The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 15, 1885 · 11
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 11

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1885
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&tc ffiosfaro gfoiln (Sink: gttte'agr Stebtmbtr 15, lSS5....&focnf;n tgcs. 11 Ererj One Delightei ! Crowded Houses J KUSEOM All & MiehtT Exhibition of our city. PoMeBsinir a striliinff dln'aSS 0D,c?hlr pSS of .muMment in the fact that THE eStTEE EXHIBITION IS '''vn7ed WON IBE GROUND FLOOE. No tedious waits or delays. No weari-itaini to climb. And now we want to announce that for the coming week, COMMENCING TOMORROW (MONDAY). NOV. 16, - fc.ii introduce for the firet time in this metropolis, and for a very limited period W: om of Dame Nature's most wayward whims and the very foremost living cu-Saj of both hemispheres. THE FOUR-LEGGED GIRL Nature made but one, and here she stands. U One Head, Two Arms, Four Legs, y.t reformatio,,, in name. EE oud.r and scientific, Misa Josephine Myrtle Corbin. A Single Organism Above ! A Dual Organism Below ! A Young Girl with 4 WELL-DEVELOPED LEGS-4 Miftfl Cnrbln It exoeedlnirly fair of feature, per-f.M t and fcraeefl in pernon, and a healthy a anv yiina Imlv of her aire, one would suppose .ulfored grout lucouveuieuce from the extra Number of Exquisitely Moulded Limbs, Hut such is not the cane. 8ho I a cheerful and as one coultl desire, and JUMPS THE SKIPPING-ROPE VUth .hunt, of merriment. Among all the large ml.iU.iJ'ie of am i.iiik! tllustrtloii. of nature AWMdnMi tliat we have pri'inned, none is ao likely If arouse the ITKLIfH WII.Dr.HT EN-TIIOIAVu" a thin inott novel, siigvestlve ml InslrMctlve of rnlurri, absolutely and aithout a iiiMil.t TlHi GiltnitST HltAS. Ol V 1 L l 1-. ever exIiililtRd In any clime. iln will he the last apearaiuiu, and List Week of PEAF.IE FOSTER, the Albino. Laet Week of PEOF. EVERETT. Lut Week of THE TALKING COCKATOO. Lmt Week of STEPEENS, the Puppet Worker. Last Werk of ZALLA DAMENTA, And fir.t timet of that moat astounding artist, PARAUTEAU, The Slnrveliou. I The Jtewlldrrlns !! We run't undertake to describe this irentle-m,iii' aiv:oiiiiiiilirnntit. (see him and Judge tor yourself, ami then ak us liO', JlOCI HE DO IT I Admission lOc. Admission ll l im troia 11) A. M. till 10 I. M.. I ' V- " PfaRK THEATRE. ibiily k iiot: One Week, Beginning B10NBAY, Nov. IB, Every Evening and Saturday Matinee, special Eiisra-Aca-EiMEra? op 9 Ik tfbo will appear la the most elaborat of modern Ilraau, written by M i:ill V A L and HALE, entitled Pronounced a Brilliant and Enduring Success. The Talents of the Artists, The Completeness of the Ensemble Making the Performance Perfect. MOMMY. ot. g-Th dletlngnlaheJ ArlUI, Madame JAMNK, In "Aswlna." HI TIM D. m:u.du::f;' .Director at 8. Eaturflay Matinee at 2. Second Weak and Great Success OF rJTXXI3 Of Hamelin. A Comle Opera, lo four act, founded npon the legend of "The Pled Piper of Hamelin." Mole by A If. A K I'K.VDOBFF. fith the following BRILLIANT CAST: 6E0EGI5E r. JAIfUSCnOWSKT. Mitt JANET EDMONDSOIf. Mi IMMA C. TUTTLE, Mr. D. M. BABOOCX. Mr. W. IL