Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio on June 24, 1929 · Page 5
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Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio · Page 5

Portsmouth, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1929
Page 5
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TMX F O f c T i M O U T M D A I L Y T I M K I JACKSON MAN KILLED^ Coil Workman To Death .. v KSOX. ObM. Jun* 24--Jia»r I-..., iVuijen.v, wbose plant . ·- illicit Satiinlaj- after a )«o; shut, : . . n . tvas tn*tnntlr klllrO *lir»rt1.r - · r , . ho retiirwd t.i M* tvfrt N.-itur- ·VI,en n caWc nltacliol to a li-iisl . i^inf na||cd, one cnrl of It colled ·ir,.iini lit* Ixxly niul lie vn* "ilrnwn ,.;.M!iit n Imjrc drum In the |il:iul ui.,] «-;is so liailly L-riiylied tliroiiEh i!i«' i liff I that IIP d!rd ojirly Simd.iy n.-rnlnv In lu Holror Ims-pHnl In iirillilHillf. Workmen mn IP Swift's riM-m 1 . liut snake-like, the cull en- ned Mm "nil crushed III in urforp tlic |wi«'rr conlil Ivc shut off. Virtu- .illy :ill of tlic mnii'F rib? were broken iiii'l several puiictnred 111* lungs. \vliii-li caused Ills'dentli. Swift, w h n ' l i v e d on South street. is survived hy his wife nm! two stejirlillilrcn: ' Hull] Miircclln Thninus intil l':iul I vim Thoiuiis. Mrs. .Swir fiirun'r lmsl)iinl \yns killed in nn no- lidonl twenty yenrp npo. Stiureci in PScluie, Police Break Up Ppker Game; Arrests Made I'ullcp. Sunday, niude n raid on Il.irilln^ nvpiinp. Sciotovlllp. suiil in- tprni]ited a-qiiiel l i l t l p itokpr-ciiine. Mm pivini; (lip nnnipF of .lack St.ninn. Artluir..lnhnson. John .lonps nnd Tom .Ium'S .'were.· nrrrftpil on" clmrfies of ;'iinililln^. H. K. Mason wns iirrcstpil nn ;i i-Iiarpe of Tiinnln? n · Viinibllnp lioiise. (Mitpf of I'ollcc Harry SlipptF. l i d w t i v c .Smith, rnlrolnuin .lohn 1 iJoodiiiaii and 1'^ K. 1'ortrr uinilp iiti ilif i;rrpKtin? pnrtj-. Is Killed By C, O. Train Ai'rnriUnji 1o word roccivod lipn Mniiilsiy liy C. 0. officials. M a f t McCoy. ---· n minrr. was killed ycstpr- tlnv wlipn struck liy » C. O. tntln near Aslilniui. Ky. Ho Is survived liy lii.« wifp. :i p.lilld nnd lil^= parents, wlu rrsiilr nt Prlnctss. Ky. Auto Runt Doom Woman; Victim I* Badly Bruited , . Hit By Lightning Jlatild.i or Moa-» Law ton of i3*l Klshtli i-lrtft. is sufft-rlus from an Jnjurtt' left liiii nnd b'ruisos alwiit lli« N^ly ! as" tlic result of Mug striuk !y ti drivcu by J. W. Hiiroli m . The iiixUti'iu o*\-urreil iitwiu It. in. Smiilay :il «J:illla and KPII- \ve*l on »iallin avenue mM M'=s son who Imd left tlie swimming 1 K " ! - Mnrlcil tn w«lk 'across Halllu slrfl. Shu stopped from Iwlwwn two parked Kirs Inti" t h e ' J K U l i of tlie Uitx-h car Miss' Nellie Murrow it MutU and Broadway streets, win. was wlili Ml** I,nwson. made tin nttempt, to pull nur truiii-tlie |»tli "f the nppriwfclilna i-ir She wns moved home, where shc'wns nttctulcd l'.v Ur. -\. A. Wiki'tf. 1'nlico investlsfited' n»d Illri'U wa.- cNonernlcd. ; C H I E F NIPO STRONGHEART Chief Stronghpnrl, \vlio to a arse, audience In tlie Clmuhiuiina lent In Mniuid I'nrk this nftornoun. is said to liiivy portrayed more lend- In^ Indian rnles t h n u any mini In inotiiiu'pictures. Ills work on the screen includes such famous releases is "Itrnveliuurt," "The. Kliiiiitng Ar- rnW nnd "The M:ill Dispatcher." .He iilsn appeared in "The Heart nf \Ve l»-Ma" nn t h o - l r g i t l n i i i t p sta;;e. Ueceutiy Chief Slnmphcart juive up Ms Ihentrlr.'il work to devote M time to led Hi-Ing si hunt .his |*oplp. Dis nddrexs .this nftcrnoon was on, (lie snb.lOi't, "'I'he I'list, mul' I're.