The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 26, 1970 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 26

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1970
Page 26
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26 Thursday, February 26, 1970 The Ottawa Journal UTTLE SNOW AT .GROUSE MOUNTAIN ' Snow Conditions Cause Worry at World Meet By DON MacLACHLAN NORTH VANCOUVER, BC (CP) Grouse Mountain's World Cup aid meet opens today wlthjlttle snow on the slopes and a little dust settling after an Internal dispute on the Canadian national ski team. ' A alders worked out Wednesday, the slopes carried only four feet of snow and were fit for racing only because of grooming carried out by hundreds of workers in the last six weeks. - Meanwhile, Al Ralne, Canadian head coach, said there will be a few changes following the resignation of Bob Fugere, his "B" team coaqh, but his program will remain "pretty well the same." In another development. Rod JT&a-HivJriseft at east, said he will leave the Canadian ski team this year and may well take a shot at professional racing in Europe and the United States next season. Hebron, 27, a team member since 1959 and a Canadian Olympic skier, gave the word Wednesday in an interview on IBM era of the World Cup meet, which features more than 100 skiers from H countries. Among competitors is Karl Schranz. 31, from Austria, who can clinch his second straight world title by placing in the top six in the slalom. Both halves of this event will be run Saturday.' AtriJL o I CjO1 I -JT SKI CAPITAL I re THF FAST Complete Quality Vacation Facilities MOUNTAINEER RESORT MOTOR INN Al Mr. Mantneld Luxurious yef Informal f - M mm. iron KWttionmwiaraM - MM MtALS Cat- BrKkmn Intide Haltirayt to any Public Room and FAMOUS INDOOR HEATED SWIMMING POOL Charlie Reynold 802253-7525 Mm eo. 100 CM 0 nut ay skiiis for skiirs AH RW loth J Ke rVwo W.50-1 5 Mod. A. Spatial -Ski WMb' A Group Rotot Phone 802253-4277 INN A MOTEL Mao, a. st M(ts Above overage. Choic of a item Menu Cocktail Loung Sl. lonw 802J2S37719 iwiiuDComrta? MOTOR LODGE flat Eterything! Exr. Dining, Cocktail Lounge Dancing, Entertainment. HtAlED 10000 POOL SAUNA JWir Efficiency Apt. $10-20 Mod. AP. reivATt MGINNIK SIOH. Y BAB (if T. IXPT IHSTIUCTIOM, Skit. Polet. Boot Rental. LODGING and MEAtS: CtatMCKAGtmci UW50 IRELAND 802253-7595 HOUSMHFINO sums atom STOWE M. MORRISVIUE. VI. Rta 100 Modern, Clean ffu- H 00 F,n i 03tll-Mll ALPINE SK g Jit) lodge GournMt Meals. Luxurious "Balcony Wing". All Rnw.TV A Phonos. BYOB Bar, Gam Rooms, Fireplaces ' MAF!-r SPECIAL SKI WEEKS Nick Mara Hast 8022S3-7700 MOTEL AM.nW Muaoni - InWmora nttTKIOO'SMWHKS Di.linchVe, Congenial, informal1 fmSmTxnmm, tv1 0H'" Ommwit lliwri Boon Usage awef oooak toi surma ' isMaMtoiriss-mi With temperatures in the 50s warming Grouse Mountain, and forecast to continue throughout the meet, officials extended the event to four days from three, to take advantage of cooler weather in the mornings. The race slopes have been closed to recreational skiers for two weeks. By today, crews had used more than two tons of salt to keep snow on the courses and expected to use perhaps two tons more by Sunday. The salt forms an icy crust that slows the melting of the snow and makes it stand, up better for skiing. The only run today is the first half of the men's giant slalom. The second half, and the single run of the women's day. the men s siatom win ne Saturday and the women s aunday. Schranz had 146 cup points, six ahead of Patrick Russel, 23, the slalom great from France, and Gustavo Thoeni, 18, Italy's surprise of the year on the world circuit. Remaining World Cup meets are at Heavenly Valley. Calif., March 7 to 8, and Voss Bergen. Norway, March 13 to 15. In national standings, France leads with 1,469 points, followed by Austria with 755 and the U.S. with 503. Canada is seventh with 116. Austria won last year, followed by France and the U.S. In women's cup standings, Michele Jacot of France leads with 170 rvoinU followed bv teammates Francotse Macchi, 145, and Florence Steurer, p2 :etsy-Xnifford-of-Ot- J tawa is seventh with 101 points. Miss Clifford, 16-year-old winner of the women's slalom at Val Gardena, Italy, earlier this month, shrugs off the press releases that say she carries Canada's hope at this World Cup meet "I don't even think about it," she said Wednesday. "I just Wot it out of my mind." She was third in the women's slalom in the