The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1996 · 35
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The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 35

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1996
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Tht Time Leader, WHkas-Barre, PA, -Thursday. May 16, 1996 90 A ' r.M T7l J A Kidz Korner is published every Thursday and includes news kidz can use. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Write to us at The Times Leader, Kidz Korner, Features Department, 15 North Main Street, Wllkes-Barre, PA., 18711. .run LL.L1 Uls3? I l fT-TMT' rv ( ,n . ,M,,!-I 'Disney's Animated Storybook: Toy Story' The gamat WindowsWindows 95 and Macintosh format. $35, from Disney Interactive and PUax Animation Studios. How It worksi Come and play with the toys from Disney's Toy Story." Hamm, the voice of John Ratzenberger (Cliff from "Cheers"), the know-it-ail piggy bank, leads kids on an interactive journey through 15 exciting story screens and five skill-building games with 6-year-old Andy's toys. Visit Sid's creepy bedroom and join the chase to catch Andy's moving van. But beyond the movie's story line, there are dance sequences and stunning glow-in-the-dark and virtual flashlight scenes. Good points, bad points: "Disney's Animated StoryBook: Toy Story" is a major jump in entertainment and new media technology, where we get a glimpse of the magic of bringing a feature film to home computers. Features the same cutting-edge 3D computer animation used to create "Toy Story," the first completely computer-generated feature film. The game captures the spirit and humor of the film. Just proves that a good Disney product starts with a "mouse." Recommended ages: 6 and up. Roy BassaveKnight-RUider Newspapers "Disney's Animated StoryBook: Toy Story" really does go "to infinity and beyond!" Bees are neat , clean Insects Q. Wrtere do bees go in the winter? Catle McNslty. A. Bees that live in the tropics go about their life cycles differently from those that live in cold climates. Some species adapted during evolution to the cold weather. With these bees, some die and some go into the hive, where they cluster together to stay warm. Bees are very neat and clean, however, and they will fly out of the hive to clear their body of wastes. The most important honeybees for those of us who love honey are the bees known as "A. millifera." These bees cluster in the little areas between the honeycombs, where the honey is stored. When they get hungry they can dip into a honeycomb cell. Q. How many seal species are in the United States? Lauren Pulrsco. " A. There are seven types of seals that might possibly stop by the shores of the United States. To talk in terms of North America would . . probably be more accurate, since many seals might stop by here only rarely. In North America, you might find such seals as the hair, harp, harbor, ringed, bearded, hooded or gray seals. In general, seals like cold weather, although the harbor seal can be found as far south as the Carolinas. , (Readers ' questions and comments are welcome and should be sent to Kids' Talk, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Box 8380, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. Questions cannot be answered personally.) . Coming tomorrow: Celebrity Questions by Noma Cavazos 17? Snacks that Imitate Nature Strolling in a city park or walking the trails of a local nature preserve L on a spring day is a relaxing way to spend time with young children. The seeds, nests, unf la, insects, even the air and the light are all part of a natural system with many lessons to teach and learn. Like most curious kids, yours may want to gather the fascinating erit- L ten and plants along the path even though some discoveries arenl meant to join rock and shell collections back home. They are part of a natural system that should stay just where you found them. When you return home, your kids won't feel so empty-handed if you talk about what you saw and heard and transfer that knowledge into a creative snack-making activity. The whole family will have fun