The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE SIXTEEN JT.TTTTEVTLLB (ARK.) COtTRIKR HEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ..... ...... ....... I tine pet )!•• ....... ............ lie 1 tlnri |wr )i.t« |**r day ........... 12c 3 ttrors p« line' p*r diy .......... »c t timstf prr line per day ....... ... Tc 12 llnti r*i lin* per «Uy . ....... 3* Month per Hn* ......... Me Count fitc average wordi lo Ihe lln*-. Art ordered for thru- or sit Itmn and •(orP* 1 ' fcf forr riplrallon will hf ffcirgttf for the numhtr of tlmrs thr xd • pppirfrf and ifl]u4inn i nt of bill made. All rlifilfffrf arlvrrtMnc copy «uft- mltlrct toy persons resitting r»ntMrte •>( th* fltj musl fct arrompAnif rl hy rash Rat** ma* rxslljr b« rompui'td from l?i« nkOTc r*bl*, Advert 111 rig ordered f<ir IrrfButa/ 'n- •rrtlonf take the one Mmr txbl? No rrflpons.Mlttr w ni far taVrn f«r •lore than onr Inrorrert (nw rtlnn of tny rlaisllfttl ad. AU *di irr rrst Hrtftl tr> IhMr prupf Courier Nfwa • r tfjf-ct any . strrtt th« rlsh( to Apartment for Kent ronm fmn. apt 704 Watch and Jewelry Repair >h« and clock* PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second COMMERCIAL IlEFTllGfcnAl Air Condition ing. com in ft ho 1 uphold rrCrlgrmtlon snvkr-, 8391 day. 3173 n.pht. 416 E Main 523 i For Sale, Mr'sc. Klfctrir. ho! TVSI or .111 N. firh Pt. 6 17 ck 24 v-l'h prl- \irji porch &ff »i -111 5 rm. turn. Pipt . prlvnt* h^T >rlvatp i-ntr-iHo** C-ilJ 5JO.fl. fi l) 5-Ton Chryslor air c-ondi- lioninjr unit in use only one season. Can be purchaserl very roasonahly on terms. For a roal hiir^iiin call us at once, MCJDKKN' HOMK KCONO.MY STORK l>h»np -irjRS 100 \V Main 0 17 ck 2-1 phone fln'1 i (ik IS Duple* Mnfiimfshed. S room A- pr1 • TIU* bRlh. Elffirlc W H S>-vLy 0^or Rled And 3 room! und prlvalr hFiih n1<' n ly fnrnSshpcl AH Eire. Kitchen Cleft n. FhO. 2671 Hfier 5:3f). 3435. G 10 pK ? I K Unf. 3 room apt Apply HI Chernf. 66 76 3 room unfurnished IB. Phcn* 35Q&. enL. Close 6> ck if 3 rm. tint urn apt., prt. hftih. rlrc. hot wfttpr heater. Ph 3325 519 cK. 6 Ifl Rabhiis. fircssnd f-vrs. tc ' rool:. Phone 2050. Ru.'hlni; 6 \7. PIANO STOriAOE BA flOftfl pianos Mil.M Fpll prlcr, tor cnsh lo Kii^e ISO — $75 — 195 rh. 37-K174 Memphis. Term hare frpjsh (Italy, liixr Tryrr«, chicken r.alml, Modern J room fur apt Pti 2593 ' ck '. I Jinrnp hflkrd hnm Cecil Ixiwi* Moctfrn BTI'-. 3 roams nnd bAth, « )r decorMfd. good furniture, K»J eq- K*nt. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. V'l\ ck tl Small Apartments, furnished, $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-1 ok tf Auto Supplies and Services bon't endanger your family with f>ulty tiro—BUY LRH TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION J*»tn inrl ClTlalnn Phone 25«3 13 1.1 ck If Services ~n. ». *lley—A\r condlUonlnp refrlR- »r»tton lervlcc. Ph. 2478. 102 K. Mls- •ouri. BlytheTLIle. Ark. «•« P X 7fi Qiuranteed pUno ttinlnR and re- P*I!T. Call 2071 days, 3059 night.i. 52ft tf Expert Watch & Clock Repair All wort suftmntred at IOWM prices •OS S. 20th St. Ph. 8^92, 6|14 pk 2R » MIHCT« rHOTOSTATIG SERV- IC». O'BTMN'S STUDIO. 