-.:.»t a VjiiiiFliing lince." nnd he -iiie- liireil t!m foiniei' glories of t\if red- infill ns cojniwired to tlifilr eolidlllnii ttHhiy. Ciiief Slronglienri wus horn on the YiiUiini\ resernillnn ninre (linn forty years ngn. He served for leii Miontli^ us United Stules seont n l the itnu hnrder, nnd wns one ef the first cvelt for. enlistment lii the .propitsfd llvisiou ,iC overseas "Hough Uldcrs'.' iluiing-.tlic World War. He is ad : vJuor nnd counsellor of his own : nd on many ir.-cuslnns has Itcfore tho "Great White Father' i'.i Wiishlngton, JJ. C... in Uio interest of his people. . . . "The Three. AVtse. Fnols' 1 will IK- the Ghantano.ua atlractinn louiKht mid will lie put on h.v a company of artists. - . - . . ' · - · - · · Tlic^Suhdny iiflcrnopii proyrnm tn : clmlol the. Tamlmrlca'.Ordipfitra and muMcal. comedy numbers-Iiy .Mrs. R B. Winter, 'Henri Sclmabl -and i.'harle? Sehlrrman of this city.' Selby Stock 27 : · " *· « . ' Common..stock In the- Selliy Shoe Company ppenrd'nt 27 on Mm Cleveland Kxcjtaiific, Monday. - Sevurni' diiy? 'aso It dropiwl" to 2ii and was quoted nt 2(i Saturday. Holders of t h i s are confident. Hint It. tn offer Id* wrvli-es lo Colonel liniis-.uradHally work Us wny liiKh Scipto Counly Couples Liceused lii Greeiiup County GUKKNUP, Ky., J u n e 'J-i--Tho following inurringe tli-enscs were Issiieil mst week at the offk-e of J..H. »nt««, clerk of the Grccnup comity cmirt: lira Hooker, 28, Chlllicothe, O.. ntu Mnrv Unrfcll. 21, Chllllcotlit 1 , O. ' Sherman AdkUls, «. St. I'nul Ky. and Mildred Hnrr, -Jl,-St. L'nnl, Ky. YOUIIK Howard, !il, Wurllnnd, Ky. mid-Lottie Gnmble, IS, Wiirtlmid, Ky Henry Whltcly. 2-J, Sciotovilie. O. nnd Vlffilo Dchart, 18, Sciotovilie, U , Orville Beckett, :!3, 1'ortsinouth, O and Corn Kegley, 28, I'ortsmouth._ 0 Lewis Honsrin, r.G, Grceinip, Ky nnd Koiithlc Trnylor, 27, Grocnnp V 'Fdwnrd Rel«l. r ' 0 - Portsinoutii, 0 rind'Surnli E.: McFiirhnul, 37/1'orts mouth, O. ' . ' Kerhy Smith, 20, Asliland," Ky., nn Kdun Hoolb, 21,'New .Huston, 0. Jasper lliisscll, 2H, Franklin Fur nn«?, 6., nnd Lois A. llattou. ·" Frmikliu Furnace. 0. ! Milton Morgnn,, 21, WiieclcrslmrK. O.;. nnd'' Cleo Miller, 21, TVlicolen-- hnrg.. 0.. . · ^ ' SEKIOIISIA' ILI, Olnrence Hodge, t.roprlctor of .the Hotel I'lirlsino'nlli. Front Ftree^,.con : llniics seriously 111 wltli tnl^rciilosls. II. }«MT «U M« W Mr. at** Mrs. M Lmb. »»»· Hit kMk tt Cmrrittm. ti), wmt · tree ta4 » rte»« HI? flBA W*«n4ke Mt Legalized Polygamy Preferable To Companioiiate Marriage, Says Deaii rOltKST. HI.. June 1M.-- Al'(.-lX\in John II. O. Krltz. of ·oiicorilla Seminary. St. lxjul.«. todity -l:itvd upt-ii Hiul k-pilir.isl |H|.VKUIII.V o IK- 1'referubK' to wbat lie termed the uirri'iil' inonil trend, parllculnr- v us Vn^cstcd hv tt»iii|uiiiinii:ile mnr- inne." IKMii I'litu. who Is atli-iidlnc the 4th IrlNintal i-onforcncc of tlie TiuiiiclU'al Synoil of Missouri, said l*tor,t v Indicates the direction "hi vhU'h.n'p nrvuoiv heailin:." JVan I'rllz tali! "t'lien pulysamy. or tliliv \\un~i- Is ill,- ihln; toward which we arc drifting. 