The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on March 8, 1940 · 12
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 12

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, March 8, 1940
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12 Amusements THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1910 Dorchester Trade Board Opposes Tax Increases Voicing its strenuous opposition to sny increase in the tax rate m the city, the Dorchester Board of Trade at a meeting of the directors last right tcok active steps to assist the taxpayers of the Dorchester distric-sod have arranged interviews with the Massachusetts Taxpayers' Associat'd and Boston Municipal Rerearch Bureau for a study of the tax situation and to bring about a reduction m the cost of city gevern- AMUSEMENTS METHDPDliraaU ' lit! ttTr FIELD .; coop i 'fflirniHTi -j- ALLSTON CiiHi-l Bfltn-lrant Fighting 69th" A. Stthera-'Csnfs Maiiis GONE WITH THE WIND Cant 10 A M laS 30 P M. Es. lsttmg-8 t. Al. A rlington Somerville CflHTOtlt TmT 1st. Vhoi-DiiiI Non ETERNALLY YOUAS ' law at IM hm" flay Banao" Tssiht Crttn Carka-N. Desflss Ntnolchha An SotlHft-w. Garsan Call tbs Im." Brighton newton EGYPTIAN 1:50-7 50 f! Lartf" Taa'aht I. Taylor 6. Gartan Remember I Stalt-Marf. lmay 20.000 MEN A YEAN' Taai w Swaata ln" PARAMOUNT 2:00-800 B. Staawyt-MM array ' IraraHr tha Nibl'' A Ckil It tarn Final Cast Rckaol Men.. Mnrtk 11. 1PM. CAMBRIDGE Ci P. Fartrr-EMaa Drw "GERONIWO J. killin-l. Rrowa Ir. 'HIGH SCHOOL Sanlt Htala Erarythlny Hanaam at Niyht" Fay Ralntrr-F. Crarra tar R k to, tka Carttn DORCHESTER msnnz&mmnim '; BARRICADE wBV"r tana Vatu1 "MEXICAN SPITFIRE Taw w Do Aawcka-AI Jaloaw Swanaa Riyar East Milton Dorchester c--jy?rpfln iiuxia Alloa Jaaro-M. Martin ''Grant Victar HtrWrt" Laaa Vttai-laaa Erral -MEXICAN SPITFIAE BHta Daaio-Gra. Rrrnt 'DARK VICTCRV mor Royers-0 Nia RACHELON MOTHER" - ! " I 'l I G " .. HYDE PARK MiJlffiiCDfiD Draylao Fairkaako h. I Michial Whalen 'GREEN HELL I Tliry ArktO tor If C. McCarthy Datanira" I Rorro Arnsna KiO" 33 Arlington Watertown if7 REGEHHYAIERICfYNi; Clalra Tnwr-I. Waywa i Bak Haya-P. GaNAarB Allryhoar Bsrhis ' I Cal 4 Ika Canary'' FAST AND FURIOUS" I laha Payna-lana Wyman Am FMs.ce F. Ten I Kip NIGHTINGALE Back Bay Kenmore Sq. . la i r i . KAY KYSER ADOLPHE MENJOU THATS RIGHT YDU'CE WRONG wizeu i'':l,,f.UrVti!.:risa Braintree So. Weymouth tsg$ Beommc Cameo SS Allan Janao-Mary Martin I Gnat Vxtar Hcrkart" 2a Nit Prnata Drtoctryn EnryrlrrraiayTanittVai I T. Pawar-UnAn Darmll DAYTIME WIFE" Kay Knar 6 Hla trrk. "That' oRuht.Yar'erWr'p BROOKLINE BROOKLINE VILLAGE BRnOKMINEr SjwcMiawtfT HuerwecT kmtIuu w wt MAICN OI TlAKl -Lar.oi l.. 1 111 CAMBRIDGE UNiyERSITYe rXAVAD SCC.' . imWOi GOVE WITH THE WIND 1 Mi mwb m iiirwiim -yrg a MhWMtfnMiwiUi Y A if M wmnm mm l U A dTX!E!!xSuuZ3j7n i n ii CHARLESTOWN Dorchester-Somerville mDORCHlSIERMYISVi Hraeaa With a Barkt4 Wirt Frart" Tka Pkantra SMheo" Arrnaeyyk Hna-a k Maaa-P. GaanarB Cat tna tka Caaary" Tkry MaAa Hir a Say" SOT GIFT NIGHT EVERETT WAVERLEY MViJ.MWRrm Loretta Vouna ElEAkALLY YBl'AS" 'BAP I ITTI E ANGEL Tea S"'ka fiery TOrfl GAlne-M oauGLAS NINOTCHKA" ZO.OOO MEN A YEAR" B Sr.t PFe-trr LEXINGTON 'Remember the Night" EkhV JiaPlETea BlnaA'a Brian t'a Baay" MALDEN auditorium inWSSwmI8Ka EVE. 2So-3Se 8 Fnikiekilr -J Bennett "GREEN HELL C MaCarthy.Datnatinn lK BAY TIDAV Srrrtt-M I Inf ray 20.000 MEN A YEAR TIWEN IF laaDfN" Data ft Ira N wM FrL ment in the interest of the burdened taxpayer. In another step to protect the people of Dorchester and acting on numerous complaints received at the board's headquarters at Fields Corner on rumored housing projects proposed in the district, the organ-nation has notified the Mayor, all i -2 City Councilors and city, state and Federal housing authorities that h Is unalterably opposed to all hous-ir t projects, not only those in existence but those being projected or