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El Paso, Texas
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Send Us Your Mail Orders THE WHITE COFRECT PRESS TOR WOKEN Introducing the Season in Tailored Hats A NOTHER immense shipment of tail ored hats has just arrived and will be displayed next week We have no hesitancy in saying that this will most complete showing of tailored hats to be found in El Paso and notwithstanding the high character of the hats shown they are most reasonably priced. Our Phipps Agency We are sole El Paso agents for the celebrated tailored hats. We are also agents for Burgesser, Knox, Fisk and Gage tailored hats. You can depend on the White House Millinery Departmnet for everything you can possibly need in the way of tailored harts. PA TTERN HA TS A limited number of our pattern hats have arrived, and those in immediate need of this class of millinery can be supplied CORRECT DRESS TOR WOMEN The Store that UNDERSELL ALL OTHERS The Store that Wooltex 9 PRICES OF AUTO TIRES SMASHED IMPERIAL FILLY 28x3 $11.45 30x3 $12.25 $18.05 Celebrated Red ALLEN ARMS GUARANTEED $19.25 34x4 $29.80 Innertnhes.

CYCLE CO. 404 If. Oregon St. First Showing Monday of Silk Crepe de Chine Underwear Silk Dresses Special $5.95 Next week we offer a group of silk dresses at the nominal price of $5.05. These are fall dresses, just arrived, and are extraordinary values, as you will see upon examination.

Thye are made of a fancy striped fall brown, gray, blue, black. Copenhagen, Burgundy and green. Attractive styles fasten in Robespierre collar and the new long sleeves and front of waist are trimmed with pleated net. Special next week for Velvet Corduroy Dresses Special $7.95 Early fall styles in velvet corduroy dresses; special next week at $7.05. Come in black, navy and brown.

Made with lace collar and long sleeves; trimmed with satin and satin covered buttons. All to 44. Take advantage of this early-season value and secure a stvlish corduroy dress for onlv 7.95 Can ou Save THINK of It! 25c a day buys a lot on paved road 1-4 mile from city limits, with cement sidewalks, city water piped in front of every lot; electric lights, telephone; all conveniences and right on the new interurban line. See Suburban Gardens Sunday, the 8th, our autos meet every Washington Park car. F.

B. Hadlock Realty Co. 2nd Floor Caples Bldg. Initial display will be made Monday of silk crepe de Chine underwear. The display will embrace petticoats, combinations, night gowns, corset covers, drawers and chemise, made of silk crepe de Chine, beautifully trimmed with French and German and shadow lace.

You must be sure and see this new underwear. It is the ideal underwear for present styles. Prices range $2.95 to $22.50 per garment. CREPE DE CHINE COMBINATIONS $4.95 Corset cover and drawers combinations, made of silk crepe de Chine, trimmed with German Val lace, come in pink and white; special OCT Monday Silk Hose Silk Hose has an enviable reputation for quality. We now have our complete fall stock of this famous silk hose.

Special mention is made of silk hose at $1.50 per pair. We honestly believe this to be the best $1.50 silk hose on the market. Comes in black, white and as lavender. pongee, navy, champagne and sky. oc CENTS iU PER DAY The Two-Republics Life Insurance Company EL PASO, TEXAS A.

KRAKAUER, President. Good men wanted to sell policies that guarantee protection. a R. RUSSELL, Supt. of Agents.

LOUIS ST. J. THOMAS, Secty. and Mgr. El Paso Pasteur Institute For the preventive treatment of HYDROPHOBIA.

EL PASO TELLS HER TROUBLES. To the Columns of The Herald. When an unexpected vacancy in the office or factory force, a Herald Want Ad that gives notice. When something valuable lost or a tenant leaves, a call to Bell 116, Auto 1115. tells the news.

El Paso has learned that Herald Ads are the best resort in an emergency. BANANA INK. banana furnishes us W'ith ink, with handkerchiefs, with wax, with blacking-, with excelsior, with oil, with flour, with window cord, with The speaker, a banana planter from Jamaica, paused and smiled. believe me, do he i said. truly the banana tree is a wonderful thing.