1 licllcrc polyKimiy Is In be prcfrrred tn the situation one S^WH in tlio fntiiri-." "The only rvninly Is found In tin? sosivl. There \ n»t one K.rllnblc in t h e Illlilp. fmm Ceneslri tn Kowhi- tions, roroinmendliix: tiU'ompatlMllty. m u t u a l consent on chiKhliiu tpaiixra- nientp ne cause or roat-mi for llvoni». nor will one flml nnyMtliiK whli'h evrtt remotely MIPEPSIS * cohii Y -iiil n "ntr inarrliise Iclra." Five reasons for sugar in the diet Scientist talks about this healthful food ONE OF THE treat foad scientists of th* country, told us not lon£st:o, "Sugar not only has an 'important ust in the diet of nearly everyone--it has fiv« distinct uses. "First of all,'it Is a great conserver of many foods, especially fruits. In the second placie, as a flavoring substance, it is most valuable in leaking nearly all foods much more appetizing. In this way it leads to the eating of a more balanced diet. The third point I -would cill to,year attention about sugar it its value as a satiation factor. Ending a meal with a sweet gives a sense of satisfaction --of having had 'just enough. ' "Perhaps the best known uie of sugar Is as a.staple .fuel for keeping the human body kctive. Sugar is more rapidly digested than starch, and it ranks with starch as a vital food for every normal person,' , "The final point about sugar is its adaptability as an emergency '{uel.. Sugar is rapidly absorbed in the system." It it always helpful to get the opinion of a recognized authority on any important subject. In a day when food fads are so.much In evidence It it a part of wisdom to'discover exactly how important sugar i* in the diet of all of us. The ieniible way to well-being is to eat all kinds of healthful fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, sweetened to taste. Remember the value of puddings, ice creams, and cakes for dessert. · A bit of sweet makes the meal complete. The Sugar Institute. Marting* Oppotite Pott Offic* Mail Slain By Son Is Buried At Wiirtland. Ky, Kiinrral services for Christopher (''ulinnlius Mowery, 7-1. wlie was slnli lit- his own s-vin. \Villlnm McKinlej Mmvi-ry. in their home on Ijws l!mi «rro conducted Pnndny morninp In i lie waictery nt '.Vnrtlnnd. Ky. Jlr. Mr.n-rry formerly resided In flu' \VHI I lii nil community. His liist rllff 7 cL-terd:i'y were la reel y nttendcii. Autos In Crash . | Near The Airport | A niiirhine driven hy Mrs-'. EHn j lliiilsr of.Fourleeiith street xrnr dam ; iji'il Snmlay when it figured In » ··ollislon w i t h another car ncnr (he B n v r n r n r k .Mrport. AVpst Side. Tlir · '! r i-cr of the ollirr car disappeared 1 1 f.'rr rfficJalr conlil invesiipitr Hi'- Insure ii' .sure insurance--Murmi. i Adv. C. O. Bins Additional'Property [Near KusseJi, Ky, 'IliKE.VUP. Ky.. .Tune ~4-- The i"n-iipeahe :tnd Ohio Tinilrond inn 'iiiiiofl to purchase Innd in I'lissr! frr tlicir .L'i^nntic improvemeiit 'of t i n - 'i-nniiiii! ninl yards \vhlcli i= now un 'ier way. Three lot? were purchnje." ''· i!:n C. A 0. from Ert\vnnT Bedford "i:" lnt was houclit from Ilr. J. F ^'ilu'lit anil another was pnrclinseii fr.-m M n t t i o . G. Merrill. STORE DOLLED t'P Ail"vt Xouilner ha? h n d tlie front f lii-^ riiillk-nthc strfet Jpwelry'j Don't- P^'.l to See MADAM-8RJTT.E Americnn PalwicS t:.-\inM r.f frte"'! nitrt * n f ni f r t film mlvitc ·"· I 1or« (lff«!r» lit f.Trt rtnylMrr im^sv x~-~"^ ss^v · i i-',i l i n i n g lo III^ welfare nf ltr«. llrr'i \ " il MM f r roniinrKl f t ),fr t»"D · 1 · .,r I:. Offlcf T.nr.ilcd At 3S4fl OAU.IA .AVR. .x r.