Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 12, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring of Hats Arriving Daily at A MOST EXCITING ^CENE AT THE CLOSING . OF THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION. . DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. Save This Coupon „ No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will'remind you-of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER & YOUNG, THE, FEftRL STRE.ET TfllLORS. MONEY TO LOAN. Persona], Real Estate or Collateral Security. inj Amount. An} Time. B. Overall I iier, 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL ITUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 12. Drink McLin's Kolatona. i * : Harry Frank invites you to attend ill removal sale. Nelson Mohler moved to Deer Creak rom'the city yesterday. An electrical clock, baa been put In ,t the Keystone drug store. i "Two Johns" comedy company SVednesday night'at the theatre. New spring suite, now spring hate, il»c reduced during Harry Frank's removal sale, 1 Drive dull care away by going to aee "Two Johns" Wednesday night at the opora house. You will laugh till further orders it the "Two Johns" Wednesday night it the opera house. Harry Frank Is occupying the New fashion store until the improvements >f his store are completed. j For .fast, furious fuo see funny, Fatty itewartinthe "Two Johns" Wednea- height at the opera house. uett, Coon & Co's latest styles in liars, including the Elkhorns, al- •ya to be found at Harry Frank's. |j Thera will be B call meeting of L , L. of L., this (Tuesday) evening at Mils Mame Enull'a, 1700 Broadway. The funeral of an infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Mentzger of Luoerno, will be heid today at Mentone. There will bo a meeting of Trinity Guild at the residence of Mr*. Chas. E. MoKeen, No. 1205 North street thlo afternoon. Every member of. the W. C. T. U. is earnestly requested to be present at the Home for the Friendless at 2:30 lhl» afternoon. ElUa Winter will remove two doors leant of his pYesent location until the building now occupied bj W, H, Brown Is vacated. Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. CREAM BAKING To Mr. and Mrs, Henry Graff, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. John Rathermel of Smead street—a eon. To Mr. and Mrs, Edward Harrison of 694 Chicago street, a daughter. John Nicodemus of this city baa been granted an Increase of penalon. A social was ecjoyed last night by the congregation of the A. M. E. church. To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Messinger of Delphi, formerly of this city, a daughter. A horse owned by J. P. Eager of Bethlehem township dropped daad Sunday with heart disease. The Woman's Auxiliary of the railroad Y. M. "C. A., will meet at 2 p m. today at the association rooms. D. A. Foster of Royal Center proposes, whh a device he has Invented, to lighten the draft of wagons. Trinity Guild will meet this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Chas, E. McKeen No. 1205 North street. The case of Gundrum vs. the Cass and White county commissioners, was yesterday continued uutll yesterday. Dennis SulUvan, Albert Penny and Claud Ammona, were each given ten days In jail for alleg-ed drunkenness yesterday. Woodland and Bates streets, and that neighborhood was deluged for a time Saturday night by water from a burst main. The Eastern Stare wj.ll give an en- tertalomeut for the children of the members Friday evening at their hall on Broadway. A. regular inspection of telephones li being made by the representatives of the Central Union telephone company this week. Mrs. M. Michaels and children acd Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michaels, are preparing to remove to Florida to reside permanently. All journeyman barbers are requested to meet at Trades Assembly hall tonight at 8 o'clock for purpose of reorganization. The Ladies' Auxiliary to the R. R. Y.. M C. A. has postponed the social advert'sed for tonight. The date will be duly announced, The Star dry goods store is being moved here from Lafayette, and will be sold. In connection with the Scbmltt & Heflley stock at their stand, corner Market and Fourth streets. Schuyler Strock, an old Logansport boy, whose parents still reside here, •i prefect