The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 20, 1880 · 4
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 4

Boston, Massachusetts
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Monday, September 20, 1880
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EDITION. MONDAY, SEPT. 20. 1880. rW ftl.KH.. a 37 P rr n , Wit j 12 ft 3 HIT ) I.THY.... IX 1 TO " THC WIATMIR. Krvr Tnttk, fteptember 20 11.20 a. m Indie lion for New Knrlsnd: VMing oarometar. sooth rlv to westerly wind, partly cloody weather and light rain, follow! by a Hbt fall In temperature W4 rlalng barometer. UNCI AND ARROWS. The Republican paper have been saying tot-several day: "Me laugh beat who laugh last." Jatt o. We are having an cellent laugh Just now over the Maine return. The New York Hun remind the tow-path dabs that the bip of state U not a canal-boat. Why did firant accept and then resign tbe presidency of tbe Han Tedro Mining Company? That's what lota of people hereabout wonld like to know. A few yearn ago it would not bare been healthy for a maa to bi General Hancock' name in tbe present of HOOO Republican. On Friday night ;WHJO Republicans hissed It. Yet Hancock i the name man today when be lay welter inc in hi blood on the field of ietyborg. It is the party that ha changed. The heroes of the old Second Army Corn will remember these blase on the day f election (Hew York 8un. Tbe Hoston correspondent of the .Springfield Republican eaya that Maine will go Hepnblican in November. In tbe first place tbe B. C. of the S. R. don't know anything about it, and, In the second place, It isn't so. With these alight amendments tbe statement may stand. And now comes Hamilton Pish and say Centra (Jarfiold is a truthful man. That settle it. The Cincinnati fiazette, edited by Deacon Richard Htnitb, claims Maine by 500 majority. Thi roust have been done by bis wicked partners while the deacon was at a prayer-meeting:. Mr. I lain ted of Cincinnati is still abusing Mr. F.ngltsh for collecting money due him and his client after it had fallen due. A correspondent writing to the Advertiser from Portland says that the Republican defeat In Maine, was caused by a revolt from Blaine's tyranny. Klght you are. A Philadelphia correspondent say that Clara Morris is afaid of Huston. (iive me the counting of a people's ballots, says Mr. ttlaine, and I care not who does the voting. Now, the only Question about the Maine election which possesses any great Interest outside of the Itate is this: Do tbe results of thin election show any change in the political sentiments of the people of this state" A for the Republican, who earried this state in the election for governor in 1876 by more tbnn 15,XH majority, have they now gained or lost as compared with their majority then? Nave they now as great a majority as they then had, or have they fallen essentially behind? Taking tbe tisrures of the two elections, the figures of 1876 and the figures of 1 MHO, do we find in them any reason to conclude that, whereas the Republicans succeeded in November, 1H76, in carrying tbe state for their candidate for president, the leinonracy are likely to succeed In November, 18HO? This, we say, is the only point of great Interest as regards this election when it is considered by people outside of the state. w York Sun. Sarah Bernhardt seems to have taught his excellency tbe Merman minister-plenipotentiary at Copenhagen that newspaper fame is but a poor reoouipeose for private misery. The real facts of tbe cut were these: Baron Matrnus, long a fervent admirer of the divine Sarah, found himself deeply in love with her when she came to the Danish capital, lie sent her many bouquets; and although not at first invited to the banquet In her honor, she schemed for, and ultimately received, an Invitation. At what he thought the telling moment, he promised "La belle France," and advanced to clink glasses, harah had some difficulty, It seemed, in finding a glass; but at last she stood erect, and, amid profound silence, responded with -La France tiifirre!" There was great cheering. The baron hesitated. Sarah, seeinc this, called out loudly to him, "La France entii-rt! n'est ce C, Monsieur l'Anibassadeur?" She advanced, , with her vlass. The poor baron was abashed; tie clinked glasses, and lelt the room, the most miserable man In IKmtnark. London Truth. Depravity's Demonstrations. A negro burglar, W. If. Hilton, who is suspected also of murder, was arrested at West bury, L. I., alter firing three shots at the officers. (ieorgo A. Wright (colored), aged twenty-five, has been sent to prison in New York to await trial tor rape ou llosa Brady (white), aged seventy. Jack Retford and Charles Hurley were caught in the act of breaking into tbe store of O. H. Wilkinson & Co.. at Laconia, N. II., between 12 and 1 o'clock Saturday uight. Thomas Marshall la in quod at Lawrence, targed with the larceny of $8 85 from Robert ady iu Lowell Friday night. Antonio Itracbe argued witb Christian Roberts nd William Header with a shot-gun, Sunday, at Uoboken, aud is under arrest. Henry Feenev, a Paterson man, went into the aloon of Richard Barriugton on Chatham street. New York, and was thrown Into the street, where, the police picked hiiu up with a fractured skull, tie is dead. J. Klasfky, a merchant of Bradford, Penn., guest at Crook's Hotel, New York citv, committed suicide by inhaling common Illuminating gas. The gat was found turned on full head in his room, while tbe transom and windows were tightly closed. The Old liny State Cmm, which is to open October 7, will be the most brilliant series of entertainments ever ollered ly Manager Wheeler, whose reputation tor reliability stands so high that bis patrons are sure always that, his promises will be tulliiled. Anuio Louise Cary, the Temple quartet, the Rive-King concert company, with Laura Bellini, prima donna. Mine. Cbatterton-Bobrer. the Schubert concert company, F.. Humphrey Allen, Miss Carrie Turner, "Midsummer Night's Dream" with Mendelssohn's music, read by (ieorge Kiddie, Marie Rote-Maplevm, Signor MontigrilTo, tbe Llsteuiann concert company, the Ideal opera concert company, Herr (ieorge Henschel, Lilian Bailev, Mrs. W. H. Sherwood, the At. ndelssahn quintet club, Bamabee troupe, tieorgia Cavvan, Professor J. W. Churchill and Theodore Thomas. Tickets at &tand 4wtll be on sale at Music Hall box trice tomorrow morning. The entertainment take place Thursday evenings. Departure of the Yweat j-thlru. Tbe members of this regiment assembled In line in front of the St. James Hotel this morning at 8 o'clock, and gave three hearty cheers for the proprietors of the St. James, and moved off in column ot tour, passing down Washington street to Knee-land and lrom thence to the Old Colony depot, where they left for Newport on a special train at tMii. The passage through tbe streets was witnessed by an admiring crowd