FESSEBTDEN, Mr. FE&Cf COOPEli, Mr. 0D8 KAMMESLEE, Mr. WALTER PELEAM. price, 60c, 75o., $1.00 end tl.06. BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG, oHutf )yi TlfKf.ROIlK.A coffee fee part on a grand 'ale 'Jowu flail, M Irrwn. Krl. idt-f the aimplco i.f St. I rlrtK, t C hurch; careful and ir.ara- t '.'"rVV J".'" m84 r tl.eKotnn..!n a,4 Udie. In rrtare Ul inaka It m. ......ul . ...I Always ! I The Talk of the Town ! ! ! E'S MUSEUM MUSEUM MUSEUM Four Feet and Twenty Toes!!!! We haTe "'anBO,, to fr SIX DAYS ONLY! ONE WEEK ONLY!! Jaeane.e S.m.on and "Pride of the Mikado." matsADA SORAKICHI, Who will at ech lirtnrs in tUe "Curio" Hall elevate at arm' length An Enormous Indian Club, The sworn weiRht of which ii 220 pound. A an e.pectal attraction for the little folks, and Mr folk as weiU have eugaeed the greatest puppet (how on earth. PROF. FRED DAVYS And hi Original and Unique ROYAL CRYSTAL PALACE MARIONETTES. Thl entertainment t positively direct from London, and Prof. Davys la known throughout Britain a the most sklif ul manipulator In the Kingdom. Marionette worker are horn, it l mi rt that cannot ho successfully learned, and Mr. Haws comes of a family of noted Marionette exhibitor. A complete Minstrel and Pantonto Company IS M IX I AT VR E. The Magic Skeleton, The Great Chair Performer. The Chinese Jugglers, The Christy Minstrels, The English Pat Rooney, Imitations of "The Two Macs," Grand Hibernian Entertainment, And a Screaming COMIC PANTOMIME With our old friend "Jumbo" tranformed Into a balloon. 2 COMPLETE AND COMPETENT O VAUDEVILLE COMFASLLS A Will preent delightful entertainment each hour during the day and evening. Mr. & Mrs. UE Lacy, Burton & Burte, TUe Brothers Carey, fiarry Barton, Ssllcn & Lawioa. enponto. EoD Emmett. Ida Raicer. Walter Mas, Ala Lawience, Aud a roarinuly funny afterpiece, a arranged expre.sly for tin establishment, entitled the Second-hand hotel, with HAYNES IfEDMOND snd the Eegular Stock Company in the cast. Admission lOe. Admission IIOTJK from 10 A. M". till 10 P. M. .lessees and M(n SHLAi ttrnif tlie trtitun, Juiimurf from the r' ciptt at the twx tijH.r,anrl J mm thr eoi d tioi of our theatre H'iriuij uenrlt e.rerxi performnnet. At many of the pernriiumm tt trm timply imputuhlt lo obtain teit: and evrn tt,iidino room wn srarre.. Tim Utile f ajfnirt itn rlw bth to the. popularity of the I ' ht' . ( w mr rxrrucnre. oj irte ronipatty. OUf t'u eeit lute itetk hi- encouraged us to continue it an uthT ireek. Mil tt a point to come and see it at MESSRS. KEITH & BATGHELLER'S GAIETY MUSEUM, 565 AVAlllIWiTO.Y KTHEET. THK CAST. It ETTIX A I.oieozo X VII hippo, a Shepherd. r-rt'ilfiick.. lioi'co. a Farmer... Matleo I'rlnre. Klumetta. 