is In business for hlmsekf in New York city in the wholesale lumber trade. It ia ucdei stood that Governor Matih«w'« Shrewd «ime to Duttmt the Will of the JLrclgU- ture FmllH-BU Secretary F»m» to Reicli Hie Hooxe With • Vetoed BUI Until After the Adjournment— The Cu«ioill«n SioppeA tbe .Clock bat the Speaker Had a T.m< Piece orillfcOwii—John M. Johnston Appoluted Coal Oil Io»p'. ctor— Oilier I eitlnlailve Xews. Indianapolis, Ind , Marcu ll. Special to tbo Journal. The legislature adjourned sine die tonight at midnight. The closing scenes in the Houae were very exciting. The Governor planted to defeat the bill removing Tom Griffla, custodian of the State House, and his assistants, by holding back his veto until H would be too late for both branches of tbe legia!:- ture to take another vote and pesa it over it hid veto, which he knew would be done if it was returned to the. House, where it originated, at a reasonable hour. Myron King, the Governor's secretary who acted aa meteeni- ger In this case, bad intended to de liver the bill with the Governor's veto at 11:55 p. m. About this time he en tered the elevator to go to the- Hou»e of Representatives A number of others entered the elevator wits him and look charge of It, running the elevator up and down a number of times. Myron was very mad bul oould not get off oa either floor for some time In the meantime to ktep a quorum the doors of tbe House bad been ordered looked. Tbe custodians finding that the Governor's messenger had not arrived with the veto which was intended to keep him and his assistants in office, stopped the clock at five minutes of twelve. The speaker, however, had a time-piece of his own and when midnight arrived adjourned the House. Thus the bill removing Custodian Griffla and his aesiatants became a law, no veto having been received. In the meantime the Grovernor's secretary had escaped from the elevator and reached the door of tha House, only to find It locked. A scene of great excitement ensued and the custodian's assistants broke in the door. This was not accomplished, however, until a general fight bad taken place in which no one was badly hurt. When the Governor's secretary got in the House of Representatives had adjourned. The Secretary^also had with him the Fee and Salary bill, which it is said the Governor had slgnbd. If it had been vetoed, however, tho veto would have amounted to naught, Among the bills which passed the House but failed in the Senate are the following: The anti prize fighting bill, the factory inspection bill, a building and loan bill by Siotsenburg, and a oulldlng and loan bill by Remy, the anti-pass bill, the Newhouse bill exempting from taxation real estate mortgages to the amount of fl,000. and the bill raising the age of consent to eighteen years. $3, $4, $5 Shoes For $1.98 Tuesday, March 12th, Wednesday, March 13th. Of $3, $4 and $5 Ladies' Fine Shoes, Choice $1.98. Thursday Opening- Slaughter of Men's Shoes and Samples on 2nd Floor.—QTTO KRAUS. P. S.—Sizes in Finest Shoes up to size 4 above badly broken. still unbroken. Sizes HE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. WHEN HELP WAS CLOSE HAND AND WAS RESCUED. AT William O'Connor, an Alleged Lunatic, Cttu»ed a Big Mcnr* and a Mtn.iiitlon ut the Jull Sqndny—Tried to II11 UK JHmnelf In. His Cell—W«s Jtepuried as liuluc K>ilOuul Yesterday, MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 pure Grape Cream c r Tartar Powder. Free 5rom Ammonia, Alum o. iny other adulterant. ; 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. beis doing- well. George Hanson of Onward recently ate twenty five raw eggs at one fit- tin (f or two settlDgi, Prank Packard packed away two dozen egga. The contest was for a wager and occurred at tbe principal store at Onward. ••My love, what maitlo -spell is thrown Upon your face? Its charm I owa Whence came thy pure and pearly teeih.? Thy rosy 'ip<-! fbr perfumed brestb?" Sne »aid. In accent- sweet and clear. State Geologist Batchetor today ap« pointed John M. Johnston, the well. known Logans port druggist, to be coal oil inspector for the Tenth district. The position is worth about $1.200 a year. * * • The Governor signed the Nicholson bill this afternoon. The full text o! the new law is given on the editorial "page of the Journal. * * * The bill providing for a board of control for the prisons at Jefferson- vllle and Michigan City was passed over the Governor's veto. * * * The House had previously decided not to take another vote oo tbe Metropolitan Police bill which the Governor vetoed. The veto therefore stands. * * * The Governor i-igaed the bill providing for new boards of control for benevolent institutions. Dennis Kennedy was buried yesterday morning in Ml. St. Vincent cemetery, the funeral services bein^ held from St. Bridget's church. In the circuit court -yest-rday, in •ach of two cases, Burns Brcs., s.