of spectators, who were delighted with the music of their splendid baud, and gave the regiment a hearty greeting on their farewell march through our city. "m HtMrlDii. In tbe suit of the Music Hall Association vs. Rarney Corey et als. the full court has decided that it is not necessary to a transfer of stock the books of a corporation to be valid against an attaching creditor, when not required to be .o iMMle by positive provisions of the statutes ol the charter. In the suit of John C. Hodge et al. vs. Nathan Jlor et aL tbe bill has been dismissed with eoajs. aUocat L'aee. Joseph Kennv's store, on Harrison avenue, was broken iulm this morning, and 13 iu money, some cigar uU hijiuirs stutcu, Albert A. Cnoiidge has been cboscu a member f the executive committee of the New Rutland Uanulacturers and Mechanics' Institute. Johu B. Bradley, a harness mal-er. was found lead in his shop, in evtern avenue, Brighton Uriel. Saturday. The cause was heart disease. The conundrum propounded at the West Rud, iwterUay, was, "VI here was KUlgwav when the tgu went onv,' uy, on Congress street, uituus horse and two sha'.u. Tue regular meeting of tbe Hancock and Eng-ts dub of ard ! wtu l held al tbe headtiar-. Hi.'! N aslungtuu street, tomorrow eveuiug. iotl speakers wlU I presvou Ap(taiut at the fruit depot of tbe Boston Couuc Men's Christian I utoo received with their tift of apple a pamphlet containing practical dl-ctHo for cooking them, written by Miss I'ari 1 rank (VmsoU reported to tbe police thit be bad a roil of bills la bis band, last evening, which be was tMila mg to aa unknown man, and suddenly the straatiar anatcttod It and ran. Fiank is out. The tar ions attraction offered for tbe Rotv arts 1 ycettin cours of entertainment are given t length m U advertiiang columns, this morning. 1 hr of tickets for the course o)ds a; Mutio Hall, uimrrxw momm;, the eetertain-arat bing given 00 Tuesday eveutngs, Iwcin-iae t ibtober 6. t he tmieral of IVxtovah Scales was beld In the 5 l dirtc, ytrruav, ur the auspices jw. Metbaaaa lodeof Ms and Northwestern s t,f id 'e"w. At tit Cnitariaa cnureh Kv. Henry A. Stevens paid a trieate to the anemery f tbe deceased. Edwartt l ope, . years old. tell from the J"1 story iua trie elevator well at the Anter-'l'"- '" fareaoon. He would nave been ttrT t?.t" oor had he sat steuck t:a-n ?- fWrr a fortunate. v a tog at tk tiro . Dr. CiUry w eai). ,t, but tme.4 MUi aVMlMtd bttf apprentlj wimjhmJi HOSMER'S TRIP. What the Young Oarsman Will Do Abroad. He Frees His Mind Regarding Oarsmen and Others. What His Backer Has to Say About tbe Eofirlinh Trip. George It. Hosmer, tbe champion oarsman of New England, who ha recently returned from a trip through Canada and New York state, left for Kngland. Saturday, with bi backer, Richard Mc-Manus. of thi city. During bis recent trip he defeated Riiev, Gaudear, Weisgerber and a number of other equally as proficient scullers. While upon bi way to board the steamer for Albion' bore, be was met by a representative of Thb Globe and a lengthy conversation ensued, during which the youthful aculiergave-venttohls opinions of tbe different oarsmen of America with a freedom and candor which wa thoroughly characteristic. Speaking ot tbe race at Midland, Ont., in which be defeated Riley, be said that it wu bis opinion that Riley was not in tbe best of condition, and although he had defeated him be (Hosmer) was of tne opinion that he could not do it every day. Speaking of the merits of Riley as an oarsman he grew enthusiastic, and stated that in his opinion no man in the country was capable of getting as much speed ont of a boat except Hanlan. Yoa don't really mean to ay that be i a superior man to Courtney, do you? 'Well, yes; but between him and Courtney there exists arrangements whereby the latter Js allowed to win every race in which they meet. Riley may have been "blowing" fome when he-told me that, on the occasion of the last race be-twaon them, he could have easilv defeated Court ney, nut that the latter and bis friends made him sign a paper agreeing to allow Courtney to coma In ahead: yet he may have been telling the truth, for the New York state oarsmen are peculiar people, amateurs and professionals alike. They and their way of doing business would not be tolerated long in this viciuity." Courtney and Riley are reported as being matched again, are they not? "Yes, I believe they are. It Will be the Old Story Over Ataln, however. They will row where they will get the most money, to which they will add $50O or $100O given them by Mr. Soule, and Courtney will undoubtedly win. but the aggregate monev which tbey will receive from all sources will be divided between them." Courtney was entered for the Geneva race, was be not? "Yes; and I know of 110 reasonable excuse for bis staying out of that race. He was well boated, having two of the finest paper boats afloat, and was in the pink of condition. What his reasons for staying out were can only be attributed to his usual infirmity cowardice lor 1 have not the least doubt but that he was afraid that either Weisgerber or myself would have defeated hiin. One thing is certain, rather than have the 'big duffer beat me (had be rowed), I would have died iu my boat but I don't think that I would have bad to exert mvself to such an extent to keep the stern of my boat well in advance of his bow at any time during the race. In fact Weisgerber would have surely beaten him. The best thing Courtney can do is to eet out of the business, tor while he is belore the public a an oarsman (?) it can never revive, and ttuit it is on the wanen this country is atte.-ted by the fact that, at Geneva, hardly 60O people were present, while at Reekskill not more than a handful of people nearly all gamblers viewed the race. At I'eekskill how did Lee and myself make that mistake? Well, I'll tell you. Tbe" start was made similarly to the way in which it is done upon the Charles river, from a line stretching from the shore to the judges' boat anchored out some distance. Wnile tbe race was being rowed, the managers (who I may say were all gamblers) saw tit to anchor half-way between the shore and tne judges' boat a smaller boat, and between these two boats we were to pass. Of this arrangement neither Lee nor myself had any knowledge. Both of us rowed leisurely down by the shore, quite a distance ahead of Ten Eyck, who was anywhere from a quarter to a half a mile abead of l'laisted, while Kenouth occupied about the same position as be did in the 4th of July race here. Of course 1 thought that I had won the first prize, and le had got the same notion into his bead as regards the second, nut the gentlemen (?) who officiated as managers claimed that, as Ten F.yck, Plai-aed and Kenouth had passed cetween the boats, and Lee and myself did not, they were entitled to the prizes. This decision was arrived at after all the