The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 24, 1919 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1919
Page 4
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THE OTTAWA JOTOWAL' rSIDAT, JANUARY 24, 1919. I J ! . t I I .sT. n A The Evening Journal Journal Publishing Company of Ottawa;' Untiled. FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1919; DiriXlTY BTVDENTa At S0LD1ER8.', , ; tn Montreal Presbytery this week, Rv, ' X W. Wooumwc, of Ottawa, deplored the luck of recruits for- the ministry, emphasising two principal reasons Tor the present situation the war and inadequate remuneration for ministers. As to remuneration, there ' will bo general sgreement Tut JociJai. baa many times urged that inadequate salary in U mlnUtrlal ' ro(Ioa -was- a ewrlo obstacle te-tne maefutneaa- of the 'church. ' Young men cannot be expected to go Into the ministry or to stsy la It when aalariea ars Insum- dent to maintain themselves and their famlllca properly ari when other flelds of endeavor offer attractive In-' ducements. ,'. - '' On, the other point; Mr. WooosiDa espressed the opinion that divinity students should sot bare been enrolled with the colore. It waa a mistake In Christian : cltlsenshlp to let them go. . Tbia argument la not ao Indisputable. It 'la .highly Important that the' church abonld hare sufficient miniateti to carry 00 its work, but the church will not tall to And tbem, and meanwhile U waa more- Important than anything elae that there should be men to carry on the war, and all were needed. And It waa essential'. Important that tha church ahould be wholly Identified with tha prosecution of tbt war essentially Important for the church Itself aa well as for the success of the war. . v In helping to prosecute tha war aa they did, the divinity atudenta who went with the color not only performed tbe highest service poailbls for Christianity, but they empussuied to the world the fact that our cause waa a Christian cause, that tha war waa a, holy war. Their usefulness to humanity was probably far greater than It would bare been bad they remained at notue to fill up the ministry. And. the fact that tbe divinity atudenta enlisted so generally and that minister also gar up Uielrwork In Canada and went to Franc to share the hardship of tha men aa dauntless chaplains, has done more than anything .else could have done to chance popular respect for tha church, and in that tbe church and the people have abundant compensation for (be depletion of the rank of Ita ministers. V may bo srgaed. of course, that wKh wage made anjform. the coat of living la tha several countries affected would also beeoma anltornv but that Is a very .ancertaln au poaittpn, becaua there are many other things besides wage which enter Into the coat of production, and, consequently. Into tbe opat of living. Rich natural ' !.V.. 0 resources, water powers, easily accessible material. transportation and distribution facilities, climatic 'eon dltlona, machinery, education all these enter Into the coat of necessities and the. purchasing power Of money Just as much as do tbe wages of labor. The-truth would seem to be. In fact, Ibat there are Immutable laws of nature which no mere man-made regulations can circumvent, such as 1 racial character! tic, climatio eondltlons, the fruits of Ignorance, the cob-webs of long custom, and1 many many other thing one can summon to mind even . without ; lengthy research. , 1 . And yet the suggestion of n uniform wage for work era throughout the greater part of tbe civilised world opena up a vista to the imagination vast la its poasl bllities Indeed. .It. wovld, mean. If feasible, a great healing Influence upon the growing number f social eruptions upon the body of tbe world. It wo aid largely eliminate the poverty and misery which are the parents of discontent, tb breeders of anarchists and Bolshevist And it would go a long way to remove one of tbe remaining ezcuaes for tariffs and economic barrier protection of products in high-wag countries from the sweated products ot cheap labor In other lands. Whatever be te result, whether an international uniform wage law be found feasible or otherwise, labor stands to vastly benefit from the deliberations of the nation In Paris. The programme of the American delegates, for example, provides for , the Incorporation of several vital labor principles In the peace treaty. including an International child labor law, protection tor women workers, the regulation .of working condt lions, and an agreement on the hours of labor to con stitute a universal work day.