1'aflo sis a, rwr.i, ... Mr. .OK t-TlI.GIS ....blDNKV HAWiLI) II A Ft 11 Y UKI.L .. Mr. JOU. hai:kki IOK SMl'l 11 .Mix EDNA (iOKPKN .Mia KITTY H Ai'.T The -horu part will be u'ti!tn-'l br Haulinn niunn, .til. ti;tit. iir. hinltli, Kontanal anil other. Mm. K. K. Kohert. Mu!c:il Mrertre; narry imii, iKiT. Bi oiiprv luriiiatied uy air O. I., htoroy. osiuitiPii lv Hill. Tlio alxivo company In co'npptpnt in erory rp- tin one or minimal exonilence. In adi itlou w rti'H to ainonncM t lie to lowtnir i a lent : l'rof i .ir Harrv .1. t aniilll. In i.u 'i i.v .ur Knlil :" Dr. Lynn, thn viviHflcilonl.,t,H ho artually rtinffl live men before the amllHiire. r.inviil-lnir tliem with roar of laughter de.pite the ghaUlinemt of IN THE CURIO HALLS New feature will be found. A Prickly Porcu- nine, the only whlto one ever in rantivltv. ha been pn returned, alio hundrediof rare bird tluely mounted un'IT Klax. A blank Hnduehot;, 8heep wiin nivrTra tiKaii. atiu a lour-legua t ulcaou are mi aniiit-iou. HCAI.i; (IF I'UK LK. Aommion, iv cu. Btauning room ire, n In Auditory, 6 eta. extra. Elegaut Opera Ch in .i. AdroUslon, 10 tU. Bunding room free. Keate ilr. waltiay. roatl.uon pert anna. rruui p jw, am iu i ,,..,, M . :ii FLORA E. BARRY, leather of Vocal MuhIc. Residence. 134 Chandler St., Uoston. KuWtt n . THE STOJ JOAm lan Rial n tt-w V Can Rsaeket. I10LUS (Between Washington 1MA.AO A. ICH. MONDAY, Nov. GRAND TRIUMPH OF THIS BeautifulTheatre AND Mr. W. S. GILBERT and Sir ew Japanese Opera, PRODUCED BY OYLEY CARTE'S OPERA CO, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF ztocirz.. JTOHIN STETSON". Every Evening at 7.45; WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY MATINEES at 2. ENLARGED CHORUS OF MR. D'OYLEY CARTE'S COMPANY HAS TBI Composer's Original Orchestration, Tha Author's Original Stage Busi ness, The Real Antique Japanese Cos tumes, And Entire New and Gorgeous Scenery, Specially Designed by th Author for this Production. Augmented Orchestra or musicians. TREMONT TEIV1PLE. FIFTH ENTEKTAINMENT Boston Star Course MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 16, GRAND CONCERT AND READINGS. ALICE POTTER, 8oirano CARIiTLE PETERSILEA, Pianist; WEBKK HALE QIARTET) T. P. RTDEK, Urganlut and Accompanist) AND ALFRED P. HlUntJfK, Ilamorous and Dramatic Header Door open at 7. Entertainment at 7.45. Admission, BO Cents. A few reserved sent may be secured at the box offlre. if annlled for early, without any extra charge. iik.OB.GK A. ft'OXCKO r, Manager. MUSIC HALL. MONDAY EVEWIXO, Nov. SO, "Farewell Thoughts oa America." SPECIAL NOTICE. The Redruth Lyceum Bureau ha the honor to announce that Canon Karrnr has consented to give a final lecture in this city Just before his departure. It will be especially prepared for the occasion, and will he delivered only in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. It will be given I.-... ,h. ,. Hmn. and Including, as the title Indicates, his impressions of this country, will he . ,ri... ... , .Inlrat, will of great public interest., immwi bein Monday, Nov. 1 0. at 8 a. m., and not more than tu tickets will be sold to any one applicant. r.eerved seats 76o. and 1, according to location. BOSTON MUSEUM. FIRST APPEARANCE HERE OF Mil. and MB. W. J. FLORENCE. MOKDAT. TUESDAY. WBDNK8UAV EVKMSGS at 7.45; also Wkukesdat aftbhnoos at 2, The most laughable comedy, HIS LITTLE HATCHET. Mr. and Mr. Florence in Favorite Characters. rtr-THlKHDAT and FRIDAY KVKAIJtGS at 1 b)ho SiTI'KUAV AKTKH.noon at 2. Only ierformancei i of '"liOMIlEV AN 1 SON." with r. Flmei!" In hi famous ixnper.onaUou of Captain Cuttle. tif-SATCRrjAY Evknjwo, at 7 tlvTr this wi'iilim only durtoa en,SaLmiit.'