oarsmen had crossed the line, for had Lee and myself been made acquainted with this arrangement when we finished we could have easily recrogsed the line and came in as the manager desired, still maintaining our respective positions of first and second boats. It was a Nice Trick and Nicely Played, bnt it will be "a cold day" when Lee and myself get caught that way again. Was Lee mad? AVell, you would say so. He swore and raved, declaring that the next time he rowed against Ten Eyck. Flaisted, or that alleged oarsman, Kenouth of Brooklyn, he would just leave them as tar behind as it was in him. I only laughed, as it was no use to "kick." Did you see Johnny Kennedy up that way? Yes, he was up there looking for pie, but that particular dish ain't being served up now. Johu is a funny fellow, as is his partner Mike Davis. They are the Davy Crockett's of oarsmen. "Be sure you are right and then go ahead," is their 'motto, but unlike that histrionic hero they hav but little of the "go ahead" about them as far as the making of matches is concerned, while their stock of the "be-sure-your-right" part of the business is concerned is sufficient to supply all the rest of the oarsmen in America and leave a balance for Wallace Ross to take over to Kngland with him when he sails. Now, I don't want, you to think that 1 have anything but an exalted opinion of those two men as oarsmen, for they are oarsmen of no mean calibre, ami the question as to who is the best si'uiler in New Lngluud is an open one which will probably be decided by Davis, Kennedy ana myself some time next season. Many think that both my backer and myself are confident that I can deleat either ot the i'ortlamiers. The cards which were published over Dick Me-Manus' signature in my behalf were mainly provoked by inueudoes emanating with people claiming to be the representatives of Davis, and a certain newspaper man who is of the opinion that he is almighty in the sporting world, a delusion which time and merciful treatment at the hands of people he has "roughed." without provocation, will coinuletely efface. His attempts to injure my prospers and those of inv backer were tor a time successful, and I was looked upon as an ogre, but thanks to the real supreme power in the sporting aud all other wori&s the peoplo have seen through the petty malice which has prompted bis writing, aud today his remarks, as regards myself, have as little weight as The Twaddle of a Two-1'ear-Old Infant. They only occasion laughter. By tbe way please mail a copy of the issue of your paper which contains this interview to all tho principal boating men iu Kngland. It will please a good many ot them to aid will look well in their crap-bonks, alongside of an article which was mailed to I nl uitl in anticipation of my departure some weeks since. Will 1 row Davis? Weil, I don't know. It is just as l ick says. If lie says 1 must row him, I'll do it: anu, it' it is possible for uie, I propose to beat hiiu. Whether I can perform that teat or not remains to lie seen, but 1 am willing to try. Davis is a 1 it afraid to row just now. 1 11 my opinion bis business of making oars and rowlocks lias grown tu such an extent that nearly all ot bis tune is occupied iu furthering it along, and he has done hut little rowing. Vet he is still careful tUattbe people shall look upon him as the sn)e-rior man, and only niakci the claim that I owe him $3 "u which be knows 1 never i!l pav, i ecau.-e 1 1I0 uoi owe ii 1 as an excuse, a men: subteriue, for postponing the race between us until such tune as his busines wu! permit of bis taking the tune necessary to prepare for a reo with ne. The result of the contest troubles him but little. I think I know his mind when I say that Dayjs is of the opinion that be can defeat any man this side of Lngland, barring Hanlan, ana the Canadian would be but a little iu the van at tbe finish of a five-mile rue between theiu. As Davis is t a conceited man, he is not f r out in bis way of thinking. Well. I don't know what I am to do in England. I dou't know a 1 ant going to row at all. I have given my boat to Danny Ideen of the West Knd. Danny i going to devote himself tr scull-rowing altogether Iroui this out, and you can bet that in a season or two he won't take the water of anybody's shell on the Charles river. He is a iie,v onC Here is Dies. now. going for the steamer. You'd tutu'T talk with him. He knows better what I am to do over acio-s than I do uiv-self. Don't say anything to him that will maiie him change i mind, tor if von do. he is liable t tell me that be von't go today, and I want to go awful bad, if it is only to see the Hanlan-Trickett race. fVaat Dtett McMaaaa ItM. At this moment Dick Me Man us came up, ana, alter a hearty band-shake, the reporter inquired of Pick as to w bat he was going to do with George over there. After ttrokinj hi beardless cbin several time, be renlitd, - Weil, not much of anything. You see, be continued, I've go; t aminos over thsre ol a private nature, which I wish to take tare of, ana. as I am desirous of witnessing the Haalau-TricJcett race, and tbe Uoo Wtiters regatta, which will jro'jUv take piaoeoa tba Thames, I thought 1 would just take a run over there. I am takiim; tbe hor along wish me. necaaso I am of the opiniua that he will be benefited b; the kaowlaUge of oarsmanship which M will acc.aire from tho Kusrhsh. and the experience be will get will make hia not only too cnaaly but also mora : tractable. Yes know be has got to be watched j t, are wiiea be uf hi boat. . His inter-' ts at not safe with himself. However, be ha isinrored ia Uu aruular, a you taj, wiUiia a j THIS WEEK WE ALL TOO Cut from Remnants of Our CUSTOM DEPARTMENT, O strictly All- Wool Fabrics, and which have been sold by 11s at $2M0, $3 and $3.50 each. We shall sell about two hundred of them, this iveek, at ' $1 EACH. JOB' L.0T ALL-WOOL f AT $2.00, Including about half a doren style which have been sold by us previous to thi date at f 4 and 8 60. SMALL LOT GENTEEL STYLE, ALL-WOOL FALL OVERCOATS, that have been sold by us at J 12, and no less, we shall close, this week, at $5.00. A LINE OP ABOUT 75 Strictly All - Wool BUSINESS SUITS, that cannot be purchased outside our stores less than 12 to g!5 per uit, we shall sell, this week, at $6 per Suit. We do not hesitate to say that the above are the greatest bareaine we have ever offered alurinic our entire buslaeo career. Do not spend one dollar for elothtn; until you have examined our stock minors, 263 Washington Street, Second Door Above Herald Office, SOUTH END STORE, 747 to 751 Washington Street, nosTos. vear, but l look for a still more radical cbanpe In iiini as a result of their trip. Won't you row anybody at all while you are there? As I said before, I am not goinir there for that purpose; but if while there some over-zealous one anions: the many Enp;lisn scullers is ot tbe