The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1955
Page 12
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PACBTW1LY1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY, 14/1955 Christian Pineau Asked to Try for French Premiership PARIS (AP) — Pierre Pflimlin abandoned his efforts to form France's 21st postwar government today and Presidenl Rene Coty asked Christian Pineau, a right-wing socialist, to try. Pineau said he would decide after conferring with his political associates. Socialist Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. 3453 3483 3506 3514 3516 Open High Low 12:30 3453 3483 3509 3514 3517 3445 3478 3504 3505 3510 3445 3478 3504 3505 3510 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 12:30 .. 3451 3451 3442 3443 .. 3482 3482 3476 3477 .. 3507 3510 3505 3505 ,. 3516 3516 3507 3509 ,. 3516 3516 3510 3511 Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Chicago Soybeans Mar ... 278 278 274 May ... 27314 July ... 270 274 270 Sept ... 255% 256!/2 Chicago Corn Mar ... 150% 150'/ 8 May ... 153 3 / 4 153% 2105/n 267'/^ 255 Chicago Wheat 225 32514 Mar ... 224Vi May ... 223 160V4 153% 222% 221'/ 2 275 271% 268 265 & ISO'/-, 153% 22314 221% New York Stocks A T and T 179 3-8 Amer Tobacco 64 1-2 Anaconda Copper 53 1-2 Beth Steel Ill 1-2 Chrysler TO Cocoa-Cola 117 3-4 Gen Klectric 51 Gen Motors 97 3-8 Montgomery Ward 79 5-8 N. Y. Central 33 1-2 Int. Harvester 37 1-2 Republic Steel 89 Radio 41 5-8 Socony Vacuum 55 1-4 Studebaker 127-8 Standard of N. J 116 5-8 Texas Corp 94 1-2 Sears 80 1-4 U. S. Steel 79 3-8 Should the Socialist decline, former Premier Rene Mayer Was expected to be Coty's next choice. It was Mayer's split with Premier Pierre Mendes-Prance, like him leader of the Radical Socialist (moderate) party, which caused the overthrow of the Mendes- France • government on a vote of confidence Feb. 5. Pineau was the third man called on to help solve Prance's latest Cabinet crisis, now in its 10th day. Former Premier Antoine Pinay, a conservative, failed first in the search for National Assembly support. Liltle Doubt There was considerable doubt that Pineau would accept the President's request. The Socialists have refused to participate in recent cabinets, although they voted solidly for Mendes-France. This was expected to work against any attempt of the party to secure the necessary outside support. Former Bank Clerk Pflimlin went to Elysee Palace before dawn today to tell Coty he could not line up enough Assembly backing. The President summoned Pineau soon after. Pineau is a 50-year-old former bank clerk, lawyer, labor secretary and wartime resistance leader who was arrested twice by the Nazis. Released from prison camp in 1945, he became food minister hi Gen. Charles de Gaulle's postliberation provisional government. He was elected to the Assembly in 1D45 and later served as public works minister in four governments and fi nance minister in one. With the rest of the socialists, he supported Mendes-France in pushing through the Assembly the Paris treaties approving German rearmament. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. W — (USDA)—Hogs 15.500: fairly active, barrows and gilts 25-50 lower than Friday's average; bull choice 180-220 Ib 16.75-17.35; lev choice No. 1 and 2 17.40-50; 220 240 Ib 16.25-17.00; 240-270 Ib 15.50 16.25, few to 16.50; few 270310 Ib 15.25-65; 150-170 Ib 16.25-17.25; sow, 400 Ib down 14.75-15.25; heavie: sows 13.00-14.50; boars 10.00-13.00 Cattle 6.000, calves 600; steac^ on mostly good to low choice steer at 24.00-75; utility and commercia cows 11.50-135; canners and en ters 9.00-11.00; bulls utility am commercial 13.00-14.50; canner and cutters 9,50-12.50; vealers gooi and choice 21.00-28.00; industria prime 3.00; commercial and lo- good 15.00-20.00. Fergus Named General Agent Dane Fergus has been named general agent in Northeast Arkansas for General American Life Insurance Co., the firm announced today. Mr. Fergus has .completed a course in the Life Insurance Marketing Institute at Purdue University where he was elected president of the training group. Jets to Leave TAIPEI, Formosa (#•)—The three squadrons of U. S. Air Force F86 Sabre Jets which flew here for the Tachen evacuation will start pul ing out tomorrow for Okinawa am Luzon. One squadron is to be sta tioned here. The Air Force said i would be from the 5th Air Force. Ntw Program Planned TOKYO (jp>—The U. S. Army said today it will begin a new program of training: Nationalist Chinese officers at certain Far Eastern installations rather than sending them to the United States. It's an economy measure. Antique Collector? LOUISVILLE, Ky. (fP) — A thief broke into a used car sales office and took ignition keys to 14 cars, then drove off in a 1942 model worth 1 $50. The owner said it was the "worst car on the