-lliK MIGHTY Ool e tne entire 7 T I. ,, rir-Mf)MJAY NKXT, "NO TliOKOCUHFARE" and last weeK of Mr. aod Mr. Florence. THIRD ANNUAL FAIR HOME FORAGD COUPLES, IS eta.; Kwn Uckets. il. The puhlio are cor-dially Invited from 10 a. m. to 10 r. in. auMiy lu""u j,. a.CAKI.ETON. President. Mr. L. 11. BAM WIN. riecrctarv. luTbSSuMWF nlO Til K Can Racket. 33j3XT JOS - i,.,. itar. Oil) BOBlV I. leaener. fta etirnoiii. and tuilio, 170 Trenion' uttn8 CANON FARM S THEATRE BOSTON TiMEATE - - - I HILL, as TOMPKIKS and Tremont Sts.) Proprietor and Manager 16th 2d Week. ARTHUR SULLIVAN'S THE CAST : The MIKADO OF JAPAN, Mr, AETHUR WILKINSON NANH-POO, his sou, disguised as a wandering minstrel, and In lore with Ynm-Yam Mr. S. CAD WALL ADER KO-KO, Lord High Executioner of Titipu, Mr. JOHN HOWSON POOH-BAH, Lord High Everything Else, Sig. BROCOLINI PISH-TTJSH, a Noble Lord.. Mr. GEORGE OLMI YTJM-TUM Miss LAURA CLEMENT PITTI-SING ....Mias HATTIE DELARO PEEP-BO Miss PERLS DUDLEY (Threa sisters, wards of Eo-Ko.) KATISHA, an elderly lady, in love with NanM-Poo Miss ROSA COOKE Only company authorized by the Author and Comuoeer to present this Opera In ISoaton ae fit veu in Xiomdon under ineir personal .uperyl.ioa. SCALE OF PRICES s Admission to All Parts of the Bouse 50 cents Orchestra Stall 1.50 Halcony (two row) 1.50 Halcony Centre 1.00 Halcony S de 75 Dreea Circle. .50 ramiiy jircie 25 Proscenium lioiei... 15.00 Balcony Boxe l 12.00 Ticket office will be open for sale of teats from 8 a. m. until the close or the performance. SUCCESS MOST PRONOUNCED. Over 2600 In attendance iast Sunday evening despite wind, rain and storm. THIS (SUNDAY) EVENING, AT THE POPULAR MUSIC HALL, SECOND OP THE SERIES OF AUSTIN'S 3 CONCERTS. - The Herald of Monday last said: "The degree of success attending the affair is a matter "f congratulation, and these entertainments will be a valuable addition to til- cleasures of the local amusement-seeking public." The lilone in speaKtng or tne concert sain: "nsrtite ttio severe rain last nitrht there were but few empty seats at the first of Austin's Dime Con ;erts, wtnen provea to do ooin an artistic sun tinaucial success." A SPECIALLY BRILLI'ST PROGRAMME Has beeu arranged for this evening. First appearance in Bostou of the now famous, oiuy rucogm&eu rival ui iue y ucij, MiSS ALICE RAYMOND, The greatest living Lady Cornet Virtuoso. During the summer season at West Brighton Bech. Coney Island. Miss Raymond rendered her matchless solos iu tne same concerts with Jules Levy, receiving the unboundea plaudits ot the immense audiences and from the great Levy himself. She will on this occasion performt wo great solos viz., two or levy s masterpiece!, urauu utismu rau-Isnsia and "Mv Darling" Waltz, by special permission from the great cornetist. The favorite Humorist a a superb Entertainer, Prof. U. U. RYERSON, In a repertoire of those peculiar Musical and Mon ilogue specialties wtitcu nave mane nis name a household word throughout the country. First time in this city of the groat scientific