-; Tne British Government, according to" Mr. Biases, Is backing up the Amerleax programme with progressive proposals of Its own; and. having regard to these, as well aa to other consider ations, there never was a time in' the world's history when tbe prospect for workers was as bright And so may It be. , FROWSTS Of A KEXV AGE. ' . V A meeting of Social-Democrats In Toronto stood 'up for a minute in silent tribute to the' memory ot Cam. ' LiieKKBCHT and Rosa Luuviscao, German Spartacan Socialists reported killed. It applauded frantically speakers Who declared thattbe Russian and the German 1 revolutions were the hope of tbe world the sices ot which depended on their spread to every other country, including Canada and who reterrcll to the Bolshevists of Russia as "our brothers on the other side." , The Social-Democrats assembled agreed .that tho way. to "make the country right waa to" "go home and decide on an industrial strike and tie tip the-country" so that then the Government would petition them to atopi It cheered all similar proposals ' ' But we doubt u tbe alarm such demonstrations cause in some quarters is warranted, TbeaeCanadlan Bolshevists do not seem really dangerous. ' -They 'are only amusing themselves. A few year igo there ware in large cities cults which went In fof what they called "futurist and "cubist" art. They drew pictures and wrote verses that bad no meaning and seemed to get a lot of fun out of It. .They didn't hurt anyone or anything. These Canadian Bolshevists string together a lot pf phrases Into a meaningless Jumble and fa spooling tbem they apparently enjoy themselves. , There is little more sense to them thaa there waa to the "futurist" drawings and verses and they are not much moro likely to corrupt sane people. -."V ? , The leader at the Toronto meeting advised that his followers get together la little groups tor the Stud of theoretical socialism, declaring that they .' war, the "prophets ot a new age, heralds of a new civilisation to bring the soul Into humanity, to bring life, Joy, love, light and liberty into the world." People who don't go la tor that sort of thing hare no Idea of th amount of real enjoyment those who assemble In those little group and talk ot how far ahead of the world, they are and discuss ways to bring the soul into humanity will derive, hy.'should atiybhe' deny' them their fun T To our part, our sympathy goea out to' the Stratford E octal-Democrat recently released, from Jail, who Was prevented from' attending. the Toronto social evening, according to the chairman's announcement, because he bad to attend to hjs .monotonous 'duties a a Grand Trunk foreman. ''We hope that "t tha next meeting a strong resolution' Is adopted giTlng the Grand Trunk fita for keeping men under such oppression, .1.. For all ot us fulfill U some degree or other the penalty fixed upon humanity In th, Gardea of Eden at Jhe beginning jfjthe race, and wbatevec. uplifts Jabor must make for , greater good and advancement and happiness to ths whole ot mankind. . ; A CX1FORU IXTERXATlOXALWAGKt ' One of the most Interesting Wnouhcementa to come from the Peace Conterfnce thus tar, U that .which tells ot the formation of a special committee to deal with International labor problems, and suggests that among matters to be dealt with la the feasibility of a Uniform laternaUonal wage. It Is quite understandable that with the formation pt a League ot Nations, a number ot progressive labor laws, now In force In Great Britain and tha United States, should be incorporated Into tbe ma chinery of the League, that la to Bay.' applied to th rations which enter Into the alliance. . But we Imagine It Is a vastly dlfferenrand more difficult project to at tempt provWon of a uniform scale ot wages in any given number of countries. No ons doubts but that uh an achievement would work a vast deal ot good fit only to the workers, but to humanity as a whole; I t there are so many conslderatlbna which, appear to ; i la tha way,N that tbe attempt seem almost, as a rn?r dream of visionaries. - , . ! V.'hat, for example, could be accepted aa a