contemplated. AMUSEMENTS IVJ f7 V.MWifrJl V.7 'MICKEY JUDGE HARDY FROONEY AND SON tsrl Karls. IRITISH INTELLIGENCE" tonal Cslaua-Walttr Hittnn-Ua liamt LIGHT THAT FAILED fMl cCrt E MAXRIED MIS WIFE GER0NIM0 E0''; Alan Hartal!, MANNIEP AND IN lVE eat res Jam. Plain Egleston Sq. ,M JawaicaTcleitonXo1"6 17123 Sanja Heiola Ev'yth Hifit al Hitt Charles tavehtaa HeM k cf Ptatra Flay Tenifht Daal Fairbanks Jr. GREEN HELL C McCarthy, Detective Mattapan Dorchester Da" JaloaV Swanea River Tachaicaior Housekeepers Daughter i'(Bth Jean Raaartt T-ai w Cayary-Pat B'Brlfi FIGHTING 69TH" NATICK Jl" Shop Around the Burner fiT. Ckarlia McCarthy prtfrtiro" Stawart Eityar Bryn Needham West Newton GRETA GARBS law Ayr i NINOTCHKA DOUGLAS Secret of Dr. Kildare ..VysU' ROSUNDALE Fred MacMarray Barbara Stanwyck Raaitnibar tha Bite AIWe'e Hart Secret Jaaus Stewart 4 Colbert Mte a WawBerfal Worii CrraitfifM FitifaraU Wilt or the Fta$ SOMERVILLE moCnTOiBeuJa m Eli NINOTCHKA ;ZnfJ Jtas Catnay All Women Have Secrete, Sa laatiibla Stripci 4 Rrmtaibar tka Mtfht Somerville Rox. Crossing StmOMSTRANO . CWTEBI0NHn5730 Daaalat fairfcanko ir. RULERS OF THE SEA' 'Oar tha Baaklar Wept' ITS TONIGHT Humphrey Bogart RETURN OF OR. X" BAD LITTLE ANGEL! Play Larky' T"'ht ROXBUR Y WALTHAM Rivstiani Embass Oan AwkIh-AI lol'tin i Jrffrry Lynn SWANEE RIVER I A CHILD IS BORN 'Haaock'par'a Oaathlcr Flyina Deucet Tew'w CAGNEY-BBRIEN FIGHTING 69TM" MALDEN (Cont.) STRAND ORPHEUM- FBESTDN FBSTEB GERONIMO DEAD END" KIDS CALL A MESSERGER" la MARX BROS. AT THE CIRCUS 1. Blanall-M. Daaflaa Amuini Mr. Willianu' MEDFORD Grata Garka-M tyrya Daaflas Ninotchka (But Skawa Sat. Mat.) Wat.HanryEmarfancySaaaa" UEDFORD n MVS 1800 MEDFORD MELROSE 'Gulliver's Travels SONJA HENIE EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT NIGHT Sacrat af Dr. Kliaara RICK CARTER. MASTER DETECTIVE" I NORWOOD NORWOOD GONE WITH THE WIHD THEATRE DELUXE Rttarratltii NOR. 1888 QUINCY STRAliDa'fSoQUllICY GREEN HELL" Daaalaa Fatrkanka Jr. Chas. McCarthy. Dataatira C MrCarthy-EAyar Bar fan GONE WITH THE WIND SEATS ON SALE REVERE JULGVAQD-RGVEnC iQQI.At LirTklXTRifeLlEY. lt?o, GERALDINE FIT2GERALD A CHILD IS BORN JANE WITHERS IN HIGH SCHOOL Sat. Mat. Wattara Raptattk Chila Is Bara SOMERVILLE Teele Sq. Somerville Broadway THE WOMAN Pride of tha Blu Grats BLACKMAIL DAYTIME WIFE i Tha Cat and tha Canary Pack Up Your Troublaa SOUTH BOSTON ass STPflWPgBPOUPWAT lAURFt t HARDY-FLYIRG DEUCES' taw Ayan-l. Rarryman Saarat af Dr. KiiBan" M Diatrick-las. Stawart Daetry Rifts Asaia" W. Piffraa-R. Jakasaa Nick Carter, Dstaatin" WAKEFIELD ZMWcugnnDnPRntcES I Caaaar-M. Snsllwaa Straati af New Yark" T wa Tkaraafhkrtft" GRETA GARBO in NINOTCHKA lataraaliaa Plaasa" Watertown Everett i ith reaa Tha Lana Siatera FOUR WIVES' Joa E. Brown BEWARE RF SPRSKS CAT AND THE CANARY Wmtap Carmyal CHINA 1:30-7:30 WELLESLEY GOE WITH THE WIND 10:00-2:15-7:45 Sr;-S.:.,. WINCHESTER WINCHE VSSI BBEAT VICTOR HERBERrj RARDRLPH SCRTT 20,000 HER A YEAR" j NEW FILMS STATE AND ORPHEUM His Girl Friday " Convicted Woman 'His Girl Friday, adapted from the Charles MacArthur-Ben Hecht play by Charles Lederer. Directed and produced for Columbia by Howard Hawks. The cast HiMw J stinson Hosalind Russell Walter Burns Cary Grant Bruce Baldwin. .......... .Ralph Bellamy Mollie Malloy .Helen Mack Sheriff Hartwell Gene Lockhart Murphy PorterHall Bensimrer. Ernest Truex Endicott Cliff Edwardf Mavor Clarence Kolb McCue Roscoe Kama Wilson Frank Jenka Sander Reels Toomey Louie Abner Biberman Earl Williams John Qualen Mrs Baldwin Alma Kruger Joe Petti bone Billy Gilbert Warden Cooley . . .Pat West Dr Egelhoffer Edwin Maxwell "Front Page as a play and r picture wowed audiercec of eight years or so ago, and now this daring, hilarious, hard-boiled newspaper play has been remade with a fast talking, smart looking and vivacious girl reporter As the heroine. His Girl Friday moves with the dash of a