New York sensation. LOVENBEEG'S FATA MORGANA, A serie of Mammoth Dissolving Electro-Stereop-tic Displays. Nothliiir like these really wonderful exhibitions have ever before been seen iu this city. It has been the talk of New York tor mouths, aud a description of the marvellous effects produced by this invention cannot be given. This will be the only opportunity to witness this great Parisian success. Will also appear on this occasion, the accomplished Sopruuo, Miss ANNIE L. ORR, Who will render several popular Operatic Selections and favorite Home Ballads. First appearance in this city of the Master FJo- CULlUlUtll.. Mr. M. R. DAY. Who will offer a number of Descriptive and Dra matic Gems. First appearance In Boston of those Beautiful Children, ESTELLE LOVEN BERG LE PETITE ADDIE. Little Estellewill sing ip her inimitable manner the ".shy Young t.lrl" aud "Peek-a-Boo." La Petite Aduie In her ciuiaisn. aniens iimmior .uigs "Bye, Bye. Buby," " bye, Bye, Pupa." The excellent Xylophone Soloist, Miss ETHEL MAY. A special srraiiRemeut Iihs been made to present the highly artistic aud beautiful MAY'S BIBLICAL AND POETIC ukriks or CLASSIC TABLEAU VIVANTS, n ,t, o T- tlinl May. Marie Clifton. May. belle Daireli, Maude bherwoort. KUa I.ew.s, Maude Weston. Kitue Hart ana ti.-rtruue prurcti, i u,.h t..truitv costumed lu graceful and classical i.reciau and Roman drapery, pre.ent. ins Atiractive Biblical ticenes aud Incidents, Auclent Mvtliological Legena ana buddies from the Famous Poets, with magnificent, lime aud calcium lignt enecw. Hate the Extremely Popular BcsJe of Prioes. 2tt Chair at (not reervod) JOe. each 84 Opera Cii ir at (not reaervd... .!!. trU 7'J Lleg int Arm Chair at ireservedl ltOc. ! The box office at the hall will be open for the ...l- r ,.irvrl .eats at V2 o'clock noon on Suu- ,i .v and to avoid disappointment it will be well ... Vnrm titticeta duriiuc the day. No extra chare ntreumstaiice. Kemember that the are ooen at 6.30 p. ni. KeeoUeet that the concert commence at 7.30 sharp. aT SB ftJl w m.f,7r:iM KJsH K; SECOND AND LAST WEEK, Commencing MONDAY Nov. 16. EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY AFTERNOON, "O OTTO The Popular Comedian, in OF THE COMMERCIAL DRUMMER. Received at every representation with immense favor by large and enthusiastic audiences. SAM'L PLASTRICK, -M. B. CURTIS SUPPORTED BY rf HIS OWN SPECIALLY SELECTED COMPANY. Under the Management of FRANK CURTIS. SUNDAY NIGHT HARRY W. FRENCH'S ILLUSTRATED LECTURE. NOV. 23-M'NISH, JOHNSON & SLAVIN'S MINSTRELS. Doors Open at 1.30 and 7.15.' Performances Begin at 2 and 7.45. V5I. JEIS as CO., One Week, Gonrniencing Monday, Nov, 16, 1885. Evening3 at 8. Vcdnesdaj and Saturday Matinees at 2 P. M. Inaugural appearance of America's WHO WILL PRODUCE FOE THE JPXtt&l? TIME HIST AMERICA The Greatest of All IKISH MELODKAMATIC COMEDIES, written by Mr. Walter . , Eeynolds, Esq., entitled Or, SWEET Supported by a company of carefully selected Metropolitan Artists. A Melodramatic Comedy without an equal, depicting Real Life in tha Emerald Isle. "Sweet Innisfai!, fare thee well, May calm and sunshine long be