The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1955
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Do You Hire Baby Sitter or Maid? Then You Must Pay Social Security Domestic Help Earning $50 A Quarter Is Now Included By FRANK O'BRIEN WASHINGTON (AP) — Do you pay a baby sitter an average of $4 a week? Do you have a cleaning woman who comes in once a week? Or a gardener, handyman or other casual domestic help? If you do, it is quite likely you are now an employer, With the same responsibility as a big corporation for paying social security taxes. New provisions of the social security law that went into effect Jan. 1 lowered the qualifying lim- itb for domestics to include them In the social security system if they get $50 cash wages from you in any calendar quarter of the year. That means any one person to whom you pay about $4 a week or more throughout any one quarter will probably qualify—making you an official employer, with full responsibility for collecting, reporting and paying social security tax, Age No Difference Your baby sitter, if she—or he- gets $50 a quarter or more from you, is included. Age makes no difference. You are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying social security taxes even the em- ploye does not want to come into the system. (But it is up to the government to call on the employe—using the name and address you must supply—and give her a social security card and number.) Internal rpvenue officials say the penalties which apply for failure to file or pay income tax also apply, where appropriate, to the reporting and paying of social security taxes by householders. In case of civil delinquency, failure to file the return in time would subject householders to a penalty of 5 per cent a month of the tax due, up to n total of 25 per cent, plus interest a 6 per cent on the unpaid tax. Full Responsibility For criminal failure to file, which involves wilfulness, the possible penalties range up to a fine of 510,000 or a prison term up to one year, or both, for ench offense. The full responsibility for collecting, reporting; and paying the social security taxes lies on the employer, the revenue service said, and therefore the penalties apply only to the employer. The only test now for whether your household employe is eligible for social security coverage is: Does he or she receive $50 cash wages from you in any calendar quarter—January through March: April through June; July through September, October through December? The number of days worked in the quarter—previously it had to be 24 days—no longer matters. Other Obligations The Government estima tes the new provisions made something like R quarter of a million maids, baby sitters, handymen and other domestic or casual employes of nonfarm families eligible. What are your obligations as an employer? If you have a domestic employe who qualifies, you are obligated to: 1. Deduct 2 per cent from his wages. 2. Add from your own pocket the same amount. (If you prefer, you may make no deduction and pay the total 4 per cent of the cash wages from your own pocket.) 3. Send this 4 per cent to your district director of internal revenue within a month after the close of the calendar quarter, along with the Employer's Quarterly Tax Return for Household Employes. 4. At the end of each calendar year, give 'your employe a written statement of how much wages you paid him during the year, and how much social security tax you sent in for him. These are the same as the obligations of any firm in taking care of its employes' social security contributions. You are not required, as a business is. also to deduct income tax and send that to the government. Some Questions Here are some of the questions that .seem to be the most common, and answers from social .security and the revenue service: What does all this get for my employe? U allows your household help to join the majority of the nation's millions of breadwinners in paying a quarterly premium on monthly retirement benefits to be paid after the employe- is 65, or make monthly payments to the worker's •survivors. Your local social .security office can .supply full detail. 1 ; on the complicated business of how much coverage is needed for what benefits. Just what ''household help" is included? The revenue service lists maids, laundresses, cooks, housekeepers, gardners, janitors, furnacemcn. htndymen, governesses, valets, butlers, chauffeurs and baby sitters. The rule ts that they must be your own employes. This lets out carpenters, painters and like workers who are self-employed (doing work for you under contract, not as your employe) or who arc the employes of some firm The taxes do not apply to your ! mother, father, wife, husband or | son or daughter under '21. All Money Paid Out What does "cash" wages mean? This means money paid out by you. It includes checks and money, orders. It does not include streetcar tokens, but does include cash paid for carfare. It does not include the value of food, clothing, room or such other noncash payments. What about a rnaid, or other household employe, who does not have a social security number? The employe should be sent to your local social security office, or should write to the office lyou can do this for the employe) for Form SS-5 (Application for Social Security Accounts Number.) Or this can be obtained from your district director of internal reven