Every part of it serves some good use. Thus the long leaves make a fine excelsior. The juice, being rich in tannin, furnishes a good indelible ink and a good shoe polish. The stems yield a fine quality of hemp, ana from this hemp there are made lace handerkerchiefs, cords and ropes of all kinds, mats and brushes. The oil is used in gilding.

Of banana flour, the flour ground from the dried fruit, there is no use are too familiar with Angeles Times. i FViV grocery Bm COMPANY 204-206 E. Overland St. DO YOU LIKE GOOD COFFEE? sell the very best brands for the least money in El Paso Faust Blend Coffee Ambassador Coffee 40c Shillings Coffee Toltec Club Coffee Alamo Coffee Special Blend Coffee President Coffee in Bulk Coffee. 30c ALL GRADES OF GREEN COFFEE Cavalry Officer to Pick Out Suitable Mounts From Stock at Hachita.

Mormon horses which are now at Hachita, N. may be purchased by the Mexican government for the federal cavalry. A cavalry officer is to be sent to Hachita with a representative of the 1 Mormon colonists in Sonora and an in- I spection made of the horses with the i view of purchasing as many as possible of the horses. The government wishes 1000 good mounts for its cavalry and the Mormons have been given first opportunity to supply as many as they can. The Mormon church officials have been assured that the male residents of the Chihuahua colony will be able to return within five days.

This assurance was given by Gen. Huerta at a conference held Friday in Juarez between the federal commander and Junius Romney, president of the colonies. He assured the Mormon official that the colonies would be garrisoned as soon as possible and that they would be given protection for themselves and their property. Councilor C. McClellan and eight Mormons left Saturday morning for the Chihuahua colonies to care for the crops and houses of the colonists.

Family Here. Mrs. Joshua W. and family arrived from Colonia Juarez Friday 1 afternoon on the Mexico North Western train and will leave for Utah as soon as the transportation for the family can be arranged. Msr.

Stevens is the wife of Joshua Stevens, who was killed by a Mexican at Colonia while defending his daughters against the attack of two Mexicans. Misses Ella and Emma Stevens, who fought their assailants desperately in an effort to save their 'life, accompanied their mother from the Mormon colonies and will go with them to Utah. TROOPS ORDERED TO NACOZARI CAMP Walter iiuk I iis Handle Situation If Government and Aid Promined. Mexico City, Sept. Maytorena, of Sonora, has advised the minister of the interior that he has ordered a detachment of troops to the relief of Nacozari, where the lives of a number of Americans have been endangered by rebel attacks.

Walter Douglas, president of the Nacozari Mining company, had telegraphed governor Maytorena declaring that if the Mexican government was unable to afford relief the Americans at Nacozari his company would take steps in that direction. CENTRE USE WILL B. M. Worsham, M. D.

Hugh S. White, M. D. M. B.

Wesson, D. 404 BLDG. Crew From the Citv of huahua Now Repairing Burned Bridges. HBBKIiS IX SOUTH Ell MEXICO ARE BECOMING MUCH BOLDER Washington. D.

Sept. news comes from the south of Mexico, where wandering rebel bands are becoming bolder in their operations. The entire federal garrison at Ajuno was massacred by the rebels last Wednesday. BOARD TO PROBE INJURY CLAIMS TO MEET HERE SOON Washington, D. Sept.

special army board investigating injuries to Americans during the Mexican revolution will meet in El Paso and Douglas about October 2. Documentary evidence is being considered in Washington. OTHER MEXICO NEWS ON PAGE 5. HAYES INSISTS WALDO STOPPED ALL RAIDS (Continued from page one.) witness, threatened to fire him for stating that he had received such orders. This he threatened to do on two subsequent occasions.