thine. How fair thou art let others tell ; To feel how fair shall long be mine." MOORE. Now anil Resll tic Scenery From the Pencil of the Eminent Young Artist, Mr. JOHN THOMPSON. Mechanical Effects by B. B. HARRIS, Master Mechanic. Properties by WE O'BRIEN, Master or Prop erties. Calcium Effects by GEORGE BOWMAN. BOSTON THEATRE. SUNDAY, November 15, fouhtii Illustrated Lecture BT HARRY V. FRENCH. SUBJECT: THE PICTURESQUE MOUNTAINS QF AMERICA. From the Cradle of the Continent to the Grave of the West. Best reserved seats, 50o,; Family circle, 25o. Box Office open today from 12 to 1 and at 6. Door open at 7.15; Lecture at 8. THE Can Racket. HANDEL& HAYDN SOCIETY SEVEXTT-FIKST SEA805T. BUM DAY EVENING, December 27, 1885, THE MESSIAH. The new edition by Robert Franz. First time. SUNDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING, January 24, 188tf, MORS ET VITA. Composed for the Birmingham Festival. First time in Boston. Part I. to Afternoon. Paris II. and Itl. In Evening. SUNDAY EVENING (EASTER), April 23. 1886. ELIJAH. (Season Ticket, will be for sate to last year's subscriber, for their hint year's .eat. at Mimic iifl. on moufiHy. i"riimpr lor id wi, Hnti in the general public on Tuesday, November i4. at . i - ., -ii I 111 .liil ufti.r H .Hiia.H.. November Ss5, the price will be pe.oo. ' nl5 24 27 29 dt 4 122 d Matinee! BUSH SCHOOL OF ELOCUTION TBEMOST TEMPLE, THURSDAY. November 19. at 2 p. m. Cards, ad. milting two, 60 cents ; to be bad at the box office. TUB Proprietors and Manage ra. nn 1 bis Novel Life Picture, . Proprietors and Manager Distinguished Irish Comedian, ICE. ITISFAIL. Cast of GRaractera DENNY DOON Mr, HUGH FAY ARCHIE DALY Mr. SEDLEY BEOWN HUMPHREY DALY Mr. WM, McCREEDY CRITCH RHUEA Mr. HARRY HARWOOD MICHAEL FERRIS Mr, J. F. EYAN MR. C02TSIDI3JE....Mr. FRED CHIPPENDALE DR. FITZGERALD Mr. FRANK IRVING JAMES DOCRIL...,.Mr. WALLACE JACKSON LARRY O'KEEFE Mr. WALTER PERKINS JACK MULLIGAN ...... Mr, GEORGE FIRMAN O'KELLY Mr. TOM NELSON BROWN Mr. JAMES HOFFMAN OONA CONSLDLNE, Miss LILLIAN RICHARDSON CONSTANCE CONSIDINE, Miss HENRIETTA CEOSMAN ROSEN DUBH Miss EOS A OSBORN JUDY FJNNIGAN Miss MAMIE DOUD BRIDGET-. Miss EMMA DUFUR Villagers, Peasants, Soldiers, eto. SCALE OF PRICKS. Evenings to, 25. 35. 50, 75c. and 81 Matinees 10. 25. 35. 50 and 75c. ' A Good Reserved beat for 35c. Will give his Lecture and Illustrations of tlie USyTAINS OF BOSTON THEATRE TONIGHT THK TREMONT TEMPLE, Every night this week except MONDAY and FKIDAY. SATURDAY Alattnee at 2.80 p. m. PROF. CARPENTER'S Fsiclic Marvels of Mesmerism. Admission, S5 cts.-Iteserved Sewts, SOcts. Lessons during the day at No. 3 Concord Sq. MTS1O0XES7 15 Cents to SjlSOO Each. J PROFESSIONAL HARMONICAS, IO cents to 40 cents I'.ach. accohdions, 75 cents to IO Each. f3f Barerains in all Musical Instruments. JOH C. JIATSKH A- CO., nlO TlhSSu S3 Court t.. lto ton. Mass, 23C. XX3rJXr2I!H. Front 11 A. M. till O P. M. 334 WASHINGTON ST. TABLES RESERVED FOR LADIES. Miss rachel mm. Elocution and Dramatic Instruction. Les.onr day or evcnlnir. rracticai ln.truetlon on .tag ot minion lireHtro. suurcii vroiKuuiunuulu, iii Boston Theatre. it TUG Csan Baoket. BAK.IO A W 1 tTI FA K Instruction. KDMUXD L l.AEK, Tre uoiit Tetnnle. room 4: 25 years teacher i terms reasonable; circu lars free. d.SulSt n!3 IS. WORLD'S MENAGERIE AID AQUARIUM. 