uniform ais, havfrs; rrgard to th fact that ths purchasing rower of psoiicy mleht vastly differ in varioa natlonsT I: mey, of iUelf, is not wealth, but represents merely ' 't can be secured for It in exchange. The British S Canadian' worker might obtain tb same scale of ; f. t an eight h"ur day,' but If tha Britisher's pound l--Mfci a puichaMng power la Britain, double ; t c the Canadian's five dollar bill In Canada, could l- r s ... , : - I t cone!ilired uniform?" Surely sot. It TUB MONEY WM REQUIRE. Speaking In Winnipeg on Tueaday Hon. Abthvs . .. - - Hchihch said that In the coming year the Government proposed spending $60,000,000on railways Vnd $20,' 000.000 on publlo works. Add $0,0OO,0OO for a shipbuilding programme, $75,000,000 for soldiers' gratuities. $50,000,000 for Interest on the war debt and $40,000,000 for pensions and we have the staggering total of $315.- 000.000; this, too, without Including heavy necessary expenditure until demoblllrstlon la completed, or the large amount required for theordtnary,-e4vU expenses of the country. Taken altogether, expenditure this coming year on capital and Current account ahould not fall far short of $450,000,000. Having regard to the fact that the total revenue for 1118-19, ending March" iC will not exceed $320,000,000 this Including some $30,000,000, from the War Profits Tax, which may have to be discontinued next year what is to be said to these who talk about abolishing the1 tariff without even bothering to substitute something else to provide revenue In Its stead? : To the Editor of The - Journal Newspapers, j . kicicFisu vr AtOM rmcK,- ain At lb lrnt ttute aw Canadian baoua la bslag saltiitsit avraa.' Ursat atrilala U4 luaaas ' up wlttt bacua ami Airltlaa, unlrauta fur and soma olhar f oinmutluiaa from Canadian pavktrs have wound upw Tots situatioa aas uu iars- stacks ( baaun oa (k aanda ui Canadian paoksra and axportara. A) tha same time farmara lava ,. the Ufual supply or noss rtady for mar kei. If natural sconomle' processes wars ptrmlltad to oparat. tha - raauit would be a raduotioo la bacoa prior Id. t'sns4lao.- eonsttara rm -tr.a praaani aonormai lvL UU to tnemaaivaa. ma paexsrs. of eonraa would endeavor to prevent too (rant a arop in pricea. out laa law of aap ply and demand aouid not ba alto Bm"r nuuuiaa. ... i Dominion Department - of Awricuiiuro. novinr, nas takan eo 01 ina aiiumiion iin ! M saaTorina- ny aavice ta star tha proem or mis aeonomie taw. la a statement lust Issued It aaiarr. ik.. mucn 01 ma oacon now en tie Brit i market. Is merloan dry aalt vrvn. wnirn II noc uauanir .-. and not rattahad Iha Brtttab oan-arnnar, and It antMpate that ouan. Ill laa af this will ahortW "e aant "wri i-aniinaniai r.urona. lah In tha BrX'ah markat -uan for-reimntln nf ranadlan ahlpmenn jl ao vises 1 farmara to wlrhhnM Mpmnt of t.ngt from th market for a few waaka mm ka h.i twld firm initaad - af dropnlnir b- eauaa af tha tok in tha hand of ". Luoia rrom the state .meet? 1 - t "tmr bacon la firmly aatabltah d In tha Uvur ( the Urlu.b, cuiuuinar, and mo Itir mail b, aiu.rlaiu.d aa la the ultimata and urubabla auaaiiv r....i.h. . Iiahmaut of ruiar shipmanta to Europe. It would ba wall, maan- wunv, iur sarniara to aaa up oa ahipinauts of 11 va boas and, carry tkcin a tow watks Ion a an. Fricaa will In all probability held f atria-rtrm If tnia policy ba adopiad. Thar la a grave daaaar that may nu uaauiy and 'ua- 4 TB KVB8IA DEClBlOXr . Although the decision ot the Peace Conference on Wednesday In regard to Russia Is described by ' the . .. .. - official communication from the Conferences as ths adoption of President Witaon'a proposals, reference to the cable news' ot the last few days Indicates that "it is also acquiescence Mn Mr. Lura Gsoaos's proposals. 