\r nosTO. OHIO Excursion Rates Te 'Vsthington, 5a!tiajor«, ?M* , ··'-Iphia. Atlantic City, Sew - v rk and other Enters poists rirr; ? K«4«ni JlmH Tt* CITY TICKET OfTICl 1 Motfil A-y, Tent clear as a btU delights the t*r, u'bili exquisite cabinet uerk cburms tt eye. A n'x tube full ettttrit itt, actually emplay ing nint lubes. OmUint tAt justly f*m»Mt S»*»r* ij v»lt tubes *md tbt mmtcbltts SM*n dynamic sfmtrr. SM ·* p*rti*l ptjmnt fUtt i/Jturt* $250 LESS TUBES jjefore you buy any radio... make this 5 minute test! S ONORA has challenged every other rtdio to match theie vital points: 1. Brilliant tone--even balance of high and low notes. 2. BetMike clarity. 3- Perfect volume control from a whisper to concert performance. 4. Selective sensitivity. 1. Exquisite cabinets. .6. Simple all-electric operation. 7. Moderate prices and convenient terms. Just go to the newest good music store today and tell your dealer you want to make the famous Sonora 5 minute test. Then sit at ease *nd compare the marvelous new Sonora Radio* and Radio' Melodons--critically--with every other make of instrument, pbim by point, «ide by side. TOT 5 minutes, listen to your favorite records or tune in your favorite broadcasting station.. Your ear will tell you bow tvitlye newSonoras differ from all the rest. This j minute test may savt you yean of disappointment The set you buy now should serve you well for many year* Choose it carefully- -critically... for tone, for clarity, for beauty of design, for luting enjoymfent. . Five little mioutei spent now m»y save you years of wishing you had only ttta and heard Sonora first. : {Acoustic Pfod«cti CotnpMy) New Sports Silks Of Striped. Broadcloth and Printed Shantung. Fashion Approved Fabrics For Tennis Frocks ·$1.95 yd. The sleeveless one-piece, tennis di-ess is a ulassic, not.-- . only for active sport, but for any informal outdoor wear. The dress pictured above is MuCall Pattern 5717 ' and you can easily make it j'oiifself in a very few minutes. It is so simple in design that cutting is;only .. a matter o£ a few snips bE'tho shears. Try making this · dress of cool, printed, shantungs or. the new striped broadcloths.. Both nre 33 inches' wide. Priced at $1.95 thfl yard.' · . ' ' · · ' . ! · ! . Crisp, New Printed Celanese Voiles / $ 1.00 and $1.25 yd. ^ Beautiful new printed patterns'that. stress the popu- . Inrity of large nnd medium florwl designs; for sheer afternoon and evening frocks. And celaucsu is so cool; p · so scrvicea'ble and so easy to launder. 3(i and 40. inches wide. . j, ' Plain Celanese, $1.00 Yd. Large selection of fashionable colors. .· . Silk Section -- Street Floor Cool Wash Fabrics To Make. Charming Little Frocks /, * ' ' - - ' 39 In. Printed Voiles .....'.-.'.. .^........ 39c yd. 36 In. Printed Dimity 39c yd. 39 In. Printed Batiste . . . . . . . . . . . . Vou'll need many charming little wash frocks in your summer wardrobe. We surest you visit our Wash fioods section and see the lovely array of pretty voiles, batistes and dimities we have assembled to make your summer wardrobe .reflect the vogue for cotton. Brilliant designs in tiny florals, scattered., geometries and modernistic patterns. And Vogue shows the cleverest patterns for making.up these cool ·^' fabrics. Marting's --; Street Floor Month-End Sale r Art Needlework Section For those who like to work clever fingers during. leisure moments tiiis sale offers money-saving oprtor- tuntties on stamped to embroider 'and made-up things you will enjoy finishing. Women's Stamped Dresses 79c In orchid, peach, blue and white Stamped Pillow Cases $1.00 Regrnlar $1.3? *nd $1.50 values Rayon Boudoir PllloKS 75c snt! peath Jints -- damped for quiitir.jr. Stamped Maje-Up Aprons 75c Bffulir *1.00 \elue OH On ftecrffejMM* Tapestry Fleer In

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