champion sprinter, it glitters like tinsel on a Christmas tree and it is as funny as a fat lady on a diet Audiences at the State and Orpheum Theatres yesterday roared with mirth at its rowdy humor, and appeared to enjoy the revamped story quite as much as they did the original. There are no sentimental passages in His Girl Friday and every emotion is sacrificed for a laugh. Even a girl who commits suicide, after being badgered, misquoted and sneered at by a group of men reporters, is a mere incident in the story and her sad fate evokes not one whet of sympathy from any character. If one had time to analyze the plot, it would be rather shocking. But the theme is speed and more speed, hysteria mounting to more hysteria, and action so fast that it falls all over itself. Occasionally overabundance of emphasis causes strange lulls in the suspense, and there are sequences which serve as breathing spells from the rest of the speedy story. Otherwise the audience might be exhausted from constant laughter. Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant rush through the picture in the highest spirits and from appearance the entire cast must have had a gay time on the set There are many jokes on themselves that have been inserted. For instance, when asked what Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy) looks like, Mr. Grant says to his stooge, O, much like that fellow in the movies, Ralph Bellamy. And in another scene Grant says I havent had so much fun since Archie Leach cut his throat. It happens that Mr. Grants real name is Archie Leach, which of course convulses all movie fans who are in on the gag. The story concerns a managing editor whose wife, his star reporter, has not only divorced him but given up newspaper work. She returns to tell him she is engaged to marry a gentlemanly, credulous, respectable insurance salesman, the role taken by Mr. Bellamy. The editor, through a fabulous series of maneuvers, gets her back to write the story of a convicted murderer, Earl Williams, who is to be hanged in the morning but who makes an amazing escape. Mishap, misadventure and mischance, each funnier than the one before, bring about the end of the girl reporters engagement and her remarriage to the editor. In the meantime she has hidden the escaped murderer in a roll-top desk, become the centre of countless brawls with newspaper men, sheriffs and city officials anc seen her fiance arrested three times. Convicted Woman a screen play by Joseph Carole, is the story of how much reformation the average womans prison needs. Rochelle Hudson appears as an innocent prisoner trapped by circumstantial evidence and Frieda Inescort plays a wise and human superintendent who inaugurates a new regime. There are some interesting scenes of what Hollywood thinks girl prisoners should rate in the way of prison comforts. METROPOLITAN Sidewalks of London Seventeen Sidewalks of London by Clem ence Dane. Directed by Tim Whe' lan. Produced by Erich Pommer in London. The cast Charles Ijbby Harley Prentiss .Rex Harrison Constantine. . Larry Adler vJLtry Tyrone Guthrie Arthur Gus McNauahton Mr uc? . a ..... .Edward Lexv Mrs Such Mane CNeiil Hackett David Burns Temperley Ronald Ward Duchesi Ronully Lunge Lady Selina Helen Have Della Fordmgbridga Phyllis Stanley Magistrate Basil Gill ruaniiy? J?olly Ward Old Maud Claire Greet PpKK'f A If Goddard Blackface Cyril Smith Vivien Leigh and Charles Laugh ton share honors in Sidewalks of London," chief film at the Metropolitan, and although their accents are sometimes a trifle too British for American ears, they never fail in putting on a first rate show. Miss Ligh and Mr. Laughton give an exhibition for acting that deserves all the honors which have been heaped upon them for pictures far more pretentious than Sidewalks of London. yet no more entertaining. Miss Leigh honestly won her Academy award for the film at the Metropolitan, made