8me days ago it was reported that th British Prime Minister proposed that representatives of the Bolshevist Government should be admitted to the Conference and subsequently M. Pichox. French Foreign Minister, was qnotedf as being vigorously opposed to the suggestion. Mr. Llots Geohgi waagenerally' misunderstood, how ever. In, some quarters it was even taken that he favored giving tdcMsn and Tsottxt a sUtu at the Conference. It has sine been explained that what he desired waa that ths Peace Conference, in order to arrive st abetter understanding ot th ftuialan altuatlon. should hear expositions from atf: parties' la -Russia. Including the Bolshevist Government A Renter cable of the date of January 11 aald: k '.. . - i Hauler's Agency learns, 'with reference to ; .the misunderstanding that seems to have arisen , , concerning the attitude of Premier Xxotd , Osoaaa regarding Russia and the peace confer-" ence, that the Prime Minister's suggestion has ' not been that Ltnxn and Tbotzkt should be - - Invited to sit at. the peace conference as repre-" senUtlve of Russia, but, la order that the as- soclated Governments In Paris might have tb fullest and most rellaula Information concern-Ing the position ot that country represents- ttve ot all sections of Russtan publlo opinion. ahould go to Paris in order to express their , views. This b not at all the same thing as a , v proposal that they should be invited to the , . . peace conference. , . - J . ' The only difference between the British Premier, proposal and tb decision of the Conference la that Instead of the representatives- 6t Russian factions being heard in Paris before the Conference, they are ta be heard at Prince's lalands In the Sea of Marmora,' the Conference, as Mr. Llotd Gtnsai desired. Is to canvass the whole opinion of Russia before attempting to. deal with that country. " ,- " There Is ilUle doubt that Mr. Li-otb Ctowa and Mr. WiLsoif'Wer In sgreement from the Brst If the French delegates war opposed to even countenancing ths Bol shevist sufficiently to us them for securing full Infor mation concerning Russia they have been Converted. Mr. Mr'ruon'a happy faculty- for interpreting Allied pur pose la ot first Importance again In explaining to the Russians and to the world the attitude and th dealr ot tha Allies toward Russia. ' . . Still It's much better to get a vague official statement from a Paa rv... ., t,.M . k. i.nin. duels continued all night. OtherwUe there was bothlng f. ;nim.L-th1 ' h V special to report.' .tZ?A f2.,h.t 't"'osh as it - . . " ai'ani aacur aacaskarily if top many boas ara sent lurward O.fora tha paukars ar In a position to handla than oonvanlaatly on account of con stlon In yards, abattoirs and aklppluv." ... v .ven tha moat aalfinK rin.Hl... connuitr-ir nil. a tt.a L-t. iiriui,ut ui aricuiiure aaya, our oaoon is iirmiy aalaoliahad la -111 taror oi ina urinan pitbllo. 11a ral laaa miir ina irapwrtanca of th British, maraat for Canadian ura. and othar produca. .but 1 ImaKina It would -hava- baaa .baltar for si peace of mind If the distribution ol tha advice juat U.uoud bad baaa boo-Uaad to Iha larmara and kaut from bis ayaa. , What eoanactloa la thara batwaan two -aaaantiart - ratantlon of lha Brit lab market for Canadian bacon anil ina aesire of tn lopartmsal for Uia malntenanc of abnormal prU.-oafoi bacon aud norkT . Tha Uriti.h mar kat axiat and the daor la only closed temporarily, ths Dapartmant asauras oa. we win nava the aoaa to sup vj ion iwi wnen the door' is again open, alaanllma, U.are Is no """ -or our praaani stocks, frs vauma oaoon ana pork prloss ar ina ruin oi so much of our bacon narina none aversea inaiaad ot ra nialalnr tea th Canadian market. now mai utra. la aa admiitad Bur. pius lux ma yards and abattoirs, la Canada whan. In fact, conditions ara mors una normal thaa they hart been since th commancament of 1h war wny should afforla ba marfa i p up aunoriuai prtcssr Aa 1 understand IL tha Brltlah market -wlin it aaaln opana couid ba auupliad and tn tha muniim. there could be mora nork akd bacon .r am vanaaiaa puauo tnaa In tha last four vaara. If aa svaal . aconomla iawa-.. wara-. aarmiL(4 v opvraia. Ana pianinui snppiy ox porn, ana nacon wouia lower pries. A lorce niaintenanca ol . present pricea inrouan kaepinr a9 from as market, as- advised by tha D parttnant of Agriculture, ran n-itv bansAt farmara ntf. paokera' and at th eipenie or tha Canadian cjo-sumsra, for It doss not affect our eupplyin the export trade. Tha la-partment of Asrleultur. t eourac, axlata for the promotion of agriculture and stock ral-lna sad ons of no mines mat asslata auch promo-on Is blah Drlcea. and ao. narhana. tha Department Is doln what It coo-sldars right In fivina auch advice, but would It not have baan kinder for It to kav Issued that advlea In aecret pampitleta to the farmara a.i that urban cvacuinars wouldn't ba disturbed by the thought that a publlo Department which It