115 W MAIN 13 4 ck tf Higher prk«a paid for old car*, •crap Iron, melals. batteries and rnc4- l»lor«. N'o longer rtinnpcted *lth Bly- thecLlIc Iron A Metnl Co. For pick-up •nd a (iqunrB deal c«ll 4509 W. A. Al- ^Pnsworth. c g pfc 73 T wll »n<I Install complete wntcr •T5tem and no monej- down Smalt p*ymftnt«. ph. H49. H. Meycis. 5.'31 pk 7|l Plans-Estimates For new conitructlon remodellnff or pAln. FJI.A. OH O, 1. LOANS - »O OBLTGATION Phone 2GW Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. _____ _ _ 5-24-U Moving & Hauling Clostd v»n trucks. Sare-Denendable •ipcrlencca help w w . Btckhnm. 117 WC5tRo5». Phone 8928. 69 pk 7.0 Bipeit B.rvlce on AU-Conilltlonlnr, Rerrlgrjmtlon nnrt Appllatirc.-i BUI and Harry Bioohs Phone sns^'er,- call 60fi4. BROFT ATIOX CO.. 2337 Birch 5;JI Clt tf nd Mnrkrt. ph 4597. .S 30 ck NFV miti iisf:a [ !P purls nnd fpftk er.n [or rent. \Vestl)rook Machino Shop Across from K Read About These Six Hot Specials! i!M8 .MKJiClfKV ?715 A nllehly Hnr r:ir nt a value price! This Mercury |-i|nar come* Pf|iiij)jicc) uilh nullo and heater, tno. Just J7if>. I'Jl'J t-'OIll) $IO!I5 A hip value on a hie moilel far. This popular <'lul) Coupe .tJsu ha% l>o(h raitio ami hefil- cr. And onlv SI095. J!M« FOKJ) $ (i ,| S With a rpeonillllnnpd motor llils '»fi For.t (« hounrt lo jiv« JOB dppe>irl.if;)e service, rliih Coupe. Only $695. I9-IB KOHI) JfiflS Takft a Hp/nonntraUfin drive In this 'IB Ford Tudor. Vnii'll like tJie way II pfrlorms. K a - illo, deal or. Jusl $695. PHILLIPS TRADES RIGHT ON TRUCKS! in-Jfi CHKV $fiJ5 Hcrft'ft a U-Ton I'Lrkup Dial's Ruing in hp B mnnry.jmtkrr fnr .soniplHHly. Cnrno rfnwn anrl drive it tomorrow. 5615. FOJU) $7flg I'i-Tnn Chassis an d ( l»serl Calj I, , rra | hi.rtain. The motor ha.s lieen efimplete- I.' .nverhaujcii. Trade at Plill- lljis. 300 Broodway ipami Phone 4453 For Sale, Real Estate ftl-y- ff you «itnt n rrrtl hnrK^tn In •^ power ;n'i.v- mom. 2 bath liomp, rns1|y ronv Into a diiplf-K or ijso.l as ll l-» a n comrortnhlR hniri^. Call 2734. 617 | ; It S<ive Monuy When Vou Buy — Sell — 'IVailo Used FurnitLire GI.1N HARRISON & SON KURNITUKE CO. 517 \V. Ash PI). 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS / "~ > 'S~*\ 111 W Wnlniu Photm aiftl Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaincs Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your )kl furniture. Farmers terms !/2 down, balance in (lie fa!!, formerly Arnold & Gaincs. DSHD PIANOS ron SAM:—a» tow »». SO. OiiRcantoert coiirtltlon Ph 2071 or 3)22 ck «,23 .11 11B for yoxir n<-Tl picnic or pnr- 7. We c«n srtvc yon time and mo- CT Cecil l^iwe Orocerr and Mivrkpt. o 4397 , 3 20 rlc (12fi Fdll blooded Dftlmatlou puppies S13 «ch. Ph. 3411. 6 11 pit 18 60 arres or choice Pemlscot Inncl near Number Nino loral Sec. 3(1. llwp. 16, Ra m: e 12 <ni) 7J F Jttw.xt* KM;«(r Pink.-! nl ed In Ihls l,uv| please Mitiinli hltls [o (1. r. JiJuiads ,Fr. Knii'r Ilox 362. Blythrvlllp. Ark nkls « ft<Tf(rlrrl untfj 12 o'riork hootl J 1952 Seller reserves rlcht to any or nil hlds. Trrnn will ne on completion of letjal renulf.-jr 3 111 ; Ofporiunttiti tftrt yoti r iirescnl i", "J V -usT A"RD KQUIPMKNT . 7 K room hniife and iraiace .*4.