before she came to this country to star jn the me morable Gone With the Wind, proves that she is an actress rather than just a type. The picture is a colorful story of the famous English buskers the sidewalk entertainers who sing, dance and recite before waiting theatre-goers in order, to gain the few pennies that mean their livelihood. Laughton portrays Charles, a middle-aged, kindly busker, who recites famous poems with appropriate gestures. Miss Leigh is a homeless street"irl, who is heartless, greedy and dishonest, yet in whose heart lies the ambition that is to get her to the top. Charles befriends her and obtains an opportunity for her to be taken up by professional theatrical people. She promptly and cruelly deserts him, after causing a scene in his rooming house and breaking his heart by her gibes. There is an ending that doesnt seem characteristic, when Libby, now a famous star, regrets her past and tries to get a job in her company for her former benefactor. It is hard to believe that such a calculating and cold lady as Libby would forget herself long enough to flout' the crowds waiting to see her and pursue the ragged and unhappy Charles out into the London streets. However, it makes a magnificent opportunity for both Miss Leigh and Mr. Laughton to turn on the histrionic fireworks. The really remarkable supporting cast includes Rex Harrison, who has been r-en in many pictures imported to this country; Ronald Ward and Tyrone Guthrie. Booth Tarkingtoni original story Truck Wheel Breaks Water Meter Causing Flood in Newspaper Row COAL TRUCK GOES THROUGH SIDEWALK AND CAUSES Hundreds of gallons of water poured into Newspaper Row this morning when a coal truck broke open a water meter on the office building at 209 Washington st. Pedestrians had to use the other side of Washington st. to avoid the stream of water. about the woes of Silly Willie Baxter has been completely modernized, and Seventeen is an up to the minute 1940 version of the romantic problems of youth. Jackie Cooper as a small town Romeo and Betty Field as the sophisticated belle of 16 play the principal roles in this gay and sparkling comedy. They are far smoother socially than the characters created by Tarking-ton, but it would probably be difficult today to find any 17-year-old country club adolescents who resemble the awkward and credulous boys of the period in which Tarking-ton wrote the story. Norma Nelson is especially good as the annoying little sister of the hero while Betty Moran is amusing as the girl who invites the lovely Lola Pratt to visit her. thus starting all the romantic havoc. RKO BOSTON THEATRE Vaudeville Two Film Features Things are Improving. If you dont believe it listen to George Beatty, lanky headliner at the RKO Boston Theatre this week, who tells about the man he saw in a New York breadline, carrying a toaster under his arm. Such tidbits of nonsense, a hilarious take off on a playboy at the deep .end of a bender, and some frolicsome songs, including an outspoken ditty about a man who married a strip tease dancer, make up Mr. Beattys offering an act that is strung on laughs. Other good things on this excellent bill include some most melodic tunes by Lester Cole and his Singing Debutantes. Lovely to look at and nicer to hear, these girls play magic with Victor Herbert melodies and turn on the heat with O, Johnny O, Johnny. They later becomingly develop solemnity for a top rate renditon of a Gershwin piece from Porgy and Bess. This draws down the house. Billed as Musical Maniacs, Charles Gregory and Jules Raymon offer an unsuual routine. The things they draw music from include an inner tube, the neck of a rubber glove and an electrically-driven vacuum cleaner, but the music they evoke is anything but maniacal. Also there is the singing, dancing and patter act of Chester Fredericks and Gloria Lane and the novel, well-balanced and entertaining routine presented by