ue. How do I—newly an employer for social security tax purposes- get started? Telephone, write or visit your local revenue office or social security office and ask for the Employer's Quarterly Tax Return for Household Employes. Once you get this, you will go on the mailing list of your district director of internal revenue, and he will send the form to you each quarter, in time for filing. Report Separately Say I have a maid, or handyman, who also works in other homes? Should each householder be reporting separately for this employe? Yes, each reports separately, and each pays social security taxes — or does not pay them — under the $50 a quarter rule. You may get from any Internal Revenue Service office a booklet called "Household Employer's Social Security Tax Guide." This goes fully into your obligations under the new law, tells you how to fulfill them, and provides help ful tax tables, plus forms for keep ing records and for making the required annual report to your em- ploye. British Authors V/onf Change In Definition of 'Obscenity' "ob- By ALV1N STlilNKOPF LONDON <;Pi— A committee of [ British authors, supported by pub-! , Ushers and some members of Parliament, proposes to enlarge ' the definition of the word I seemly." ! The dictionary .says the word j means something "foul, filthy, disgusting, indecent, unchaste and! lewd." The authors of a new bill, headed by Sir Alan Herbert and Sir Gnrald Barry, want to stretch the word to cover anything unduly emphasizing horror, cruelty and violence. Tn Consolidate I,;nvs They seek lo consolidate and bring' up to dale .-scattered bits of British liiw forbidding the publication of obscene matter, in print and pictures. The professional writers do not aim to give censor more power. Their legislation would provide a number oi new defenses against some magistrates who have been inclined to find obscenity almost anywhere. The proposal to include violence in the meaning, of obscenity U to give courts a weapon against the more lurid forms of "horror comics" circulating among children. Actions for obscene publication in Britain come sporadically as prosecutors and police make intermittent campaigns. Boccaccio's "Decameron" is in the dock often, but still survives in the best libraries. Copies of D. H. Lawrence's "The Rainbow" were burned by a magistrate. Radclyffe Hall's "Well of Loneliness" was banned. The bill drafted by the authors SLIP COVERING DEMONSTRATION* — The Dogwood Home shows some of the 70 women attending how to make slip covers. Demonstration Club held a slip covering and re-upholstering, clem- This workshop.irvas attended by Home Demonstration Clubs in north- onstration and workshop this week. Here Beatrice Mose, Negro, Mississippi County. (Courier News Phutoj He'll Loom SOUTH Kt'N'D. Ind. ijp.i—Jarnes T. Barry, a .'-.'olic Dame student, thumbed a nde downtown for a court hearing on a hitchhike charge. The motorist who picked him up, City Jud^e George Farage, delivered him at his destination, then lined him si. {would require courts to consider the "general intent" of a piece of ' writing or a picture- It .would put b an end to the practice of judging '. a book on the basis of isolated = passages of text- Courts would also be required to consider the type of : readers for which a work is intended, and would be required to , lake WHO account the reputation ; and purpose of an authur and his publisher. j Most aumors and publishers : seem to .support the proposed leg| islation, but several newspapers ! speculated whether a broadening j of the definition of obscenity might I give censors a new weapon. Reds Say British Woman Seeking 1 Political Asylum VIENNA, Austria i.-Pi—A British woman reportedly has asked the Russians for political asylum. Austrian police said the woman. -Mrs. E. E. W. Grossett, of Edinburgh, Scotland, went to a Russian zonal' control post after arriving here by . air. In Edinburgh, her husband sam he expected his \vife back in a few days. "You know how women take notions." he said. "She often i^oes a-ivay and runs out of money and then conies home." He said she had no "particular political sympathies." iDogs Come First Birds do not sweat, but they are able to bring air inside their bodies in order to cool themselves. NEWARK. N.J. i.'P' — Firemen called to put out a blaze in a brick warehouse were confronted by six barking, growling watchdogs, They lirid to .subdue the dogs with a spray j of water before tackling the fire. ; WARNING! Don't Ie» cough from common cold hang on Chronic bronchitis may develop if ' your cough, chest cold, or acute bron- ! chilis is noi treated and you cannot ' afford lo take a chance wnh any medicine les$ potent than Creomulsion. H goes into the, bronchia! system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, infiamed bronchial membranes. (Jet a large bottle of Crcomulsion at your drug store. Use it all as directed. Creomui'ion is guaranteed to please you or drug^i 1 -! refunds money. CREQMUi-SION relieves Coughs, Che^ Coldi, Acute Bronchitil Now Being Featured At Your Favorite Stora 26 Piece Silver Service R*9. $39.75 Now 22 50 CHEST FREE While Six Sets Last! FITZPATRICK'S DAZEY Can Opener Reg. $2.95 Value Now .00 32 PC. SET ANCHOR-HOCKING HEAT-PROOF DINNERWARE FIREKING-IVORY *2.95 ELECTRIC SHAVER $2' 95 If You Decide To Trade This Sharer In On A More Expensive Model... 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