The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1955
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19,>19M BLYTHRYIUJE URIC.) COTR1WR W8WS PAGE! TORES' NEWS OF THE WORLD AS TOLD IN PICTURES Troops colled out in Juizdc Fora, Brazil, to stem political riots. June, 1954—Hon. duras expels three Guatemalan consuls for fomenting labor troubles. Honduras and Nicaragua in long* time feud over border lines. Peru crushes plot to overthrow President Odria. Charges intrigue was directed from Argentina by Peru's ei-wor minister, Jan., 1955—Nicaragua is charged by Costa Rica with having a hand in "invasion" of Costa Rica by rebel army. June, 1954—Anti- Communist revolution ousts Red-tinged Arbciu regime, installed pro-U. S. Castillo Armas government Sept., 1952—El Salvador charges that Guatemalan Communists were using propaganda and furnishing arms to stir up revolt. Rica "invaded" by rebe President Jose Figueres. President Jose Antonio Remon of Panama assassinated. His successor, Jose Guizado, charged with the murder. The fighting in Costa Rjca may seem like a teapot war to some people, but not to the U. S. State Department. Washington is concerned because the attempted coup is a symptom of the increasing insL-ibility of the entire strategic Central American area and in some countries of South America, Also worried is the Organization of American States. It sees the conflict as a test of its ability to cope with other such troubles in Latin America. It was set up for just that purpose durine a bloody revolution in Colombia in 1948. Map recounts recent incidents in the "Balkans of "the Americas" that spotlight the instability among Central American countries. They have been bickering among themselves over since they won their independence from Spain in 19th Century. "IRON LUNG" COURAGE—With souvenirs and get-well cards hanging from his iron lung, Tracy Hamilton, 6, smiles cheerfully as he talks to his family by telephone from a Hondo, Calif., respiratory center. He is one of the many polio patients making progress at respkator centers operated by the March of Dimes. If rt r FIRST QFTHE,LAND-GRANT COLLEGES MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE a * PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY UNITED STATES POSTAGE HONCS COLLEGES—A new three-cent stamp honoring Michigan Slate College and Pennsylvania Stale University, first land- grant schools, will go on sale al East Lansing, Mich., Feb. 12. Central theme of. the stamp is an open book with superimposed depicting milling, chemistry and engineering. GROUNDED—The Air Force has grounded all F-100 Super Sabres ns a result of three crashes since Oct. 12. Grounding of jet lighter, holder of the world's lop speed record of 755.1 mph. was a nrconutionnry measure pending a thorn"- 1 - •—^ o' •"'••• cnuscs oj the crashes. AMBASSADOR-Maurice Couve dc i Murvillc is the new French ambassador to the U. S. A veteran of 25 years in the government service, he replaces Henri Bonnet. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT—Angus, a mixed-breed dog, he- longing to the Rod Van A very family in Milwaukee, VVis., got the shock of its life when this rat jumped off the piano right in front of his nose. The rat is one of five that the family is taking care of during midyear school examinations. HELPS MEDICINE PUT THE FINGER ON DISEASE —The new electronic color microscope, left, which magnifies living cells 15.001) limes, was iLTenily (U-nionsiiMi'd in Ncv/ York. At ngnl, a scientist examines cancer cells which are magnified in color on a six-foot sert/rn. A mi blood corpuscle, which is so small that 7500 can be placed on a pin head, can be (.'rilargcd on the