Woolfords Pets dogs with a flare for showmanship. Of the two first run films Isle of Destiny and Mercy Plane, the second is the better though the first has top billing. Mercy Plane is notable for two things: the very unusual story idea and the return of smiling James Dunn of the screen. Dunn gives a first rate portrayal of an ingratiating pilot who becomes involved, innocently of course, with a murderous gang who steal planes as other thieves steal automobiles, and then they dispose of their wares to a foreign power. Isle of Destiny makes use of a new color process called Cosmo-colo which provides some handsome Hawaiian scenic tapestries, but the plot creaks and the dialogue is redundant. The cast, partcularly William Gargan, Wallace Ford and June Lang, deserve better material. East Milton Choir to Give Seven Last Words of Christ Rev. Eugene A. Carney, pastor of St Agathas Church, Adams st. East Milton, is having the choir present The Seven Last Words of Christ by DuBois on Passion Sunday evening. March 10, at 7:45. The choir will be assisted by a male octet composed of Edmund Finnerty, Thomas Coughlin, Frank McAuliffe, Walter Keenan, Louis Neal, Lawrence Jenkins. James Fitzpatrick and Harold L. O'Neil. Harold L. ONeil, director of the choir, will be in charge. Mrs. W. T. Kendall is the organist. Miss Grace E. Word, violinist, and George A. Dussault timpani, augmented by other orchestral instrument. The soloists will be George Gould, Edward Manning, Ilda Berni, Mrs. John Madden, Lawrence Jenkins, Louis Neal and Walter Keenan. G. O. P. Clubs Unite in Cambridge for Party A fashion show and card party will be given by the Womens Republican Club of Cambridge in conjunction with the Young Women's Republican Club. Thursday evening, March 14, at 8 oclock, at the C n-tabrigia clubhouse, 100 Mt Auburn st. The style show will be conducted by Mrs. Edith Goodell. Refreshments will be served. The committee consists of Dr. Adeline F. Dunham. president; Mrs. Frederick W. Pfaff, Mrs. Everett B. Thomas. Mrs. Ernest E. McGuire, Mrs. William T. Hathaway, Mrs. George Strong. Miss Esther C. Beane. Miss Ethei Porter, Miss Josephine Edwards and Mrs. James W. Bean. The truck, operated by John J. Calahane of 36 White st.. East Boston, was about to make delivery of a load of coal at the rear of the structure. Court av., which extends around the building, was the actual scene of the water break. A large rear wheel of the truck MUSIC SANDERS THEATRE Harvard-RadclifTe Choruses The concert by the Harvard Glee Club and Radcliffe Choral Society m Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, last night was particularly engrossing. Invariably G. Wallace Woodworth, conductor of both organizations, chooses music well out of the ordinary, but this program was even more adventurous. An ensemble of brass instruments and E. Power Biggs, organist, assisted. As beginning, there were four choruses found in the Sacrae Sym phoniae by the prodigious Venetian Larrangcment of the choice bit of of the 16th century, Giovanni Gabrieli. Music of richness and elaboration. Gabrielis choruses have an astonishing variety of effects. They are at once massive, yet graceful, not without dull moments when the interplay of voices becomes too involved, but prevailingly attractive. One chorus required three divisions which answer each other, a problem solved by disposing the groups on the stage and in the balconies. An exacting device, it was neatly carried off. Of equal interest was the Carnival Song of Walter Piston, written for the Harvard Glee Club in 1938 and last night given first performance. Mr. Piston fitted to a text of Lorenzo de Medici, music for male voices and brass instruments, doing AMUSEMENTS O LOEWS STATE CHARMING OPERA NOW A BRILLIANT FILM Moore It one of n few oper ilaferv who cm ct M well as tb sines. ,C,.W. Durgin. Globe. - OOOAS OMEN II a STAGE IN TOWN COLONIAL Tsnijht 8 30 Mat. Tont'w 