lot." Pennzoil Z-7 For UK ftcst Urn* ...» mo I or ol that UNLOCKS HORSEPOWER! rou actually FEEL t(M difference behind the wheel. your flnt crankose fill proves ttito fc a NEW KIND of motor nil. EXCLUSIVELY AT ANDY'S AUTO SERVICE Ash and 2nd WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. Doctor from Here To Attend UT Course Dr. W. T. Rainwater of Blytheville has enrolled for a three-day , postgraduate program in pediatrics I which begins at the. University of 'Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis on Feb. 23. The program is being offered in cooperation with Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and John Gas ton Hospital and will be held in these institutions. Wilson Man Named Escort at Ouachita Gerald Perry of Wilson will serve as an escort for the freshman court of royality that will represent the freshman class at a winter wonderland carnival and talent show to be held on the Ouachita College campus. The event, will be presented by the freshman class on Feb. 24 in Mitchell Hall on the campus. •M^M Toll roads in operation *•»"• Toll roods under construction Authorized toll roods Other projected toll roods TO GET SOME NEW LINKS—New roads lor free-wheeling America take the spotlight as President Eisenhower asks Congress to approve his vast $101,000,000,000, ten-year roadbuilding program. Map shows the toll road situation at present. There are a few other existing and projected toll roads in the western part of the country, but they are comparatively small ones. Most ambitious project west of the Mississippi is Oklahoma's proposal for an interstate compact between Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma for a series of interlocking turnpikes from Houston to Kansas City and'St. Louis. Dotted line shows road links, now in "talking" stage only, that would give a through route between Chicago and Miami by way of Louisville, Nashville and Chattanooga. The Eisenhower highway program for the nation calls for a modern interstate network.. The federal government will pay about 30 per cent of the cost, with states, cities, counties and other agencies paying 70 per cent. TAXES (Continued from Page 1) financial feet and replenish the Reserve Fund. The school problem was another matter. He suggested only a "temporary" remedy. He said that (he state sales taxes should be increased from two to three per cent for 13 months or two years. That would take care of the immediate situation. Faubus suggested the creation of j a state board empowered to withhold state aid from any local government which fails to collect its share of local revenue. The tern, rarv ; .les ix ir rease. h- time to get their houses in order And if they didn't then' the board would have the authority to act. Many Disagree And. the reaction by many * of the legislators to the governor's suggestions was open disagreement with idea of a temporary tax increase. On the other hand, most of the lawmakers expressed approval with the tax board pro- posal, Faubus has said that if his pro- prosed sales tax increase is not introduced in the Legislature, then his administration will prepare it and Find somebody to submit it. The lawmakers started another week of sessions today. The problem has been placed. . , , , , before them. The state's chief ex-! arnved , to ^ y on a four - da y courtc- ecutive has indicated he'll not let | s £ ™£ J£* y ™trf aC f° m S™« them forget it, Though Faubus wants the 1953 Fiscal Code abolished, the power to cut appropriations fn relation to declining revenues probably will be kept. Korean Chief Visits Formosa TAIPEI, Formosa UP) —' Gen. Chung II Kwon, Republic of Korea army chief of staff, and his aides chief of the U. S. Military Advisory Group for the ROK army! Chung plans to confer with Chinese Nationalist President Chiang Democrats Set Date for 7956 Convent/on WASHINGTON Ifl — The Demo crats today set July 23 as the date for their 1956 convention to open in Chicago unless some states change their laws meantime to permit later opening date. National Chairman Paul M. Butler announced that a study of state election statutes showed it would be impractical to hold up the convention until Aug. 13, as tentatively planned earlier. Some states, he explained,' require certification ol the presidential candidates anywhere from 70 to 90 days before election day. Butler said reaction to the idea of a late convention date and shorter campaign had been favorable and that he was suggesting to Democratic leaders that they study the possibility of changes in state laws which stand as a barrier to this. He expressed hope Republican leaders would join with the Democrats in a move to make later conventions possible. Butler also announced that members of the Democratic National Committee in a mail poll had formally approved Chicago