The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 14, 1980 · 19
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 19

Boston, Massachusetts
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Saturday, June 14, 1980
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p m THE BOSTON GLOBE SATURDAY. JUNE 14. 1980 19 REVIEW MOVIE 'Shining' is pick of summer crop THE SHINING - A Stanley Kubrick film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall with Scat-man Crothers and Danny Lloyd. Based on the novel by Stephen King. Screenplay by Kubrick and Diane Johnson. At the Cinema 57 and suburban cinemas. Rated R. By Bruoe McCabe Globe Staff As Sawed and badly cut as It Is, Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is the movie of the summer and one of the most fascinating films of the year. It's a horror movie made by a cinematic intellectual whc appears to have discovered the nightmares unlocked by horror films by becoming immersed in the making of one. The movie seems like the work of a director frightened by the implications of his skill in a genre he thought was beneath him. He's so frightened of these emotions that, possibly against his own instincts as a filmmaker, he pulls back from them and, in so doing, tries to pull the audience back with him. But he can't. He's caught and so are we. We're all frightened together. Frightened by! the tension we feel on the screen of a director wlo doesn't know how far to go in something he had thought was under his control. What carries the film is its intelligence, although flat's what weakens it, too. Kubrick outsmarts hmself sometimes. His smartest move was casting J; ck Nicholson as the schizoid, demon-ridden murderer. Nicholson, whose comparative absence from filns in the past five years is an incalculable loss, gc ;s a long way toward redeeming the movie. His hi mor redeems it. Nicholson may be the only major b( x-office star Hollywood has who will play a hyena if that's what the script calls for. He's a hyena in this film, a grinning, snarling, morbid accessory to tfc; putrefaction of his own cesspool of a soul. He's bt ;n given a marvelous character to work with, a nun whose psyche Is so blocked that he's willing to take an ax to his wife and 5-year-old son to liberate himself. He must literally hack away at everything (hddoesn't consider them loved ones) that's clinging to m. In "The Shining," Nicholson is the dead soul thi every middle-aged family man, in his continu-ingnightmares, fears he's become. To your amaze-merit, you're empathizing with this ax-murderer. Youldo it because Nicholson humanizes him. He transcends the creep-like characterization that give so many horror films their bad smell. Nicholson )s almost a likable ax-murderer. You laugh withrelief when he's breaking through the door to get a( his wife and son: The poor, tormented son-of-a-bitih almost deserves to get at them. TYis is the brilliance of the film its characterizations. Nicholson is supported superbly by Shelley Duvall, who plays his agonized wife with perfect anguish and hysteria, and by Danny Lloyd, who projects more loyabjlityjthan even Justin ("Kramer vs.-Kramer") Henry. Perhaps this Is Kubrick at his most diabolical making you care about what should be stock characters. 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Hansel and Gretel has a story for the child and music for the opera lover-in all of us.' Come see it at 1 :30 p.m. today. You can purchase tickets at the Hynes Auditorium Box Olficc (617)202-8361. And now you can chnrc vour tickets by phone at (617 ) 542-3200. Twluyitt liflO. Ilunvl and Cretrl f'nmliirlnn Simmon, Caul: Rnliiiisun, Hvhee, Love, Frank?, Monk, Di Franco, Wohlafka. Timiuht ,it H 00. Vn Bath in Mtnrhi-ra Conductor: Vrltri. Ct: Cnu-Hinnn, Blccn, Brrinl, Puvurntti, Qiiitim, Durrr-nknmn, Booth, Hohhim. it . The Met in Boston. John B. Hynes Veterans Auditorium, l'riidentiiil Center, 1 1 . J-wif . , J 5 : , . "v