*. loonists, were fined $20 and costs on the charge of selling liquor to minors- The lecture of Junge D P. Baldwin on "Constantinople 1 ' Sunday night at the Broadway M. E. church wa> moat interesting and instructive, and was heard by a good audience. Beginning Sunday and continuing until Ss Joseph's day. Tuesday, Mirch 19ta, services will be held at St. Jo- aeon's Catholic church each day at The authorities do aot kcow how to talie William O'Connor, the man who wa,s placed in jail Saturday, and who seoms to bo violently insane. Supt. Rogers of the northern hospital says O'Connor Is not a genuine, all-wool mEiniac. O'Connor mada a very sensational attempt at self-murder by hang-ing Sunday morning, in his cell at the county jail. He was rescued in time to save his life, although when cut down his neck was badly stretched he was black in the face and In a position to look over the battlements Into his uncertain hereafter. Saturday night O'Connor was very violent in his ravings and startled his neighbors by his demoniac howls for police.- Ee was so restless and noisy that he was finally placed in a cell. O'Connor formed a rope of a belt be wore and several strips of calico, and fastening it above his head and around his neck, stepped off bis cor. His feet touched tbe fluor and he had to lean forward in order to bring the pressure of the rope upon bis wind pipe. His actions were noticsd by prisoners in other parts of the jail, and the deputy sheriff was called Be passed tbe key to O'Connor's cull through tbe door, and the inmates unlocked the door and untied the wou'd ba suicide. It is said he was rational yesterday. Martin Hogaes. an inmate of the jail, who was among tbe Bret to J. T. Itryer'M Couitltlon. J. T. Bryer is much better. The doctor thinks the excitement caused temporary abooation and that be will recover with care acd rest. He was able to talk yesterday and to remember when he began to get delirious. One of his friends who talked with him yesterday said: •i see by the press reports and local papers where James T. Bryer is published as having gone insane. This was all true for a short time, as according to his own admission, his mind wae- bloucd aa with a sponge 1 but let me afs-ar's you that such is cot the c;:so now. as I taw him tbis moroiag and j'ut C'.ioic from there tub cvuijii!^- and his m'.cd seems nat ural a^cl clear. He mukes no aucmpt at saying aaything out of the way but on the convrary tries to say sensible things, which at times worries him for the reason that he well knojvs what ha wishes to say but his speech fails him as does the st This embarrasses him. but it is hoped that he will soon bj in full possession of his speaking power. He ascribes his nervous prostration and temporary murky mental condition to excitement, overwork and ill heahh. If You Are G >\un to Hake « Garden It will pay you to be particular as to whose seeds you buy. We are now in the market »Hb a full line of Laodreth's seeds for tba season, of 1895,'and I wish to eay to the gardeners and others using seeds, that while Liudrecb'n seeds may be a little higher price than some others they are always fresn. clean and true to name, and us we handle no other seeds except those gro*n oy Landreth '& Sons of PalliQelphla our customers may rely on getting nothing but tbe very best. I bel eve that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to tbe crop, and whoa a peraon h-ts taken the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best. We She Kolncd Her Ilf.lth .t Scho.l. Sad, but needless. With proper care and tbe uee of Xoa Phora, at needed poriodf, her splendid intellect might now be supported by perfect physical powers acd (Traces, Sold by B. F. Keeslicg