opinion that he can beat the boy, I don't know but what I will back him just to win our expenses; that's all. Well, our time Is limited, and we must say pood-by." After a hearty band-shake all around the reporter pave tbe pair bis best wishes for a pleasant passage and a successful trip. The oarsman and bis backer walked rapidly for the East Boston ferry, while the reporter turned in the direction of the office. He had pone but a step when he heard a voice behind him saying: "Hold on; 1 did not say anything about the boat-builders, did I?" It Was Hosuier. No, I don't recollect that you did. AVell you can just say that Kuddick is the best boat builder in the world. I've rowed iu boats built by every manufacturer in Kngland and America, but Kuddick is the boss. Good-by," and off be went. WEAVER'S VISIONS OF THE FUTURE. lie Wants the Forces Opposed to the Republican Oligarchy to Disunite Curious Opinions. Washington, September 20. General Weaver has congratulated General l'laisted on his success in Maine, claiming it as a strictly Greenback vjctory. He declares that, if his advice is followed, there would be no more trading on the part of tbe Greenbackers in Maine or Indiana, with the 1 lemocrats in West Virginia, with the llepublicans or any other party. He said the Ori-eubackers would put up a Greenback electoral ticket in Maine, arid expected to see as large a vote cast for it as for l'laisted last Monday. Thev expect tbe Democrats of Maine to vote for Greenback electors, to save the state from being carried by Garfield. He said that among the other expectations of his party was one almost amounting to a confidence that from twenty to thirty Greenback congressmen would be returned to the next bouse. He was asked whether he expected to carry any one state, and replied that that was as yet uncertain, but he hoped great things. CRIME'S CALENDAR, He Drove Through a Pond Fatal Freak of a Drunken Blan. Woonsocket, R. I., September 20.--A man, sixty years old, Oliver Bushee, once a respectable citizen of Woonsocket, but of late years given to dissipation, while driving home to bis farm, four miles from here, in Xorth Smitbtleld, drove into Hart's pond, drowning both tbe horse and himself. He was found this morning, sitting upright in bis wagon, with whip and reins in his hands, lifeless. He leaves a widow and four children. THE ALL.DcV CURING OCEAN. Another Steamer Founder, and Fifty Live. A re Iot. Loxpojf, September 20. The fine steamer Aurora, froiDOporto, bound for Southampton, has foundered at sea. Fifty persons were drowned. That Incipient Klof at Corning. Colcmbcs, O., September 20. Colonel Freeman, commandant of the Columbus troops at Corning, teic graphed the adjutant-general, this moral nz, that quiet reigned all night, and that there were no propeets of a disturbance. The officials of the mining com pan v think the disturbance is enectnaiiy settled, as ioDg as troops prevented the intended assault at "o'clock, last nisht, wbuh would undoubtedly have swept the negroes out of the valley. Arridest to a Mill Kuplare. Fall Kivkr, September 19. Jeremiah Hurley, employed in the carding room at the Focasset mill, was caught in the doubter, tola morning. His back and thighs were terribly lacerated, but no bones Were broken. llaased la Ills Celt, Bbooklyn. September SO. Charles Van Orden, a tramp who had been committed to King's county penitentiary, was found dead, banging from his cell door by a eord made trow strips at but shirt, which he bad braided together. Xw Kaclaad ItenW ..Some silverware, stolen from General Butler's house, in Lowell, a year aco, was found, ve&ter-day. secreted in a planking crack on a raiiwav bridge. . .Ground has been broken at Somerset Junction, about four miles from Fall Klvr, for a -double track on the Old Colony railroad betweeu that statiou and Fall Iciver. . .Colonel Andrew Johnson of Haverhill died on Sunday morning, aged eighty-four. His family line utes from Joan Joliusuo, who cauie here from Cbarlesuiwo in 1658. Mr. Johnson was a well knwu citizen, ami has been sixty -two vears a oissoti. . .Cook Borneo, a respected ottixen of Fall River, died this morning at the are of seventy. He was a member of tbe firm of Cook Borden & Sons, lamber dealer. He was preaidest of the National I'oioa bank, oa the board of investment of tbe Fbiob saving bank, president of to Spool and Bobbin Company, director in the Cfcace, 1 ecu rate n, Richard ttordea and Stafford mills' and ni one of Law former aorcctoc of the bone railroad. OFFER A LOT OF , VESTS, A LINE OP BOYS' SCHOOL SUITS, A ge 4 t lO veart, well made and trimmed, and told by n all the eaon at $5, KOW offered to close at 3 per Suit. A. LINE OP BOYS' SCHOOL SUITS, ALL WOOL, Age 4 to lO years, of our own manufacture, and sold by us all the season at $7, NOW offered to close at $4. Xhe.e Suits are rare bargain and will soon be closed out. WiLMOfS, 263 Washington Street, Second Door Above Herald Office. SOUTH END STORE, 747 to 751 Washington- Street, BOSTOW. FINANCIAL BOSTOV STOCK HABKET. Sales of Stocks at Brokers' Board Sept. SO. FIRST BOARD FIRST CALL. BOSDS. 2.000 A.T&SFlstTsllOli 1,000 N V AN K7sll(i!i 10.01X) Hart E 7s . 41 Vg 2,000 linlonPacibc 68 1113g MINING COS. 25 Blue Hill 4 19 Cal Hecla..S38 20t J Catalpa. lVs 50 Conier Dans. 12 60 do HVi 60 do 113s 60 ao II1 100 Huron 6V3 1O0 1'ewaoie...... 16 25 Ouincv 28V4 KAILKOAD&. 2 lilncks Mei Central 106 12 atcli.TaaFl-il 413 do 121 100 Wis Cen com 9 1 Bos A Low... 90 20 Chi. Bur Q135 60 Cin.San. JsC 145,3 25 Eastern SHs 200 ao 31 25 ao 304 25 do 30 Vs 2 Northern looij 89 O A L C prefc, 7412 30 P. W B 69 ivu xiiutte n 25 Silver Islet . 40 80 do 39 200 Waukeaor.... 4 50 Star 2Vs zju rraiiKun xz LAND COS. 400 fcos Wat P. . 9'8 JUO OO....D6U.. lO 35 do 10 If ISCKLLA K KOrS. 10 Union Pacific 93V 11 bell Telepli'e 88V vror masn. ou u ao. SKCOHD CALL. 00 BONDS. 1,000 Llitf S 7sl02 2.000 uo 101 6.000 Ji i & a t 7lllVs 1.000 ao inv RAILROADS. 450 Clu, Bun t C. MIKINfi COS. 25 .sliver lsiet.. LAND COS. 100 Bos Wat P... 144 39Va SECOXD BOARD first CALL. BONDS. 2.000 A.TSFlst6lll0V2 10,000 Hart i, 7j .40 5,000 do 408, 1,000 C, S & C 7s... 98 RAILROADS. 20 Ateh.'14SKel21 60 do 120 100 do.. 120Va 60 do.... 120-Va 60 00 120V-J 3 Bos AAioanylSO 40 C'h. h A Vuln 13434 200 V. t-an c... 14 3 Old Colony... 11614 6 do 116 RAILROADS. 60 Ue LCcom 22 MicriNS oos. 100 t opper lls, 10 12 tu rrantaiu 50 ao 49 Osceola 25 Kidsre 60 Silver Islet... 5 do 50 00 50 oo 60 do. .,bl0.. 100 WaukeaK .... LAND cos. as 5 39 say, 39 39V4 39V2 3'8 200 Bos W Pow9 11-16 fcKCOND CALL. RAILROADS. 100 Atcli.T&S F120 ldO do.... blO.. 120 60 ao 118 RAILROADS. 100 Ore gon Kiver & Nv Co.. .139 5 Kastern 30 100 Wis Cen com 93g MINIHO cos. 250 Ctiua 1V ia rewainc wt. 76 do lGVfc LAND COS. 100 Bos WatP... 9-Vs 100 do 9 9-18 Maine Mining- Stocks. Reported by V. U. Williams Co., 22 Water street. Monday, September 20. Bales. Bid. Asked. 