^00. S2ir> and j:ts a mmilh. Alro rare located at nrnrtrfwny find Ash Phone 0612 c Aorahnm i 31) ck t! '1 room house ami balh on cornur lot on (>1 Highway N. anil LumuralR St. A home 01- good linsiiiess location, lot 75 x 70. Priced for quick sale Modern and exlrn roomy 4 room house and bath on paved si reel in northeast part of town. Same as new—tip-top condition inside and out. Urge lot f 1250. cash, $.|.|.00 total monthly payments. Vacant, move in tomorrow. Modern 4 room house and bath HIG Jleitrn Se. Choice .. neighborhood, beautiful haok- Ph. 6357. "l|17 ek U I >'" r 'l. newly decorated inside. - Vacant, $1500. cash, ?<13.1G a month. It's a good investment. Kate, several that will rent it. :•••JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone '11!! Residence Phono 2n!tR r> ! in n r. n P O DO n Buslnefis or Increase business with Fror " Fr "" '« Crea Vnn " nn lbb, SOI. phone 6300. Blythe,,||j t 7,6 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. ./. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OI.ENCOF MOTII nnn.nmo 121 W As), Si 4 B -* Notice "RIK STINKY" Kl,Y THAI' Nationally known urd ad- 'ei-tised. Will positively rid •our home of flies or your noncy back. fl.05 postpaid. HUGH W. AT.I.EN Osceola, Ark. fi!9 o!< fi'19 k tr Shop in Comfort in Our Air-Conditioned Showroom PICKUPS '43 STUDKRAKBK JTna Two t,-Ton Pickups to clioosr frnnv-l red. 1 C rrni. Kuril ei|lli|)- ncrt »ilh a snorl healer. Trndr before June 30. '•I!) STt'DKHAKKl! ST'.ir, A heavier. ",-Ti.n IMckup mm ;,( J rwreain price. Nire Ion Ruish— vory poofl healfr. Trade hpTorc Tune 30. '•17 S1TOKHAKKK Soll.i In perferl ronrtilio n , (hu i ; -Toii PlVfcnp also has ;tlmc»sf np« tire's Oreen roior. Keller trade hrforc Jtlnp 30. M6 CHKVU01.CT . .$SI5 Snap n r ihi, bargain In n good uwd pickup. i^-Ton Clicvrolrt In fine sharw. Trade and save br- fore .Inne 3d. BIG TRUCKS 'lit SITDKHAKKH ?S!ir, Tliis '2-Ton lone Mhrelh;isp Sltt- iK-bLiUer luis heen eonipletrly re.- rninKlimirfl. C,,,oil S'inxil) 'tirrs. S.ivr doiiMe lirriisc eosts—trade IIIIU. 'IS (JMC S7< )r , Ilrre's .1 \.il,, P hi .1 I'.-Tnn Ions ^herlhavc CMC Truck. , (;nml ivn.tor ami tires. Xmi's the j (imc lo (radc for it. 'IT W>M<;K $i;nr. I OIHe tr, Knilroail * Ash Slrrrls for Ihis hurjain in a 2-Ton lone "hrold.Kc Trnrk. S?S\20 tirrv Tr*rtr KIIT nionfh. MB IWIHJK $l!)5 .V Hire hiiv In .1 I',-Ton Stake Roilv Triiek. 1.0115 tvlieclhase- model. Onlv SI!).V [.irensiny lime is jnsl two vrrk.t ,m.-iv. WIlLUm •Tho Chlen^o III Str . Wri Mis. K«Hl SI 6 11 Jik l!l Real ESTATE Farms -City Properly LOANS II Jatrrr-tftetl in or .'piling .ng -!t« Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE CllPiicoe Blclg. FUM.ER BRUSH JAMES f.lGKTY. DEAt.KR ~«r Berrlce M 70117 tloor. call 8333 i.23 pk «23 Rooms 3 mm brdrnonis. prlcalc huh nnrt n-.ranc^. 627 Walnut, ph. 2UO. 6.17 pk 24 Fourth. Ph. fio rooms Fun. Chue Jn. M5 .V. H7 pk 21 «e<lrooir Main. Ph. convenient to hntl;. fill w • 132i - 66 pk 7,6 DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU SEE The Rust COTTON PICKER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blylhevill*, Arkansa* — Phone 2371 CWEL E,%<-.irCl — S|)cn!;cr o( the House Joseph Marlin. o[ MasMChusclls, docs a few selling-lip exercises in Washin E ton after lcan:i,, R that he IIFIS been named pcnnnnciil chairman of the Re- pu.jlK-nr N'.lioriiil Convention, to he hcl' in ChitaRO beginning luly .. This is Uio fourth consecutive time that Martin has held the position. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that (lie unclcrsit-necl has tiled with the Commissioner of Revenues o( the State of Arkansas for permit, to sell Hurt dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 415 w. Ash. Blythevillc. Mississippi County. I The undersigned states thai he is] a citizen of Arkansas ,of good moral character, that he has never hern convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license in sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit lo be issuer! for operation beginning on the 1st day of July. 1952. and, to expire on the 30 day of June. 1953, Hermon Hockenhnll. Applicant Subscribed and sworn lo before me this J6 day of June 1952. Oscar Alexander. Notary Public My Commission expires: 9-12-53. Stale of Arkansas lor permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on Die premises described as 418 N. 6th. Blytheville. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a cHi/.en of Arkansas, o/ good morsl character, that he hw never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the under- siKiied has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other slate, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to lie issued for operalion beginning on the 1st day of July 1952. and lo expire on the 30 day of June. 1953. James D. Williams, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16 day or June. J952. James Terry (Notary Public) My Commission expires; 3-15-54. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that (he undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the! NOTICE Notice Is hereoy given that (he undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retr.i4 on the premises described as 1128 Mirtle. f. bedroom for rent nrnr hieh l. comtorubl, » nrt cool „«,„" I nre. Phone 3401. 7 2 I>H j 2 bedroom prlratB bath Phone 46(3 62 pk 72 Personal f.rr you rinvlnE trouble from rxcrs drinking? Woulu you | lke lo ^.n, , IIS sluv.v >•„,,„ „.„>. tfl l,«i)ph,p^. Write Alinlolli-* AJimijinnus. Box 873. Blr- Hirvlllt. Ark. 5 2 , ^ , Wanted to Buy We |.»j CASH ror jo,,r oI,T~Ko"- , rrM sntl Ifnsp.* foi pntii OKTIIN-., STUDIO. Hi WcM Unln 13 1 rk If • Ph. 68G8 B.M Cl HIGHEST PRICES PAID For lin, wire and all kimis o/ scr;i]i mntal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. . Brlw.-iy Jt Monjfrie Drive Phone 89G2 <i;t5 rk tf For Ren* and hAih Furn o ^^n nr rail 7r,0-,I Of- 6 17 pic 2 June 30 is the date when new truck licenses ore due. Now's the time to trade for a brand n«w Studcbaker Truck. Come in. Service Authorized • 2 Ii 9 L*H »t CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ywtr *»*»r««4 A Asfc Dtaltr C»» • tlif rlnv. svrrk tit >'lrt John D Mr- 6 5 i>k 1 6 rrt lit !