helna it maintain waa devlalne; ways to keep up high proflta fur lbs farmers at maty aiaenar ii we could hava an adeauata Port markat with eonaaquant trad prosperity and at tha same lima ooda to supply tbat markat and i? supply, ajenaroualy our domestlo de niand ao that prices at home would be reaaonable, I would Imag-m everybody should be aainfled. Tnt la practically Uh condition that exists temporarily luat now for the Dapartmant assure ua that tha British, markat. will absorb our ax. port bao.on although It Is Bow closed. The thouirht that a . big European markat, although a moat dealrabl tainar ior Canada, la golnn vto mean Keeping up. of prices in Canada, not a plaaaaat ona for ik r-.. dlan consumer. But even though be kboufa have to grin and hear a..o condition. I do not u4.M,.Kj Juat why it Is In the publlo Intaraat hat noes should ha k.m ir tw. kat now In order to keep prima abnormal, whan there ara plenty of hoga and bacon In th country to sup,.ty Brltslns fulor demand anj to let Canadians have all they want Llaiar street, Ottawa. a Jaauary II. iu. ; ' OSSIBl.H COWPROWISB. Sir: The shareholders of th Bank of Nova Kcotla and l. n i. " I ... mrk'.W.l,n.t.t0.n,l,m, ,n ord' "-"L ,h?,r financial poaiilon mora , . .v TV ""'Ural dsalr lt them do ao. Th cltlsana ot Ottawa and th aur- rounrilna- onunirw . . -. . . : "Mr- Ottawa th. hc.i offici if th. "n W bank whrh.h ,,k .. ... ".'' mated hnaka rainala ln r... " Th. sharahnldars and euatnmara of each Institution are preaumad o T . . . 1 . ll pa ri adi tty offered. ' Head offices that must ba raacued on 'lung dlatauoa ar out kelpful In Ibis way. Tha peiaonal aiguatlaa faalsaaa aa (be bank grows biggar. ' ' ' - Uia buslnaaa beeomas the flrat eon Ularatlun of th. huge couaolldated Dank, ana in naads of th mare inoi-vidual naturally gruw more and mure inaisnmcani from in paua e siaaa Bottit. Tbat an Inatttutjon dnlgnd ta help all worthy people ahould boom Hi Instrument ol vaat power piaoen in tbs bands of a few la repugnaul ta me, and unjuat to those who rauat sonfurui lo all tb consequences. a Ottawa South, Jan. II. 11. Vow Al OM HEALTH BOARD, Hlr: Now that aanaral' up nion I giving the women of tha- vuuntry uor ppor4uuiiy f pub.i aarvice, would ii .nut . ba a a.m to. appviul 'on to tb Board of iiealthf if the legal ruling la that no uiembera 91 tha City Council may tie a (member ot the Board of Haaltt and there ara iwa ta ba aoDuinled. why Dot In addition t tbe good aarvicea of Mr. Cameron hava tiioae of Mrs. -V C. BiuiUie? Outaid ot tbe prufee-aionwll'la doubtful if there ar many In tb community who ar mora In formed oa health queationa thaa ia the lady mentioned. We hop tbeie will b Inc-reaaed etturt tbia year to a-edue tt.a infant mortality In inlaw. -Why not hava tt aha la wll.-Ing the benellt of airs. Suilllie'a x perleac. and Information along lb Hue ot baby clinics, modified milk stations, district nursing, sod beallU matter geuarallyt VEROUii LAP. gandy Hill. Ottawai January J J. 11S. TIIK MKTHIC SVSTKW. 8lr: On of lha mala reasons for th adoption of tk uiatrlo ayatem m this country ia that would thereby be eatabliahed as th universal language of quantity. Hitherto opponenta of tl.e metrlo system have not hesitated to point out that. van If Ureal Britain did adopt the metrlo system, it could nevar become tha univaraal language so long as Kueaia and America ha. J aloof. la regard to ths former.' It may now be noted that It. is reported Hi ua pf the metrlo sysicin. will be made coinpuUor'y throughout Russia after ,a allorl transition period, and with regard to the United sHates the following extract from ILe Board f Trade journal aatea tn istn uouv- ber Is distinctly illuminating. K. MUKRT Actlnr Secretary, th Decimal As A Loudon. ngland. January 2. 