2:30 HERMAN SHUMLIN yresenti 'TaUu&kFaitJItfmi THE LITTLE FOXES' LILLIAN HELLMAN'S Dramatis Trlamsli With PATRICIA COLLINSE FRANK CONROY Fifth Satscrlstlos Flay American Theatra Sociity SYMPHONY HALL COM. 1492 Today 2a30-Totnw 8:15 Boston Symphony ORCHESTRA SERGE KOUSSEVITZKY Conductor Soloist F1ATIG0RSKY Cello TUES., APRIL 2 at 8:30 NELSON TTCKFT AT BOX OFFICF Anita Davis-Chase announces Jordan Hall sn. Aft., Mar, j0,S:so SZIGETI CELEBRATED VIOLINIST Tickets at Box Office 7So to SS. 5 AMUSEMENTS OmHfJTATIQN U15IS3 MONROE DOCTRINE i EEnETTER m a tun-ay "RememtiBr the Night aT McCarthy 'Clurlie McCarthy, Detective FLOOD IN NEWSPAPER ROW broke the sidewalk and the wheel dropped several inches, breaking the water meter top. The flood of water flowed out across Washington st. and down State st. and into the sewer. Workmen shut off the supply about 15 minutes after the mishap. it in a remarkably individual style. For masculine vigor combined with a flexible sort of melody and a certain spareness that reveals the modern spirit, Mr. Piston's work is altogether extraordinary. Nor is it without touches of humor. The combination of brass and mens voices might promise too much of one color, but such is not the case in the way Mr. Piston has contrasted them. The composer bowed from his seat in the audience. Two gems by Randall Thompson, Howl Ye, from The Peaceable Kingdom and the Tarantella on a verse of Hillaire Belloc, and choruses of Mozart and Handel were on the list. Edward Lawtons Americana, Casey Jones, was sheer fun. It remains only to say that the Harvard Glee Club tone this year seems richer than it has for some seasons past, and that the Radcliffe singers were competent. C. W. D. Private Rendition SALT LAKE CITY, March 8 (AP) City Auditor Jerrold Beesley very promptly said O, no you don't! as a messenger boy walked into the jCity Commission chamber to deliver a singing telegram. Beesley ushered the youth into a deserted corridor, then smiled happily as the messenger sang Happy birthday to you! AMUSEMENTS CONVICTED Frieda WOMAN Ineseoart & ORPHEUM o STAGE IN TOWN SHUBERT Last Week 500 cshe0a'tcse 1 WALTER HUSTON In a Spectacalar Play hy Ellis St. Josanli MAT. SAT. I EVES. 50c tn $2 50. MATS. 50 ta S2 PLUS TAX WILBUR .ixYKEfr HILARIOtS FARCE WORTH A MILLION With Charlay Chaw, Taylor Holmes, Coblna Wriflht, Jr.. Joyca Aflinj, Nita Nalhl, Pat C. Flick. Prices: Eas. 55e-2 75 Wih. Mat. 55e-1.65 Sat. Mat. 55e-2 20 Ta Inti. PLYMOUTH Last Week TONIGHT, 8:30 Seats Now . CLARE BOOTHE'S Mm FOR ERROR' with DORIS DUDLEY Eve. 55e-2 20. Sat. Mat. 55t-l 65 Te Ine. SHUBERT only8' Beg MAR. 12 DWIGHT DEERE WIMAN preeenls JACK MARTA SHIRLEY HALEY - EGGERT - ROSS m RODGERS and HARTS MUSICAL COMEDY ' LEIF ERICKSON & LEE DIXON SEATS BN SALE NOW, Eves. 55e ta $3.30 Wr. Mat. 55a ta S2 20. Sat. Mat. 55e ta $2 75 Boston Opera House EVES. 8.30 By Posalar Demand Remains Next Week MATS. TODAY SAT. AT 2:30 SUN. at 3 P. M. EVES. IncL SUN. S2 Tap. MATS. SCO SEATS at Me 700 SEATS It 77e. 1000 seat it SI. ill price plui tax Tickets Alts as Bala Wilbar Theatra Movie BOSTON THEATRES BITOr "Cloud Over Europe and Good Girls Go to Pans. Continuous. 9.00-11-30 P. m EXETER "Charlie McCarthy, Detective, 2 00, 5-00, B 00: Remember the Night, 3 25. h'30. 9:30. FEN W AY -Judge Hnrdy and Son, l'OO, ... -- 'British Intelligence. 4 00, 6 55. 9'50: 2'40, 5'40. 8 35. FIN k A It I 8 "nouise. 1:35. 7 -40. 6.45: Mickey Mouse.' 4 25 7-35 8-40 GAYET Burlesque, 12 00. S'OO. "Beware of Spooks. 10'45. 5 08. "Panama ldi'." 9-30. 1 '55. fi:40. GLOBE The Amazing Dr. Clitfer-houe and Beloved Brat. Burlesoue, 12 00. 2 30. 8.15 Kl 1 1 H-MEMOKJ A L Lfttl Old New York. 9 35. 12:44. 3 50, 7:02: 30:11: Saint's Double Trouble. 11.24. 2:33. 5-42. R 50. HOWARD Burlesaue. 12 00. 2:30, 8-30: Jesse James. 10.09. 6.26: Sudden Money ft-OR. 5:25 KF ITH P05T0N Isle of Destiny." 10 30, 2-20. 6 15. 10.05: Mercy Plane. 11:55. 