4a Atlantic Cherry Held... Douglkss...... CroulUaboro... Young Uecia. 100 4 0O 125 40 KW TOKK STOCK UABKET. Opening Quotation. Srw York, September 20 10.30 a. m. The stock market tbls morning is firm and generally slightly higher. Jiorthwestern . 103 : Louisville Nash.. .l5Sa ft. Paul 92Vs Lake Shore loSVs Rock Island 110 j K&usas Texas. 3K7a Cb.lciti.-o & Alton 116 1 Sew Jersey Central. 764 Del. I jvc Western.. 9lVs!Ohlo Miss 35Va Del Huu Caual 86 Pacific Mail 40 fcrle SflV Iron Mountain 64Vs do preferred C7Vg Western Union loa Han&St.lo 4.Wash S7S do oreterred. ....... 83tyg do preferred 66 Government Bonds. Ntw York. September 20 10.30 Government bouda are quoted as follows at tins Hour: Bid. Atkedt Bid. 104 : C4s,l07.e.llOVs Asked 11014 110V rsi.i.... 108 t:6s.,81X..104-Vs TJH 6t.l.r...l02.Vs V8 5s.'81...102&a DRaiMlH.r.llo1 L84J,'irt e llOVs,a io4 do nau..lloVs 102 102 110 110 u a cures vo . izo CS Carts "96. 126 l8Cur6'W7.17 I'SlnroS'Ms.ri L'bCuru'tf9.129 loovi STONE & DOWNER, CDSTOM HOUSE BROKERS AND FORWABUEBS, No. 28 State Street, AND Centre Fesk. Botu-di Custom Honsa, Beaton. Particular attentton given to the entering and for-wardiufx of mert'lmudiHe arriving at PORT OK BOSTON, also New York. Prtll.ttleli.hia and Portland. Havii(r tiiiflurpa&sed fMtiticie4. we are prepared to forward goo'is witn promptness and despatch. Business entrusted to our care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 2S State St.. Iluatoa, and Centre Desk. Car torn House Kalimda. MI!,C l!0MP,lY, Sheep Mountain. Summit Countjt Colorado. A portion of the Treasury Stock is now for sale by H. E. TOWN SEND, 4 Exchange Place, Room 4 it si F. II. JPECR, BANKER AND BROKER 7 Exchange Place, Boston. Stocks and bond bought and sold en commission at ''ii and jew lor block t V-hsoges for -aun or on ouMWlv - It 1 1: V B ACK-L lllOK VOTliK. The tireenhack voters of the eitv of Boston are oerebv notirtea ft rn? in eauctt at aa'h time ami jutee a the ward committee 111 r determine, and fleet deieea'p, to the stale, cougr-tiooal, eoeiit-f'.lor and senatorial convention Per crder city eer.tral committee. T V . ; v...,. !. T.DaitI 'f Seeretarws. WFIw'ntr6w! "nrt jroon ladle, for the Mane: highest salary )i: App'v at hox offie. Gray s Opera House, Chartioa su, V eHar, between 12 and i. 30 mi DEFABTMEJVT THE GLOBE XTRAI FOREIGN NEWS. Th New French Cabinet and Why It was Formed. By Cable to The Boston Globe. 1 Paris, September 20. St. Jules Ferry has lost no time in carrying; into effect .the mandates of the president to form a new cabinet. M. Ferry takes to himself the office ot premier and foreign affair ad interim; M. Duple becomes minister of marine, and M. Sadicarnot or public works. The resignation of M. Freycinet and the breaking up of his cabinet, while deeply regretted by the Moderates, is not felt to be so serious a calamity as was feared when the rumors of his fall first licgan to be circulated. It is not doubted that M. Freycenet, in takiug the position he did in respect to the enforcement of the decrees against the religions orders stood squarely upon tbe letter of the law. He did not oppose the dissolution of the Jesuits, for the law expressly provided for that, .but took the ground that only a portion 01 tne ottier orders were aiiecteu 1V it. the notalile excention beinsr the Chris tian Brothers, the Sisters of Charity, tbe Benedictines, the Carthusians and tbe Trappists. He refused to proceed aeainst these, saying that to do so would be au ant or pure despotism and abuse or power, not justified by the case anu inconsistent with anv sense of honor and conscience. In assuming this attitude and consenting to fall from his place rather than compromise his personal and official honor, M. Freycinet has shown a spirit which would have been more commendable nan it ieen earlier manifested. Tne unuer-cur- rent. which resulted in the overthrow of tne min istry, rigorously and subtly manipulated by M. Ganilietta, proved too strong for M. Freycinet's power of resistance with all the balance of the cabinet also against him. It is believed that the new radical cabinet will have everything but an easy and plain course ueiore mem. ine . country is not. in a mood for a series of crises such as an arbitrary Jacobin style of procedure against the religious congregations is almost certain to introduce, and the Radicals by their present triumph will, it is believed, hazard Lucir success in me next. elections, wueu iiid uj.ou- erates mav return to power with all the advan tage of legality on their side. In the present iijte of Europe, France needs nothing so much as a stable and trustworthy aaministration, which the majority seem to feel cannot be at tained u tne law is sacrificed to tbe reactionary programme. The coniDosition of the new cabinet, beyond the names given, is not decided upon, but it is understood that the chambers will be con voked as soon as the portfolios are all taken. The Surrender of Dnleiatna -Demanded. I.ondo.v, September 20. A despatch from Gra-vosa says: After the conference of the representa tives of the powers aboard the British man-of- war Alexandria, on the lOtli, the English captain left with instructions to interview the prince of Montenegro and afterward to go to Scutari and present to Kiza rasna, tne lurkisn commander, a formal demand for the surrender oi Uulcigno wituin iour aavs. The Times correspondent at Ragusa says: This is probably useless, as the Albanians are misters of the situation. Many Mahometan Albanians of the Dulcigno district, who are anxious for annex ation to Montenegro, openly advocate tne dep. osition of the sultan. Meanwhile nothing can be done until the consular families are removed to a place or safety. Cable Notes. It is once more reported that the Anglo and the n rencn came companies nave arranged a work ing agreement. A St. Petersburg- despatch says it is believed that General Krujanovsky will replace General c-Koueiou in commana or tne Turcoman expedi- uuu. There were destructive floods Saturday and fcunaay in the districts of Uedford, Bedworth, Malton, Newbury, Seaton and Sheffield, England, causing great uamaee 10 crops ana property. Edward Haniau had an easy null on the Tvnp. Saturday. He says he never pleased himself so well with his sculling as during the past three (lavs l.avnfuilr l twl Tmolra,, . h a A 1 : . .' .... u .. . ., i-u , nut? jiuauaiiaiiB, uau snurt spius ou tue l names, oaturaay. The statue of M. Thiers was unveiled on Sunday in. ol. uenuaiu, iu tue presence oi a large crowd. Jules biiiion delivered an address. M. Oliver x-aui, a itaaicai journalist, piotested vehemently, amidst great excitement, against the erectio'n of the statue. He was arrested by a gendarme in order to protect him from the violence of the crowu. DEATH OF LAFAYETTE S. FOSTER. Connecticut looses One of Her Most Prom inent Politicians. .Norwich, conn., September 20. Hon. Lafayette S. Foster died yesterdav, after an illness of malarial fever of but a few davs, aged seventy- iour years, mr. oster was born November 22. 