111. More etslv' tise' ofTh metrle system In th trad and comiuerc ot tb tinned slate 1 raconimanued in a resolution adopted by til Culled States Section of lb .international High Coinni aalon, of whluh oecralarr McAduo is chairman.: according lo a statainenl leaucd by the Treasury Department Tbe statement in part follows-.' , "The Commission has regarded this subject as ot particular impor tance ia tt.a (jnited On of H hmain"obatacles to documentary hniformlty as between th Unit! Htate and Lattn-Amerlca is to be found In lb fact tbat the United States dues not make the ua t the metric system obligatory. -and consequently its consular documents, bavs to allow tha use of that ayaiem merely as optional. Any uniform system of classifying merchandise, however, will require on th part of h united States thoroughgoing and complete ad li are nee to tb meurlo system. Of more -Importanc thau statistical and admlnlatrativs qua lions Is-the una of th metric ayatcm In trade. Now that the United States Is being drawn Into closer and mora vital commercial relations by the reel of th world, -and partie-ilariy with LUn America, her manufacturers and exporter will be .bilged to meet tbe demands of ,' their prospective customers in a aomowhat more accommodating frame ofmliid than hitherto. Only th English-peaking nation still hav. to adopt ne memo aystsm of weights and - Sldi Light Uhe mel I rnesiiire ! Irr Lighter Vein r am. Ul tharn compromise a suc-" ' The JoumaL by adopting a aZ """" Capltaf Bank t Caa. Ottawa. Jan. .tA"'00 ' TJ MERCRli. ' Y ' Sir: tn prlnclpluiat and noth ma aiaa i ppa. this propoaed merger of th Bank of Ottawa and Bank of Nova Scotia. , " .ii. 11 1 ," m"'y Pwr la wny not nli.e m eignteenf And, " vow uana not DO tiettar than Blnet The .Mlem.n; behmd the" ?; ,if "letnt, ahould puris! tm ty 1 - loatcalVoi! "Almost i..u.r HuiintHretlL tl wall a.-.k. every- service asset of a llfe-lonr good ik....... la lost In the- eumbersoma kuhlJ i i . mrv v. h , Man a. . . Wh can calculat the gr,at service te, th popr f ,h. .lnlted 5" ! given hy their locality oanksf I admit that there waa a m....!Vi . a in1 lly must eoncrd. that the locality bank, performed d I Vaci p.ric wim uaiemes of known nK r-rl.akw a-k . " w.7i" . i" " ". 'jnnar-obaer Hl e their Uvea. . ii i . a . . . . ... . w luu-timi,! ,nnn jones. a Venn Knas farmer, with stork7ulidins and landa valued at Sl.ano gora ta tna ,':km. "."." k Th' '"' s kVow thl man, lie has met every draft Vir.r.. w."mp,V, ? 'I ' "aa for ...... , anwa ooar. nnniifJM ambltloua Ona of th prrtl-.f T,!r.clor. " iKOh' hV,,L,!.', .'Xo OBbt It : :."JV." " w?i ne la are! PER8QNAL VOCABULARY. 'How is it you couldn't sell that dam m dictionary T- Did you toll her th. dictionary had -iO. 000 words?" . 'Yea, but aha had ""more worde than that, .and she used "em all in telling m she didn't want it" REFUSED TO DISPERSE. A young Irish constable th first time he waapluced on beat arrested a man for disorderly conduct. When stating his paste at the Police Court h. was asked by th magistrate: "Did you give the. man warning be fore taking him into custody?" "Ol did " Jrer honor. "Ol aald to him 'Disperse! an' h rayfuaed," . ' e . WHEN CHUMS' FALL OUT. "Sh' giving a 'very elaborate party." Gotten up solely on my aa count," , "I thought you wer on th OUta." , "We are. And that'a .the reason ahe got up the party." ... .-.. . .' ADMIRED HiS PLUCK. ' nVeU." aald Unci SI Brugglna afler a solo by a fashionable church choir tenor, "If that ain't th. rudest thing -I ever saw. Juat aa soon as tbat young man began to sing, ..very ether member 'of the choir stopt But he went through with it. and I must say I admire bla spunk." - . V ' '-:- -NO TIME TO FIGHT.. A tough old bird waa dying and his wife sent, out for preacher. The preached cam and aald to th dying- sinner: . . Vi ou bad . better . 4rneunee the devil, my friend. "Renounce the- devil!' exclaimed in oymg mnn. wny, i ain t In a position to make any enemlee right now., , ., - . , . "OCT OF MY S1X8HINE!" - ' Saturday Evening Post, When Hacadon'e araat monarch paid Diogenes a visit. , He doubtless weht In pomp arrayed T play the great; But auch a tawdry show to se .ArouKd th. sage's dander. - . And .very schoolboy knows what h Hentarked o Alexander. T f$ow. no phlloeopher am 1; No tub do I lnhablti But when Into my fourteen-by Soma furtive-featured rabbit intrudes, -wnd Interrupt my eaa . With so oie aalaclou slander, t plagiarlx. Diogenes . . i In chat with Alexander.. . ; . ' . . , . ' " -Approached by some perfetvld soul - Who feela a mlsrhty mission -To turn my thoughts to Birth Control, Or Worldwide Prohibition, Or Death to Cam of all Degrees, Ot sorn. auch propaganda,., , ' . f answer aa Diogenes . ' . Uepliad to Aleaander. Aeoated by some Mournful alike, , Who has a pat affliction,,. And starts to tell me what It's Ilk. Without th. least restriction. And prat, ot sundry remedies. ; And their results, with candor, I tell hlrq what Diogene. . Told mighty Alexander., ; f , There's libs of aunbln. all about -' ' or chap. Ilk m. to bask In. Wer.'t not too pft from ua abut out ' By guest w. didn't ask In;' And L for one, am pron. to .ehr. - The role of reprlmander. . - , And rhlde thena a Dlosene . .Chid bumptious Alexander. ' - Aa KflMeat ticrap of paper. ., .'