Hayes testified, but it was not until August 16, the day after the publication of an interview from an inspector who was quoted orders Waldo made good his alleged threat by demoting him to a rank. February 13 last, commissioner Waldo sent for Hayes continued. commissioner said, thought you were keeping an eye on disorderly Reconstruction of the Mexican Central railway below Juarez will begin soon, according to railway officials. Work is already in progress by a crew from Chihuahua repairing the bridges burned bv rebels or washed out by rains. It is planned to send an inspection crew with engineers from Juarez late today or tomorrow.

The trip will be made on a motor car. Fred D. Ritter, acting engineer of maintenance of way of the National Railways, who came to Juarez on Gen. troop trains, is in charge of the work. Import Duty Works Hardship.

The five per cent raise on all import duties over all Mexico, which went into effect on the first of the present month, is working a great hardship on the revolution ridden residents of the state of Chihuahua. The people of the northern border state in general are poor, as a result of the continued revolution and the cessation of business and farming operations, and are in great need of clothing and all sorts of provisions. The material raise of duties, as decided by the congress some weeks ago, is in effect, and the duties required at the Juarez custom house this week are five per cent higher than for many years formerly. Richardo Picaso, the newly appointed collector of cur-toms at Juarez, has not appeared, although he was expected here denas. mavor of Juarez, gave free transportation to from 150 to 2-00 of the passengers, mostly Mexicans who are returning to their homes at the city of Chihuahua at government expense.

All is reported quiet along the railway, with no rebels sighted at any of the stations. There have been some minor movement of federal troops along the line. It is planned to send back to Casas Grandes the troops sent north to Guzman, and to return to Juarez those sent from the border town to protect the railway work trains at the time of the road destruction by rebels at Guzman last week. HELPING PROBE GAMBLING GRAFT as saying he had received such! more than two weeks ago when hi; ap from the commissioner, that pomtment was made known. In the meantime Pedro Maise, the deputy collector, is acting in Ins stead.

Freight Traffic Is Heavy. But in spite of the raise in duties, freight traffic over the recently opened Mexico North Western railway is more It has ONLY MARKED IT OUT. A lovelorn youth had quarreled with his ladylove, and with bitter, angry words they parted, and he decided that life was no longer worth living. Abruptly turning into a barber's, he sat in a vacant chair and calmly requested the barber to cut his throat. The barber acquiesced and, tucking the cloth round his neck, his head rest so 1 that the chin was well elevated.

Then, drawing a stout pin from I the corner of his waistcoat and holding it firmly between his finger and I thumb, he drew the pin quickly across the neck of the man. Iimmediately, w-ith a scream worthy of a red Indian, the despairing one leaped from the chair, shouting: surely you have not done no, said the barber. "Sit i down again, sir. I've only marked it Weekly. I said I was.

Commissioner Waldo said: have been told bv a than the company can handle. INTERVENTION IS CERTAIN SAYS SENATOR CATRON. Kansas City. Sept. we going to intervene in Mexico? Why, the only thing we can declared United States senator Thos.

Catron, of Santa Fe, N. here last night. soon will be. necessary to send troops to Mexico to save American lives. The Mexicans are more hostile to Americans than to any other people.

I had $1000 invested in Mexico, I would not consider it worth more than $50. why intervention is absolutely necessary. I believe troops will be sent there 4r newspaper man that the raids your men made were for the purpose of graft. Keep your men out of disorderly houses and in future if you get a let- ter or complaint, bring it to me before you make a raid and make raids only on my never gave Hayes an order other than general instructions to observe peace and good order and enforce the Mr. Waldo said.

Subscribers failing to get The Herald promptly should call at the office or telephone No. 2030 before 6:30 p. m. All complaints will receive prompt attention. been necessary to place a temporary embargo on coal and coke, lest the railway be flooded with bulky traffic.

The i smelter at Chihuahua city and factories along the Central railway below the state capital are in great need of fuel, and when the embargo is raised thousands of tons of coal and coke will be rushed to the relief of the suffering industries. In the meantime freight trains are rushing food supplies, clothing and all manner of merchandise to points along the North Western between Juarez and the citv of Chihuahua and to the lumbering and mining centers at intermediate points. The mines in the San Pedro district remain unoperatod. Many Passengers to Mexico. The North Western passenger train departing Saturday morning carried nearly 500 persons south So crowded was the train that it was impossible to send the baggage, which will follow.