1806, in Franklin, was of English parentage, and a direct descendant from Miles Standish. He graduated at Brown University in 1828. became a lawyer Dy profession, located in Norwich, where he has since resided. He was a member of tne general assembly of Connecticut for six ses sions, betweeu 183a and 1854. durinir three or " wMiwa yji vac uouse; was mavor of Norwich several years, and was chosen a senator in congress lor a term of six years from March 4, . -eieciea, ne remained In office twelve years, during the last two of w hicli he was president of that bodv and acting vice-president of the United State irhrino.f m- Lincoln, which raised Andrew Johuson to f.he office ot president. A few years ago he was elected law professor of Yale College. In 1870 he was eleoted judge oi the superior court and remained on tbe benoh until 187.whn n ,at;r,t 1,., i.... of bis age, seventy years. Since that time he has been engaged in his profession. He was a member of the American board of commissioners ol foreign missions, a member of the Park Congregational church, director or several corporations an trustee of the tree aeadpmv r n,iL, the interests of which institutions he took a leading nlace. He leaves a widow. REPUBLICAN "SHOT-GUN" TACTICS. A. Toledo Supporter or the Parlv of Priw. iese iei Occasion to Kill a Democrat with Whom He wa Areata;. ! Toledo, September 20.-John Kin. & nemn. crat, had an altercation with Jacob Hakoes, a Re- jiuonan, oaturaay niglit, the result of which was mat itakoes lost his temper and fired four shots ti .. . . . uw oi waiua tooK effect. King was re moved to his home, where he died at 5 a. m. yesterday. Hakoes is in jail. Deadly Diphtheria Caught from a Cat. ew iokk, September 20. Three deaths from aiputueria recently occurred in the family of Baldwin Gordon, near Patchogue, L. L, under very remarkable circumstances. Some time ago a cat, wnicn had been owned hv famfiv. vrai members of which were suffering from disease, were taken to the Gordon House. While playing with this cat,a little child was lutten in the finger. The wound caused followed by soreness and ulceration of the throat, which a physician pronounced diphtheria. Others of the family were taken with the disease, and two of the children died. Mrs. Gordon, who was recovering from sickness, was seized with it and died. It is now renorted that still another member of the familv has died. Physicians 1 elieve the cat was suffering- from diphtheria when it bit the child. The Connecticut State Fair. Mbripev, Conn., September 20. The Con necticut state fair opens here tomorrow, and will continue till Friday. It will be the finest exhibition of thoroughbred cattle and horses ever held in this state. Wednesday will be governors' day, when Governor Andrews. Senators Piatt and Eaton, ex-Governors English and Higelow will be present, the two last-named beine- nnnrmlm. candidates for governor in the present campaign- Telegraphic Tidbit. The government receipts today agereiraten $1,500,000. The demand for the standard silver dollar ia steadily on the Increase. Mrs. S. S. Harris, t! e alleged author of "lint. ledge," died yesteruay at St. Paul. Ice has obstructed navigation in the Arc-tin ocean mis season 10 a most unusual degree. Owen Dunn was shot Bregan at 32 Mauier night, because he (Dun tug on me uoor 01 an adjoining tenement. The society of tbe armv of the Cnmhriani win meet at Toledo Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Arrangements have been made for reduced lauroau ir iroui vartous points, and the attendance promises to be good. A long despatch sent from Cincinnati to a Ixinisvilie paper, and probably others, Saturday night, about a S5HMXM baok rot.Lerv, is all a hoax. There is no bank at the locality "indicated and no bank robbery occurred Saturday nisht. George Martin and Andrew ltrogan, bovs of eighteen, were arrested for fatally assaulting Mrs. Creamer of Brooklyn, last nigiit. William O'Keefe wu arrested for throwing C. Hubner off a bnrse-utm.WlCil n er tbe latter, fatally crushing Lieutenant-Commander Gorrioje has received from the state department snd other department at Washington many mementoes and record for deposit beneath the base of the obelisk. A call ha been made on tbe Knight Templar of New or and Brooklyn to attend the laying of the cocaer-Hoae, October 2. 5 O'CLOCK, knd killed bv Anthonv YiZ . ;S,7... illll ' " - .Tr .w v , BsaaniaMttanaadnawaaMaaaMMMaaniiam JK KIDNEGEN is highly recommended and unsuroassed for weak rnn. JZ DROPSY. GHAVEL. BRIGHT'S DISEASE, LOSS of ENtRGY, NERVOUS or any obstructions BLOOD and KIDNEY POISO iONlNG, in fBv the distillation of cover bladd cam the taste will ..hai'h label has file to be sold as a Proprietary article (without lioeime) ea MUA1.UO, wrucn ai'ts specifically nil tne Kidneys and Urlimrr ()rJ , 1 L w,wil r and bpv straining, smartinii heat or irritation in the water ohshI ;.movlt dxruiaii. ir sing a healthy color and easy l ow of urine. It can lie taken at nil times, fn all r,,lLL". e.tU' y, svstein. Unlike any other nreua atloii for Kidney dlnVukiei. I hu , .. I!'4' wh ut loiaS 9 snd flavor. Ir contain l'oiTim dii'hktio properties and will not Mai-bv r J"!"'i like it. and CJkxtlkmen will find K I liNKliKV tlie bext lonle Hevraire lor 11. ...... ,, AI,"M Kspwiau.'? VI aT IOC fcai'h label has tlie SiKiiature of LAW'KKm K c MAlcrfv """" " (' 1 ut up 111 vuart Bw.v mimes jor Kenerai ana lairiuy use. it not found at vonr n 1, "wr"1'. will send a bottle and pitmphleta prepaid to tli uoarost express office to you I Tic ti. ,,r Jrctj LAWRENCE & mRm..??''"?- view. v.. wwu ma at ana ni..a fO. and Vt KKKl will supply the trade Municipal Court Judite Churchill. Monday", September 20. Just 125 inebriates, this morning, who "anted" np in tbe shape of $1 each. Rose Bullard, a common drunk, got one year at tbe island. William D. Wood, drunk third time, goes to the house of industry for three months. Daniel Rockers, for assault and battery upon Robert B. Smothers, was tim-d $25 without costs. John Monahan, a third dr unk, goes to the island for one year. He appealed. James Sullivan, for selling liquor contrary to law, was fined glOu and costs. He appealed. John Stephens, convicted of an assault and battery on Michael Oately, was fined $10 and costs. James Murray, for assault and battery upon his wife, was fined $20 and costs. Andrew Kat;au, drunk, third offence, goes to the bouse of industry tor four months. Charles Eayres was arraigned upon a charge of lorcery, the details of which were published in yesterday' Gmhik. He waived examination and was held in $fouou for tnai 111 the superior crimi nal court. Officers McCausland andWeldon had