as the site of the 1956 convention. A site committee had recommended Chicago. Nixon Promises Speedier Aid To Guatemala GUATEMALA (# — Vice President. Richard Nixon was reported today to have promised Guatemala speedier U. S. economic aid to help this little republic get on its feet after 10 years of pro-Communist government. Nixon conferred more than an hour last night with President Carlos Castillo Armas, whose Volunteer army toppled the Red-influenced regime of Jacobo Arbenz iuzman last June. Later the two dined together. A Guatemalan source said Nixon had given the President "most encouraging assurances" that Washington would speed up its aid program to Guatemala. First plate glass was ground polished by rubbing two plates Kai-shek on military cooperation. together by hand. Operation Skywatch EXTENDED TO ALL FORTY-EIGHT STATES UccaiHe ilic Soviet Uniim U rapidly in- rrea^ing its tapjluiity lo laiun'li a ?»r- prisf air attack mi any purl of tin; nation the I . ,S. Air Force i? extruding Opera- lion Skywalrli to all 48 slat*-.-, an ;miiii" to C.-iK-ral Ucnjamin \V. Cliiillaw. com- mandrr-in-rliicf <>f Continental Air L) t > feiisc Command. Kccniiiim-nl of civilian volunteers for ! lit- Gruunil Oliscrvcr Corp? in this an\i is iv\p»*fied 10 besin in tin 1 near futiirt 1 . Men, wonirii and trfH-j.srr-Mvill lie eligihlf for two liour^ of duty a wn-k in Air DciVnse Filter Centers and Uh=er- vation Posts, General Chidlaw said. 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SEE TV PACE FOR TIMES AND STATIONS • CHINESE (Continued from Page I) abruptly left the conference room. Sought Commitment Newsmen were unable to ask him about the statement credited to Foreign Minister George Yeh in the United States to the effect that United States was pledged to the defense of Quemoy and Matsu. Yeh later said he had been misquoted. Chiang: had sought, in negotiations leading up to the evacuation of the Tachens, to obtain a public American commitment to help defend Quemoy and Matsu, a commitment Washington refused to make. Chiang: today denounced United Nations' and other efforts to obtain a ceasefire with the Communists in the Formosa Strait area. The U.N., he said, ought to be declaring sanctions against Communist China. He said the "people and government of the Republic of China are determined to recover" all lost territory. "Kinmen and Matsu constitute parts of the bastion where our people and government are withstanding the aggression of the international Communist bloc. In no case would they be abandoned to the enemy," he concluded. The U.S. Navy today said Its ships were returning to patrol stations after moving 27,500 people from the Tachen area. The liver, which weighs from .hree to four pounds, is the heaviest organ in the human body. 13 from County Moke Pledges at Arkansas State Twelve Mississippi County boys and one girl have pledged fraternities and one sorority nt Arkansas State College' for the spring aem- ester, according to Robert Moore, dean of students. One southeast Missouri boy WM included on the list. Virginia Whatley of BlythevHle was among five girls who pledged the Phi Mu sorority. The following boys pledged Pi Kappa Alpha: Howard Cissel of Wilson, Tommy Hipp of Leachville, Joe Dean Pierce of Manila and David Wll- banks of Keiser. Hershel Austin of BlythevilLe, Harvey Lee Hill of Osceola and David Towles of Manila all pledged Sigma Phi." The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was pledged by Terry Lee Ballard of Manila, Kenneth Cole of Osceola, Larry DePriest of , Holland, Mo., Joseph Hendrix of Bl'ytheville, James Herndon of Leachville, and Bobby Stiwell of Osceola. Larry Lutz Named Kitchen Manager Larry Lutz of BlythevHle has been elected kitchen manager of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of - Arkansas for the spring semester. / Mr. Lutz served in the armed forces before entering the University. . FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS IT'S THE Meet the hat that's got fun on its mind—Dobbs Gay Prince. With styling that's carefree and smart. And a luxury-soft glove suede finish. Saddle-stitching round brim and band give It a bold outdoor brisk* ness. For the hat of your lively life, see yourself ia the Dobbs Gay Prince. Dobbs "Individu-Ovals" gtva you an Individually Fitted Hat. Where the man who knows—buys his clothes R. D. HUGHES CO. Alan Berry, Owner Fred Sartdefur, Mgr. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OSL CO. 1 Sell That Stuff" Phone 2-2089 Visit Conny's Conoco Service, Ash & Division PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Fruit & Produce • Fresh Dressed Poultry > The Finest in Beef, Veal, Lamb &Pork Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In We Deliver Come In 1044 Chick

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