3 50, f.4G; Stage Show, 1:15. 5 10. 9 00. KFVMORE That's Right. Youre Wrong. 1:00. 3 55, 6-40, 9 35, A Woman Is the Judge." 2:40, 5 25. 8.15. LOFW'S ORPHEUM "His Girl Ft-day. 9-30. 12 35. 3-45, 0'55. 10 05; Convicted Woman." 11'30. 2'35, 5 45. 8 55. LOEWS STATE His Gill FriOav. 12-35. 3 45 6 55, 10 05: ' Convicted Woman. 11:30. 2'35. 5 45, 8 '55. Ml TROPOI ITAN Sidewalks of London. 10 00. 12 55. 3 55. 6'55. 9 45; Seventeen. 11.30, 2-30. 5:30, 8 30. MODERN The Light That Failed. 11 15. 2-45, 6 15. 9.40; He Married His Wife. 9-45. 1:10. 4.40. 8:10. NORMANDIE Nick Carter, Master Detective and Remember the Night. Continuous 9:10-11:30 p. m. PARAMOl NT "Judge Hardv and Son." 10-20. 1.10, 3'55. 6.40. 9.30: Briti-h Intelligence, 9:15, 12.00, 2:50, 5.35. 8-20. SCOLLAT SQUARE "The Failed, 11.35. 2.55, 6 10, Married His Wife, 10:05, 8 10 SOUTH STATION Monroe Doctrine, Dempsey-W illard Fight, Paris. Skiing Technique, Donald Duck, Three Stooges and other subjects. Continuous, 8.30 a. m.-ll'OO p. m TRANS-LUX lhe Lion Has Wings." 9:30, 12 00. 2'30. 5.00. 7:35, 10 05; The Fatal Hour." 10 4.5 1 :20. 3.50 '30. 9 00. TRTMONT One Hundred Men and a Girl. 9.25. 12-55. 4-30. 8 05; Elizabeth and Essex, 11 00. 2:35. 6-10. 9-45 UPTOWN Charlie McCaithv. Detective, 2-35. 5 33. 8 35: Fighting 69th," 1-00. 3 55. 700. 10 00 WASHINGTON STRFET OLYMPIA Gcrommo." 10.25. 1.10, 3 55. 6-35, 9.20; Married and in Love, 9.20, 12.05. 2.50, 5:35. 8.20. SUBURBAN THEATRES AI LSTON ALLSTON "Gone With the Wind." Continuous 10"00 a. m.-5:30 p m Evenings. R-00 p. m CAPITOLFighting 69th" and Congo Maine. Matinees at 2.00. Evenings at 8 00. ARLINGTON CAPITOL "Ninotchka" and Call on the President. Matinees at 2 00. Evenings at 6.45. 8 00. RFGENT "Allegheny Uprising and Fast and Furious. Matinees at 2.00. Evenings at 8 -00. BRAINTREE BRAINTREE Great Victor Heibert and Private Detective." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:45 p. m. Last complete show 8 15 p. m. BRIGHTON EGYPTIAN Remember and 20.000 Men a Year. Matinees at 1 50. Evenings at 7 50 BROOKLINE COOLIDGE CORNER VGreen Hell. 1:50. 4 55, 8 05; "Chailie Chan, Detective. 3-40, 6.50, 10 00. BROOKLINE VILLAGE "Call on the President. 1:50, 5.10, 8-15; Invisible Stripes. 3-50, 8 50, 11:00. CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARE Gerommo and "High School." Matinees at 2 00. Evenings at 8 00. HARVARD "Everything Happens at Night and Our Neighbors, the Carters Matinees at 2 00. Evenings at 8 00. UNIVERSITY "Gone With the Wind, 10-00 a ni . 2-15 and 8 00 p m. CHARI fcSTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE Cisco Kid and the Lady. Matinees at 2-00. Evenings at 8 00. OORC HESTER CODMAN SQUARE Barricade, 3-17, 9.22, Mexican Spitfire." 1-55 8-00. DORCHFSTF.R Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence and The Phantom Strikes. Matinees at 2.00. Evenings, 7 00-11 00. FRANKLIN PARK Barricade, 3:15. AMUSEMENTS N0WJR1CO BIG RKO STAGE j SHOW GREGORYS ESTER COLE DEIS CHESTER FREDERICKS CO. WOOLFORDS RETS YIPEE-Theyre Here- The Prairie Queen and Cactus King ... in a Rootin-Tootin Saga-Daga of the Bold, Brawling Badlands! S 5 5 i i $ A v LAST DAY LITTLE OLD NEW YORK' ALICE FAYE THE SAINT'S (D0UtLE TROUBLE 1 3 Ir J v 1 --. MARGARET LINDSAY HONEYMOON DEFERRED. fllilHM LAST 3 DAYS! GONE::,-WIND" CONTINUOUS 10 A. M TO 2-43 F. N. EVENINGS RESERVED 8 P. M. MAJESTIC Theatre GAYETYBUR1ESCIUE ( r JOA IN! CAItltOLL tuN MArna TO MTCMCLL-OOrr BAftK m CAT chnctics rioucs nX DOROTHY LAWRENCE Start 1000 l.oo st BWB-n,,, FIGHTING 69th. charlie McCarthy, detective Schedules P-15- Mexican Spitfire." 2-05. 8 05 LIBERTY Dark Victory" and B.rh lor Mother. Matinee at 1.45. nings at 7 43. STRAND Swanea River, 3-21 o u Housekeeper Daughter.'1 1 -54, A oil EAST MILTON STATE "Great V ctoe Heibert and Mexican Spitfire." Ait, nee at 1 -50 Evenings at 7 50 'u LUI MTON SQL ARE EGLESTON Green Hell and Charlie ilrCinh, Detective." Matinees at 2.00. Evemn u EA L RETT CAPITOI. Eternally Your." ano "Rk Little. Angel Mattntea at and 1 30. Bad Fvenmga, 7-00-11 00 HYDE PARK FAIR MOUNT Greco Hell. 3.12. 