...'... Literary PlgMt, . Those who talk ' ot , forelga. red tap. and of how we cut It ar. Invited by June Richard on Lucas to conald.r the, brltlah boapltal telegram, which, serves ala a . paaapurt, railroad and atvam.r ticket and hoapltai p.rrrilt. Bh writ la Th Modern iloapiial (Chicago Decern bar) i . "fcagllahnaea can hurry with a skill and an efficiency that lake .van an Amcrlcan'a breath away. .When it come to thalr fighting ' men they break all apcad records. Thousands of ni.a have di.d In the mud - of plarrdejne th.uaw.nda hav. ben wounded and ant borne but tbouaanda , hav. bad to lie in tho. 'Hall of Glory, th baa hospital behind the lines, and uff.r b.y.ud tb conception ot any man -- bsfor. . the tide turns back toward Jits, or siipa out In th gray dawa of Flanders, never to flow back. And the Brltlah fight to aav. thos. suff.ring men juat aa stubbornly aa they fight to beat tha nny beyond tb. h.avy canuon-adlng a tew kilomUr away. .... After the doctor's rounds, be send a telegram asking bar to com. to auoh-and-such a baa hoapltai to see Private Tbat vary evening, perhaps In Devon, where the sua alnka low, a email boy comes running and pulling- up th lane' waving the pr.cluua paper; the -door under tb. thatch atanda op.n. She Is there waiting aa th. wom.g' ar. waiting the world over Joday and th. nieaaag. ay 'Com..' That ia all ah naeda that telegram Is paasport, railroad-ticket, bus far., channel crossing, bntranc to the war-xone. spac on troop-train, past Into -that long, . low building where her 'love 11 bleeding.' Yes, ft's a . wonderful highway the British, build from th. aohipg ward la Fiand.r a tb. cottag. to Devonshire. Just a telegram no b.wilUorlng om-ciala, no hours of waiting outaiU. Important door Just a telegram; and th. next av.ning, at auuaeu sh. la silting by bar (nan in - e'landors aa he sleep for the first time because th. tid. ha turned. Juat a thin bit of blue :wJuat'a'-aalMffan,'!.-- a, a Sulurtva, Ami Some Job. ' . - Concord Monitor. Perhapa the highest salaried man In the United Slatee is hiua.1 H'vtil. son of tn. famous iienryi At any rats, he la th highest-salaried man of bla age. At X he ttnda hiiuaelf drawing tleU.OOO a year aa in. bead of lb. D.truit tllvvor fao- toryi'hlnk ejt br...ging honie a pay envelop, with t J,uu in il every Saturday night, r Think of pulling down SOU plunka a day, right along, regardless of weather, health or anything elae. ' alaybe ytung Edsl eSrna It Undoubted ly he trlea to. , He baa the reputation of being a worker. But ao Is the President ot the Vnited States a worker; and h. only set tiJ,. 00V. , A Uulted State Senator may work or talk more hour than Ed-el puta In, and yet draw only one-twentieth a much salary. A Cu fair .t oU'cer ba to gat thrpugh th whole year on about as much aa Edsel get In a month. A judge of the Supreme Court, who presumably punches th. Urn. clock with considerable regularity - and ev.a take his work home With him. lias to b. content with one-tenth of Edsel's pay. Aa for Governor, they are negl glble. All of which seems to show how very unimporUl . . I. .. - .-AuAwnm-in, ( I KOI turn uuaiuaaw ua uu...- --i compared with work so vital . to human, prograr . and bapplnesa as the making of flivver. , , ' . Tbem Waa lb Days. ' Lethbrldge Herald. - Them wag the daya" Ever hear an old-timer spring that one? And bo wonder. , Listen to this from an Idaho old-timer writing about the days before bone-drynea waa th. fashlont . ; - "In ls I was In th ilobby of th Senate la Boise when a , member Introduced a very mild measure curbing th. liquor r In- ' tercets) a small traction ahead of "wide open,' that Idaho had-Jtl-way bad. There was a decided shock among the members of that body aa though om tragic event waa about to be sprung upon them. But th UeuL-Clov-rnor, a Silver City aaloon-kep-ar. waa aqual to the - occasion; k with a broad grllj ho referred th. bill to the fcommitte. on Irrigation. Thia relieved the eltua-tlon and the member breathed aaler. ' All. ware aura It was aent to It final alee p. But behold what 20 - yeara have wrought ' The old ' philosopher waa right: The world do move.,, , . . An Apt Pupil. '," ' , H'l Tlt-Blts. V : Tb old aea captain was amokiavg comfortable by hi friends when Jack, hla -a-Ulor son. burst ta upon him. ' ' , ' "Weather 4oo rough." explained th eon, "so w'v put In for . th "Too' rough!" exclaimed Mr.