World Cup meet at Jackson Hole, Wyo.,'last weekend. Hebron, out of action since he broke his left leg at Val Gardena, is the second team 'member to announce retirement plans. Gerry Rin-aldi. of Kimberley, BC, did so after the Val Gardena races. Hebron, whose home base Is Grouse Mountain here, said his decision is not connected with the resignation Sunday of Fugere, the Canadian B team coach from Ste. Agathe, Que. Fugere was at odds with Raine and A team coach Gilbert Moliard. He apparently felt that Raine and Moliard, two demanding coaches, were pressing some of the skiers too hard. Swiss Ski Weeks in the Laurentians Spend your winter vacation in the most exclusive swiss resort in the Laurentians. Less than 1 hour drive from Montreal via Autoroute ski weeks Irom $90.00 located 100 ft. from ski hills-4 T-bars and double chairlift 12 slopes top bavarian trio entertainment trench cuisine. NEW: SNOW MAKING Information and Reservation ' ofjut Hotel Suissa, m Sto Adele. Qubec nn I t (At Tl" 8614801 grown in Nisgtra. 'BnVihB CREBIA SWXXA. m ski lodge... I Ff . Si iMiciouslynwdHim If- ' I U YTd'b-,irw rSjfcjatfcp I hvbnd orioat rMHt sworrs ros mi homi tAtnet Raine said nere there will be some changes before next season and the first is that "I will give a vote of confidence to Moflard." For a start, said Raine, Moliard will be given more authority over senior skiers. Said Raine: Til also oversee the whole thing and be genera manager." Hebron, plagued by falls or injury at several key points in his career, said his problem is that his international standing this year has not been good enough to win favorable starting positions next season. Td be starting 90th or something in a race next year and it would be an uphill battle . . . I'll probably go in for a couple of profes sional races next year in the Snow conditions on Grouse Mountain have had officials worried for weeks; World Cup courses have been changed several times. More than $500,000 has been spent on the hill for the event Wednesday, the freezing level was at 8,500 feet the starting area for the races at the peak is at 4,100. Sooners Hope to Form Super Junior League Ottawa So'oners have launched plan to form a super football league aimed at giving junior football in Easternanadanewjease An lifA on life. The proposed league, similar to the Western Canada setup, would embrace single teams from Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton and possibly two entries from Montreal. The proposal follows in the wake of Vanier Vikings' decision Tuesday night to amalgamate with Sooners this year. Viking general manager Austin Neville cited lack of available junior football talent and spiralling operation costs as the major reasons for the fusing of the two clubs. Sooners' general manager Jim Maxwell said the proposal was inevitable. "We feel if junior football Is to survive we'll have to operate on the basis of one team per city," he said. "Our ultimate goal is an organization like the Eastern Football Conference." Maxwell said the one team per city concept would help to lure professional aid back into junior clubs who in return could reimburse the Jen Elliott Reaches Seniors Curling Final The final of the Ottawa lone of the Eastern Ontario Ladies' Curling Association seniors championship was scheduled this afternoon at the Carieton Heights Curling Club. ' One-half of the final is Jen Elliott of City View. She defeated Shirley White of Ottawa Hunt 11-4 Wednesday to win the "B" section crown. Dodie Ewanof Ottawa Hunt, the "A" section winner, was slated to go against .Audrey Braid of Granites, the winner of "C" section, this morning in a semi-final. The winner of the match meets Jen Elliott. Extra games were needed to decide two section winners. Audrey Braid of City View downed Mildred Coffin of Navy 11-8 and Dodie Ewan of Ottawa Hunt won over Doris Skinner of Navy 8-4. Aull four rinks had finished with 3-1 records. Scores in Wedncs day's games follow: Dodie Ewan (OH), 11; Betty Evans (Rock). 