The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1955
Page 2
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PAGE TTTO BI/rTHEVTLLl! (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, FEBRUARY IT, 19BB Eight States, Including Arkansas, Ready to Go Under Ike's School Plan By HERMAN' R. ALLEN WASHINGTON (AP) — Eight states would be ready to move immediately under the school-building provisions of President Eisenhower's aid-to-education plan if Congress enacts 'These states already have agencies specifically charged with assisting local school districts to overcome classroom shortages, or other agencies which can exercise similar functions. The President establishment of called for the state agencies which with federal help would issue bonds to build schools. The Jocal districts would rent the buildings and eventually the rents would pay off the bonds. Then the buildings would become the districts' property. Six states have constitutional provisions that might prevent their setting up school-building agencies until the three-year life of the Eisenhower plan has expired, but others are in better shape. Aside from the 8 with agencies in being, 11 apparently could set them up under existing laws, and 14 others could do so with simple enabling legislation. Four states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana and Maine — have state school-building agencies as such. Of these, the Pennsylvania State Public School Building Authority apparently operates most closely to the way contemplated in the president's proposal. Pennsylvania school districts which have reached their legal bonding limits may submit building plans and ask the authority to come to the rescue with money it has raised with bonds. If the authority aproves the plans, It forwards the project money to the district, which repays it with interest over a 40- year rental period. Interest has run around 3 per cent, which is somewhat high by usual financial standards, but officials note that these school dis- tiicts are financially distressed and have to take pretty much what they can get. Under another part of the Eisenhower plan, the federul govern- ment could buy local school bonds at rates up to 3 per cent. Aside from the statewide building authority, Pennsylvania has numerous local school-building authorities which operate on a similar principle. They are, actually, a legalized evasion of school district borrowing limits. Together the state and local authorities have built or contracted for more than 435 million dollars' worth of schools since 1950. School districts themselves, without any authority help, have built 106 million dollars' worth in the same time. The Georgia system operates somewhat differently in detail, but the objective is the same as Pennsylvania — to funnel state money down to local school districts. Lease to District Local systems must first consult with the State Department of Education to fix their needs. Then they go to the building authority, which — instead of giving them the money — itself acquires sites and builds the schools for lease to the district. The Georgia Department of Education makes an annual allotment to school districts for building purposes, and this money is used for the rent that pays off authority bonds. , The Georgia authority has spent 130 million dollars on schools in approximately two years and is now planning a final bond issue of 31 million. No schools have been built Indiana by the state school-building authority of court action brought almost as soon as it was set up in 1951 with power to issue $ 255 DELUXE 12-HP SEA KING 234 88 Sale prico Save $20 Save now on this 12-HP Gearshift Twin—pay $10 down on Lay-Away; pay no more till May 15, when balance is due, or ask about Terms. Perfect for powering heavy loads, hydroplaning, fishing. Twist grip throttle control synchronizes spark and gas flow. Top speed averages 22 mph. 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The Arkansas Legislature just last week passed an act designating the State Education Board to receive and administer any building funds made available by the federal government under the Ei- i After 7 Long Years 'Metera' Reunited with Family in U.S. SALT LAKE CITY Wl—Mcten —Mother—is home at last for thi Katsanevas. Mrs. Mike Katsanevas arrivec at a Salt Lake City airport yes terday, alone and bewildered. Fo seven years she had, waited t come from Greece to America anc be with her husband. But somehow word of her arriva failed to reach Mike and her chil dren. She waited an hour and £ half. Then suddenly her 66-yeai old husband and three of her chil dren hurried into the airport wait ing room. There were tearful embrace; and happy exclamations, "Me tcra" was home. Mike had to leave Mrs. Kat&ane vas behind in Greece with sever of his children when he came tc America with the other three in 1947. He found work as a janito senhower or any other plan. The Florida State Board of Ed ucation issues school construction bonds which are guaranteed b; allocations of auto license revenui mounting to about nine million dollars a year. The board woulc have power to accept federa school funds. The North Dakota School Con struction Board, which has ad vanced over two million dollars t( school districts since it went intc operation July 1, 1953. could accepi federal funds and operate as £ building: authority. South Dakota officials say they believe the State Department Public Instruction could act a; bond-issuing agency. EBERDT'S GATEWAY GROCERY 2101 Rose St. Phone 3-3161 SUGAR - -- - 10lbs.89c TOMATO SOUP Campbells Can 10* CLUB CRACKERS Belle Meade 39< RITZ CRACKERS - BISCUITS Bollards or Puffin SARDINES - - - 3 cans 2% IODIZED SALT - - Pkg. 10< -BAKE-RITE- SHORTENING 3 69 CATSUP Mayflower 2.* 25? PET MILK 2 Cans P I ft PAD Washing Powder AJAX with 2 Boxes 60f? BEEF CHUCK ROAST PICNICS *°'°'°ib39 c LETTUCE - - - 2 Heads 25? CARROTS Ce "°' • LOWER PRICES • SELF SERVICE • PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE at the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot and tried to save so he could bring the rest of his family to their new home. But the saving was slow. Finally, his fellow workers heard about his efforts and chipped in to bring the family to America in time for Christmas. The children arrived shortly aft- va> had had to star behind unW a minor stomach ailment cleared up. The family still Isn't complete. One son, James, Is with the U.S. Air Force in Arizona. Another, George, is in the Creek army. But that will change in time. The family's as good as together now. ft Should Hart! FAIRBANKS, Alaska, 76 below zero Tuesday at Umiat, — It was on the Yukon River, tying a cold er the holiday, but Mrs. Katsane-' record for the area set in 188«. Gas Explosion Rocks City SEQUIN. Tex. (/D—What was believed to be on explosion o( natural gas that collected In a basement rocked two blocks of this south Texas city last night. Big chunks of concrete were torn !rom the floor of the office building lii which the blast occurred. The adjoining Segutn Bank ts Trust Co. building was heavily damaged, and three persons were injured, one critically. Nominated LONDON W) - The World Aitn. of Parliamentarian* for World Government lias nominated Brltlih Liberal party leader Clement Daviei for the Noble Peace Prize. Dtvlei has been president of the association since 1961. Russians Have Nike MOSCOW m -The Soviet trmy newspaper Red Star claims tha Russians have developed a guided missile similar to the American Nikt to shoot down planes. 406 W. Main PhoiM 34591 Building Need Specials REG. 186.88 BATH OUTFIT 164.88 In color—complete 3- pieco outfit in your choice of lovely pa**Ji —blue, green, beige, or coral. 5 ft. steel tub, vitreous china lavatory and closet. Tub faucet and drain, lavatory faucet and matching plastic closet seat included at this low sale price. Buy on FHA Terms. 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