imagining the critters and objects they've seen that day. Food imitates nature! Simple Spider Cracker Snacks Spread peanut butter on a Rita cracker. Set another cracker on top. Poke the ends of chow mein noodles into the peanut butter along the sides of the cracker "sandwich" to resemble spider legs. Add raisin eyes on top, using more peanut butter as the glue. Fruity Bird Nest In a mixing bowl, crumble 2 large shredded wheat biscuits with your fingers. Use a spoon to stir in 14 cup shredded coconut and 1 tablespoon brown sugar. Pour in 14 cup melted margarine or butter. Stir ingredients together. Line muffin tin cups with aluminum foil Press the shredded-wheat mixture onto the bottoms and up the sides of the foil-lined cups. Bake in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes or until crisp. Cool. Remove the nests from the cups by lifting up the foil Carefully peel the foil off the nest. Fill the nests with "fruity" bird eggs. Try red or green grapes (they really look like birds' eggs), blueberries, strawberries, melon balls or drained canned fruit. Top the fruit with a spoonful of yogurt, if desired. C L9M br Knt Ttttun SndkaU, lac President Garfield's judge was the man in the mirror EAR ABBY DEAR ABBTt I had a copy of President James A. Garfield's "Rules for Living" but have been unable to locate it for several months. It seems that one of President Garfield's Mends gave him a list of rules for moral living, which Garfield carried in his wallet for the rest of his life. These rules have been published In various periodicals. I would appreciate it if you could locate a copy of these "rules for living' and print them in your column. Tm sure that many people would benefit from reading them again, and possibly for the first time. Tm signing my name, but if you print this, please omit my name and sign this A MOKENT HI ETJSTORT DEAR MOMENT: I have not seen the rules for living that you mention, but I . came across a profound piece of philosophy attributed to President James Garfield: It is from a book I own titled "Facts About the Presidents" by Joseph Nathan Kane: GARFIELD JUDGES GARFIELD "I do not care what others say and think about me. But there is one man's opinion which I very much value, and that is the I'rJic opinion of James Garfield. Others I need not think about I can get away from them, but I have to be with him all the time. He is with me when I rise up and when I lie down; when I eat and talk; when I go out and come in. It makes a great difference whether he thinks well of me or not" DEAR ABBTt What Is proper etiquette when video-recording in someone else's home? My mother frequently visits my brother and his wife in another city with her trusty videocamera in tow. My brother and their toddler are always shot in their best light but somehow she always manages to catch and film my sister-in-law first thing 1 the morning as she makes her bleary-eyed way to the bathroom. Mom especially likes shooting the dirty dishes or piles of laundry, I've asked Mom why she didn't put down the camera and help with the chores, or at least film the great feast that led to the dirty dishes, but it does no good. My mother makes no secret of her dislike for my brother's wife and uses her electronic demon to exact some demented pleasure. Is there a noncombatjve way of saying, "Leave the damn thing at home"? NOT EVEN A STATE. PLEASE DEAR NOT EVEN: The best way to deal with this is for your brother to firmly tell your mother that she is welcome to visit on the condition that she leave her camcorder at home. DEAR READERS: Mark Twain was a silent participant at a dinner party in Hartford, Conn., one evening. When he was chided afterward for not saying anything, he replied that his host had talked so incessantly as to leave little opportunity for any conversation. : remindrme of theman who"was ' reproached by a friend, who said, I think it's a shame that you have not spoken to your wife for 15 years. How do you justify it?' "The husband replied, 'I didn't want to interrupt her."' (fiRYPTOQUOTE DAILY CRYPTOQUOTES Here's how to work it AXYDLBAAXR isLONGFELLOW One letter stands for