Or. Car- William Flynn, In charge of the New York division of the U. S. secret service and former second deputy commissioner of the New York police department. who is expected to lend his aid in the investigation into the corrupt condition of the New York department, which has been exposed as a result ot the murder of Herman A.

Rosenthal. Ih flat contradiction to the statements of several city officials to the effect that it is impossible to entirely abolish gambling in New York City. Mr. Flynn has declared that It is quite possible to close up every illegal resort and gambling dive in the metropolis. stripes are except in certain places.

We are showing some beautiful suiting in the new mixture patterns that are so stylish this Fall. May we have the pleasure of your inspection of our Fall suits in the near future? uTHE STORE OF Where You Buy ANNOUNCEMENT we have made in a long while is of as much im portance as this. We decided to handle garments only after We had thoroughly investigated their merits and found that in every way they conformed to our idea as being Store of Service White business is founded and run on the principle that it is far better to make customers than merely to make sales. Everything we buy and show must conform to this principle. The question with us is not it but it make a friend for this What 1 )ou think your purchase today is not so important to us as what you will think of it next meek, next month or next year.

For this reason, we naturally incline toward those goods that we know by experience can be trusted to give satisfaction, or those that are guaranteed by their makers. No store ever had a better friend-maker than Wooltex garments. Not only are they guaranteed, but they make good. Wooltex styles are beautiful as the best designing genius of Paris and America can make them. They please at sight.

But even better than that is the fact that they continue to please as long as you wear And you can wear them a long time, for they are guaranteed for two seasons and generally last much longer. Fall sfyles are showing will be made next week that no El Paso woman who cares for style and reliability can afford to miss. Important Glove Announcement Novelty Waists tor Fall 1912 HE past week have received large shipments of novelty waists. Many of these waists are exclusive models. While prices range up to $27.50, We make special mention of waists at $6.75.

At this price we show tailored and fancy waists in meuse, Dresden, jasper and glace silks, washable crepe de Chine and chiffon. A feature of these waists is that they have either long or three quarter length sleeves. The Robespierre effect is another feature. In addition to silk waists, we also offer, at $6.75 beautiful models in allover shadow lace and net. Also mourning waists.

Visit the Waist Section Monday and see the latest fall novelties. I A7 have now received our complete fall stock of gloves. Our stock this fall is confined to four splendid brands Fownes, Trefousse, Perrin and Meyer's Make. These come in wrist and elbow lengths in glace kid-, suede and chamois. In addition to black and white there is a complete range of fall shades.

This fall as always El Paso women can depend on White House" for everything in the way of gloves. For Monday special attention is directed to the following. Chamois Gloves Special $1.00 Genuine chamois gloves, wrist length, two clasps, in natural color only. Special, pair $1.00. Long White Kid Gloves Special $1.95 Full 16-button length white kid gloves, made of imported glace kid, 3 clasps at wrist.

Special, pair $1.95. A NEW CLOVE In the Clove Section we are now exploiting a new glove cleaner. It cleans Well and has no unpleasant odor. 25c a box. Another Shipment of $14.50 Tailored Suits Foulard Dresses for Immediate Wear We will make a special display next week of silk foulard what is needed for immediate wear.

These dresses are accordion pleated. Have flat lace collar and lace cuffs. Come in blue, black, Copenhagen and brown. See them next week. Price is $19.50.

HAVE received another big shipment of $14.50 tailored suits. This gives you a splendid range to select from. These suits are plain tailored styles. 32-inch coats with breast pockets and tailored buttons; guaranteed lining. Panel skirts with kick pleats and laps.

The materials are cheviots, serges, whipcords and novelty and fancy patterns. The color range embraces brown, gray, taupe, Copenhagen, navy, black, tan and purple. All sizes from 16 to 44. If you want a stylish, serviceable fall suit at a nominal price, select one of these at $14.50..

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