1. Le St. Jovite HOTEL Locottd In tnt cortr of SI. Jtrvlt., Qotbtc Her nw ikter hen a choice ol comfortable hotel rooms wIWi run-nlng waters or bcth ol a reasonable rote, or (or those desiring the ultimate In accommodation, deluxe motel units with free TV, radio and wall -to -wall carpeting. All units complete with bath and shower. EXCELLENT CUISINE DANCINO NIGHTLY All Ski Areas within minutes of the Hotel Rates: $3.50 to $15 FOR RESERVATIONS, WRJTI OR PHONB St. Jovite (819) 425-2751 ForExpetu-12 la advanced tiding anticipation Is a big principle is quite straight forward. When you are siding in bumps and at a good speed, yon MUST try to keep ahead. In the above illustration, you can see that the tight arm is already coining forward to anticipate the next turn to the right In quick short turns yon must anticipate like this or your pole wont be ready for the next turn. Keep both arms in front and keep the outside arm advancing in the turn. Look ahead and stay relaxed in the lower body. pros with better calibre players. "If we can get responsible people involved we could sell junior football like OHA: 7" Junior "A" hocKey," he saidr Rejection of the super league would see Sooners playing in a league with Verdun and Notre Dame de Grace, both of Montreal. Sooners, even with two Eastern Canada championship teams in the past two years, have lost money. Word out of Southern Ontario has it that Oakville Colts will not build a team this year and there is a strong possibility Windsor will also call it quits. Maxwell said four or five "very weak" teams operated In Toronto last year and Toronto Argonauts gradually lost interest because teams were not producing players. In Montreal, both Verdun and Notre Dame de Grace have announced they will be competing again this season. In a meeting with Montreal Alouettes' general manager Red O'Quinn last week, O'Quinn pledged more help to both teams as part of Alouettes' drive to resell football in Montreal. Don Holtby, Sooners' coach Trene Stutt (Rid); ST; Irene Smyth (RA). 5. Dodie Ewan (OH). 8; Doris Skinner (N). 4. B' SECTION Jen Elliott (CV), 11; Shirley White (OH), 4. C' SECTION Fran Lillico (Gr), 7; Audrey Braid (CV), 6. Mildred Goffin (N), : Charm Watkins (RA). 6. Audrey Braid (CV), 11; Mildred Goffin (N). 8. Journal Want Ads bring quick results. ExportA v L,fi i ANTICIPATION "s.waoatatsiaoajut last year, shared Maxwell's enthusiasm for the proposal.' "Anything can happen," he said, "but if it comes it'll be a big advantage with both the calibre better." Although Holtby resigned as coach at the end of last season, he still considers himself part of the organization and has adopted a "I'll wait and see" attitude for the coming season. Maxwell said university football has cut heavily into junior football in recent years and is partly responsible for the reduction of teams. During the junior football boom years In Ottawa about 15 years ago there were four teams operating here. I AMAZING: The Miracle of The Mets I 1 "iff V Yes, Casey Stengel's favorite exclamation is the exatt word to describe baseball s great Cinderella team, the New York Mets. It is also the title of a deliahtf ul book Written bv Joe Durcn ennrte fear w fr writer for The New York Times. It's a book that d e ta i f s in loving terms-the rise of the Mets from a group of has-beens and never-weres to the team that won the world championship. The Journal has gained exclusive Ottawa rights to a newspaper serialization of the book. Watch for the first instalment this Saturday in " ' ' v '- The OrtAWeV Journal 1 I The Ottawa Journal I By DENNIS BELL VANCOUVER (CP) Joe Crozier was fired by National - Hockey - League - bound Vancouver Canucks Wednesday for "rank insubordination" and replaced as coach and general manager by Bud Poile, lately of Philadelphia Flyers. Thomas K. Scallen, Canucks' president, told a news conference the club had planned to retain Crozier as coach and general manager with Poile as "assistant to A VISIT OR PVr-7--7 i T I - nuclcs Fire Crozier the president with respons- -rbility for overaH supervision of all hockey personnel and planning." However, Crozier, who took over as coach and genera) manager of the Western League Canucks at the start of last season, was fired after refusing to respond to board of directors summons following a game with Phoenix Roadrunners here Tuesday night Poiie, 46, was fired last MIAN. SW December and replaced by Keith Allen from his former position as general manager and vice-president with Philadelphia. His dismissal followed disagreement with Philadelphia board chairman Ed Snider. Crozier' put in a brief appearance at Wednesday's news conference but disappeared when Scallen and other Canucks' executives turned up. His only comment to reporters was: "So long fellows." .T er- lktb tsTWlU 'emss-Tses REGULAR AND KINGS tJT r- 1iali J ' -

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