661, 663, 665 and 677 Washington St., Boston. WOBLD'S AMUSEMENT CO... rroyrhttors an4 MasutM A Great Moral Bxliihition, INDORSED BY THE PDBLIC. PRESS AND CLERGY OPEN DAILY FROM 10 A. M. TO 10 P. M. clxaod-jHS sion 10 eta, First appearance of the Lovely ALBINO TWIN MIDGETS. TOMMY AXD LOTTIE LIONEL. Pink-Eyed Sou and Daughter of Fanciful and Ca-pneou. Nature. The Thinnest Man in the World, Mr. JOHN DORRINGTON, A Living Shadow. Weight only 42 pounds I THE LARGEST MAS LITISO A "Giant among Giantsl Over 8 feet high. 'Weight nearly 700 pounds. MASTER MARSHALL, The Boy with the Wonderful Growth of Hair. A Marvellous Freak of Nature. THE MIDGET HORSES. THEIR LAST "WEEK, The Prettiest Little Pets Imaginable. THE MUSICAL VOIDER. Misj LILLIE WESTEEN, Performing with prreat skill upon an Endless Va-rietyof Musical Instruments. Mr. SAM LUCAS, The Popular Barytone Vocalist Messrs. CLARK & WILLIAMS, Character Vocalists and Dancers.- Thos. and Maud Morrisscy, Protean Sketch Artists. FREDERICKS, The Wonder Worker. PROF. G. SCHIEBEL, Musical Glasses, Xylophone and Bells. The Diamond Comedy Co. Ladies and Children Maj Attend Without Male Escort. BOSTON THEATRE. MfOIEl AT LAST. THE GREATEST MINSTREL SHOW EVER INTRODUCED TO TH1 BOSTON PUBLIC, And will make their flrst bow before a Boston Audience on XtJ'o-troxxx'tsGxr 123. HI AND SLAVIN'S Refined Minstrels ! THE THREE KINGS OF MINSTRELSY The Company consists of such nn array of tnlent and Artists its were never before gotten together in one organization. Watch' for the roll call of the Company to future advertisements. . The latest and greatest sensation la the war of Fill MINSTRELSY. IATI0HAL HALL RISK. TiDEIC. Sunday Evening, Nov. 15. GRAND CONCERT BT TBI CROIR OF IMMCIUTE C0KEPTI9I, CHDRCH Or MALDEN, DR. J. A. HEILLY, Director. The "Inflammatua," from the Stabat Mater, with Hiss Ella O'Brien, soprano, of Boston, and Gounod's "Sanctus," with William B. Eeilly, tenor, of Lowell, will be given. The choir will also be assisted by .Mr. F. P. O'Connor, barytone, and John. A0,Shed pianist, of Boston. 10c 2) "BIJOU," the Trick Elephant. TWO LIVING SEA LIONS. BABY SEALS. SACRED COW from Hiodostas. SOUTH AMERICAN TAPIH- Large Tanks of RARE FISHES. BABY LION, only 4 months oil TWO INDIA LIONS. ONE AFRICAN LION. ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. LEOPARD. THE LION SLAYER, ANT EATER, LYNX, BLACK BEARS, CURASSOW, NYLGHAU, ANTELOPES, FLYING FOXES, MANDRELS, BOA, ANACONDA, ALLIGATORS, 40 Different Species of MONKEYS. TWO SACRED ALBINO MONKEYS. The Largest Cage of Moneys Em Ei Crowned Cranes, Silver Pfcsssasts, Bald-headed Eagles, King Vultures, American Eaglss, African Lcks Birds, Feccary, Golden Plisasants, Rose Cockatoos, Red Macaws. 50 Cages of Singing Birds of Erery Description. Monster Glass Slssm Engine. The Largest Troupe of Bohemian Glaal Blowers in the Country. The Life and Adyentsre. of IETTIKro:o: and TXJZD"2" Cloalt Rooms. Toilet Rooms and Colored Stewardesses ou each dior. "BIJOU" will noun celebrate his 21st birthday. Ladies and Children May Attend With-oat Hale Escort, WINDSOR THEATRE Cor. 