i-" ' i r , I Ax-murderer Jack Nicholson pursues a victim. Like many ambitious, obsessive films, this one can be picked apart almost randomly. Its worst flaws are in the editing. Key expositional transitions appear to have been excised. Nicholson's limp, which hampers his pursuit of his son, isn't sufficiently explained. You can take most of the Supernatural episodes in the film with a grain of salt. Kubrick has nothing to add to the dramaturgy of cinematic psychic phenomena. One of the worst things about the film is its racism. Having a black called a nigger, even by an unsympathetic white character, adds nothing to the movie. It detracts from it. The best sequences are based on familiar psychological symptoms (i.e., Nicholson's character's alcoholism, or the dramatic revelation of his writer's block in pages of manuscript filled with the same sentence.) In fact, the film is best appreciated on a realistic level. It's an examination of a violent child- and wife-abuser through their terrified eyes. When you sit down to "The Shining," you sit down with normal expectations of being diverted, perhaps even being gripped, but not being undermined. But the film undermines you in powerful, inchoate ways. It's a horror story even for people who don't like horror stories maybe especially for them. 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(JUDlmsslMmDNClEll') ADRJANAASTl ,...)OHNCBaDvhmA MWTinn1AtSiH.iSM x'WINT! Tut TM PVkTin f hfv''Nl AM' llAViUMUiSi mri ih n v ,ms T1NTO PRASS SAXON 219 Tramont, Boston S42 4600 1:30-4 3O-7 30-10 00 tu vth HMue. riiM Ha umium atu r swntn U ANA UTSIS FILM RELEASING COBPORAnOfl ; Wholly Moses' is full of holes REVIEW MOVIE WHOLLY MOSES - Directed by Gary Weiss. Starring Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman, James Coco and Paul Sand. At the Sack Beacon Hill and suburbs. Rated PG. By Michael Blowen Globe Correspondent Dudley Moore is funny. James Coco, Madeline Kahn and Richard Pryor are funny. Director Gary Weiss showed he was funny with his direction of "Saturday Night Live." So, why isn't "Wholly Moses" funny? It's a simple matter of a script that's filled with more bad gags than Henny Youngman's wastebasket. Guy Thomas, the writer of the lifeless jokes, sold one-line gags to touring comedians in Atlanta before going on to write several unsold television pilots. From these humble beginnings, he rose to write the equally humble screenplay for "Wholly Moses." The story is a testament to banality. Herschel (Dudley Moore) is on a pilgrimage tour of the Holy Land. He meets Zoey (Laraine Newman) and, through a series of incredible coincidences, they discover a scroll. This ancient document describes how Moses and Herschel's ancestor, Herschel I, were simultaneously sent from the bullrushes. Moses ended up in the Pharaoh's household and Herschel was delivered unto a stonecutter's home. A stonecutter who specializes in false idols. The movie limps along with Herschel I's bumbling odyssey. He overhears God talking to Moses through the burning bush and believes that the Lord is talking to him. Herschel believes that he's the Chosen One to lead his people from bondage. It would take a miracle of mammoth proportions to save "Wholly Moses" from its humorless schticks. Thomas' idea of humor is to dress John Houseman in feathery wings for his role as an avenging angel and , torflMARK HAMILL HARRISON FORD CARRIE FISHER BILLY DEE WILLIAMS ANTHONY DANIELS .DAVID PROWSE KENNV BAKER PEIER MAYHEW FRANK OZ r IF3VIN KERSHNER GARY KURTZ , LEIGH BRACKETT o.UAENCSDAN:ivr,,,9.EpRG LUCAS Exclusive Engagement 70MM Dolby Stereo Camb. St. near Gov. Ctr. 227-1330 1:00-3:15-5:30-7:45-10:00 Plus late show tonight at 12 15 NO PASSES ACCEP ED few mHS if. Ml If they've really got what it takes, it's going to take everything they've got 9 A 'ff IMUtiaf .1 I Y s 1 1 41 fJT-O MJ, Jrrm R Mrtro-Gdklwvn-Mavcr I'rrsmN An AI.AN PAKKF.R l-ihu "FAMK" Writ t ni In CI IKISTOP1 WAi GORH l' i iv DAVID DE SIIA'A ,md AIAN MAKSI 1ALL DnvunibvALANrARKKR hijtricuo sr- "!' 