John Krie- hain, the oncord-squnre house-breaker, in court tins morning;, lie waiveu examination and was ordered to recognize in $1000 for trial in the upper court. A. Happy Meeting- of Soldiers. During the observance of the 250th anniversary of the settlement of Boston, the Langston Guards, a colored company from .Norfolk, Va., was present, under command of Captain W. H. Palmer, who was the orderly sarpeant in Captain Kiahard F. Andrews' Company 1, Thirty- sixth United States Infantry. They served together in Virginia, Louisiana and Texas for three years during tlie war of the rebellion, and had not seen each other for fourteen years until last Saturday eveninc, when Captain Andrews found Captain Palmer visiting a friend at the iiiirtuanus. ine coraiai ereetine wuicti tne ser geant gave his old captain nearly overwhelmed him, and tuac Saturday evening will long be remembered by both. Captain Andrews is a well-: known constable here. , Sporting A'otes. The Janet and Cricket were the winners at the closing regatta of tbe Hull yacht club, Saturday. Schaeffer, tlie biiliardist, has recovered, and his match with Slosson will be played at Tammany Hall, October 4. At the Manhattan athletic club games, Satur day, L. E. Myers ran three miles in 15 minutes 50 seconds. J. is. Clark won the three-mile wain in i!2 minutes CO seconds, Purdy being second. J. S. Voorhees won the quarter-mile run. The owner of the yacht Gem, Captain Frank Lincoln, has challenged the skipper of the Sunbeam to another match race over the course sailed on Friday last, or any other suitable course, for a purse of 200, being double the amount sailed for last Friday. The Boston hurline clnb are anxious to take np the challenge of the Highland club to play a series of nine goals for the championship 01 New England. They cannot consent to play for two flags," but will uiay for $100, or more, a side and the gate money. If the Highland club mean) imsi-ness, they can communicate with William O'Shea, president., or F. J. Fitzpatrick, treasurer, of Boston burling club, 74 Essex street. In the trotting horse breeders' meeting at Al bany, last Saturday, Boston carried off the honors in both the races, as Parana and Nancy won their races in tnree straight heats. The track is 42 feet over a mile, and was slow. Parana won also the special purse of $200 for making the best three consecutive heats during the meeting, rarana and Nancy are both owned by flir. w . v. uaicu 01 this city. The annual clam-bake and open regatta to ne given bv the soutu nosion nu. uiuu, uu. Thursday, promises to be a successful all air. Already thirty-one entries for the regatta have lippn rM'fii vnd. inelurtintr many fast craft, and it is expected that there will be at least seventy-five en 1 ries before the time for closing, which is set for 5 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon, at the office of M. J. Kiley. 7 Spring lane, where all necessary infor information can be had. The .leffries club will sail its first open regatta next Wednesday, commencing at i. o-ciock. irom off the club-house atJetlries point, Kast Boston. The club has aupropriated $l.r0, wli ich will lio awardeil in cash prizes to the winners. The sailing rules of the Jeffries club will govern the race. Kntries mav be made at F. II. Blaney's, No. 3 Wintbrop block. Fast Boston, and to G. A. l'aliner, Xo. 17 State street, i'otou, where num-iiers mav be obtained, and all information given. The management of the race is in the hands of the regatta committee, consisting of William MoCormack, Edward T. .Pigeon and George A. Palmer. Pol it leal Xotea. On Friday evening the Hancock and Knglish club of Fairhaven have a nag-raising and rally, which wiil be addres.-sed by General Luther Ste phenson, jr., of llingham and Hon. Weston How-laud of Fairhaven. The Stoncham delegates to the Greenhack state convention are W. H. Turner, Allen Howe, bugene Hewitt, K. U. Waitt, E. K. Noyes, Sylvester Frencn. 'lue senatorial and congressional rilA- gate caucus will be held tomorrow evening. Dr. P. H. Talbott of Marysville. Mo., editor of the Greenback Standard, was shot ttironn-h tho window of his bedroom, Saturday night, by an unknown assassin. The bullet also slightly wounded Mrs. Talbott. Talbott died Sundav As a political "straw" is cited the fact Hint i the Hancock and F.nglisli club. iatilv ,,n..,m,.H at Taunton, ten of the vice-presidents are gentlemen who have heretofore voted the Ilepui ii-an ticket, some Having been very stalwart in that direction. The Hancock zouaves of Ward i s or this evening, at 28(5 riarcrut ,,... ' o'clock, for drill. All vounir men. .Uhm.',. i organization, which nrnnimx i, , are earnestly requested to attend tbe meeting. The Democrats of Mlrna m t.i ,, their headquarters, next Saturday evening, when a beautiful Hag wiil be raised. Good speakers will be present to address the meeting. The Young llemocrats have or-rnnizerl a Uir,,.w v...oi;.. and are going to make a lively campaign. The Wakefield Democrats will raise their second flag in this campaign next Satur-lay nigot, across muiou street. i pon one of the Hag-poles is lurched a lare rooster. nrt tin nth..r figure ot a hand pointing in the direction of tbe rooster, to indicate the name Hancock. A Democratic caucus in Himrham. fiatnrrfav evening, .losiah M. Lane, chairman, and Luther Stephenson, jr., secretary, elected as delegates to the county and senatorial conventions, Luther Stephenson, jr.. Charles Siders. .IokI .1i m i n George Cusbing, Thomas J. Crehan. A commit. tee was choseu to procure a flag aud arrange for a rally at its raising. In Somerset a Hancock and teen formed, with a large membership and the following officers: President, George W. Dcnham-vice-president, John Mottitt; secretary, Mattnew Costello; treasurer, William Lynch. The clul-Tuom is ojen day and evening, and new menu ers are daily received. An increase of fifty per cent. In the Democratic vote, this year, is authoritatively predicted. The Democrat of East Douglas have formed s Taft; secretary, F. D. Whipple; assistant secre- tary, v. w. Brown: treasurer, George A. Gleason Arrangements are being made for a flag-raising and rally on Friday evening. vji, ,i.u speaking, music, etc. The headnuarters of tbe Hancock and English club of Ward 14. South Ilostnn. t tL.j corner of t street, wilt be kept open every night for the transaction of legal business, aud any in-loimatiori which may be desired will be trecly given. The battalion numbers ninety eight, and other are coruiallv inviwd to enlist. "Thevotinr lists can lie cpnult-ii by the vou-ra of tbe ward, aa they are conspicuously arranged for uU Inspection. Serloae AceMcat to a Braktaaa. Fertos King, a brakeman oo the Albany line, wa probably fatally injured, thi morning, at the gravel pit above Riverside station by I eing tnrown under a car while switening, the wheel passing over his abdomen. He was taken to Boston snd removed to the btwuiUl. He live In Soma Bo-toti. I II Vurlf "'" vicelpreidetaT W. d". Jones,' John Ti&U"1 j T-n,- . ivctuuiui, ii. sa . w wm r . at 111.