--k^ e n',vIn Ttiqtilre M RlA Female Help Wonted let us make'em GOOD AS NEW! H-fl t.T€RS JUflLITY SHOC SHOP t^j w M a I N ST. CALLING ALL CARS AND TRUCKS I"«r vour nu-n safrly, for Ihe viftl.v or o1ltrr<:, ht' sure you know l«tw f:^| you're drivine. \\' f c j,r 1 -l>;.y srrvirr on Spr^flnmrlpr Itrp.iir for ^IT mnkf-s nf r ,ir^ and tnirkv {"rtnir In tomnrrow! T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. •Ih Dralrr E. Main KILL JOHNSON GRASS lh Sodium ClilorAlr. W' f purr: uc trcatnl for dry nptiUr.itinn ..i(l jicr 100 Ihs. A. H. WEBB Cl'lAT.HT Tll.K CO. niiy 1>1. st.ilc I.hic-rl'honr SIH WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! ^ SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street HlylheviUe JUNK n, 1958 RADIATORS are SCARCE! y«Mi k*ow (if you . vt * U fi.4 one) rad i a . Ion, , r « mighty « aree thM* 4«y 8* of t*« copper shortag*. And expensive, too Th.t'» wKy it'» imjwrU • nt to keep you,, i^ t] , bwt condition. IF YOUR CAR'S BOILING LIKE A TEA KETTLE Check This COOLING SYSTEM Sullivan-Nelson will Hush the radiator, check for l«tk», adjunt the fan belt tnd tighten all hos« con- nectioiw. And this low price Include* the cost of cleaner and rust inhibitor. I>Hr» year car in thw w*ek] SPECIAL 500 Complete Job SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. W«9t Walnnt — Plum* 4578 Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undcr.sLgned sUat-en that he i.s a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he ha.s never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; «nd that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or I any other state, relative to the sale j of alcoholic liquors. j Application Ifi lor permit to be ' Issued for operation beginning on j the 1st day of July 1952, and to ex- \ pire on the 30 day of June^ 1953. Walter P. Johnson, Applic.ini, Subscribed mid sworn to before me thi* IS day of June, 1952. Oscar Alexander, Notary Public My Commission expires: 9-12-53, DANCING NIGHTLY! la 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED ALL BRAND CIGARETTES $1.60 CARTON All popular brands of liquors, wines, gins and cordials H ( |K>|uilar prices. HUBERTSCLUB Hubert Ufley and Wert Akint HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME Aram farm to«em« w>frSo«f FMM INCOME •rfcen y«m TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kind* FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co, Phone <H2i Even a crease Job Is gtven extra Ueullun when you briti^ your ^r or (ruck to T. I. Seay Motor o. We hit AI.I, the spots. What- vcr .service your CAT needs, you'll et m«re for j-oiir moncj- here. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phonit 2122 121 K. Main For The Best Trade You Ever Made IMl Ol.nSMOBII.F. Sotket ••**" «-it<x>c S«Un. Thin brilliant marmm automobile !« loaded Kilh exlraa. Low mll*~ iRt. Now Hpvclally priced t« *«ve you money! 1M« PONTIAC F1«tHn« !- dofjr Sedan. Kfrr'n A jtood- lookinr light hlnn car with radio, healer ami while Ur«. The price? — • $995 • 19S* FORT> CnMom C1nt> Tonpe equipped with radio, hraler and white slrfrwall llrm. The rlranest ear In the rltj. nark Mat. • $1295 • 1951 STUDKBAKKR Ion* whe^Ibas* truck ihat T s as lh;irp an a new one! Very Inw milpagc. Make the right trade xt Horner-IVilnun. • $1145 • ISM CHEVROLET M-Ton Pickup with Ihe dcltiic «t>. * Inw milease truck with real- IT lood tires. Cherk Homer- H'llson's price: • $1095 • 1949 FORT) I '4-Ton True* with good tires and motor. For Ihft hrsl tradr you rvrr inarie come down to Main (odaj! • $645 • HORNER-WlLSON EAST—: MAIN Rocket Oltfsmobile — CMC Trucks I"hon« 2«S« Used C»r Lot — Phone 6151

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