screen to a five-inch diameter. The images will be 100 times brighter lhan were- heretofore possible wiilu conventional methods. Some of the ways the instrument will be usni lo nid medical science:- : Determination of almost instantaneous blood counts, rapid con:;uh;ilion between surgeon arid p;tv tholopist, rapid diagnosis in case of epidemics, a new facility for tr-'iching large medical audiences' in classrooms. The microscope, pioneered by Columbia BnKuirLifting System Laboratories, uses a single standard televisfon camera tube. t *v*ii BL, * ""' -'.-^ •*-*!j->^,-—.^.^-.«..^ „ ^^sifcvv""* STORYBOOK SCENE—Dutoh boys nnd girls skalc on n frozen cnnal near Volcnclam, a scone from the pages of "Hanfi Drinker." The girls nre wearing fringed sliawls cnllc AftV Atuir jytecbiJJy jtcfnod j^cfi&cw> resembling ATOM EXPRESS—This toy train docs scnous wnrl: at the Hanford-atomic plant near liiehland, Wash. It Is used lo transport hir;hl.v radioactive samples from one chemical apparatus to a?i- otiiei while workers stay at n safe distance. The train hauls beakers of radioactive .material mounted on flalcars, foreground, during the chaataat «niUysio- * y f, * r *>* ^^^e " / ' p^t srf&isii i, i , ^/ 5^/4!i/j%5v , .r t/v •j^-, -*«/* ' '" ^f". •^1- LIKE TOPSY, HOUSE "JUST GROW£D"-if cd—by seven lads out in Salina, Kan- It rc^crr.o!,., house of the Mother Goose rhyme.. The boys coHrVi hood—black, silver, orange, green, white, yeilmv ar product, which a paint promoter might call "decnr-jti A low door leads into the reception room. On th<; b linoleum rug. The main clubroom, upstairs, contain: constructed from orange crates. Ugh ting is by cai:.i! watchtower is under way. The roof is covercni by den, i, e., cats and girls. The boys are mostly l'2-y;-", the year when they said: "We had no ph;n c' constructed— bein^" construct- a mt •_.-,., ii castle or possibly the crooked d dribs snd drubs of paint in the neighbor* ] r r.-; and mixed thorn all together. The end' - L'urn!'?/' is the- outside color of the "castle/* tii'in 'l'";or (here is also a living room, with a a oniL'll table ;/nd miscellaneous furniture 1 On one side a combination office and c:rnp riiiiiales. Certain visitors are forbid- -r.':;r.- They produced the understatement of| construction—it just went up," J WANTED—MORE HIGHWAYS—nitrated abjve dent Eisenhcwer is a^kinj; Congress to npp:-'->vi.' n 1 buildine procram. Ba?is of his plea is itu- rCTCPit it. by Gen. Lucius D, Clay. The report recommend:; n Tms :? a $5-1 billion incre3i-e over th;> pro.-' i;l ;;r^;; ; ' i? thir ncrt-ssity lor adcqiKiii- hifihu'iiy.c in o*. :;'.'i!;n^ . cit'ii! rn;ui.-- KM- ?p-tfdiri^ miliUiry men ami .sui.jrli- s country today has highway lacimie.-, <:-(., n s(ii;;r ut tht; principal reasons v.hy Presi- :r.:/P r ic!iS t-xp.'iiiskm uf tlit? n;itinn's ro;id- i' "f hi,- hirluvrty advisory committee, headed J-,\t ,ir, S Hil billion road-build ing program, j :•. A s.Ti.'n lit.". 1 .- fat-et of the highway picture) !!ii'!i^ "f r, l op!e from target aix-as plus suffi-j tin(.'^iuLii'd areas. "No urban area in the! ii Id tl.t;- taFk." SLtys the report. ? PROUD—It's hard to tell who's prouder of who as Peter Wcst- (ield Holden shuttles his fnther, screen, star William Holden, between ;tounci stages at the Para; mount lot in Hollywood. WHITE SAILS ON THE CAMPUS- HolhnR roll,n«, over the bmVnrlim' main Ohio Stole Unimsily students couldn't liclicvc their eye's when tlicy lounrl tin <K I iluoi.ilw] wilh a boal, nail». •ilori Tln-n tlu-y <HM ixiud it ft >•• i sUMil lo not new nu.-mb«r«, tor the OSU Sa'ilinK Cluh »"i i Mi. r r. I'olumbus, is huiidllng> t)if> main sheet

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