9T2, Charlie McCarth Detective. 153. 7'53. vv.aruty, HYDE PARK They Asked for 1, 3 20. 9 20. "Arizona Kid. 2 09, R 09" JAM AICA PLAIN JAMAICA Every, thing Happens at Night" and Hunch, back of Notre Dame. Matineei at 1 an Evenings at 7.45 ' LEXINGTON LEXINGTON R.mnri her the Night. 2 30, 8 15; 'Blond,; Brings Up B.ihv. 4 05. 9 30. naa M ALDE GR ANADA "Married and In Hvr"fAV-,a, Amazing Mr Williams. Matinees at 2 00 Evenings at 8.0ft STRAND Call a Messenger, 2 05 7 00, 9 50: Geiommo. 3 15. 8 20 ' MYSTIC Charlie McCarthy. Deter- r'V H?5, 7' 9'55' Gre,,n Hell. MAPI KWOOD 20.000 Men a Year and "Tower of London. Matinees at 1 '4 1 Evenings at 7 45 MA1T.APAN ORIENTAL Swanea River 1:45. 800; "Housekeeper a Daughter. 3 23. 9-3R. Keepers MEDFORD FELLSWAY Gulllver'i Tiavels. 3 30. 9 30; Nick Carter Da! ontii a 9 Art O Art tective. 2.00. 8 00. MFDF ORD Ninntrhka. Fmcrgency Squad. 4.25, MFIROVE MFLROSE Happens at Night and Secret of Kildare," Matinees at 1.30. Evenings at 7 30. NATIl K COLONIAL Shop Around the Corner and Chat lie McCarthv, Detective" Matinees at 2 00. Evenings at 8:00. NF W ION PARAMOUNT Remember the Night and "A Child Is Born." Matinees at 2-00 Evening at R-00 NORWOOD NORWOOD Gone With lhe Wind." . , Ql INI V STRAND "Green Hell and Charlie McCarthy. Detective. QUINCY "Gone Wflh the Wind RMIKl. BOULEVARD A Child Is Ruin ' and -High School. Matinees al 2 00 Fvenings at 8 00 KEVFRE A Child Is Born and High School Matinees at 2 00. Evenings al 8 00. RONI.IN DATE RIALTO "Remember the Night and All Women Havs Secrets. Matinees. Evenings continuous. 6-30-11 00, BEIXFVUE ''Us a Wonderful World and Mill on the Floss. Matinee st 1 45 Fvenings at 7 45 SOMFRMLI.F CENTRAL Fternshy Youis and Law of the Pampsii" Matinees at 2 00. Evenings continuous from 6 30. CAPITOL AND BALL SQUARE ' Ninotchka and "All Women Have Secrets. Matinees at 2,00. Evening continuous from 6 20. DAVIS SQUARE "Cat and the Canary and Thev Made Her a Spy. Matinee at 2-00. Evenings at 8 00 SOUTH. BOSTON ST RAND Flying Deuces" and Secret of Dr Kildare. Matinees at 2-00 Evenings at 7 30 BROADWAY Destrv Rides Again" and Nick Carter, Detective Matinees at 2 00 Fvenings at 7 70 SOI Til HETMOIIH CAMEO 'Daytime Wife and "That's Right. You re Wrong Matinees at 1'45. Evenings continuous from 7:00 p. m. Last complete show 8 15 p m W 4KF FIFLD WAKF.FIET D Street of New Yoik, 3 30, 9.15, Two Thoiough-hreds. 2 19. 8 04 PRINCESS "Nmotchka. 2 30, 8 30. W ALT HAM EMBASSY A Child Is Born and "F'lvin Deuces. Matinees at 2 00. Fvenings at 8 00 W4TFRTOWN COOLIDGE 'Four Wive'" and "Beware of Spooks, ' Matinees at 1 45 Evenings at 7 45. WATERTOWN SQUARE' Cat and the Canaiv and 'Kid Nightingale'' Matinees at 2 00. Evenings at T 45 WA VI RIFV STRAND Nmotchka" and 20 000 Men a Year. Matinees at 2 00 Evenings at 7-45 5YFI.IESI.EY COMMUNITY Onne With the Wind. 10:00 a. m., 2:15 ana 7-45 n m WINCHESTER WINCHESTER "Great Victor Herbert. 2 16. 8 09, 20.000 Men a Year." 3 56. 6:30. 9'49. AMUSEMENTS rt fust X Matures M ISLE OF , DESTINY WM. GARGAN R A YM 2nd Feature iMircy Plane '0 ? i S' Tilt Dtructio . w-of Polmd l-SIEGE- T' NEXT WEEK-Diana Letaa.GlayClark-8lftf J rnr: i r jpttvi 122 jo- I I EtflmllJ I Diary Oarnci Btflt&aa SHERRY BRITTON NORA FORD , 8111 Hmcs-Mss Coins 'Mtdnrft Stow Friday On!, Traxlin 8rl., 4 Chets I Oodos luL132J5EIii BETTE OAVIS ERROL FLYNN - -lEMZ, A ESSEX An Deanna Durbin gbOLPHI NtSJOU -l nn WITH AGIWI nonmnnoiE FOUR WIVES JOHN MWiat. USI arSTTN BA..V wnsow TSM o v ws.. IILETI C CSANT-C LOMhASO IN NAME ONLY JURY SECRETS m7n 6000 emts go TO PAftt eioupt ovtw timon i u0avftio0Ar AMISSIN6 OAUGHTfffl 1 rcuvistON v fATTfiL-kfl fig N'i IOMH4I WING! I "LION" WINGS MfRti 08ERON RALPH RICHARDS!

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