-Tar. with vision of his own day a at sua. "vt-hv. air. I was onoe aalllna around th Capo wheu a storm cam oavaad It blew down th main maax ana tn. mtxsen- mast waa swept away, but wa didn't area think of patting in." ."W.H. -you " exclaimed - th son,"thl atorm was so bad that It blew th. aochere off th. eaptalo's buttons, took the paint oft the ship's bows, and . --"Stop!" Orled the ol man. 'Tow do m. credit,. Jackyou do , me credit!"' - ')v., ' ' ' Qlher Views 1 WOULD ITT , ''. Vancouver Provlncet ,'' A New York - paper hope that When King Oeorg. vtait America tie will wear hla famoua l suk. It wonld crat. more popular in-Urat tbaa any uniform, la : the royal wardrobe.. . - .'.' : - ' ' ,.: V..'. '" '. ' SHETISTS. ' ,'. ; ; Calgary. Herald. . '., ? AMrsrta Great War Veteran con demn BoHaheviam a tb. term t us-dratood in Caovadsw' That Is to y. they, do not know aeparetUly -.just what ft mean) ia Ruawia, but aa K baa bewa- xpoundd by Ua advo ealew her. thay want none of it And toe ret ran are but .peaking tor- the vax .majority of tha Canadian pople. ' pnospenors farmers' . COMPAJIY. . Kitchener New-Record. ' The FUiaxrclai Poast any a the jClrxin " Orowera - Oraia ComtM-ny mad In 1117 a profit of M07.IIS on a pld up capital .o ti.tT.tlI, which 'k mn than 44.1 per cnt on Ita capital. ' Haa k beam altttng at tbe fact of Hi bacon baroae? ' . . . - -MISTAKES OF GOTERJfMEXTS. Saturday Evening Poat Year ago Bob Ingersoll bad- a lo(ur that delighted an nthual-astla following of srnostlos. It waa railed 8om. Miatake ot moms. But, in hi anxiety to discredit th lawgiver. Bow overlooked a Vital Under tia Iruplceg of the Philemon Wright t : .J "yCliapUf; I. O. D. M; '.',V"''-' A Oansant and Fashion Revue , will b' held la fcid of the ' Memorial Hall ; Fund , Aylmer, rrom 130 to 6.30 P.M., Wednesday, the 29th , '-.' ' " ' at ' " ' ' , " ' t - ' afc , . .... .... "The Astor" 219 Bank.; Street A number of exceptionally liantiotne Fur tiamients v v. ill be shown by ', VCHcnneVthe'Fur beautiful". ' ' . 76 SFABKS STREET Art Valentines A quality selection of . new desierns. - Kodak & Art Shop : 28 Kideau St. ' "SOROSIS" BOOTS . $3.49. See Window for Style. . BACK CKAVEXKTTE BOOTS fleece Uned, Neolln aole. Regular IMS to M.5S for $4.75.; ;., .'.8ej Window.' . Ae J. Stephens . & Son " point Is spit, of all his mistake Moaee brought back the law from 8lnY greatly to th moral prolltof nia people. Ana in the .fuc. -of that achi.venvent no ; on except Bob and hla -fellow knockers attached any peial importance to the mlatakea of kfoaea. , .-.'..S. B a" ' O ' -v P'r1 50c Pound, ...... ... .. 10 Pouruls rrr.47c. ' Eb; BROWNE Cr CO. r S MSGAff sr. MMMsHasjawH Year lands sr. la your pockets moat ot tb time these days. Wear Ballanryne's Scetch Knit Clove this winter sad 11 your hsniis r skill thsre it woat be becatiM of th cold. And they'll enable yea t. best out "Rising prices" 'a Nrd to glove Ask fox' Bsllsntne'a " S. M. Billantyne, Limited SUatfoid, Ont .nvtir. Prompt delivehy ' T AKSCO CrtMERASf imslYKOlVCRS CKatoeCe Oi Riqucsr. SVPPUESCOcFCANADA 5 SPARKS ST. uauraa N I k ) Play," Needle, A ffi ... Cbange S cords ; 1 The New Edison wUl." without liinitatioia, re-, produce any make of recorda- perfectly, literally giying New Kdison owners a World of AIusic;Thc New Edison is the Phonograph you will eventually buy. We have made the terms on. the 7 " . !. " 'The aonograph with a Soul" ,; ; 7 so convenient so easV-that ; no one can say. .to himself that he cannot afford it. . You buy a phonograph only once; don't make a mistake The "New Edison is the only phonograph tha't actually Re-CreateS music. ,Come in and listen to a dem-. onstration and let us explain our easy-way-to-pay plan. - ' -:':':7,- 7 ":.'v.:-;. f.r v'--j PIJORrlPH ; SK9B ucra ;7 ; . ' 167 SPAUKS 8TI.EET. ' - : , ' . . . -. .... ut End Booth Bid;. ' Next to Merchtnti' Bank. , 6TTAWA

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