'Washington and Dover Sits. G. E. IXTHKP Proprietor and Manager CHAS. iiUKNUAM Assistant Mauas'er Tfts Sensational Theatre of Boston! Popular Prices, 10,20 and 30c OXE WEEK OXLT, COMMENCING MONDAY, NOV. 16 PerformaiGBs Daiy. 2 Family Matinee at iM. Evening at 8. Ecgagesicst Estracrdisary f WELLESLEY and STERLING And their Wonderful Actlris; Docs. SULTAN. CESAR AND MONARCH, In Joaqaiu Miller's Grat Mormon llay, entities i lie Produced with an especially Strong DramaticCompany IccltldillK 2Iiss Marie Welleslej . as Billle Piper, Her Great Koie, Wra. E. f terlins as Sandr, Together with a Cast of Character, of TTuosusJ Sirf iifrtli. Incidental to the l-iy will" tw iirtrodacfHl th great Dramatic Ar-'ine Du.-, M LTAN, CtSAK 30iAKCH. the larpt-st sud diimI awn 6-cent, doc m tle woriii. i'hCT each receiTd a gold niedHt trom ie. Grant, ard Hon. V.'m. P. Co'ly ' Hulfalu l!.l!' "iter today ;-AM)i for Sniiaa and Mouarcli. or jSOCO for r- jlt-m alone. 1 Ul-it performance oa the ( has never bees equalled. Kead the Following: President Cleveland's admiration for them. Tn seRsatiou of t'ue day at the hire Manse, r-po-cial correspondence to the N. Y. lieraid. Mr. W. E. sterUne cat:ed at tt- White House tooay. HriiiKin wi n hiui ni !rii Mt. St. Bernr& does. SulLin and Muu-irvn. The d.t ire a!mi4t as uuve as (os. Tbey were the aefition of too day at the Whllt House. The l'rcsidrut admire.! the d.k' very much, and was highly deliKbt?t with lae v.sit, as t-re nil 01 hers present. They are indeed wotmerf ul doirs. .u.tiiuiii Miller, the 1'oet of the Sierra, and author -t tlie 'Danites." wr'.te: "I exiweted to be vrrymucit dUfcuotet at tlie idea of Iniroduoins; dot;, iu mjr raina of litiit. Itut alter mitueA-1111? your exclient i rnductiou of the play I can ouiy a Id. iih teu. Orant, thev are the ool'im doir.-, 1 efi-r saw. and real y add in a marxed ds-frree to the inteu.e iutere&t lit the thnihug scenes) oi the drama." Synopsis of Siceneryt Act I. Foot of th sierrs. ! arlv Murnlng. Act II. The Howllus: Wildernea. Act III. The Heart of the Sierras. Act IV. Saudy's Cabin. Act V. Golden Uulch. liiliie Piper's Cabin. Original Music, Scenery. ProrUe, etc Matinee EYery Arternoorr at 2.S0. Lailles and Children will do well to attend tho Maiinees.thereb avoldms the cunsismtiy increaa-iu cruwdi that attend the evening performance. Horse Cars to A I Tarts of the City Tass the aSeor. POPULAR PRICES. Balcony - - 10 Cents Parquet - - 20 Cents Orchestra - 30 Cents WINDSOR THEATRE TOSIGilT! TOJIGHT! THIS SI'S DAT EVESISG. SOY. 15, Miss Nellie Everett The Wonderful Younse ' MEDIUM, In a Grand Demonxtratlon of the Wonders and Mysteries ot SPIRIT POWER In Full Gaslight, on the Open Staje. Philosopher, lystifiesf hcieatlsts A.tooadd! tlernjmeii AmsiedJ Scholars Uamfovaded! Doors open at T. feance at t. t In Addition to tne A novo A Grand Sacred Concert WILL 1K a VEX. Prices. IO. SO and SiO t'en.s. 10c.

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