andCoulsoD &Co., druggists, Ileeovcrril the Hornet*. Dr. Dutcbess. whose harness WM stolen und disposed of by "Snakes" Walker, who was recently sent up from Peru for two years, has recovered the property, valued &L $15, from John Sbively. who lives between Bunker Hill and Feru. reach O'Connor's cell, eaid tbat the j bundled L»odret,h'd seeds for four years latter was simply making preparations ' and have never heard a single com. to suspend himself when he was pi a im ; I Q f BC t, our customers unhesl- talten in hand by his fellow prisoners, tatingly pronoi^fii them perfect in Mr. Hughes claimed that the alleged 3very pa rtIcBlarJ«nd as an evidence suicide was tying the belt about his | o{ t(ji8 facti we bave almost the entire "'Tis only SOZODOJCT, my dear." 8:30 a. m. and 7:30 u. m. Dec i, and before he could accompli h his probable design on his own life, the rope or belt *as taken from him. He Appeared very anxious to end bis existence. O'Connor la an alleged A. P A. lecturer, and is said to have been a school teacher and a man of intelligence in some ways. The authorities are yet undecided as to their future course in connection with O'Connor. The lodern W»j- Commends itself 10 ihe -veil -informed, to do pleasantly and effec'tmliy wbai •rag formerly done in the crudest manner and dira*jrtesb'y as well. To cleanse the g.\steca tnd breait upcolds. haatiach' 8 and fevers wi'bimt Haulms- &nt after effects, u?e the c't-!ijfbt.ful liquid laxative remedy. Syrup of Figs. trade of all toe gardeners around Lo- g&nsport aa well as many from a dU- lance. Our trade cae increased on ibid particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business We also nave a full line of garden tools and^ fiaid seeds R^m-tnbar. ttuc the firm of Lindreth & Sons has been 115 vears in the Occupation of seed growtr.g. GEORGE HABRISOJ.-, 617-623 Broadway. Irery G!rl 1> H«r "Twin" Need* at tiojtjr a sifcood gentle tonic to counterba a nee the extra drains on <b« physical und nervous tuysieoi. Z'in- Pnora (iV.im-.n's Friend) »lll give heal'h auri frt-?bn^"S for wt-akoess and pillor. Sold by B. F. Keeslinif and Coul=on & Co., druggists. Report or tlie Condition -or THK— First National Bank OI Logans port, at Lognnsport. In the State at. Indiana, at the close of business, March Sth, 1895. '2,UfiO OS 50.0UO 00 RKSOUltCKS. Loans tind discounts Overdrafts, .secured and unsecured ..... U. S. Bonds to sreure circulation .......... Stocks, securities, vie BiinldnK-houfte.furnlturtvind fixtures.. JS.UuO 00 Due from National Banks (not reserve Agents) ............................ ............. 2.SCO 51 Due from approved reserve agents. ...... 8fi,2»7 66 Checks and other caub Items ..... . ......... 94G « Notes of other National Bonks ............... 21,000 0» Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents ....................... -._ ............ „. W a LAWFUL MONK* RK3KI1VK IN BANK, VIZ: Specie ............................... »»«,170 06 Leg-al-tender notes ................ 'A100 00=38,270 fl» Redemption fund with D. S. Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) ............. ™ 2,250 Oi Total -. ...|62C,C38 & " LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid In _ $250.000 01 Surplus Iiuid 14.000 M Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid „ «,560 9i National Bank note* outstanding 29.700 01 fndlvlduiil deposits subject to check 172.080 32 Demand certificates of deposit M,»l 'Jt Total. - $52«6ii85S State of Indiana, County of Cass, ss: I, William W. Ross, cashfer ol the above n.ime* bank, do solemnly swear that the above swtemene Is true to the beat o{ my knowlodK« and belief. W. W. HOSS. Cashier. 8ub»ertbe«l and sworn to before me this life daj of March 1895. GEOKGK C. TAUKK. Notary Public Correct—Attest A. J. MtTRDOOr, ) w. T. WILSON. {-Director*. W. H. BK1KGHUB4T. ) AMU8EME1IT8. D OLA.N'8 OPERA HOESH. S. B. Patterson, Hanager. Wednesday, March 13 Appearance of the J. C. Stewart's 2 John's Comedy Col with the original*. J. C. Stewart mid Joha Han as the Cousins, Philip J-->bii« » d kvt#r - ohn , In thR funalest of the Century. 18 peopte lu tue east. A Jansbabl" ^clonf from start to finish. Kit* pedal features Introduce. . Advance Sale openi Monday. Prl«s-2ic, 50c, TSe

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