26 Monkey. , 27 Corded cloth. 29 Cuckoo. 30 To slash. J 31 Age. 3 32 Ravines. ' ' 38 Balsam. 39 God of love. 40 Knocks. 41 Handle. 42 Quantity. 43 One that uses. 44 Genus of in- -. sects. 43 Incarnation of Viihnu. 46 To prepare for publication. 47 Fern seeds. 50 Scarlet 52 Senior. , 55 South Carolina T MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE 13 i i4 IS lb 17 I IS 19 1 I I I I I I I I I . I - I I ' I mmmmmmmmmmm , "" iT -" IT" " 3 " , n ks Vfe " U- 55 T5 so hfl TT- H - 53 I t. ., I 11 . J, . I , , . I .... ' ' ' -.' ' ' ' 11 ' ' A Guard for Myra! Bj THOMPON AND COLL STAND WHEE.E VOL) ARE.BKEE'SE 1 ON5 STEP FURTHER AMP SOU 1 BOTH MV COMRADE'NOU S7tX DON4'T UNOEffSTAAiD - I'VE COME TO WARM SOU THAI VCtJC LNF.2. HAVE BREW THCEA7ENED.' 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