another. In this sample A ii used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are ail hints. Each day the code letters are different 5-16 CRYPTOQUOTES ZAHMUQLH MZUQLQUW QY S O H SR UVH RHD YHBR- AHDMAIQOE MZUQLQUQHY. KHQOE ZAHMUQLH QY BQXH KHQOE QO B S L H . D . RBSDHAY Yesterday's Cryptoquote: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO ERECT YOUR TOLL GATE UPON THE HIGHWAY OF THOUGHT. ROBERT G. INGERSOLL fOREN BRIDGE ,ll,:l,,,:i,',,,l':l,i,lll'lv,,v,ll,,,,, ui,MclT,viw,,, with Omar Sharif & Tannah Hirsch TOMMY TRIUMPHS North-South vulnerable. West deals. NORTH , Q72 . OAS OQ1062 AK93 WEST EAST 46 4.K984 OKJ982 ?Q103 0AK9875 0J3 4 4.10862 SOUTH 4AJ1053 0784 04 4.QJ75 The bidding: WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH W Dbl 30 8 40 4 Dbl Pass B? Pass Pass S4 Pass Pass Dbl Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of 0 The cards had been breaking normally in games at the club, ana as a result Tommy had been experiencing a negative cash flow. The dreary weeks were relieved by moments such as this, when Tommy's rare talent at becoming a master when the trumps were stacked against him came shining through. Only a glutton for punishment would make a preemptive jump on the East cards small wonder West pushed to the five-level on a distributional giant. Had East known Tommy better, the futility of the double might have been obvious. But West nad opened the bidding and East expected to make at least one trump trick, so ... - West led the king of diamonds, then shifted to a low heart when East started an echo with the jack, won in dummy with the ace. The queen of trumps was led, covered by the king and taken with the ace as West followed. A heart trick was conceded, and the heart continuation was ruffed in dummy. The seven of trumps was covered with the eight and won in the closed hand. When West showed out, the distribution became an open book. A club to dummy provided the entry for a diamond ruff in the closed hand, and three rounds of clubs, ending on the table, produced the desired ending. Tommy was poised with J 5 of spades over East's 9 4 and a diamond from the board completed the coup, allowing declarer to score both trumps at the end and 11 tricks in all. Learn to be a better bridge player! Subscribe now to the Goren Bridge Letter by calling (800)788-1225 for information. Or write to Goren Bridge Letter, P.O. Box 4410, Chicago, EL 60680-4410. JUMBLE by Henri Arnold & Bob Lee Unscramble thess four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordmary words. ANUDT F Y I T"" LOJYL ' I n r- FIGYEF 1 1 K'vrT" HASBIN ri rri PiMct,do you lake.. LSF2 at. THE LAST OF A FIANCE. Answer hie Vesterdavs Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, at suggested by the above cartoon. mm mm- (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: USURP BATHE JURIST SUBWAY Answer: What s good server can do HURRY UP AND VAIT OROSCOPE by Joyce Jillson Aries (March 21-April 19). Knowledge equals money this afternoon. A subtle but leading statement is your cue to take romance to the next level of commitment Contact with a competitor improves your business. Be prompt in your response to a creditor. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Positive strokes motivate you to achieve a record-breaking accomplishment Your lover is supportive if you keep communication flowing as you are making decisions. Consider a move a hot opportunity awaits. : Gemini (May 21 -June 21). A tried-and-true friendship proves itself once again. A job-related fear is conquered by hands-on experience. A Cancer or Aries pushes you to achieve but might get on your nerves in the process. Pursue a side interest for money. Cancer (Jane 22-July 22). A promised financial reward Anally materializes. Play games with someone Instead of getting angry. Jealousy dissolves when you are able to accurately size up your competitor. Reconcile with a loved one. Leo (Jar 23-Aag. 22). A letter in the mail is lucky. Because you are the favorite, you are also required to listen when you don't feel like it. Friendly contacts are ready to do business with you. Singles find exotic loves. Virgo (Ang. 23-Sept. 22). An authoritative tone closes the deal. Exchange numbers with a fantastically witty acquaintance a long friendship begins in the evening. Indulge in sentimentality to enhance romance. A sizzling Libra chases you. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Speedy results are not necessarily accurate. Friends provide high entertainment Observe family interaction closely for hints about your current love affair. Mail correspondence brings a financial boost For an expanded personal horoscope from Joyce Jillson, call: 1-900-737-5692 Cost: 99 centsminute To reach a live astrologer. 1-900-407-3001 Cost: $2.99minute Service available for both rotary and touch-tone phones. Scorpio (Oct. 24-lfor. 21). A benefactor likes your style. Make good on an old promise you might forget but the other person never will. Competition is humbling. Your love life settles into a comfortable groove especially with a Taurus. : Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dee. 21). Levity in the workplace is due to a priceless employee. Take a stream-of-consciousness approach to artistic projects. An afternoon tryst excites you. Get an economic plan in writing. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Someone else's victory is a sign that yours is soon to follow. Joint presentations are twice as effective. Postpone a meeting for tomorrow. Your sweetheart will surprise you with financial news. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Get on the bandwagon at work you can affect change with numbers on your side. A travel opportunity leads to for- 4 tune. Abandon caution and you will finally connect in a dynamic way with a romantic interest Pisces (Feb. 19-Marcb 20). . A more prestigious post suits you move as soon as possible. Scorpio and Cancer are lucky counterparts as well as comfortable friends. A transition in your love life is made easier by someone who has been there. Today's BIRTHDAY (May 16). Your political and social savvy is your ticket to high earnings this year. Get serious with a casual love interest and life falls in order. ROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Fluent 5 Hacienda room 9 Gentle as 141 could horse" 15 Serves 16 Ave 17 Sts. 18 Pungent fruit 20 Unusual 21 Participial suffix 22 Sonnet part 23 General at Gettysburg 25 Malayan dagger 28 Knee bone 29 West 30 Together 31 Tear 32 Italian island 36 Game animal 40 Seines 41 Numero 42 Bizarre 43 Secret agent 44 Jazz performers of the '40s 46 Scat! 50 Sorceress 51 Of a terminal: var. ; 52 Enzyme: suff. 53 Adopt 57 Small oysters 59 Wild goat 60 Have an the ground 61 Bonds 62 Greek flask 63 Phoenician city of old 64 Poet Teasdale 65 Earns DOWN 1 Equipment 2 Etna output 3 Roman highway 4 Cellars 5 Kind of story 6 Meeting program 7 Resort hotel 8 Ophidian 9 Electric unit 10 Slip i 2 3 4 I Is lb 7 T5 10 111 12 TV J .jj . i7" W " 19 g f 24 -"HT 26 27 28 I lat I W ' 31 I 32 33 34 3 3 37 3 38 rrr-r hr cip nl- 46 47 4S 49 50 51 52 ' 55" 64 1 56 66 ' 67 ' 68 i . 53 """ BT " 3 ' S3 - U sT" " C 1996 Trtbuna Madn Samoa. Inc. Al nghtt taawvad. 51696 Wednesday's Puzzls solved: 11 Mountain ridge 12 Sinks in mud 13 Sew looser 19 Flee 24 Robert 26 Chess piece 27 Wimbledon winner, once 28 Go (begin at once) 29 Wire measure 31 Grande 32 Learning 331 song... 34 Ernie's pal 35 Greek war god 37 Tree with light wood 38 Some 39 Jerk 43 Attachable, in a way 44 "The Scarlett LsttBi" heroine 48 Calabash 45 Old Turkish city 49 " Billy Joe" iSCENr"lBRA0 rI S 1 A I S 1 K I JlIN i.N.i E R o yHm o n e U O I u r n F1 S P t 01 1U T tl ' H IP A T T E WLJC OUT J j i-l A f. A J4. A It jCl5. 3 AGE SC CONE Cf? "j IW U "TWo OLA nTIA I V I N pfE" tflTlR' N A LXj7 L AV E 01 Hl A Sf ' lTR E H TC C OIQ L M J TTo JljR ! ElJ1 . I A IT' . !JL !wheyLIr 1d1UnI1wIa18I 51t 46 " in Toylartd" 47 Chou- 50 Craze 54 Proficient 55 Retained 56 Former spouses 58" aboyf B STUMPED? Callers can get instant access to the Daily Crossword Puzzle answers by calling 1-900-454-3014. Service available for both rota7 and touch-tone phones. Cost: 95 centsminute. : MM

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