-.. vr r infected malarial sections Al a FOREST LKAF with JUNIPER BF.KRIE8 and RAPtrrv v. . . - SiRiiature of LAWKKHI K MAli by l)rn(rvlls Grocer and nthw dwiiif K'UNKiiKN r, - i' fell. Hnatnn. VI Hut n . , u . .... " fc POTT E II, llnaton. at Manufacturers' prices. THE UTST FROM MAINE, Returns From Fort Kent and Long Islam Clve Fusion Cains-Pfaisted' Plural. Over 2oa rSpecial Despatch to The Boston Olobe 1 PoJtTLAXw, September i'O.Keturns frn. p. Kent give Planted, 163: Davis. 131. Lonp- fln Piaisted, 23; Davi. 8. Showing a net Fusion gain over last year of 47. Th tow- to be heard from gave, last year, Fusion, 107; Davis, 38, If the gains continue a anticipated I'laisted's plurality will be over 200. ' Death of ,1 nilta Mlaaott. New Yokk, September 20 Johu P, SiWotf, judge of tbe marine court, died today of heart disease, at his residence. He was bora la Ireitnd and came 'here at an early age, finding tru-ployment as an office boy for Samuel j. Tilden, and studied law with Governor Tilden, who appointed nim Judge of i the marine court to fi 1 a vacancy, and he wu afterward elected for the full term." Some montoi ago the Bar Association preferred charges agalDM him of intoxication on the bench, and his trial was pending. The vacancy caused by bi death will be filled at tbe next election. UaJlroad Accident at Jersey City. New York, September 20,-This moming.iboiit 9 o'clock, the Orange county express trsin ok th Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad wu run into near Jersey City by a freight train. The baggage-car of the express train was badly damaged and the locomotive of the freight train was completely wrecked. No one was killed, tut aev-eral bad miraculous escapes. On or two train men were Injured by splinters. Tho Twenty-third Mew York at Newport, Newport, R. I., September 20. A. large crowd welcomed the Twenty-third New York on their arrival here at noon. The reglmenrwat escorted to the Ocean House, where dinner wa provided by the First United States Artillerv. The regiment will be reviewed on the polo lot this afternoon by Governor LittJefleld. Attempted Murder and Murreaufnt ftitet, MrtwAi'KEK, Wis., September 20. George UT Kipler, from Chicago, went to the residence of lit divorced wife, In this city, last night, and aftr a short altercation shot her in the neck. Suppoairir she was dead ho went into the back yard and shot himself in the mouth. He was dead when lounl Telegraphic Tltibita. SL Henri Say's new yacht Bretnage was "no. cessfuiiy launched at Baltimore, today. The Wild and Devereux knitting mill at I'tica, N. Y., was damaged by tire 3000 worth, lant night. Policeman Enoch Perry of the First precinrt police station, Jersey City, shot and killed Louil Hhaughnessy, an ex-convict, in self-defeuce tun morning. The time for receiving the plans and model for an improved cattle car have been extended to January 1, by the American Humane Association. John Kevins, a farmer, while drunk, was brutally assaulting bis wife, Saturd.iy evening, at Rochester, Minn., when two hired men named Jturke and liulen interfered. Nevins attacked them, and was shot dead by liulen, who ia in jail. City Hall Nolea. The constables for serving civil processes ars to be reduced in number to forty. The reduction ii very considerable from the number that wa sp-pointed last year, and much pressure is being brought to bear upon the mayor for reappointments to tbeoUice. Two vessels are now under detentfnn at the quarantine upon suspicion that the yeUow fever has been on board. The name of Miles Koen will be presented as the candidate for superintendent of Chelsea brld :e by the committee on bridges, this afternoon, to the aldermen. The chief engineer of the lire department today received a check from Mei-ars. M. Jit A. Wigglesworth for $?0O as "a testimonial of tlicir appreciation of tlie skill, energy and heroic conduct of those brave fellows wiio'iisk life and llmtt in their efforts to save the lives and property of their fellow-citizens." The efficiency which wa shown by the department at tlie Park-street tie. last Friday afternoon, while the procession wm moving, ii tho immediate reason that the donation has been sent. The money has been turned over to the trus ees of the firemen's fund, composed of his honor Mayor Prince and the fire coin missiouers. In the Roherta Lyceum Entertainment, taking place ou Tuesday evening, at Music Hall, Annie Louise Cary, rauny Kellogg, the l'hiiutr-lnoiiiA, Kate Field, the Swedish ladies' quartet, Adamowskl, Liebling aud Tom Karl, Man Roze, the Listeuiann troupe, W. H. Fessemlen, Neila F. Brown, Spanish students, Isabel Stone, the Weber quartet, Professor Churchill, the Mendelssohn quintet cluw, Kav Davis, Geraldina T imer, Matbilde l'liilliops, Edward E. XieKirron, John B. Gough, Beetnoven club and Temple quartet will apoear. The sale of ticket opens tomorrow morning. Catholic Order of Foresters. A meeting was held last evening at fit. Gretr; ory's church, Milton, for the purpose of formicf a court of the above order. Kev. Father T Eat rick presided, and Florence A. Lawior of tat igli court explained the ob jects of the order, e ft large number of gentlein. n signed the roil" become members of the court. South' Bostok In the police court, t0-'. John Kenneally, for fast driving, was fined i" and costs, amounting to 15 4.". barlesCurrao, for tbe larceny of a ring, was fined Si and eou, but sentence was suspended for three niontoa. John C. Foley, for the larceny of a Bible. sentenced to tbe house of industry for tor months. John J. Dowsing, jr., for oisturDirifi to peace, wa fined. $10 and cost. FINANCIAL. Closing Price off stocks aad Beads. STATU STBKKT, September 203 T. a. LAi D COS. Bid. Asked' bid. A Boston Land. IttMton W P. ia ai Rutland com 6 evs8 111 Maruet:e... 0 t bit t 1 4 . liMf 1(H4 .3 12Vl 3K e 17 S9 39 3 Iwylston.,.. Brook line... 1 V-10 WU1I1I1HI fir., xst-r. 4 I Wor4t Nh. 24) MIS ISO COS. 6oc Allouex 3V (Atiantie 1 119V Artec. 1V 4uH Hlue Hill.... m BrunsAnt... KKI iiaalpa lMf, Maverick.... Waverley BOVDK. A.TSriat71194 11, H K 7. 4 Fasteru 4V LKtt'H fslOl Ji MSP7lll N V & N K7tlIO4 P A V 7. .U2Vs UFf8s... 118 RAILROAD. Atch.T at HVliOte Chi W M.. I .'in, 8 at V... 14V latrit...... LKaF 65 N V N ZV. OxftLT'h'-om Ozal.thpref 74Vj full 1'al rar.m Kutlandpref haMhaw 0 1204 Huron tut' Menard 144 National.!... : lvi)lc M Qiutioy as1 Kil4 J3 Si'ver Ulet.. Hi Sullivan 122Vi V.uaoarf.... 27 I e l as,, lv s 8KV4 8 MARRIED. WZT-TXOyET-In gotnerrHle, vr wi tt u reil. Mr. Charle 8. West and - lim Kradley, Mr. Henry X fo JB 111A tper raiia. U0 lK.ugia 112 Imuran lie Franklin 13V una,

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