01 Hill' Gi'MO in nlVi'WI Mil ) I. V I. i A Km HI ill, ,;ll UIMI.I i ,HMTni:iUIHnVfSM'Hl ? Unttud Artists 8:00p.m. 7:30p.m. 8:00p.m. 8:00p.m. 8:00p.m. SAt K PARIS ii nun au si CHESTNUT HILL SAt K ( IN MA NATICK tn wiwm win MtllWI ASfc. DEDHAM HA, KI'NIHI DANVERS 12 iv :,uv ,,m'l. 1l MUM John Ritter in a scarlet costume tor his cameo role as Satan. Not even Richard Pryor, as the Pharaoh, can redeem this damnable film. May we be delivered from "Wholly Moses." Globe Market Basket. 929-1500 i iisiiiisiif AK '7HSAUES Bargain Matinee Today-1st Show Only at Starred Features -i..iii.i.i i. i.iiAawyfcaiii.,ia I- r -i nr ' f-'i - J IEACOHHI1L t'1'3 1 Beacon at Tremonl 7i3 8U0 1:00 3:16.30-7:45-10 00 51 Roadie ho 1:OO-3:15-5:3O-7'5-10:0O I 1:30-3:30 5:45-8:00.10:00 1 CHAitlEt 1-1-3 195 Cambridge St. Near Gov Cir. 22H33o") 70MMDbv5ltii NPs or 3:15-5i30 Empire,1 LA CAGE " AUX F0LLES 1:30-3:30-5:45:00-10:15 The Long Riders r 1:3O-3-3r5:-B-0O.10:0(i CHEatll'1'8 50 Dalton St. opp. Sheraton Bos. S36-2870 JOHN IflA VOLTA PGI IHtV. rmitov 1W3:;o.5:40-8:OO-10:15 MAD MAGAZINE R UP THE , ACADEMY 1:15-3:00-4:301500-10 MCQUEEN TDMHQHN" 1:30-3:30-5:45:00-10:15 CIHEMaij 1-1 200 Stuart SI. near Park Sq. 482-1222- 12:00-2:30-5:O07:30-10:O012:30 I "aa- -aa 1:00 3:15 5:30-7 45 12:15 ; f I AHET I'l 237 Wash. St. near Got. Clr. 2276676 tAsmoorj ui ui nW D y I JCVJT IMf- f'"' 4:36:15 1TOI-3:l5-5-3O.7:45-10:00 r.l -' - ( 1:00-2:45 I 4:30-6:15 8:O0-10 ) I tAZIS B41 Boylston Opp. Pru. Ctr. 267-8181 Peter Sellers in BEI NG TH ERE c 1M-3:15 5:30 10:15 ,S;'J 32 it U trT SPECIAL LATE SHOWS TONIGHT ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW BiKkton-11 50. KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE Brackton-11 35. Danvers City-II SD. Natick-11 40 0AWN OF THE DEAD Brocklpn-ll 40. DairersCity-1145, Natitk-11:45 PINK FLOYD Brocktni-l1:4S. Darners City-11 50. Nattck-1150 KSOCIIOM 14 Rt.27Ad. Gushing Hosp. 588-4650' 963-1010 JOHN 1RAVOLTA , CLINT n'll rmii.x mum "smooDBronco Billy 1KW-4:1 5-7:1 5 9:45 ?!l!?i:?0:5i30'Zi''L9i5? LEJ T ncf Tonrrn in Poric V Mel AliceCoopBr Biondie 1:15 3:15 Last tango mfarit.x , oarlio 520.730 1:1M:15-10:20siPfWmii!)pii' r" nUdUIC 9:50 Stanley KutKick's HVEiltjV t'l RI. 128 Exit 24 777-25551593-2100 TleSHiNiNG V 12:0Q.2:3O-5:O0-7:30-10 00-12:30 "! 1:20-3:20 ACADEMY 9:55114S MCO.TJEEN 41:10-3:15 j I . Je II 1:00-3:10 R TOM HORN 5 0a9 l ldcH5UiiOb l Last Tango in Paris x ! u TmVltOY 1:15-4:15-7:15-10:15 12:10 2:35 5:00 7:30 9 55 AWYE!f t'l liberty Tree Mall 777-1818) 599-3122 RmdeTa ! The Long Riders TVJaUlV rl . 9:30 l1:3O.3:30-5:30-10:J0snenmmcailpn I Hl18tt I't Rt.9, Opp. Shoppers Woild 653-5005)237-5840 JCHN TRAVOLTA in I ItlLW tVltOYp 1-00.4:15-7:15 9:45,11:55 dCldlilOh"0 The Lon Riders R 1:1 5-3:1 5-5: 1 5-7:309:35-1 1:55 1:05-3:15-5:15-7:25-9:40 eastwcoon0 Bronco Billy 1:00-3:20-5:30-7:45-9:50 1,1 Meatloat AliceCooper Blondif 1:15-3:15 Roadie pg "THE FIRST EPIC HORROR FILM' - Jack Kroll. Newsweek Magazine JVI jlilcljsJ.I Ml) ' ... - - ' -rnuti anifKi von ,!it " ' "'' ' : IllOlSON ME Dili "THE SH1NIHE- II R ftHTMCTIO Sa& ft Wit 01 Mitt 1 t0WI j . iV,rr.- it' i: V4HP : At. H it .'Vft; ADDED LATE SHOW TONIGHT ATALLTHEATRES-12.30 Sack CINEMA 57 200 Stuart St Boston. 482 1222 General Cinema FRAMINGHAM Rt 9 Shoppers World. 235 8020 Showcase WOBURN RI 128 near 93. 933 5330 General Cinema CHESTNUT HILL Rt 9 at Hammond St.. 277 2500 General Cinema BRAINTREE South Shore Piara. 848 1070 Sack Cinema Cily DANVERS Eil24ol1RI li'B. 'jJ-2 100 NO PASSES AfXr'PTFD 7 of $mri and ' 4i: l iR The story a boy and his equipment. SAI II BEACON Hill titiiMa- n I ltON m '0 J HAt M ( INFMA NATICK United Artists EilU Lale ilia Tnniqht Njt't&t)''ilhjrn-U SllOWt ASft. DfOHAM 326-4459 li.HI V MiDFOKD 1 IN1MA II fin Miiio:, 10 395-0499 DANVERS 12 MfcDrUHO TRlPt.f DMIVE IN 36 bHH0

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